Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 4, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ALTON, ILL., FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 4. 1887. NUMBER 286. TIIKGBKAT UNFAILING SPECIFIC ron REGULATORS Liver , iwease Hitter or bnd tnstoin tliu —, • ni'Ulh; ttm»u<! comctl wlnt" or onvcit'd with a brown fur; p<lii In tho buck, aldtM, or Joint —ulinn inintitkii • mi- BhoiimutiHhi; fOcirBtoiimi.|), I >»> ol IIIIIICIH. ; sonicliincB niiiini u,watcriiraHl],..|.iiKllKi'Htliiii'; flutul ncy unit iiilil uriivtiitloim; bowcla » . ti-rnuttily Ofwtlva nnd liixj liunnaelii'; Joss ol memory, with n pnlnlul HIMIS tlmi »1 li .vtni. ftilluti to dOHOin* thlnK whluh ouullt to Imvc been diiiu-; dubliity; low si)lil(n; a thick Tallow nnpcftriluou nf tlio skjn ami i"" : H dryoouich! f'V>r; voptlcBBni'.ss; ihu tine I* scanty and lil«lioolor>cJ, mid, II nllot.uU to stunU, Uuooslte u »edimunt. Simmons Liver Regulator (PUEBLY VEGETABLE' la Ronornlly used In tlm South to arouse the torpid live to H UcuUbj nottou. it acts with extraordinary eOluucy on thn L IVER, KIDNEYS, nnd BOWELS. .AS BPTBOTtlAl, SPECll'lp BOH Mnliuin. , l>y»|>i'|wl i. ConntiKntlon, ' KliluunncHu, Mok Hiuuluttiet JHU 'ilte, NaiiDvit, «oilo Mentai Depre tlou, Howfl CamplalntB, Kto., Etc., i to. Endorsed by the use ot seven millions of bot ties, us The Best Tamily * Medicine forOhll''ren,for Adn'to. and for the Atffd. Safo to take In any co union 1 1 Hie By»tBin! J. H. Zellin & Co:, Piiila, Pa Sole proyTtvtOTS. rrcfijl, — — in w i wkiv tfSE -r We do not manufacture Lard, Candles, Buttarlne, or any kindred truck; we do not first squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a worthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. SILVER SOAP ia made of PBRE TAL- tow, by a clean process, and can ba used freely without danger of having the skin diseased or poisoned. ASK TOUR GBOCEB FOB IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO. __ ST. LOU 1 3. MO- _ WM.L KLUNK UNDERTAKER, URALBB Of Ready-Made Coffins, Metallo Cases, Caskets, And Burial Robe? foe Ludleo, Qtmtlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State otreei OvorHBrt a Livery stable. Will attend to Job Workant? BoDaUinir Knrnlrnw. - »j. Patents. To ny pcraoua wishing to obtain lettoi patent on now tnvontloue, improvements i designs, I will execute drawings and unoolfl '•. tuitions and make application!) for I'atonti , Ail consultation, In person or by lette , fret LVCA8 PFELFFENBEUGBU. Alt«n. III. f~EMPIRE MILLS, SECOND 8THKBT (Noar I'taiu), ALTON, IL\. FUK SALE: Ground Oat*, Ground Corn, Hay, O ate, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flonr, Graham Flour,etc PBOMPTLY DKLIVEUKP TO ANY PAJIT Or T1IK OlTYi M.WILK1NSON. Iy7 dtf T. L. FOULDS & CO., 8UOOKS«ORS TO A. H. MOKJ,XNKlf & OO.. Highest Market Price PaM for Corn and Pickles. bTJPLL SLOP roil MALI'!. A Dr<iutlf«l Contingency. Ton mixy havo licnnl tlmt tho eouth- orn country is bdomlng. They've got faro biuikg mid aiiloonsf, nnd crooks, ntul cubic cni-s, nuil rw\l-c8tntc agents, ami subscription lisls, itiui Marcus Mi'.yuiY and ot\wv ovidcnces of civili?,iv- tion. And I'm told it imi't Snn Frnn- tiisco cup!till that in doing it, nitlior, In fitut, it is niuli.'niitblu thiiL tlio nuw sotttoi's dospise'us to somo nxtont, nnd imy iih'widy beginning to droivin of making tlio Golden Gato tho <!xtremo (iutraiiL'o to ]>os Angulutt. Those uro saHtorn people with money. They've Bomo out to nettle and to develop tilings and havo a good time. A young couple who arrived lately went to a real-estate agent the other day to inquire concerning nn investment. The lady was apparently as deeply interested as the gentleman. "1 have an elegant piece of property at Pasadena," said ho. "Pasadena is the modern Garden of Eden." "It's very pretty, and I'd like to live there; but there are so many people there for their health, you know." "Consumptives, you mean. Yes; but there are sick people evciywhero." "Yes, but consumption requires a great deal* of pure air, 1 am told, and I'm afraid the consumptives will use up all the good air, and we'll get sick."— San Ifruncisco Chronicle. Absolutely Pure. Thio powder never vnrleB. A marvel ot purftv, strt'i'Kth wlntlf'S'imenH^s. MOIG oco- nniulciil than the (military Muds, and cnnum l>o sold inviunnuiltlon with the :miltltmlu <>l low tost, Nhorc wo'Kht, Rimn plioiphu o now- <l»ra. .-OLDOXLV IN CANS. HOY.vL BAKING I'OWDEKCO.,106 Wullst-.N. V. Jnn.lclwly «OH) MEDAIi, x-ABIS, 1878. BAKER'S Warranted absolutely pur Coeon, from which tho excess of Oil bae ">gcn removed. Ithna three time; the ilrength of Cocoa mixed with BUircli, Arrowroot or Sugar, and la theroforo far more ocouoral- l' cal, costing tns than one cent a cup, It In dullclaus, uourijtbing, etrcnglhcning, uuslly digested, ana admirably adapted for iuvullda ua well as for persona In health. Sold by UrociTK erorynhcro. BAKER l CO., Dorchester, Mass. SCOTT'S EMULSION OF PURE COD LIVER OIL Almost as Palatable as Milk. Tho only preparation of COD I-ITEIt OIL that cut be taken rcadlljfcud tolerated for a luug time br dolU'iilo stomachs. AKD AS A IIEMEDV FOU SCIiUI-1,1.01 8 AI>'ECT10N8, A.NAK.MM, OKS. Kiiir/ IIUUI.IIY. coi'CHS AND IIIKOAT xF- DISOIlDr.118 OP Its remit*. rhtll CIIILDIlEi S, mid all v ASTIN •IM It la ii»r''ollourTii Proacrlbcd and ouilojoi J by tlio beut 1'hyiicUos Ul tho countrk'i ot FOR ftni F nv «L-' A. J. HO WELL, -OEALBU IN- FURN1TORE! A Full and Complete btock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OKDEf UPHOLSTERING Neatly ami proiuptlv exooutod. Belle at., bet. Third and Vonrtb. -AL8O- UNDERTAKER. UE81DENOK COB. 8X.\TK A BJIV&NTU 8T3 LATEST NEWS. A body of lead ore was developed yo^terdny at a point near Warren, ill., und it is estimated that 50,000 pounds arc-already in sight KdwatM Kuehn, who died recently in Omaha, left a will directing that his body be cremated and the ashna bo placed in an urn over the bar of a popular saloon. Col. Gililcr, tho Arctic explorer, readied Kort Churuhul too late to each the Hudson Bay boat to Nottingham Islmd, find therefore decided to ret irn to New York. Mrs. Lucrelta B.'OarSuld and her daughter Mollie, have gone back to their old home at Mentor, Ohio, after spending nearly three months in New-York. Mr. Jones, Chairman of the Republican State Central committee, announced himself atFfeeport, Hi., Tuesday, us unalterably opposed to Mr Blame as a Presidential candidate. Bob Ingersoll is recovering' from his throat affection,which was thoiignt to be fatal. Two sailors from South America died tit New Yotk ye-terday. They are believed, to have had yellow fever. The purchase of a California railroad by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy is announced; also that the C., B. & Q will push a through line to the Pacific. The Suez Canal is now successfully lighted by means of electricity, a steamer having made its first trip last night under the new lighting arrangement. The flour warehouse of Charles A. PilUbury one of the great milling establishments at Minneapolis, collapsed from its own weight this morning. There were 125,000 barrels stored in the great structure. The damage is estimated at §50,000. The Ohio Legislature has been polled on Presidential preferences Uf th« Republicans 82 are for Sherman, 10 for Blame, aud 2 for "the nominee of the convention." Of the Democrats 49 are for Cleveland, 5 for "anybody to beat Cleveland," 1 for Thurman and 2 for "the nominee." Mrs. Elizabeth Fox burned to dealh at Cedarviile, III , yesterday. The fire from a pipe she was smoking set her clothing in flames and she was horribly burned before help arrived. In May 1886 the firm of A. S. Gage & Co., of Chicago, was assessed on an aggregate of §30,0t'u worth of merchandize. In September of the same year the firm failed, and the assets were scheduled at 81.000,000, showing either that the assessment was an outrageous fraud or that the linn while doing a losing business had added S970.0UO to its stock in five months. Legislature. SENATE. SPRINOFIELI). III., March 3—Senator Hill's bill providing agninst frauds at election and for the filling of vacancies in elective offices, was reported back with u favoraole majority report and a minority report with an amend ent. The question of the substitution of the minority report was put before the Senate and citiricd. A resolution .was presented by Sena or Pierce asking the reten ion of George \V. Kldridge as door keeper of ihu gentlemen's g.ll.'ry with the pay of a policeman Tho resolution was unanimously adopted: Bills were introduced: By Senator Soulhworth, changing the mode of spvcial assessments for improvements, making the assessment on the value of the property and not on the number of feet frontage. By Senator ShitU, revi-ing the law in i elation to mortgages on real and personal property. Injexccutive session tho Senate oiinlirmed the following nominations: For Trustees of Stale Institutions: Edwin Ilurlan, of Clark county, for the Soldiers' urpliana' Home; Graham Lee, of Mercer county, for tho Feeble Minded Institute; John G. Manahuh, of Whiteside county, for the Ut-uf and Dumb Institute; thas. W. Marsh, of Dckalb county, for the Noi'lheni Illinois Insane Hospital; Ed. 1*. Kirby, of Morgan county, for the Central Insnno Hospital; Win. H. Boicourt, of Pope county, for Southern Insane Hospital; W\a, Fitz, of Winnebago county, for tho Charitable Eyu ami Kur Institute; Atchi- buld C, Wadmvurdi,(if.ftloiiiitn county, tor the Institute for the liiind. Truatuug for the- Uuivurgily of Illi- nois: Northern Grand Division, Emery Cobb, of Kankakee; for the Central Grand Division, George Shawhan, of Champaign. HOUSE. Immediately after the reading of the journal, debate arose as. to the jurisdiction of the whole of the House over the bill to locate the State Fair, the journal showing that the bill was before the committee for action. A correction to the journal was carried, specifying that the bill was referred to the eoiMnittee for the purpose of filling the blank designating a point for the loca ion only. The object of the correction was to prevent amending of the bill according to the sense of the resolution adopted yesterday by the State Board of Agricultme, which favored the alternate holding of the Fair in some point in the three grand divisions of theStJite. Debate as to location was resumed at 10:30 o'clock. Speaker Calhoun, for the first time in the session, took the floor in debate in support of a location at Decatur. After u two hours' di cussion, Chairman Green ordered the roll of mem- b rs to be called. 'Jhe first ballot showed 49 votes for Cook county; Springfield, 49; Peoria, 32 ; Decatur, 11. After some confusion a vote wan taken, resul ing as follows: On the first ballot Spiingfield received 49 votisj Chicago, iS votes; Peoria, 32 votes; Decatur, 11 votes; Olney, 3 votes: Danville, 2 votes; Hyde Park, 1 vote; Champaign, 1 vole. Total, 147. Necessary for a choice, 74. . The second ballot resulted as follows: Springfield, 55; Peoria, 80 ; Chicago, 48; Decatur, 9; Olney, 1; Champa gn, 1, and Hyde Park, 1. Total, 145. Necessary for a choice, 78. The third ballot was taken as follows: Springfield. 58 ; Chicago, 48 ; Peoria, 30; Decatur, 6;0iney, 2, and Hyde Park, 1. Total, 145. Necessary for a choice, 73. The fourth ballot wns final and resulted as follows. Springfield, 79; Chicago, 37, and Peoria 28. Total, 144. Necessary for a choice, 72. This ballot re-ulted in naming Springfield a-i the place for the permanent location of the Illinois State Fair. The committee arose and re- poitecl its action to the House, which was concurred in. The bill was so amended as to require the authorities of Sangaraon county to convey the 155 acres of land for fair purposes to the State free of coat. Congreiisiunn Morrison. WASHINGTON, March 8. — The fi'iencU of Congressman Moi'rison have found anotlier place to put him iu. Tlu'y say the bill to create a Department of Agriculture will bo- come a law, and Morrison should be put at the head of it and become a member of Cleveland's official family. They also say that Commissioner Caiman cannot expect to become a Secretary, but could r.emai n at the bead of the bureau : that position, in their estimation, is quite high, enough for him.. Morrison himself, while not au open candidate for either tlm'. position or that of a memoer of the milroad commission, permits his friends to boom him, and will be glad to be appointed to either place. Da filed ilio I'liys ciaus. liUHKtt &11UHC1NK CO , Q'lillUTi III: — 1 ii-ynril MIU< While I'nn- Uihiun, n> n o»iis!li iii'Xtuii' "i very trn-iit vuluc. I'lii' bum lii. ilmivfd l>y mv wife nom IIH il-c, |iInert it witli nil- fur in Hdviuiue ol nil ntliurs. F'ir M-vuinl V"» r « ^l' 0 hail hi'tiii odiously nillicii-d wild n oonuh thai giivc u- much ulniin; itlmd l> the t-kill ot Ihti |iliYriui»ii.s and cou^h iciiii'iln^, until 1 vnncilu Ifd nuitiin() wiiuM tivail in hur ou^u. Uirt'Oi- iy utinr coming to Q'liiusy, nn your ri'eonimuii'liillon, »htt cuiiiiui'iiurd usinj.' vnur Bnl-uin, anil it IIIIH nuli'il liku n uhtirm, quii'lini.' tliu coii^h, HiuJ it-mov- )n!I i-iiuit ly lliusiirulH'Hsdolii hoi 1 luu<;s. We ki'i'|> it uon-iuiiily in our IMU-I-.— .J. H. Foul, PitHlor M. 1C. cliureh, Ku>h- villn, 111. U-o Crt'sslor's Wild Koso Tooth I'ow ili'i 1 l»r eU'iin>inir ih« n-eih. I'viw 2fio. INKALLIUhK CUKK FUll COUGIJs. WM WliUhl U)O>1 |Jilt>UiVllly hlHll) llial no ii'MH'ilv hitH CVHI met with -uuh univcrHiil M-iii>fttftiloii or can be mote lniihlullv HHltl U it iioMiivii euru ihim Uurlt.-,' Wlmu 1'inu liulsuui, SUOAU. A now aisocivni'Vi I-nilo Apricot I'illH oiisiiii' to uil(i< ilmn bii^ur inul far moiv bi'iicliciiil. tiuro cure for ni'iiniiyla, lii'iuliu'lii- lu'iinburii, (l.yi-|)r|isiit und bad bri'iitli. Try tlium. mohl uwly AM ft loiltil nrliulf, Avor'B lliiir Vi(j«r ii'iils inn ivuk'il. Ir itUntiiHos the PUII||> lit ifiiiovia ditndrtiff, CUITH iiolnng . anil ifinovia dandruff, CUITH liiinn-r-, rc-lonis iliu gr twili. , oulor 10 unit gray hair, and prumnuH its tlwlw FARIW5 fin Jiiino' Itlvcr, Vn , III Claro- il't (JOlO'l). Illll-tlll Oil UlllMI- lruo, •). i''. UAMUil.t, (Jliuo iuw4t I am going to consolidate my two establishments, and have to make room for new goods,and offer my entire stock, from now until March 1st, at Prices BBLOW Cost Everything must go to save cost of moving and storing. ble-ware, Cutlery, Stoves, Hardware, Tinware, Granite-ware, Looks, Springs, and eve* jy thing kept in any hardware store. A11 these and were bought before the recent ad vance in prices- To those contemplating building this spring, I offer 1,000 KEGS OF STEEL NAILS! at factory Prices. Kemomeber the places: 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET, This is no catch-penny humbug sale of old and worn-out stock, bat a bana fide reduction solely to save expense of moving or storing. Call at Onco and Secure Bargains! WM. SIE HI. (lardware and Fan HEADQUARTERS FOR THK Best Buggy in the World. In the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps. FINE HANGING LAMLP8, $1.75, $2, $250, $1, $5.50, $7.50 to $10. Headquarter* for EUPION and 0AKMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Palms, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and yon will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL ifl THE BEST ON EARTH J BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30, J. H. BOOTHT™ E "^858

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