Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 3, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1887
Page 3
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WE ask you ! to; oaf of a\\yi> read thu •'•• '-+4*J*H««»-.i-r.*i™,.*iJ«l*|t»«l..- f -Hl <TH*«fK,it^i.-Kf* uMWMMIMWS•*•»* oolumn.—-H. J. Bowman & Co, BEST qufcllty vt Shirttng Pfliita' In t»«tty flew etytei Rro.Ce, at H. ,J. * Co'8., » ' ' '' . * hoan PensftRi in 40 new i at H. J. BOwHian A Co's. v j WB Are showing some very pretty ylcn, medium and dark drew satins , at 13 l»2o per yard.— H. J. Bowman & Co. _ _ _ ' SPRINO styles of those vary popular Century Clothe are now on Halo at H. ,). Bowman. & Co's. FOUTV pieces Crinkled Seersuckers in choicest pattern P, ut II. J. Bowman & Co's. , .;,•;.• _ __•- - PALMKR Seersuckers, Toll! Du Nprds Dress and Domestic Ginghams In great variety, at H. J. Bowman & Co'a. / " WK are showing a complete stock ol Spring Woolens for dress goods.includ* ing double width Cftbio T wills at 160 ;40 moh Jcaihmere at 860 ; also. Novelty Fabrics Of both foreign and domestic make .— H . J. Bowman & Co. lNOtm : 3ilkJ)epBrtment we.areshow Ing Surahs; Gros "Grains and Khadames In every new and popular shade. In Blnc^c Silks we are offoribg some •plehdid' values in Gros Grains, Surahs, Khadames, Faille Francaise and Brocades,— H. J. Bowman & Co. . IN VELVJCTS we are prepared to show Stripes and Freize Novelties, Plain Silk Velvets and Mnshes in every shade. Plain nnd Striped Velveteens, and new colors in the popular Dress Corduroys. — H.J. Bowman & Co. ' "WE CALL special- attention to our Black Goods. Large additions have been made to this Department during the' last two weeks and we are prepared to show every real good standard fabric and many novelties.— U. J. Bowman & IN OUR, Flannel Department can be fouri<i every quality and width of White Hftnnql in all Wool and Uomet, also many pretty stylesi Striped Sacque- Ings. Tricots and Albatross, in all the popular shades.— H. J. "Bowman & Co. \VK;ABE prepared to show a complete lino of Spring Hosiery. We have retained all the old favorites and added in .\ny now lines. In Fabrio and Kid Gloves we show all the popular makes including plain and embroidered backs, dressed and undressed.— H.J. Bowman &Co. IN ODE Shirt Department you can Cad a real good white shirt for 50o and tbe best made for $1.00, also. Penang shirts, fine pleated Dress shirts, Nightshirts and all sizes in Boys' Laurel Shirt Waists.— fl.J. Bowman & Co. UO ITf\T TM?W Ct Second street.near JK> JtliUJMIf JBlJJ 9« corner 01 Henry -'•. ; •• .' ' -• -FOB- ' FINE ; STATIONERY, Such as Crane's Floral. Whiting's Standard Papers, Hurlbut'u French Linens, Eclipse Bagged Edite, Elite Ragged Edge, Balmoral Linen, Griffin's Linen, Turkey Laid Linen, JVriOb Blow, Mikado, Charred Ed«o, Oream Laid, Mourning Noto, and a large assortment «t Illuminated and Decorated stationery. Dennlson'B Wax and Seals. School Tablets and Stationery. decfldwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CHEAP FOB OA8H ON TIMK PAYMENTS Pianos and Organs tuned and repaired Sew taii Machines repaired 8upoHen lor all Ma- oSTnes. N. D. LAUOBEUX, Music Dealer, Third street, nearly opposite Belle, Alton 111. dec6dwly WATCH • OB THUS BABOMK8 IN JOB'S VKW COB. BCILDINO. HBNBY ST., AT HIM. D. OKI FKAMfS, AUktadi of Fancy, Hand mude, Knit and Croon t goods. Uoods.TobagKBjiB and Mils. Men's Bear IB and Fascinator* at very low price.. 4l«o Dressmaking. Pluin and Family Sewing aiid Htam'plng D <no. Come and (rtveusa call. Don't torget the place, decdtwly GREATEST BARGAINS I -AT - CrandalPs Crockery Store SOS THIRD ST., WKABLY OPPO'ITE BELUS. JUST KKOK1VHD I A Flue Assortment of Beautlfal Most durable CHINA ware made. 5 patterns of Thin Cups and Saucers; Thin Plates and Fruit Saucers ; Borry Saucers, and Shell Ice Creams ; Thin Meat and Vegetable Dishes; Bone Dishes, After-dinner Coffees And offered at half the price of Frencn China for thirty , " days. •All paper U b*»( •» •'• •» *• omoe •*" DVERTISINQ GENTS ALTOM THURSDAY BVR.,,MAliaH,l, for tlie rear U9t w« «h»ll oitlt«« tbe M* towing tktei tor tnutilent aottoM la Otur local colatons: :•''••-- , ;, ,.", ; , ;• ' . •.'-,' •'• :, mn«Je Infceriloa . . , ... ]0c«nti, Three to flte InMrtioiii, . . 7 " Six to twelr* tuiflrtloDi, . - . » " BATES U? AUTERTI81NOI Tnx»liSMT.-/i'/Prr ceutt per Inoh flnt tn- »er«oii» and TWSifTr-FirS cent* p«r inch for each «ubn quent Insertion. $3 per inch flrat month, $1.50 per Inch. each month thereafter. . V '• LEGAL ADVEBTI8INQ: |1 per Inch tor the flrit .Inwrtlon, and 80 cents por Inch for eaob subiequenl Intortlon. 49" Above rate* will be itilctly adhered to. TUB DAILY TELEQBAPH It delivered by carriers to all part* of; the blty of Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents per week. Untied to any address at the rate of $8.30 per year. THE TELEGttAPK has the largest circulation of any paper in Alton, and is the beat medium for advertisers. OoBNKETlIlaD AHD PiASA BTBSBTB. TSL»- PHONE NO. as. ' : Will soon appear, And for one night only. . Tbe famous Now (Mean's Minstrels, Wednesday, Maroh 9th. Everything new and useful at Globe. . " •-' ; . ' .' . •'. ' 24 HOM. Jehu Bakor,Congress man-elect from this district, left Belleville last evening (or Washington. Oh, such nice dress good* and trim* mines at Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Go's. It Persons wishing to see Dr. Sohuessler after office hours, are requested to call at Hotel Madison. It Many bargains in all things at the Globe. 24 MB. John D. Perry, of St. Louis, President of the Central Missouri railr road, has gone to New York to attend be meeting of the Executive committee of the road to be held there this week. Do see the famous One Minute Coffee Pots, at Hoppo'B China Hal}. 8 3 Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rudershausen & Sountag. Third street. dtf THK horses stolen Monday night 'rom W. Callahan and James Chcistn, of AUon Junction, were abandoned by •be thieves and were found in Upper Alton. The horse stolen from J. Anderson, tbe same night, is still miss- Ever and over so many beautuul dress goods this spring at Piorcon & larr Dry Uoods Co's- It You will regret it if you buy before ;eltmg our prices at the Assignee's Sale of the Globe, 24 Ice—Families supplied at 50 cents per hundred; saloons, SOc; butchers, 25o. r WCKEL&SON. 286 HARRY JOHNSON. A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. C. (T. Moritz, Third street. 26tf A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia ure the best cigars in tbe market. BEK UKB PRESIDENT,—At the meeting of the Directors of the Bee Line, yesterday ai Cleveland, Jag. D. Layn£, of New York, was elected President to succeed Judge Burke, resigned. He is 58 years of age and has bad a railroad experience of 38 years, climbing to the front through the engineering department. In 1849 he entered railroad service, at the age of 16 years, as a rod? man. Famous One Minute Coffee Poll,very nobby.—Hoppe's China Hall. 3 3 For Rent—Good dwelling house on Alby street, between Fourth and Fifth, five rooms, cellar, cistern and out build* ings in good repair. Inquire of Dr. R. Gibson. ' 3 3 PARTT—Miss Mamie Lewis entertained a number of her friends last evening in a very pleasant manner at tbe reii denco of her grandfather, Mr. Charles Phinney. The hours passed delightfully in social games and amusements with charming interludes afforded by vocal and instrumental music. An elegant supper was not the leant of tbe attractions. Wonderful One Minute Coffee Poti, splendid.—Iloppo's China Hall. 88 Tim contracts for Mr. John Hoffman's now building on Ninth street, near Henry, were let at Architect Pfeiffonborgur's office Ibis afternoon to the following parties; Ott & Hoffman rubble masonry, 9164 76; Uiokaur A Schit'lle, carpenter and joiner work 9916; W. F. Ensingor, painting and glazing, 9U6; John Seibert, brick woik, 9119.20; Hawkins & Harrington 9198, Ueo. Ginter, slatu roof, $79 John Hoffman, tin work 9136. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and got the best. Office nt Block's Pharmacy, Third street, and in Job's now block, corner Second and Henry stt. Telephones No's. 21 and 64 . aogU d7ta ; i..!i.t:!':'._ _*.*: _ u~«— •— . New buttons for those new dress goods at Plerson A Carr Dry Goods Go's ' ' '" • f A'i ing, says the St. Louis, Kanias City * Colorado railroad is to be conaohda. ted with the Central MiMourl in the interest of the Merchants' Bridge Co. It may be true that this consolidation is to take place, but It doei not follow that «uoh action would be Inimical to the Alton bridge project. Fresh Lako Fish at Connor's. It The unexcelled Sterling Organs, the celebrated Hchning and Ivors A Pond Pianos, for sale by Floia&Rabe; also one second hand organ for sale cheap. 87 —; . .at THE TELEGRAPH has examined somewhat into the complaint of a lack of water at the late tire on Second street and has concluded that It is not well- founded. The iiremen say they had plenty of water, and it Is stated that the reasoathe streams were feeble at first was that the hydrants were not fnlly opened, the firemen, at the outset, not having men enough to handle tbe hose under tbe pressure of a full stream. But this • difficulty was soon remedied and the saving of Stanard's warehouse, under the circumstances, shows that the complaint against the water works is not based on good grounds. nerchanU', Attention I Hop Hollow Lime 12 1-2 cents a bushel at kiln; 16 cents, delivered any where within city limits. Office corner Short and William streets. 3 2 JOHN ARMSTRONG. FU8KRAL OF J. A. The Methodist church was crowded, at 10:30 o'clock this morning, on tbe occasion of the funeral of Mr. John A. Auten, the attendance giving evidence of the general degree of respect and affection with which deceased was regarded in the community. The procession was beaded by the Knights of Honor, of which Mr. Auten was a member. The services opened with tbe hymn, "The Home over There," scripture reading by RflV- J. A. Scarntt, of Jerseyville, and prayer by Rev. Mr. Waggoner, of Upper Alton. The hymn •Refuge" was then rendered. Mr. Scarntt, alter remarking that "human utterances cannot make a scene like this more impressive," took for bis text part of tbe 14th verse of tbe 4th chapter ot James; "For what is your life?" making the uncertain*, ty of life the lesson to be learned t'-om [tbe afflictive dispensation. He stated that Mr. Auten and M'ss Matilda Hicks were married April 27th, 1848. After 28 years of happy wedded life tbe wife died, leaving three children. In February, 1981, J. A. Auten and Miss Mary J. MoAdams, were united in matrimony. Deceased became a member of the M. E. church in Feb. '81, and his faithfulness made it peculiarly ap. proprlato that his pew be draped in black on the occasion of his funeral. Closed with tbe hymn "It is well with my soul." The casket was crowned with two beautiful bouquets. The bearers were Messrs. Louis H&agen, E. Levii, H. C. Priest, H. M. Carr, F. H. Lehne, H. M. Schwepp». New goods arriving dally at Hoppe's China Hall, do not fail to see them. 82 Unlldlng Association. There will be a meeting of the Alton Building and Loan Association, Friday evenine, March 4, at 7:80 o'clock. Money to loan. L. PFEIFFENBERGER, Pres. JOHX F. MoGiMMis, Sec'. It IUVUK NEW*. The river is falling slightly. The Bald Eagle left last evening for Clarksville, the first trip of the season. The Spread Kagle and the Hudson, for Grafton, are the boats to leave this eyening. Having resumed operation the Sparks Milling Co. will furnish customers with their popular "Electric Light" flour delivered free to all parts of the city, mldwlm Money to loan on improved farm properly. Ft>r particulars, apply to WHIPP1.B A SMILEY. Blun grass, Clover, Timothy and all kinds of garden seeds at Seihold & Deterdlng's 17 d2w w4t Bit lull TON. Roads getting just passable. Mr. Goo. Folsom left for the Indian Territory last night. Capt. Wiunie Short started for Kansas City yesterday morning. Mr. W. G. Smith, our jeweler, is recovering from a severe attack of congestion of the stomach. DIED—Yesterday at 11 a. m. Mr. Staunton Hovoy, of consumption, aged 24 years. •Died, yesterday afternoon at 8 o'clock, Grandma lloblngs, mother of Ambrose 'Robings. She passed nwuy ufler a lone illness at tbn age of 73 years. She was long a resident of Brighton and highly respected. i IrvUiting Alton relttivei. •Bnilneu Manager 0. Mlddaugb, of tie famous Mew Orleans MtnWwli, in •topping at the Mwllson. Messrs. Cbarle§ Parrln, Edwardand Louis Yager, left last evening for a hunting trip up the Illinois river. They took: a tent and will camp oat: Mil* Trenohory, who b»i been suffering with a severe cold during tbe past two weeks, u able to be about again. Mr. James Auten and Mrs. Porter, of White Hall, attended the funeral of their brother, John A. Auten, to-day, MUses Norah and Anna McAdams, of O'.terville, and Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Enghsh, of Jerseyville, ,were also present. Mr. Wm. Armstrong received a let* tor this morning from Re*. R. H. Manier, who has 'been at Hot Springs, Ark., for some months, tor the benefit of bis health, in which be says he is much belter and will bo at home about the 24th inst. MARBUtiB LICENSES. Deputy Clerk Rudershansen today issued a marriage license to: Ernest Goodwin, of Bunker Hill, and Lydia A. Compel, of AUon. State Fair. Tbe Illinois State Fair for the years 1887 and 1888 wilt • bo held at Olney, Richland county. The question of locating tbe State Fair permanently in one locality is under debate in tbe Leg* islature today. Olney is a station on theO. & M. road, in the southeast section of the State, about thirty miles from the W abash river. U contains 3,650 inhabitants'and Ihe county 16,645. The fair there will be a flat failure. A worst selection could hardly have been made. The Railroad. Now that spring is unmistakably at band, some accurate and certain indications of commencing work on tbe much talked of Central Missouri should be visible. At last accounts the Executive' committee had been appointed, to whom all the work of construction was referred and the committee was to meet in New York and lay out a plan of operations and set a time far inaugurating tbe work. Tbe right of way has been granted them through tbe County, although the subscriptions have not come in the past week as rapidly as they should,— St. Chartet Cosmos. The question. The question to be considered before tbe (.'bain of Rooks is selected as a loca« tion for the new bridge is whether it would be a St. Louis bridge if located there.— St. Louis Republican. ANHOUNCKKKNT. We authorized to announce ADOLPH IK' VEEN as a candidate for Assessor at tbe on- suing township election. We are authorized to announce JOHN P. KUHS as a candidate for Township Collector. Election Tuesday, April Stu. Uieful and Hurtful Medleluei. There lit a certain class of remedies for constipation absolutely useless. These are boluses and potions made In great part o podopiiyllln, aloes, rhubarb, gamboge, and other worthless ingredients. The damage they do t > tue stomachs of those who use them Is Incalculable. They evacuate the bowels, it is true, but always do to violently and profusely, and besides, gripe the boweU. The r effect If to weaken both them and the stomach. Better farto tine the'agreeable and salutary aperient, Hoitetter's Stomach Kit- tors, the laZHtive effect of which Is never preceded by pain, or accompanied by a convulsive, violent action of the bowels. On the contrary, Ulnvlgorates thotoorgans, the stomach and the entire system. As a means of curing and preventing malarial f»vers, no medl. Inu can cnmnnro with It, and K remedial) nervous debility, rheumatism, kidney and bladder inactivity, and other inorganic ailments. PRICE LIST: LaBelle, - Fairy. • • • Diamond Light, Fancy, • • VKB BBI, $4.75 450 • 4.00 3.50 UPPER ALTON, ILLS. D, B. KITTINGBR & CO. Wish the public to knew they are selling Goods ut Lowest Dash Prices. Dry Goods, Groceries, Muttnus.or nil kinds, Vlour, Saxony Yarn, F««d, Him & Linen Tliren<1l,CiB«r», Ilo.lerjr of all de- Tobacco, scrlpttops. Queens nnd Tinware. Prosit Oyatera and Celery; Brank JBrot't Ciuidlos and Nut«; Keith's Broad. D. B. KITTINGER & CO, Murphy'* Old Stiuid. 23n9ui WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO Embroideries, AND White Goods, READY-MIXED PAINT, white and colors. PAINT GROUND THICK, in white and colors, to be thinned with oil. WHITE LEAD, OILS and COLORS. ALABASTINE, WHITING, and GLUE. Marsh's Drug Store. The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and £ oft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves . ..^ EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They have no equal. Also HOOFING and GUTTERING and JOBBING done atreasonakl* rates. Call and examine my itook before purchasing elsewhere. A T DacrianharHt 532 East S 6001 " 1 Bt> » . J. LJUgVl UIctru L,5thdoor west of Henry GOLD and SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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