Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 3, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1887
Page 2
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DALLY 0**. m. THUB9DAT EVB., MARCH 8. 8ETHALTO. BsiHiLto. til., March 1. '*?. The M. E. folks have had • iplendtcl tDMt ( log the past week, and the good work U nil' progressing. Bar. YlMlen WM called to Godfrey, this week, by the death of hli wife'* iRther. Blder Phillips, o( Lltcbneld, Is Here, however, And delivered an excellent sermon laat evening. Rev. Mr, Hughei, Irom the LUuhfleld circuit, ia alio bere and will preach thit evening. There will be services at tho Mount Olive church next Sabbath at eleven o'clock a. m. in. Rev. Mr. Towey will oocopy the pulpit. The U. E. folks »re looking around lor suit •hie ground on which to erect u new church The Ht. Martin's congregation, wo under- itand, will commence building their new church In tho near future. P*»soHAl>-Mr. Oliver OartleUge Is on the tick Hat. Dr. August Bnchelt and lady, of ataunton, visited our village lost week. Mr. Will teubauki baa returned from his southern trip and taken his old position at the President Mills. Prof. John and Miss Carrie Uuell, who are teaebing near Fonterburg, came home on Friday evening Ian. lira. Ketebem*pi tltobfleld, la the guest ol her brother, Capt. A. J. Oanlpe, H M*. Wm.'Kruae aria family will move. thl» mouth, to one o( Z. B. Jnb'a larma. Our cltl- sens will mill Bill's familiar voice and quaint sayings. Mr. Sam. Weaver, engineer In chief, at the Park mllla, St. Louis, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Tboa. Murray. Monday. Collector Montgomery will be at the Village hall, Bethnlto, on next Tuesday, March 8th, for the laattlme. . Taxpayers take notice. HOBSB STOLEN —Mr. Jainea Anderson of the Sandrldge, had a valuable horse stolen Monday night. Tho Hone Tblet Detective Society, of which he U a member, started early on Tuetdar morning and it U hoped will be successful In overtaking the thief. BROKK ODT—Wo are Informed that Mr Fred. Bangert, chief bill clerk at Wann, is at his home this village, In possession of a full crop of measles. , We trust, however, that his sickness will be of short duration. Dr. Smith la the attending physician. BUIKT MBNfiON—Miss Mamie Kipley and Hiss Mattle Handle, two ot Btaunton's most taablonable society young] ladles, are tfie gaests of Mrs. W. F. Noisier. LOST—On Monday, a pair of blueloveralls. Finder will b« suitably rewarded by returning same to tbe Secretary of Ilook & Ladder Co., Wood Klvor. FOUND—Wo are pleased to note that moat ol the stepping stones have bten unearthed by our worthy Street Commissioner. 1TATAU.T BUBNKD—A little child of Mr. and Mrs. D. Under, aged 21 months, was fatally burned on last Thursday afternoon by Its clothes baying accidentally caught on fire. At the time of the aooldent, the father and mother were in tho cellar, they had been absent from the roem but a lew minutes when a little daughter, fsur years old, came run- nlng to .them saying little Perry was burning up. • They immediately ran to the child's as- slstince and found tho little fellow enveloped la flames which they smothered with bed clothing; the father then tore what clothing was left, from the child and a large portion ol skin came with it. Not having tho no- oessary remedies at hand they brought it in by wagon to this village, a distance of four miles; they drove at once to the residence of Mr. Urider's mother on Third street, where Dr. B. A. Smith was called and did every ' thing that was possible tor the little suffeier, but without avail, as dfialh came to its rellel on Saturday murnlng. Tho lunerol occurred Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Llnder have the sincere sympathy of all. CHAFF—nob. Lincoln .fill Ltake up his residence at Godfrey in tbe near future; we mean young Bob. The President MllU still grinds. The remaining two of the triplets born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Heeren died last week. Mr.,B. Picker, has palmed and fixed up his business bouse in one shape; Mr. Ohas. Anders did the work. It is about time to trot out your best timers lor town dads, also candidates for township officers. Old March came sailing in like Mary's little lamb, and 11 the good weather o"ntinos a few days It will Improve tbe roads and business. We understand that Dr. John Youngwlrth is now at Enterprise, Kan*. Mr. J. O. Bangert spent Monday in St. Louis buying his spring stock of boots and shoes. Another lot of those delicious 0. S. cigars Just received at M. J. Battles'. This weather Is giving the buys base ball lever. GIMLET. JtelHAMIZlKH GODFREY ROADS. ' .' ••; • ; • GODFRKT., March J,1887. Every spring the roud between Godfrey and North Alton ia impassable lor front two to (bur weeks, ami it makes very little difference how much work has been done during the pre Ylous summer. They are Invariably In a bad condition the following spring, While this roa 1 1* lita bad condition as it ia now there Is no doubt that If tbe.question of McAdam- izlng between here and North Alton waa p it to.a voto it would carry by a la.-ge majority Later in the spring when election time homes tbe roads are in better condition and the supporters of ' MoAdarn decrease. At tbe tlnw B. W. Crawford was county commissioner he offered (with the eonstmt of oneot the other coinmltsionera) to UoAdamlzo the road from,North Alton to the depot at Godfrey, provided th» peonle of Godfrey township would subscribe one-third of the money required. There Is no question but that God- lr«'y township 'had an opportunity at that time to get their long wished for MoAdam- teed load cheaper than they are likely to again. Under the present levy of 40 per cent, there could be Irom $1,5:0 to J1.800 a year spent in UoAdamlrlng without increasing the tax, If the levy was raised to GO per cent from $2,000 to $1,800 could be spent provided none of our large bridges on the Piasa creek should wain out. 'To prove the above we take the administration of the township for tho lust four years In which time there were Jj.Ooo of debt paid aud a $3,000 bridge built i the Supervisor secured an appropriation from tho oountv of HOC to help build said bridgp.leavlng It toooat tbe township direct (3,100. Now too township Is out of, debt and jjhbro la no good mason why M.ftOt could not be spent In MoAdam In next (our years without raiting vhe tax If w« don't have another expensive bridge to build. 11 the levy t-hould be raUedtotho limit of M per cent, 11,000 could b'e spent In MoAdam In (our years, while on the other hand them are • great many who are In fnvor ol tbe town* •hip Issuing bonds to the amount of $30,000 snd UcAdamlilng a mile on tho Orafton roud Irom North Alton out, two wiles and a M on tbe J >rsey vlllo road, or tho mad between Godfrey and: North Alton ,nnd K mile on the eoal branch road. The parties tbat advocate tkit pUa uy tbu tbe itoAdtm wUloott, ready for trntel, J4.00I) per m'lo, nnd that Uw bond* could bo placed at % per cunt, the W*rk could b* don* In one year and tbat the township ooold r«deemth« bonds In *«»«» r**M under • to pwoent. l«yy. Under tola plan tt »*MM that' th* psopl* woald g*n«t*l- lfb«b«ttefa«tuned*Jidth*y would Ret th« b*n*dtof the road a sooner and at less coat than tny other way. U this work la ever to be dont now is as good a time M any. The Mute* am lowetfm this tnwoahip now than they hav* boen Mnw w* have been under towaahlp org«MU»tion. C1T1ZKM. ALTON MARKET. OyrtflB, | ALTON. tLt... uaroh a, iitsi. ( Stanord'a Beat. In sack* 470 Fairy 14.40; »lamond Light 14.00; Fairy »UO; -Lalk.Ue," (k. TL M. Co.).. 476 WHEAT. Choice, per bu : n FKB1>. Ship atuf, per 100 fca 90 Bran ...18«I4 No.lMlxad,per bu., ', as No. S White, " " 4n Rntail,..." 46 HAT. Wholeaale, per ton, balled .18 Men , 'coRNiiEAU Wholesale, per bu 50 detail....... 8KKD. Olovcr Beed, per bu.,wboleaale. . 54 M) Timothy', " ,... 21,0 Wholesale, pei bn ! so iletail.. aa STRAW- for bale, . 40« per c-wt • •„ POTATOB8. Retail, a* 50*70 m ONIONS. Wholesale, per bn : 1 26 Retail i lit SALT. Wholesale, per bbl 1 o» Ketoll i ja _ , , BICE. Wholesale, per Ib 4«5U Retail B .„. . MOLAbSBb. Wholesale, per gal 23040 Retail..... ._. A 4U€>30 BUTTKR, Ohotae, wholesale, per Ib Id retail...... ....*.«.•..,. tt BUGS. Per dozen, wholesale 10 " retail MX CHICKENS. Live , , y, Dressed.... W ' WOOi, •..',• Unwashed ..18*20c Washed 25®80o BurryWooi 12»lta TALLOW. Be quality per Ib.. wholesale 04 HIDES. Green cured, per Ib 6Xfl8 Dry Baited f. it) Ury Flint 12 HAMS. 12X 16 LARD. Per Ib., wholesale 8 " retail iu BAOON. Shoulders, wholesale, per Ib » " retail 10 Clear Sides, wholesale .... 8 " retail 10 LIMB. Per bbl., wh*leaale 66 ' retail 70 Dnlkperbu., wholesale. 13 " retail 25 Louisville Cement, per brl |1 en Plaster Paris, « •• S 60 Hair, per bushel 36c WOOD. Good quality, per cord........... ...3.60 a 4.00 COAL. House, del., per bn. 70S Hard, per ton « 0007 «0 Sugar Cured, wholesale., " retail. ST. J.ODI3. ST. Louis, March 2. WKBAT— Verv srrnnsr anrt JfOlo higher, -No. 1 1tad oabh 77K'378o. Mfiv BOXc, June 80^0. N— Strong; NO. 2 mixed cash Me, April bid. May 3»^c. S— Firm; Mo. 2 mixed cash 28c, May 23«o. PBOVISIONS— Pork unsettled and nominal at S18. Lard steady at J6.95O7. Chicago. CiHOAOO, March. 2, 1887. The grain markets were stronger and olo»- ' d X cent Utuher, Provisions were dull and moss pork lOc lowei , short i ibs 2 X o. Nf>.2 Wliuat— Uarnh elos«d at 73«o, April at 710, Muysoid lit 79X«79Jfc% Oorn— April 34XO34XC, May 30®39>,'c, June io. oata- April 23KcMay 2SXo, Jnne28«c. Lard— March $7, April VI .05, May $7 UK. June V7.17>i. | OT1IEH MABK T8. The leading outside whuat markets were stronger, and closed lX91;£o higher. Corn stronger and X cent hlxliui'. Corn closed for May at- Now York 49o, Baltimore 47 Ko Wheat eloped for May at— New York Oltfo, Dntroit 84o. Toledo 83Xc. Duluth 80^0, Milwaukee 78«a7B^o, Bulilm re 900. Free Trade. Tbe reduction of internal revenue and the taking off of revenue stamps from proprietary medicines, no doubt, has iiireoly benetittect tbe consumers, as well as relieving (he burden of home mauu- faoturors. Especially is Ibis the case with Green's August Flower and Boa- obee's Ueruian Syrup, as the reduction of thirty-six cent* per dozen, has been added to increase tbe size of the bottles containing these remedies, thereby giving one-fifth more medicine in tbe 75 cent size. The August Flower for Dyspepsia and Liver complaint and tbe German Syrup' for cough and lung troubles, have, perhaps, the largest sale of'any medicines in the world. Tbe advantage of increased size of tbe bottles will be greatly appreciated by the stok and afflicted, In every town and village in civilized countries. Sample buttles for 10 cents remain the same size, 1a 3 dwlw now WALL New and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to largest sizes. At the old reliable HOUSE-PAINTING and DECORATING establishment of NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at, feblldflm For Sale Cheap, -ONB- With nil the Applinnoes to Kua it. BvcrvtliinK in Good Order. A. H. HASTINGS, Hllwtt fc, Upp« Alton. The Moiletn I'rodlgal's IXcturu. No, i»y »on (> lt isu't that tho world ha» grown hard-hearted; H isn't that *e aren't just as glad to-day to see the prodignl come back, and jwstasloVihg- Jy anxious to welcome him home rts ever was anybody in the fifteenth uhttp- ter of Luke. It is the manner in which the Prodigal Son of 1887 frequently returns that throws a wet blanket over the festivities of the welcome. When, he comes down the i-oad with his hat hanging on his ear nnd his hands in his pockets; when he kicks the faithful old house dog as he lounges in nt the gate; when he calls his father "Qov'nor," and the hired man "Cull"; when he wants to know "what's for dinner?" before he has been in tho house fifteen minutes; when he' gives his elder brother two fingers to shake and advises him to comb the hayseed out of his hair; wlum he throws himself into tho easiest chair in the house, perches his feet on the window sill and announces that he'll "take a tub before dinner"; when -he comes back with a generally forgiving air of good fellowship about him, and tries to make all the rest of the family feel very easy and reassured—then it is, my son, that your father longs to run and meet you while you are yet a great way off, and fall upon your nock with a plow line and welt you into a state of becoming humanity and penitence by the time you are able to take oil your hat to the bound boy, and crawl up the front steps to ask'your brother to shake hands with you. Good people are just as glad to-day as ever they were, tny son, to see the prodigal come home, but it does rattle them a little to see him come home in a hack and ask them to pay the driver and send for his baggage.— liurdcttc. XHE BEST THING KNOWN con Washingand Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water. DATES I.ABOK, TIME and SOAP AMAZ. INGI.y, and gives universal gatlsfuctlon. M family, rlofi or poor, should be without it Said by «.H Groo-ira. BEWARE of imitAtioni ItaU deilgned to lulil^iC **T_}' sl tiNK is tn<l ONI.Y 8AFK ;»tx..-.»rujir uumponnd, and *i hayu bears tbe *Dove eymbol. and name ol .T 4.JWTU PXtB. NBVir VITIATED BLOOD Scrofulous, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by Cuticura- rpHROUGH the medium of one of your 1. books received through Mr. Frank T. Wray, Druggist, Apolln, PH., I became acquainted with your CUTionnA REMEDIES, Bud take this opportunity to testify to you tbat tbelr use bus permanently cured 5:0 of oneol thn wars' cases of blood pnltonlnx, in connection with erysipelas that I buvo ever seen, and this after having liccn pronounced Incur- nble by tomcjot tbe best physicians in imi county. 1 take ereatpleasuie In forwarding to yon this tentlmonlnl, unsolicited HS it Is bv yonrln order thai othern from similar maladies may I e encouraged to give vourCCTiotj. BA ItEMKDIKS H trial. P. 8. WHirLlNGBR, Leechburp, Pa. Reference: FBAWK T, WR\T, Druggist, Apollo, SCBOFCLOUS ULCERS. James B. Rlchai dson, Ountom Uousn, Now Orleans, on oath says: "In 1870 Scrofulous Ulcers broke out on my body until I was a mass of corruption. Everything known to the medical faculty was tiled in vain. I be came a mere wreck. At times could not lift my hands to my head, could not turn in bed ; wax in constant p«in, and-lookeU upon life ao a curse. No leliefor cure In ten years. In 1880 ! heard of the uutioura Kemodleu, used thi-m, nnd was perfectly cured." Sworn to before V. S. Com. J. D. Crawford. ONE OF TBE WORST CASKS. We have been si'lllng your Cuticura Reme dies for years, and have the first complaint yet to receive from a purclmsor. One of the worst cases of acrofula I ever aaw was cure'' by tbe use of five bottles ot Outlcura Resolv- ent, Outicura and Cutlcora Soar. The Boap takes the "cake" here at a medicinal soap. TAYLOR * TA YLOB, Prujrg'sts, Frankfort, Kan. SCHOFULOUi, INHERITED. And Contagious Humors, with loss of hair, and Eruptions of the Skin, are positively cured by Outlcura and Outloura. Soap externally, when all other medicines fall. Send for pamphlet. USE T{JEM. We have obtained satisfactory results from the use of the Outicura Remedies In our own family, ami recommend them bej-ond any otncr remedies fnrdlseusns of the akin and blood. The demand for them gp wa OH tbelr merits become known. MoMILLAN &CO.. Druggists, Latrobc, Pa. CCTICDRA~KKS1KOIKS are sold every wliere. frlco: Outloura, the Great Skin Cure, 60 otf. ; Cuticura S»ap, an EzqulsltiiDonutiller. 2) eta. ; Outlcurn ROHO!V- eut, the New Dlood Purifier, $1. Potter Drug and uhemlcal Co., llosion. OT ll/fl'LKS, niackheads. Skin Blemishes A7.L1VJL and linby Humors, use Cuticuta Soap, , Choking Catarrh. Heve you awakened from a disturbed sleep with all the horrible sensations of an assassin clutching your throat and pressing the life-breath from your tightened chest? Have you noticed thn languor unl debility that succeeded the effort to clear your throat and head of this oatunlial matter? What a depressing influence It exerts upon the mind, clouding tne memory and fllllnpt tlm head with pains.and ntrani<e noise-1 How difficult to prole< t the system against Its fuithur prom em towards tlm lungs, llvar and Icldnevs, all physicians will mimic. It is a terrible disease, and cries out for relief and cure. Tlio remarkable curative powers when all other remedies utterly fail, of Sa'.fmil's Undical Once, ><re attc.tod by thousHn''s who gratefully recommend It to fellow Hufforurn. NostHtcmontUm.t'la I'egardlMv it that cnn- not bn substantiated bv tho most ronpuotu- bl« and re table relertuicns, Knoli packet contains one bottle of tho Rndlotil L'uro.onu box of (.'iitarrhal Solvent, and an tmprov, d Inhaler, with treatlsn aim directions, and is sold '>y all druggMa for II. 1'OTTBR 1)KUO A OUKMICUL t'O..BOSTOH. ""HOW MY"SIDES ACHE. ~ From the bench and the counter, from thu loom HndacwIiiKiniiohlac goes up thu cry < f pain and wciik- niia«. AuhlnuSldcjHnd Uuok, Kid nny and Uierlim >'aliii>, S'ralm and WaiikiiOKV, Ouuglin.UoldM mid Olioxt itnu uvnry nuln itnil uohti (if oallv toll d Itt OIIK mmuiu l>y thu Uutlu.iru Antl- I'uln 1'laytur. Ni-w. elegunc, and Inlu Illilo. At druttitUts, Mo.; live for fl; or ol 1'otter Drug and Oheujloal Oo,, Mutoa. A QUESTION ABOUT Browris loa: ohemloftl jit UUT« kra mots . . _, tnoi UMd In at Iron It «o... Important factor In moeuut hen? BTor. » nmarkabla taot. ety of B HO WN'8 IRUN Ir •»tisJaotor> Iron oomblrut BROWN' headache, or produce oonitlp«tlon-nll etlier Iron mcdlclnee do; BROWN'S IKON IUTTEIIM cures Indigestion, nilloiumeu',WenkncM. Dyipepaln. illnlarln, Chills nnd Fevera. Tired Feellnir.Oenernl IVeblllty.Paln In the Side, Buck or Limbs. Headache and Ncilrnl. glix-for all then alhnenU Iron Is pnxoribed dallr. RRnU/N'S IRnN RITTFRC >»>m>«»r,<ioes Dnunn o i nun on it no. not cure in. n»lnnt*. ,JJke all other thorouph medicine.. It note Blowly, iVlien takon by mm the tint Rymptom ot iMnout ia renenred onergy, llio muiolef wen become firmer, the olgenlon Improvea, tlie bovreli are actlre In m>m«fi the effect is usually motoratild and mavked The eyes begin atonco to brighten! the ikln clonni npi healthy color cornea to the chcak»! nenouroen Injurious. I'hi/iictiini anil Driiaylnt rmimmmit (I. • Thn Qenutno ban T^ttln Miirk and omfinod rad llniia in wranwr. VAKK NO OTIIBK. KASKINE (THE NEW QU1NIN15) ; No bad effect No headache No nausea. MO ringing ears, quickly (jure. (Pleasant,*™ A POWERFUL TONIC. -that the most delicate stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOCS PROSTRATION, and all Germ Diseases. BellevueHospital, N. Y.: "Universally sue oessful." < "Every paHent treated St. Francis Eos.K. T. < with Eosklno has been t dlsohareod cured." Dr. L. n. White, U. 8. Examining Surgeon, writes: "Kaskine is the best medicine made." Dr L.M. Glessner, SCO East 121at St., New York city, has cured over 290 patients with Kasklne alter quinine and all utber drags had failed. He says: "It is undoubtedly tbe best meillclne ever dlscov ored." Proi. W. F. Holcombe.M.D., 64 Bust25th St., N.Y. (late Prof, in N. Y, Mod. College) writes: "Kasklne is superior to quinine in its specific power, and never produces the slightest in jury to the hearing or constitution. Rev. Jas, L. Hall, Chaplain Albany Penitentiary, writes that Kasklne lifts cured his wife, after twenty years Buffering from malaria and nervous dyspepsia. Write him for particulars. Thousands upon thousands write tbat Kas- klne has cured them after all other medicines had failed. Write for book of test!' monluls. Kasklne can bo taVen without any special medical advice. ?1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by mall on receipt of price. KASKINE CO., M Warren st.,New York, ludwlm The First Sign Of failing health, whether in the form of Night Sweats and Nervousness, or in a sense of General Weariness and Loss o! Appetite, should suggest .tlio use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This .preparation is most effective for giving tone and strength to iho enfeebled system, promoting the digestion aud assimilation of food, restoring the nervous forces tc/ their normal condition, and lor purifying, enriching, and vitalizing the blood. Failing .Health. Ten years ago my health began to fail. I was troubled with a distressing Cough, Night Sweats, AVdakness, ami Nervousness. I tried various remedies prescribed by different physicians, but became so weak that I could not go tip stairs without stopping to rent. My friends riirouiinonded mo to try Ayer's SarHaparilln, which I did, and I am now as lioallliy anil strong as ever.—Mrs. K. U Williams, Alexandria, Miun. I have used Ayer's Sarsaparilla, In ray family, (or Scrofula, nml know, if it is taken faithfully, that it will thoroughly eradicate tins terrible I liavo also preserilnul it ;IH u tonic, as well as an alterative, and «ay that I honestly believe it to be tho beat blood luedlcluo ever compounded.—\V. F. Kuwlor, M. p., D. D. S., Greenville,Teun. Dyspepsia Cured. It would bo inipossiblo for mo to describe what I suffered from Indigestion and Headache up to tlio time I bngan taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. 1 was under the care of various physicians, and tried a great many kinds of medicine*, but never obtained more than temporary relief, After taking Ayor's Sarsaparilla for a short time, tny headache disappeared, and my stomach performed its duties more perfectly. To-day ray health is completely restored. — Mary Harley, Springfield, Moss. I have been greatly benefited by tho prompt use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It tones and invigorates tlio system, regulates the action ot the digc.ntive and assimilative organs, and vitalizes tlio blood. It is, without doubt, the most reliable blood purifier yet discovered.— H. D. Johnson, 383 Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.I • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, l>rep»r«d by Dr. J.C. Ayer tt Co., Lowe!!,Mm. Frlce »11 six bottles, »S. Two Grand Excursions On March 8th and 22d, Now IB tbe Time to Buy Western Lauds. $25. ! CUT THIS OUT. 1 i Thin ullp will bo received for a llHbuto Oheok wood for ) (25, In cu»ii you nureluuo Hid | iicros, "r $12.5 > In case you purchase loo itare*, If primint I cd to Ulms, II iltlnn, ]'•., Agrnt for Wunttu'ii Lands; Alton, bn I fora Milfoil 8th and Ml, 1847. tliu uati's ol thn uiviit Unnd Kllln, for tuithor In (or nation cull on, or write, CHA.8. HOLDER, Jr., Second »t.»ueor Henry, Altou,Ill MaBtei's Sale• enson, ElUsbet Ana uiirQB, Dorothy Burn, Thomas Brvrn, James Bum, Barbara yerguiion, »»rah Jane Burn, wilUam Burn. John Thomas Burn, iJoroiBy Ann Bw*,. Isabella Burn, James Bum, and Henry B. CUtUlenor, executor ol the last will and testament o( John Ubllton, deceased. Bill lor sale ol Beal Estate. ..,, Under and by virtue of decree of said court, made In the above entitled cause, at •aid term,l, the underHgned, will, on BATUnDAY, MAKOH 19, 18b7, at andon thepremMeslierelnnfterdescribed, sell to the highest nnd bei>t bidder, the following described land, situated In the county ci Mndlsou, and (-into ol Illinois, to-wlti The vest fourth, of, the southeast quarter ot the northwest quarter, containing ten (10) aorea; and the east half o( the southwest quarter, all in section thirty (8o),tn township six (G) north of rangn nine i9) west. Appraised value, {8,486.72. Sain to commence at oim o'clock p, m. TERMS OP. BALE.-Twenty per cent, of tbe purchase mnnny to be paid cash down, and tho balance on a credit ot six and twelve mouth*, secured by note and approved tecu- ilty, and a mortgage on the premises sold,on the execution ol wlilrb, hurt upon confirmation of siil' sale, 1 will execute ana deliver a deed to tho put chaser or purchasers of sold land, as by said decree lam directed,conveying all Ih« light, title and olalmof the said parties -n said suit to eald premises. ALONZO S. W1LDEBMAN, Master In ouanoory of sold con.nty. M. W. WBIK, Sol. Wdtd EXECUTORS' NOTICE. Estate ot John. W. Bohweppe, deceased. The undersigned, having been appointed Kxecutors of. the last will and testament of John W. Bchweppe, late of the county ol Mndlson and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby Rive notice that they will appear before the County Court of Madison county, at the court house, in the March torm.on the fourth Monday in March nuxt, at which time all persons having claims against sala estate are nntllled and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons udebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate paymniit to the undersigned. Dated this 2nd dav of February. A.D. 1887. ELlfeA P. SOHWKPl'E, WILLIAM K. 8011W KPPE, HENUYM. SOHWtPPii, 6 d4w Executors. BAGLK PACKET COMPANY. SPEING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer I E. BOBS POWBLI , (ED, BLOOB, Olerts. On and alter Monday, Feb. 11. the Spread FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Lonls on return trip at 8 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing. Qralton, and waj points every evening at 5:80 o'clock. «9.The Whlitle will be sonnded fifteen minutes before starting for St. Louis. To ST. Louis, UOUNDTBIP - TWBKTT BIDBS' so - - 78 - - - 8 00 W. BILL. Aaent. Fast Freight &PasseDger Line THE ST. LOUIS AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS R. R. OO'S PALACK 6TBAMKB J. F. ELLISON, Commander. 'ED. ANSHOTZ, IninrfeB THDBDOPOB, jOierKs. On and after Thursday,Feb. 17th, will leave Alton dally For fit. Louis at 7 a. ru. lie turn In K, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vine St.) at2:45p.m.! Leaving Alton at 5:30 p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Gratton at 7:45 p. m., connecting with fast express on St. Louis and Central Illinois Railroad lor Jerseyville, Waverly, Spiingfleldoud all points north and cast. FARE. TOST. Louis, single trip, . . . BOc. " " round trip, .... 7Bo. " " twenty rloo ticket,. , 54.00 HENRY 0. TATUM, Gen. Agt. Alton. H. A. FISHER, Oon'l Manager. felldtf J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALERS IN Stoves and Hardware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other first class heating stoves for wood or coal. Also Ranges and Champion Monitor Ooob Stoves, tbe best in Alton, Outside Worn a a peclalty: Boot ing, Glittering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COH. SBOIIND AND AI.BY STB. The undoritnaed have opened a new muslo tore at tho corner of r /ulrd (and Plasa sts ORGANS ..AND PIANOS I of the (finest workmanship for sale at reasonable price*. (Jail and examine our instruments before purchasing elsewhere. FLOSSY BABE. mohaidwem WILSON WASHBOARDS. Thin W»ihbo»tds a»» m»4«iilw 'alUnt-WoodrJn. TCHE ATLANTIC MONT1O.Y FOlt 1887. , to addition to tUt^bMt thoa two aerial f The Second B? KM, K. 6. W. OLIFHAWT Paul Patoff, . . -«Tlr. MAH10NOHAWTQRD, AutbceoT"A Horann Blogwr," "Mi. XMMM, etc. Paper* on American Hlitorjr; ._ '• aydMiiji rionre, i ,, Whole ppevloui paper* have been ao L._- eituiff, full of Information, and g**US- •UlypopClttt. ' French nnd Entfllih. continuation of tho admirable pap*ra i Essays and Poem*, By OLIVBU WENDELL HOLMM. Occasloual Paper*, By JAMBS HU88ELL LOWBLL. , Oontrihtitions maybe expeoti-d from Job* Greenl^af Whittter, Tliomtts Wentwoi th- Hiiv on/Oharlpa Dudley Wartier, B, 0. Blioi nrt » S* S}, fTO ,<> toa > S^ah Orne aewett, Charles Bgbert Oraddock, Arthur Bherbuma Hardy, Henry Oabbt Lodge, Kdttu M. Thtfmas. Horace B, Boudder, George K. Woodberry, CleorgeFiederlck Parson^ Maurice Thomp' eon, Lucy I.aroom, Cello Thaxtor, John Bn»- roughs, James Freeman Clarke, Elizabeth Robins Pennoll, Bradford ToSey and man? others, • • . i :.' -,. .-.< • •,- •._ *, TKUMS: $4 a year in advance; poitag* fr*ei M cents a number. With superb nfo-*li* portrait of < Hawthonie, 'Emerson, Looufek low.Bryatrt. Whlttler,'lX)wS™orHblm*7 $«; each additional portrait, |1. Postal notes and money are at the risk el the vender, and therefore remittances ibotild dratt, or rogUMrid Houghton, Mifflin & Companr, • * Park street* Uo»tou, Mais. >> fc The Century For 1886-87. THB OBHTUBT is au illustrated' monthly magazine, having a .regular circulation A about two hunured thousand copies, ott«» reaching and sometimes exceeding two hnn- dredand twenty tt ve thousand. Chief among its many attractions for the coming year Is a serial which baa been in active preparation lor sixteen yearn. It la a history ol our owm ' country In ita most critical time, M act fort* THE LIFE OF MttCOljNV' By his Confidential Secretaries, John G> Nicolay;ond GoL ;. '•'••" JplrnHay, •''•• -'* ' Lincoln, is the only {nil and authoritative record ol the lite of Abraham Lincoln. In authors were ftlends ol Lincoln before hk presidency; they wore most Intimately aa- sociated with him aa > private. secretniUn, throghout his term : of, office,. and to then* were transferred upon Lincoln's death all hu private papers. -Here will b<- told th* :luld« history ol the civil war and of President Lincoln's admlnlBtratlon -important' detail* of wblob bave hitherto rem&luud unrevealed tbat they might nt-at appear In'tbls'authenU* history; By reason of the publication of tht* work.' - '•. -.'..-. ' ' ••- '•'• ' ' ; 5, THE WAR SERIES, ^ which has been: followed with unflagflnt interest by a great Inturost by a great audl. ence, will occupy lens space during tbe com. ing .year, Gettysburg will be described br Wen. Hunt (Ohlef of the Union ArtUleryK Hon. Longstroi t, Gen. 15. M. Law. and others. Chioamauga, by Uen. D. B. Ulll; Sbennm's March to tbe f-ea, hy Generals Howard and' Slooum. Generals o. A. oiilinore, Wm. r. Smith, John Glbbon.Uoraoe Porter,and Jonm 8. Mosby will desuribe special battles an4 incidents. Stories of naval engageinenta. prison li/e, etc. ate. will appear, -yv, (!,'• NOVELS AND STOBIES. "The Hundredth ilah," a novel by Frank It. Stockton, author of "Tho Lady, or the TlRer." begins in November. Two novelettat by George W. Cable, stories by Mary Halloo*, Foote, "Uncle RemuS," Julian Hawthorn*, fidward l^ggleston, and other prominent American authors will be printed during tu* year> SPECIAL FEATURE!}. (with illustrations) include a aeries' of art!-, cles on affairs in liupsla and Siberia, by Geo.. Kennan,author of ."Tent Life in Siberia," who has Just returned from a mosc eventful visit to Siberian prisons; papers <n tbe Food Question, with reference to ItH bearing onto** Labor Problem; Knglish Cathedrala: Dr, KKgleston's Rollgloui Life in the America* Colonies: Olalrvoyuuco, Spiritualism, Astrology, etc., by Kav, J. M. Buckley, U.D.i editor of the Christian Advocate: • astronomical papers ; artloies thro wing light on Bible it iatotr, 6tC 'PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, ft-OO a year, 8$ cent* a' number. Dealers, postmasters, and publishers take subscriptions. Send, for our btautt- fully llluBtiated 24 page catalogue (free), ' containing full prospectus, etc., Iho udlng a special oner by which' new readers can get hack cumbers to the beginning ol the War Scries at a very low price. A specimen, oovr (buck number) will be sent on request. M«a. tidnthis paper. -'•••!••' '• • •• —•'• •' •Dan you afford to be without the Century- TUB O.HMTUBY CO., New Tort Subscriptions received at this office. 1887. HARPER'S BAZAR. ILLUSTRATED. HABPBB'B BAZAH combines the choicest literature and the tineat illustrations wl£ th* latest fashions and tbe 'most useful family reading. Its stoileo, poems, and essays are by the best writers, and Its humorous aketohes are unsurpassed. Its papers on social etiquette, decorative ait, honse keeping in all its branches, cookery, etc., make It indiapea- table in every household. Its beautiful fashion platea and pattern-sheet supplement* inable ladles to save many times the cost ot subscription by bring their own dressmakers. Not a line is admitted to its column* that could shock the most fastidious taut*. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. Per lean Harper'sBuar ....,% 400 Uinper's Magazine ....,..,,.,.. 4 00 llaiper's Weekly 400 llaiper'u Younu People ,. 3 00 Huiyer'sFranKlin Square Llbrury. one year (62 numbers) , u 0» Hai pur's Handy series, one yar, (M numbers) 160* Portage Free to all subscribers In the Untt*4 States or Canada. The volumes of the lUZAlt beirla with tli* ilr t Number for January of each year. When no time in mentioned, subsoHptlons will be- Kin with thu Number current at time of re- col pi of order, Bound Volumoa of lUnrEU's BAZAR, for throe years back, Iu neat utot h bmdinK.wUt b* sout by mail pottage paid, or by express, fre* of oxpenao (provided tbe freight does not oxcoi d one dollar per volume). lor 17,00 per volume. Cloth Case* for oooh volume, suitable for binding, will bo sent by mall, postpaid, on on r<'0olptof $ 1.00 eauh, Remittances slunild be made by Postofflo* Money Order or Dratt, to avoid chanoo ol loss. Newspaper* are not to copy thla advertisement without the express order of UAUPB* JlKOIllKHS. Adill'KUH HAltl'Ell ft UitOTHEUa. New York. AN AOBI on long time. t^» wo«« pr««s«ra<M •nd promliToff flsld for MttttfllMit In UttV, S. full f rorm»tlon with good mtp free. Minu (UP thl. i^pif, or obUIn Mil tnH* in idwrUllngsptotwhtn in Chicago, w(|l limtitMi ij Rudolph st.,

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