Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 2, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1887
Page 4
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tTTTEBtT DIBCOUBAGED Impresses the feellhg of many victims of rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica and ner- vout or rick headache. Having tried numberless so-called remedies, and physicians of all schools, without relief; there seems to be no hope. Many such v haf a F" a last resort tried Atliloplioros, and to Ui'el surprise and joy have found that it vat a »a/«, «ure aud 711 ick cure. Athlophorog is not an experiment; thousands have been cured by its use and they testify as to its value. The little boy of John II. Parkor, Charleston, 111., has been an invalid since he was a year old, his disease being so complicated that it was difficult lor the physicians to determine upon what his disease was. The little fellow suffered for years the most violent pains and torture. He wad helpless as to walking. Ilia limbs were almost devoid of feeling. Mr. Parker's slater, Mrs. M. 8, Travers, says the boy has been tiding Athlophoros, and the medicine hns nlnloBt performed a miracle. He can now walk about and play ac other boys do. His hack has been relieved of the HtitlheM, so that he can stand more erect than he ever could before. He IB now ten years of age, and I know his father had spent two hundred dollars for patent medicines alone, but nothing did htm any good until he took the Athlophoros. lfi»(utlier lins alro used the medicine for neuralgia, with very good died. Rutland, Illinois. Was cured by Athlophnros ono year ago lout Spring, and have not been troubled with the rheumatism since. I tried other medicines to no good result. I have sold this medicine since I was cured, and all that have taken it as the dircctionaordcred have been wired. J. M. SHAW. Every druggist should keep Athlophoros :iiid Athloplioros Pills, but where they cannot be bouuht of the druggist the Atblo- phoros Co.; 112 Wall St., New York, will .-oud either (carriage paid) on receipt ol regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle 'or Athlophoros mid 60c. for Pills. For liver and kidney illtcascn, dynpopsln, in- •llKcatlon, weakness, nervous debility, diseases iif women, ronrtlpntlnn. henclnehc, Impure "load, &e., Atlilophoros 1'lUs arc unequalcd. s BEAlTESTATE FOB SALE OB BENT, —BY- Rudersnausen & Sonntag, For Sale. A convenient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, belnu a two-story frame house on Eighth street, near Henry. * for bale. A choice fans ol 320 acies. with first clasp Improvements, situated 2X miles east ol Brnnswlek. Ohartton co., Mo. For Hale. A one story Irame dwelling house In good condition. In Topping's addition to Alion. For Sale Cheap The residence ot Oapt. W. . oble; two stories and mansard roof* 12 room 4 halls, closets, cellars, eto.; 8 acres ol groan Most desirable property in the city. For, Male. 16U acres of land near city limit* 9;a.o ., two story brick and Irame Owe n aonse, both situated on the eas- o i.ate street between6th and 7th ticots' so the brick block of stores on Secon 'tree*, between Hem- and .Ridge street oown as Hunter')row. For Sale. A nuiall frame >" -ilnpt house within n no -locks of the <) t for $375. 160 acres f good tanning land, and Hnothei tract of 00 uires, both unimproved. Slluutt In Moi to., Kansas, at $10 and $16 per aort respectively—one-third oash.balnnce on time For Sal*. AI arm of 140, acres on oottom land, all ID cultivation, near Madison, in this county. A good two-story frame dwelling house on it. . Price $3,000 For Sale. A choice farm ot I'M uuros, situate 1 mile south of Bhlpman, Macouplu county, 111., at a low figure. Fanlesintendlng to buy Real Estate in the city ol Alton or vlclnitv will find It to their Uvuroat to call at lliuofll ;eof Rudershuuuun ASonntqg and examine their list ot properties for sale us only part thereof is udvor- tl-ert. FBV81OIAJNB AMI) 8UKGKON* 1 DK. IS. OUJ-JLltm, Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE, OOR.FOURTB AND HBNKT STB. laS-dwly W. A. UASKJSLL, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OFFICE-SECOND ST., ALTON, ILL. Office b ours—9 a. m.; 12 to 1, and 6 p.m DB. O. «. KOIILAND, Dentist, IB THIRD STHKET, AI/TON, IIA. Ofllce Hours—8a.m. to 12m.; 1 to 4 p. n O. A. McMILLEN, Dentist, OVER BRtTKQGEMINN'S OIGAR STORE SECOND ST. 1i>"!3 rtf PLIABLE PLASTER *CORNS* A common BCIIHO euro, by a combined medical and mcclmnl- cnl notion. Ilnllko any other pro- paratlon, .they relievo tho pressure wlillo curing tho corn, nnd never fail .whoro directions nro followed- Five Hots of pliiBtorH nnd box of ointment put up In handHOino tin ouso, convonient for use. Pnco 25 conta, comploto. Ask for "Podncuni" and take no other. The Peleg Wh i te Proprietary Co. MAHUPACTtlKKHS, 118 W. Broadway, N. Y., U.S. OF FJRST.C1.ASS BRUGQIS'XU U. W. CUAniBEULiAIN, I>lat. Atfont for Alton. ALTO* JPAILI TKLEQRAffl. (BnUrvd M Scoond'Oliui Matter M th« F, • O. «t Alton, 111.) VVEDNESDAt EVE., MAKCH 2. SCIENCE AND PROGRESS. REMARKABLE SALT BED IN SOUTHWESTERN LOUISIANA. A Snow Melting Machine That Disposes of the Snow In the Itoadt Where It Fallt—Dlineniloni of Animalcule! Foun.l In StHEnnut Waters. A mothod ts described In The Scientific American which has proven useful In giving students of tlio mlcroscop* nome adequate idea of the dimension* o( animalculei found In stagnant water. ' " FIG. 1—DHAWIRO TUB TDBE. A drop of apparently clear water placed on a glass glide and put under the objective, will cause wonder and astonishment when the multitudes of animalcular life are brought to view. There they are, .swimming, twisting, standing, but how large are they! Don't know, because there Is nothing,to; compare them'witli.' Take a piece of softtglass tubing and soften it In the flame of a gas or alcohol lamp, and then draw it out into n very fine thread, which will be a capillary tube (soo Fig. 1). That it is a tube may be proved by inserting ono end in water and blowing into the other end, when minute bubbles wjll risa. KIQ. S—F11J.INO THB TOBI—ENLARGED AN1- MALCOLES. >. Now insert this tube in o cup of stagnant water, and the water will readily, enter it,, .rising, perhaps, several Inches abovo'.the surface of the water in the cup (A in Fig. 3). Hold the tube (B) before J-pu. No:larger than a hair of your head and the bore much smaller. Is it possible . there are living creatures in that small space! : Place tlio tube under itho microscope, and lo! many a curious 'creature disporting itself in ns much space as a man would have in a wide street of a city (C in Fig. 2). These have been seen where it would take at laast a score of them placed end to end to make a chain long enough to reach across the space in the tube. . How large aro they? Hold np the glass, thread befoi-e your eyes and consider. It is small, the bore is smaller and they are twenty, perhaps fllty, times smaller still. Yet each is a perfect creature, with organized structure, and organs adapted for various functions. How large is one's mouth, foot, heel? Where is the limit? 'Tis sold that nil the larger fleas have lesser fleas to bite 'em, And these In turn have smaller fleas, and so ml Inflnituml Snow Melting Apparatus. A system of snow melting has been devised by Mr. F. Lyon, London, When it la considered that a fall of snow 6 inches deep, over one mile of road 60 feet wide, amounts to 5,860 cubic yards, the impossibility cf removing it promptly by horses and carts is at once apparent—the more so when it is remembered that some metropolitan vestries have from 50 to 100 miles of road, and thus would have to deal with from 300,000 to 600,000 cubic yards of snow, assuming a 6 inch fall to occur. The principle of Mr. iron's invention, according to Scientific American, is that tbe snow can be dealt with in the roads on which it falls, when it is in a light and fleecy condition, and therefore easily melted. The apparatus consists of a wrought Iron tube about 85 feet long, having a furnace at ono end and a short length of vertical pipe for a' chimney at the other. The tube is mode in lengths of 0 feet, and each length is tapered so that they all fit into each other and are closely packed for transport on wheels. When a fall of snow occurs the apparatus is to be laid along tbe gutters of the roads to be cleared, the width occupied being about 4 feet A (Ire U then to be lighted in tbe furnnce, the heat from which will pass along the horizontal tube, which has a flatly arched ton. The snow in then to be shoveled on to Hie heated tube, which will melt it, tbe resulting water flowing away to the nearest enlly. A trial of this apparatus took place in the St. Marleybone district in February, 1885, on some snow which hod fallen long previously and hod been twice carted. Notwithstanding the solidified condition of the snow and the imperfect condition of the experimental apparatus, it is stated that 21 yards of the consolidated snow, weighing 10 tons 8 cwt. 3 qrs., and equal to 108 yards of freshly fallen snow, were melted in ten bourn with a consumption of coke of the value of Is. 7d., or under l%d. per ton. A Ronmrfciible Salt Bed. One of the most remarkable salt beds in the world, says American Naturalist. Is located on the isle of Petit Anse, southwestern Louisiana, 135 mi'.es due west from New Orleans. The deposit Is pure crystal salt. So fur as it has been traced there are 150 acrea of unknown depth explored 140 feet down. Tbe surface of the boil undulates from one foot above to six feet below tide level By analyses the (salt is 00.88 per cent. pure. The position of the suit shows it to bo older than the coal anil uumUtoiie which lie above It. 8calo» in « Steiim nailer. The very bent way to prevent scales in a ulcum boiler, says ono who has tried It, is to use a food wnter hunter that will deposit tho •cole by raising tho temperature of tho water In the heater high enough to liberate tho soluble matter boforu tbe water gets into the boiler. Nobody over heard of "bagged sbeeU" on n heater. We leo one every day on bolloii. Don't lot the scale lit won't trouble you. Drilling Union In Gll»»n Plate). An erpoi'imoutor tells of his successful experience in drilling holes thrce-«Jxteouths of an inch hi diameter through glass plates about one-eighth of au Inch thick, by the use of an ordinary bow drill, with spirits of turpentine M lubricant The, liplai were ..drlllod from one aldo until tho point, of the drill j»»t pnnp- turod tho O])|>oslkt side of thu gloss; then tbe gliuo was tiimed ovnr and tlio boluK llnlnlictl by drilling from tho opposltu »kla Duplex J'rluciljiUi In Telegraphy. The duplex prinolplo ban been Mioawfully •dnptodlo Iho f»hot[>* ryotom nt Imlurtlve telegraphy, so that infssngos majr bo tout to •ad from snxrriiig' tfsins In the ordinary «namier,.\Titl!out4ntwi«rlng with, the tran«- i^»s_ih'of-m^_4«is by' mdOnctionl With thMmpfWeineK'B-si&gltniho ti> all that . required for both treln and ordinary teleg rapny. , ,. , ... ALL AftOUNP THS riOUBfL Cp Statri, Down, Stulrn, In Kitchen «nd In the Ladles' Parlor, The fnnhlon la'prowing In tbe dttes of having ono day In each week sot apart for on Informal reception of one's friends and ne- qimlntnnccs. Tills,, if very simply done, is a pleasant eusto:ri for el her city or countrj'. If merely a cup of tea and thin bread and butter, with perhaps one sort of cake, bo offered in winter or water ice in summer with'wafers, there Is nothing to be said against such a mode of hospitality; butwhtn the "5 o'clock tea" loses its original character and becomes a formal reception it becomes also a social burden. Tlio tea for those weekly receptions IB nwde by tbe lady on the table nnd handed by her to her guests, if thero are no gentlemen present to carry it. A servant need not bo cm- ployed in the matter. Tho tea equipage may consist of n tray covered with a pretty cloth, with imall cups and saucers, cream, sugar, slop bowl, the teapot covered with n cozy, nucj cake and very thin bread and butter od plates. . The tray is set on a table and tho tea made. This Is the English fashion. You may, however, prefer to use a table on which is tho cloth without a tray; In this case the tea is not brought in but arranged ready for callers. Three teaspodnfuls of tea ore allowed to make a pint of tea—tbe cups usually run three to the half pint. A quart of tea. therefore, will serve eight or nlno and allow for a second cup, which is rarely asked for. When you put tho tea in tho pot light tho alcohol kettle, which should have had boiling water in it, and when it boils pour on to the tea about a third of tho water you intend to use, put tho cozy over it and let it seep seven .minutes, add the rest of the water, cover again and use us needed; or you may, if you prefer, pour on nil the water at once. Itfe easier and less formal to say to each guest utter a few minutes' conversation, "Shall I give you some tea?" or its cquivalout, and to give it at once than to wait to a certain time nnd hand it to every ono at once. With tho tea cozy the tea keeps hot a long time, but if people straggle in or*for any late comers fresh should be made. A friendly, nice way- is to nave n bright kettlo on an open fire and make tea from that when boiling in tho good old fashioned way.—Qood Housekeeping. A Decorative Screen. An effective screen, the work of an onuv teur, and one easily imitated by others, is described in Decorator and Furnisher. The screen'frame was originally made to order at a sash and blind factory, and is nothing more than a series of panels sii feet high by three feet wide with a crosspiece in tho mid .le of each section. The frame is three inches wide all around, except across the bottom, which is four inches wlda Tho frame is obonized and has a few flue lines of gilt nt intervals across tho top and side pieces. Ono side of the panjls is covered with bronze canton flannel, which is left plain. On tho other side is sponge fabric paper, put on with small tacks, which aro concealed by a narrow gimp. There aro six of the panels, each bear ing a different decoration. Long sprays of golden rod ore shown on ono panel, another has a trailing spray of wisteria, a third shows a lattice anil clusters o( grapes with mature leaves, the fourth is gay with morning glories and tho fifth and sixth have ivy and eglantine respectively. Tho work is done in oil colors, and ou tbe soft, exquisitely tinted surface is really novel and attractive. What a Baltimore confectioner says: 1'vu bad rheumatism iii my arm for six •months, and Salvation Oil made an entire cure of it, after using less than om- botlle.— Win. Schellbas, Jr., Baltimore, Md. Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup is a staple article m tbe market. Tbe demand fur it was never greater than now. The people find it indispensable, and will not be without it at.any price. Only cjsts 25 cents. A TENNESSEE astronomer has discov e cd a comet without a head, but thereby hangs a tale. Mo carriage spring is talked about so praisingly as the Kice Coil Spring is. feople go,wild over it.' Any carnage builder will furnish it. dwlw Everybody needs a spring medicine; By using Ayer's Sarsaparitla, the blond is thoroughly cleansed and invigorated. the appetite stimulated, and ihe syt-h m prepared to resist Ibe diseases peculiar to the summer months. Ask for Aver'a Sarsaparilla. Take no other, dwltv THEKE in some talk of starting a paper to bo called ''The Toboggan." It o igbt to be as easy as gliding down hill to start such a paper. PiearUy Cared. KINGSTON, Ontario, JJecember 7, '85. Six years ago I caught a suvero cnJd standing in an ice house with my ci a' off. 1 felt myself getting chilly and went to the house, where I shook for half an hour and then had high fever and terrible pain in my side and through my lungs. 1 put an Allconk's Porous Plaster on my back and on the front ol my chost., and in a short time the puin decreased and I fell anleep, and did not wake until next morning, when I was again quite as well as ever. In telling mv doctor about it, he said I had been attacked with pleurisy and, possibly, pneumonia. — E K. Dudley. "Poraeroy's Putroluic Poroused tore", perfect.? prevent pain — of. Drug.. trim*. 18 DrBULL'S SYRUP Carei Coutrln.OoMl, Hainanm, Croup. JUrthmi, I HroucUlUi, Wbaojilntf Couub, Incipient Oaiuunip-1 ^St**«». "°"i »"J. ivllovoi raiuuiupttve I X ™ BE ^ •*W&.^ffi&«^*| i, Ilia Ptuiilno 6r. Bull'tl .,. ...i<ih atirup U *>M only In I utr/ii/t' fitip/M«m, nnil m'nrj oiiri p rt'fmtpn 1 *! Trn[|i»-)!nrl<s to wit, | IA lIM'lllrail in a (trcit, a Ilr'l- 1 i.'.lrn, 0i«l/mi./.'iM, mil) thn I Pfa<v.lmlld«iiffmtuncy of Junif }V, \ lYvic''", llalll'iio'ru, Mil., U b. A. .A fond parent tells in American Agrtal- tnrlst how ho mndo a hhininoct for' 'tis majesty, the baby. Tnl» __lniri6bfe, * Swlugj eradia, b »ad» <mt of p*rt pf _n,oid bwrrtl. 8W1N01NO ORADLB. About half of the staves were removed (see cut) and half tho heads, what was left of the barrel being firmly fastened together by nails nnd screws; tho middle hoops wore cutoff even with tho staves thoso were fastened to. Tho framework ready, it was covered with old but clean comforters, folded thickly over all tho sharp edges. Over this was put blue cambric, puffed neatly and held in place along the sides with bynss headed tacks. The hoops ac the end wero wound with blue cam' brie, after which they wero ornamented with lace and ribbons. To thoso hoops cords wort) attached, and tho hammock, or cradle was then suspended from a stout hook in the cell- ing. This makes a cosy little bed for the baby, and as it kepps up its swinging motion for a long time after being started without further attention, it makes it mach easier to toko caro of him than it <would bo if an ordinary cradle wore nsed, and it is a most convenient cradle to adjust mosquito netting to. Greatly Excited. Not a few of the citizens of Alton have recently become greatly excited over the astonishing facts, that several of their friends who had been pronoun ced by their puysicinns as incurable and beyond all hope— suffering with that dreadMd monster Consumption-have been completely cured by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, the only remedy that does positively cure all throat and Junor diseases, Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bronchitis. Trial botlle free at K. Marsh's drag store, large bottles $1. Wonderful L'nrcs. W. D. Hojt & Co., wholesale and retail druggists of Rome, Ga., sny:\\Ve have been selling JJr. King's New Dis- uovery, Electric Bitters and isuckipn's Arnica Salve for two years. Have never handled remedies that sell as well,or give such universal satisfaction. There have been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this city. Several cases of pronounced Consump lion have been entirely cured by use o) u few bottles of Dr. King'a New Dls- covery.taken in connection with Electric Hitters. We guarantee them always. Sold by E. Marsh. mchldwlm Bncuion's Arnica Salve. The Best Salve >.n the world for cnts, bruises, soros,i..iers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and ail skin eruptions, and posi lively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 opals per box. Fnr sale by E. Marsh, Alton. Ill moh7dwlm HUSBAND (at the end of the first act) —Shan't I go out and get some caramels, dear? Wife—I brought some with me. Husband—Why will you always munch candy between tho acts? When you get through munching I'll come back.— Ex. Baffled the Physicians. 15URKE MEDICINE Co., Qumcy, III: —I regard yur White Pint litilsani, as a cou^h mixture ot very grent value. The benefit derived by my wife from its use, places it with me far in advance of all others. For several years she had been seriously afflicted with.H oongli that gave us much alarm; it had bi. filed the skill of the physicians and cough remedies, until I concluded nothing would avail in her case. Direci- ly after coming to Qmnoy, on your recommendation, she commenced using your Balsam, and it has acted like a charm, quietintr the cough, and i amov- ing; entirely the soreness from her lungs. We keep It constantly in our house.— ,). B. Ford, Pastor M. E. church, Rush- villu, III. t^e Cressler's Wild Rose Tooth Powder fur cleaning the tnetb. Price 2.5i). INFALLIBLE CURE FOR COUGHs. WH would most positively state thai no remedy hits ever met with >uoh universal satisfaction or can be more truthfully said is a positive cure than Burks' White Pine Balsam. SUGAR. A new discovery, Lnile Apricot Pills easier to lake ihan sugar and far mort- bencn'eitil. Sure cure for neuralgia, iiendnehe heart burn, dyspepsia and bad Ijrcnth. Try them. mchl clwly Sheriff's Sale. Jennie E. Uepry ) vu. S Execution No. i!2. Franklin Pcpry. ) n-u bill No. IIy vlrluo ol un uxi'cutlnn.invlilacitse lssu"d out ol tliu elurk'H ntlKu of I lilt Circuit iniriol Muclls m county,Illtniilr, Uliuuleil tciilio Slier Idol Mnlil county,! nuvo Icvlfil upo' all 'hn rl^ht, title anil Inirrest Fol thu dot nil ant In mill to tliu foliowli g hronvity, uliuu o i the <••• limy of Mitdlw-n unil Stmu ol Illinois, Mini duxenhuU us follows, to-wit: Two 12) rod* oil of the north sluV of lot Mo- l!vu (Hi, In block No, Biz (U), In K. l.niix'amlUliloii toihutuwn of Upper, Alton, mul, alnn, two (2) rods ..ff of thu south xlilu ol Ux No. H!X («/, In Hiild liloclt No. »lx ;U)lu-uid uildUliiii. Hulil two (2) plKCi'H of mid funning iiiur (4i roils on Muln ftioot In ilil town mul iiinnlhK Ijiic^. pHHlwiiiilly tin- entire il< ptli "f HIIIU lorn, mul «ltuutuJ In Hit- town "I uiipnr Alt n, in Um county of ShuM- HOU, In ijio "tutu of IMInolu. which I will i<x IO-P ut I ubllo Sulo, to tbe uluUuift bidder, for mah, on FltlDAV, TUB ELKVBNTn DAY OF MAUOH, A. U,. 1W), between tlionmiru of U o'clock in the fore- loon unil tiunilotvn; tit-witi at 10 o'clock, a. m., nf uulil cliiv, In iront nt'iho north fiont ilnorof tun City Hull bullillDKi In tliu C'lty ol Alton In tliuonutity mul HI.IO ulnroi>Hl<l, to Autluty HUIU exuoutloii tottutliur with uu»U. K. A. IIU HICK. HIierlfTof Miullaou county, III. 11 r u. r. OkowB, Deputy. ' RAILWAY T1MB TABL». -' MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard to Purity, Strength, and HofUttifulncBfl. Dr. Price's Baking Powder contains no Amm»nln,Ume,Alum or PUnsplirttbri. Dr.Prlcd'b Extract*, Vanilla, Lamofl, eW., fl fiff/CeBAKING POWDIRCO. ''^Hi WHIPPLE & SMILEI, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, UEJtRBtUENTUtG THB FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, •••••.•' Franklin, of Philadelphia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Bng.r Continental; Girard; Glens Falls, , ' • Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AMD OTHEB8: A GASH OAP1-AJ IN THE AGGREGATE OF . $20,000,000. WE ALSO REPRESENT THB Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. Fur Kent. Two-story house and good stable on Com mou street, feood Irult. WHIPPLE & SMILEY. For Sale. Seven lots with good brlok dwelling and outbuilding^, lu goid repair, in Upper Alton. Residence of a E. "olllns, and known as the Merrill property. WHiPPLE & SU1LEY, Alton, or D. VV. Collet, Uppar Alton. If or Rent. A two-story brick dwelling known as the A. Platt homestead. Latel"' p»ir. .Lately pu» in good re- WHIPPLE & SMILEY. For hale or nenc. A desirable tenement on BluiT street, owned by Mrs 8. J.Dutro. WHIPPLE ASMILE7 For bau The late residences of J. ^. and W. B. Mitchell, on Mill St., two o; U c best pieces ol residence property in Altoo. The property known as "The Park, eaet of above; li lotion Mill and Summit streets, an U a number ol otg la Miller * Mitchell's addition to Alton. Anv or all of above at a grout bargain. WFUPPLK A SMILEY. jror aale. The Merriman property on State stree in Mlllor & Mlcholl'8 add., to Alton, IX story house, 8 rooms and out-buildings; all In perfect order. Oan be bad at a bargain. WHIPPLK * SMILEY. For Sale. A IX story frame dwelling, corner Pe and Fifth streets. WHIPPLE & 8MILKV Desirable KesldeuceH for Sale. A two story brlok dwelling on State street known as A. Plutt humestoad, .lately put In good repair. A two story Irame Uwellinu onMulii street, nearly now. A two story oilck UweUiiiK on Seventh street, all for sale >i a sacrifice, owner htivlnu decided to uc "•• • WUIPPLK & SMILEY For Hale. The Woodroof property. A 2 story frame house of 8 rooms, on Fifth and Alton streets, u 4 room frame house on Fifth street. WHIPPLK & SMILEY. For Bale. A convenient farm of ISO acres, most all in cultivation; sltiiated en the Bethalto road, m'lp»"nnn Alton. For Sale or Kent. The 2-fltory Irame dwelling with 9 rooms, Including 7 lota; Rood burn and fine tiults known as the Nichols hninestead, tdtuated on 12th st,, in a doslraole nnluhboi hood. WHIPPLE A SMILEY, For Beat. A two story brick dwelling known as the A. Platt humeuuiad; latel\ nut In xood repair. WlllPPLE & SMILEY For Sale. A 7-roombil3kdwelling and out buildings OH Thud street, between Glu-rry and Vine. - WHIPPLfc&SM EY. for Kent. Good fl-rnom brlek house with ab'iuU acres of gi-ound.lnrludlDii oroua-fi.ln UpiJer Alton. Former rebldonco ot Dr. Huiuben. WUU'PLE* SMILEY. For Item. Late reildnnce ol .M. J. Noonan on State itreet, knovn as the A. I'latt place. Good 9 room brick IIOUHH. in tlrst ohms repair. Willl'I'MC * SMTLKY. DAIliY I^ARM. N»irth Alton Jersey Dairy. lluvlnit runud Jumes Mullun'H Dairy fain: and eutilu, die undui>l_nod will furnlnh milk of the very III-HI to the citizens of Alton. Tlie cattle are . mostly hluh urado Jorsi'VHmid for Hivliiij iloli milk tlu-y iiave noiijuiil; tliev are all youiiK imd healthy; will men no rlnps o| niiy kind to our cuttle, 1'iirtH's that' 111 hivorus will) I heir patron- HK« may depend on (.euliiK ml k ol tliu very neHt qiiulliy.' A Niiminti will lio given fiee ol cUiii'MO In nil tliat Hpi ly lor It. Th« mllklnu mill uvui-ytliliig connected with tint dairy wifl bo kept ec'inpuloimuly cleuu i-oilmt out !imtoui>Tii iiiuy receive thu milk in thu jodt of order. A Miare of public patrou uii Is rimpeutlully requested. Leave order* wlih BleauiH. Ulmch A Sohlosn, and wlib MoHtrs. hulbold A Dctordlnu, or addrcjn ui »t North Alton, AUIKBT VOLPER, KltNKHT WKU1NHI.UH. Have lor service, two rcnl»toreU ulres, J«r- ney nnd Ucilttoln, ueivice tee for either, 13.0.1. The HolateliiUfium that fiunous bull, Oop. NtMiitliii',owneil bvMr Htovi'iia.olMuw Yol'kj took J7.')0 premium ut St. Ltmi. Ju*t lull. Our'd a thirty luontlu old and In over tovemotm hunrtted weight. 14 d 4w On and after Bundny. NovTuth, 18M. train* * the Oh4waof«^ Alton r»lL^,wiUl»aT» ;'Aitt>n> .ttnUird. quMtfM Chicago Hall*.., ...........,..,.....9iOO i Chicago Accommodation*.,,..., .6:001 "" ' ' j'Ali?P» TO t,9!00ajm Kan* . . poluU'we«tT '•"" UansasOtty Moll* ... .. .. ...... »:00 a,m. HairtaBOfty Express*, *...ii. .• i... »tiop/S youvorExmtjast... JiOBp.m. JaoKRoiivul. AoodnimodatUraf... 7(06 p, & rOV .(It* i liOttiA I • ; < ' "> -i'' j Chluftgo Accommodation*.".'.'.','.'.".'9':30 B> .in nhfo^^i^-""''"""'""-"'^* 0 * » nhloagoMaUT........,.i .i-t:(l(lp, tn raAJNBLBAVB BT. LOUIS UNION DfflWl „ FOR ALTON. ' c.irm.. M 80 a. m. : • woop.m.; *i Mp. m. *? 06p.m. __• .J8 48 a. m. 8nnaay»only). •Daily" TExoejHSnridBy. *' '.'; : 'Bn *B*IJO ** O. Q. NORHII, Ticket A.ant. OHIOAQO, BURLUfQTON AJfD Q01NOT. V ° _ aolngNortht " ' '"• '•' " : ' .''•• ., : Expresa (eicopt Sunday) ... . 8^8 a, m NlgTitExprusii ..... ..... ... ....... . W.W. ARNOLD. Aijen*. JO8MPI1 JAltKBTT'8 LWERY S FRONT 8TKEET, ALBYANDJtASTON, Aivroy •••.-. . EUUraOI ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Estate of Herman Jtcnlroann. debtori . Itors. uccordln)/ to the provUtoh* 'of the tSi ooncernlng uaslgnnienta. ' "° UI vuo Bt>1 'All persons having claims against the said Herman JWgoimann" nro here¥y' n6ilIle5*lS present suoh claims under oath or amrma- tion, to me atmVsUire.on the corner ot Third and i-iasa vtreetH, Alton, in said county, within throe months from this dale. *"- W -H«; Dated Fob',- 16th, 1887." : - ; (. : JOHH DOW, ABSlKneo, JOHN J. BBBNKOLT, Atty.' " ••••> Chancery Notitje-' ' " STATE OF ILLINOIS:i BB County of MaUlnon. j °°- •...-.': O'rqult ooiirt ot Madison county, March term .A*Lli 19o7* ''"'"••--', -' < •• :," r;i• -1.1 • $ ~ •:-,-'• Henry O. Priest, surviving partner of Henry O. S wuetaer. deceased 1 , late partner* under B, Sparks Milling, company; Albert Wa«e and Frank R. Mllnor. In chancery. - -\-- Notleela hereby given- to tbe said Wesley Best that the above named complainant unretoforo filed his bill of complulut In said court, on the chancery side thereof, and that n numinous thereupon Issued out of wild court against the above named'defendants, returnable on the first Ui.y ot the term Of the clrcultcourt ot MadUon county, to be held at court house In ttdwardsvllle; in sald'Madison county, on the third Monday of March, A.D. 1887, as Is by law required, and whicn sult'U still pending. MOBKRT HAONADKB, , - - 01»*rk ' WISE A DAVis.Compl'ta Sol'n. Ja»d7w TO ADVERTISERS For a olieck for KO we will print a ten-line advertisement In One Million issues of lead- Ing Amorlcuu Newspapers; ThlKis at the rate of only one flttti of acvnt a llne.for 1,000 circa • latloiil The advertisement will bo'• placed before One MilUou MPFKaKNT newspaner purchasers:—orFrVBMILLIONHEAPBBS. Ten lines will accommodate about 76 words; Ad* drcas with copy of ad v and check, or send 90 cents lor book of 176 paxes. GEO. P. ROWELL & UO., 10 Spruce St., N. Y. - JalBdlm "ITT ANTED—A live, energetic man, to rep- T V resent us, fit, per month and expenses. Goods staple; Hvory one bayu: outfit FOBS. STANDARD 81LVKRWARE Co., Boston. oc39d»m L ADIES wanted lo not up Tea Clubs for our Pure Teas and Coffees. A! host of useful urtloles to select from as premiums. Send for Illustrated Pi-ice and Premium Lint, BPB out OFKEK: to every TENTH person that au- awers this iidverlisemeut, we will send FHEB one pound choice Tea. Address NAT'L TEA *OOFFEEOO., Bos'ou, Mass. oc28d3m W. *\ ENS1INGER- Plain and Decorative ' . •-.^• J .,.,<. ,-v .. WORK;PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO AT • •• * • LOWEST .0^8^9.1" AND SHOP OK PIASA SECOND ST., ALTON. . . . ELI/ .JOHN DEALER IN AND .LVNOFAQTDRERl ' ' '• OF ""•'•-'•'~ : FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, ILL. All kinds of line and oomraom fnrnltur 0 constantly on hand* Also undertikor, eto. I<ucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL HUPEKINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DIIAUUHTSMAN, Office on Third 8t.,ono door west of Pltwa, tl'lrd floor. J. SUITER & SON, PENT! AND- COMMON FURNITURE. Pull and Complete £ftock Al- DO HQE^LJ^g^JDB^ A ..I'Klf lOCJMflAttHOK Siate Street, opp. Third,

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