Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 2, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1887
Page 3
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' ' is-HKK—Mt 'JfVjjjtBit yotf t* onlr«foll.y re,Sd this «oluttui.—'HV13TT3owinan * Co. **""*"'" BtwT q»«lltT d! Bhirttnjf /Prlnti la . pretty MW style* are to, H» X. J. Bowman A Co 1 *. TABD wkl» hairy Pcuagi in 40 new patterns, at H. J. Bew man * Co's. are showing some very pretty medium and dark dress satins at 121-So per yard.—H. J. Bowman ft Co, . . ______.. BPRIMO styles of those very popular Century Cloths »re now on sale at H. ,1, Bowmtin.A Co's. PottTt pieces Cnnkled Seersuckers in ahoicest patterns, at H. J. Bowman & GO'S. . • , ••. • ; •••••• PALMBR Seersuckers, Toll! Du Nords Dress and Domestic Ginghams in great variety, at H. J. Bowman & Co's. W« are showing a complete stock df Spring Woolens for dress goods.incind- mg double width Cable Twll Is at 16o j40 inch oasbmere at 25b; also Novelty fabrics of both foreign and domestic make .—H. J. bowman A Co. IN oo* 811k Department we are showing Surahs, Gros Grains and Khadamw }n every new and popular shade. In Black Silks we are offering sornr •plebdid values In Gros Grains, Surahn, Ktaadames, Faille Francaise and Bro- •ades.—II. J. Bowman & Co. Ix VELVETS we are prepared to show Stripes and Freise Novelties, Plain Silk Velvers and-flu-hei m every shade. Plain and Striped Velvwteens, and n«w eolors in the popular Dress Corduroys. —H. J. Bowman & Co. , WB CALL .special attention to onr Black Goods! Large additions havt . been made to this Department during the last two weeks and we are prepared to show every real good standard fabric and many nov«lUes.--H. J. Bowman & 00 "•"". _______ ' In otm Flannel Department can be found Bvery quality and width of Whiu Flannel in all Wool and Uomet, also many pretty styles, Striped Sacqiie- lags, Tricots and Albatross, m all the popular shades.-H. J. Bowman * Co. WB ABB prepared to show ai'complete line of Spring Hosiery. We have retained all the old favorites and added many new lines. In Fabric and Kid Gloves we show all the popular make* including plain and embroidered backs, dressed and undressed.—U. J. Bowman A Co. ^ • , In pun Shirt Departmentyou nan find ft real good white shirt for 60o and tt^ best made forf 1.00, also Penang shirts, fine pleated Dress shirts, Night shim and all sizes in Boys' Laurel Shin Waists.—H. J. Bowman & Co. -FOE- JUNE STATIONERY, e.. Harf Kd,, Blue Bagged' Bilge, Balmoral Linen Uriffla's Linen. Turkey l.uld Linen. r "c?i Wo*. Mikado, (Wrred Kdiw, Cream 'O«' nB »' 1 ol HHummiKHl and D^cpratvS. . — Oetmtuou'a Wai and Seals. 8° no ' > ';'.""i"- »nd Stotlouery. decBdwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! C..BAP rOROABH ON TIM IS PAYMKNT:- nog and Organs tnned an>1 repnlml 8j ' w- MHOtiiies ?ep»lred "'' mu MHOtiiies ?ep»lred . *\7it(iN ' N. 1*. finMoDeiter. Third rttaet, »«wlv i n Boiie, Alton ill d WATCH MKB. D. HMTKAMF'S, " All klndi of fancy, Hand mitde, Knit and Oro«n t gooas. Hoodi.TobBBKans and Mils. Men'" is gcnr i and Fanclnatorn at very low pnoeB. Aleo DreMmuhlng. I'ltiln and Family 8«wlnu awl' Stamping D ne. Oom« and fllve UK u sal'. Don't lorget tbe p'aoe, dect 'Iwly GREATESfBARGAINS I -AT[. Crandall's Crockery Store 203 THIRD ST., StBAULY OPPOUTK BKLLB.' A rtne Assortmeot ol Beautlfal Most durable CHINA ware mad". 5 , pattern! of Thin Cups and Saucers: Thin Plate* and Fruit Saucers; Borry Saucers, and Shell Ice Creams; ' Thin Meat and Vegetable Dishes; Bonu Diehe«, After-dinner Coffees, And offered at half the pnoo of French China for thirty days. "" TUsHAKrUkMft on «• •* »e o«e« •» YER^SOK OVERUSING GENTS A WON DAJLY 'nsLE WKUME3DAT EVM., MABCH S. none* t«r th* t«w UK «• ttMB (tart* AM M lowmg mtM tor trnnKMt aodAM la «itt to«zJ ree MflVeltiMittaM, HATES or .-FIfTr c< mt p«r io«h On* In- M«lun, and TW&NTI-PlVi c«nt» p«r inch for each lubr qUwut luafnlon. tl per tnuh Orat moatb, »!.» pn inoti »"B montli tbaivalter LKOAL ADVKUT1BINO: VI per ln«b lor tbe flrii tn**rtton, nod 00 r«nti per Incn lor mMtb labtequeol 4V AboTO rate* wUl b» ttiloU? adhered to. TUB DAILf TELEGRAPH U (UUvercd by currier* to all piirttol tbucllyol Alton and Upper *lton, for ten cente per week. Mulled to any addreM at the rate ol 15.90 pf r year. THE TE1JKOIUPH ba« the largest circulation of any paper In Alton, and to the bett medium for ndvertlMn. OORHBB THIRD AMD PUSA STBBBT*. PDONBNo.88. THIS U h forward Maruh. MARCO came in like a lamb. Everything now and useful at Globe. BT . Louis merctianls speak enthusi iistleally of the spring trade. Fresh Uukei and uor'i. at Coo- It Ton will make no mistake If you >rder LaBelle flour, and see that you {et it. 24 6 INDICATIONS for Southern Illinois': Coldur; lair wvaiher. Cold wave fluie rdered up. Percalme and embroideriea to match. -Haagen A Fness Dry Goods Co. dwlt A FLAT stone crossing; was put down today on Langdon itreet, weit title, at Eighth street. White Towel* and Colored Towels in rery rarigty, at Flerron A Carr Dry Uooda t'o'g. It TDK time for Mr. J. A. Auten 1 * funeral to-morrow his been changed (rum afternoon to 10:30 in the morning. Many bargains in all thing* at the Globe. 2 i Money to loan on improved real relate. Apply to Rudarshausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf THE sidewalks and streets show great mprorement lately, the work of the •clerk of the weather." Our Dress Goods are just complete and. beautiful.—Piersou & Carr Dry ioods Co. It THERE is talk of'holding a pcoploV convention at Godfrey to nominate can lidates for Township offices. The best 60 cent corset can be lound >tt Haagen & Fues* Dry Guods Co's. dwlt TUB oold wave flag was flung to the breeze this morning, but we need not anticipate any more cero Weather thi* season. Nicest of Grey. Dress Goods, at Pier ion A Carr Dry Goods Co'a. It AL Burdis.adeck hand on the steam- i>r Spread Ragle, was brutally beaten ind robbed by East St. Louis hoodlum* yesterday. You will regret It if you buy befort {citing our pnous at the Assignee's Salt t.f the Globe. 2 i Ice — Families supplied at 50 cent- r hupdred; saloons We; butchers, 25n. bICKEL A SUN. 286 HARKY JUHNsON. GOLDEK DATS for March is a treasu'j of Inera'ure, art, science, useful know* edge, copiously illustrated, a collection >f ueriaU, stories, sketches, Ac., thai *iU deligbl and instruct the boys and A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately reoeired, by U. C. (i. Morltz, Third street. 2(5 if A universal remark by every smoker if cigars; Nemlugor 1 )) Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. LaBelle flour, bran, Bliipstuff and greenings at the Alton Holler Milling Co'n. 24 6 Call at C. 61. Crandall's Crockery Store, 203 Third street, for Beautiful Hand Pjiutod China Dinner Sutt, ju-i received. 1 S wit Having resumed operation the Spark* Milling Co. will furnish customers with their popular "Klooirio Light" fl'iur delivered free to all part* of thu uiiy. tut dwlm Blun grass, Clover, Timothy and all kinds of garden seeds at Solhold & Dtiterding'a 17 d2w w4t Coal, liuy yonr Hard and Soft Coal of II. L. Winter and get the best. Cflloo Ht Mriok's Pharmacy, Thirl street, and In Job's now block, corner Second and Henry iU. Telephone* NJ'S. 21 and 64. wgU 47m lUYKK PiEWS. Tht rlrtr 1« «Uli falling. fdd«r th» lofliwnoe ot bright wo$th«t th« nr« tai'MM to iwpftirtBj!, Tht Diamond Jo« Ltn* U preparlne for besineet. Its wharf boat was towc^ bnt ot Alton Slough, ywurdfty. St. Louis river Interests are opposing the bill providing for the bridging ot the river at (Irand Tower. Tbis evenings packets are tbe Spread Eagle and Hudson, for Oration; the Bald Bogle, for Clarksville ; tbe Cal- boon, for Peorln. We do ihow the finest Dress Goods and no mistake.— Pierson ft Carr Dry Goods Oe. . It Instruct your grocer to never send yon any flour but the LaBelle brand. ' 246 I'BKbOKAt. Mr. and MM, F. G. Barlow returned last evening from a trip through Kansas. Dr. J. R. Brown, of Lincoln, is in town on his way to Vandalla Presby- teiy of the C. P. chureb, whiah meets at Witt, tomorrow. >Mr, li. Watson arrived home from KHCSHS this morning. He paid a visit in Wichita and found the Altoniant. there all doing well and all full of en- ihuaiasm. He met Messrs. Phillips, Crane, Kutltdge, Heniuk, Urueggeman, Moid and others. Ttie Cotter Bros., have bought out a restaurant there and are going into business. Mr. Watson reports the real estate cxclument there almost beyond belief, -tnd the which property if reported as changing hands as fabu- ous, far beyond any intrinsic vklne ii cao possess. Mr. Watson, however, has a cool bead on bis shoulders anil did not invest; still he thinks the boom will continue as long as eastern men are satUfied to oome there and ponr in their money. Our line of medium and dark <hades of .crinkle are the best makes in he country. — Haageu & r'uess Dr\ Goods Co. -dwlt ELSIE KAlLROll) EXTENSION President Hart man and General Manager Fisher, of the St. Louis and Central Illinois railroad, and Mr. Wild- ng, Superintendent of the Chesterfield coal mines, were in town this morning. •ind made an investigation of the pros* jeci of securing the right of way in the city limits for their proposed Elsah i-xtension. They walked along the •iver bank to a point beyond the saw nil), making a careful examination, *nd interviewing properly holder? , and cport that everything is satisfactory, and that they do not anticipate tny trouble in obtaining the right-of- way. They desire to do so without in- luring anyone's property in the slighest Ivgree. They will have a survey madr torn Alton in Elsah wilhm ten da>> tnd can then announce definitely what hey will do. Mr. Wilding had with him some 'peoimens of the coal mined at Chester- Held, and it was cf excellent quality. Snch nice White Plaids and Embroi- leries you seldom see. — Pierson A Carr Dry Goods Co. U Advice to Mothers. Mrs. WiuHlow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, Is the prescrption ot me of the best female nurses and phy- <ioiaus in the United States, and hm- been used for forty years with never- tailing success by millions of mother*or their children. During the prooe^ if teething its value is incalculable. Ii •eheves the child from pain, en roc lysentery and diarrhoea, griping in thr Dowels, and wind-colic. By giviuv ivallh to the child it rests the mother Price 26o a bottle. IH 16 m w s wk Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLK A SMILEY. Attention, K, of U. All members of Alton Lodge, No. 920, K. of H., are requested to meet at heir hall Ibis (Wccnesday) eve. at 7:80 o'clodk. By order of A. L. DANIELS, Dictator. U TUB ELECTION. N \y The election ycsierdny for Clerk ot the City Couit fxclted but little interest, and may be said to have almoM gone by default. The vote by ward's if ai follows; Firs' \V»rd-E, J. Nooran, 81; J. W A-h, 26. Second— Sonqan, 61; Anh. 9. Third-H.)onan,'76s A«h. 87. Fourth—N.innan, 23; A<<h. 34. Fi/th—Niumnn, 77: A-h. 84. Sixth—Murinitn, 109: A>h, 91. Seventh—Nonnan, 94; A«hi 14. Total, Noonan, 520; Ash, 175. Noonan's nin]orlty, 345. Children Waning to Death )n account ot their inability *o digest food, will tind a ujo»t murvullous food ind rnrap'dy In Scott's Bmulslnn. Vwrj >alainble mid ''Holly digtiHied. Dr. S, W. Cohen, of WMOO, Ti-xas, says: "I iavi* UMeU your Kmtilslon in infantlliL wanting. It not tuily reiUorns wai»tea Issues, hut give* strength, tbo appetite." THE Democrat on -Monday contained a bysiuiiuul ttUtiulc on th« 1, or»r tot stgnatnr* of ••Coaiaint«if,»» U* Mttit this p»p«r *Ut«4»om« fwu l»t * rtgtrd to tbo r&Uroad Int«rMt« ol St. Lo»U whtoh w«r« nnpal»ubl»to the btuinms men of that city, and wipft Kbit beoatue they art true. All that the 'iltMHAFH has said ID refer«noe to the railroad taollltltt of St. Louis has been with a view of building np Its own town by showing th»t the alleged facilities and advantages of St. Louis for manufacturing enterprise! are not what they ought to be and not equal to those of tbis city. "Commuter" Is a man who has moved hie business to St. Louis and Is now striving to build up the trade of that city In preference to his own town. Having made this move be evidently thinks that the TELK- OHAPU should hereafter devote Itself to booming St. Louis because, forsooth, "Commuter" has taken his "few thousand dollars" and invested them in that ci'.y. Really, this is bublimely disinterested on the part of "Commuter," and we, of course, regret extremely that we cannot regard bis "protest" and agree* to depreciate the trade interests of Alton for the sake of St. Ixjuis. It is a little curious In this connection that "Commuter" has 'no word of condemnation for the St. lx>uls papers wbieb never refer to Alton except with sneering and coni tempt. The endeavor on the part of the Si. Louis press whtnb, as Commuter says, is "an organ of the people, for ihe people and by the people," to break down the trade ot this city, meets with no word of disapproval from "Commuter." It is all right, In his opinion, fur the St. Louis papers to attempt to injure the 1 trade ot Alton, bnt it is "abusive" and "victonb" for the TXLX. OBAPU to allude to the fact that the enterprising (?) citizens .of St. Louis are allowing themselves to be choked to death in the grip of Jay Gould. We have only scratched the surface of tbis auoject and should he pleased to hear from "Commuter" again, but let blm sign bis own name to bis communications instead of sheltering himself behind an alias and firing from ambush. B*fi>r« tl The reception of an engaged girl by the family ol her future husband should be murt <:ordlal, and no time should be lost in giving her a warm welcome. It fg the fashion for the mother of the groom to invite both the family ol the expectant bride and henelf to dinner aa soon as possible after the formal announcement of the engagement. AUTE'-'-In this city, on tbe 1st Inst., of put-uuionla, John A. Anten, In the »l«t year ol hlauga. Tbe funeral will take plico to-morrow (Tliurnday) inori Ing, at 10:30 o'clock, from tiie U.K. chureb. : Friendi tnd acquaintances are Invited to attend. ANNOUNCEMENT. We authorized t« announce ADOLPII INVEEN SB a candidate (or AabODBor at the on- »u(ntc township election. We are authorized to announce JOHN P. KU1IS as ft candidate for Townehlp Collector. Election Tuesday, April Atn. tJiefal and Hurtful Medlelne*. There Is a certain class of remedies for constipation absolutely useless. Tnew are boluses and potion* made In great part o pod.'phyilln.alots, rlmliaib, gamboge, and other wortlilesa Ingredients. The damage they do t > tue stomachs of those who use them U Incalculable, They evacuate the bowels, It is true, but alwayi do 10 violent.y mid piofusely, and besides, gripe the boweu. Tim r effect I to weaken both them and the itomaoh. Better far to ni-e the autocable and siilulaiy aM-rlent, Uontettei-'n Ktomiieu Kit i«ra, the lux alve eteut of which la nevoi preceded by pain, or'accoinrauled by H con- vul-lvi), violent notion «l th" bowels. On tiie contrary, It invigorate* tho*e organ*, the otoinnch und the entlie »y-t>m. As a mrann in i urliig uift preventing mnlarlal f medl ini' can compart) with It, and It feme ille« ni'rvous debility, rheumutlum, kidne> nnd bladder Inactivity, aud other Inorganic PRICE LIST: LaBelle, - Fairy. - - • Diamond Light, Fancy, • • FKH nni. $4,75 4,50 * 4.00 3,50 UPPER ALTON, ILLS, D. B. KITTINGER & CO. Wttih the public to know they are Uoudu at Lowotl Clusli I'lluoo. Dry Oond«, Orooertm, Nuilnni.iif all klndi, Viour, •inxony Vilrn, Frnd, ••IlkAMni-a IUr«»(U,ruf •«, Hn.lnry or all d» Tobocoo, •crl|)tluni. Qu»*a» Bad TUiwar*. Picib Oysters and Celery; Brank llroi'. OiindU'8 and Nut»; Krlih'u JBroud. D, B, KITTINGER & CO, '* Old Stand. £3w9m KOW WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO B mb r o i deries, AND "White Goods, A "Variety. WOOD TOOTH-PICKS; MUSTARD PIASTERS; SPRING PAD TRUSSES; COR1M AW D BUNION PLASTERS; THERMOMETERS, GOGGLES, BIRD SEED, etc., etc. Marsh's Drug Store. The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and i v oit Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVEBBBOTTGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated ; Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They have no equal. Also HOOKING and UIJTTKIMNO and JOIIIUNG dnno at reasonable rauw. Call and txunltio my aiock bufore tiurclmninj uUewlu-re. 532 East Second -st., ,5 tn door wesi of Henry A T .J. and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money.

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