Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 2, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1887
Page 2
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i-T. Aux>« t TKI.EGKATH. __ ^ Wt W. T MORTON, fly. third «mo. >!•««, airxiu. Altoft, tU. BOTH home* of Con«re8j luve pa»».-u tb6 bill restricting ownership In rent e»« tftta in tha Territories to American oiil- •em. __ _ CoNORK»a hai Bnally agreed upon the Hirer and Harbor bill. It npproprlttt 1 19,970,000, including $60.000 for ben' — Biait, work on the Hunneptn canal. Benjamin f. 1»j|jr. We have heretofore noted tbfe death, la»t week, of B. F. Taylor, the favorlt. aathor and poet. His most poem, written over twenty year* possesses wonderful swerinew of expression and sentiment. It Is called : TlfE I3LE Or TUB LONO AGO. Oh, » won turf viUtrcam Uthe IllvurTlmo, «Af '* flows tlininifii the ri annul yearn, With afaulilem rhythm 1111 1 it musical rhyme, And it brim ittr nwi-ap ana a Muruu tu iliiue Ailtulund* will) tun ocea lo Hour the Winters arn drifting. Ilka fluke* if •now I And toe diim ners like buda between; And tn« year la the abuul— «o they come end they HO On the river 1 * breast, with Its ebb and flow, As they glide la the nhadow und (btxta. Th»re'« a tuagloal late op the River Time, Where the. a.iltmi of ufra aru phiylnx; Thure'* a cioii.lloiis <,ky unU a tropical ellme, And u volui iu sw«et a* u vesper clume, Aud tun Juiiuii wl.h the ioau> are staying, And the name of tills I* th« Lonx Ago, And we bury on. treii^uren tliTo: Ihvro art bivwa o; beauty uuil bosom* ol •uow— T bey kre uwaps of dust, but we love them 10 1 Tueru aru tiiukeu and trusses ul bulr, There are fragments o( songs tbut nobody SlllJC4, And * part of an infant'* prayer, ThereSu httru unnwopt and a lute without atriiiKi, Tfcerw «r« br-iken TOWS and pleoo.4 of rings, , And tha garmjuts mat alii u»eil to wvar. Them are binds tuat BIO waved wlien the lairv ihore By the mirage U lifted In alri Anu we sjmutliue» hear through the tnrbn- lent roue Bweet voices we beard in the days gone before, Wheu the wind down the Hirer U fair. Ob, remembered for aye be that biassed Icle All (lie dHyol our ll.o till illicit, And when uveuiiiH aowed wltu ltd beau til ul nu-Ie, And our uyus are closing la slumber airalle, May tliat "UreeuwiVKk" ol iviui be in light. BfiTIULTQ. BKTBAL'O, 111., MarcbZ, '87. A man by the Barnaul W. Oa'lar>l, a »tvivn- g*r, c-ame to thu Tliluge Tuesday, said liu came from Divonp-u-t, I.xva. Ho WHS a corn doctor, bntduilnjf the Ouv toolc a lltila too much of the corn juice, /ind la roving roun j town iafct night about 8 o'clock, fell or Jumped into the mill pond. Mr. Mutz hearing cries in that direction hurried to liU asilotnnce, and with help succeeded In reacu'n< him He wat taken to the village hall, after rolling bmabout uwlille, to git the water out oi him, where he died this mornlnjjr. He said he had two daughter* in Davenport, I u wa, and a son ID California. BRUSHY <;ROVK. ItnnstiY UHOVB. Feb. 28, '87. Varhapi a few Itumi from this locality would Interest some of the many reader* ol your worthy pnper. The wheat Urlda begin to look green and prouiUlnn. A no (day at °lmrtleff College gave Master Ernest Ualtby aud MUs Mi'.e Kirby a dty at home, Mr. (Jus Head has so far recovered from ni-< Injuries as tn be out for a lo* "ays pa-*' Services last Sabbath m irnlug and evening at 8|. Jolin'd cluiioli, largiily attendo 1. Begu- lar services first and third dabbatlu each month. The meeting of the Literary and Social circle, which WHS to Imvo taMen place on Thursday uvunlng ol hi t week, buln* postponed on account of rain, rant at Mr. Hum y Uen trick's Tuenday evening. Programme,, which was good and exculluntly rendoiud, was attentively listened to !>y all, after which arrangemunta ware mtulo to ijlvw u supper ut Bruuh\ Grove school house on the evening"! Ma.roh Sril, tor tho bunoflt if the ohuroh. to which everybody Is oorulnlly Invited. A short entorialiiiiitiiit will ba *ltun auino pla-i- and uveiiltiK, by inuinuerd »f thi society and Interested friend*. '80. Free Trade. The reductinn of internal revenue and the tubing off »f revenue staiupii from proprietary nu'dicino^, no doubt, hnc largely hunt-rltioil the consumers, an weli as roliuvuitf (tie burden of hume njanu- faaturerii. E^podully la tills (be c.t«<- wilh Green'n August Flower uml BOH- obHo'a German Syrup, as the reduutioii of thirty. six cent-t per duzun, tnia been added to iiioruuao the size of the bollle- conttiinmx thuttu remedies, (herein giving une-fitih more medicine in the 76 oeut oizti. Thu August KJowur f<" Uvupopam and Liver couiplaini and tin- Gernian Syrup for cou^h and )un^> troubles, have, perhaps, the largest «uli- of any mediomes in the world. The ndvantatje of mortased size of tlio bottles will be greatly auprechiU'd by thi sick and Blllicted, In fv«ry town unit village in civilizud countries. Sumpli bottles for 10 cents remain the sunn 1* 3 dwiw eow An a toilet article, Aver'* hair •land* mil ivali-d . Ic aleanses the and removes dandruff, cures iicbuifi hun.ors rentorea the un^inul color t< faded and gray hair, aud promoted its growth. __ dvvlw 8t. JLoal8 & C'euiral Illinois. The pro>peuls that the »t. Louis & Central Illinois railroad will be vxten* ded froo) iu present terminus at (trofiun to tbi< oily aru said to be good. The trip up the river by boat will be enjoyable to passcngeri., but the cumuiui.v cannot afford 10 be t-hui ouv ot si Louis duniiK the put lion of the yeai when HHVIKHUUII H m»pfiiiliMl on i of ice in thu MUsUbippi— -St. L. Rio ster. h txcuiuieU, • tnrfka " I bare bueu u»i:i>t bitumuns Llyer Regulator myself »omi> five years 01 more, and uiy family also, and can testify from vxperiunue to its virtues, I never reoounuuml a cncdiuine unless I know ft to Ue K<iod, In a mini-tiy <>| 3d yi'ars I havu often felt tir nt'fd «•! suuli nmiliuiiit) uii'l wliun I tnuii'i M 1 esolaJmed, ••Eunka."— llev J. I'. Hm- pBr, f rwprUitor of taw.Chruimo fiautbjeld, N. 0. PHYSIOI.OQY •tot* Thcorte* ' «>nd KYQIBM6. In Dr. Bwntlng, of FhU*Mi>bfe, totbito all nairchr food for Infant* until they bar* oV WliMd tb* ng» ot 0 month*, on tfc» pHnduto that uy to tlitt time inlout* do not ncoto •Olva. For many y»«r*, In ordering milk for Infants, Dr. Buntlnj, nft«rtlwae» of 1 month, has prescribed pur* milk, txlluvliig It to bt better (or tho child tlian luilt and tvateh Anothei- point ot fetdlng not«d tithe tvn> pcrature of the food. After three- months h» giviw tha food ut the temperature of th« room. To Prtrent Vlttliti; In Smallpox. Dr. A. 8. Deano tells that when he wu physician to a largo fever hospital iu Irclnnd a young girl wo* admitted in th« vvciculor stftgo of semi-confluent vai-lolo. Ho was experimenting at the time on the various methods projxjscd for preventing pitting. The plan adopted in this particular instance was to cover tho face with a paste of whiting mixed with earbolizeil oil, wliilo tho patient's hands were confined in a sort of straight jacket The result was eminently satisfactory. No scar remained anywhere, except on tho point of lUo chin, whero tho friction of. tho bed clothes continually rubbed away tho application. _ A Physician's Cure far Freckles. Tho method of treating freckles employed by Dr. Halkinsisas follows: Tho skin being washed and dried is put on tbo stretch with two fingers of tho loft hand and a drop of pure carbolic add is applied exactly over the patch. Wh»n it dries tho operation Is completed. The skin becomes whito and tho slight burning sensation disappears m a few minutes. Tho thin rrust which forms after cauterization should not be disturbed, it detaches itself spontaneously in eight or ten clays, leaving a rosy coloration which In soon j-eplacod by tlio natural color ot the «kin. Itnbbcr f»f* and Thront Bag*. Everybody bus heard of the regular hot water bag mado of robber and to serviceable in times of sickness, Rubber bags made especially for tho faco and throat sj-e, however, more recent affairs; Oar cut illustrates both bags. TACS BAO. THROAT BAO. The face bag is used for catarrh, luty fever, headaches, earaches, eti This bag is filled with hot water ond applied to the part affected, and held by a rubber elastic band which passes over the head. It has a nozzle aud cap Hko tho regular hot water bottle. The throat bag is used for sore throat, bronchitis, asthma, diphtheria, etc. It is attached to tho neck by a strap and buckle, and Is a wonderful convenience for these and similar diseases. Uow to Administer Cod 1,1 ver OH. Dr. Washburn administers cod liver oil in milk to both infants and adults. Milk is taken in the mouth and held llicro, and the spoon is first dipped in milk, and then the oil' poured into it Just as tho oil Is taken into tho mouth tho milk should be swallowed and another sip of milk taken. Children, if interrupted in nursing, readily swallow a teaspoonful of oil, ond then proceed with nursing as if nothing had happened. The oily nature of the milk seems completely to shield the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat from contact with tho cod liver oil. When a Gentleman Should Call. No gentleman should call on a lady unless she asks him to do so, or unless he brings a letter of introduction or he is token by s lady who is sufficiently intimate to invite him to call. When a lady desires to ha\e a newly made gentleman acquaintance coil she snyR, "I hope that wo shall soon see you," or "I am at homo on Monday," or something of that sort. If ho receives an invitation to dinner or to a ball from a stranger lie is bound to send an immediate answer, coll the next day, leave his cord and then call after tho untertrflmnent. 1887. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. HARPER'S WEEKLY maintains Its poslttoc as thu leading lilnotrated newspaper In America; und Its hold upon |iublio<wte> in itnd con- Ifdviicd was nnvui utronucr than at the present time. Besides tne pictures, HAKI-KK'S MEEKLY always contains Installments of one, oi-uaalonally of two, ot thu beat noveU of l>ie day, finely Illustrated, wlih short stories, pu^nm, dkotcho-', and papera nf Important current topics by the moot popular wrliero. The care inatlma been <tnoces»tu ly fxerclaml in the pant to n ako IIAHI-EHS WEEKLY > suie as well us H welcome visitor t» every house hold will not. b« roluxed In thu future. HARPER'S~HKKIODICALS. PorYeutt IliirperV Weoklv ......$40 iittrpei's MaKazInn 400 UuriiiM's I'lizar... .... ...' 4 im "ariiur's ^OUIIK I'toplo., 20 Harper'-Franklin t-quaru Library, one Vi-iu (M iininbnrs) 1000 'inrpm'o Handy Series one year (.2 nninucr-) MO 1-o-tiiKo free tn all subscriber* In thu United Statoa or Canada. Tim Volumes of tho Weekly begin with tho flr»t Numb r for January of eH'ti year. When no limn in mentioned. »ubseinl1onB will b(*ul» with the Numbercurrontui time of receipt ol onler. Itoiind Vnlunios ol I/AliPKU's \VKBKI.r. for ihreo veam bai k, In neal cmil lilmlniK, wilt lie »m t by mall, pomane pntd.or l>y vxpr<<M Irouof ripuii4i)(prnvliiuil lliidreluht d <o* )u» eicei d one uoilni )H«r vi-hnne) Im J7 per vol. Cloth eamiB for eitcti volume, HU taulu loi blinllii)r, will bu suntby mall, postpaid, on re- uelpt 01 II each. , lluiiiltianceu nhould bn mode hy Posioftloe Morey (h'dur 01 Uralt tn avolUchai OH ol IUM». Newnpapc'M are not to copy this adverllne 'in-lit wtihout th« t-xpress order ol llatpurA llroiheri-. ,\(Mrea-t tlAlil'KU .« BKOTHERS, New York. Two Grand Excursions On March 8th and 22d, N T ow Is tlie Time to Buy Western Liuuds. f cur TIII» o«iT. i I ThU Rll|> will bu lecolveo ) fn- a llHbutti Check uoort for fU.liiea»i< y >u i uroha-e Hid I .urea. «r 111.} In vasu you , nruluHe 1'W aore», l< pivN«nt I ed to Oil m. II Idim, I'., AtfM I I r Wu.tern |,niul». A'tou, l> • 1 f«itiMnruli f"< "IK' Ml, IMt. , HKI nines ol the i.ieat Luid[ . KxcufoloilM to bill', Kauni".; for further Inlor nation call on. or wntu, CII \8. tiULliBN, Jr.. Second •t.tnear ileory* Aituu»I41. 80CIAI. ETIOUETtE. in JV>- tlt» ioolety. MtM tne.r b* soot tmytlm* wlthla * month of the wadding, th» earlier tb* bsttw, as manr brlxlas llite to orreDM th^ own tables nrUsticnlly, If the prtsant" arasbotm. All brUUB, it ne<s a hardly l» told, ousM to write.* jiertoiial «ot» luanktne «w?n fivur ror his or bar present, be it larg» Or RoalL All wbo send cuts should b« Invited to the wedding and to tlw reception, ftlt|jou"h *th» converse or this proposlUou dow not bold tnio, lor net all tv jo aru asked to the wedding are cxpccteil to wild gifts. Wedding presents have of recent y«\rs become absurdly costly and jjorgeoua Tlw oil fashion, which was started uinotig the Dutch, 'of giving Uio young couple Ihcir bousoliold npiKjintmcnts and a sum of money with which to begin, has now degenerated Into a very tmhl display of wealth ond oston- tatlnus cenerosity, so thutCriemlsof moderate means are loatli to send nny thing. Sil ver nnd gold serviced, too precious to bo trusted to ordinary lock mid toy, wo displayed at tho wedding and immediately sent off to some convenient safe. This ia ono of tUo tuevltabh Overgrowths of luxury which Americans have nod yot learned to manage. In Franco they do better. Those nearest of kin subscribe n sum of money, which is sent to ilio bride's mother, who cxixmds it for articles most needed or coveted by Iho bride. So far lias this custom transcended good taste that now many persons of refinement hesitate to show the presents. Invitation Cards to nails. In Now York society a hostess does not employ tho word "ball" on htfr Invitation cords. A formula frequently uscil is as follows: Mrs. J. B. Smith requests the pleasure of the company of Mr. and Mrs. William Erown On Thursday evening, KovcmUr -fifteenth, at nine o'clock. Dancing. R. B. V. P. Or v this form may be used: Mrs. J. D. SmlUi at Home, TtomSay evening, November fifteenth, a t nine o'clock. Cotillon at ten. R. 8. V. P. The card of a young debutante Is sometimes inclosed, , If these invitations arc sent to new acquaintances, or to strangers in town, the carii of the gentleman is inclosed to gentlemen, and that of both the gentleman and his wife to ladies and gentlemen, if it ia a first invitation. VITIATED BLOOD ScrofrloiiB, Inherited and Contagious Humors Cured by CuticiUR. T HR^UGn the medium of one of your bnntts j-ectlv>d ilirouuh Mr • Frank .T. Wray, Dmirulst, Apol|.«, I'H,. I IIPOHIIIB acquainted with yonr CUTIODBA REMUDIKS, BIHI take this opportuntty to teciity tn y<iu tha their u»plms |>> a itnitni > nily eniixinie of one o to** »<!»• raspsnf blond pcftonlnif, In con nectloM with ery-lpnla-.tlmt 1 nnv«i.vm s«en, nnd this aftpr having hei-n pronounced Inou-- able by ^omp'ot tlio best phyelcluns in i-u county. 1 tnRuKi-CHt pleas ii ula fnrwunlliik' 10 yon tlila tenlinonlHl, nnso k-lird Hg)ti<t>\ >on. In nrdei that oihvi-sfroit, similar inuln- •lien iimy i enncouraued ti> give vourConcu RxRBUKDIKSli 'VlHl. P 8. « 111 riJKORR, LPi-ohbnrK, Pa. Refeience : FHAKIC T. WHAT, l>rn*tcl«t, Apollo, SCKOFT7LOCS Dt-CBKS. JnmesE. Illulia cloon, Outturn Hnuai', New O;)e/,ns. on oHtli fays: -'In 1670 Scrofuloin- Ulcers brok^ out on my body until I wai M <i ass iif corruption. Everytliliix known to ilif mpdk'Hl liuiiilty »n» tili-il in vjilr; i |, ( , fiiinu u mem wri-i'K. At tlmoa i-oulil 1101 llf my hando to my head, cimld not IUT, in d«d; wax In eon-'mit p in, and looked upon l|(v u- u inr»r. No t-lic'Ior cnrt- In ti-n yi-ars. li 8SO I hea <) of Che im'tcura Kcmeuitp, uaeU ih*-m, ><nd was pc-rlttctly cnri'd." •worn to before U. ». Ooin. J. O. Crawford. ONE UP TUB WORST CASKS. We have heen silllrg your Ontlcurn RemP- rtlen for yearn »nd IIHVH the first complaint yet to rfCi-ive from H pnrclmeer. (ino nf tin- worst CHnea of .-crodila I ever -HW WMH cur«.' liy tile n*e of nvu lioitlu-i ot Oullo nu Uecolv- ent, Cniluura nnd <'utlct'ra Knar, 'ilm hoap takes the "cake" here ai- ft mertlclniil "isp. TAVI.OII > TAYI.OH, , Fraiikfort, Kuu. , . And ContHKlouo lluiuora, with lonu of h"lr, ana Eruptl'init n[ the .«kln. arc pfipltlvely cured by Uutlotiru and Outlcnra 8o»p «xter- naily, when all other medicines fail. Send lor pamphlet. DRUGUI,TS We have ohtalm-d satlHlnciorv results from 'hi- i"-e of the 1'uticiirn Itenicdl' s In our own ininlly, and recoimnenil tliem beyond any ' tnur lemertlee Irirdlaui.SM ol Uiu skin null I food. Tim drriiHiiij for ill' tn gr tr» nx Ilieli merits become known. Mc-llLLAN & OU., . . l>ruu|{ists, Lutvobe, I'a. CCTICCBA TtKSIEDIES nre snld cverywliere. »"rli'e: Cutlcura. th« Urott skin Cn."' 1 , 1'' ut-.; Outlcnrit y-'«|), tin itlllHr, 2'i cm. ; Cntlouni lle-olv ••lit, the Ni-w Ill'iod t'urliler.^l. Hotter Drug nnd fliiMnlfH] 0 >., lloi on. 0 1 .\jl PLBS, niackhmins. Skin Blomlxhi-H I. AlTjL andltHby. lluraura.uae Cuttcutu soap. Choking Catarrh. Hcve you awatnned from a dliilurned sleep with all the horrible "enswllonn of an ussss- In clulchlnn your ilirnat and props n« the Ifo-breuth from your tightened the»t? Havi- ton noticed the languor anl tli-UI Hv that nocneiled Ilir effort 10 clear your throat ond head ol tills catari hill inattei? Wlmt u ill" |ircH»lng influencn It exerts upon the mind, loudl"if tne mninni-y and nlliim III'- ID-HI) with pittns and strange not»o ! How ilinic'itlt to prite t the *y»t«m auHlnst Iti itiithurproKieiis tnwanls ih"liimtM, liver an • Mduevs, all physicians »lll ndinlt. It IH a (•rrible dlSHasi), and oilitsout for relief autl tire. The rnmsrknble ciiradve powers whrn all other nniedluK niterly tali, of Ba- loid'n Hail oal Oure, i re utim'ted liy thoii8an''x who jrau'full'' rfciiiiune 'd It to fallow <iiffttri<i>. •>o »tHtem»nt |*m ide rpgardtinr u tlun mn- nnt bn Huli«tMiiilat«'l bt the most renpt-ctu- |I!H «nd re lahlu releronui-H, Ench vnckut contntns one bottle of tin- Kaillo il C'ui'c, one li"i of < atari Kolvt-iit, ncl an riiipio'- d Inh il»r, wlih trHHtUn ami direct HIM, u. id In void 'iy all Ul uuul-t* for $1 1'OTTBIl Ulll/O A UlUJll'lOAt, 10., Do8TO«. HOW MY SIDESACHP From the bench and Hie counter, from thu loom ami m W|I,K muchi-ib KOUS up thu cry f piiln nnd wi-nk- ncs*. Aelilnu sld'-H hiiil (luck, 1(1(1 anil Uiei Inn ' alini, 8 i al'i- and __.... w .«. HIIIO, iinti i- viii, v limn ami uuhu of unify toll i lloved In on,- in I mi " liy the I'utlu ra Anil- I'uln I'lanter N w ele«unt, ami Inla llhlii. U driiK^I-'s, Z*i\ i "vu lur|l; or ot I'ottor L)ru^ aud OtieuilcalUo., T. L. FOULD8& CO., BUOOBS'«OI18 TO A. li. UuUWNKt A CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. STJUUL, HLOP FDil 8AL.K. Rheumatism a HtmtttaWtto* jW-tbntBeodtt()•*. MtnzUM to* p*om aa ttmthmtij* *m»ir la many MVON euoi at rttMOmtinn, «ffc«v tog remarkable cures br its powerful action m correcting tho acidity of. th» blood, which to the oauso ot tho dlMaie, and purifying end enriching tho rltal fluid. . n it certainty fair to atnms that What Heed's SarsaporUla has done for others It will do tor you. Therefore, U yon suffer tho paint and aohes ot rheumatism, give this potaat remedy a fair trisj. A Posltlro Cure. "I was troubled very much with rheumatism in my hips, ankles, and wrists. I could hardly walk, and was confined to my bed a good deal ot the time. Being recommended to try Hood's Banapftrilla, I took four bottles nnd nm perfectly well. t cheerfully recommend Hood's SarsapartlU as ene of tho beet blood purifiers In the world." TT. P. \Voo», Blootulngton, 111. For Twenty Years 1 have been afflicted with rheumatism. Before 16831 found no relief, but grow worse. 1 then began taking Hood's BarsaparlUa, and It did me more good than all tho other medicine I ever had." II. T. BALCOM, Shirley. Mass. "I suffered from what tho doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Sar- saparUla nnd nm entirely cured." J. V. A. PnotrDFooT, letter carrier, Chicago, 111. Wo shall bo glad to send, free of charge to all who may desire, a book containing many additional statements of cures by Hood's Sarsaparllla Bold by all druggists. $1; six for $5. Mads only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. RASKIN E (TOM NEW QUININE): No bad effect No headache No nausea. so ringing ears, C nrw quickly Pleasant,*""" A POWERFUL TONIC. thtt the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEUVOCS PROSTRATION, nntlallGeitn Diseases. BHlevueHospital, K. Y.: "Universally sue cenalul." < "Even- paHent treated St. Francis IIos.N. T. < with KaHkmo hax been (UlselmiK«id cured." Dr. L.' R. While, D. S. Uxumlnlnv Surgeon. A'ltteH: "Kupkinp I* thn hent mt'fliflno iuH(1e. n Or L. M. GlfNsner. 360 !• nut 121st 8t , Nrw York olty, lina cured uvur 290 imtiems with KHpkliioutter quinine und nil ..tlienlrtigslmd iBilbd. He »aj>: "It In tuiduubtedly the best me llcln« ever disco* ered." Pro.. »V. r. frr)|cf)inl|M. 5I.D., 64 Ennt2Mh St., V.Y. (l«ie Pi-ot. In N. Y, Mint. Col.ege) writer: "Iviidklne IH KupeHor n> quinine In tix -<noc Di in »«r,Hiid never pmdu< ea die stlghtaat In- jmy 10 Hie In aiinx in conattiiitlon. Unv. Jus. U MH||, t:li»pl»Ui Albany PcnUen- iliiry, writes tliut Ka-l<l»» lias t'lii'uil Ilia tvlfp, •liter tweniv M-ara mffeHng hom H-aUrlu and notvoua dysiiepslu. Write hliufor par- Iciilara. TliouHiuidsnnon thousand s write t'.:at Kas- klni< liHSL-iuid thrin alter all oilier niecll L-nifa had fulled. \Viltu lor book o[ test). ii">nia;-<. Kii^klnconn bctftltrn without iny special medical Hdvlce. Ji.OO nt-T boitln. Poltl by or M-nt li.v u>all 01, jt-celpt of pi It'O. KASK1XECO..6I Warren Bt.^ew York. In dwlni The First Sign Ot failing health, whether in the form of Xi;;lit Sweats and Nervousness, or in a sense of General \Vcariness and Loss of Appetite, should suggest tho use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This preparation Is most effective for giviag tona and strength to the enfeebled system, pro- muting the digestion and assimilation of food, restoring tho nervous forces tn their normal condition, and for purify- iii2, unricliing, and vitalizing tho blood. Failing Health. Ten years QKO my Iiculih began to fail. I was tronnleil \viili nili.itresslnj{Conj;h, Ni("lit Sweats, Wcalsnt-ss, ami Nervous- nc.xx, 1 tricil various rc'incilies prn- srribril hy iliilnrent physicians, but became so weak that I eunlil not go up sialrM without slopping to rest. My frii-mls ri'i-ommciult-il mo to try Aywr's Sar.siiparilia, whirh I ilul, and 1 am now n.i lii-alihy nml slroiiK as cvc-r. — Jlrs. C. L. Williams, Alexandria, Minn, I linvo usnil Aynr's Sarsapnrllla, In my family. Inr SrrddiUi, nml know, if it w tiihnli faithfully, ilmt it will Ilinroutilily eradicate llns lerrililo ilwi'iiso I have also |irc,«rril«-il it iis a tuiiir, HH well as an alterutivo, and Hay thai I huiieHlly bullttvo U to ho the best iilooil tnuilu-liiu cvei-foninomiilRil.—W. K. l-'uwlur, M. !>., D. D. S., Greenville, Tumi; Dyspepsia Cured. It woulil l>c impossible for mo to de- scrlbn wltat I suHcred trom ImUgi'stioD and He.idacho up to th« timu I IM'JISII takhiB Aynr'HSarsupnrllla. 1 wa.sinnlcr the core ol various nliysirinns, ami tru-il a great many kiii(l.H of meilii'im'H, but never obtained inoro thnn teni|iorary re., lief. After takins A.VIT'H Riin<a|Niri)la for a short time, my hcailnelio i|isup- peared, and uiy Ktontaeh |ii;r{ormiid its duties more iwrfci-tly. To-ilny my health is completely restored. —Jlary Uarioy, Sprlugliuld, MOKS. I have been greatly benefited by tlio prompt nso of Ayer's Sarnaparilla. It tones and Invigorates tlio nymcni, regulates tlio notion of the digestive and asHlmllativo organs, ami vituli/.t-n the blood. It I", wltliniit donlit, the most reliable hlooil purilier yet discovered.— n. O, Johnson, o)x) Atlantic avcnno, Brooklyn, N. Y. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, I'rtpiircd by Pr, J. C. Aycr ft Co., Ix>well,Ifsts. 1'rlco «t | six bottles, SB. JSrSEND FOB Pub- Heat Onf, with Maps, doi-frlb- 1"K Minnesota, North Dakota, Moiilana, Idaho, Wa»M' vt> niinn Ori-Rnn.llie Kreu Unvermneiit und Low 1'rno lfii|. roml i.nnd , tlm MMth'i'n Pfuifln rouutiy, he i E*T AUKIOUl.TUH/Vi., Ol AZINU and T1SIIH.K I,ANUS now open tn netr. er« mailed fruu. AiM rim- « II^M. |l. I.AJlltOHN. Lund Com. N.!-, it. K. bt. 1'n n i. Minn. Ii-I7»4t BOW KOrt A LI. Permanent nm ploMiinnt UiTn to uneruntlj mi'ii ai'M unmeii evnrywl en-. };U)» we k iii.M f'xpiiii"0* puM, iiipl' t HOI Hi }ft und ii'I p'Mtl"- M'lH In e. Addiiwi utniicu I* O. V1UK- , Auiiuma,Uo. llott't tuUS thu obauue, Write u>-<Uy. -4 Mnetor's Sale. 8TATK or 1LI1N018, ( St. Unll UOUUty. i Ot the September term, A.D. MSB, <rf tfc* »i, Olair Oounty W«mif Court. T John H Ohllton Vs. Tbonus CtiUtOtkOOOrM Ubliton.Jame*<4|io>ro).Robert W. Worn etiKm, KiUsbfth Ann Williams, Dorothy lluiD, fhoinas Burn, James Burn, Durham >«iKUiion, U.iuU jRu«Burn, \MHIalaBntn, John Thpiuas hiti-n, ixnoihy Ann iJum, Isabutla tJui'ii, JamtnBuin, and Hcn<yK, Ui ulloiii r, executor (it thtt liitt will »uU tcsiuu.ttntof John t'hllton, deneased, I'l 1 tor «al« ol Utml Kktnte. Umnir and by virtue nf decree of skid court, niaOo !•! the above entitled CHUM, at *»1U tkui,, I, the understand), Mill, 04 UATLltllAY, tlAllCll IB, 1K)7, at and OM the prumlnes Ii«-Hiltihft«r Uenorlbod, t« 1 to HIM Mulled and bi-ht bidder, th'i following deoviUiid laiid.Mlunted In Ihu ouuti. !)• i,l W ml. Bun, anu Male ill IllinOld, lo-vill: Ti « "<st fourth of ihu rniitht'Oit quarter ol inn northwest qun'tvr, fontamltiK ti n (luj ncrpst uud thu vrfst hull ot thu southwest (jiiat-'tr, a.l m section llility (Sn),ln township hU 10) iirrih nf rung" nli e 18) west. Appru ted value, t8,4M.1-t. Hal" tu coiniiivnce ut one o'clock p. m. ThKMa OV f-ALK, Twenty per cent, of tne puteliHie uionoy tu be |>ntd cash i'own, uud ihu Li'iliinco on a credit ol MX ant) twelve tii'iiitht.m-cuiid by noleanU approved xcu- ilty, and u innrtRHKu on the premlun sold.nn Hie fiuiiitlonot Will b, Mid upon eonllrma ilonol siil vale,l wit- vzccuto BUO deliver u ileeil to thupinchHser or univha-irs of mill lai.O, us by fcaiil ui cro I ivin directed, tim vinlng ul) thf ))«)H, tliIu and claim ol Mie xaid purtlus n nuui mil to nulil premises. AUINZO H. H U.UKKUAN, Master in i/hui,very ol Said eoi'.nty. M. W. U nm, boi. ' luutd KXKCUTORS' KOTICJB. Estutu ot John W. Scbweppo, deceased. Tho underslijnpd, havinu been appointed Kxccutors of thu fast will aim (OMituieut of John W. Hrhweppe, latv of thu county ol >Mndlson and Btutt- ol llll.iolp, deceased, hereby ulve notice that tlii-y will appear before thu County t.'ouil ot UiullHon county, at the conn house, m t'ilwunli-vllle,at tlieSlnrch ti'rm.on thu fourth Momlay In Marcli nuzt, ut which tlm- ah per- vine huVli.x ellilmi niiuliint .aul i eltttttt ulf notiflui) mill Jeijiu.'nleil HI iitll-Uil for. tilt pur- pore of havlliK Hie name ud)uated. All pel Mini ndvbiuU t» *o.M «=i\nu uru rutiuustud tu man*, immtfillatu payment to the uiiUerdlgni-d. DutoU lhU2uO day ol February. A.I). 1887. Bl liEA r, still WKI'I'K. WILI lAfl K. «l.HH hfPB, UKKUl'M. bOIIW'I'i'h, Executors, KAOLIN FACKBT COM PAN y. SPEING ARRANGEMENT. Tbe Steamer CD I E. BOSS POWMJ t Ifo BLOCK, oiorn. On and o'ter Monday, Feb. 11, tne Spread KHKlc W'l run US tollOWA, VlSI LBAV1NS ALTOM FOR ST. LOUIS at 1 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on rehirr trip at 8 p, it,., dally. And leaving Alton tor Portauo, Jersey L,andlti|i. <)rn>tnn, and wa> point* every evening at 5:30 o'clock. SA.The Whistle will be lanntled flfteei •nlnutes before stanlngtor St. Loui*. To ST. Lens, ROUND THIP . BIDBI' 60 B W. HTM., Fast Freight &PaEserger Line THE £>T.-LOUIS AND CKNTBAI. H.LIJiOld ft. K. Cl.'S J. F. KLI (SON, Uomuiander. Kl< AN8I10TZ, (nio, k» TUUB UOOOB, } u)e ' K s. On nnd alter Thursday,Feb. 17th, will leave Anon dull) For St. J. ouls at 7 a. m. lietnrnlne, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vine -t.) uf2:45 p. m.'. Lenvlntf Alton at 5:^O p. m. for Portage aJirt .Inraejr, arriving at Grafton at 7:45 p. m., i onmrtlnawUb fn^tcipress on !>t. TLonls nnd 1 untrul Illinois Uallroad lor Jerseyville. Wa- vcny, 8p. Inntltiaund all points north and • aat. FAKK. lost. Loois.sIiKle trip, . . . SOc. •• " r- unit trip, . . . . TOo " " twenty rlue tlt-ket,. , 55.00 HENRY C. TATUM, Oen. Agt. Alton. H. A. FlsllKK, tiou'l MutioKor. lelldtf J. HOFFMAN &SON, DEALKB8 VU Stoves and Hasdware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And otborflrit olana heating stoves fur woo J or coal. Also Ranitos and Champion Monitor Oooh itovtiB, thtt bent In Alton. Outside WOPK u specialty: Boot ing, Guttering, etc. I'ndertaker's Supplies ALWAYS UN IIAKD. TOR. flKOi'NH ANI> AI.BY 8T8. The un'lor-ilsaofl have opened a n n w mu-lc toro at tliu ourmir of Third j and Plasu sts ORGANS AND 9 [PIANOSI of the [finest workmnnslitp for solo at rea* sonable prHo». Uall and examine our uistru- tueuto belore purchasluK eUuwhuro. FLOSS.'& BABE. mehWdwom WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tli»»sWiiibbo«tU»»te raudo with a Hent-Wood rim. Th« Btrong- c»t l»»id< and b»»t wwufrs In tHa • For s«l« \>r sll '--'-" noWu. I S»»l«»w. THE ATtA^TIO MON'fULt HQU 1887. Will contain, tfa sedition to the bfjtihorj ? tones, iketcbes, Eswys, Poetrr Sis\d GHtiolsto, tiro Serial 8wrie«^- The Second Aon, By MB9. K. O. W. OLll'flAKT Paul Patotf, tH F. WAHION OfWAVTOttD, Aathor ol" A Itoruun Slngwr," "Mr. I tto. Paper* on Ami:rlcan Jllitory, By,MUN FI8KB, Whose previous papers hnv^ teen so Inter ttttutf, lull of Intoru «tlon, andgvoer- ally popular, French and EngU»h. oontlnuatlon ol the admirable papers eosv farlhtf tlm French nnd BnaKsn p««pl*, Byl'.U.BAMBRTUN. BBBaya nud Poomi, By OLIVER WKNDE1.L noLMBt Occasion til Papers, Dy JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL. Contributions maybe mpeotttV trom Job* Oieenlial Whilller.l liom.m W«ntwo.lo HI*. glnson. Uhttiltsl/udluy Warner, K, 0. Stefl- iimn, Harriet W. 1'renton, Sarah Orne J«wett, Uharle* Kubert Oradilock, Arthur Sburburn* anly, Henry OHbotLodKit.Bdlth M.Thomas, Horace K. tkiuddor, tioornu K. Woodberry. OoorKoFieOerli-k l>ai»nn«. Kaiirice Thomp *m, LUI-T lAiooin, Cella Thiuttnr, John Bnr- .muiihs, Juines Piii«m»n Clarke, Kllsabetb omriB 1'eniiHll, BradforU Xorreir and many 'IKHM8: |4 a year In advance, postage free: SS cents u number, with Superb Hfe-els* portrait ul Uawthoniu, Kmenon, LonKfeK l..w,uryant. ; Whlttlw, Lowell, or llolmee $: ; eauh addltlo nal poi trait, «i. The November and Uecembftr number* at th« Atlantic will be com tie«of ebannto new subsorltM-rn w )os»»ub»ci1ptl(iiuiu« reeelreC Uelore December iutu. •"»•• PoBtal notes and money are at tbe Ttsk of the mniitr. and therefor* remittance* should be wade by money order, draft, or registered letter, lo Uougliton, MIfflin <& Company, The Gentury F«rl88O87. TH« CIWTUKT in HI> lliuytrated monthrr muKartnn, huvlng a regulur clronlatloa ol about twit bnn red tbuu»aud copies, ott«» iUHChlnu and (ometl)nuii en-eedlnx two fiun- ' dreiland twemv ttvethouHand. oLielHmoni UH uiunv attractions tor tlw oomiiiK year Is a cierlal which has bemi in active pieparation lor Dlxteun ^ ear<>. It Is a hlxtory ul our OTT» country in Us most critical time, as Mt fortt THE LIPB OF LINCOLN, By his CouUuentlal 8ecretartei, Julin O. Alcoluy and Col. John Hay. This (irfat work, h>-(run with the sanctUni of freddent LinoiilD, and continued under me uuthurity ol his son, the IIon. Robert T. Lincoln, In the only Inll and authoritative record of the life of Abraham Lincoln. Its Htuhorn were f lends ol Lincoln bvliire hU preal tencv; they were moat Intimately a*~ socmtod with h'in «s private seer«tarte« throxhout bin term of ufficu, and to them were transferred upon Llni-oluS death all nb) prlvqte f»ajje.-». Here will be tolu tue iasld* hlatnry ot the civil war anil of President Llncom'd admliilntratlon -Important details ul vrblou have hitherto remained nurevealeft that they might flint appuar Iu tnlu authentic history, lly i uiwon of the publication of ttUsj work, THE WAU SERIES, which has been followid with unflaggtne luturest l>y a xrout inturest by a xreat audl- 01,ce, will occupy lew, space daring tha com- Inu jeur. (jeitysMjii? will be du 3 eribod by <<«n. Hunt (Chief of me Union Artillery). Uen. Lougutru t, Gen. K. W.I aw. and others. lihlcainaiiKu, by Uoii. U. H. 1111: Sherman's Maron to tlie -ea. by Urnerals Howard and Mocum. Generals Q. A. Uillujore, W m. f. Sinltli, John Gibbon,Horace Porter, and John 8. Uotiby will describe special battle* and Incidents. StoilBD ol naval eDvagemuaM, prison Hie, etc. etc. will a: pear. NOVELS AND STOUIE3. "The Hundredth Man," H novel by Frank K. Stockton, uuihor ot "Thu Lady, or tbe TUer," bi'Ktna In Novi-mber. Tiro novelettes bytiBorue w. O»ble, storle* by Mary Hallock Kooto, "Uncle Uunnio," Julian Uawthorne, Kdwaid >KKlesum, and other prominent American untliors vrID bu printed during ta» year. ..'•,.. SPECIAL FEATURES. (with llln^triit.onn) Include a varies of ai«> cl.-» on ufluira m Ku.-Hla and Siberia, by Ueo. hennun,author ot "Tent Ufa in Siberia," wb» hua ]u«t ruiucufd from a most evtmtfol visit to blberian prisons; papers • n the Fond Question, H itn relurence to Ito bearing on th« Labor 1'robl'ui; JCngllnli Cathedrals: Or, fKi;l«»toP'i Religious Life In the American Oolonluv: Olalrvoyauct-, fplrltUHllsm. Astrol- og>, etc., b\ Uev, j. M , Buckler, 1>.D.. editor ol tliu Oliriitmu Advooiite: antronomioal papers; tUrowlux light on Bible i-l«tory, UtC 'PRICE8. A FREE COPT. Subscription price, J4.0U a year, 86 cents a number, liealuni, poktinasters, and publish- era lake subsui Ipiloiis. bend tor our beanti- lully llluBtiuted 24 nage OHtuloinio (fif.e), containing lull pioi-peutun, etc., Iho udlng a mwclHl iitfer by which new readers van «et i ark r.umbum to tin- beginning ol tbe War f-friou ut a "err Inw price. A specimen copy (buck number) will be seut on request. Mention this paper. , Uan you afford to be without the Century' TUji pji.KTU.BT to:. New Torfc Subscriptions received at thl« office. 1887. HARPER'S BAZAR. ILLUttTKATBI). IURFBR'S FAZAR combines the choicest lit- cratiiK ana thu llm-nt illustrations wtHh tbe lutt-Ht lashioim i nd thi most useful family reading. lt» btoileii. pm-mK, anil essays are hv t lit; best writers, and ith humorous tketohes me unsurpassed. Its papers on social ett- ijuette, decoratlvii ait, tuque keeping In all 'tu-braut-lieo, lookmy, i tv., maku i. Indlapou- able in t-vury lioiuwtiold. Itu beautllul lasb- Mm plate* und pattern-n ifut stipplomenM > nahle ladles to SHVC mm r times thu cost of •iibDcrlntton by I ping ilnirowndruM,makers. Not a Hue Is udmi.ted lo Its columns ta«t could shock the moot futtl>llon« taste. HAltPBB'8 PEBrODlCALS. Per loon llnrpor's nazar f 4 00 II..i par's UuKHKlne 400 llii'pur'd Wti»kly -: i 00 lliu|.0r'» VomiK i'oople 3 00 ihtii-'sPranfcllii Bqu re Uhn.ry, one year (W mimbor») U 91 lliu ptr'o Handy Berles, one y< ar, (fa nuinb«is) IBM I'libtiigu Free to ull nubaorlbeni la tbe United state* or Canada. The volumes of the BAZAR begin with the IIr i Numhei lor January ol uacb year. When no t me In mentioned, >uliHcrlpti<m« will be- jln with the Number cm lent al time of re- celoi of order, Iloutid Volumes of lUnPER's BAZAB, for ihrei jeaiH back,In neuti-lutu b ndniK.willbe wiut l>y mnii po>tik»iunui>i,orby express, iree nf e>|ifn-n (piovkled thu trulght doen no» .•-•-. doneoollarper volume),,for S7.00 per n/Uanes for pitch volume, miltnble for , will he Mnt by mm), postpaid, o« i, , w.-jpt Of 11,00 Hlll-ll. KemlttaiK't-B uln-uld be made by PoHtoflloe oi,!)} Orilor or Urult, to avoid chaaou ot loss. Nt<wipapers aru not to copy this advertisement without thu i-xpies* order of ilAUPBP A llttOTIIHtS. Ad lre»> IIMU'KK * lIKOTaKBS, Hew York. C WO ACR8B CHOIOi ^gj^~~ IOWOOO FARMING ^P^^ AND^i s,«siir«"ji!ste%s^ AN A.ORI on long tltn*. Th« mott ptn»p«roM and promnui» field lor Mltlammt la th* V. S, Full ^SSSSiS^^SSS^S^S IDVHBTiSEftS >n »dmlliing tptc* v/Mn m 4S 1049 UndolpR St.,

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