Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 1, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1887
Page 4
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»"P.* ( «*M"J"*Hfc# : f) ?S!lies»*KU.1&.-,rt.<lv at * l v,,*. trWIBI.7 DliOOUHAOED expresses tlio feeling of many victims of rhnmimtiwn, neuralgia, sciatica and nervous or sick headache. Having tried numberless so-called remedies, and physicians of all tchoolt, without relief, there &eetns to be no hope. Many »uch have as u lust resort tried Atliloplioro*, and to their surprise and joy hnra luund that it was a mfc, rare and quick cure. Athlophoros is nut un experiment; thousands linvo been cured by its use and tliey testify ns to lie value. The little boy of John H. Parker, Charleston, 111,, fins been nn invulid sineo he was n ycnr old, his disease being eo (omplicnted that It >vn« difficult lor llie phynicluns to determine upon what his disease wns. The little fellow Bulleml for venrB the most violent pains and torture, 'lie w«* helpless ns to walking. Hislinibs were almost devoid of feeling. Mr. Parker's BiHtor, Mrs.M.S. Trovers, siiys the bov has been using AtlilopliorOH, aiul the mrdicino has almost pcrfornud a miracle. He can now wulk about and play at other boys do. His back has been relieved of the MiffncKB, so thut ho can stand more erect than ho ever could before. i Ho is now ten yearn of age, and I know his father hn'il spent two hundred dollars for iinlcnt medicines alone, but nothing did him anv good until ho took the Atlilophoros. ] I in father hits nlpo used the medicine for neuralgia, with very good effect. Rutland, Illinois. Was cnred by Athlophoros one year ago last Spring, ana have not been troubled with the rheumatism since. I tried other medicines to no good result. I have sold till* medicine since I Was enroll, and nil that have taken it as thcdircctionsordcrcd have been cured. J. M. SHAW. Every druggist nhould keep Athlophoros nnd Athlophoros Pills, but where they cannot be boiiijlit of the druggist the Athlo- j'lioros Co., 112 \Vull St.,'New York, will rund either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is fl.fO per bottle ^.ir Atlilophnrnx nnd /50o. for Pills. Kor liver nnd kiiiney dlfensc! 1 . dyspepsia, In- Oiijiwlion, wcnhnuss, nnrvous rtotilllty, diseases nl' women, i-onnllpntlnn. hendnehe, tnipnro "lood, Ac., Atbloplioros fills arc uncqualcO. 8 KEAL. ESTATE FOR SALE OB RENT, — BT- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. For Sale, A convenient nr^rt pleasant horn* ftt a reasonable figure, bof UK utwo-Blury frame house on £lgutb street, near Henry. for tiale. . A cuolcefarm ol 32uuc.jo8, with first clasi Improvements, situated 2K miles out ol Brunswick. Obarlton CO., Mo. For sain. A ono story frame dwelling house In gooo condition. In Topping's addition to Allon. For Sale Chenp The lesldence ol Oapt. W. h oblo; twi. ttoricfl and munaard roufi 12 room 4 halls, closets, dollars, etc. : 8 acres of groan Mont desirable property In the city. For Hole. Ibuaoresof land near city limits. 9.... o ., two story bnck and Inune Owe a nouse, both situated on the en? o i.ate streei between nth and 7th < i cots • ao the brtol- block of stores on Secon ''.root., batwoei Hem and ttldije street nown as Uunter^ Foi Hale. A small frame •' .anj? house within n m uloehp ot the • ' i for $376. 160 acroH f good farming land, and anothei tract of 00 .cres, both unimproved. Slluati In Moi co., Kansas, at $10 and J16 per aon reapocti volv— one-third cash, balance on time For golf. A I arm of 140 acres on oottom land, all li cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A good two-story trauia dwelling hourto on It Price $3,UOO For Sain. A choice farm ol I-J" acres, situate l mllo i-ouili of Mlilpmun, Mucoupln county, 111., at a low J'artloalniendiiiR to buy Uoal Estate In the city .,i Alum or vicinity will find It to their In urt'St tociill ul tin-., ill u,,l uudolohnuaun ASoiintHKandojanilne llieirllsm pr.M'«'- tlua toraulo as only pun thureol is udvor- FHVWICIAMH ANI> DK. K. ULKLJDM, Physician and Burgeon, J»ND KESIDKNOK. COU. FOUKT] AND HKNhY 8T8. iHS-dwjy \V. A. UAMKULL, M.i>., Physician and Surgeon, OFITI01:- SECOND ST., ALTON. ILL. OlHoe h our»- S a. m.: 13 to 1, nnd fl p.m OK. C. B. UU11LAND, Dentist, IB TIIinD ST1KET, ALTON, ILL, Office Hours—8 o. m, to 12 m.; 1 to i p. u fohrl wll Q. A. McMILLEN, Dentist, OVER HRUKGGK.M xNN'S OIOAB STORE 8?:t)OND ST. PLIABLE PLASTER ORNS A common ocnso euro, by a combined medical nnd mcclmni- cal notion. Unlike any other pro. paratlon, they rcliovo tlio jn-ossuro while curing tlio corn, nntl novor fall whcro directions rxro followotl- Flvo sots of plasters nnd box of ointment put «l> in Imndnomo tin case, convohlont for nso. Pnco 2B cents, complete. Ask for "Podncura" and tako no other. The Peleg Wh He Propr lelarj Go. MANUI'ACTtinilKJ, 113 TV. Bron<hvny, N. Y., U.S. OF FIKST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. U. AV. CllAJMUKUl^VlN, Di»t, Agont for Alton. M 8ocn>«il'om»» Matter at th« tf, O. tit Alton, 111.) TUB-WAY KVK~," MAKi'H 1. TAM AND GARDEN. DinECTIONO FOR MAKING A GATE WITHOUT HINGES. Commercial Fertilizer* AdvUcd In Fd- tato Culture—A Ncvf Annual c-f Ollnib- ina tlublt anil ICapId Growth—A I)ux For a Blttliiff lion. Ono of tho novelties In flowers Bent out this season, IB nn annual of climbing Imblt, bearing tho natno Mlna Ix>bata. Its Introduction to tho •trado io Ono to a German need honso, whilo Vlck 1ms tho honor of prc-sontin^ In tlio February Isoilo of hia monthly, n lino picture of u (lowering stem of^thb novelty; the latter la hero reproduced tor tho bencllt of our readers. A KOVELTY IN Lovers of flowers will rend with interest a description of this rarely magnificent and attractive climber: The eenus Minn (named after Don Francisco Xavier Minn, a Mexican raluister,) is closely allied to Ipomcon and resembles In growth and Us three lobcd foliage the several species of tills family, biit, totally different are tho flowers as concerna their form and their lovely colors. The flowers flppear on fork-like racemes, Bearing tficm- wlvcs upright or almost erect out of tho dense and luxurious foliage, nnd present thus -with their bright colors an extraordinary striking aspect; tlio llowcrs are, as buds, at first bright red, but change through orange yellow to yellowish white when In full bloom. Another interesting and most singular feature of this plant io, that it retains the racemes developed at first during the whole (lowering licnson; tho buds growing successively at t'.ic lops of tho racemes, while tho lower flowers after blooming for a considerable time Cade, bearing thus continually clusters of flowers from the bottom up to the highest vino of tho plant. Tho oldest racemes attained a length of flftccn to eighteen inches by tlio cud of September and produced thirty to forty individual llowcrs each, of which were six to ten in full bloom or in colored buds at one timo. The tube-like flowers are borne unilaterally and almost horizontally ou the upright racemes nnd measure when fully developed three-quarters of an inch in length while tho uppermost colored bud Is only one-eighth of an Inch long. This plant is a rapid growing climber. Seeds come in March, and tho seedlings cultivated In pots until tho middle of May, when they were planted out in tho open ground, at tho beginning of August had formed pyramids over eighteen feet In height well furnished with luxuriant follago nnd profusely covered with llowcrs. It Is claimed for Mina Lobata that It thrives well on sunny situations and is well suited for covering arbors, trellises, etc., on account of Its rapid growth and great dimensions. 1'olnts lu Potato Culture. In a discussion as to tho best manure for white potatoes at the recent annual meeting of tho Now Jersey Horticultural society, the majority of tho members expressed themselves as decidedly in favor of chemical fertilizers. Tho opinion very generally prevailed that stable manure does not produce tubers of good quality. Potato rot was also considered. Ono member Bald that tho sulphuric acid in chemical fertilizers acts as a partial preventive to rot. Another member advised sulphate of Iron (copperas) as n remedy for rot. Tho opinion was also expressed that commercial fertilizers produce about as good results in sweet potato culture n8 docs stable manure. Shallow plowing, it was agreed, makes short, thick tubers, while deep tillage results In long, slender ones. Tho "Kentucky red" was pronounced a very promising variety of sweet potato. A Gato Without Ulnges. A gate can bo made without hinges, says as good authority as Tho American Agriculturist, by having (ho hanging utile BOmowhat larger than tho front stilo and making Ixith ends rounded. AM INliXl'KMSIVE GATE. Tho lower ono is to work in n holo lu tu16 end of a short post roised co that coll will not roiulily got lu, and tho upper ono works In a btilo uuulo in un oak picco at- Inched to the top of tho Gito l>ost. Gates of thin kind can bo made uud hung with but littlo r.ioro expense than bun*, and will bo found fur muro convenient and tuiviny of Uuio than tho latter. In tho Slietip Fold. IndlscrUnlnato phyulclng of ehcop la ruinous to them. Tuny don't wu,ut sulphur, or pluo brush, or hemlock boughs— only good clover hay, and u moderuto feed dally of ntUed com, rye uud buck- whcot 1)17 qwivtm nro Indispensable to tuclr bciiltb. Look out for early InmUi. Watch tlio ewca I'lowly every duy, and wheu tlw nddor is iiprlngliifj and other Indications of lambing *r« M-OII put th« vvrc, in « |i;.'ii by lii'rwlf. Ltitnlri nro euro to bu lout by ncgloct of Ihln pi-muitlon. Newly burn 1 lambs ioUiBtlmes fitnrVo bo- couso the ew«'» teats are closed by tho (glutinous colostrum ur new inilk, or they illo by tlio ulbsliig of tlio bowels by the glutinous (tiscliargw. Both ol tut-stj tlnu- Cars ehottltt b« averted by watchfulness nnd care. When on unmothnriy cwo (jots over tho flrst twenty-tow lionr-j with her lamb tho troublo Is over and sho becomes reconciled end oven affectionate. This Is most common with tho young ewe, ntitl these should bo hold until tho Ir.mb sucks o few times and Is strong enough to -fict Ita inlllt from tho ewe. Tho ewea nnd their lamb ohould bo I kept hpart from tho rest ot tho flock. I llhui lambs should bo docked r.ud cmas- | dilated when n week old. They onf- 1 fcr littlo by the operation at this time, ' Tho tall miiy bo clipped with tho shears, and tho whblo of tho ecrrtnm mny bo removed by the came method In n cccond. ! A pinch of sulplmto of copper on tho wound ctx\tB«a vapid healing.—Rural Now Yorker. A Wont About Drainage. J. H. Gregory, tho well known seeds- man, at Miirblehcnd, Mass., In a talk on drainage b'cforcn meeting of New England farmers, cold that otono drains (with which ho ben had considerable experience! nro a wasto of time nnd labor, nnd that no man can afford to lay tho uamo unless ho <!oca H to get rid of tho ntonc. Tile, ho affirmed, has a vast capacity for carrying off water, far greater than is generally supposed. Mr. Gregory advised that when laying tile tho tronch Is to bo dug only Just wide enough to admit tho tile. He also suggested that there be a catch pool to receive tio ficdimcnt nnd waste from tho drains, walcli is hnlf nn valuable ns manure. Thcro might always to be tho same arrangement in front of tho drain to stop tho iloatlng particles from drifting Into It and clogging It npwhen the water is high. Tho drain must bo kept open nt tho end and the tlio kept free throughout In order to obtnin.full benefit from the same. As regards thu costof laying tile drains, Mr. Gregory's experience led him to bo- llevo that if ono gets down to hard pen tho cost Is about tho snmo as it is for ditching upland. l''or ditching low land (meadow land) the cost need not bo moro than twenty-five rents per rod; this, lu fact, IK a standing price: Profitable Strnwbrrrlrg. In a report made by \V. W. Karn.iworth to the Ohio Hortlcnltnrnl society, this gentleman claims that the Crescent stands clearly at the head of the list for prollt on sandy nnd loam soils. Xo staminates have proved profitable with him, neither Sharpless nor Vf ilson. "While tho Bid well promises well, It cover performs. Downing rusts badly. James Vick falls, except in cultivated stools. Phelps Is of small oizc. Windsor is a good market berry nnd Miner docs well for homo nso and n near market. Cumberland, though but a moderate bearer, is good, and tho Queen, n. poor bearer, is an excellent and handsomo berry. Tho Daniel Doono is somewhat alfected by rust. Box for Kitting Hon. The following sketch nnd description ot n nesting box for poultry has been tried with success by a New York poultry grovven SITTING BOX. It may bo made of two soap boxes, If other material is not at hand. The side of the top box should bo taken off and ft lid made of it, using strips of leather for hinges. To afford ventilation, cither bore n few largo holes on each side, near tho top, or cut a small slit with a (Ino saw on each side near tho top. The two boxes can readily bo joined by pieces of leather, as shown In tho Illustration. The lower box should bo nearly filled with earth and pressed down, EO ns to moke a broad nest, which Is to bo covered with a little straw or hay. This lx>x can bo used either indoors or out. _ _ _. Thflopmton of an old and well known rairohmit is givon in a few words, viz: ••I think Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup is the best, cough medicine ibtu i? mudo." — Luther ii. Black, Selnm, Ind. "Diseased nature oftentimes breaks foith in Ktrnnjro eruptions" nnd ibe rei-ult of u all is pain. Now Salvation Oil will send this vury pain to the rnrnt. aoout at the trilling .cost of only 25 DOCTORS guilty of malpractice should bo unt in the pilNory, and difhnnt»l peculator* net in I ho flocks. — Ex. Hood's Sursttpstnlui is .peculiar to itself ttntl t>upurior to- all olliur preparations in strength, economy, mid medicinal njoiit. 2 "1 SAY, old ronn, you fenow Miss Grui'nts very well. Does Shu keep ?' "Koup ii? VVby, rny ilour fellow, i-h»'nn most nolormuj (fo.imp. Shu never Keep* unytbinjr; nhe jjives everything nway." No ciiniugp dpnn_is talked about so praiftinglv as Iho Uiro Coil Spiing i". IV'iipIo «!<> wild over it. Any oaruaf{u builtlor will inrni.-h it. dwlw Everybody unfits it spring mi'dicii r^ liy u*nig Ayer'i* iiiii'Niipitrillit. Urn him u is ihoroliuhly cliinn.Mt'd unit invijinntii rt Hit 1 u|i|ii'iiti« Kiiintiiateil, nnd ihe i-y>i< rn pcepmuil tn reM»t ilin di-Hiif«H pei'ii'iiir lu Hie Miinmur inorihs. A B k lor AVDI 's .Sarmiparilla. 'i'aku no dtlu-r. dulw A Sco'.eh l'rc.tli\t'jrlaii tnmi.stur who nmrrii-d a cuiiplu n( hiv ni-iU; |niri.-liiun. ern lull i xci'i-tlinjily d^U>uice.itud cm Ins n.-king iho liiiile«rooiii if he wne willing ui iiihw the wicinuii fur his wifu, l.y iii» suni ttih in t! hi'* ''Hint iinil suviiit':"Av, Tin wuiiin', but I'd niiaer buo liorbis« ler." Sore 'I liroot m particularly liivoraliln io ibo contrac- lion ol Dl|)hilierin, Hc(ul ibf wnnnnjr, >md uso Dmbys I'ltipliyinuilc Fluid, It ul ojico allay* this inti unniHllun ul the ihruat, aiibii'iio* the |iuin ami eivtiH uernmni'iit rwlief, Ii pmniDllV i»«d iffc'omiill)' dn-tiovB nil L'oniiiuiuii »n<l itipbttiLiiilu Kfinm. It IK a MifcKiuiMl . |.'flinnt |li|ihiliniiii, anil ulionld IIH used . n tlie In si ^'iiipiouu ul noi'0 iliroat us u lir gie tu tb B wk *»• CnltlTnllnn of Ctjrn, . . D'lfedtbr Lhsi4nby,.ln'^btiilelln ' from tho Ohio cxiwrlfiient station, says that tho results of tho station experiments for tho post two yenrsproTO beyond « doubt that tho yield of corn, la frequently Iqsscncd by tho too frequent and Improper uso of tho cultivator, but rightly used Its value Is almost boyuml computation. In the capacity ,of n root pruner It. often worlca Eorioua harm, and deep cultivation of Rrowinij corn ohotild only bo practiced within certain limits nnd performed wlih caru nnd jtulgment. It la probable that root pruning la only military \rhero thcro In nu abundance of moioturo in tho coil. In of drought ho believes no practico tun work greater injtiry, and that with corn, ns \vlth many other crops, deep cult- tux 1 nhonld come Iwforo planting rather than after. Tlio after cultivation should be moii! and more shallow as the corn Increases in slzo. Clover liny for Sliocp. When iiheopilmvp clover hay, snya ns hlglt nuth(;rity an V. D. Curtis, they will not have tho utrt'tt'lies, its clover keeps the bowels from becoming constipated; nnd for tho i«:mc reason they do not need lln- socd meal, which they should always linvo If foil on timothy hay. Thin does not agree with nliccp, and nhould always ho fed In connection with roots or linseed meal to offset ita coiiBtipatiiirj effect. I'ltetN of Inturrst tn Farmers. If hens lay soft shelled eggs give them plenty of gravel and oyster shells or crushed bones. IAWVCS raised with half their bulk of fresh baru yard manure nnd I itrncd ovor n few times previous to using, are employed by crime gardeners to furnish a uniform heat hi the hot bed, ProfesEor Henry urges farmers to Rive more oats to young stock, colts ns well as calves. There is no food, says he, that BO corrects acidity of the stomach and keeps tho whole system in order when fed m moderation. If you .have any doubts nbout sitting hens being free from lice, dust them on tho nest with pyrethrum powder. Remember that land plowed when too wet becomes cloddy and troublesome. Do not fail to nso disinfectants freely in cellars, especially where vegetables are stored. Copperas water is a good disinfectant. Flower of sulphur, burned f\ a shovel in a. cellar, destroys fungus growth. Greatly Excited. Not n few of the cit ; z->ns of Alton have recently become greatly excited over i lie asionishintr incis, t lint several of i heir friends who hail been pronoun- ceil by ihi'tr physieinns n<» im-nrnble and beyond all liopo— Mifforinji with Hint (trended tnontter CoiiMimplion-- Inive been completely cured hy Dr. King's New Discovery lor Consumption, tha only rwnimlv Unit does p euro a!I throut nnd lung LViiHh-', Colds, Asihmn anil Bronchitis. Trial bottle free nt G. Marsh's drug store, large bottles SI. Wonderful C'nrcs. VV. D. Hujt & Co., wholesale nnd relnil diugtjiMs of Home, G;i., s»y: We have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery, Klcctrio Billers and buckienV Arnica Salve for iwo years. . Have never handled remedies that fell as- well,or give Mich universal piitisfucllon. I here have been some wonderful cure.'; effected by medicines in ibis city. Several cases of pronounced Consumption hiivo been entirely cured Uy use ul a fuw bottles of Dr. King's New Di — eovory.iaken in conneotion wnh Electric Bitters. We. guarantee lliem H|WH)>. Sold by E. Marsh. muhldwltu BncKievs Arnica Snife. The Best Salve <n the world for cuts, bruises, sores,:..jers, salt rheum, I'evai sores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains, oorns and all SKIII eruptions and positively cures piles, or no pay required, (t is guaranteed to trive perfect satis- inction, or money refunded. Price 26 oests per box, F«r sale by K. Marsh, Alton, 111 uiehTdwlm St. LOUIS & L'uuirul Illiuois. The products Hint the St. l^ouis & Central Illinois railroad will be extended trt>m its presentttnninuitttdrafioii 10 tni< Pity are said to bo good. The irip up the nvor by boat will be enjoyable to passengei>, but the coinpan) cannot, tiffurd io be shut ou v > ot M Lnuid dui'ing the portion of tlio yeai when inivigaiion H i-uspeniled oi< Mceninii of ici.* in tliu MIssisaipiii— St. L. Railway ftty ster. Buttled the I'liystcliiua. ' liURKK iMKDICINK CO., Qilllicy, III: — t let; li I'd VHIl- Wllitu 1'llle Bnlsam, U! 11 coiit:!) nnx'iire ut very greet value. 'I'bii benetii, dm ived by my wile, Iroin n.- use, place.8 it with inu fur in advance ot all oihor.s. For M-vein I years t>he hail heen seiiously tilllicied with a c that gave u- much' alarm; it hail b the bkill ol the phyriuians and congli i-eine.dius, until L cunululed noibin^ would avail in her citco. Directly afiur coming to Q-nnuy, on voin recoinnu:nilaiion, she cuiiiinuiiced using your BnlMiin, and it has ncteil like n uliann, tniieuiiir Iho cough, aiid'ieiiiov- HiiT entiiily i lui Miruni'HH fiom her lungs. U'u keep it cun-tanllv in <mr buu-e.— .1. B. Ford, 1'nslor M. U. cburcli, Uuah- Vllle, III. U-u Cresslor's Wild Mose Tooth |'nw- del 1 Inr cleiiii>il)L r ili« leelh. Pritie 2ft';. IXKALLllil.K CUUK I'UK COtJOI-la WM Wlilll.l 111(1^1 |lu-,|liVely MlllUlll:! no reinedv has ever tiiul will) nul nuiviM'sitl H ui-facilon or eiui lie mini luiihriillv s:iid IM u iiii.-iiivi! curu thai Burks' White I'mi- B>ilaiitli. SUCiAU. A new riipcov. M, l.mlo Apricot I'ills en.sier t'l Hike ilinn i-ugar and lit' nun lieiieliuiiil. Sum cure for neuraiglii, lieiiiliiehe lienrihum, dyspepsia and bail biralli. Try t/ieui. T. L. FOULDS & CO., Tf> A. n. J10K1XNBY 4 CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. STJJLL SLO1* FtUt 8ALHJ. MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict rogsrd to Pnrlty, Strength, and tlcnlttifiilneee. Dr. I'rlco'a Bukinn Piiwdorcuntalnp noAmm,<nlii,Llmd,AluiiibrPlinfpliftt08.Dr.l > rlco'i Kxtrucls, Voulllo, Lemon, etc-, flavor deUdoualy. WHIPPLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, URliEEMKNTlNQ THIC JOLLOWtNG First-Class Ins. Co.'s: ln». Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladelyhla; German American; Nortb British and Mercantile, Louden; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, JVlaucheHtcr, Epg Continental; Glrard; GleuH Falls, , Amercan. Central; Firemen's Fund, Western AsBuraitte Co. AMD OTH1E18: A CASH CAPITA) IN TUB AGGREGATE OFj $2Q,000,OOO.j WB ALSO ttJJPRBHKNT TiH Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Ltf< and Accident lno. Co..Uartf>rd. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and StateW For Runt. f Two-story house and iwocl Btablo'on Com' moil titruut. onod iriilr. { W1J1ITLK & 8IILRY. For Sam, I Seven lota with K'i"'l brick dwillmf and niituulld(ng-,ln i;nSil repair, In Upor Alton. Itiwidi'ncn ot (!. E. 'Uillliin, nnil ktfwn as tlio Men-Ill property. U'lUi'I'LU A siLEY, A) b. VV. Uol ton, or I uliet, ITppir Alton.| 1-orIUut. A two-stor}' brick dwelling knwn as tlio A. 1'lutt liomu»touU. Lately nn- (I wood 10 For oule or neut.C A desirable tenement on Blutf afoot, owned bv 51 r» i). J.IJutio. For biu* S Tho Into residence)! ol J. i. id W. B. Ultcholl, on Mill at., two o. u <• bet plocoa 01 ruHldenoe property In Altor. Ija property known aa''Tliu 1'urK, eimtot alive; 14 lotf on Jllll and Summit streets, airj jnumbor o) ots In Mlllor * Mitchell's addltid to Alton. \nv or all o! above at a K"'»t baiuln. W?. I SMILEY. for otue. The Morrtman proportv on Sfie strce In Miller & Mlcliolf'a add., to Alti. IX story hoiiae, Sroouiaand out-buildln Can be had at a biv For -ale. t A IX story fruuao dwulllng.Sorner Fe and Kiliii atredts. I>u»lrn)ilo noHlileuces ti Hnle. A twobtory brick dutillliiK ofatBifl street kno»n no A. I'lutt liuincutouj lately put 'u (innd venulr. A two story (linu awulllnii on Main gtrant, nearly now.jA two Ntory i'Huk dwelllnx on Soviouli utre, all (or Hale i u BacrtllJ». ownnr htivlnu .rtoldud to ur « . . WllIl'l'lil&SMlUJY Kor Hale. , The Woodroof property. As- ntory frame nouse ol 8 rooms, on Fifth anoAlton streets, it 4 room frame house on Fi'thtrni't, WHIPPIAPMILEY. For Sale, ": A convenient farm of ISO aqri, most all Ir o iltlVHtlon; sltiiatod on tbojtbalto road, tn'i"» Ti»m Alton. ti Fur Male or Itrn' The a-story Irmiiu (IwolllniJvHIi 0 rooms, Including 7 lotn: uood bttrn.nd fine liulta known as the MchoU hoifiiteiid, -Ituated •in idtli »t., In a dcBl-uiilo nettiboi hood. B AHM1I.EY. For Kulit.j-; . A two story brick dwolllng^own nsthn A. I'lutt huinenicad; Uiuh puclKood repair. c<Mti.bY Kor Mai*!' A 7-ioom bil3)idwiilllnif ai out biilldlnK» nn Thlid atrcut, between Oli<ry and Vim-. _ Wllll'l.i-. a S.M EY. for Hunt. Good ».r"om brick housrinh nb»nt4 acre* of Kiiiunil.liifliiilliu .•orc.iH'wIn Upper AH>ni. fonnur residence ot Dr. Iliibnr . _ WUM1.EJt SMILEY. For U««t Lalo roHldr'nce ol M. .). lonun on State itret't. known u» ib» A, Vlt place. vioodH ••omit bilck Innifi'. In Hrxtoha lup'ilr. "Mfl.K.Y. Ilitve for H'rvlce, twrf «l«lnriul slron, Ji'r- 'V mid llirl'lcln, xcivjiiee fur eiilMH, ^0'. , , lllil-trlli \n |., nn l|lll[iin|liUH hill), Uul ht'tntlr.e, owntrl l.*v Miv^'veu-.of Me,v York; took .(7-Vi prciiiiuin ,a St.nnl,, lint lull. Oui'd l« thuiy iiKintlu old uilM ovur mvctuuutt liouUnid wul^iit. T 14d*w i J 1 w ii MI.I tw RAILWAY ,,.TIMr UU10AUO ALTON. , On and *ft«r Sundsy. Nov. I4tb, lP«6,,trftln» on the OhloPgoRud Alton ralli-OBd.WlUT«»v» tut Uilton Depot, Alton, Mnndatd tttne, nt foUowi: tor OhloMto nod the Batti ..... OhicagoHaU'... ............. ... ...»:«! ajq Chicago ALCOinmiHlBtion* ...... , .tipop, 10 Ltthinmir Express* ...... ,. .......... unop.m Peoria and Rook Island Fatit LJuot,9:Ou m tn For jRckdonvlUn, Koohak, Qulaor, Kao« |BII» Oltj.nnd all poluU we*t, , , . Kansas City Mull* .. .. ..... B:00 a. in, . DonverBzniusst ...... , ......... ...7:05 p.m. JavhHOUvllle Aocoil>modatlottt». ' .n St. Ltmli t LlKhtnluK Express* ............. ...0:46 a,m' UhluaKp Accommodation* ......... U:30a. m Alton Special I .......... . ........... 12:06 p. Ul rttlnagoMiUlt. .. 0:80n. m TRAINS LKAVK 8T. LOOTS UNIOW DErOl FOH ALTON, • HBO rum. jeoop. tn. • »* Mp. in. . , »7 Mp.m. (3 46 a, m. Sundays only). •Dally iKicoptSunday. ... ,, 8. D. HKKTK, sup't. <Jt. Louis Division O. Q. NOBHIB, Tiokiit Airvnt. OH1CAOO. llUn^lMGTON AND ljtjlj(0t. TriuiiB Icuvo tlie Union Depot, Alton follows: Oiilng Northt Express (except Sunday)... . 8:98 a, m NlRht Espr«8B 7:05 p.m W. W. AllNOLD. ,' JQSttfll JAWitETT'8 LIVERY STABLED raONT STKKKT. UKTWKKN ALBY AND KASTON. ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Estate of llermnn Konlnmnu, debtor! Tho iinderHiunud lieiirdv gtvi>B notice that ««rmHii Kvgriiiiunn.ot Alton, Intlie «onnty of MiiUtBon and Btitto o( Illinois, did, on tlii Utbduvot F«b.. A. UvlW, tranVler'™ thS underultmed, as iisoiKni-n. all hid uronertv real and pemonnl, lorllio b.-iiont ot Ills ored. Itoi'K, BCi-nidlnw to tlie pruvl»lon< of the not oonoernlUK axalKnnientt. .).,.•;., All iiersons liuvlnjj oUtms aKalnnt tlio osld Burman Id Koimann «re hereby notitletl to prt'Buni such olulniB'under uath.or atUrmn- tlrn, to 11,0 at inv store,on thecorni r ot I'Ulrd and i-ianaAtruvis, tlton.ln mUd county, with- In thro* months Iroin i hin data. JUittedPeb loth, 1887. •,„ ( ,, JOHN DOW, Aieldneo. JOHN J. nRBMiOLT, Atty. foblWflw Chancery Notice. STATE OF 1LUN01-5, ) ao 0,.unty ol MaUiaon. J s8 ' , Olrcutt court ol Madinon conuty, March terki A.1J. 1887. , . ,. . ' , , lliiury u. I'rleet, surviving partnir of Henry C. Swui'tuur. ilectiiisoil, lam partner* unaor ' tho i.iiniH ol S*eetbor anil Priest, vs. David It. Sparks, Anna t •. i^nurkH, hla wire, Wcs- \vy Ue»t. thu Alton National Bank, thn D. U J-imits MlilliiR ooinpaiiy, Albert Wad* and Krank K. Mlliinr. In tihancury. Notion IB hereby given to thu Bali Wesley Best that Hie above named complainant iinrutoloiit (lleil Inn bill ol cotnplulut In Bald court, nn thu chancery aldu thereof, and that a guiuinnna thereupon IBKUOU-. out ol snld court nicuinBt thu abo\u named defendants, returiiHblt on tliv Hrst u>y <i»tbe turio of th» clrcultcourt ot MmU-on ci unity, to beheld at court honao In hdwanlevlllo, In uulu Madison county, on the third Monday of March, A.D, 1887, "H la by law required, and wlilcn suit la bUH ptiidlng. HObEHT UAQNAUHll, . Olt-rk. WISE A DAVIS, Oompl'U Sol'n. jatkl7w TO ADVERTISERS For a check lor f20 wn will print a tun-lino adverilHtmicnt In Onu Million Isauon of leadlilt: Ameruim N'ewBp .purs. TLiN la at the rate of only ono llUli ol accnc a llno.for l.OuOclrou . latlonl 1'hu advurtUeine.nt will bo placed beloro One Million UIKVKKBNT nowsnutier R iirclia-ura:— 01- KIVK JIILI.IO.N HKAUEUS. Ton HUB will ac' oniniodatu about 75 words. Ad- dread with copy of ailv and clieck, Of aonrt 10 centa lor book ol 17B pa. ec. U1JO. P. UOVV- KLL, & UO., 10 Spnico St., N. Y. W AN'TKD — A live, pnorgetlc man, to represent u", $7.1 per moi t li and expenses. UiHuiH otitnio; ever? one bnya: omflt f JsTA.'.DAUDBlLVlCIlWAUKCo., Boston. _ oc29d3m L ADIES wanted 'o«et up Tea Clubs for our Pure Teaa and Ooffues. A host of useful Hnlcles to select tri<m as promluuiH. Send lor illnntrated 1'rtee anil I'remtuin Llat. Bra cut. OFKBit: to every TENTH pen-on tbatan- Bwure'ililaadveritroineiit, wo will tend rHK* ore pound choice Ti-a. Addrcaa NAT'L 1EA 4UOF1TKE DO., Itoa'oo, MasK. oc29dHm W. J?'. ENSJUNUER, Plain and Decorative AU WORK PRHMPTLT ATTKHD&D TO AT LOWEST TERMS. . OKFIOH AND SHOP ON SECOND -ST.;-NEAR" PIASA ALTON. ... ELI/ JOHTV BAUER, DEALEn IN AND MANITFAOTUIIBH) or FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, AL.TONT, ILL. All IrliHs ol rtno anl common tnrnltur 9 ronatuntly on hand. Also undrrciker, eto. l^ucas Pfeiflehbefger ARCHITECT, GENERAL HUPKRINTEXDENT DRAUGHTSMAN, Oflico on Third Bt.,ono door west of, ti'lrd floor. J, SUITER & SON, FLNB AXD CORTMON FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock Alon DO NOTiFAJL TO: GIVE US A /^ BEFORE PURCHASING, ' State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILi4,

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