Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 1, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1887
Page 3
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'"VVi'^Jfy; ' BUT quality Of Shirting ftotty n*w Jtytoi tea 60, Bovunim & Co'i. Print* at ti. TUESDAY KVE., MAKCH 1. wo TTrtT TIT?W fit 8ooona •trnet.near JELVs JjJvjEJJQI Oi corner ut Henry -FOB- FINE STATIONERY, Such aa Crane's Flora'. Whlilnu'a Standard " --•'-—- "— ' -• Hnribut'B Freno'i Lintms, Kollpw; KdKO. Balmoral llu^Ked Kane, Kllte Kngited Ud n _. ------Linen, Urifflil's I.mon, Turkey l.nlil Linen, j'-noh Blow, Uikadii, Ohtirred Kline, ,0i-uaiu i _; . 4*_„„!•...~ tin*.* iiMfi u i<is*tgg t^Bi'Cirtnioiit 'iic ow, , Lni.l. Mourning Not«, and » «.t lUuminub'd and Decorated UunnlBOH's Wax and Seals <n^Stattongjy. Mallonury. School Tablet* decOdwIy PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! C.JEAP KOn OABIl ON TIMB PAYUXNTS Ratios and Oruans tuned and repalrun 8t w- •UK Maohineg ropalmd Bu11l ' B.lnOH. • . A!n»lo Deiler. Third atront, nearly oiii Halle, Alton 111. decOd wly WATCH KKW 7 MKu'rD.'HKriKAMf'S, Al! hinds of Fancy, Hand mttde, Knit andOro- ta tBOOUs.Hood8.Tobagnans and Hits. Men'* .*cni s and Fascinators at very low prices. Al-o Dressmaking. I'luln and Family Sewing an I Btamplnn D ni>. Dome and give un M call. Don't lorget the p'ace, deiOrtwly GREATEST BARGAINS I . Crandall's Crockery Store 203 THIRD ST., WKARLY OPPO'ITB BELI.K. A Fine Assortment of Beautlfal Most durable CHINA ware mad •. 6 patterns of Thin Cups and Saucers; Thin Plates and Fruit Saucers; Burry Saucers,, and Shell Ico Creams; Thin Meat and Vegetable Dishes; Bone Dishes, After-dinner Coffees, And offered at half the price of Freuctt China for thirty days. " ntepBperlik**! OB fllesit tie office <xf ADVERTISING _. AGENTS SsBUILijQ MR, 1 PHMfBHft titttk wide hfl&yr Penangs in 40 new «, itt M. J^Bowman * Co'c, t_ W* are showing some very pretty ttyleis medium and dark dress satins at 12 l»2c per yard,—11. J, Bowman & • Co. . . : SPRING styles of those very popular Century Cloths are DOW on tale at U. J. Bowman & Go's. • FOKTY pieces Crinkled Seersuckers in choicest patterns, at H. J. Bowman & Go's. '' ••: •-,' ,-'•'.--. ' • PALMICR Seersuckers, Toll! Du Nords Dress and Domestic Ginghams In great variety, at H. J.> Bowman & Co's. W« are showing » complete stock ofi Spring Woolens for dross goods.includ. ing double width Cable Twll Is at 16u ;40 inch cashmere at 260; also Novelty Kab'rios ol both foreign and domestic make.—U. J. Bowman & Co. INCUR Silk Department we are showing Surahs, Oros Grains and Khadamtis In overy hew and popular sharfe. In Blank Silks we ,are offering some splendid values in Oros Grains, Surahs, llhadames, Faille Francaise and; Brocades.— U. J. Bowman & Co. IK VKLVKTB we are prepared to ebow Stripes and Freize Novelties, Plain Silk Velvets a'nd Plashes in every shade. Plain acd Striped Velveteens', and new colors in the popular Dress Corduroys. ~H. J. Bowman & Co. WK CALL special attention to our Black Goods. Large additions have been made tothU Department during the lust-two'weeks and we are prepared to show every'real good standard fabric and many novelties.—U. J. Bowman & .GO. . " .' •.'''•';• .'.•-.• , ,• In OUB Flannel Department can bo found every quality and width of Whin Flannel in all Wool and Domet, also many pretty styles, Striped Sacque- Ings, Tricots and Albatross, in all the popular shades.—H. J. Bowman & Co WE ABB prepared to show a complete line of: Spring Hosiery. We have retained all the old favorites and added many new lines. lu Fabric and Kid Gloves we show ail the popular make- including plain and embroidered backs, dressed and undressed.—H. J. Bowman * Co> _..: IN OUK Shirt Departmentyou can find a real good white shirt for 50c and the best made for $1.00, also Penang. shirts, fine pleated Dress shirts, Night shirt i- and all sizes in Boyo' Laurel Shin Waists.—H. J. Bowman &Co. »r for ttM!>Mf )897 »» ihaSl ctuttf* ti*fol- towing met tor trwutent UMIOM ta oar loml column*: Jtnglt inwrttoft Slow. ) STHEET. Uardwara . BATES or AUVEBTHINOI utttj-JWTT vfM* p«r Inch tret In- MMton, and TWKNTr-Firs mnta p»r inch for mob tub* qu«nt Insertion. $3 per tooh first mouth, |l.M per Ineh e*ch month thoreaf ter '••••' IJMJAL ADVSBTIBIKO! fl per Inch for the first Insertion, and BO cent* per inch for emth subwquenl Insertion. 4V Abovn rule* will be iti lolly adhered to. TUB DAILY TELEQttAPH !• delivered by onrrier* to all purtu of ihueltyol Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents per week. Mailed to any addreM at the rato of SB 90 p«r year. THK TKLEUIIAPH baa tlut large.t circulation of any paper in. Alton, and to the beet medium for advertisers. "OORHJIB TM1H1) AND PU8A ITBBBTS. T«L»- PIlOMBNo.Sa. .-.'•' ••..-' SKVKM deaths reported in two days have alarmed the citizens of Bullevilli g Beautiful new Table Linens, Stamptd Guodn, Napkins and Doilies, at Pieraon A Carr Dry Gondn Uo'a. it You will make no mistake ^If you order LaBelle fluur, and see that you getlt.S ________ 246 Money to loan on improved real estate. .Apply to Rndersbausen & .! Third street. dtf • ' 1 , TH« Ptosa Woolen Mill has resumed operauons with the opening of spring, and will, doubtless, continue without 1 further nterruption.- FDMEIAL NOTICE— The" y I. T. Burnap will take plaee Mrs. Lu Tbursdajf afternoon, March SJ, at 2 o'clook,irora the residence of her eon, Dr. Bamap in Upper Alton. Our Dross' Goods Stock is complete, at Piersin & Carr Dry lioods Co's. It ice—F.mihes supplied at 6C cents per hundred; saloons, We; butchers, bICKEL&SON, HARRY JOHNSON. 25o. 286 SPARK mill is all ready to resume operatloi and will commence grind mg whea to-morrow. This iion of bi me« will be a j illifioivtlon to nil Captin Sparku'friend*. The mill will empljr a quite large number ol hands. I A comptite line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wir,-lately received, by H. C. (}. MoritzJTbird street. 20if A unlve of cigars,: lia are tbe al remark by every smoker einiuger's Fig and Magno- est cigars in the market. ELECTK —The election for Clerk 1 1 the City I urt is in progress today, in iheseverakards, but Is exciting little interest anjonly a light vote is being polled. Th candidates are Men>r-. .lobn W, Ah and E. J. Noonan, 'Jhe polls close 17 o'clock. Fresh Peas and LaBelle screening Go's. nned Asparagus, French [shrooms, at Connor'^, dlt Jur, bran, sbipstuff and the Alton Holler Milling 24 6 luriNKTT—Judge Coolev, recuiver of t! Wabiish east of the Mis- sisslppi, hasbpointed Geo. B. Burnett his attorney jr the State of Illinolc, irs at East St. Loui*. i formerly of Edwards- with headqu Mr. Burnett ville. Crandall's street, for !hloa Dinner Crockery Beautiful Sen, jun 1 2 wit Call at C. Store, 203 Hand Paint received; AVonK will on Mr. Hflnry store on Secol street, north side, twecn Plasa al State streets. J. A. Cooluy hai thkontraot for the brick work; Nixon (Harris the carpenter work; J. Kolbkm plastering; W. F. Bnsinger, palmg. mmence in a day or twt. lenhauo' two story brick Having resu d o|i«r»iiunthe Sparkc Milling Uo. wijurnlsh cnslomers with their popular (electric Light" 11.un delivered free Big bargains all parts of the cliy. mldwlm [Bankrupt sale-Biohi- 25 3 TUB Alton Uriam and Stone Ba'- last Co. is dev'tbing Into a big con- o.irn. Iw quarijs a scene of bu«y life andHCtiviiy. llmplovs 64 men and load* 20 cars pe lay from its steum oru«her with bkst for the C. & A. road. Tim oiinihy could load a sir! •nrj>er number u|ar* if It could get them. Blun graes, Cljr.Timnthy and all kinds of garden Outordlng's ods at Selhold & 17 d2w w4t r* Buy your Hardlid Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and ^iha bent. Office at Mook'H I'harmann'hlr.l street, and In Job's new block, jrnor Second and ilunry sts. Teloiih^a Nj'a. 21 und (4. d7m The building occupied by Mr, Win, Sleia aa a hurdware store on Second street, south side, between Piasa and State atreeto, wai entirely destroyed by fire about 8 o'clock thh morning. A number of men, under tbe direction of Capt. True Dodge,were engaged at the hour mentioned in loading the steamer Hudson with flour from Stanard's mill and were among the first to discover that the building was In a blaze. The alaiin was given by tbe Hudson's whistle and In a short time locomotive whUtlen, bells and human voices joined in the chorus until pandemonium reigned and thousands of people wnre aroused from their slumbers. About the time that tho Bre was seen by tbe' men on tho levee, Mrs. Geo. D. Hayden, whose residence is just across tbe street /romMr. Siem'n store, heard,the noise of falling glass and saw an unusual I'ght. bhe aroused Mr. Uayden ami when he went 10 his window he found the panes of glass so hot that be could scarcely lay his hajd on them. Tbe burning building was then a seething miss of fire inside but the flame., had not yet broken through tbe roof. In the meantiuje Mr. Harden got out a few sections of hsse that he had in read* Iness in his establishment, but the nozzle was missing. Before the firemen were on band, within about five Blnuteh nfter tbe alarm, the Immense building collapsed, tbe supporting columns and wall* gave way aud the whole structure fell inwardly with such a noUe that many thought that an explosion bad taken place. It was a complete wreck, crushed out of all form, a mere mass ol iiricks and mortar. Stinard's ware, house, which adjoined Mr. 8i«m'<i store •m the west, was badly damaged, the division wall being destroyed, a large partof thereof and a portion of the rtoor cru.-bed by falling debris. Tbe liieman did good work in saving tbe warehouse from the flumes after the brick building had fallen. Mr. SiemV store contained a large *tock of goods, three stories and the cellar being used for storage. On tbe upper floors and - in the cellar were •voodtn material for cartlages, wagonc md buggies, patent wheels and other articles that tended to make the building a furnace of intense heat.whici, Accounts for the total collapse which took place so suddenly. In Gov.Stanard's warehouse were 600 barrels of flour a large proportion ol which were damaged by water, smokt- and heat. Fortunately several hundred barrels of flour had just been taken out, the work of shipping being in progress when tbe tire broke out. The insurance was as follows: The building, which was the property ol Messrs. Toppiog Bros., was insured with Rudorshausen & Sonntag, in the Guardian of London, Eng., «5,000; Kite Infurnrce Association, London, $;l,000j also on the stock $2,000 in the City of lx>ndon. McKinney & Hewitt had t2,000 on the stock and $1,000 on furniture and futures m the Home, ol New York ; and $1.000 in the Fire As. tociation of Philadelphia. Wblpple & Smiley $1,000 in the Hartford; and *UOO in the Franklin of Philadelphia, •in ihe stock. Mr. MtPike has $1,000 •m the stock in the London and Liverpool. The total insurance on the building was $8,000; on the stock, furniture and fixtures, $9,600. It is estimated that this will not cover the loss. McKinney & Hewitt had $2,600 on the stock in Stanard's warehouse,$1260 in the Germania,$1260ln the American. I'hu warehouse was insured for $1,000 in iho Traders of Chicago, $1,600 in the Illinois Mutual, with Mr. Frank Fisher. Kudurshsunen & Sonntag also had m- •uranco on the warehouse stock of $1.006 in the Pho3nix,$l,600 in the City >'t London. Mr. Slem was away from home on a business trip and received a telegram u Girard thU morning conveying the •istounding news that hU store was H heap of ruins. UP came home on tb.- 9:80 a. in. tram and found the newt- too true. He bad been making preparations to immediately commence the *oik of connolldatlng hi* twoHores by removing thu goods from ihn room he ..uuupies on Third btreel to the building |u>t destroyed. The burned building was a large haiidaonw, dmiblu brick, three stories high, and built for the hardware trade with cpecial reference to strength and durability. It wa» one of the flncn and most complete store buildings in the city, and un ornament to Second atieet, It WftS tilled with a complete ctor-lt of hardware, cutlery, agricultural implements, carnage and w«g«n material, etc., all of which U a total loss, and the value of which will (ar exceed iho insurance. Mr. Slem is, 1 ! as yet, unable to figure ou tba lost at the «af* oomnininc the bookn Is still In the smoking ruins, Thure is complaint that the water works did no', render good service ht first.tbe «ti earns being feeble and insufH- * M , .^. . , _ clolil. Good servicJ was rendered, latei however, in saving mi|oiniag ptopc'riy, »«v«rel bmldlngs oatohiog flr« from Iparkt during the •onfligratlon. Tht fir* was Us* moil §«noui OB* «• perlenwd here for year* and much lympathy is expmied by the lowr* of tho calamity. DEATH OP W. W. WAUOOHIiB. Mr. W*. W. Waggoner, a respected oilitan of Godfrey, died at hls.residence In that pliioe, yeiterday afternoon at 8:80o'olock. lie hud been in feeble health for yeara and for tbe latt ilx months was oouflned to hii bed. Hli disease was softening of the brain. The funeral takes place at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning from the, family residence. NOW WE DEYOT1 ATTENTION TO STATIFAIB. To-morrow tbe bill permanently locating the State Fair will come up as a special order in the lower House of the Legislature. This measure is creating considerable interest in some portions of the State. Chicago, Peoria, Btoomington, Decatnr Springfield and Olney being applicants for Us looavion. Peorla and Ulney bare delegations In Springfield, while tbe other localities are expected to have strong teams in their interests upon the ground by to* night ID ihs interest of the people at large the fair ought to be permanently located at cither Springfield or Deoatur. Instruct your grocer to never send you any flour but the LaBelle brand. ' 246 A NEW Swi»DLB-"P. J. Marsh. Treasurer of the 'Colorado Milling and Mining Co."at Black Hawk, Co)., turns out to be a fraud. He in the man who wrote to .Dr. Garvin some weeks ago Dialing that an unknown man was kill* ed in one of their mines on February 1, that in his pocket was found the address and name of the Doctor, that the dead man had 2day-i' pay due him(tmonot- in£ to f6). that the funeral expenses were f 18, which the writer, who signed tbe name of "P. J.' Marsh" paid—that the dead man lelt a trunk full of cloth- tng, etc., a revolver, a bhot gun, a eold watch and chain, Pto., etc., all valued at not less than flOO, and that If ibe party addressed would remit the fuui paid by him over and above the'f 6 due the dead man, to-wit: f7, he would at onoe forward to him the effects oJ deceased. If not acawered by Mirob 1, said effects would be sold to tbe highest bidder. The Doctor of course did not "bite" but sent the letter to a friend in Denver, and to-day he received a copy of the Rooky Mountain News exposing the swindle. Marsh, whose real name is J. H. Nevatt, proprietor of a second hand store in Denver, engineered the scheme, had Ietter»beadd printed and wrote letters all over the country. He received numerous replies, enclosing 47,00 each, and was living in clover when the P. O. inspectors dropped on his game and he is now behind the bars. E m b r o i deries, AND Goods, A Variety; WOOD TOOTH-PICKS; MUSTARD PIASTERS; SPRING PAD TRUSSES; COR1S AND BUNION PLASTERS; THERMOMETERS, GOGGLES, BIRD SEED, etc., etc. Marsh's Drug Store. Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLKA 8MILKY. COLLECTOR—Mr. Jno. P. Kuhn, formerly the popular delivery clerk ID the post riffce, is in the field an a candidate for township collector at the April election. He is well-fitted by clerical training and experience lor the posi> non and has a host of friends who will rally to his support. Useful and Hurtful Mcdlolnes. There In a certain class of reinedloe for constipation absolutely useless. These are boluses and potion* made In great part o pod-pliyilln, aloia, rhuhaib, gamboge, and other worthless ingredients. Tho damane they do t • tbe stomachs of those who use them is Incalculable, They evaoitatu the bowel*, It Is true, hut always do so vlolenty and jHofunely, and besides, gripe tho bowel*. Tim r effect 1 to weaken both ibein and (lit aiomach. Betli-r far;to u- o tho'BRm-able and kaluiaiy ai i-i-lvnt, Hostutlei'H Moumoh lilt turn, .ho Inx tivtt u<fe»t ol which it nevei nri'C»-di d l>\ |-ain, or accoinranled by a cnii- vul-lvn, violent Hctlon nf th-< bo«ul». On the cimirai-y, it tnvli(orate< thoi-ooruani, tin- Btoim ch und the civile hy f m. As H mcan> i>i i nriiitr uii'l previ>ntinK ranlurlal f mi'dl 1m- can i nmpuru with It, and It rwiie- illu. iii rvoun ill bllliy, rlieuniutlsin, kldnoj anil bluadtr inuvtlvfiy, auU other luorgnulc ANNOUNCEMENT. WeauthO'lzod to announce ADOH'H IN- VKKN as a candidate tor A=b«d»or at tbe en- sulnit townnhlp clHcllon. Wo are amhnrizud to announce JOHN P. KUIIS us** cund'date for Township Oulloc- lor. Blfoilon Tuesday, April ftih. We nre authnrUod to announoo JOHN W, AO|| as a candidate for OUirlc of the City Court of Alton, at tbe election Tuosduy, Mai oh 1st, IWf. Wo «rn authorized «o nnnonnoe KDWAHI) J. NOO» AN as a candidate for Clerk of the OltyOoti't. Blect'on, TuoDdjy, March Ut. • 'The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and i k olt Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, A.J DpP'PnharHf 532 East Second at, r^.d . J^cgd II IcirU I , ndoor west of Henry GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, ucw. mrliotr c™'. MUifact UU.MUUTT.8St JlrSwawoF, The best for the Money. PARKER'8 HAIR BALSAM E ', ami r lu.ljiu, HINDERCORN8.

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