Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 1, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON i)AH,V TKUflKAfH. B* W. T. MORTON, Oor. Third ana ftium uu*«u, Alton, TUESDAY EVE., MARCH I. Three Selected. A private telegram receued from Waihington by a St. Loal* railway offlolrtl, yesterday, it.ited thai the Prc*l dual has selected three o( the Ore Inter* State Commissioner?, namely, Judtfo Cooler, of Michigan; Congressman Morrison, of Illinois, and Qea. of Alabama. DEATH OF JUUM A. AUTEN. Mr. John Andenton Auten, nn old resident of tbe cuy, died ot ll:St) o'clock to-day, of pneumonia, after n» llluesi of almost a week's duration. It la smd that death I* always unexpected, and It was umuiully BO In this case t<> the community PI larno, as coropum- lively fuw persons bad heard ut Mr Anton's Illness. John A. Auten w» born in Somerset county, N. J., Augus 25th, 18. '6; came to Greono county i> 183", and removed to Alien, where b> has since resided, t)5 years ago. Hi was engaged in mercantile pursur.* during his residence here, being eon* nuctud wit 1 ) the dry goods firms of Ilnw- klas, Auten & Leech, and Auiei* & Uolden. For several month ho had been oa^aged wu ' 1 the tlaagen & Fuess Dry Gjods Co. Hi was universally esteemed and his nam< was a syeonv m of integrity and rectitude. He was devoted lo> his homo and family and diort quietly and peacefully, with the name of his wife on his lip-. being conscious to the last. Mrs. Auloi. bus-been coohned to her bed by Mck- noss for Borae weeks and the last time she saw her husband was last Wedno day, juU before ho was taken down. The sympathies of alt will bj extends to her aud other relatives in their griMi bereavement. Deceased left also thre< children: Edgar, ot Chicago; Aaron O. of SpringliolJ and John, who is «i home. Mr. A. O. Auten has beet- telegraphed for and will arrive th * evening. The funeral will take place Thur-day, at 2 p. m.. from the M. E. church. Messrs. Ed. Phillip* and Elmer Rtr- ledge favor tn with copies of a m>» daily paper, The Journal, ju^t started »t Wiohiia, the /diiltn city of thn zoiiele.-.- plains, or souiutuini; to that effect. Mr. E. U. Prewnt, of Horsey, was in town to-day calling on old friends. KdvrnrUsTlllo's Natural Uas. The orgtuiixit'.ton of the company • i St. Louis business men for the ptiruo • of developing the natural giis wells i Eilwunhvilli', III., wns coiupletfi yesierdny by tlui electmn.of the follow- )ng uflloera and ili>pntoiSi I'resldwii , Tin's, iloward; Vieu President, Jn*. r>. FuHoruin; Traa«urer,T. A. Mysenberg; Secretary, \V. E. Uarns; Directors, K K. Hotton, «. B. (Jruut«, H. I. NiedrltiuhHUs, J. C. Richardson, N. O NeUou, Altx Cumuli and O. A. UitllsV" tine. Tb« (tiiuipnny which was tir- foriued secured the eoiittol m th« Gieitner Oil and GAS company mnd i was afterward found that tho ohitriiji had been forfeited, and Unit a ne-v charter and a now oiiiiipnny we r < necessary. The work of boring is gome oo as rapidly as possible, -and it i thought that t>oa will bu found in lar^> quHiititiHs within a weeK or two. — Si Louis I Exclaimed, "Eureka." I havo bdun tuing Simmons Liym Regulator mysoU *OIUB live yo.ira 01 more, and tay family also, add can testify Irtiin experience to its virtues, 1 nnvcr recuuimund a medicine unless 1 know it to be good. In a minuliy <>i 25 years 1 have often felt tmi need oi suuh mediuinu ami when I tound it I cxulttlniud, •'fcureka."— -K«v. J. P. Ha 1 - pur, Propri«t«»r of (.he Christian. Vtsiiot , Suiuhtiuld, N. C. AUIAMUKA. AUUMBHA, liU,,Feb.37. W Butlnc»» BOiirrondi) have the appearance ol belt g Ul uok by a bltizara ot considerable iu»«ui tude. Tue protracted meeting In tUti place le closed, having sixteen convert*, nearly all o whom connected tliouisi'lTes with the churab. Rev. Dr. Kondrlck went to Kew noughts ami delivered ncvcral loci urea thoie onlbetein- ptrancn quttuon. Ho will, prulmbly, )Ttu it to thU jiluou In tho num- future mill nt*'» llh the tram fl o'acuurte of leuiu'c«, on toiua nopulur uuuj Tt. The llur»« Thle! I'ursutnn BooU-ty mw t- tn-dnv to tmosiicl Ui«lr it-Kulur Liu»tnn»«. l> It mjood tUltm atuliiUouUlu* tucuuniguJt.* much &> poMiblci, \Ve tlilak U would ho to llio mlrnntitgo ol ioin« ol me lariuun) K tlioy wuulU oruunliv h Oacou A I'umutiu S.-olaty (or tlif nrxtauihut ul tltulr imtiko lioum-*. us ine.o Jiivu Ixiuil n KUiubxr i>l rn tl» umilo tiu kuvu uccuily by UIKIUIUUI vloitoio, Pit>ni siK'n person;* yon mny hear that, If ntiy clip ttikvii thy t'ggs out of a' raven'n ni-ot. lioil» thi-m so as to render them hiwpnbh' of Incubation,. and"replaces thoiu. the patvul bhxla will fly to a brook and fulfil thunco a white 8tou« of the (ilzu and shapo of the egga. 'Ihls gtotif, they SHJ-, It plaoos carefully among; the eggs and theu sits ou cgg» and stouo togethur. Tho stone ro- stoi-w vitality to the t'ggs, and, after the bi-otnl Is Hedged atid has* down, It Is li-ft iKiliiiul In the tiost It Uns, how- over, Hitficivd a {rivitt i-liaiigo. It li now M>int-traii«parvnt, aud In every re- .«iwl, oxocpt in weight and hardness, Is I'xtii'tlj- like tin i'gg. If It be placed near any poisoned fotnl the yolk begins to itiovii violently, aiul thti» warns tho fortunate iwssonsor of his danger. The lowing Is even inuru glvut\ to eorccry, It ahvayH dopoitila a stone of the slzo of a pea In UK Host. What «so It Is to thn bird or its family no tinu seems to know, btit if any one (liuls it and plait* it nnili'i 1 ilui jiillnw of a sleeping person he will nnewur tvuvy question that tlws not exiXHtl thu limits of human kmwK-d£t> with j^'rfoct truth in Uii! liingini{,'i> in which It is asked, j Tim nmrveltin* stnvios told of serpents urti itiiuniit-rablo. There is one about :x ynnl in li-nglh uiitl us thick as tho upper part of a strong man's arm,) \vliU<h haunts di-y wooded .places., It is w) vfiioiiious, FMpoclally in May, that I not only will the lirvt pt>rs6n it bites! in that month tlio hlniKelf, but any ono ) who st«nt\8 bwlduNor eotues to help ' him will shiuv tlie siinio fate. If ho fulls boiK-iitli a' tret), that, too. If it bo vory liirg-i', at li-iutt one-half •'of • it will killtnl. Ajrnin, wrpotit* of all kinds »ro very fond of milk. In the old iliiyst. bffore tin- railway was built, a coachman, who uci-tl to drive on the road botwccn .Fojrjpu .and Naples, once foil a.-ilfi')) outvsitlo a littlo Inn while his hows \vfi-o bailing. His montli was ojH'n nntl a snivkn crt>)it down his throat. Afu-r this ho felt limvull, though he.did not know why, and limit; of the doc- U>rs i-onltl (<•)! what WHS matter with him. At ln,«t he consulted the professoi-s (>f the University of Naples, They hung him up by his foot and jjlacetl u grent; bowl of milk beneath his .iciid. The snake, :iltnu-ted by tho iini'll, erejitout to drink,'hut stHl'kept :i grwit part of its- bod\ in _the. mouth ,ind thrtMtt of thu ct>a<Jnnau. A yo\ing .locuir sprang-forwaixl, pulled' it out, tnd threw it away, when it was killed. (t was about two and a half feet in length. After this the patient was as .vt'll us ever.— Saturday AVi'iVio. The bcs! remedy in the world f -r jonm is ••Pt'ilrtiMirn." '1 "The QrMtwt Care on Esrth for P»ln." WUI rallora more qulcklr th»n nn.v other known ran, " a "™ 1 ^ «!}•:, Keuralirta, Swelllu,-,, 8titr .\,K-V, CrulH», Burni, SaUd.i. Cuts, Luraba. go, nearltr. Sort*. FroMJiltM, mrkuctw, Ouln»T, Bore Throat, KclMii-A, VVoiiuilj, Btwdichff, Toothache. Sprains, etc. Price 4SCU. a bottlo. gold bj all c. Uffer Proprietor HBaWluoro. lid., C. K A. Sol* Dr. Dull's ('ouch Syrnp will cnir rour <1l« rhnltln. 1887. Harper's WeeUy. -- • »flrvf\ v ILLUSTRATED. WKKKLT nislntntns its posltior. as tbu icndlUK Illustrated ifwspaper In Amur- cu; und Ita hold u|«m public tote, in aud con- tfdi-ncM was nevei stronm-r than at tin- pros- cut time. Hi-sides ti>e plctnrvti, HARPCK'S -» KKKLV alvra.\scontaln8installmenuofoii>., otcusiomilly of two, ol the beat novels of the day, finely illustrated, with short storlen, pwinii, Bkutche-, and papers (if Important l vurrvnt topics by the moat popular writers. Tlie cure that has been tnccesMi u ly exerclsud in the past to n nke itxitfEHS WEEKLY , sate MS well as H welcome vi»luir to uvury house nold will not be relaxed in thu tutu re. FarVean lv ......... $ i o •tarpei's Mauailmi 4 OC Harper's Putar 4 no Harper's lnunic 1'iople.... S0i llari-t-r 1 ' Fntnkiln i-quaru LlOraiy. one year (53 numbers) 10 CO 'Hrpui'a Handy Boric* one jenr (.2 number.-} ISO I'll tmculreo to all d.bsctlbtirrt luthe Uuituu states or Canada. An l'x«f USITO . It failing to provide the proper means to expel tmm the *ystem ihiuw di»t-a* gorins which cnusn Roroiul«, lndige>>tii>n debility, rliiuiu;i\lsi«, amt sick luvut •••ho. 'I hu only ruliublo moans is Dr. Harter'o I'»n Tun-o. wit A (bauR ol There are two tht>nntH ri>>p<'Ctlng"ili qualihctitions that the cliy i llk-ors to h<- elected this cprlng bhou d powi'ss. At- oordmt; lo the one, the ofliaers should tni such as »ro willing U* upend o'hui puoplti'x nimii'V like water. The otht>r lh«oiv U that nu>n who are patriotic enough to n»k thftrown moiu-y In |iuh lie enterpri»t'» »hnu!d b i tlrfiod. The Ut f r >s tliH KepubhoHU's idea.— Whitt* kail The Volumes of tho Weekly besln with the rtr»t Numb rfur Januurvofea hyear. When no Html n> tnentiuiK-d, i-ubi-clntlons will bi'Kln M-lth iheNuidbercurietitai time \.l receipt id •uler. Hound Volnn.esol I'AHFBR'S WKKKI.T, fnr lirve Vfarx ba, k. In neal c mil blndiiiK, will •ID -IM t by mall, |MI«IHK« paid, or ny expteiui <reeiifr}prns>-lprovlued Ilin'n-lubt d e« 1101 <-M-tii d tine collai )i>'l volume) lot (7 ppr vol. « loth ea»e» for eueb volumii, »u table lot nndliiu, will imcK'Utby uiail, postpaid, on re- M-lpt IM }l eneli. ltvuittt«iiice« ^llould be ma<lo h y ro»lo(Hoe vliin-y m-iluroi Hrxlt to avoid ebm it<n| !>«.<. .NH»F.|)«|«- v ar« nut In copy InU advertl»e netit wivluiut thr vxpruos order ot UK) per A llrotbfl>. Addivs* ll ,t llliOTilEU*. New York. Two Grand Excursions a On March 8th and 22d. Xow Is the Time to Boy Western L>uii da, m f CUT THU O«IT. ' I ThU .li|> will lie ifcolvpd In- a Kxuatn Check KO.X! fnr , Ui. lnca-« v -u , urclm o S«» »vre*. i-r US* In ca«» you inr i SflH uutx-hsw 1*1 aero-, I' prv>-ni »d laUH>». II Idnii, J ., A f. r Wu>i<rn Laud*. Alton, • i f"iu M«r«li »(U and «i. liu't. tlm ilnte* n| till* tiu-at Luidl Kiinr>lon< to Kill-, K»uni-.; For further tutor nation i-all on, or wi.te, CH \B. UOLl'E.V, Jr.. Second at.,uear Uenry, Aituu,Lil. A coiTospondont of tlio Wnslilngton 1 Star, writing of Mrs. Cleveland's mmv itoset, eaysi . Ihoixi thnt tho fair mis* trws of thli' new' {jet will derive na much pleasure frotfl It ns n friend, o, Jiiine In Brookljni, N. Y., tlld from one of these amusing little creatures. It hodtheft-ctHloiuof the drawing-room and library, being never cagea or In any way debarred of Its libc-ftv, Its coziest retreat was just inside the brass fender, where It would lie for hours in winter before the blazing fire, it W , X8 wohdevftilly ctirlotis; peeping into ever}- new thing and turning over the contents of Its mistress' work-baskot, to perch on her shoulder with ht-r warm cheek close to its hcud, or her urn-ess. Ing hand upon its back, was Its grout delight It loved bits of figs, raisins, uuts, and apples, but the sight of t\ tlv »et it wild with desire,' and even tho semblance, a tiny set-up of black rus* hold between tlm fingers, would uxt-lto groat eagerness for,tlie powesgum. A friend sent n little willow cradle, .with miniature blankets, pillows, nud vovt>r- lot, for its use, and ut night, ns well as when disposed to Uvko n i\«p, it urept nnder tlio soft woul and cuddled down, as contauUKtas a child with its testing place. It recognized the vo'ices of the members of U\B hovwehold, nrnl st«>mod to love alxive nil the tender endearments .of. its mistress, who paid it special attention. Accustomed to a tropical climo, it is very difficult' to pro- serve these delicate creatures in our variable temperature* -They feel every change, and uewl to be watched cait>- fully if cue would keep them alive and heathy. . THE BEST TBJNG KNOUTS JTOB - . • . Washingand Bleaehing In Hani or Son, Hot or Cold Water.. MATHS 1ABOU, TIME' antS BOAP 'AJtAr, JSGLV, and gives uiilvuroai. KBtist'ucUas* u- I auUy, rich or poor, Ehonli' bo without It R ,M >>•» Ml Omncm. UETVARF, of imll4U6n I»3U .leoisn«l <c m'" 1 "- "*" '• ^UJfiS « «b P.VLlt SAFE jacv.-_,...« uuinyound, and » >.UJB boors the *0uve KjinlxiL and uaiaa or ACBILD'S Ears aiid Scali> Covered with EC- zciuntous Scabs ami Sores Citruil toy Cuticara. M Ti Httlc son, c(red elvht yuard, nos been af fllulcd with KcCMinn of th" «ci»ip, and at llmos a xriiat portion of the body, uver aline hu wits two yctirs old. »* Inw.n in Ills unr.->, atuKxtended to >iU xca'p,which becuinii env erod with sinus und Mires, and Iroui which « Mtt!k\ fluid puurol out cnuxInK tntento- Itching unit lUstrc-eg, mid leuvlnx hla bud mnttud aud 11 fuless. Uudcriu-mlt thetie-Sculi!- ihunkln WHH rnw, like a pl<-eu ot beefstea GnidUHlly tho hitlf Piitnu nut and WHS d stroved, until but a BIU«I| putch wng l«-fl nt thu buck ul tilt; be«d. Sly n lends In iVitbndt know ho* my Ilitln boy IIIM sutfered. AI uight he woulu scratch Ids lit-ud until Ills pu low WHS coveix-d with blood. I used to tic hla bunds bulilnd bun, nnd In iiiuiiy \vi,)> tried 10 pvuvent hi« suratci \\>g; but it win- no USB. hu Would scratch. 1 t uikliliu to th. hospital and to thu best phv«lctuns In Pea body Without nut-refts. About this linn-, 8i>-i.ii niriinl-, who liud burn curi-d by tin Cutlcttra Ueiueillu , prevailed upon inn t iti> ihcni. 1 began to us • tht-in nil tlm 1 th nl January bint. In seven months every paiti vie ui the disease, wan retuovud. Nm n spnt or »caU remains on his scalp lo tell the slon of hiirufluitiifr. His linlr ha* nt urned, »"'' la tbick and stronp, and IIIH scalp us eweet ind cieun us any child's In tho wnrld. 1 can not say eiiunuh to express my ymtitiide 101 HI!B \voiiduilul cure by thu l.'nticui-ii Kerne- dies, and wlnli all similarly pfmeted to know lliat my statement 1 j HUH and without i Kerailon. CHAKLKS J cKAV, Ort.6,lSS5. 1't-alKv-y.Mi. .. 1 lunctcenMr. SleKny's b"V wln-n biidlj ntlectcd «Itli tin- Et-zi ma. ll« WHH a plillni six lit to look tit. 1 know that he luu trifd our best pbyalclatiK, und did all a liitlii*! c-otild do Kir a MiRrrinn child, but nvailt-d nothltitf. 1 know ih t I|IK Matt'incnis hu hai. made you an rouarda thu curlnK "I bis ho) by v«-iti • t'ttuura Kutu-rll«8 utw tutu In »-ver} particular. \\lil.lA5IJ J'cUAIfl 11V, 33 Foster eticec, 1'eaoudy, Alass. Sold everywhere. 1'rire: imtiourn, 50 cts, rnili-uia auap SA'fiits; CutUtunt i i-solvtitii Jl. I'lt-pniW by 1'otter Urujj and Cheiuiva Send lor '•How to Cure Skin Diseases." A Word about Catarrh. "1-1* tbu nna-iuis tneinlnHiii*. that »onii»v- lul tH-tnl-tluid i-nvt-Uipu HUrriundliiK thu di II- i-atu Us tit-M,! l!io air and Inod paastiKui 4 ,!!)!! 1 Uatairh make* Us siionglioWI. inicc t-ct>tl> lU'itd, it fins Into tlio tt-ty vl'nls, nud tin dors Mlu but u .onicdraivn biratli ul nmur; and dim-aw, dulllnK hu wn»u ul bea-tiiK, irainnti lllutcthi! piiwur. I vpn-t-h. <li'Siio.viiir bu (nuult> ul Mtirll tuli.tliiK ill* bii-alh, an I kill-nu the n-nni-d i>lru»nr-fi ol lantr. In -idlou-ly, l»y fM-trplnj; on Iniui a f-lnipli- coh l-j thtt In iid. Uiiaa.iuU- tliu niflnliiHii. u» liu- IIIK mnl i-iivt-loiis it « b- nfi-i uullMf! llit«i.»il hi* di-IK-atu cOHts iitid CHti-lii)f ii riiiiiiinatlon sloUK'unK an > duatb. Nollnni! sliull ol c-ruil icHtiuu ulll aicnri- lit-ulih tu thu i.iMirni, anil nil nl'e\ lallxfa HI« (.imply |noc v io-ilimH-u ^utft-iln H, Inndliitf tu a tatai tutniliinilun. •4,ntordS H.tdic-ul Cure.lty iMhalatnii, and b> Inn-ma) itdinlnutnttii'ti, liVs ni-ver luilu • Vfll Wlll-ll till- HlM-H.-U llH- lllKltf lltflltlll nioni'i- un > illi ate corblliut.ons, li-mini' ^ini) 1 and iantu have ,1-1*11 rt-covm^'d, and th UlM-IIH*- lblill<Ultld> dllVrli I'tlt. >AN»(iiil>'8 I.'AUICJII. CUKK con^'Kla nf one Ixiltluui i In- liudiviii t-'tiiv-, > in-ixii L'HIu rlia xdvi-ttt, atul i:iu« ltti|ii«>vfd. lultu vi\ i t-aih wrup|i< d in out puckttiC. with lull d pri, i-Jl. SherifiTs .Sale. I5| ind' i-rt nl the north lot .Vo. rive. (3), {., bhick Xi>. »lx («), In Jenr.lo K. lit-pry \*. [ Executing No. Si FranMIn Pepry. ) ni-bill \i>, II, virtue ol an vx''.btscnsals'u d unt ol Uir I'.rlK's i.|ll f ol Un C 1 Icult ,.|ii. ol tftnt 6niU vouiiiy.l uavi- Itvirtl HVKI all 'lit riuhr, l Hit' and liili<r»t 'ul 111" Jrf ndai'l in und tu tun In) owi. |> rnn i'ity, atiua t> I vl.u !•• uuty »I M^ilir> n and Stiio ut I'.liuvU. and du.vr.btd a> [nil j«>, to-wit: Two »ld-i-fl.. - - . K. l.onu'-ailUl lu i I'Ubu uiirii nf llp|H-r A ton, and, »U ,, twi (i) nxl« • ff ol Ilia voutli •lilt- ut'Ji»- No »'» (fi., In wild bl'«-k Vo. kit (S) In aid addition. s»|.|t».i (?) plro*< • f laud finuttnif lour «i null un 11.,In rtr<**l lu •aid luirn nnd lunniKi: b«c- i'«»iwaidly Hi, entire d- nth i f »ald l"i-. unit situated in Uir tirauiit OiUXT A't n.ln IliuC'i'mty "( Uadt. •uiu. In lli« M»tu nl IMlnolik which I «IH tx |K> e «t I ubllo iulo. lu tli» ulrflitul b.dJo . tut nn FIWUV. TIIK EI.>VE!«TH OAT Of UABOH, A. U. 143'. bet»*en thehmir«of u o'clock In the fire- unun »iid»uii'ln«ii; t»-ir i: at 10 n'c'otk. a. in., ot »Hl-viUv,li\ rout <>t <h-i ninth I'Ont d.«>r tit Ini-Clty ll«|i bull Him. IH tim illy o- Alton In t.-vcounty a»d Hi,m alnrn-al I. tu -«U» y •J'.d execution tO4Ulhct «lt\i»;.>-U, K. *. Itf HKK. Short to( M idUou eouutv (it. Or U. IF. Oaows. Ujpmy. \1 dtd A GreatVictory A TerrlbJe Case of Scrofula Cured by Hood's Sarsaparllla " la tho winter of lew t was MtackcJ with Scrofula In one ot tlio most ncumrnUnB tornii. M ono tlrao I ImiVio lots than thli toon Inrne obtcciscs over antt'nround my uooknntl tliroiU, continually exuding an ollonslvo mass ol' bloody mutter disgusting to liouoUl, anil almoit Intolerable to cnduro. It Is linpomlblo to (ully tlcBcvlbo \ay tuflorlncs, ni VUo oiiso was complicated with Clironlo Cntturh. After three years ot misery, having boon treated by three uliyclehns, I was worso thiut over. Ftimlly, on tlio recommendation of W, J. Huntlcy, driiRglat, of Lockport, I \vn» Inducod to try Hood's Snwnpai'Uln. And now, after having taken twclvo bottles, wll-liln tlio List twelve muntlis. the Bcmfulons oruptlnna Imvo ciiUroly censed, wut tUo nbsccsscs liavo nil dlBnhrt'nrctl, execut tlio unitlulitly tears, wliloli are anil J lirrnmlna 'snmllor by tloHreps, nud licauy hilly joss.' T rto. not kv,«w wiiftt It nmy Imvo douo for ( Ilicrj, Init I du know tlint lii ray cnse, llomrs Sarsnrtirllla haa proved an cKeotlve «pct\lflo tudcrd. As nn eviuwice of my nrntltudo I send il'eso farts unsolicited. and I am ready to verify tlio authenticity of tW» cuvo, l>y ivorfcnnl corro spondciiCo with any ono who ifoiilts It." CIIAULES A. Boil- Bltrs, East Vllson, K.Y. This Rtatcmeut Isconflrmcd by W. J. Hunt- Icy, druggist, of Lockport, K. V., wlio calls (lie euro » ?r»at victory Jor Hood's Sarshparllln. Scndlor book giving statements ofmunyeures. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by oil druggists. $1 ; alx for $5. Mado only by a I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO DOBOQ One Dollar. KASK1NE (TIIK NEW QUININE) j| Nu bad effect No headache No nausea, MO ringing e^rs. C nrM quickly Pleasant, t ur A POWERFUL TOXIC. thut the mo«t delicate stomach will bear. A SP£CIPlC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEKVOU8 PIIO8T«ATION, nnd all Urn in Diseases- Rellevue liunpltui, N. 1'.: "Uulvcrsally sue CtliSlul." • ("Even-pnMentirentod st. FrarclsHos-N. T. ] with Kuxkino lia« been (dl.-clnuKi-d cured." Dr. L. R. Whl'c, U. t*. fc..\iunlnlnii Purtrei *ine»: " In the best nu-diclne mad Or U SI. Ulei-siier. 300 hin-t ISIi-t st , J>V- York city, lias cmud over 200 tmttents wltli taili-il. Hu :<us>: "U lHvndoul)tudlj tbebenl me llclnn uver tll.tco* cred." 1'rn.. »V. K. Ifnloonibi-, M.D., SI East 2Mb St., N.Y. (bite Piol, la X. Y, Mud, Culie^e) writes: "Kusklne i-mipurlnr to quinine. In ita "tiec flc l> -woi', and the slightest In- July to tliHlu uiInK (» couatliutlon. • U^v. Jus. L Hull, i Inipiiiln Aibiinv Peniten- linry, vvrlr, s that Kn-klnu bus c-uiivl ills wi' •dti-t- \iar« >utfevlu|{ Horn ivalv.-_ nnd neivoua dyapt'pslu. Write him for par... thoufandswrlte, Kns- ktm- htiscniid ihrin altur all oilier medl- CIIIHX Intd fulUtd. Wtltu lor book of text!' Kit'ltlneran be taken without iny special Ulu-ditul nilvlcu. $i.OO n«r bn'tle. Sold by or M-nt l>v n.nil on reci-lpt of piK-e. , K ASKING CO., 81 Wurreu st, J>«w Y<irk. ludwlta The First Sign Of tnilins health, wlictlicr In the forui of Xi^lit Sweats and Nervousness, or In a sciist- of Ge.iieral AVcarincss and Loss ol Appetite, sliouM sitsgcst tlio uso of Ayer's Stirsapurilla. ThU preparation is ujost effective fur Riving tone' aiul strength to tho enfeu.blt.ul system, pro- inotius the Jigcstion ami assinitlaiiou of food, restoring the nervous forces tt< their normal comlition, ami for jiurify- iu^, cnrk-liing. and vitalizing tho Wood. Failing Health. Ten years ago my healili began to fail. I wus troubled with ftdistreswinp: Cotijjh, Niglit Sweats, Weakness, ninl Kcrvuii.s- ne>.«. I trictl vanona remedies j>n<- senlh'il hy difforeiit physicians, but ln-rnme so weak that I eoulil ntit BO up stairs without stopping to rest. SJy friemls n i iniiiiioii.lcd mu to try AVer's Sarx'apanDa, xvliiili I did, ami 1 aiii'imw as ln-:illliy mnl strung n» ever. — Mrs. E. L. Williams, Alexandria, Mum. I Imvo two; Ayer's Sar?aparilla. in ray family, for Krrufiila. and know, if it u taken fniilifitlly. liint it will thoroughly eradinttc Uns terrible dm-me. / liuvo aiso proscrilH'd it ;LSU lon:e.a.H well as an wltoruiive, must K;IV llt»i 1 buneslly N.-!i,'Vi> li In lip i lie IK-SI" !>|<HH| iiieiln-ino cverfom]H)iiinlcil. —\V, K. Fowler, M. I)., P. I). S., Greenville,'lYim. Dyspepsia Cured. It would l«o imno.«iblo for inn to tie- gcribi* what I sintered from lud-.pestuin ami Ifeadarhc up to tlm timu I IK-JMII taking Ayer's Sarsapariila. 1 wa.i under tho cara ut various p'.iysirians. ami trti-,1 a great many '<:in!.< "of uie.lien-.i-.i. bni never olitnine.1 mnro liiait teiupuniry relief. After taking Ayer's Piti'saparillu for a short ti::ie, my li<-,ii!a< J lic <lisu|>- neared, anil my su.mavu )«-rlotmed its duties more perfectly. Ttwiay inj- health Is oompieielv VestoreJ. —Mary llarley, Spriugtield, Mass. I have been proatly honcfitcil hy tho prompt use of Ayer's Sarsanarilla. It tones anil invlsor.ues ilie (•vsteni, regtt- tatos tlte uctioii of the (liei-sHvu and n.*similativo orgnns, ami vituli/es tlio lilrxxl. It is. wiiiioiit ilouht, the most reliable Wox>tl pitrilier yet dlvoverrd.—- H. D. Johnson, UwJ Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, N", Y. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, r. J C. Arer K Co., rx>well,MM*. 1'ricc 81; »lx bottle*, »3. *5T3END FOB Pub- Heat on*. * lib Maps, denrlb- I K Wlniii-join, Noilli DttliOtn, iliiiitHtiA, Mulo. Wahlil tit* nnnrtOn tion.tlie ™rm< G"VP'tinn-nt lj«i>iu tti d U,w IVti* ll-«ll- int.I I aiul , fit** >nith«tn l*> u tie i*iiuiiliy. h» > K-T AlilUCUl.TUKV , Ul AZI.V . HI d rev. Adii rrn- « II-.*. II. lASinOlt.V UuidConi. y. )-. It. K. ct. I'nni. Minn, li 17»4. euw KOK A Mi rerratnent em l-lo\in«i>t «.-en to euiriiMlj in^n a-.d wiiint-n ere.r>'w- er»-. ftO i no k nr.d i-xpn">«< |inl<l, d«mi I • »l»l tb }M*lid a I |>*r1t •• tix-. Addiex >l "iico I*. O. VICK Most 01 'e gale. STATK (>r Itl 1NOX8, i St. Clnlr county, THE 88 *' °* thB *^' John ft. Cbllton vi. Tbotous CMltou. Qoonre Ohhton. James Oiidejioj^RoblVt^ iMcT nnson, JllUnbrth Ann wniiams, Dorothy Iluin, rhoiiiRR Bum, James Barn. Barii»fa Mti-Ktiiion, 8 »i ah June Burn, AMIHntu Burn, John TUuran* Hum, iKiioiby Ann linrn luabullu Uurn, JaiueaBuin, and llpmy R. Oi tilleni T, viocutor ot the Ian will and ti'suiuiuntol John Uhlltnn, deceased. I'l I lor fitlQ t>l Kual Kitntu. Under nud by vlritie i>f. decree of laid rourr, Hindu In the abtivo entitled cuuno, at laid tcliii.l.tliu unUti-nlnni'd, v HI, O 4 BATl'llUAV, MAUU11 19, ISsT, nt nndnn tlinprninlneiihi-rolnnfttirdeeoribod, mil tut lilt liluhffcldiid bt-ft bidder, thn following di'Ri'iHuO luud, Mtuntpd In thu coun- iv cl Kind nun, und Mutu ot Illlnold, to-«H: Tno viBilourihtif the Miiithca.t qimtter nl ilui notthu'vut qnu'tcr, couiimiliin t, n (10) ueimj Hiid thu u,tnt Imll tit tliu Hiitithwf» iinar t-r, a.) m diction tl.ltty (S i),lu town»hlp hlx te; in rth id luiiui' nli o \9j went, Appm nt-tl vuluc, 13.4M 1L bal-< to i-o!iiu,enco i.t tinu o'clock p. m. 'ItUMa Of -ALK.. Twenty j.urcunt. of th? puicliuiu limni-y tu bu I'ttld cu»h t'tiwii, und thu bnhiiitiu on a fifdlt of rlx nut) twi-lvu inoutlu, teciiK d by iiotu and upproved >tcu. i Ity, und u inoftKiix" *'u tliu preuiltH-s sold.on Ihu i^ointltin tit will h, hliilnnon contlnnu ilonol >ul mlc, I wll exi culu aim dutlvf r it doud to thu I'liiflmmr or puichn-ira of mid laid, in by ni tiny 1 utn directed, von- vmlnK all ih- ilKht, tl'ln und ohdmuf *.he Mild pitrtlvH n nuiil mil to faltl prciuibus. ALUN/.O t<. M II.UKIUIAN, Blnstor in omi.i'ory ol 8ald voiiiily. M. W. \V KIII, Sui. luutd JRXb'CCTOKS' NOTICE. Estatu of John W. Bohweppo, deceased. Tlio undcrsl^ni'd, huvlng bren op- pointed i-iuoutoia of thu lint Mil HIIU if»lunieiu if John W: Hchweppn, lute of thu county ol Wndlaon and Siutf ol lllUuitu, dvt-t'iioi'd, hurcby vlvu notice thnt nicy will iippuur bcfni'K thu County couit nl Miiillaiin vonnly, ut the i-ourl IIOUMI, In Ud\vuiMsvilt«,Kt thu Mi.ri'li ti-rtu,«ti tliu tnurtli Mommy In Murvh whluh tlm- Hli per- Mint liavlnK clulmi itKulnut mil'i uatute ar« ntittnuii und ivyuuslt'd ui uttHnd for Uit-. pur- IKiocof hiivltiK tliHBUUie udjuatt'd. All person! ndt-btud to auld eotiitu uru tuyttustud ut tuaKt Itiiuivdlatupuyini-iit to ihe unduvatKiO'il. Dated thU 2nd day of r'tbrtmry. A.I). 1887. Kl IXA P. SUinVKITK, Vl\U 1AM K. »(. 1U\ KI'l'B, 11KNUV M. SC11W I'l'K, fidlw Kxrvutora. Will conialn. In addition to tho belt Short Htorle*. Sketches. Kmnyo, Poetry and OHtlciitn, two Stttlftl Stcrleir- The Second tion, By WH9. M. O. W. OUPHAWT Paul 1'atott, • By V. MAK1UK ORAWrOBD, Author of "A Komuu fitngvr," "Mr. iMaMt . ' OtO. - . '' Papers on Amorlcan Hlttory, KAOLH. PACKET COMPANY. SPUING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer. CD H. LJCYHE, Maxtor. 1 E. Boas POWELI , I ED On and a tor Monday, Feb. 11, tbe Spread Game K 1 nin it* tollows, vUt UKAV1NG ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on rotun trip at 3 p. iti., dally. And leaving Alton tor Portauc, Jersey Landing. Ura'ton. and waj polutp every evening ai B:SO o'clock. «3,The Whittle will be nouuued ftfte«l nlnutes before atartlng (or St. Louis. To ST. LCDIS, KODUDTBIP • TWENTT HIDES' BI •- • ">' - - a OP W. mi.T,. ABPn Fast Freight &Passerger Line TIIK ST. 1.OUI8 AND CKNTRAL 1LL1NU13 R. K. Cli'S PAtACE J. F. ELI tSO.V, Commander. M» AN8HUTZ, Inin-ta TltUK UOUUE, ("""mas. On and alter Tbumdny.Feb. 17th, will leave Fur St. Louts nt 7 a. m. Hetnvi'tnsr. will leave St. Louts (foot of Vine -t.) at 2:45 p. m.! Lcnvine Alton at 5:3O p. in. for Portage and -'erney, arriving at Oration at 7:45 p. m., connecting-with f »ft express on St. Louis nod fentral Illinois llallroad lor Jersey vjlle, Wa- vtriy, Sp. iUKtltldaw! all points north and < a^t. FAUE. TOST. LOOTS,sln*te trip, . . . We. •• •' r-'untt nip, . -. . . 7&o " " Iwt-Mty Hun ticket,. , J5.00 11ESHY C. TAT UM, Gen Age. Alton. K. A. H-11 Kit, tietv'l Manager. lelldtf J. HOFFMAN & SON, i)£ALEBS IN Stoves and Haidware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other flr«t clais heatlni stoves fur wood or coal. Also Ranges and Champion Monitor Oool Stores, the best in Alton. Outside Worn u specialty: Roof lug, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies Urg t- Cxi, Aiiim»ta, Uo. Uou't Vrtm tbls ebanct*. ALWAYftUN IIAM). COR. RK04.NP ANI» AI UT 8T8. ifns'l have opened a n u «r mu-lo torn at tuo cjrotir ot I'ulrJ, and PUsa *l« ORGANS ANDaLPIANOS I of tlio (dnost «rorkm*ublp for »ale at ma> sunablb prli-0-. Uail and examine our uutru- btlore purcbiuiug vlwwhura. FLOSS.'& BABE. WILSON WASHBOARDS. TU*M Wnshbottds sn msd* nitla a Htnt-AVood tint. Tb* Strop*. bt tnuiit sni) tw»t wiuucrs in t&4 wjiU. For ul* t>7 au OMwrt. M'F-0 CO.. FOH 1887. _^ y.Dii S, , Who«e provloun pnprMi UMVH been |io. inter- 1 I . , lull 01 Itikirirntlon, btidgencr- ally popular. : French »tt>d fingllBh. contlnuntlon ol thn ndmirahle paper* oom- imrlnu the FronoM nut! EiuflUh peopie, Efignys nnd P«>cma» By OUVBII WIWIIBLL flOLMBS. By JAMKH ItUWEU, LOWELL. Contrihutlrins mtiy b* MpecM from John rotililcBl Whittl,.r,ThomMH Hlff. Kln»un.t;tmr|iyl.uiUey Warner, K, 0. StcS. imin, llarrliit W. Prtmlim, Sarnh Orne Jewett, Ubai-Mh Kjiburt OritddrHilt, Arthur 8herburn« Hardy, lli-nry Oitbot U.UKB, Edith M. Thomas, llornoe K. Bouddnr. ueor.e B. Woortwriy UeorKHFiortorlfk I'lu-fmn*, Maurice Thomp mm, Liicr Latcoin, (Jclln ThnxtMr, John llur- iiiuuha, Jiiines Kicenmn Chirltti, Kllralmth RumiiH I'uutitill, Urudloul Torruy and mauv jthcrn. ..•••'.•' '1EKM8: 54 a yenr In advance, poMam treet 8A wilts a nuinbur. With BUpurb llfe-ela* portritltui lluwtiiorju. Kruetnon, LooufeV- low, illi-yant, Whlitlfr, Lowell, or Holme* JS; each addltloniUpoi trait, $1. TUo 'November and December cumber* o* tlu> Atlantic will be tent fieeof thurueto new rltw-rB wiiosn Hubfjcrlptlonniire noelved u DtcembarWth. . Totital note* mid monoj are at 'the rink ot i lie. emit r, and tlicretorv ittnlitmnee* nhuuld be niadu by tuoiiuy order, dratt, or reglitertd lulter, to -.- Uougbton, Mlfflln & Company, 4 Park street, llocton, Mai*. The Century Porl88C-87. " Tnx OENTDHT ID «u Illustrated monthly mupnzluH, liuvlng a regular clrouliitl m of about twn bun -rutl tliuuoutl copies, oiteu ;<iiicbliiK and (oniutiiutw eicceoluK two liun- dretlmiU twenty live tbousiiuMl. Ubtef timoojc IIM UJanv uttruoiU)n» Itir tUnvuniiiiK yearli* tH-rlnl which IIHB b«en in •dive pieparutloa tor mztuen > «un. It 1« a bUtury ol our own cuuutr> in its most critical time, Mitotioitb THE LIP 15 OF LINCOLN, By bin Coutiacutini Secretaries John U. jSiculay andCul. John Huy. ThUKn-at worn. Ixgun with the •auction of Preftdtmt Liucoln, ulid coutlnued unctw tlie uutbAiriiy <,f hlaiwn. the Jlou. Robert T. Lincoln, la the uniy mil and .autboritaUva rt'corU of the lltu of AUraUvm IJuooln. Its HUtliurn were IrionUs of Llneol.i bt-titr* bi* preal IBDOV ; ibey wer« moot intimately a»- flucmietl nltb b'.uu H» private teoretarte* tbroxhont hid term ol ufflvu, and to tbera verts tr«imi«;rr«u ut'Oti UncutnNdetUb all hU c.rlvHMi f.ape/8. Here will b« cold tne iusid* iiiatory ut 1 1m civil war anil of President Llncom'a aduitulHtratloii -luiportunt dctnil* uI wblon li live 1)1 tlii-no rein ained uurerealett tliut tbry nii(jbt flr»t appattr lu tnla antnentl* lil»t«rj. lly leokou ol the pubtlcaUon ot tbtt work, THE WAU SERIES, which lias been followed » lib unflagging Interest by a xrcat lnt«itist by a xroat audl- euce, will occupy lent space during the com- Ing year. UntynMuK will be described b» <-«n. Hunt (Ulitaf oftbo Union Anllleryf, Uen. LonjjBtru t, Gen. K. 41. Law. and others. imiCHtuutiKH, by U«ii. D. H. Ul.l: Sberroaa's Uaroiitjtbe ; ca. byUrnerals Howard and >locum. Generals Q. A. OMuiore, Wm. r. Sralib, John Oil) bou.llorace Porter, and Joba S. Slosby will du»t:rltw special battles and Incidents. Stoilen of navat, engagemunu, prison lite, etc. etc. will aj-pear. NOVELS AND STOKIES. "TUo liunurcdtb Man," a novel by frank K. Stockiuii, hutbur ol "The Lady, or tba Tiger." U'-Kiua in November. Two novelette* byUborue W. Oubl», stoneo by Mary Halloek Foote, "Uncle Keiuut,," Julian Hawthorne, Ktlwaid >KKlestim. und other nrotnbaent American authors will be printed during tne year. SPECfAl, FEATTJBE8. (with Illtittrat on«) Includu u crrles of artJ. clc« ,,ii uflalrj i!i Ku-slH and Slbfrla, bv Ueo. Kennan.autbor otj-Tont Ule in Siberia." who bus juit reiurncu frcitn a most eventful vl»tt to alberiao pri^nt.; pai«is • n the Food Quoktion, « itb n-furence to It* heart- g on tbe Labor frobl-mj >.Dj(ll»b Cathedrals: Or, HKK'eaion'M Kellfrloun Life in the American Colonies: Clatrvuyaucf,>-plrituallsm.Aiitrol> «!O . etc., b\ Hev. J. M . Rucklev, U.D. , editor 01 the unristiau advocate: agronomical pa- 1H-ra; tbrowinK light on Bible i-lBtory, JIC. PRICES. APREECOPY. Subscription price, J4.0U a year, U conta a number. Ueulum, p.ibtinaitf re, and publish- i'r» lake subaciipiinns. bend tor our beauti- lully Hluf tmted 24 page OHtaloxue (free), ooiitalnlng full pm-ptcttn, etc.. (bo ndlng a IH-clal oiler by wblcb new readers ran get ark numbers to tl'r btxinnmg ot tbe War irleo at u fery li.w price. A specimen oopr ' (back number ) will be sout on request. Mention thin paj>er. Uan you afford to be without tbe Century OKNTUhY CO.. New Tort Subscriptions received at tblf offtoa. 1887. HARPER'S BAZAR. 1LLOSTBATE1). lURPER'a ruzAR cotublnos the choicest lit* eraiutt.aml tliu Hr>mt tliDntratinn* wi4i the latest lasblons md the tuo«t useful family rtiadlnic. I to slot lee. pocrus, and essayx ar* bv the bent writers, and its haiuorans sketchei a>e unsurpassed. Its paper* on wclal etl- qne.tte, decorative nit, house keeping In all "•'- * ' — --•- •' -18008- lun plates and piiitcrn-hneetTiippftruonU i nalile ladies to save many tluiea thu cost ol Mib«crlj,tlun bv I eing i heir own dttHumakef*. Nut a line Is adnil led to it* column* toM could vhoek the moot fastidious taste. HAKPEB'H PEIUODlCALiM. Far »«ari Harper's Bazar ...| I 00 lintper"« MaKHXlne....... ., 400 llarju-r's Wwkly 400 Harper*'. YOUIIK I'oouie 100 ' rrer'K KiHPmin Ubrurj-, one year (SS nnmlii'rs) .. .. II) Of Uur|H-r > 9 Handy Striea, one vear, (6J ouiiiut-is ) ISM Portage Free to all subscribers lu tbe United tatoa or Canada. The volumes of the luzjut beglo with the fir tNumbet Inr Januaiy ol eat-h year. tVheu no tnnu l» tut-ntluiiud, kut>M;rlptions will be- Klu with the Number cuireut at time of re- eel 01 ol order, Bound Volumes of lUnruB'a BAZA*, for three juarsbacK, in nt-at i lolb b Ddinx.wlllbe M-iit bvniHii |Mi>tHgtt)iai-i,urby rxprnMt, Ire* Di ex|H!tiMi (piovldud Ihu Irelxbt dueo oot t>jLCe<Uunouollarpcr volume), for J7.00 per volurur. Ciiith Caws for ouch volume, mltable for binding, will Iw Miit by mall, po*tp»Jd, on on r celpt of 1140 em-h. UeinltiMin t. shoultl be made by PontofBoe done) Order or Uiali, lo avoid t banco of Off. Newspapers are not to copy this advertls*- went olthont tbe express order ol UAHTB* Tork. CON8IN Mr «l AN ACRE o* kmtr Umu Tin moM MWMnxti «J>4 proml.tnit (1*14 (or wtUemMt tm tK» C. S, FttU t-formitiwi irtth r<wd mtp free. A4dm LIU cfljirasiwu. p-x^a. CM tni t. lu. tu«MM*.*b.

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