Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 1, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26. ALTOK, ILL,, TPJESpAY EVJBNING, I, 1887. Comllnlnj mON with PtlBB TEOCTADr.B TONICS, dileklj inil «ompl«t«lr CLEANSES tad ENBICUES TUB niXM)D. quickens tho action of tho Liter and Kldnej*., Clean the «oraplMloa,ni«JlMUi(!iklii«mooUi, ItdQMnot InJarelhMMth,»tti(!lie»dachis,or produce con- rtJp»tJon-iLL OtllEU inpSJIEDICplEa 00. Pbjtlduu «nd Dragiirta entjrahtn recommend It. Mn WW. BTHKI, M St. Mary St.. Nen Orlmnfe, U., urn: " Brown'i Iran>Bltl«n relieved nx In • ma ribloYidijmtftntiuK »««M heart!!/ commend it to M8t»DMKlinffiibloodpnrifteiv •;-,. -„ -,* ^ r '. bom childhood «ltV topn OD_m7 face—two bottler- lod IP BKPW «OLD> MEM1, f AEIS, 1878. BAKER'S :-.' from which Ihocxwesof Oil hn»'jean removed, it hta three i Wm«atte ttrtrig <A of Cocoa mixed wUh'Stotch,. Arrovfroot or Sugar, i npd i« therefore far more ccoaoml- :oat f coating r lt*9- than one <tnt-a |' cup. IV la delicioua, nourishing, gtbcn|nif, conlly dlgt'Slcd, nod frjibly "adapted, for, Invalids a!) jvill M for ponona IP health. , BdM by UrOCTrii everywhere. OO M Dorchester, Mass, HAY-FEVER , CRDAM VAIM I» tu?t alt'quiJ, muff or powder. Applied into nostrils is quickly absorbed. It clcanna tht Jicad, .Mtoyiinjlammation. Hcalt the tores. Restores tfiaseneee pf taste and smell. SO asnti at Drugjistt; ly mail, rr.tjMcrcd, 60 cti\U. ELY BROTHERS. »rugrff!st8,Owcgo t HI, Havo bean onjojed br cltlzeni or every u,wn and cltr Ir the O. 8. Mnrrcloun' CHICS hnro been trlt- 1 by thousand" or people, who can testify to H^imiin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia., Toolhacho, Headache,. Earache, . .Catarrh, .Group, Sore Throat, . Lame Back.i Stlfl,Jomls, .Contracted'Cords, RHEUMATISM, Sprabs, Bruises, Burns, Fever Sores, Wounds, Old pores, Chilblains, Frost Biles, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts, and Ail Aches .and Pains, •ro iiulckly relieved by this mnulcnl reinixly. Try It qno« and you will never bo without It. For «alo by dniBKlntn. I'rtce. AOc, OUT PONO IlooH froo to all. Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO. '-SSff? !i t* lUNDERfAKER, 4n> BBALBB II* Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets, And Burial Robes For l.MUei, Oentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State street OvorHM^ i Uvory Btatile. WtU utoott to Job Wnrliantf KflDSUina Knrnlt»r«. tad " Patents. ro uy peraon* WuniDK to obtain letwi ; putont on new Inventions, ^iinproveiaontii o ; dflutKnB,IwU)eu»<iuto rtrawlng" and aneoin oftHons and, make applications for I'auinn ' Ail eoiifl-.iltatlon, In porion or by lytte , U-te AltATt.lU. . , Scotch It Is related of iv successful ;GlhBJf<rw jbmvliiiiht tliat; , siglit-flooliig in .Paris oncu, ho lost his wiiy. for it coij'sl'itar. fttle time he .wntidert'tf about "t.ryiiijf to rind; his way . back* ' It got' liitp. -., Ito ddlild', «pc.nk iio,. Preach, arid jits Qliis. gow-English only, brought a stnilo arid it Bljako (if tho'hcmt. ,.. , • ' "O for a body wi' a rniid to'nffuoli^thcir.hnKd," hoslgliod. {Then (wino a "happy thought," By • signs ho flight tho , basket, inctisure, ;nnd.berrio8 of it. trim -French woman, .and, shouldering the Btock-in-triulo, went along the streets ycllihg: . ,. .. "Finn grossete, a biiwliw) '. tho pint; tine grosHcts, a bawbee tho pint." The crowd jadghed .at 'tho hind Briton, but the .familiar' cry goon .brought ."jjom'c Svo'tamen, .on tile scene, •and the merchant; was able to retire from;.bt}8ii)<:ss, ivmUhioKe .His .pipe, 'in' the hosom "of his fiimr.y, thivr.kfnl that he had foti ml real e^ternon in h'is fiour' of noed. •.'..',.,.•, , ...r Absolutely Pure. Tluu powder never varten. A marvol ol pur'tv, girt'i-Kth wholpsumunnr*. Move economical ilinn.tli«nr<Himo' Unda, nnd i nnnoi bn >>olil In (>iinip«tltlon wtili tlio iniiltltude 01 low tet"t,>hori \vf ({lit. alum nho»pha'o now- (It-rs. (-OLDO^LV IN OAKS. liOVAL BAKING I'OWUKUCO., 106 Wull H..N. Y. •-.••• -- • • Janadwly EMPIRE MILLS, SKOONU 8TKKKT (.Vnar Planu), ALTON, ILL ITOB SALE :, . Ground Oatu, Ground Corn, liay. Outs. Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, . Gruhaiu FU»ur,etc PEOMPTLY DBLIVEKED TO ANY PART OF TUB OITY. M.WILKINSON. Iy7 dtf Xewund Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving fur the Snriug Tnide. WINDOW GLASS ! A Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. At tJin rid reliable HOU8K-PAINT1NQ and DECORATING ustubl.olimont ol NEFF & 03ERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. A.J.HOWELL, -DEALKH IN- FURNITDRE! A Full and Complete Stock / CONSTANTLY ON HAND. AU, UPHOLSTERING Noatly an'i promptly executed. Belle at., but. Third and Fourth. (I N H E H r A K E K . BKSIPEXQK QOIl. 8TATB4 BEVKNTH STS UA.O8 FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy and Tublo Cap, iuJ1 Ib. lliu'u Hiicka uiid 00 Ib. wucka, for nule by J. A. RYKIE. STOCK FOll SALE. A Kluu Hlooiluil Miiru, u Fine Illiurt Horn Cow mill Iliili J IN')' Yimrlluu lluit r. Inquire M iltu UoUfrvy Oou^iuguilouul 1'nrbou- «, UMH -MJ tobltwii NUMBER 233. *,P? t >^ 8 ' th * JM&fc .-,.- e Minister, nays that there will be no war. Arid how, it i» said tiiat ftuseta Kns a new destniutiv.e more,, ppwerinl than r»ny of those possessed by Mother iiurojiean nations. The 4 safe of a bank .^at .tagrahgo, jMo., was burglarlzi'd Sunday pight and 621,01)0 worth of money and securities stolen. The steamer Lone Star and 4,000 hales of ootton were destroyed by fire, yesterday, in New York. Loss abou. 8350,000, Airs. Roxalana Druse was hanged at noon Monday, at Herkiraer, N. Y,, for the murder of her hiisbamTin I December, 1884. HonvCarl Sehjm!. who \fell and broke hi, hip iifNew York last Saturday, will be .confined to his bed for several weeks. •.,, ; Col. W. H. Bolbln, Imputed, in frauds in the^yei^h^n^.i.jpep^y&ent ,of the Chicago Pod|,pmc<j t is'^reported in a dying xjondition-iu' the Chicago Jail. /<^ •'•'»' , One 'man was kilted- 'and'Veinht .others injured by the falling of a roof of one of the buildinjrs of the BeSse- ;mer Steel Works at Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday.,,, .,•"..-,. ;•,.. .,... '•• Rev. Eollo Qg'cjten, 1 <<p*a8tp£j of a fashionable, .chyrcli ..-in ipleYcland, ; Ohio,'h'ayre8igne > d^ < {s i p^l^it > ''bec^u8e he ''could ho Idnger assent to th'edpi;- jtrinal standard 6f the Pr'eshyterian Church." ThemoMon for a niaW iriaVrn'the Chicago anar,clii^t . c'jisesi w,i|l., be argued before the Illinois Supreme Court, which., will commence term at Ottawa this week, his believed that i he hearing will occur about the middle pf March. ,', "Minnehaha," writing, from Min^ nenpolis, ends a letter in The Pres- bv'teriau.' with liie following,: "Tbe weal her is moderate: only , 27 deg. below zero yesterday, and still milder today. The back bone of winter is broken.", A vessnl with a cargo of 44 ostriches arrived at Galveslon, Texits. This is the second cargo within twt-lve months. The birds are for ostrich farms in Southern : Qalffo,'n,ia..,where this peculiar industry is coming in;o favor. The birds came from Natal, South Africa.. Mr., D. B Lucas has been appointed United States Senator from West Virginia, to succeed Senator Camden, whose term expires March 4 next. Mr. Lucas is one of the twelve Democratic "kickers" who tuccet-ded in preventing the election of a Senator by the Legislature of that State. Ida Getchcll, a determined young Cincinnati belle, has lecalled the invitations to her werirting to T. B. Harris, of the same city, because she discovered that her prospective husband was leading a dissolute life during their courtship. The castoff groom is a young man of brilliant parts. , • There liaye been vague rumors in the air for some time regarding Sectary Bayard's matrimonial intentions. A correspondent goes so far as to assert that Mr. Bayard intends to marry Miss Sophie D. Markoe, a clurU in the Stale Department. She is a tall, beautiful girl, highly connected and moves in the best Wash ing'.oii society circles. She has a salary of $ 1,200. it was noticed at the last Pi evidential r ception that Alias Murkoo was one of the specially iuvilcd guests. Gen. Rutlrr's I "Juries Serious NKW YOKK, Feb. 28—A Boston (Muss.) special suys: ''Gen. B. F. Butler's injures are much more serious than at tlrst supposed. Mis 'lot- tor said last night that the General's shoulder was badly dislocated, and that under the must favorable circumstances his patient would not [• ave . his bed for three ^vrct-ks 10 come. A. Monntuiu Myttuwjr. . Parties returning from hunting'trips to the mountains ofton till strange tales of their experience when riitlei) away from human habitation, of : conflict*) .with grizzly , bears, mountain lions, ote., but by far the most Vfcirtl Htory, wo have hoard la told by ' two well-kno#n young men 'of this place, who.wwe on a prospecting tour some time. since near Cobhlnnt/me Mountain, at the northern Ijoxuulary of this corinty. The story they tell— and they are will- Ing. to .take.. their oath on the truth of the statement — is about as follows:' • ,;. One cold night they were simultaneously awakened about 2 o'clock 'jy tho noiso of critukllng brush that had been .thrown on the lire. They arose to a, sitting, posture and saw the ilgiire <if an Indian woman standing by" : the lire.. .., She was dressed in a robe of gay- ly-cojored. material that almost reached t*),,jier .feet. A glist/ming necklace, evidently of gold and sil,vj;r, .en'riciied her neck, "ana hanging pendant from this we're, a number .of,., bears' claws. Her black hair . reachwl below her waiHt. In her eara were largo hoop ear-rings of gold. '., Upon seeing »ho form, one of the j young men instinctiyely rejiched for his : rifle by his side, while the other '.started |iu amazement at seeing such! a Bight in 'the dead of the night and thirty miles 'from any house. When the figure saw ,tho motion made to- reach the rifle she motioned for them not to fire and moved down the trail, beckoning to ^hem. Before disappearing from view ;She again beckoned to them, but they were too dumfounded to follow. . r The next morning they folio-wed the i trail, and after much difficulty tractfd the . foot-prints to the base of a high icliff abont a mile from their camp, •The rest of the story is told to this :• effect: "When I awoke," said one of 'the young men, "1 was .honifled. I couldn 1 1 mpve . tp., .Base . my life. .1 was fro~zcn r% with astqniehmen^ The next :inoniiingV e , : dlsc'us^ the matter, and determined to investigate., ; Sothe next night we took our' blankets an,d went to the base of the cliff. 'At iibout midnight, the same hour the 'figure, hjbp<J!urea to us, we saw a bright phpkplipreBcent light;qn Xhp brow of the cliiY, and lam surowe hoaixl a voice calling. 'Meerice- ah! "SieeufienhlV .suverul times. This 'is the strangest experience. ,1 ever passed .through. ; J never have believed in ghosts, but I would like to, know what this was. If, it, was ',a woman ho\y did s)-e come thoro at that time 'thirty inile* frpin '.civiijzstlon PV ,: , An old- Indian tradition.; is ,to > tho' effect that' many,, in/wy years l.ago '.an Indian maiden— -Mecncenh.'.Jjho, oi))y daugbtw,, of .a. chief— was, lost In .'this region and storved to death near the pVicp .oaij^d.'Sfi'uiiw 'Patr .i,t,iis"s.aid .tliat different camping -parties have seen tb^o phosphorescent. , \ight spoken'.f.t. in' the vicinity where thcso young 1 men were camped,. ;,Can this bo. a parajlel ,ico8o with, -(hat of the 'Indian \voimin •abandoned.. on Jjan Ificliolas 'isjund ,for eightofln years?" — Ventura (Cat.) Fret Press. :. -- • ...,-..,'. ,v-, • ' • ' ' ,. tlio,' ZooJogicaVgardejifl,', one day- rooontlj',- a man-was ,n theitrack : qf ^ho, Pennsylvania railway as an engine was approoph- |ng, , IJeiid Keeixir.JByrne, otthe' garden, .shouted , a warning to, him. -The (rain drew nearer ,_n'pd nourer, but the tnan never liftexl his eyes from the paper nhUlJufft as; .(lip Ipco'ip6tlye :w,as about to hurlh iii) into ptoni'ily he cool- j ly st/epped otf'th.o track, 'and as' the Cylinder of, '.the ! rushing cn'gino'ijaiidit; liis I 901^, and ton}' it .frpiu off li,i? wwjk.'ho i tunned to .Mr. Byrne, who luid jumped the foncooxpcctingtp^p^ck.up^a^rps 6 ' and said:. vThese.dnrnod railway com- pauiofi want tho, (Mirth. "Ityoyjop'k-my liist dollar: to cany mo liore, 'an(l no,w tlioy tftk« the -piil t T coatl'yo let mo walk on th«'irdivr«'ed old track " CUUdreu Starrfng to On account of their Inability to digest food, will fiofl"i ^nio'st : tqarvellous food and remedy in Boott's Emulsion. Very palatabje und enslly dieested. 'Dr. S, W. Oobfn, of ,,Wao6, JTexas, SIVTII "I have used your Bmulsion in infantile wasting. Ic not only. roaioros wasted tiscuoB, .but given strongih,ahd IncroBHOs the appetite." Free Trade. Thn ruiiuciion of internal revenue and the taking off of revenue stamps from npnuiKiy mi'dicine?, no doubt, has ifuly burn Htiuil thuoop«uraer«, as well us rclitiviiiir the burden of home niniiu- famur«rii. Kiipucially U this Iho; with Ort-enV Aujju-t Plowur HHd, BUR* CIHIU'H (iarnimi Syrup, w the reduuilon of iliiriy.uix cunts per dnzon, Ima been mlilod to inoreiiHu the nlZ'i of the buttluA ntninin)! 11) one rnromliu*, thurehv ing oiiu-liftli more mciticlmi in the 75 junt bizu. 'I'ho Auiiuxt Flower for Dynpopsm and Livtir complaint and Iho Ourmiiii Syrup for ixui^li and lung trouble*, hnvi>, porlmpn, thu laritost Rale of any muriieiiie« in tho world. Tuo iiUvitiUiii:u uf morbrtsiid him ot thti but- tlflH will be jrwatly appn-uititi'd hy thu t-lek and ulllicti'il, In every iown und vilhiirti in (iivihzi'd onuniriu;!. Samp)••• buttle fur 10 oouu remain the BAUIO siio. ]a Sawlw ROW TUB New York. Tribune Almanac for 1887 m now out. It is one of the most complete po'itical text btoka of.the United States, and partaking as It does of the active and autlioritanvnoharncier of all work done by the Tribune, It, li valuable. All the nuuros uro ntnuial. The electoral vqto of each State; ; » roHUUje of th,a newest IR.WS of Conercta nod the party platforms, and . full information about elections, Imports and export*, go.ld and xilvor, eto, are ootis lainud in this work. Tho law of PresU duntlal smiceaMon isglyon hure, th« one onj alqobollo drlnl<«, and In fiuit nil of Congressional ennotnieiUH in 188ft, A full list of President Cluvolanil'* uffloUIa at Washington, and the ropreBontv tivea abroad: also nil tho Govornom ol State*, and a grea 1 variety of similar politic/til duta arn (j'ven. , In those ,buny tiratm a man cannot rnmombor every, tblngibo mn t lutre H Tribune Almanaq to ruler to. I'rice, SO cent* a copy. AH a toilut article, Ayer'n Ha»r Vigot tindrt unrivaled. I' oloannu* the Rculp and rcmovuB dandruff, cures iteuiug liuruorn, roolprua tho oriktlnul color to faded und gray hulr, unit promouis iu growth. dw Iw 14m fcoirig to consolidate my two establishments, and have to make room for new goods.and offermy entire stock, from now until March 1st, at BELOW Everything must go to save cost of moving and storing. Table-ware, Cutlery, Stoves, Hardware, Tinware, Granite-ware, Locks, Springs, and eve- jything kept in any hardware store. A H these and were bought before the! recent advance !n prices. To those contemplating building this spring, I offer 1,000 KEGS OF STEEL NAILS! at factory Prices- Eememeber the places: 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET. This is no catch-penny humbugl sale of old and wora-out stock, bat a bana fide reduction solely to save expense of moving or storing. Call at Once and Secure Bargains I WM. STEM. Hardware and Farm lacliioery. HEADQUARTERS FOB THE Best Buggy in the World. In tho city, at hard times prices, sold, on weekly and monthly payments. A&eiiits for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINK HANGING LAMPS, 1.75, $2, $2f»0, $1, $(i.5(), ^7.50 to $10, Headquarters for EUPION and CAItMJNE BURNING OILS. SlQiNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS. Cistern,, Well and Stock Pumps. Prewired PainiH, ready for use. St;e our $1O Ku^y Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor, Second and Stale Sts., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH I BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-WADING GUNS, From $16 to $30, I I-I J. O. T11E JEVVELEK mylWwly

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