Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 28, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1887
Page 4
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WODUt M A» H ot >f MOMlnft, MafttU* und n«r- . -^7t «..... uw v4*A* *t without a Uaimort trUU Aihloi)ht>ro«,ua to th«r f IM and joy hat* found that It wu a .s -..,___. WU y t Alhlopliorotianol .... , tUouMndi h»t«bt«nouJtDU . by'ilt UMUul th*y t«tlfy M W Ib Value.* Tht UMU boy of John tl, Patkcr, Chaflwton, 111,, Lat IHMD an Inrallt) tine* lie'wM ft y«*r old, hit diitaM being M ixnnrUcatpd tbftl U wu difficult lor tho bhyiidaa* to «lit«rmln» upon what hl» <UM*M wM. Th» HltU follow futFcml for jean th« mort violtm paint and torture, Itt WM htlpl«M M to walking. HI* limb* w*r« almcut devoid of feeling. Mr. Itakor'a t,M. 8i v 'IV*T«r*i a»JM 111* bo» hi* »&««•»*w*fcru»rtl a miracle, lit out now walk about and piny M other boy* ilo, HI* back ha* betn rvllcTol of tha ultflhnw, *° thnt ho cnn *tand more erect than h« »Tt>r could before. . He In now ten yean of ng«, ami 1 know hid father had iiwnt two hundred dollar* fbr patent medicine* alone, but nothing did Wm any cond until h« took the Atnttijftmjoe. . Htatathw has abo xxwd th« rardlclne for neuralgia, "with very Rood Rutland, lllinol*. WM out*! by Athloplwros one year ago U*t Spring, ana h«\« tisil bt#» troubled with Ui« rh«umatl«u atne*. I tried other WMUotnt* to no Rood mult. I luvvo Mid ^'iMitilMlinblVim cuKd,aiu< all »h«t h»<r» t*k« It's* the dirtrtlnftaardcrvd Miry lr»fn j4r*a. ;•'• J.M,8tUvr. Kreiy clT«Rj;I»t»lionl(l kc«» Athlophorw uud Athlo()tu>ro« 1'ill*, but where tlio,* can- uot b« bought of lli « tinuKul the Athlo- xi OfK, US. Wall St., Sow York, will either (cwriagv twill) «« rtveipt nt ar price, whU-h it fl.CO per Kittle ««• Ath,lc*h*v_v» (ind MteJtor Wls- rot Mr** and kU«wfcr a I*MN*_ limw •^.jrwtUjft, Vtv«k»t«w. -nwtattt 'ilMdlltjf, OW* i*r women, r\v\«tlr«ti<>n_ SM»l»eh*» impure a;oo>S, *ft, Athk<|Jn«\» I'llti Hire ams)U»liSi. I BEA1. ESTATE FOB SAJLE OR RENT, —BT- Ruderenausen ft Sonntag. at a , o» »«bUk i«r«»t. near Usury ••r (Mai*. Ortt Obartton A oo« «O»T tram* dw*Uiu ho iUUoa Ki Alton. For Sal* Cb«*p Tb« »Mt4«QC« « Capt W, . Morim and maatarvt root)' It room » . ««Uar*, «<<v ; « »<*** ot croan Mtxt mpHtT in ui " wty ttnitt*, 3.-->.« ., twortnnr brick and tram« vs«re n oouw. bMk ultnaMt om to****- o ->^» wry»t t»M««<B «Ui and TUi new to «Ji» «>Ho* btoeli •< MorM on S*con ««*<, M*«*«.o Bwu<> and Kttlc* ttrw* jown atHuatnt^ WW ' r^Sai^ i •» .»ln£_ w»»e wttfcte a ae troriff*. edtarmxsv«taB4, unOlinaothw , W .ice**. t>ou> unhaprorwi. Stioau to Mot Ararcaol !»»<•«» oa *ot«om l*n<l, alt ta ra5r«T»aoa.iw*r>»»Al» UMeovMty, A t tvo~<Honr fiwai* ttmutBC hoc** on U •oath ot *ti IU H *t ta «h* <M AIMM or vfctaUv *Ui dttJ n «3 Owt PJ* « tiwd. PLIABLE PLASTER «iCORNS« A comntoa was* «nws by a f y'-.viV.r i> ia t £<vr A** Cwr " ALTON DAlil TKLEQEAPa M t««w>d*«iww n>tu« M th* r. O. M AltOA. Ul.) fiVK., FKlt. S8. THE ACADUNS. M th« ,Ae«illana van anywhere IM ,$» In thd jfi-osportty of their p rhnl tlvt nftnnllofty, I funoy It U In the par leh of Vermilion, In the vicinity ot Abbeville ami on tho Bnyou Tlfcro. lloro, mnotiK the InlrlonUt bayous tlmt fcfo their highways ntul supply them with tho poorer *in-t of ttsh, ami tho fair mt'ftdows on which their enttlo pasture, nnd whcro thoy grow nourly CTcrj'thlng Una ulniplo hubits roqttlro, the)' h»v» for «wr a Century enjoyed a quid cxt»tontt>, prftctlonlly undisturbed by tho nffltntlon* of tnckloru Hfo, Iguomnt of lt« pwgnws. History tuak«6 thoir do)xirturv fitnn tho com- rinrntivcly Monk mondowa of Grfttivl l*rd n onto! hnrtlnhlp, if ft iHillttoiil no- poswlty. U«V they uuxdc a very fortau- nt<> wichnugo. elso on tho coutluont«y so woll havo pro- sorrofl Uiolr prltulUvo habits, or found c-UuMktn nnd 'soil so jiuiKxi to th»-lr humor. Othors hnv« cshuustivolv sot forth the history and idlosyncnisioa of this peculiar people; U is in my way only to toll wW 1 8»w on n spring divy. To i-oi»P.h tho luwl of this ubode of conUnt<H\ "ft»M\ _>orhup* wise ignon\nco wo took boats eiu-ly one morning nt Petite Anso Island, whilo thu dew wiw still hcttvy »nd the bints wore «t m»t- in*. nnd rowed down tho lVtiu< Auso Bavou. A strsvngw would surely bo lost in these winding, branching, intor- laehig strx-nui*. Ev&ngvUno mul her lover might h:\re jxx**«.\l each other unknown within hail aero** thoeo uu\rsh- e«u The party of si d«eu pooplo occupied two n,>w-boivt«. Among them wvr« genUeitu'ii who knew the route, but tho tvserve of wisdom as to wh»t bivyou* ivtul cut-otVo wer»> navigable was nn aneiont e.x-sUv»>, now a- vot«.r, who -iv«p«udo<l to the mmic of "llon- orable."—* \vt;ather-b««ten and we«th- er^wiso darky, a rxxic-tt\>tAW« Ss.hervnAn, whose memory extended'away beyond the war. »'.\d VlftVtxl fswxiliarly about thu «er*on »f LAfayott*. witli whom he had Vvn on agnx>abl<! tonn* in Char* IfwbMK *ud who drtttxl his narrative*, to vwr tvliei, not from the w»r, toil* from th« yejvr of some. gn»&t sickness on the « From tho lN % x«t« Au*o Trx> witervd ths Csrliu Bayi>u, and wvrtuul through U U nixxlle*s to say what others in v>wr tonxMus w>wr*<v In the. fresh morning., with the salt air, it WAS a vvyyagiv of dolxghu Mullv't iriMv jtun^ing" in the glassy stream, p*rha\»* disturbed by the gar^S#h, and alligators l.-ualy slni frvna the re«<ly bAUks, into the water at our approach! All the tnwsh w*s, g*y with fiovrers, r»st pAtchM of tho hlue_??r^fxi*-4V* iu- ternvmgl*<l with the psquisite white spider-lily. ts«>vidirt^: in dusters on long stalks, an avnarylh* (yauors«iinrt>, it* pur* half-*l$s.k fring«>«l with delicate whiw fil*metit*. The air was vo**l with the notw v4 Ivirxls, th« ncnpeuvi! *nd the me&dow-lAvfc, .-uid most eon- H^cnww of all the haiuUonio boat-tail grsw-kl* 1 * a bla^kbirxi, whieh alighted on the »len»ler <Uvul r\\xl# thai svruy«d with hJs Ttvight a# he jvwirtxt forth hi* SOEIJT. S*.xiavtiiv>eis the bayou nairrvwed s>ci that it was imp^sstMe to row with 'th* \>*rs, awl $MH«g w** rosuwrted to. and the vurreiu «*s swift and jtrong. At, swh ^vvvs,^ XKTS saw only th* hanks '. with n<xld>ng fevweis, ami the n wish the KKsokbirxts singiusr sgaias i *ky. Again wv. eraergevt into ! r*4«hei« v>Tvrhw»_t by gig*t»tie 1 : auid fringnsl with eyprW*. It was *aKu: the war •»-*$ not ( „ could o.xoocd Uw Wildly nunvnar vf Uiose _ w,cfly.o,...nnd spin tlici, tjphofa 'out..;ol whloli. ihurr blhnkotft iliid Vlio jfan'fjte «|d*fn«htoned hond-vnrda, spin on »' Uttle 'whct-1 with < i\ foot treadle, h&ro tliu mo*t primitive win-ping bill's, nn«l WUAVO most Inborluusly un u rude loom, But thu cloth they uinku will wear forever, and tho colors they tise arc nil fnst It Is n grunt plommre, vro might almost suy shock, to onwumwr such honcet work In these Mines. Tlio Aciv- dlans grow a yellow or tmnkwnsort of cotton, which .without mjulving any dye is woven Into a huntlpouiii yellow stuff. When wo 'dupurtwl Andonia 8llppx>d Into tho door-vn'rd, and return- tnl with a ro»o for oucn of us. I fancied sho wiw loath to have us po, and that tho visit was an evout In tho monotony ot her single Hfo., Embarking ngain (in tho placid streniii, wo ihovwl ixlong through tv land of peneo. Tho houses of tho Aca- 'dtnnft'am sentU'rwl along tho bayou at zoutddornbtn distauctxH apnrU Tho voyogixr swms to lm in an unoccupied country, when smUltuily the turn of the stream* «how«. him a farm-house, with its little landing-wharf, boats, and perhaps a schooner moored nt tho bank, and behind it cultivated, field* vuu\ a frlngo of tn ( o«. In the blossoming tVmo'oftha ywvr, -when tho"blrds tiro itioat active, 'these svt>noj> ani idyllic. The Aendians are fond of their homes. It is not tho fashion for tho young people to go away to better their condition. Few young men have over b<H>u as far fro:n home as New Orleawsk They marry young, and set- tlo down near the homeste«d. Mr. Lo Blanc has a colony of his descendants about him. within hail of bis door. It innsObio hxrgvv and hi* race mtist be pvolWo, Judging by the number of sinixll children who gathereil at the homostoad to have » sly peep at the strangers, They took small interest in this war, and it had few attractions for them. The oonscriptiou wirried »way manyoJtheJr yonng men, \>«t'I >vm told "they did not mako very good soldiers, not becaxis* tlxey wcro not stalwart and bnwe, but because they vrere so intolerably homesick that they do- serte\l "whonever they had a chanc«. The me« whom w« SAW were most of them fine athletic fellows, with honest, dark, sun-browned fa«xxs; some of the children very pretty, but tho women usually shoxvVd the effect* of isolation and toil, and had the common plaiunt>s3 of French pe&sants. They are a self-supporting community, raise i their own cotton, corn, and sugar, and " for the most rwxrt manufacture their own clothes, and articles of honseholil us*. Some of the cotton jeans, striped with blue, indigx>-dv\\\, mswle into garments for men and women, and the blankets, plain yellow (f rwu the nati\-« t naukeon cotton), curionily clouded, I are very prwtsy an«l s«vw*»bl«i. Fur> 1 ther thsn thst'tht'ir hsbits of living are I simple, wxd their way* primitive, I j saw fe.w cxventricitie^. The peculiarity of this community is in it* frvWom from Jill the hurry a:»d worry a«<l in- foraxatiou of oar motleru life. I havxs I wad that the gallant* tmia their little I hors»* to praaoxs And carvel »nd nsar \ and fi»lgx*t about, and tiiat thess* ar« cjdled "t-ounin' hors**." and an* nsed when a vouag laaa gucs courting, to imprvss his m»trx\sf wish hi* maaly lira. Cunhmnn C. Dnvla. , MR MeMiShm lu the Oulteel Bonnte) it regnMedms 'thd mint lx>«ttiful \ronuui in thenorthwout.' She luu a tall, Juno-tike ilgur», hnzol oyea. a dolk'utoly molded ovul fatxx, and a soft, ivsyt porcelain-like bun^plccclou that IB the despair of nil her sox who know her. She U exceedingly fond of horseback riding, and I* a tlno driver, Her motto for hualth is: ' "No day without tho lines." She, tuerofottn may ba seen every afternoon, rain or shine, driving her spirited carriage. animal along sonui country road about St, 1'aul, or at tho close of tho dny Waitliig at the foot of the stairway loading to Gov. Davi* 1 law otUce to drive htm home. Mrs. Havls Is an ivc- tMtupllshed tiawiclau, uiul n wnversa- tionalist of givut tivet. She l» excoed- iugly popular among her husband's gent'li'inan friends. At home »ho is pruuticiil in all domestic arraufremetits, luid thoro are few titvrides in tho bleak northwest whore more comfort or a brighter flow of wit and huinur may be wijoywl tlinn nt. Gov. Davis'. The Davisea huvo uo children. Gov. Davis has what he call* his v> deu" in the third story of his large mansion on St Antony hill, wheitt he indulges his ad- minvtlon for Lord Coke's maxim, of "living like a hermit and working like ahorse" by abjuring a carpet and allowing himself nothing bt'sidea his books, a pipe, and - n table. Hcvo he burns the midnight gas anvl works out Sas legsil arguments or delves in scholarly rvsoarche*. lie is a devoted Sluiks- pereun, and Ignatius Donnelly and he Inxvo'spent many a delightful night together swopping "versions." Davis is poor, HS the won! may be nsed nowadays when United StafM senators are mentioned. In 1881, when he withdrew from the firm of Davis, O'Brien & \VH*on, he wns !?20,CK>0 in debt. Sitxee tlxen he has earned in his large practice something like $30.000 a ye*ir, and he says he hi»* iwid his debts and secured a g*xxl borne and lot suul a few investments towarxl u niiny' d:rf. A GUI for All. In order to eiv» all a chance to test it, and thus be convinced nt its woadorful curative powers. Dr. King's New Dis» covery for Consumption, Coughs and Culds, will be, fur a limited time, given atvay. This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits ot ibis ereal remedy. All who suffer from CuHjrbs, Uiilds, Con>uuipuon, Asihu Bronchi'.!?, or any affection of Throat . Chest, or Lungs, are especially requested ' to call at K. Marsh's Drug Store, ami get a trial bottle tree, large bottle $1. Kenews Her Tenth. Mrs. I'hceba Cbesley. IVwson, Clay co., Iowa, xelts the following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched lor bv the resident* of the town: am 73 year* old, have been troubled with kidney euuiplaint and lamene*- tor many years, could not dress myseli *iUiont"heIp- Now I am fre* from pam and soreness , and am able to do all my own houftjworfe. I owe mv thanks to Electric Bitters for bavin; renewed mv youth, and removed completely all disease and pain." Try » botUe, only 50c, av £. Marsh's Dros I Store. fbldwlm jvrfoirm tinder the saddle, but 1 was not svi fortwnat* as to s-e* any ooxirting £Mog on. , »"» ittrff^rr"f A > cacount*<v»i. Kxass on their wny tv> Us* b*y. !MJ«i tww awvi thea a v**rty ojf *tal«Tirt sue« <irawtng a c«?J in ihe «. their ok>?h<(w l«eing deposited on CXx-aMsonilly » large ivti, tit>il to the, b»ak or .._' its w»y, a»d oa en* * \ whole favmly •«•** doi«<.'st5i.''as»Ni, There 1 i* a gwod d*»\ of qxw?** lift> Md»l*a io entered ! — If a «l«aler oa*rs von a boltk | of SalvxUon Oil in a nauUfaled or ae I f*«d packag*,— <loa't bat it at anv I pnce, — it mar b« a rtanseroo* anrt } worthtws* e»a Jterfeit. lassst opoo g«- \ tiiuit * perfecJ, aobndten, genniae pack- j*g*. Free ol Charjc*, Ytvar drt>egist w|U Dr. Bull's Arnica salre. Best Salvs >a the world for cnts, sofeis,5-i«rs, salt rbeatn, fever i snras, tester, chapped haads, chilblains, I eorns and ail ssm eruptions aad posi- ] Uvely cares, piles, or DO pay rejoined. | U is 'guaranteed to give perf«cs satis- \ faction, or money refunded. Price ?-5 | o -«ts p*r box. &v sale br E. Marsh, I A.' son. Ill mchTdwlm \V* ! of 5 aekls awd made oar cn« call oa the \ wre your «<oa«t», l*rie« £5 cents. \ "HALF far* for that byr boyJ" «i c5*imevt ta* «Msdu«ior. '-Did ihesk-ir! | ' assist *t* fcita *ben fe« so3d y*-»a it* f. : ; Siv-«rt k*r feimT' •*t)f«%ar*« Jie tins! * {. f *»app«l tb* « tain. "Bot Too mu- -: tb-e best stone* told bt t-tjr B*>|.Hj)ar ntlroad president, *',h*nnoc\ M. Dfpew, is a good jwke tin bitusfSf. 'Iti* osner «t*y he got a Jrtter fmtu *nai* weirir srsveler siTsnj: tbsu be fcsui | tv«d wish in;t?r**t a great nj*nf "t Mr. IVt>e«r** aito-r dinner jpt*<r8ne* of late "And,** «vr,tir,n#d the teller, "I bane a \ w«*\ ttea! ot ccrk»fi!y to bear woas ytw i woaSd b*T> to s&y stt«»f ea'ing a | »3 v«ar rajlroirf reM»nraa» »l Troy." trwte- Tfc* Wx!ue*»«m of w taking tsff fr»tu Sag »*, aa»l landing :•.» to a*, *ad IXv* tlse so lii? * f or- 30 &* tow- did yvo?'"' Is ihis tfc* . _, „ _.,.. *\* *»<V5*« ca*j«i*a l*Ay ia ,; «&* vili«$«. firics, «3wA. rail <A kiad- ' ssewc ^s)i«* devyiojvd. wisii » r*,>w t T«v> great «, t bt pessaiaw , soul *U tfcf sakxis -fi life t By i»*i iise appettt* tit* Syrup ft»r' biw, jwrfiaps. is* Mrfisio*-* »o of t« T»i* ScC* sisasil ul aad^ta » swawu, <ja«l»i 113 >V. t\s. : I * * *£» 4.Vt* . -rwrr ^.ffVM ^-t<"' AU<W. i a 53^" HM-^JJV, c I'Sif *»SB* 5n Sit » 5 m f^s w it It s» "TV Vv**^, fit* *S ski-Cl* Stif* CsiiJ *3 DM, R. IXVT«T». Cei- Cjva <eS a. « M » », sasM J0» lift wibwe M ,St> ITxva •>? V*KA «t«n» cracKn, ax. 31* *.» van* Ri4U'in *£ f. -tt Mr „ _wwrt m- O» JL> "1KB Jil»»b «wox Hiuft latut*t. ax tarn sttita» ; •«>a69«t« MOST PERFECT MADE frcpured with itrtct repirtl to Pnritr, Btf Bogth, and Dr. Price's Uaking Powder conduit* ' oaltiuncBB. r. rces aing no Amm*nla,Uraej Alum or Phosphates; Dr.Price'k Uxuacte, Vanilla, Lemon, etc., flnoc delicloaaVj. fWCe B/IKfffff POHVfff CO. . .fttei KA1HVAV T1MK TAHI.K. UltlUAUU im and after Sunday, Nov. 14th, 1886, train on tho OhlcfKO tu'd Alton ratlroart, will leavi (lie Union Depot, Alton, nanUaro ttmt, tt 'allows: for CWoajto and the Baitt . (JhlcBKoMaU' ...................... 9:00 aoi UbtcRfro Acmminodatlon*, ....... 8:00 p. it Uxhtnlng KxpresB* ...... . ........... Peoria and Rack Island Llu«(,B.-00 a. w for JacknotiTtUe, Heoknk, Qolney, Kan•M CUy.nnd all point* WMt. Kansas Chy Mall* ......... 9:W».ii. Kansas City Ezpreaa*, ... ......... Stin p. n Denver Expiesst .................. 7:OBp. m Jackbouvtue .VCCOD jnodaaont.. . 'I :M p. n for S». LoaU i LlKhrnlnK Bxpresa* ......... • ...... 6:45 a. n. OmuaKp Accommodation* ...... ,..9:80 ». iv Alton Special! ..................... .15:» p. n EaiwaaCltj'UaU* ................... 8 40 p. i> Chicago Mailt .................... «:8.ov. •• rKAlNS LEAVE 8T. LOUIS ONION DEPOT FOB AL.TOX. t, 60a.m. (600p.m. •4 Wp. m. <7 A&p. m. {8 45 a. m. SnnanrsonJy). •Dall, Snpt. 9V. toulg DlvWoti ae.Noaai*,Ttoknt Airunu , C mo AGO, BUKL.UNOTOJ. AXDQULNOT. Trail., leave the Onion Depot, Alton WUowg- Going Nortbi ; Kxpr«8a (except Sunday)... .8:33 a. m NightExprens 7A6p.m W. W. ARNOLD, The First Sign Ol failing beaHh, -whether in the lortn et X:slJt Sweats and Nervousness, ot in a sense of General Weariness and Loss of Apatite, slioultl suggest the tue oi Ayer's Sarsapariila. TUU preparation £* most effective for gix-lng ton* and strength to the enfeelilej system, pro- tisotiug the iligestion and assimilation of food, restoring the nervous forces ttt iheir normal condition, and {or purily- iaj, enriching, and vitalizing the Wool. Failing Health. Ten years aro my health besan to fail. I was mwiUeu wiili a distressing Cough, NJRht Swr-ats, ATcafcueiS, and Kervous- ne.«. I trjctl various remedies rjre- wribtHi hy diffetens physicians, >ot bcramesti weak that I tuiiUl not go up | ssa-r* witiions stoppm; to r*st. My I'Hmils rv4t>aiR<«m!cit mo to trj- Arer'* Sw.iiur,!la. vrliivli I did. and 1 anfnoir as, lt»-a!:Uy 3R.I ssrwns: as ever. — ilrs. E. L, Wiiiiams, Aieiiuuina. Alma. I hare used Ayrr's SamarariUa. in my fanisSy. fur &-rofr.ia. and know, if it is t»3;cn Canhfnlly. thai it will tborooebly eratiwate Si«« lerriMe dweas« ] liare ai>«.> r»re*vTJl*"d :t aa u well a-<an &!;erauirc, and nu^t say dial I buDcsiiy b*;i<ere t> ;o he t&c te*;" Mt»«l w««!:ctoe evefconsr«i>cr.<i5es5.—\V. F. Fowler.M. !>., D. D. S., Greenrille. Teno. Dyspepsia Cured, It wcwM be tmrwewMe for me to d*- 'srril* wbaJ i saSereJ Sn«n ItuligcMwa and He3»iafhe nj» to She UTE* I t«x*n sakitjr Ayer's Sarjapimla. 1 vria aioicr ifee. care o! T»r:pc.5 jtinysx^aa?. ami ir.ol niVerolvia:^! uses-* ttat lid. Altar taiius Ayer's Si tor a s&ort lia:*, aa.v fcen2*.-he iji^ , jHCired. and ay stttatacb prrf«iso««i tw , — llsuy by the . Ua- It DAIRY FARM. Worth Alton Jersey Daley. tkul itett7*y the fttia*hiU8*d'*liJMfttHiliJi Wllk ot the Tcry bunt qualify to tlie. cJU»eM.,oI Alton. TUB .cattle, are. wflilly-'MBh-'tfra- Jeraevinud for giving rtcVlnfrti Vhey "have i no »fop» ol aaj hind (o ou'r CHUio' ARB tnay (lepcnu on Mettlnn milk of tlio very '•• best .quality., A sample will be given five of chunie to- mi tlmt opi ly for it. Tito ttllklhu und uverything contipoitd with tfau dairy wif! be ki-pt BcinpulouBSly cluiin' MttliHt out .'•• —•- '-inrrg may rec«lvo tli« milk In /tha . . of ordiir. A Minre of pnbiifi p*alrott' «KO IB retpnctlully tcquusteil Leave ordnrj '_ whh MeBuis. Klrsch & Behleta, uml witli' address xu . . _„. VotPER, '•• BUNB8T WKIUNSLtra. ; '*... _ . service, two renistfered sires, JCr- und HoUteln, service loo for dthor, M.Oa. " 1 ° fitjm that faraotw. Mull, Ooi>. by Mr Htflvciin.of New rorkj •r.- '•—• i"«"u'Utn nt 8t. Lonle iHtt tall. Our'sr h",,Mll™ y i luo P tlls ola Hn d '• over »«veiitetm Hundred wulicht. Ud4w - McBvire. Bulbola* DttorUuijt, or HtNonh Allon, • ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE, Relate of Herman HB« nip TUnrnea h «'« , or debtor) no toe tliBt m the county » •fi, did, on tbe ., A, D. 1887, tranVter to tlia ewtKned, a» it^liin^.' all $ " t " property { and persoiml, lortho D. neflt ol Wcrod • - ol ttio ^.c» . » A IL l'*«»n»hBVliiK.oJilm« «Kalriat iho laid'' Hurtnun K. Kcimunn «re hereby notlrlod to pri'iMint BUC& elulniB nnder natti or afflrma. tlcn, to n. e st mv store, on the corn* r ol llilrd und ''laxa -truvii, >Uon,ln »ald county, with. lu threr monthB trom ihi* oa:e: ' Dated Keb letli, 1837. JOHN DOW, Alsl JOBBj.BBB5HOLT.Atty. ' Chancery Notice. STATE OF ILLINOIS, | sa U unty 01 Uanir'nn. | D0 - . Circuit court ul iladlson county, March term A.I). 1887* - •-''-• • ' Heary<J.i'rieat,8orvlvtag partner of Henrv ' O. Swwtiier, deceased, late partner* under the name ot 8*et)ts«r and Prteat, v« iiurt,! R. Sparks, Anna . Kp»rk», nto wui. wV»- Icy Best, the Alton National Bunk, the A K -"Parka Milling Company.- AlWt WuS und Frank R. Mllnor. In rnanccry. NotiuH IB' Imieby given to th« said Wetlev Bent that the »boTe named complainant unretoloip Bleil ins bltl ol vomplulul in BiSd court, on the clmnoory side thereof, and that a snmmoBa tbirvupcin limed out 'of enld court HKHtn&t the above Tunnrd dutendanti. leturnabli on the flrnt Ury ol the term ol the cirrniieonrt ol MadUon "county, lobe held at uonrt hoiiu« In KdwanlBvilie, in gala Uadluaa coanty, on the third Monday ot March, A.D, 1887, a« la by law required, an-l whlca tnlt la etlll ptndlnif. ttOBEET 1IAGXAOKR, \Vl»B A DAVU.Oompl'U Sol'lg. ror Hale, The Woodroot property . A J stotj house at 8 rooms, on Klttb and Alum-Mreeta, a 4 room fr*me house on Kittb etm^t. __ __ WHIFFLE ft MOLEY. For Bale. A oonTeolent farm of 190 acres, mo*t all {9 eoltlvanoB; altoated en the Bethalto totA, m'lo* T>»m Alton. , , tot BaJ*orB«Bt. The 2-Btory tnune dwelling with 9 rooms, IncJodlnR " lota : good bum and One bolts known aa the Sicbnia bomeatead, idtnated on Uth «„ in a d«lriole netebboihood. WH1PPLEASH1LEF. • For Bent. '•• - •.. . ., A two story brick dwelling known u toe A . Plait homestead: Uleb pnt In good rppalr. WK1PPLK 4 a For Sale. A T-nxnn hri7k dwelling and out bnllnltig< os Tbli d »trcet, between Ctterrv and Vine. WBIPPLK * au sr. Good 9- room brick boom with atooot 4 acre* of gntanoVnrjadini: orcos-rf. fa Tipper AJton. Fonncr reJdenc« of Dr. Humbert. WHIFPLE A SM1LET. JOSKfii jajttKETT'8 LIVERY STABI^ ISOKT STBEKT, BBTWBEX ALBT AKD XABTOS, AJ.TOV Patents. to ay persons wtgting to obtain lestei / Silent on new laTOstiOBt, haprovescaaw o tes(gin.I wUI execafct drm-wlngt and *pectfl and make apptlesttass for FMeot* lnuion, ta person or toy Vtue , be* FFEIFFESBEtteSR, J.SUHERiSOH, ii wsapSeSeir I bare tn*n greatly a ct Ay*r"s S aad tbe \. It is. -w;iS«v!jt tkso^a, -sbe mtws ne-Kabl-e Wcx*l panitwr yei diKOT-Mwtl. — H. • D. Jo&awo, .'SS .Ati«-»»if fcTex-f, Biojilya, S.Y. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, » .... I FTHE A3TD CO MHOS !F HEN I TUBE. ' A Fail and Complete Stock Al- OB Hand. Pr«« St ; r DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE CS A . CAJX BEFORE PURCHASING. : . ^TB rvntxrruiut BOOKS AKE OK ! Slate Street, opp.TfHrd, I ALTOH, Jssaj WM. L. KLTJHK UKDEETAKEB, i-Pfeiflenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL 8UP8RTXTEXDEXT AX'D EEt'HASlCJUL DEAUUHTSUiS, Office oa Thtrd «t-,one door west of Pta*a, tbird Moor. A.J.HOWELL, i8€a % Ma S e S? ffil ^ IP . Metalic Cases, Caakets ot- And Burial Bates FURNITORE! A Foil and Complete Stock Office and Shop on State (treat «s AIL V&SXKT TO ABVERTI8EKS UPHOLSTERING Belie «-, bet. Tfair4a»d Fomrtb. , Fw a c&nt* korfW ww ««i fofaa » ONDERTAKEB

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