The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1930
Page 2
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AUGUST 7, i BF.YTHBVlLi.K. (AKK.) COUUTKR NKWS PAGE THREt On Honeymoon With'Calles 'l|i Is Avail- li Coopeni- Noi Olhmvisr- IlllU-ii'.ii.s. iiatcsnu-n. -isinsis iiirn, Inim- nn n in n?nr- lifi> tave lioi'ii sry; C-rm'.ent sluuilil c]6 'lp Uiu fiumc-i's ol am of t!k> liarJ |c!i they were uen- t IK-' sinigBlini;. a! llif liovern- ligli ii>: tariff laws jivc-n prolot-lion lo fof Industry, linns niul oilier biisi- in. tiino Uiat ihi- c-is in America fr ]:art of '.his tfcv- s oi Aluity and fate of strong P«T!:iin tiitcrc.sis of Congress passed I,' I'c-feneU to ;is the by Keling Is (rout ltio:i enacted r. it was txpr in be the policy o f . ayricuul- s in initv.statc and I'e, sr» thai the in- Iture will ')c placed |iioin:c' equality with I-; eio this by scv- |>l or v.'bk-h is tnin- |ion. In rcjnrd to miinion of man 1 i cere mtiny U e 1 n i lii-ld Nn Hires werfc per iiiiuecl, liiit i hi -.irlklng uhoio HI-ipli » H o •.!• i lie- lirlde, (ni • Mlssl.ei L 1 [.lni?jm j . nuns Mes citu tieuuiy a ! campaign hns bcpn BOliit! on ;o i j slsn members In the cotton ns' MX'Intlon. Some GOO farmers In llil* muni;,' niul KOiithi'ttl MKsourl hnv' ' Joined. Many tanners aiv holding i tack expecting Congri'w In rump ia I ll.eni with United Sluu-s cin'roni". j r.nd say "h'eie'.s yoi.i 1 i-olli?i." . . Unless farmers Join ihc n^wla- tlons. Uioy will Ir.svi 1 no tin" in tjlcinir: lor t.liclr coiiilLlfuns ljul tlieinvelves Many i-'iitnn men an:! othei 1 .-, cprm 1 -"!! in '.he en-npmtllvi 1 wc.v:'i))"iil arc .siii'padlm vi'pnrls me:- 111" ru.nli'y tlial tin 1 F.I nil Hnaru i-aihi'il lu-lp the faviii-r. (nllnwinp, ft lirnln 0|)r-rnilcti. There Is no Iw-is lor lhnyi< stjiy. i \Voo;l entered lllf> finny as a sur- menls. Tli:- U!in.'-il Stmr-, uivem- i i-iTin nfter gradnalliiE fio:» Htir is !hr> ini«lill[.-t p.-n.i'i 1 in Ilii- vartl medical r.rhrjol. When Mi'KIn- i Monument to Memorialize Searchers for Amundsen HAVIJK, HIP) A mimumrnt vrp- f a laige uud n sea- wllb It.s fuselage hnlf mil of will ninrk ihe In Iho off for lh« li»nt for Atmuulspn in wlilcli tlie plane mid UK crew of four were Ifftt. Tbe moniimenl " be reaily for (Irdlrnllon "In Seplembcr, It the nnmrs of Hie flleis Oiilbaml aiul Cnvei vllls 1 inul llii'lr ineclianlrs. uiiil HIP namr.s of CtiuttclHY, fiKNIiKM. WOOD'S Dll.vni jHchip. nlraig DIP I'nrls-Uoufii-llnvro i nnd..Trnnisop, thf ln<sl thrrn On AuuiiM 7. 1027. Muj. Orn. | roiid. wh^if 1 the liilhnm-n liojuifil I whnvc'llw plriiic was won. l.connrcl Wood. ijovpmoi'-Bpnrriil j - - .LFRANRBEASm All WHO SUFFER STOMACH AGONY, GAS AND INDIGESTION world anil e:>.n il-> aiiytliiip. !' (lilt, t'l do. II SO'.llll'fll f'.ll'm?!" want tlie t;r,vc>riimoiii lo lifl|> Uiem Ir.ciP Is no pnv. - t-r iiiKlfr 111" . l ' '•>•' MIPI 1-1 ivovt'iii ihi'm I >in li\ :T,'h:'ly up 11 lilt- l.irmi'rs li lo Ihe Willie House us hi-: nertnml j Dhyslrbn. Ai l!:c oiilhrraV. of Uic , Finnish-American War in 18M. l if Ono nolllo of )J:ire's Mentha-l'cpsin lloosn't Do You Mor{> (iflwli'Diun Anylhlnu You Kvcr tl^od You con be .so dtilrpsseil with .'i. I helped his close friu:d 'I'iieo- ; 8i i S and fullness nnd bloating that n- ! ('orr Roosevelt mitt 1 :nul Uwl II'- . y ,-,u think your heart is licUnu to . ramitis ip-slmml of •'Kuusli Hid- .-i 0| , ],eniliiB 1 '•'"" l; or J*™ M !^' n .. a ::L"'-"- I' Ym,r' s ,oma<.h my b, - f0 (Us- cli'valCfl to inujor 1 Following his scrvii'i.- iifl»r the | \\nr us governor of Ciil/i, where he ; inticle miuiv ImDrovnii'iit.s i:i «ln- (•ntloii and .laiiilullon. Waal wo^ ; fnc:itlny. PAUIS. illl'i—Fianc's Si'.ck Ks-. impninlod uovurnor in t-n- I'lillip-j Von tire dizzy and pray for quick j i cliunsc, known as the Bourse. Is BU-' »'n?s. Hern IIP sinim><-'l mlv" j relief--*hut's la ho done? lid. Plan lo Spend $4,000,000 or. sh"rt tind B^^py- You think perhaps yr.u ur« Mif- ) ! ing io lie I of 54,000, • ie cntnrgiMl in a total cos'. ! niny and tamed Ihe Hnln chi-ftalns. relumed KI one dr-.sscrt spocnful of aether? Why luivs chronic Indigestion at all? Wllh tills wfiulerfnl medicine you • can < banish Indigestion or cly.s|icpsia, or any upset coniUilon Hint Xeeixs tlie. slomnch In con- rtliclllon nnd one boulc will prove li. And how happy you will lie when your stomach Is us uoo<! »s new lor l\'/i doziness, nervousness, headache, dull eyes . of 54000000, l!:c Municipal Council! Wr.en lie rein 1 •">* just decided. ! Slates In 1008 I The work will not be sinned un- j of stall. i! 1931 und will Insure adequate , Worxj was K'ven inferior nun-j yon van uitaihr deep niul nalur. space Icr ihose doalinu in stcK-ks! m'inds (lining the WoiS'l War he-. ully. UnllM ' ijara's Mrntha Pepsin and In ten he wus nude ciiii.- : minuifs Hie gas dlsupptai's. tlie , pressing on ihp licarl ceases :ind (and b^ncls at ihe linaiiclul cr-n'.er ! :--IHS" he v:u s'.hoiiBht to h:ivp i;ivpn i cf France. The liuur.e w!>^, n pro- ' i aiis? tip w;is thotislit. t'i bavc ijiven nnd -other allmenls caused by 11 dlsordeneU stomucl) will disappear and yon will lie your old happy, cemented sell ngaln. Klrby Drug Co., tintl every r.igulnr plKintmclst Cimranlce.s one Iw.tle of Dare's •'is promote the co^fd hi carryiiiR out Ihe provis- i noi do so; they 'a« crying io i jet:', (if Na])o!eon. alllioutjii not I i Islicd until 1020. In 100(1 the Imild- I J ins; was enlarged bill Ranee's grow- !int' interest in inU'rnaiinna! finnnc? j lias inude ncccssp.iy another cn- Inr^cmcnf. 1 LaiTOI Leads ness which were unfuvotablc if the ndmlnsitrallon. i In 1019 he announced lilms«lf n | ', ciindidate (or the Republican nomi- ; i n-ition for mcsident, and ma'do con- • .'•Idernble heudwny i:mi] the sire 1 1 nitko In Indinna. in '.Oiich \v. felt i : ii llis duty to par:tci;i,iie. siioiled I • hh chances. Two years later he | , v.-iis apnoint?d governnr-fcr.pral of I the Philippines, ' Oh! What blessed relief;.but why Mcnllm' Pepsin to show the noi cot rid or such nttadts nlto- j to stomach comfort.—Adv. ionr, of Ihc law. This money is ; Farm Board to help them but. he- j now available and being used by ; they refused to oraaniz;. tv i ihe lirard in carrying on Us efforts i Faiiii Board con «ive them no re- ' BUCHAUEST. U)l'i-ln addition to lie'ncfk American Farmers. ' lief. IThq Georgia state nvimis-| lo i,i s other duties Kim- Catol of: TIN t . L ,. j The Coii?ress, realizing that it ! sinner of agriculture Is advising lii» -Rumania hns taken over tin- active . EI woon "fnd 'Upi— lohn i wt-.ild lie a physical impossibility : farmers Lo truck Ihcir tobacco into I i c adr,rship of the national ortfan-1 „,,;.,.., l K 'F,, K ' W lm wnrl-«i in' , for Hie Farm Board to deal direct- ! the Garolinas where Ihe co-opera- i ization (or t ] JC p rcm otioii of spoil:;.! 1jn , ]ale |nil| ^ R l E | 1VOO{1 for S2 n ! ! Iv will) the millions of individual j | lve nssoclattons have built up SUM ; am[ u , ltlliu thc nrai flUm - c i, c pi-,,,,, j i|ay n(w ls sjr Jo|m )]ar| . v , lf ~ f ^ fanners of America, made certain ; influence that they can demand .1 . lo ju^,^ personally a number of' faii'iir of Dover EiiELuH (lie tcnil) requirements which farmers must-, ™ r ,J™*_ ^ J 1 .!^,,. 0 ^..!?.."^ i athletic neld>, in the hope and ' u|i!iiion i.-i many i ,-equircments which farmers must i ™" I' 1 "- 1 - '"' ul>: " "»»• '••"""• i athletic field>, in the hnpe and ex- ivirunct of his family lie succeed- • rsens mat specula- j meet bc , f0 re ihey could expect to ' p J° IU the co-ouera.ive movement , pcctatl , n 0( wre ,em!zi u « itumnnla'si frt to the tide when his older ' cnii^e for U,e cot- ! reciv c and benelit or aid from the ll ^,. CCKt ?™J>* 'obacco grower.- : rl |jfc i sjr aw ^ ,, e (|| ^ , being able to re- | Far]11 Relief Bill. One main re- mi!llon ' i °' tiol!:11 ' s H 1 " ^ ar ' ' - - ....... - - - ..... — --------------- - ----- ', lislry is by prevent- Ind v.-a«tefnl meth- 1)1). 'ans of bringing •ity is through the Iprorlucers inlo as|l and controlled by . make possible the products inlo one agency which will let their product in lo return them the expect- ment aid. Ilief Bill sets up a lidminister the pro- liw and specifically Just recently, an outstanding example ol this failure to gel government aid bccnuss of their failure lo join Hie co-operatives has been brought to the attention of southern farmers. In the Carolinas. tire tcbacco growers followed the advice of the Farm Board and cr- ganizsd. Over in Georgia, me growers refused ID join the co-operative ; i Lost 19 Pounds of Fat liey for his cotton, j n ,,i rc , n e nl 0 ; Is that 'farm- i It Is Un In'Furnurs . ••• • |1|_ | A t|| ' I Iry tliat t-olton men I CVE lmlsl organize themselves into I .The UniteJ States eovermnsn'.', I H|C IJVlllVIOtt IH IL IIWOOlIC |<luct just as cheap- j cooperative!. It is very clearly and | lias come forward and sold it was j I |||o wlUSIlOll III T 1 IW CCIlO order lo tell ii si I posiiiveiy ^ mil in l]le i aw> nn<} | n • ,-eady to assist farmers who warn- ! - ...—.« .-- . : w.. v 1° liiem. i rrjicnicfi statements of the Chair-! <=d help. Multiplied millions of BOV- i lieans c,r uringing , man ^ f ; i le Fnrrn ij e ij e f Hoard and I oinment, dollars have teen appro- ' |.lity betu-c-en agri- j lhc secretary Agriculture, that no ! printed for this imrpose. The or- I relief cr assistance can or will be I ganlzntlun is ihcre but Consress ; given to fanners Individually-thai , dceui't :ell the farmers that t-iey cnlv thrcnch 'rambinintr tlipmvlv(«:' llave to join the association, f! ] ' into co-ow? itfv. n"sccT-itloi Tco , d ' ^'"P 1 *' s ^' s " if * m wanl hsl f fr ™ Ue "' s a lclte1 ' written October 21 : l * el * h 239 lbs ' Alld l " nlsl say ' ! If'imers e^neci l" r4-h'^ 1 v? rn H» Farm Board you must join Ihi I 1920. by Mrs. Fred Barrinscr of : I W better In every way. besides, : ' s-M-iii . co - OI) er:Uive associations." and let-- j Lewistovvn, Montana, that ought to ] looking much better. Krusehen j • farmers either cake it or have it. : bs read by every overweight womun i Halts had a decided edcct, nuon ] i When'Congress C-sia-blbr.ed the ' «> America. the quantity 'of food I took nnd; : rural free delivery mail service, i'.'l "Gontlemen: 1 first saw your ad-I stimulated my desiie to greater; i didn't say ihat farmers must ia!^ I verlkement in a Billinjs. Montana, '• activity. i advantage cf ii but merely said I paper and decided io Iry Krnschen I have recommended Krusehen, 1 •-here it is for you. .if you waiu 1.! Salts. ! Salts lo many of my friends, in, put up n mail box in front of your ' "I started taking them every i (act. hove a number of them tak- ! house and we will bring your inn!to you each day. If you cton't wan' •23 to no tniu leave the tox down |LS Board tluill op- I :i «c,ciaiion. Within the past week, • Georgia glowers have been forc=d |.lshrs Capital i t o sc n (hoir crops for more ;ton j the Farm Board I one fourth less than the Carolini Is unlesb giveti stif- K i-ov:ers gCit for their tobacco. Ivith which to r V - Georgia growers aro today clamor- i „ . .. «- V pnl weeki « s appropriated ing for lelicf. they want to pin \ Ji"""i.. P J^".. *..._" "" ii and come to town for your mail." 'ihe same situation exists in r? Rarcl to the relief that Conjrc.v; of' lers through tlie Farm Buard. If farmers want it they can get it by joining the associations. morning as directed as 1 was very'. ing Krusehen Salts. much overweight and wanted toi "Mny all large people, both men! reduce. "I had tried going on n dlH but and women, who want to reduce in an easv way. give Krusehen: it . would get so hunsry that my d!el Sails a fair trial. I am sure would not last long. 50 I decided ; will convince any cue." j t5 give •KriKchen Sails' n fairj. A bottle of Kcuschen Sails that 1 trial. The day I started to takejlnE-js fcur wechs costs lint 85c at! them I weighed 25ti Ins and iitJKirby Drug Co.. or any drug store I resent, which has been four weeks, i in America.—Adv. ' All Vote For ilTER 6. BRASHER For IHate Treasurer i ian, Competent and a Winner BECAUSE he is the only can[e running- who made the race •years ago, in which contest lie Ci very close second—losing by [arrow margin of only fi,781 vot- JBECAUSK his indorsement for (iffice is the majority of 4,015 [over his nearest opponent (4,328) which was given him by |cl home county of Yell in his for State Treasurer four years This indorsement came from le who know his public and ev- y life and whom he has served junty Clerk and Railroad Com- 3ner, and it came without his |g to canvass that county. Ne «-P!y Heavy ItnJy ••• I'nil Ovpr»;..Oi 20x450 30x450 28x475 29x500 .._ 31x525 32x600 30x5 -. 32xfi $ 8.90 S 9.25 §10.20 §10.95 -.... S12.65 -.... S.M.50 ? 19.70 Heavy Ihity Tires in History! i Above, the stylialt, extra-sturdy All-Weather. Al your left, its lower-priced teammate—Ihe nc«', extra-sirens Pathfinder. Big, handsome, full oversize Heavy Dutj tires—Goodyear's latest 1930 creations. Values only the world'* largest rubber company can offer. Built for super-protection. For hard drivers. For roads hard on fires. Sij plies of matchless Hupcrtv/ist Cord (Coodycar patent) under their :ccads. Backed by our friendly. 'Jl-year eerj-'ce, Texaco -Petroleum Products MAIN SERVICE STATION Phono 2.T, Corner Mnin and Fifth C. L. Bennett. Mgr. An offer like this cannot last forever but while it does it is your opportunity to buy nationally famous shoes at a^very generous saving Don'f Delay C. D. & co. Blytheville, Ark. /FOR STATE TREASURER (eports 'from all sections of Ihe sta,le- lire that he Is a winner. He lias proven, his ability In every position where he has beeii tried and (he iwople of Arkansas are rallying to his support as the one best quallliod to handle the millions of money Ihnt are paid by them an- nolly In various forms of Slate 'axes. Mr. Beaslcy was born and eared In Ashley county and for cveral years engaged In biisliifss In Chlcoti Craighead and Lawrence onnlies. Hs served wllh honor and kstlnctlon as Insurance and Reveille Comml;sloner under Governor vfartlneau, and was one'of We ac- Ive supnortcrs of the admlniitra- lon In. the passage of the Ma/tin:au Read Law which has proven HI beneficial Mo thn' taxpayers -ol the slate. Mr. Beaslcy premises, when you flcc.t him'your State rteasurer, that he will iaitall' a perfect and up to date .system of iKiokkrepIng nnd accounting, arid that ewry dollar passing through his hands will be properly ac- c"imled for. Having served the filate -faithfully In a -position ; of trust, nnd responsibility, he now offers for trie first time his candidacy for public office. • The Walnut Ridge Times Dis- iraldY jnvs—"Ltwrehcn county clti- 7f.m paid for 5100 poll tax receipts tills year. Tt Is expected that 400° nf these citizens will cast a vote In the Democratic prhnary. That Frank- Beostay will receive' 90 per cent .of 'them for State Treasurer miparenl. odmllted and to which lie Is entitled by reason of being not onlv a home man. but exceptionally well qualified . : by experience and training." EFFICIENCY STRICT ECONOMY . COMMON HONESTY , To the Voters of Arfeqnsqr • - i* 'r Pause arid oting For Lieutendhi I-WR . "** Certainly it is worthy.o£ selection of your Lieutenant Governor^for'he m'ay r )n '• emergency become your Governor. Surely,"yon' should'' acquaint yourself with the past record of any candidate for this important office. Questions arise in your mind as to his qualifications for the office. His past leginlative experience, whether or not his interests are identical with the great majority of (he people and SENATOR FREED HUTTO will he safeguard the rights of them—or, will he prove (loslruelivo. On these points you can satisfy yourself hy investigation of the individual record of the various candidates for the office, all the candidates have at various timer, in tlie past served in our legislature. The Hon. Lawrence E. Wilson of Camden is one of the candidates who aspires In l:n your Lieutenant Governor. Now, we all remember that during the 1927 session of the Legislature this gentleman was an irreconcilable anti-administration nir.n. At this time the heavily bonded counties were facing bankruptcy, with bonds n2frrega' - !ns mora than fifty million dollars against their lands. Many of the farm- c;v. v.'rro having to five up their lands because they were not able to pay the bonded indebtedness against them. When they had their backs to the wall and implored tlie Legislature for relief in 1927, this Mr. Wilson turned a deaf ear to their pleading nnd voted against the Mnrtineau Road Bill. I have seen a letter that his friends in Camden are putting out in his bahalf and ! <|ii(itc several sentences of same: "In Ihe mission of Ihe 1927 Legislature he w» regarded, probably with iom» in- juctice, as being an Anti-Adminislration nun.—When he rtturnid lo the Leglila- lure in 1020 he was requesled by his consliluenti to act with the Admlniitratlon in its Icjlslative program so tar a» Mi conscience and belt judgment would permit." I dn noi iliink you want a man for Lieutenant Governor who has to l>e whipped In line, and Mien only got hi line ami reversal himself jusl for political office, goodness only knows >vhal ha wnnlil do In mi to gain the otlko ol Governor. Bear in mind, please, Ihat nothing Is so daoger- iiis anil selfiKh as :i vain polilical office seeker. 1 cannot sc>2 iipmi what grounds Mr. Wilson Is entitled lo a single farmer or taxpayer's vote. Don't yon tlilnk it would he well to elect a man who Is himself a land-owner, and who would certainly bo In favor of reduction In [axes on farm lands? I also invile your alteiilion lo tlie record of Mr. Tom Fill!, who as speaker 0 ( tue House dur- ins (lie 1D25 session of Ihe l.csisbt'ire most consistently opposed any form of relief for the bonded counlit-3 and burdened laj-payers. Remember the Lieulcinm Onvcrnor today, may he called upon to serve as your chief eiecutive nt any moment. If. knowing (lie record of your choice, yon make * mistake of Jiidsraent, none Is lo folams lint ynurself. In previous advertisements 1 have told you of myself, of Ihe four years as senator In 1927 an.] 1925 sessions, that I consistently supported tlio Martlncau Road law and dW nil In my power to effect its passage and it possible lo be so, am stronger than ever for it today. For your Tote, 1 pledge, yon an administration of practical economy, proper rwrd lor th« rights of the people, fewer laws anil lower taxes. Your vote tt the Democratic Primary on Aiiuust 1-th will be highly appreciated. FREED HUTTO Senator for the Twelfth District ..:

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