Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 28, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1887
Page 2
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Hadler, of Maduon, hft* Introduced « bill to prohibit th» obstruction. of ruaataq stream of water. We hop* th» bill Will pass because when tit* Seoator ««t» t« CongrcM It will Oawrarage him to introduce A bill prohibiting U. 9. Engineer* from obstruct. teg U« AftVtottoa of the MittUsippl b> BMBII *f dfttt. the tUMt dftiigerons obttnwttoa lUftmera on ibia river hare M •••uwoter U Iha government dike, to* mlrM atote tht* city, extending fr*m FIMB itlaid to the Muicmrl Bhore MM! «Ureelly *er«M the channel. AkBAtt. It «r«t hM wheat gone tbroagh the Vlntw IB 90 toaA • •oadlilOB a* at presets t. Tb« mwmt UfUlBture will b« entitled to ItMgrkMIBteot teachers and all friends of •dlUftttoa It It will change Iroin tbe pretent P«mt«l mi *)ri««ra of tb« district director* to tM towMbi* tyitem ; M recommended by 4X-BMM iupt. BMb. Th»r« U very littl* lu • «er«ai t«k«» 1m tk« Mlcction or »l««ttau of Atre«4«ri awl r«ry little interest taken by dir««M>n altar they are elected, except to Mlarf«r* wliii ibe M4«b«r in lit* attempt to govern hi* Mhool, «p»cl iliy it in bin govern»«»» h* happen! lo offend come director's ehtld. Of eonrae there are noble eaeeptlona «• itaU, bat M a general rule district cllrec- ton are itnmbllug btoeka to progressive,* Id awake teaeberi/wbo do nut confine thorn- eelrei to the mailer or questions In tu» text Wok*. Senator Ouapinan's bill lor free text hpoke te ane«h«r tup in the rl«bt dlreotiuu waiek leaeben will ball with Joy U It passes. VIM •OMUbalary and police lore* of Kigali tewnehtp »nd Tillage la at prevent competed of Henry Howard an4 Jack Miller, two trout- worthy men. .....:... .-....• ...... We are glad to aee tbe Jertevville Rep.- JBx. tha only Eepubllean paper la the county, eonte cut squarely In tavor of normal schools, M tt did lait week !• Its editorial on "(rue fco»k«." Kowell Informed, unprejudiced per- tua will oppose theae toboola,or begrudge the appropriation Mked for tbolr nmlntentknou, wblob le about two cant* a head forthepeo- pta ot the atate, le** than tbe prlae of a very , Webareeadeairored to convince J. M . Gib- •leon tbat the brtdtfe will and ought to be bail* at Alton, bat be 1* determined tbat It •ball go M lit. Lout*. JWe are afraid tbatth. Merobante'XzobanKe Biidg* Oo. have sub•Mixed J. M. Ur. Farley suggests tbat w< eemptomlie and have the bridge built HI Maab ; *o we shake hand* over "The bloods efcaim" on the Ur'*. proportion. TheBep.-Kx Is doing .good work In this eouaty, at prevent, au-1 should receive the •upport at least of all Oapublloani. We have wU vary little about thepeniton qaecMon, but ae the enemies of the old BO - tflen and peniloNer* are laying a good deal »owi an« a* there are a good many old *ol- 4i*r* and peailoner* here we de»ti'e to lie permitted to »«y tometblnjf now. One pupm •ay* tfie Oovernm^ut might better let up on peattont and attend to tUo coast deteuaes. On the lame prlvelplq a man might quit paving his debt* and bultd a new house. Then are perion* k»re wUoae soaU are to smuil that yon could bear them rattle in the bu'l «l a maitard seed, who ineerlngly ipeuk ol penilooerf a* "gQVMramaut paupflrs," Pr««l lent Cleveland, who »tald »t Home and re- eelred thj b«n«fi(s of the •olUInrs' (ufforlnic and Uard«blp», dulluarately insults every aoi- 4ler by raying they would pe J ire tbetniolro- by *wearlnce each other through In toordm get pension*.^ A* we uudorntand It whoa th» •oldler* enlisted the Government agreed u- take care ol them, it tbey were -disabled, 01 ef their families, if they were killed. Then wben it paya a pension it tiraoly pay* a debt. It Is very pauetaal in keeping Its eontruoir with the bond holder* aud IV'H right that it Ibould be. The pension la not only a debt u> bonor but It Is a sacred debt of gratltuuc wblob the government owes to those wli<< stood between It and those who tried for four years to destroy it. But for these soldier* there would have bean no government to peaMoa any body, or support Prusldeat , Cleveland la his arrogant pretensions. A. H. 8. BEDS OF AJL.L STATIONS. •O*B« of th* FecolIarlUoo In Former Time*. The bod« ef tbo nucioutw had In goner«i few pftculiaritiofl to riiHtingtiish thoro f«)m our own olmplor forais. Both the Greeks uud tho RomaiiB hiul their bods supported on frames that re- •omblod onr niodora bodBUjada; feather «»d wool roattrosnoa wore common, and the bcd-olothing, in tbo luxurious period ot oach cation, was richly doco- rated with elaborate nncdlowovk. Tho Britons, _whon conquered by Comar, slept ott iklnn, after the manner of our North American Indians; but at a later period they mivdu two of straw sacks as teds. Tho aneiont Egyptians htwl a exmch of peculiar sbajw and a profusion of soft cushions and richly embroidered drapery. Most of tho beds mentioned in tho -Bible were probably of tiw ordinary simplo kind. During tho middlo ages beds wore nade of coarse ciuivas nnd filled with ttntw or loaves. Thofio could bo opou- •d and the littor rc-mado dally, as is the custom to-tiny with tha mnttroBsos In tbe old-fashlonod inns of Franco and Italy. Tho bedsteads wiro low-postod •and usually hod a canopy at tho hood. ' In tbo Bayous tape«try £dward tUo Confessor in represented lylag upon a vti{i«d soot, his Uoiul supported by wraarod pillowH, antl tho oanopy over hli head is attachod to tho wall. Scott, III his romance df "Ivnnhbo," describee WM of tho bed* in tjio ruauslou of Cod- Tie tbe Saxon, M consisting of a rude ••hntch or bod-framo, stuffed with olean •traw and accotuodutcd with two or three sheepskrns by way of bedolntho*." Tbo bonoe of the auclout English fentleraan woo not, OR a gonortU tiling, provided with bedrooms. A chamber or •bed wa« built against tbo wall that inclosed tbo innnMou and iu dependencies, and in this little coll the lord and hi* lady slept. &oui»Hluws there wa» another ohaiahor of thn tamo kind bnlU lor tho daughtoi* or young ladles <*f the bonno. Many .illtjsioiis to suob *bedrooms nrfl found lu Chauncor. In 4|je "MHIor's Tain" tboro it tuch a ly tpread.' 1 Aa a general thing, th* young mon of tli» bouM and th» gne«t» slept on taUUM and Unahv* In th* greet hall whera Woolen oorvr- let* «• hlanksM were provided for warmth. Servant* and attendant* »lept en th« floor. Later on, In .the time of the Tudor*, th« "four-poite" bwlstewl, nu immense p\«o« of furniture, having a canopy •upportetl nt each corner by the posts, became tho fashionable »loi>piug-conch. Sumo of the old wills luuiitiou "posted sett work bedsteado." Thcee paneled bedsteads were winetiinos of elegant and massive architecture. The columns resembled huge balusters, and 'rose from mjimre diulo bases, and all lh« frame-pieces were carved with decorative mo Wings of various put- terns. On some of tbe earlier bedsteads tbe column terminated with figures representing tho four wungelifit*. In A medituval bnllnd there is mention made of "the four gospellorous (gospi'lcrs or evangelist*) on the four pilloues (pillars) and hoods of angels, all of one mould." The invocation still in use in some of the English country places is an echo of this old custom: Matthew, Mnrfe, Luke and John, BteM the bed tbat 1 Dloep on. Two ungnl* at my hcnd. Four anKol* round my bed; Two to wiitcli and two to pray, A«d two tu carry ray BOIII nway. Under these great "set work" bed- st«adn were' put trundle-beds for the body servants nnd ehlldren. It is relate<l of n yjNUiisli pngu who went to England with his master in the time of Queen Elizabeth, thai one day i^ult wnmtering about tl.o spacious mansion, be entered the room* where the mail's were making the beds, and spying the arrangements of the sliding b«ls was qnite taken with them. In his own country he hod slept on- straw in tlte hostler's loft, but in England he had found that rather uncomfortable on account of the cold. So be says to his mneter: "Sir, there are a sort of little beds under the great beds in this house, which they say are for sen-ants: I pray you to suffer me to lie in one of them." In the sleeping chamber wiv« usually a '.'perch," answering to an old-fashioned clothes-horse. On It, says an old writer, "hang your clothes, mantles, frocks, cloaks, doublets, furs, winter clothes, and of summer." Shakspcare's "second best bed,'.' with "the furniture," which he be- qnoathed to his wife, Ann Hatliuway, was undoubtedly one of those huge Elizabethan Jjedsteudx with canopy, curtains and square pillows. The furniture consisted of the "hanged, beds," harden sheoto, of fino flax, "flock beds covorlota," "pillow beers" and "counter points," so named from the fact that tho squares were In contrasting colora. The woll-to-do gentleman of the late middlo agos kopt a good supply* of bedding. In "The Taming of tho Shrew," Gremio glibly names over the furniture of his country house, and is careful to include bed apparel. In Ivory coffors I have stuffed my crowns. In Cyprus chOBta ray arrays, counter po'nU, Ooatly apparel, touln and cuuopics, Pino llnon, Turkey eushioim, bws'd with peftrl, Varlauoo of Vonloo (told ijnd needlework. Tho "Great Bed of Ware" mentioned by Shakapcare is probably the largest bed in the world. It is of tho Tudor stylo, twelve foot square, of solid oak, nnd elaborately curved. For three centuries or more it has boon preserved at tlui inn of ' tho Saracen's Head in the town of Warn, iu Hert- fordshire. As many iw twelve persons aro mud to have slept in it at one ti mo. '• — Comionolita n Review. 1887. Harper's Weekly. ILLU8TKATKD. HAHTKE'S WEKKLT maintain* 1U position as tbe leudlnic illntitrat«d newspaper In An/or- tea; and Ha hold upon public eater m and oou- ffdonou was tievm utrotmur than at the present time. Busldoa the pictures, llAHi'EK'8 M KEKLY alwa\ a contains Ingtallmenta of onr>, occaalonally of two, of tbe bent novels of t'le 1 day, finely llluatrated, wltb abort etortuB, pooma, aketohen, and papers of Important current toplou by the mom ivopulnr wrltero. Tbe care thatbau been anoct'ssfnlly exercised In tbe Paul to u.ake UAIIPKIIS WEKKLT .1 eaie aa well aa a welonme vmltnr to every house bold will not be relaxed In tbe future. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. 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Morvy order or IJralt to avoid of loan Mewspape'S are not to copv tnig advertise m«nt without tlie exprens order ot limpori Brothers. Address UAUl'KK * UnOTflEUS, Now York. .-AN CLAKUN, dee '««od. Tbe undeVBlKiied, IIHMIIU been appointed E^euut r ol the list will and toulutiii-ut ol fluinn Olaflin, lato of (tiiti county of Jlmllut n und Btate ul IlUnnU, dei eased, hereby giver- vouoo tbat liu wlil appear befcru- he county 0 uitof dladlron county, HI tbe court houve, in Kdwardnvllle, at the April term, on tilt- lltl'd Mom HV iu April uext, atwblib timuali partons having I'lnlmt unmiist e«ld Ubtutr an- uotlflea and riquuvtud to tttleud for tin* of having the i-aiue iidJintuU, All Indented to suld K<tate aru re<juoit«d to make immediate payment to thu upuer- djti'd. bated tbl« Md day of Kcbnifl'y, A. r>,, 18t7. WJLLAUU OLAK1JN, ,K*f eutiir. __ in- HOW IT ACHES, Wtirn out wlib P»lu, but "till com pellod by stern nuovsulty to Huntl up to the work buloraus und Ix-ar HID pain. Uttilnf In one minute lu a On- iloura Anil- I'ti m Vlattttr tt>r achUu ____ tides and Imck.wpukA pulnlul tnu*- clen, iiMjtnru oi'i'ft and barklmt vouHh, un uvi-i-)' i*tn and tolie of dally toil, KLi-uaut, n«w, orlvlnnl, speedy, and liifulllMu. At ttniig-Utt, tftc.; flvafnr II; or, pontauo lro«, of PoWtrDni(juKlcih«mU:al(;o,,Uo«wn. the fituh, not woman, of dnpll- ses lot* tiro iencUhg Jo- women at tlae^enpiWfl, It all came out nt the BtWli legation ball nomtiy, and tho little scone wo* a ftuuy ana The flrat of the two to etttor the ball-raoiu was a ludy from PhtladelpWn, th« daughter of n millionaire In Congress. Her dress ulicitod general udinirntiou, aud tho remark, "No donbt of that being a Worth di-ott," wout in ft little buzz around the room. A ie\v inamente later a Now Yoi'k woman appeared in a droes of the same lovely luuizu rotor, the t^aut color and faehioneil IIB much like tho other dress as two peas. They met, and there were looks—it need not be •nid they were looks of nftouislimi'nt, disappointment, and polite chagrin. They saw the explanation in the duplicated gowns, and no words wore necessary. But worwm nstially find words neceesa\y if only to relieve their feelings. "I hope—you—haven't a—pink —one—too, 1 ' gusptxl the Now York woman, faintly, xclzed with tho horrible foreboding that Worth wicked enough' to duplicate pink an well ivs yellow. O—I—have," replied the Philadelphia woman in tones equally faint and despairing. When they had sufficiently recovered to talk it over calmly, tbo. truth was told, and they knew tlie pink dresses were also duplicates. Fortunately, as a third party acid, "they are awfully rich, and fan afford to throw &tvny thedi'csscfi if tiey choose." But they tire very tnod.— Letter ' M Ears and Scalp Covered with EC- zeaintoUH Scuba and .Bores Cured by Cuticursi. l little son, a»;ed elvht yeura, naa b«en af flhited with Kczomii or th" Kcalp, and at tines a »reat portion of the body, ever since he was two years old. «. bexun In his uaro, and cztended to his »ca'p,<vhlch became cov ured with BOHOS and corns, and (nun which a «tlokv fluid ponro I out cunslnx inttnuH Itching and (llotress, und leaving his hair uintted aud llfuless. Underiieatli theae ecalm ihe Hkln was raw, like n piece ol beefsteak Urndnully the hair came out and was do- Htroved. until but a (until patch WHS left at the back oi tbe head. My trlonds In I'enboih know bo* uiy llttln boy ban suffered. At night be would scratch his heud until his pillow was covered with blood, 1 used to He bta bandu behind htm, and in many wi.yo tried to prevent his scratci lug; but It WUH uouse. be would scratch. 1 t'<ok htm to the honpiiBl an.l to the best plivdcliina In I'ea- body without nucceaa. About this time, so-iiB Irldndu, who had been cured by the Ciitlcui-H liumedle , prevailed upon mo tctiy thrm. 1 bp|{au to US" them on the 1 th nt January latit. In seven moutlis every vavti- '-•leoi tfiediseauo was removed. Not a spoi or t>cab rem>ilim on his scalp to tell the story tif hlaFUffeilng. Ilia hair has ro urned, nml is thick anil strong, and his sculp ua sweet nnd clean as any chilli's In tlie world. 1 cannot say enough to express my gratltudit Inr thle-wondeilulcure by the omlciirn lleme- dies, aud wish all similarly eoltctcd tn know that uiy statement id ti ue and without ejJng- xerailon. . C11AR1.E9 McKAV. Oct. 6, 1885. Peabony, Mass. 1 have seen Mr. MoKay'a boy whfii b«d)y iiUected ntth the Ecztmu. He WHH a pltilui Hlnlit to look at. 1 know that he lias tried our best pliyslciunfi, and did ail a fiithci unula do lor a tuflerlnK child, butuviiiled nothing. 1 know th t ihu stau*mvnis he hits made you an reiiards tlie curlni; ol Ills buy Uy v»u> ' ntlcura Horn' dl«» ar« true In i-very particular. \\UUAUJ MeOAinilY, 33 Foster sit (jet, i'ouooily, oluas. I do not know of any Instance In which the Tutlcuni Kemedles have fHilfd 10 piuduc> xatUfactorv i-esulta. 1 believe I have -old minfoif ihein thiin of nny other pldn remu- 1 havu ever hanillod duiinK thtriy-thrce my experience HH a dimc^lst. A. U. TltYON, Uuiuvlil, N. T. Sold everywhere. I'rk-e: Outlnura, SOcts. ; Outlcura ouup 25<-enta; CtitUmru I csolvuiu, II. I'repiired by Potter iiruu and Cbumk'ai LO,. Boutoi. Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." A Word about Catarrh. "li Is Ihu iiiuciniD ineinlnHiH-. that fnl Hitml-fluld envelope HtirrouiulliiK the dell cute tl8-uit»nf the air and food pii)isairet>,thai Ualarrh iimki-s Its stionuhoUI. once e<-tnb- ema Into the very vl'uls, and mi ilers llle but a iomcdrawn bieiith ol misei-j mill disease, dullliiK ho Hi'nae ol hourlng, truiiinii-llliiKthe pnwen f Kpt<<>t-li, difsliuyiii^ hu faculty ol Hiuell. taltitlnu ihe lilt-nth, an-l killinx the refined pleuour'B nl lubie. . lu- •(dlou-)y, by fintepinis on from n simple cold In the head, It assuultu tho meuibi liii- InK and nnvelups the bnnef, uuitiiK tlivmiKli lie Uellume coiita aiid ciitt-Iin; Irflumumtloii, aluiiKhlUK an i death. NothiiiK short ol urad tuatiun will te lieultli to thu iintteut, and nil Hllevlallxes tire simply pioc'-uBtltutteo autlerln<s, leadliiK to a latnl terminutlon. Mitidifd'u lUdlcul Cure, by Inhalation and by interiiiil admliiistratlim, has never tulle 1 ; ••veil when the dlaeiiBO has innUe Irltshtfui nrom'H on rtllrato constlliitions, I.eiuiiiH, •iiib'l and lUBto havu heun recovered, and th disease thoinuxhly driven out. KANKQUU'0 KADIOAL CVHK consists of one bottle ol the Radical Cure, one boxCutairhu. -olvent, aud one Improved Inhaler, neuilj wrapped In one package, with lull directions ; price $1. 1887. HARPER'S BAZAR. 1I,LU8TOATED. HirtrETi'B r.AZAH combine-* tho choicest lit urntuit ii ml the finest lliui-tratlnni- wl-ii tin atoat lashlons Mid the most useful fumlij ruadtnu. Its Btnitua. poi-mi-, and tsBiiya an- by the bent writers, ami its humorous tketcliet are unsurposfled. Its piipeis on nodal ei|. queue, deciivatlvf ait, IUIUHO kcepliiK In ull us branches, lonki-iT, i tc., umke | liidlnpeii- -able In evety household. li» beiintllnl tilth. on plates and pattern-Hi i-et supplement) -iiHble ladles to save mimy tiuiOH the cunt ol ubbcrlptlon bv l>p|nK iheirownUre»rmiiknis Not u Una is udinii ted tolls column* that uould shock tho mont fimtidloua tuste. HAJIPEK'S PEIWO-DICALS. Per keori Harper's Bazar.,.. ...................... { 4 M llnriwr'u Mu«Hzlno.... ................... 4 ft Harper's Weekly ............. - ........... 4 <X llarpor'n YOUIIK I'eople ............. ..... 2 IX Harper's Kianklln Squure Library, one year 155 innnberH) .................. lu (K (luipei'o Handy Merles, 01 o year, (M numben) ............... ....... ISO Pontage Free to ull nuutKirlberg lu tho Uiillel itiiteaor (,'aDiidu. The volumes of the HAZAR begin with tin tic tNumbei foe Jiuiiiuryii/ em-li year. tVlieii no tune IN mi-ntluiied, Hub»crlptlons Will be- Acin with thu Number cutrent at ilme of ru- cqlot of oriltir, , nouiid Volumes of HABPKK'S lUzxa, f n thrtejuiira back, In neat clot n b ndiiiK.wlll he -eul UV ui'ill pOftii«epiit'l,orby expreun, free uf .cxpenhe (provided thu Irelnht does inn execid ulm uollmrjKir volume), for J7.00 pel volume 1 , ••"' UKHh iJasfl* for pooh voltitne, nultable foi iilndliiK, will lx> tK'iit by wall, postpaid, on mi r wlnt of H.OO eneh. UomltiHiieen «hi<uld bo made by Poxtofllo< .Money i/r<lur or Urali, to uvulu cliauou ol . Newspapers ftrenot to copy tlilu uiont without tlio ex|iru«» order of a. HllOTllUlB. Addrwdi . Now Vorif. Masonic Temple Association , ILL., fib. laih, It87. Aneln tlon for nix ilirectonHif ilia Jl«»o lo T'""j'l" A- ucli'lln", to KMVU fur two M'lifs, will nu held nl theollloeol Go . U. Illiyil II, nil M nduj , reb. Mill, IStJT. i'oti* npu . no • B u. in «i 4 p. m. il.U.l'UlN.shY.Ceu'y. . lelBid Erory strain or eqliS ntU«k« tt» and ticuTjr (MMntM io uTjr (MMntM ion. THE _ fc „ BESTTOMIC * Btrengtkena tbo Alu»rlcs» Mtcniltea tho Nerves, Fnrtehe* the nioml, tilvoa New Vigor. DII.J. L. Mnnj). Pjlrflold. loirs, an: " Brovro 1 ! Inn Blttora fa the ItMt oftie known in my HU ywatf practice, •pocUlly beneflelal In uerrouBf ind In all debilitating ullnrant en tho sjnUm. Ura Tt freely In my own (nroUy," Jin. W. V. " f onnd It benr ta tuaal I \TIUI . , BnowN, to) Mtln St., Oorlnitnn. Kj.. : II completely broken dm* n in benuh and tnmttled with nnlnti In uiy back. Brgwu'e Iron Bltt«n enUrclj tmtoied mo to health." Genuine hu above Tmd* Mirk uidcroened red line* on wnnpor. Tnuo ua other. Made only by . BUttWM UliEMWAl. C0« !!!* KASKINE NEW QUININE.) Nu bad effect No headache Mo nausea. no ringing ears. C nrM quickly Pleasant,*"" A POWfcBKUL TONIC. tlif.t iho most delicate stomach wiUboar. A SPKCIfiG FOR MALAltlA, 11UEUMATISM, PKOSTKATION, «nd nil Uei in Dlsenaea. BellevuelloBpitol, N. Y.: ••Ujilvernftlly BUO- aenbtul." c "Everv pal lent trented St. FranelBlIO8.N. T. ] will) Kiwkino liax been (ulacluuiiuU cuied." Dr. L. U. White, U. B. UMtiiilntntt Su^eon. wr)ie»: " l.i tlin licot mciliclne uind<*." Of L. M. Ultrsnrr. 3(!0 bust 12|pt a! , Js'rw Tork cHy, luut emml over SOO uuileiitti wltb Kupklnoiiflc'r qulinno und till ..thercliuga litul liillcil. lie ttiiyv: "It l»!>iuluubtedlytlie boat uie Heine ever tllaco* erert.." 1'ro.. \V If. I[nlaoii)l>H, M.D., fit Eant2Ub St., N.Y. (lute Piot. In N. Y. BluU. Ool.ego) wHte": "Kii»klne la tuipurloi' tu qiiliilnn 1" Hrt "Dec flu liower, imU nevtir prnducua the Bltghlaut In- juiyto tlie licurliiK or cunathutlon. Itiiv. Jn». L Hull, i.liiipluiii Albany Penitentiary, writes tliut Ka-klnu hua vnruil his wiln, alter twenty Mitra mlfcili'K Horn iiaUilu nnd neivous dyspepsia. Write hiui lor par- ttfnlniB. Thousundsunon thousands write t"jat Kas- klnu hiiacuitd tUrin alter Hll otlwf mttdl- uinouliad lui'.ml. Wrltu lor book ot loctl- Iliolllul-i. Kuukinenan be fakrn without any apodal iidvlce. ? .00 ni-r boitle. Sold by or M'nt by ii-ull on ri'vvlpt ot pi k-e. ICASKINKCO.,51 Warren at ,Now Yin'k. liiuwlin WHIPPLE&SMILEI, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, TRIE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Oo.'s: IUH. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of PhlladelyUla; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; ' Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Mancliewtcr, Eng.- Continental; Oirard; Glens Fails, Amercim Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. OTHERS: A CASH OAP1TA1 tN TUK AGGREGATE Olf $20,000,000. WK ALSO 1SKPRESENT TUK Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident IIIH. Co., Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. For Kent. Two-atory housi* imd nuod atttble on Com moil atruut. i>nod Inili. ' W'lUPJ'LE A SMILBy, for Hftie Sevon lota with K<">'> urlck divolllii« and nmliulldlng-.ln 150nl runitlr, In Unnui' Alton. ItUHidcnciuif II E. "cilliim, ami hn 'wn an tlir .Uu-rill property. IVIIIl'I'LK A h.MlLKV, Alto*, or I). W. oollct, Ifpp )r Alton. A two-etory bilok dw«lltnR known an tl'e . I'l |> In A. I'liill li(JUu»lunU. Luli'lv pu In uond ic- Wlili'l'LEA bVULhY. fat ouie or nnut. A dualrabie luiu'inunt on Iliuff atroet, owned nv 51 iv a. j.Dutio. WHIPPI.KAHMH.KY For taalr Tlio lato realdencua of j. i. and W. B. Mllchull, on Mill nt., two o 1.1- beat pleoea 01 realdence property 1 In Alto: • Tliu propeit} known a» "Tlui I'tu-K, eautol above; I* lot> on Mill and Mniinnlt atrueta, an J a number 01 ota In Mlllor * Mltclniira addition t<> Alton. \uv <>r all ot above at a Ktcut bargain. Wi.iPI'LK* HMII.KV. *or BIUV. The Morrlman property on State utrce In Miller it illolitilf'a AdU., to Alton, IK storj luniau, a r(Hniin and out-buildluKs; alllu per itxit order. Oun be had at a bargain. W/IH'l'I.K « A uud Fur ~nVe. 1>< atory fruniu dwolllng-, oornor I'o null WIIII'I'I.BA 8MII.K/ DvHlrnbtn KKNlilenoea (,ir Sule. A twiintdiy liik'k (I- iillmu nn Stit'u Btrnin KIKIKII in A. I lull I'KiiM'Hli'iiil, liiloly pin In K'»"d ii'lmli. A uvii Mur. triiinu ilwiillliu on Mnli. ntriii-t, ni-ni'iy now, A twu itun i<ik-h ilwi'llhiK on SVVMIIII mini", nil loi Hali •it n aaorlHuu, owiiur InivluK ili'culud to • ••«•• WIUWLK Master's Sale, oo\jnty, t Of tbel»pMmbertorru,A.D.leee,of tbe St. Oialr Oounly (Jlrcuii Court. ; JolinN OhOioht*. Thnmat CbUton, GteOrM UUijton. Jurno*«lidcro>. Robert W, UlcS g jaoii, KlUitbPth Ann Wllllnnn, Dorothy am, 1'liomns Burn, Jamea Barn, Burl era KorKU'.on, t) ion Jnnit Burn, M lUlino BttiD, John Tbotuai hum, poioiby Ann Btim, Uubcllu Uurn, JainexBUin, uud HfniyR, (J, iillein r, eseoutor ot iliu lutt will Mid tesiuUicntof Juliu ulillton, deuenicd. M 1 10i> gule ol ItaHi Kstnto. Oniiur mid uy vinue <( decree of »«ld conn, uiudu 1 < the ubnvi* entitled ouu»e, at S^ld wi'in, I, the uiKlnelMiicil, will, o< UATUUDAT, JUAIIUI1 IB, 18S7, ntniulo . tliepi-cmlnunluruirinfierdeKorlbod, kUlltotliM MulU'tt Ahd bcrt liklai-l', till fol- lowiiiK ili-BL-ilui d liinil, bliimtfJ in the county U .ilhdiiii.ii, ami Mule cil lll.nol«, lo-wltt Ti e »nt Inurtliof ihe i-onlhfa«t quarter of. thu north wtst qnn-tvr, containliiK ti n (10) UUICB; and tliu tiaat ball of the quar vr, u I tu «m-tlon thltty (3'i),ln townbhlp »u IB; n< rib nl taiiK" nti o 4 fi) went. Appi it «fd valin-, ja,4-Vt.7i. bai" to fom.i.unce at one o'cloclt p. ni. . UhlHlsOr »ALK. Twenty |.ur cent, of the pin rliiifie iiiiinpy to bo i aid cash "own, uud iliu bdluuui) on a Credit ol »lx and twvlve in>nitli> , tccuu d by note and »iiprov«d • »;cu- i Ity, und a inortiriiK« <»i tl'e V'vuiltn M>ld,i>» tliu i-xui utlon <it will ii, uuil upon conllrma tlonul sul mil-, 1 will ext cute uuu deliver H deed to the pin olium-r or nuitlia-ii's of >uld laid, as l)v taid <n ere I am directed, coil- all 'lh>- ilBht, title and ulnlniof »,be nald imrileB n f mil null to piilil ALOXXO 8. \VI1.DKBUAN, MnRteriu ouui.oory ol said con.nty. _M.W. UKIK.8UI. _ . ' liwtd EXECUTORS' NOTICE. Botate ol John W. Bchwoppo, deceased* The undWBlgnvd, ItavlnK been appointed h.x«uut«M-» of the taut .will uuu iiwtuuivnc i'f Jubn W. Rfliwepp*), lute of thu county ot MndUuu uud Btutv ol llll.iolfl, Uuei-nscil, litreby vivo notice tlmt they will uppear beforu tlie County Uouit ol MudUiui county, at the court houou, in 12tlwuru»vlllv,Ht the Mun-h tvriii.on the lourth Jlonoiiy In Miircii nuxt, ut which tlur nl< p«r- unit liuvInK clului) niculiiiit Hal i estate are mitlnuM and ivquiiBttd u> ntt«ud for tht> purpose (if havliiK ihHBiuuu adjusted. All pernoiii ndflitud ui aulil edtate ait) ruquuatud tu muttt liuuivUlate payment to ihe uuduralgiifd. DutiiU tliU 2ud day ul tuUrui.ry. A.0. 1887. EI.IZAK. bOHWKl'l'K, WlLl 1AM K, SU1W ht-fK, UJKNUY M. BCllWi I'I'h;, K d4w Exrvutors. HAOLt PACKttX COMFANy. SPEING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer B, Master. CD j E. BOSS POWBLl, I En Bu)gtt,Uioc« •• On and a'ter Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread Eujjlf »••! run no tollowa, vizi UT1V1NGALTOH FOB ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock n. m., and St. Louie on retuir trip at 8 p. in., dally. And leaving Alton lor Portaxe, Jersey Landing. (ii-HHnn. and waj polntp every evening HI 6:30 o'clock. W-The Wbictle will be souiuled (Uteei inlnutos before starting for St. Loula. " To ST. Lctna, RonwDTBiP TWENTY Rxoxt*' - - 8 00 « W. TITI.I.. Fast Freight ftPagserger Line THE ST. LOUW AND ORNTBAL ILLlJiUld R. K, GO'S r AtACE 81K AM till . J.F. KLI-ISON, Uoiuiuander. Kl> AN8HUTZ, jf,i_, ,.„ TIIUK UOUUE, jU'e'us. On and ulter Thursday,Feb. 17th, wlliteavc Alton dailj Fur St. 1 oufs at 7 a. m. Ketnrnlnir, will Inave St. Lonis (foot of Vine »t.; at 2:45 p. iu,: Leaviiiiz Alton at 5:^<> p. m. for PortHfre and .'eracy, arriving at Orafton at 7:45 p. in., conncclln«wUh f nftezprcafl nn St. Louis and O'entral llllnola Railroad tor Jeraoyville, Wu- vi-ny, bp lUKfltld aud all points Lortb and ea^t. FARK. To ST. Louis,EliiEle trip, . . . BCc. " " r< und trip "fo " " -twenty rlao ticket, . , ?5.00 HENRY C. TATUM, O.-n A«t. Alton. II. A. H-11KK, i.ou'l Miui»n«3r. lelldtf J. HOFFMAN & SON, DBALKRS Stoves and Haidware. HARDISOFT COAL BASE BUENERS! And other first clans bontln? stoves for wood or coal, Also BanKos and Ohamplou Monitor Oook Stoves, the bust In Alton. Outside Woru u specialty: Roof Lug, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies AHVAV8UN IIAXO. 8KOONI) ANR AI UY 8X8. T iu undorHlgneil ha to oaonod a U"w uiu*lc tore ai tau coninr ol U'Ulrdjiiud I'luBuuts ORGANS ANDtflANOSI uf the Iflnest workmaiivblp for ^»le at r««. tonablu (irlcw,. Clull and uxauilue our uuitru- iitmtn buloit) piirohaoluu eUuwburo. FLOSS, J& BABE. w uii W<1 worn WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tlm«Woibboatd«ote made wllli it H«ut-\Vood dm, Tbo Strong- ett iMimtl* tod be>t wiuinn In tan wutld. For 111* bjr all di'ttl 'Itko nn otlnr. HA«]IIVAW M'F'fl TO. TUK FOB 1887. Will oontaln.Jn addition to tbe best Short 8torto«,siwwfio*. B*s«jr«, Poetry wij Ortttcum, two serlftl 9torl«si- fho Second Don, By MBS, U, O. W. OL1P1UST Paul Patott, fry F. WAMIOM OHAWOBD, Author o? "A Korean Slugtor," "tor. Isaacs, •to. ' Paper• on American Hlttory. '•• '• , By JuliN FI8KB, ' Whose previous papers bar« b«en so tuttrV ustluy, lull ol Information, hiidgener- , ally popular., French uu<l: cohtltiufttlon of thn admirable paper* com. paring the French and BmtlUu puot>u * lpm>D "> nnrt „ Dy OUVKH WENUELL HOI.MK5. Oocnsloniil Fnpers, Dy JAMKb UUS8KU, VOWBLL. . Contrltmtinhs may be expecti it from John jreonitiH WliiUlpr.ptomMiTwatitwaito aia Ktnson, UhaHiBl)Uilluy Warner, K. 0 stea,' mim, Harriet W. I'ruston, 8arnh Orno Jeweti Ulinilex Hubert Urnddoek, Al-thur Bberburilii Hnrtly, 'Hj*nry Ortkjt U>«t««,KdHb il.TbooiM llnraoe K. Huudder, U«or M e •. K, Woodlinriv' UoorKuFieilerlck Pnisim*. Maurice Thomn' «>», Luvy Uucom, Oulla Tbnxtnr, John Bnr- rmiKliH, Jiimog Fieeuiun Oliirke, KIlKahnth Kobins i'uuueil, Bradford Torrey ana manv< ottiern, , • 1EHM8: H a year In ndyance, postagn fr«m- aa cents u number. Wltli dtiiwib nrn.iit.,' portraltuf Uawthorue, Kmeihon, ln£3$ tnw, Bryant. Whlitlpr. Lowell, or Uolmoi fs i oacli addltlu mil po» trait, |i. " u " no » The November and Oecembnr nnmbrm n> die Atlantic will be >ent tiee of ebarira in n«. »abncrlUfr« whow subscriptions ureVteoiivoa oolore IWOfinbur SOth; • • «/««nyo« Postnl notes and money are at tbe riak m lho^vudKr, aiidtherplortih-mlttanoesshmiiri be uiude by money order, drmt, Or reidstered lette'r, to Uoughton, MlfflJn & Company. 4 Park street, Uostou, Ma«i. The Gentury For 188O 87. THE OENTDiir ID HI. illustrated maatblv muHHzluu, liuvlng a reKalar vlrculatHu ol ubout twi> iHinurDU tboukDUtl copies, oiton leHublnu and aoiuutlmea ezeeeillug two hundred unatweutv Hvo tbousund. Culclumoou Its luunv uttracllons lor tbo coming year la £ »erlul which hua been in active prepui&Hou lor oixteun ^ earr. It U u blatory ol our own oouDtr* In Ita tnoet critical time, aa net forth ui . -••'-. ••-•... THE LIFE OF ItlNOO'IiX.-' By his Coutittentlal Secretaries, Joliii I*. KicoJuy and Col. Jubii Hay. Thla great work, begun wltb tbe ssnotlni) of President Lincoln, aud continued undur tlie authority of bla son, tbe Hon. Robert f. Liucolii, In tbe only mi) and auibodMtlre record of ilio life ot Abraham Uuoola. lu .tutbors were f leuds of Lincoln bvtnre bli pr»«il icnov; they wero m««t intimately a»- uociated. with h'm aa private teoret&rim tlironhout bid term of tilUoe, 'and to them were truualerred uuon LlncutnNdeath ull hl» nrlvntu Mipo.'s. Here will b« told the laalde history ot ihe civil wur and of Prenltlent Lincoln's ailmlnUtration -hnportaut detail* ol wlilou bave Mtberio remained unrevealeA tliut they mljibt Urut appear in tnlu autheuilo lilstoi-y. Uy letusou ot tlie publication of thl* work, , THE WAB SERIES, which has been lollovrcd A 1th unflaggtag interest by a Krvat Intereat by a wreat audl- eucu, will occupy lens apiioe during the coining year. UuttyBburg will be doicrlboU. by iieu. Hunt (Obiuf of tbe Union Artlilury), Men. Longatre t, Gen. K. M. Law, and otbors. (ibicamatiKU, by Uen. D. H. HM: Sberinan'a Mureiitotbe .-ea. byOenorala Howard and^locum. Generala Q. A. Uliluioro, Wm. P. Multli, John Glbbon.Uorace Fortrr, and John S. Moaby will desurluu special battle* and Inetdenta. Storlea of naval ongagemunta, priaon llie, etc. etc. will ai pear. NOVELS AND STOllIES. "Tbe llunUrudth Man," a novel by Frank R. StouKion, uutlior .ot "Tbe LaUy, or Kdwu.d j- gitleaion, un d other nrointaont American antboru will be printed during trw yuur. SPECIAL. FEATURES. (with llJii.-tiHt on») Include » norfea of urtl- cl.-u <m aftalra in Uucala and tilbvrla, by Ueo. Kennan.auttior ot "Tent Life In Siberia," who Una June returned from a moac eventful vl-lt to bluorlan prifona; pai>eia • n tbe Pond Quoetiou, H 1th rt'lt-rence to Itx beari"g on the Lubor i'robl<in; Kngliab Oathedrala: Ur, HKKleai on'n Kellglou» Ufe In the iinorlcua OulouleK: Clulrvoyauo*, r-plrltuHllsm. Aatn>l- og) , etc., b\ Uov. J. M. Rucklev, U.D., editor 01 the Christian Advocate: nxtronomlcal pa- ptirs; mtlc.tx) throwiuK light on Bible i.lslory. etc. • PRICES. A FREE COPY. SutiBcrlptkin price, ft.OU a year, 8S onnta a iu(inbcr. l)i-uler», puBtinaatura, and publish- cr« take aubaurlptlnna. Bend for our beiiull- li.lly Ululated 24 p»go ciitulogue (frea), coiualnlne full pi orpeotuH, etc., the tiding a Bpi-clul otter by whiclt new readura can Ket uck r.umbun to tljt bttfmmiK ot the War MTlos nt a very low price. A specimen copy (buck numboi J will be «eiit on reqnoBt. lieu- tlon tbl» paper. Cuu you afford to be without the Uentnry 1UHi OKWTUUY CO., New Tori. Bnbaoriptlona received at tbU office. Sheriff's hale. Jennie K. l»epry \ . va. (Execution No. 53. FranHIn Pepry. ) Cuu bill No. liy virtue ol an on-cut Ion,m tlila oa»e Imu-U out ot tliu clerk's oflku of thu Circuit < :oun of N'udlaon county,IlilnoU, dliectetl totbeHlior iffol auld oounty,! have levied upo< nil the right, title and- Inttireat [ol thu aef.-ndant in aiid to tlie foliowli B j-roueity, alma o ia the county of MudUon unil Stutu of llllucli, und doecribea aa followa, to-wlt: Two 121 rods off of the north nld" of lot No. five (6), lu bloek No. Alx (0), In K. l.onv'auddliioii to the town of Upper Alton, and, alau, two (2) rod* off of tue louth Hide of lot No. aU (HI, In aald block No, bli (6) in >uld addition. Saltl two (3) plow* af lund fronting tour Ul rods on Muln utreot In paid town mid running baoH eaatwardly tbe entire d< nth (if «altl lot«, and iltuaced in (tie town dt Upper Alt -n, In the county of Uudl- sou, In thu »t»luo[ IHlnola. whlcb 1 will fx- po-e ut I uullo Sulu, to the highest bidder, for •man, on TUB BLKVENTH DAY Of MAKOH, A, U, 188;, between tho liours of t) o'clock In the inre- uoon imil uimclown; to-wt: at 10 o'clock, a. iu., of said day, In irout ot the north front dnor of tneCity Hull bullillnv, In tlio city of Alton lu tliecuumy and alorestUJ, to xutlsiy mud execution together with cons. K. A. RUIIKK, Shnriflfof I^'tdUon oouttcy, III. TIT (}.«•. On >WK l>M)iitv. !7ilta_ C WO ACRES CHOICE IDWOOD f ARMING AND AM ACRE on long- time. Tb» molt and pramlnlDR n«ld far •eitlemeni la th< V. II. Full iiKSS{i«. w lL tl ""^ m *f «»*•• **••»•» l ' SU C««::iMIO.Et,r«ttnilo cenlnl t, E.. BllwuU. ff H-. ('Drcd. , Oiitmio, Duaumbor 7, '86. aco I CMU/;bl a severe cold nen nn IOB house with ray coat . 1 f<t)t myoolf polling chilly und wont to tho house, wtfttro I shook (or )m)f on bnur and then bad b?£t> * MVOr ttnd u-rnblepHin (a toy Rlrlownd through my hin«;», 1 put an Alloo'sk's Porous 1'ltisinr on my buck and on tbe fionuii ohoM. unit m it utiurt time thu puin ^nl mid I full uMccp, and did not mull ncKi mornlntf , wht'i) 1 «'»» ovttr, lit , uiv ilnutor Hbnut it, tin Mild I hui) hl <•'" • with idi'Uilcv nnd, pos»t>lTi — E. E. Dudley. wklt

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