Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 26, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1887
Page 4
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i » •* •* 'n ' ' t ~\ zs a wososiurufe* , how MiDf thtumatlim begin*/ Ind Inddlowty H grows la the iygfcm, until on* 1* startled to find himself it* victim 1* eitbar the acute or chronic form. He than Ittrot the grip and the utt«r ordinary remedies to give relief. ' Probably to no disease hare physician* •given more studr, and none has more completely baffled th«irf«ffl)rt*d;o provide. a »pSdna; and untlptlk>ptott>s'*fti di»-V covered there WM do'"medicine'which would rarely cure rheumatism, neuralgia s and oerrous or kick headache. Thousands ' 6f tettinionials like the following prove beyond question that Athlophor<t»/i* the only reliable remedy, and that it'will do ' all that la claimed for It. Sumner, HI. I h*ve been afflicted with rheumatism ' 1 (*>r>n<*rljr*7e<ir! used -various remedies "'< '(wtHHlt obfoinlne '*licf until I was in. -• 'dniedlogivwAthlophoroflatrial. It gave me relief in sit hours, and I have steadily Improved since. 0. W. SMITH. Jewett, 111. I am entirely cured of my terrible rheumatism. Mine was an obstinate case. I Wai helpless and Buffered no tongue con tell how much. I saw an advertisement of Athlophoros, sent for it, the dose gave mo / «nio jind tvrent to sleep; next day I got . ,.41$ and dre*scd myeclf; had not sat up for along time. It has nov> been more than * year since I have felt the pains of rheumatism. , MBS. MAIIY A. BENNETT. Mr. Bilas B. McClelland, Macon Street, ir College, Decatur, Illinois, had a very 'flre Attack -of rheumatism, and found '""'" " twith the first'dose of Athlo. » «Everv!drUggifit shonl&kefej) Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pills, but wliero they cannot be bought of the druggiet the Athlo- phoros Co.; 112 Wall St., New York, will •end either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is,$1.00 per bottle thl6phorp»^ti(V;60c. ; for PiUs. ; liver and kidney dlscouMs, dyspepsia) in. aBmtion; .wcaltui!$s; nervous dcbUlty, dUeace* or women*, tvnwttpatlnii, "henrthcher impure blood, &C,, Athlopboroa Pills ore uncquoled. • ALTON DAILT TELEGRAPH. M ••oottd'OUM* MAttwr Mi lh* F< ). O. Hi Altota, til.) ; g .gjBATURDAY EVE., FEB. S8. His REAL. ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, : • .•. /. -BT- , ' RuiJerBnausen & Sonntag. /•• . '•;? , •/,*»» •«•!•,-, ..-.- -.'.'. ' ' A oonronwiit «n<1 pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-story frame bouse 'on Eighth street, near Henry.. . tor Bale. A choice farm ot taoaoiea. wtth first class Improvemente, situated 2X miles east ol Brnniwlek. Ohartton oo., Ho. . For nale. A one ••tonr frame dwelling house in good condition, in Topping's addition to Alton. Tor Sale Cheap The residence of Oapt. W. V- ' oble: two stories and mansard roof r 12 room * halls, closets, cellars, etc, : 8 acres of groan Host detirable property in the city. •'"i 1 ;. •• ,tf\ '. 5»«r Hale.' , . -''•..' •: ; 16U acres of land near city limit* Stave ., two story bnok and frame awe: n» aoase. both sttnated on the eas- " o .ivtte. street between 6th and 7th >ttcetc so the brick block ef stores on Secon street,' between Heni-> and Bldge street aown as Hunter's , A stuWltran»!','?^lng_h6tise within nne DlOoloroTthed -tfor$J75. 160 acres f good tanning land, and anothet tract oJ -00 acres, both unimproved. Bltnate in Hot' co., Kansas,' at $10 and |16 per acre respectively— one. third oash.balanoe on time. For Balf>. A lann of 110 aorea on oottoni land, all in cultivation, near Madison, In thisoonaty. A Rood two-story frame dwelling house on It. SwceW.800 - Tor Bale. A choice farm of 120 acres, situate l mile south of Sblpman, Maooupln county, 111,, at alowflgurt). fames Intending to buy ,E«al Estate In the city ol Alton or .rlolnltv will find It to their Interest to call at the office of Kndersbausen A Aonntvg and examine their list 01 properties for sale as only part thereof is advertised. . PLASTER s«CORN8s A common souse cure, by a combined medical nnd mechanical action. Unliko any other preparation, they relieve the pressure while curing the corn, and never fj|il where directions are followed- Five sots of plasters and box of ointment put up in handsome tin ease, convenient for use. Price 26 cents, complete. Ask for "Pedacura" and take no other. ejj WJiite ProprtetarY 60. 113 W. Broadway, N. Y., U.S. OF FIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. . W. CHAMBERLAIN, _ Plat. Agent for Alton. AND HUttOJEOM « DK. B. Physiolan and • Unrgeon, W. A. HAMKJEIX, M.D., , Phy01^|«n and Surgeon, .'..»' OmOK^UlOOHD ST., ALTON, ILL. OfflM hot»r»-flium.| U to 1, and8 j^m DB. O. M. ItOULAND, UTHHIDBTHMT, ALTOM.ILL. omo»How»-l».m.*ollm.i 1 tolp. rit fATMtwlV O. A- MoMILLEN, Denttat, t cannot touch his cheek, ' . Nor ruffle with a loving breath hi* halri • ' < jootelnto his eyes, and hoar him speak— • fiiottover knows that lain there I Ob, n my darling would but only know That day and night, through all hi* I, whom ho loved In the yean long W. Am with him still-bis wire I v I watch him at his task, , , : When the broad sunbeams first light up hi* I watch him till the evening lays her mask Upon Uie face of Day; and In the gloom . : He lays hi* pencil down and silent sits, ' And lcnn« his chin upon UI« bands and sighs i Bow well 1 know what memory round ulm • > flit* I :- ••' • • ' '' I I read. It to hit eye*. '; , , ..» And when his pencil's skill Ha* sometime* wrought a touch of nappy I see hi* face with sudden gladness fill; I see him turn with eager lips opart To bid me vomo and welcome nls success; And then bo droops and throws hi* brush aside: Oh I If ray darling could only gucsi That the Is near who died. . Sometime* I.fanoy, too. That be doe« dimly know It—that be feels * Some Influence of love pass thrilling through Death's prison bars, tho spirit's bonds and seals; Some dear companionship around him still; ' . Some whispered blessing, faintly breathed caress. The presence of a tovo no death can kill Brightening bis kracllnoes. Ah, but It-cannot bo I . .• tthfe dead are with tbo.UvlngHI am here; Buthe/my living Jovej ho oftanot sco , ;.•< ••' ills'dead wife, though she'cling to him to near. , I seek bis eyes; I press against bis cheek; • • 1 hear him breathe my name in walling Bo calls mo—cells his wife—I cannot sptak, : Ho think* be ie atone. This A tho bitterness of donthl To know ho loVos me, pines and yearn* for •.' mo; ...••'••:.'•' ' •. -. To Poo him, stiirbe near him, fed his breath Fun my sad check, and yet I am not free To bid him feel, by any faintest touch, That she who never left hie side la life- She who loved him, whom he loved so much— Is with him -still—his wife. —Justin McCarthy. A REGISTERED LETTER. : ;.> "There's ft registered letter for Kity •Mulvancy!" ' The lettor-carrS'er_ Bhouted it 'on 'the' stops of Brady's big tenement, near Tompkius Square. The tenants of the house canght up the cry and passed it uptowatxl the roof. The children In tho'Street echoed It: ^ , . "Katy Mulyaney!" ifTh^re was' nearly a ^million children on the block, lit & .rough undor-estl- mate, and from; among them came six Katy Mulvaneys, three of them with iyoungev Mulvaneys in their arms. But the , postman waved them away. L :JIot pheiof them was old enough for a registered letter. '. : Mrs. Mulvancy dwelt on the top floor; but at the moment she was in the •basement getting water for the week's < wash, i'hence she emerged, wiping her rosy arms, molded and tinted like twin Westphalia hams, on her-' broad apron. "Fwat's to the fore?" she inquired, as she caught the reverberations of her daughter's name. "There's a registered letter for Kuty Mulvaney/'jsaid the good-natured car- irior. '.'-.' ••IVat's that?" asked Mra. Mulvaney. "A registered letter," repeated the carrier, wearily. ",' ; . " 'Tis offishle it bees, Mrsi Mulvaney," volunteered Mr. Maguiue, the auperanuuated licensed vender, who was- smoking his day pipe in the hallway; " 'tis the goyermint, an' the ju- disneary, nn' the police, an 1 the dispensary oflishles as sen's them things; •sure, I hud wan' wanst, whin; I , forgot to pay mo licetise." • ."O, millla murthur!" wailed -Mi's, Mulvancy/ with startling suddenness; "ah fwat jiave I done to have idisgi-nce t'rown upon me, an' me the mother of eleven?" 1 Her- apron went. over her head, by way of sackcloth, and her choked lamentations came from under it: "0, Katy, the mother I've been to ye, an' ye to bring shame on the name ofMulvaney! .Sine, no wan .-, 'would never have thought it, ne'er ^a time! 'Tis ahl along o' thim picnics, an' the foreign Dutehmin from Italy infestiu' the waiTd, so it is! Fwat have 1 ye done — fwat have ye done! An' ne'er a'Mulroney was iver in coort, forbye th' qnld mon, and him only whin he •clared out the saloon on the ! Square, which 'twas bilin' he wag, an' of a New- Year's, like a gintleman should, and the boss came down himself an'. bailed him out, and give s'curity! An' a daughter of mine to be brought to the likes of this— a register letthcr— O, Mary, save us!" By this time there was a crowd of sympathizing women about Mrs. ' Mul- Tanoy, trying to console her in 1 seven- iooa different brogues. Mrs. McGarrahan, who: was n. trille under 100 years old, and who 1 koonod at all the old- time wakes' in the ward, took the lead. "Sure she do not oondonttaid it, dear soul, she do not. 'Tis an .'. ahuer the govormint does ye, dear. 'Tis no Bupi>ony— 'Us a . dfplomy, more like. Cheer up; there's a darliutt Sure," she explained to the postman, "Katy'a the good girl, so she is, an' 'tis 'into the faot'ry in Broome street she works, an' brings homo her wages regular; .an' nlvor the wurrd said agin; her, 'bar- rin' the young miu is ahl : afthov fbor, an' proud : ; her mother should be of that same, for ehe beln' a diwlut— " who 1 * going to sign for that letter? I can't wait nere ail day, Hero's the •' receipt, Now, Mrs, Mulvaney, you sign this. Got a pen ank iukP" "Honldl" inUnjoctod Mr. Magiilro; . cl've'g^t o plniilo. ; I, ab,lw^y« carry t .pin'slo. t 'Tis the! way of a mou of lmni- ••.4M." T -... " " '' •'• "Pencil won't do," «ald Uw wurj-ior; "the rule« of the office say this ' hu« tc be signed In ink." "An 1 fwaro will I get tlio Inkf" do- maudod Mrs. Mulvaney, drying the nnn«ti«aeary tonra from her ej;ea with hflri(ipttm roUod Avor .hot- Bttn. "MuV un- "Dunnu," •6f'th«»* t ''la««8- 'B 1 bottle '6* 1 Ink' Iri>tl3i8 1 holi86," void 3ur. Mft'gxJlro'.&olemnlr/'goiing out japdn'thdWiekelioi' 'children'' In the bottle of oli86," g out n the «» g?owji»g Impatient. ; , , vl had It whin 1 had me biisiueBS, in •lventy+eight, t !)8ftid;Mr., Maguh-e,' ti-lth lUridiminlshed: Solemnity} ,','auti s : Solemnity} ,','auti sold it out wid tne chattels the mortgngo was on." •• ••,•• •-,' • . ; .> •.'-.;..•..-,•':- / , '..,-... ( The'poBtmnn gloi-ed at Mr. •.> Maguire fofhalf a'ialnute. tvddudj as he dfcw tiiml on hie pipe, and leaned agntnst'the wall and looked'back into' the'gloriiilis boat ', "Pencil won't do!' 1 said tho 'carrierj '"now you'ye'got to rustic arotirid' and 'get some ink. I'can't,stay here all day, and it's ink 'or no Idl^cr," And he leaned up against thu, wall opposite Mr. Maguire ; ,<>nd looked determined. The. crowd of .sympathizers resolved it«olf into a Committee of . JVays and Means; and Mesdamcs Fiiincgun and O'Toolo 'were made; a sub-committee •with power i-to'f borrow the* needful fluid. They set outtaiVely; but their 'quest was in vain. VTlwGettnan tailor over the'way dcclined'to 'lead'.hlB ink on'the groiiud that the amoiiut of 'the Irish trade which came his way' was 'not commensurate with the accommodation demanded. The 'Hungarian sprbprietbr'"ot th'e riext-d(M>r beer !saloon looked'iipon the. r^u'cst;. for the loan of his. inkstand as an mcendlary deliverance, covering a deep conspiracy against himself ( and, his property, and neiretreatod into his book room, undec-cover of-(Hungarian profanity. : The-French lady who did, up ; lnco cur; tains was ont. Jn.the ond, it wivs Mrs. Mc(Jarrahan .who came to- the ; fescue with-a-bttll of blueing,half dissolved in a stone-china saucer, which .yielded a fluid' near, enough to ink-to", satisfy the 1 requircm'cnts of the government of the United ^States. ;.•",'' •And When the 'poor, -patient postman, with a tooth-pick which lie tia'p- penfed to have in his pb'cket, -had written ',' 'Katy Miilvahcy, by'Hohora Mul- vanfey\(her'marlt), and, when Mrs. Mulvaney had traced her idea of a cross 'in the proper place, ho marched off on his weary way, to be scolded, probably, at Station Z for tho delay caused by his complying^ with the most idiotic .regulation over issued by the United States post^ofllce. '.....-, Mrs. Mulvaney and a select ;doputa- tion.from the crowd .of : sympathizers took the letter up into the Mulvaney apartment and laid : it: ! on the table. Then they safiaround and looked at it, "It's a proud girrl Kiity-'11 be this day," said Mrs. McGarrahan: "there's nought less than a diplomy will -be in that, ye mark me." •'• . "I don't rightly know," ventured Mrs. Mulvaney, with a sense of timorous inferiority; "fwat that'll be—a diplomy?" " 'Tis fwat thoy gits when they gits a job o' tachin' in the pooblic Schools," replied 'Mra. McGarrahan, loftily," but kindly. "A grot rise from the fact'ry 'tis, to be sure!" said Mrs. Mulvanoy, with bated breath. • It was 7- o'clock when Katy Mulvaney got : home fron the "fact'i-y." With rosy .cheeks and wondering block eyes, she came into the circle of tho expectant assembly like a vision of youth and , beauty. The gathering was feminine, save for Mulvaney, who 'sat smoking in his'chair^ tipped -back against the mantelpiece, proud, pa- trpnizing," arid placid. "Open yer re£iwther letter, Katy," he said, with''dignity,' pointing to the table. • Katy- opened her eyes wide, advanced nervously, and tore the envelope open. ...•: "Fwat,is it-rthore's a dear!—a di- plomyP"' chorused tho circle. But Mrsi -Mulvanoy had snatched 1 tlie contents, and her wail arose. ' "Luk fwat it is!" she criedi and held it up, while the others crowded around. It was a dirty, shop-worn Christmas cftrd, left over from the holiday season. ' And across the person of a dyspeptic male angel was written; from yonr adoaror M. flnncgan. Katy hid her''blushing face in her hands, sank into a chair, and sobbed in 'mortifioti:; angiuah. Her' father tapped • his pipe on the aim of his throne. "Fwin thot'Finnogan b'y "sends ye '(inother wi/Mther • letther," :he said, •'I'llro^tsth'er him wid mo hod."— Puch. Dr. Jas. Corrle, Dentlat in Bftltlroore, writes:"I have used Dr. Bull's Oout;ii Syrup perflonally and In mv family for two or ihrefl years and I am prepared U> say that there is nothing to corapan- to it as a remedy for coughs,cold, etc. 1 ' 25 cents. Pains in the back are frequently caused by a sudden wrenching of \b» »o\nc. A few applications of tiulration Oil will giro permanent relief. "CAN February March P" asknd the punster with ft sickly flmile. "Perhaps not," ropilpd the quiet mun: "but April May.»'-A Ex. JNo'carriage spring is talked about no praisingly as the Klca Coll Bpung 10, People go wild over it. Any carnage builder will furnish it. dwlw ' Bo»TOX landlord (to portar)— "Spi \l the'gentlemen In parlor P have finish id dfiiquiMnp their dinner." Po:tfl> (returned)—"Dey U fru entlnV bigg but dey ulnt done ouasln' it ylt."— Bun If the liver, and kidnevi Are sluzjjUh nnrt Innntlve, Hood's barsaparlllft will rouse thorn to prompt and regular action. Tftke It now, 13 Yon will not limp with painful Coins aftor Hilng "PeUacurii—of ^>ru#KW' 16 sentlmeTitnt-80n0t«aa1te morous songs DScome V0ry popnlbr. They art applauded'In tow theateiv when a'favorite slhg*i"8lhgg thein.nnd^ ire laughed nt unrestralnertly^'butvory', 'ew in the audience ever think of bliy- ng copleo of. them. ^Tl^s.^ peetiltarly rue of that description of Uunigrous. ditty known as the topical song. It mar xi explained that this is a sobg in which ;ho material of the different verses is. arranged to give point to a significant phrase which invariably forms the last line of the verse. The performance 1 practically amounts to piggllug with language, the effect coming from the uunorous and unexpected illustration which ; can be adduced of the idea ctn- n bodied in the adopted phraao. tilveh on the stage by an export sing-, er," who enforces the points of the, Verses bj r appropriate action and facial expression, these songs are very Deflective. Sung in 'the parlor by ah ordinary vocalist and without the effect which comes from the assembly of a largo number of people, these songs almost invariably fall llat. In consequence they are seldom sung there, und'thoimuslc publishers who give them to the world find, the world ungrateful, much to tlio pub- lisher'8 •pecuniary grief. 'On the'other hand,'a sentimental song may bo sung in tlio homo circle by an inexperienced singer withy6ry fair effect. Somehow or. other the .underlying sentiment survives the most : outrageous treatment It has better staying qualities than humor has. The .melodies are, simple, the thoughts expressed; find a welcome among all "classes' of people, and the sheet music' finds its way to thousands of piano racks- throughout the land; and so the publisher,becomes happy and affluent.— New York Mail and E AUIIt fer All. In order to give all a chance to test it, and thus be convinced ot in wonderful curative powers, Dr. King 1 * New Dis- covety for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, will be, for a limited time, given away. This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of i his great remedy. All who suffer from Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asihrrm, Bronchitis, or any affucuon of Throat, Chest or Lungv, are especially requested to call at K. Marsh's Drug Store, and get a trial bottle free, large'boule $1. Kenews Her i'outh. Mrs. I'hoabe Chesley, 1'ete'son, Clay co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched for by the residents of the town: "1 am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for many years, could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, nnd am able to do nil my own housework. I owe rav thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed mv voui h, and removed coin* pleiely all disease and pain." Try a botile, only 60c, at £. Marsh's Drug Store. •-'•• fbl dwlm BnuKien'a Arnica Salve. : ''The Best Salve .'.n the world for cuts, bruises, sores,:..iers, salt. rheum, fovei snres, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all ssm eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. Fnr sale bv E- Marsh, Allon, 111 mchVdwlm A concert singer who has caught cold acka his doctor if It is true I hiilfre.-li KR clear the voice and favor the pn duction of sound."! am of that opinion" replied Escuhipius with imperturbabl HHreniiy: "Look atlbe hens themselves: whenever they luy an ess they iimued - ately begin to sing."— Ex. Sonlheru Antidote for Mnlurlu. • It is generally known ihut Simmons Liver KegulHtor IH relied upon to secure immunity from till malarml disorder?. This if proven by its popularity, and anyone who has lived in the South has seen its curative effects and the protection it gives against this weakening and dangerous malady. It acts more prom ply thim calomel of quinine, without any of their injurious consequences, lu th a wk Everybody needs a spring medicinr. By u«mg Ayur's Sarsaparilla. the blond is thoroughly cleansed and invigorated, the appetite stimulated, and the py.-tcm pi-epaied to resist the peculiar <o the summer inonlhs. Ask fur Aver's Sarsaparilla. Take no other, dwlw It Is a good rule to accept only such moilicines as are known to be worthy of confidence. It luis been the ixpf- rmnce of thousands that Ayor's Cherry Pectoral is the best medicine ever used fjr throat and lung diseases, dwlw Food For Consumptives. Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with Hypophospliiici', U a tuoH wonderful food. It not only gives strength nnd increases tlm Hush but heals the irritation of the throat and lungs. Puhilnble AS milk and in till wasting diseases, both f<>r adults and children, is a marvelous /nod and rnpilieinp. gvu- lmi jdi/iMlfim (5/T lx»iin our rcnUtrrai Tiiulivtlark, uuil our tui". A d.Mt-yitr * /»• Boto ,tJ,«:A. , Dr.,lluH'»'<:imgh;BVrn» will erne rour C«w(b at "i<!». Price onlv 3d PI*. AWllla, MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with atrlctregord to Pmltr, Strength, and Itoalibf nlncss. .Dt. fitlw't DuKitag Powder contains no AmnWnid,Llme. Alnm or Ph6i|>hat«a. Dr.Prico'n Kitracte, Vftnllla, Lemon ( otc^ flavor deUcloosly, RAILWAY TIMfc ; OHIOAGO . .,- . 011 and alter Sunday. Nov. 14th, ltw«. train on the Ohlopgo niid Alton railroad, will leavi the Union. Depot, Alton, standard time, n foliowa: . .', .'; ••..••.•;•• ••..•• : - • .'.;. ..';.• Fur Ohioaito and the Biuti '. :...."•" Chicago flail*. ............9:00 a.m Uhioago Accommodation* .0:00p. ic UchtningExpress*.. »:IOp.m Peoria and Rook Island Fast Ltnet,9:00 a. m Vat JaoVsonvtlle, Keoknk, Qulnoy, Kansas Glty.and all points west. •• •' KansasOlty Moll* .. .. 9:00a.m Kansas City Eipresa', ....... .... 9:10 p. n Denver Bxpiessf 7:OJp. m. Jacbsouvlllo Acoononcdatlonf... 7:05 p. n> For St. Loul» i ' ... •' • • •• i •'•>. LltthtnlnuExpress* .,6:46 a.m Ohluago Accommodation*. ........9:30 ». ni Alton Speolalt. • ....12:»5p. m Bansaa Olty Mall* ,...6:40 p. u. Chicago MttUt .. 0:80p. rr. FBAINS tEAVB 81'. 'LODia'UNION DKPOT FOB ALTON. f7 60 a, m. •••'." 16 60p. m. •450p.m. *7 55p.m. •., • : (8 45a.m. Sundays only). . •Dally rKxoept Sunday. " -. ; , . • B. •£).'•' RBBV1&, Snpt, St. Louis Division O. Q. NOBBlS.Tiokot Affont. OmOAQO, BUttLlNGTON AWD QUINOT. . Trams luuve the Union Depot, Alton (ol)ows: doing North! , ' < Express (except Sunday)... . 8:86 a. to Night EzpreSH 7:05 p.m W. W. ARNOLD, A«ent. Thfe First Sign Ot failing health, whether In the form of N'lglit' Sweats and Nervousness, br ID .a .s:;n.s« of General Weariness anil Loss of Appeilifl, should suRgcst the use of Aycr'a Sarsaparilla.' This 'preparation In most effective -for giving tone and strength to the enfeebled system, pro- muting the digestion and assimilation of food, restoring -the nervous forces to their normal condition, and for purifying, enriching, and vitalizing tho blood. Failing Health. fen years ago my health began to fall. I was iroulilcil with a distressing Cough, Night Sweats, Weakness, anil Jiervoiis- nnss. I tried various remedies prc- scrihoil by different physicians, but huraino so wcnk that I ooiikl not go up stairs without stopping to rest. My • friends rorominfliidtMl mo to try Ay«r's Sarsapanlla, which I did, anil 1 am now as hi'iillhy nnd strong as ever. — Mrs. K. I/. Williams, Alexandria, Miun. I hnvo used Ayer's Snrsapnrilla, in my fninily, for Scrofula, and luiow, if it is laki'ii faithfully, that it will thoroughly eradicate tln.s tcrrihle disunse I liave also pruscribcd it as u tonic, lus well a* an altiiriitivn, and inust nay that I lioneslly holiovn It to bo thu best blood iiivilicino ever compounded. —W. F. Kowlcr, M. D.," D. I). S., Greenville, Temi. Dyspepsia Cured. It would 1>o impossible for mo to de- sc.rlbo what I suffered from Indigosdoo and Headiiclio up to th» time I Iwgsiii taking Ayur's Sarsnparilla. 1 w.ns iinder tho caro of various nhyxii'ians, oiiil tried a great many kinds of medicines, but never obtained more than tempurary relief. After taking A.ver's Sarsaparilla for a short time, : my ' hcadnrho dis»|>- S eared, ami my slciniach perfiirmetl its utics more 'perfectly. To-day my health is completely restored. — Mary Hurley, Springfield, Mass. I have been greatly benefited. 1 by trio 11 prompt use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It tones and invigorates tho systpni, regulates the action of .tlio digcstiya and assimilative organs, and tho blood. It la, without douht, the ntoHt reliable blood purifier yet (llNcovereil. — H. I>. Johnson, 383 Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. • Ayer's Sarsaparilla, rrei>nrc<l by Dr. ,!. 0. Aycr k Co., r.owell, MOM, I'rlco SI i , »0. Lucas Pfeiflenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DBAUtiHTBMAN, Office on Third 8t.,one*door west of Plasu, third Hour. A. J. HO WELL, -DEALBH IN- FURNITDRE! A Full and Complete Stock r CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL onoitf Foil ; UPHOLSTEEING Keutly and promptly executed, Hello at., bet. Third and Fourth. -ALSO- flNBER TAKER. BBWDBNOICOOR,'BT.VW!*BKVaj(Tn STB DAIRY FARM j?^ iflMe** 1 of the very , Altfln. Tbe cattlt,— .... „ Jerievi and tor'givlnx rtoii tnllk tli»y — -qnmjiUiJby.t&B t aHiff6«i,*^Ba" eaRhvl ftJu'no.fepsbtanV'ilnff&'ouf •cattle iie*thnt»ifi»Hvorni ,wlih.-tholr patron «Ke may depend on «ettin .vnurn be»t,at-'"- r • —-.*-. i ebH?- iatw.'nlnus Stfiem or «8H K*ftCl« bftvo me* tnnt»in favor n» .wlib.-tholr p«tK>n. i may depend on fceuiiiKmlik ot'tue Vbiv &*"£ If J >£ KW 8 W»» «?l r « n fro «ol irge to tall that apuly for H.*i,7Tiie tnllklnit 1 U%fA*t«T*t*lM.B MHHH««*<.lI ^..1.1. i. " "«JT" ., . M.1 . .,».,„ r*rm,m.UMif i> U U,everythldBeon«a with The dairy w", 1 } J)iSlflu«8!Sr*'fliwrn VOthat our m«lk Hi the yth «ciu , «iuJtoni«-rsUuay,Mcrtve., beat of order. vmiiat put thptmtlk v A dlinre of piitiiia i, with Uessts. *MBRT^OU3!I KUMK8' t lorvlce, two~r*ht«Wred Mre», J« :ol. tetii, «m vice fto for either, J6.C juo nuwHiinU from-tbat tnmou§ bull, OoiC S* H P'>!J*j owneJ bv Mr, Btovi-iia.of New York! f??ff,S* d ,S':!. > ;! S 1 ""8t..r*tiUClail. Out'i ASSIGNEE'S 8.'. • >,.' '»' ne «0unty ardKoCrtbTi 5?8, Wffift'dSS'S? % underaluned, a» nBtlKiiK-, all- hid Dvonnrto teal,una perannul, lor.the b< nellt olTilS otnVl 1 itoi*. B0i'o»diii.i to the pr^W»lon?of the aoi • AH person.*having ollims akainit the said Herman tti-Kwmann nre> hereby ( hotlrtod 12 ,pr«mnt sucR claltn».ttiider oaifi or afflrmS tlcni to me at toy store, on the corner ot riur. ana IMUBB 'trei'is,^ 1 tun, In mild oountv aift. In ibre?month* froiftl bit aate ™ ' Dated FebWtH, 1887. i Chancery,. Notice. BTATK or ILLINOIS;) =,, vt>tv r r -O,.unty ol MBOIKOH. (""v -..- •.••: Olrcuit wnw ol .Uadlsob county, March 'term Ilei'iry.l).i'rie«t.sttrylvin« M p'artnrr of Henry . 0.8wuutBur, deceased, laiu partner) under tlie Q i.aine ol Sweetser and rilest/vs. Duvtd K. Spurks, Anna u. Krmrks, his irlre wT.« It-y flest. the Alton /ationa "flank; IhlJ 'A U-y E:^fparks•'MlUlng'-ooulpany.'Wbwt «nd Frank K. &lllnor.i,ln chancery • D Notiu«l8heieby given to the said'Wouley Best .that ^ho «Wewiname4>:coinplauant unretoloio fl|od his bill of coiuululut In «»i<i 'court, on thethancery sldBithereof, and that a summons Ihnrenpon homed but of court uKttlUBfthoibove named COUrt ^luima lu JuuwuruBvuiQ, m SU'CI Uadltinn county, on the' tblrd' Monday ol Mnrnii A-n 1887. aa li by law-requlreO, an* whloiTwit 1.' will pending. MOBKIl^ HAQ"VA{JBB. i;Wls».* Dxvis.Oompl'ta^"" . cl "rlC' . . Ifor HalcTi ~ " The Woodroof property. A a story franm house ot 8 rooms, on Fifth and 'Alton streets a 4 room frame house on Fifth street. ' • WHIFFLE A SMILEY. ITor Bale. all In or ale. A convenient farm of ISO acres^ most all I eultlvatloa; situated on the Bethalto roid mMP" *nim Alton. - it t , • "»»«i For Sale or Rent, The 2-fltory frame dwelling with 9 rooms. including 7 lots: good barn and fine fiuita .known as the .Nichols .homestead, situated on 12th st,, in a deslraole neighborhood. ' . For Rent. - ;. >. • . .• A two story brick dwelling known aa the A. d retialr 8M1LKY Platt homestead; lateh put In good retialr -ff'* 8M1L ••'•••' -for Sale. !.•• , • A 7-roombil3kdwelling and out buUdlnxs on Thlid street, between Cherry and Vine -'••• EY. . : : '. ••'• . •' irorKent. - ' ,..•'. • Good 9-rnom brick bouse with abnut4 acrei of .ground.lncludlng oroaa"t1,ln Upper Alton. Former reoldenoe of Dr. Uuraberc. WHlfPLB A SMILEY. JOSlSlrril, -, J AUKETT'8 A.UTO* rfiOMT 3TBEBT. BKTWBKN AXBYANDKABT05, To ny persons wlshlnB to obtain letter patent on neir, Inventions, Improvements o leslgus,! will execute drawings and speolfl jftttone and make applications for Patonti 4U oousultatlbn, In penon or by Utte , fret PFEIFPENBEHGKH, 3UAUCBB JH FINB AND COMMON A. Full and Complete Stock Al- oii Hand. DO NOT FAIL •• TO GIVE 08 A jL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUKFTJEKITTJBHEOOMBABKON State^Streefi E ppp, Third, ALTON, WM. L. KLUNK Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Oases, Gaskets /nAnd Burial Robes for Ladles, Ctentletnen wid Children, and Shop on State street euoie. Will attend to J* anln«Fnrnlt«r«. m/\ ' -XV ' **#f..W *!«»»»**•••"•' „ -.Tor a plteoklorMOwe will print a u;n-»W auverilaeninut In One Million l»uei of leiO' lliK AU)nHi:|in Naw«nnpuril, Thl< la a', 1 ? 0 ,:", of only onfl fll«i'oraov»iea.llno,(pr l^ixiw™. lutloii iM'bo'advejttMinent wilt b« piwjj bilore OaOiMUIInii uirrUBKNT niiwKHjw line* will uorommodata Mbout 76 woids. *i dre«4 wltb copy ol Bdv anUobeok, o'W'jj^ i-LbVfiSifliyBpruoe «£yt. < u _'yj!!L •tir'AKTJCoV-A live, r nergeilo uiw7w "Jg" \V MNiwStt^'r<ik'plringi'th"">a "If"? OiKtd»««pie:«verTon* buynt outnt '*«•' STA^DAliD dltyHfttWABIII Co., B««^ ffl ADJB8 wanted'n for "lluVrftteu mi«"oudTr«minni tl* _o««W»». ,. HK .,,,Olub»Ior [«>»,• A hoiit o f«r illu«tr«teu l^ii-« B«dTr«mi»iij ) ''l' ) ^*JJ. kwer« tblHUUvwili-viueiK, W8.will »e|J|J. f fit ope pound chulou Tea, Addt«M "AiiVia" : 4oVri'it|IIOp; ( Bo«Qn ( B»M. «»««• i ' i '.. *'•' ' .';'&

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