Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 26, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1887
Page 2
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A1JQH DllLI TBUWKAPIL Mr tt. *. HOBTCK, *a« *!••• Mre*U« Alton, HI. SATURDAY EVK., FEB. Mat. QE». Logan, yesterday, att«r » conference with the mottUttvQt and other committee*, selected Jackson Park, Chicago, M the nil* (or the final burial plaoe of the dead hero sad staten- twn; •..'.,;.'. :.'•••• Bon. W, W. Hoaklnson, a Republican member of the Illinois Legislature (lower house), died Thursday night at Springfield. This is the second death on the Republican side of the House during the session. Mr. Hosklnson resided at Benton, Franklin county, in the Fiftv.firat district of the State. The Dependent Pension mil; ['resident Cleveland m hi* "special pluading" in defense of his veto of the dependent pension bill says: Hitherto such relief has been granted to surviving soldiers few in numoer, venerable in age, after a long lapse ol time since their military service, and as a parting benefaction tendered by a grateful people. In btberjwords, by waiting a few fears the mosk,of the old veterans, wh« offered the last "full measure of devotion" to their country m her hour ol need, the men through whoso sufferings and sacrifices, we have a united, happy, prosperous country today will be large* ly decreased in numbers by death, and a "grateful people 11 can get off cheap by paying pensions to the few survivors. To what belter use could the nnwieldly surplus in the national treasury be put than in paying pensions to dependent veterans of., the Union army, thus relieving«them and benefiting the country at large by putting idle money into circulation and relieving the Demo' oratio anxiety as to the disposal of the snrplut. Fear is evinced in some quarters that some unworthy persons may become pensioners, bat is it not bett to risk inch a chance than to allow worthy ex»soldiers to become Inmates of poor houses? The immense increase in the number of pensioners is used as a negative argument by many objectors, but this should have no force for the country h able to pay all who .have a valid claim on her. As to the number now on the rolls the National Tnbune says that about 268,000 are OB the 1 sts, out of over 2,300,000 who enlisted for three years; not a very large proportion. SOCIETY BPKAT. • Mrs. Bateman is visiting In Bloom ington. Mrs. Morton, of New Orleans, is the guest of Mrs. Oicar Moore. .Miss Fannie Bateman has returned from a visit to relatives in Blooming ton. Mrs. Wm. Hopkins and her son, of Roodhouse, aio visiting Mrs. Huskm son. Miss Addle Warner has gone to Jerseyville to spend the Sabbath with Mrs. J. A. Soarritt. Mrs. E. C. Lemon, of Upper Alton, has returned home from a visit to 'her sister in Lebanon. Mrs. Homan, nee Miss Hettle Mor gan, of Kansas City,is visiting relatives in Alton. Miss Florence Dolboo has been spend ing the week in Chester with her sister Mrs. Harry Cole. Miss Lillie Kriranita has returned from St. Louis after a pleasant visi with friends m that city. Miits Mamie MoMilten, of Alton, Is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. A. O, French, of Edwardsvllle. The ladles ot the Kound Table will be entertained this afternoon by Mrs. Mattie Mllnor and Miss Lulu Topping at their home on Market street. The young Indies of the No Name Club, with their gentlemen friends as guests, were entertained by Miss May Taylor on Tuesday evening. Mrs. Hewitt won the first prize, a plush work basket; Mr. Hewitt, first prize, sachet decorated in aquarelle. Con*ol*ti> n prices were rewarded to Mis* Emily Topping and Dr. Sohuesiler. Misses Fannie and Addle Hamilton, Wednesday evening, entertained in a delightfully Informal manner a number of their friends who called on them. ' The hours passed in sooiaffHamea and amusements, flno music, vooal and Instrumental,adding a charm peculiarly its own. Refreshments of whipped oream, cakes, fruits, confectionery, were served and ail present pronounced it an enjoyable occasion. The masquerade hall If given by the Huntorstown Social Club, Tuesday evening, at Woodbine Hall, was noted on account of the general elegance and appropriateness of the costumes and the accuracy with which the various characters were personated, There were A few oouiio representations, enough to give a pleasing variety to the affair. Muiic was furnished by Prof. Opssrau's orchestra.. Supper was served at the Woodbine reitaurant. The la»t of the dime sociables given before the Lenten season, wns at Mrs. Henry Hart's on Tuesday evening. The affair was arranged as ft tmrprlte to Ar*. Hart by her daughters, on thu evening preceding her birthday. The ibjeot was »o well carried out that ft complete success was the result. The refreehmenti that were prepared at drs,0halk*s by herself and Mist Carrie, were also a pleasant surprise to the company. Charade*, music and social enjoyment, of which there is never auy aekat these informal sociables, tilled he hours of the evening. The threatening appearance of the weather did not prevent n large attendance of the members of the Mendola- sohn Society on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Misa Emma Floss, on 'rospect street, Tho pleasant rooms brown together were comfortably filled with ladies, and the following inlerei>t- ng programme was rendered: Sunday doming on Geneva Lake, was the llrsi piano solo, given by Miss Althoff. The composition was one of BendelV, and most beuuiifully deaoriptivo of bulls upon tbe water. The Avu.Mitrla, of Schubert, <vaa snnt; by MM. Milnor uo> oompanled by Mrs. Rohland. The selection is one of-the most exquisite of modern compositions, with accompaniment ot running chorda, and admirably suited to Mrs. Milnor's beautiful voice, dendelsshon's song without word*, Rest* essneu, was well played by Miss Florence W hippie for the next number. This was followed by a paper upon the History of tbe Piano Forte, by Hawms, read by Mrs. Rohiand. The next piano solo, Magic Bella Reverie, Mrs. Breckinridge. This is one of Manrice Sirakosch'n descriptive melodies, and was well interpreted by the performer. Miss Float began the secoud part of the programme by the instrumental solo, Polish Dance, by Soharwmska; this weird and difflouli selection was nicely given, showing the result of study and understanding of this new and popular exponent of the Sclavonic melodies. Expec tancy, one of Dudley Buck's contralto songs, was sung by Mrs.Stella, followed by Choperio Polonaise Mtlitalre,' rendered in a most artistic manner by Miss Sophia Hopkins. Tell her I Love tier So, (Oe Fayes,) a lovely song WM beautifully given by Miss Lizzie Big- s.with aoeompanimeul by Mtas Lucy Biggins. Mi« Buckmaster afterwards read a treatise upon '• Woman as an interpreter, >v by Geo. Upton.' The very enjoyable afternoon wna closed b\ a piano solo given by MUs Lathy, A Cradle song, by Honselt; this seluotion was greatly admired by all, as Mi*> Lnthy's selections are in line taste and good style. The tempest failed to outrule "As You Like It,' 1 which was read last evening at the home ' of Mrs. E. D. Topping, by well nigh full attendance of the Unity Cirolo of Young People. Their next study will be Hamlet, and their next meeting two Weeks hence, at the home of tbe Misses Adams. t does. What dooH the Bnssnfi'its ook like? Well, Well, now, tho «iu*» snfras tree looks like— It looks like— I houUl say that it resembles— wall, It ooks morv like the black gum th&u •anything else that I know of. It's a rent tree, Indiana is fall of It— and «inocrats. I've got to go out to tho Voftlnvegtern shops with this here Basket and I'll see you again. Thoi-c's i heap of things that I can tell you .bout sassafras when I have time."— - Ihicago Herald* t Omnibus. Uncle Bob Hardtack was tolling tho writer his experience in crossing tho aliw coming to Califortila In '49. "Wo started out all right from old Ike with a dern splendid ox team, ind got along well enough coming up ho Plutto, but afore we got to Sweetwater we loet half of our team. Wo nid to Uirow away one thing after tho ithcr to lighten the loiul, ami when wo got toSalt Lake the dern Mormons and their Injun friends gin us tho devil. •Finally we got to almost hatin' sach other. Wo had told our littlo torios over and over again, and could not think of anything now to talk about , For days wo come along plum worn out, hardly spcakin' a civil word roin morning to night, each ready or a growl or any kind of meanness. On a trip like that, me boy. If there's my dog in a man's disposition the loir's bound to stick out" — Virginia City (Nev.) Enterprise. A Plea tor the Wvery Horse. If you hire a horso at the livery- Btable, you ought to treat him as If ho were your own. If you drive out "ten miles, you ought not to attend to your own wants' until you see him properly cared for. If an honest man, you will remember that you are under a two-fold obligation to that animal— an obligation to its owner and an obligation to Jie animal. You are the debtor of both, and though you pay the price of the horse, yet no money can release you from the duty and moral Claim involved in the bargain between yourself and the. owner. To neglect the poor speechless beast, that can not appeal in your tongue to the commiseration of a passer-by, is simply unpardonable, and the man who is guilty of such neglect is worse than a man. The arrant infidelity of Balaam and his sordid love of money, are secondary crimes compared with his brutal abuse of the ass which he rode, and the Lord wrought a miracle to secure allowed remonstrance. We have but one instance in the whole bible of a dumb animal speaking, and the niiraole was wrought to condemn the sin of cruelty to animals — New Orleans Picayune. Hiram P. Revels, the lirst colored man elected to the United States Senate, is now a well-to-do farmer in Mississippi. ..'•-'••••..• " Tho Sassafras Miin. "It's twelve years now since I began to supply the Chicago market with sassafras," said Thomas Sapp, yesterday. MV. Sapp is a tall and portly gentleman from Indiana; his hair is gray and he wears on his chin a tuft of whiskers of the same shade. "Yes, blr. I've been in this line twelve years 'and I have some customers now that I had at the first When I started out didn't have much of a trade, but I have built it up until now I got rid of about $900 worth a year. Oh, yes, it's i pretty fair busiuoBB. You BOO tho sus- Bofras that I sell and that which is noli: in the stores are two different tilings. I cut mine when the sap is in tho root. The stores got thoirs when the sap is in tho boughs making loaves. I calculate that sassafras is good for everybody. The Tail Sycamore of the Wabash is kept alive sniffing sassafras, Indiana couldn't get along without it. Sassafras and democrats are tho stand ard crops down there and they are both good. Now I come from the Terro Haute region and I know what 1 am talking about. Sassafras haa different efl'ects upon different pnoplo The best way to take it is to oat a little of it every day. Some folks wil take a whole bunch and chow it dowi at once. That's no way. Somo other* will boil it down, get the strength ou of it and drink it all at once. That'i no way, neither. Tho way to do Is U oat it a little at a time. It reluxroj tin system and opens tho pores, Jolting tin impurities pa«s out in that way. Now there's one man in this town lhal._ have sold to for twelve years, and fro'n tho fact that during all that time h< has boon in'one place and at ono ilcsl I suspect that bo's a pretty steady mim He says it does him good and I THE VEST THJNQ KNOWN roa Waihlngand Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water, IR, TIME and SOAP AMAZ- _ ..vos universal «tusntouaa< Ivor t/oor, iHouTd ba without II fmriMwrstl jJMf^ PV4.10. MJBW Ears and Scalp Covered with EC- zematous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuticuru. . Ml little son, ajrfldelvbt yoarti, nasbeen at Hi dieted with Eczema or th" Hcalp, and at times a (treat portion of the body, ever since be was two years old. It begf>n In his ears and extended to his eca'p.whlch became cov< ered with sonbs and tores, and Iroin which a »tick\ fluid pouroJ out causing Intense itching iinrt nlstitea, and leavlnx his hair uiHtted and lifeless. Underneath these scabs iheokln was row, like a piijce of beefsteiik Urndunlly the hair catne out and was do Htroved, until but a small -patch wns left at tbo bat-k of the bend. My irlendsln I'oaboch know how my liitln boy has suffered, A night be would scratch his head until his pil low was covered with blood. I used to tie his bands behind him, and In many wt>ys tried to prevent his scratching: but It was no use. he would scratch. 1 took him to tbe hospital and to the .best phvilclansin Pea body without success. About this tiinn so-ne frljncjH, who hud boon cnrud by tho Outlcura Itemedle-, prevailed upon inn to try them. 1 began to via" them on tbe l.tho January last. In seven months every parti cleoi the dlseaoe was removed. Not a spot or fccab remiliis on his scalp to tell tho story of bin cu ft oi Ing. His hair baa re-urned, am is thick and strong, and his sculp as swee and clean as any child's In tho world. 1 cun not say enough to express my gratltndn lor this wonderful cure by the Cuilcum liemu dies, and wish all similarly ufllictcd to know that my statement U tine and without i-xag Iteration. OIIARLES McKAV, Oct. 0,1685. 1'eaboi'y, Mass. 1 have seen Mr. McKay's boy when budly ntfected with tlie Etztina. He WHS a pltltti vight to look lit. 1 know that he has tried our best physicians, and did all a fathi* could do for a i-uflering child, but availed nothing. 1 know til t tho statements he ha made you as reuards tho curing ol his bo> by vniu i.ntlcura Rein* dies are true in every particular. WliUAMJ MuUAR'lHY, 33 Foster sti eot, 1'caooUy, Alaas, I do not know of any instance In which tho Putlcura Remedies have failed to produoi satUlaotorv retults. I believe 1 have -old morn of thorn than of any oilier skin reinu los I have ever handled during tblrty-lbree years ot my experience as a dinirglBt. A.U.TRYON, uatavla.N. T. Hold everywhere. Price: (jutloura, W ct8. Outlcura tioap Zieents; Outiuura I c-solvunt f 1. 1'repared by Potter Drug and Chemica Co,. Bnstoi. Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." O I \/f PLUS, Ulackheaus. skin lllenilebe IT J.ijJ. and lliiby Humors, use Cuticuia A Word about Catarrh, "It is the mucous nieinbranv. that uonclrr ful bcml-tlulU Kiivelope HUiToundliiK the dell cam lls-uutiof t!iu uli-and fond paatui|H!*ithii Oatarrli niHki-s Its stronghold, oncu untub- eiiu Into the \tiiy vl'iiln, und rin ders llle but u •on«-(lruwti bn-iiih ol and dlui-uaf, dulllnK ho nemo pi iriiinnii-lllnKthu power > I Hpi-cch. d he faculty ol tmifU tulntliiK ihe In path, an kill'nK the ri'lliifd |ileii»iu- s of luntr. In .ldliiu-ly, by cri'Cpli'K on Iroin n pimple colt lu the lii'iitl, It iismiultn tho inciiibiau, us lln Inn mid onvelopij u o bailee, vutliiK tlii'xi'K ilu 1 delicate coats and ciin-lnu Ii tluiiiinatlou sloiiKhlnu nn i death. Notblnn shun ot urucl icauon will uccnru lieulib to thu i»*ilt'iit, am nil iillcvlBtheu are simply pincruHituuiei nuHeiln.f, Inaillnu to H lu>'tl tenulnnilon aiintoi-d'tilUillCttl Omi'.by Inliiilmio.i anil b) Intfrniil Hduilnivtratlou, has novur tullu • i-vuii wlii'ii thu illM'Uht) IIUM mndc Irliihtlu mroHi'x on i till mo cin<Htllul>onti, I.curing »nib I and iiislu liuvo I i*un revovur'-d, and Ih dl.fasf tlioiniiilil) di-|v<-ii out. fAHfOIIU'S KADIU^L tJOUE COnH<St8 Of on boltleoi ihr Radical Uui'f,«nt< boxUatu rlia ttolvi-nt, and onn Improved liiliu er, i,('ail wruppi d in one puchaito, with lull directions n»no A OIIKMIOAL fo., BOBTOK. HOW IT AGUES, • • W.TII out wiili pitln, but Kill com pelliul by muni ncvus-lty to rtand up in tliu work bmoretm mid licur thf ptiln, Uuiinl IIIOIIB inliuiiu In n On iluiira AinM'iiiii I'lHSMif 'or uuliiiit ..,. .10on mill iiHuMruk&piilniul mm clue, ilmsnru ci'ota-d liat'Kliig c-ouKh, HII tiviM-y piiin and ache of tliilly toil. Klugunr new. orlulnal, Hpeudy, and Infiulllilu, A druuglm,'<2A«,; flvu lor Jl; or, pontage tree ol letter Drug andOuBtulcaluo,,Uodtou, r TIREDOUT! u 6«7cin,Hcitores Appetite, AliUUIirestlon U does not blacken or Iniaro tbe teeth, MUM held* Mbe or produce ooiutlpntton— iMlarlrm tonKdiwIda Dn. O. H. BrautT, a loading phjtloUn of Bptint- -Bronn'i Iron Bitten In* tboroaithlr goodm«dl- tine. I ttM It In my pnotloa, and find ui utkm ex- coli all other forms of Irun. In dltlon of tbe •yatom, Dro« • txHltire necoMllj. It II Dn. W, M. Wxnns, HI! Georgetown. D. O., Bays: " tho T<uilo of the KB*. Kot •ppetlto, eireentrengthoni' Genuine hu abore Trade Mark »nd eronod red lines uu wrapper. Take no other. Made onlj bj SHOWN CIIBUIOAI, oo., OALTIMOUE, un. I weakneoe. or a low oi DnBlttera la mm . it h claimed lor I TblrUr-Moond Street, rown'B Iron Bitten la Ing better. It creates mprores dveitlon." K A S K I ME ( P I HS NEW QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. KO ringing ears, 0""' quickly Pleasant,i jl A POWliBKUL TONIC. thr.t the mo«( delicate etomuch will bear. A '8P£CIFiC FOR MALAitIA, KHEUMATISM, NEKVOD8 PltOSTKATlON, '- nndnllUeim Dlecaaos. Bnllevao Hospital, N. Y.: "Uulversally sue o«»srul." ! "Even-patient treated with KiMkino IIHH been ulaulmiKud cured." Dr. L. n. White, U. 8. Exuniinlnu Buricenn, write.*: "KnKkinu Is !lin hfat medicine iniidp." Ur L.M. Ulvtgnrr. 360 KBSI IZUt st , New York city, lias cuted over 290 tmtients wltl Kiibkiuu alter quinine und till u tlKM-<lmg8lm< Hlli'il. Mo su'yx: "It laviulouUteUly tLebost mo llelnn ever illscov ered." r 1'ro;. \V F. ilnlcninlx*. M.D., HI East 2Mb at., N.Y. (lute Piot. In N.T, Mud. Col,ego) wrlte«: "KiihkliiB Is Htipui-loi- to quinine in Ita «|iec flu iv-wer, und nt-ver pvndui-ea the sllglneut In July to tlielu-arliiKOf cuimtdutlon. II.W. Jus. L Hull, i.litipiiiiu Aitmny Ponlten tliiry, writes tlmt Ka-klne luis uuroit fila *iti- niter twenty vi ui'd mffciln); trom lialarlu «nd nuivous Uy8|jL'pslu. Wilto littu for pur- tlfiilura. Thousands unon tliounands write that Kus- kluu hiiBumtd tlum ultui- ull othur inedl- cuieshiiii fuller). Wtltti lor book of tOHtl- WHIPPLB & SMILEI, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS THB FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s IHB. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Philadelphia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London Lancashire, Manchester, Eng. Continental; Glrard; Glens Falls, Amercau Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Oo AND OTHERS: A CASH OAPltAJ IN THE AGGREGATE OF $20,000,000. SVE ALSO BKPaEBKNT THK Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark If. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ina. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank Cor. Third and Statfc sto. For Kent. Two-story houan nncl Kood stable on Com raoti struct, oood Irult, WlllPPLE & SMILEY. Master 'a Sale. TA1K OF ll.U.VCls,| «i. tlrtlruoliiuy. j ' ' if the fttpivutbiir tettu» A.D. 18SO, ot tn» it. OmlrOduntyOirouli Court, '- olm R Obllion vs. ThotaM Cbntott, Oooww Ohlitoli.Jiim** yiidcro,. Robert *, UlcS er.son. kiimbMh Anu'tt'lliainn, norothy Bum, I'boihas Burn, James burn, Out-iara l-ei'giiMm.S \HU Jnuuliurn, William Bum, John Tlioitift* nuiti, i/oioihy Anu liuni, Isabvllii Hum, JimitfuBu.n, mid l|pr,'ylt. Oi iilleni r, executor tit thu Istt will aud tvsiHiiientof Jtihu Ulillton, deceased, VI 1 1 or eiilu ol lUuil Kstnte. Uuiier and by v'.nuu i.t dooieo of said 9ourt,uihdul i tbe Bbovc entitled ouuim. at old tvi ti<,l, the' uiiderslKHt-il, «lll. 04 8ATUHUAT, MA UOH 10, IK)?, t ando i thern'ouilaeahi reliinftm'd«»oHbcd, O'ltolbn liiuhfkt and bprt blddt>r, HIM fol- >WIIIK drtH'ilut d land, tliualcd lit ihu oouti- yet iuiidi8i>n,»nd Mule t>l IILnoU, lo-wit: 'i.o u ( Bilouithof ibu i-onllji'aat qumter nt hn north wc»t qua- u»', cohtumliiK t< n (10) en's; aud thu e.tat luUf of the aolitliwim uttf'vr, u,l \u section thirty (3'ij,ln township ix 16) n< nh oi iiniK" nil o \9) west. Appia St-d Vltlue, ja,15«.7i. Sill- to fOiiiii.iinuo ht one o'ol-KJh; p. m. •I'tlUla Of »ALK.- Twi'tity |,eroeiit. of thi> >UH;liuBO iimni-y to be vutd I'Hsh I'own, und be U.ilmiui) on H uilidlt ot K!X anil twi'lvti UHi,tbt,M'e»nil by noieatid a|ipaivii(l MCU Ity, und 11 inortitHKi. 1 on the pruinliH B sold.oii lie fxwutlun ol will b, liiKl "(ion conllrma ton ol Hut tale, 1 will execute mid dellvtr a (Bud 10 ib« piDClmsi r or puichn-irs of tuid in d, in liy ba,U (ii era • 1 am directed, con- itll HIM ilubt, tlile and claim of '.be tor Haie. Snvon lots with gooil brick dwelling am nntbull(lln«-,ln K0-i<l repair, In Unper Alton Kedidi'iicuol il. B. ''ollliw, and ku <wti as til Merrill property.. Wllll'I'LK * bMILEY, AI f). vv.Uiu ton, or f). . iulct, I'ppir Alton, A two-Blory biick dwelling known an tli A. Plan houicBtuaU. Liitilypu In itoud le |) Jr. XVIIIJ'1-LU A S.MILKV, For aiile or neui, A desirable lenemeiit on Uluff atreut, owno bv Mrp ». J.Dutio. WfllPPLK A8MILRV For balv The Into rouUloiicou ol i. >., and W. U Mitchell, ou Mill dt., two o I, f bout nieces o rcHldonoo nropttrtv In Allot. Tliu proiiuit} known an''The Park, oastoi above; U lot on Mill and Summit streets, an J u nuuibor o ota In Mlllor * Mlluhull's addition tu Altoi Any or all ol above at a xvr*t btiruuin. Wi.llM'I.K AHMILEY. I 1 or strce I ^ _ stor. bouse,tfroonla aiid out-IJU'lillnKHi'lUl'ln i>or loot order. Can bn bad at a bargain. WIHI'l'l.h, « hSIH.EY. The Morrinian nropertv on State str Mlllur A Mlclicll'sadd.,to Alton, IX For »»la, A IK story fruinu dwuillng, corner 1'a and Huh uticxiw. . «., lXmliHl>l« KimlrtBiiKiH fur Xu A twriktoiy Iii-U'k il»i'|lni)t on .Stum stnui kiiimn ii» A. 1'lntl liuini'Hli'iiil, luli'ly I HI in K»od iii|>»lr. A tw"«ior\ irinnii dwulllnit on Miiln Htri'i't, tit,any nnw. A twn ntor.\ oiled ilwi'llliiH nn|iib struiit, nil lor naif parties n Raid Mill to mild m-emmes, ALONZO 8. WILDKUMAN, Muster >n L-lim.ton' ol said county. W. W. V\ Kill, Sol, .-.-''• •, llHild KXIiCCTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John XV. Sobweppe, deceased. The undersigned, . havlnu bcun np loluted hxecutors of • the last «lll und iiutumenc of John W. Schweppe, late of the county ol Undlson and Stute ol llllaolft, duueased, hei-eby uive notice lint tli<-y will appear before the County Ooiiit >l Madloon county, at the court bounu, In iuwurUhvlllu.iit the Mnrt.-h ttrui.on the lourtb Moutluy In Murcb next, at whtuh ilm- uli per- sous havlntt fhilmi iiuatust uul.i estate are lotlHeii und loquuntcd to uttend for tilt pur- ,K>Heof Imvlux ih« auiiiu adlustvd. All poisoni idvbted t<i said estittu uru requested to iiiake luiuiudlatu puyini'iit to the uudersluni-d. Dated tbU 2iui day of fubruary. A. 1). 1887. KliiSA P. bUUWKl'l'K, ' \VlLllAME,»cli«hl'l'B, 11KNRYM. bOUWi'l'FMi,: 5 dlw . Exvuutors. T?>'- n TUB ATL/Ul'lt) MONTU1A l'X)It 1887. j Will contain. In idttUlcm to the jb»rt fthw} Hone*, sketches, JtMtrjrt. Powf ana OfiUeUm, two serial •tone*** The Second Soft, By MH9. M. 0. W. OLIPUAKT Paul Patoff, .. MAU1ON OKAWFORU, Author ot "A Komau Ginger," "Mr, l»M«l, tto. Papers on Amcrlcttju History f By JIM.x FisKfi, Whose previous papers bar*'tan so inter. Mtlug. lull of information) aj.dgeivjr- • ully popular™ • French nud English. continuation ol inn ndmlraple paper* com*, paring tint Fi-onofi unit Eniulili people, Byr.O.llAMEBTON, Essnya ami P«M»nM, By OUVKIt WEWBBLi, UOLM OS. Occasional PnpetD, fly JAMKb RUSSELL LOWELL. , Contributions mtt'ybeMpertvci (rom John, Gr«en>vaf Wlmtli'r.'lhonvi.ii Wnncwoitn Hl«- glnson.uhailrsbudley Wiirni-r. B, O 8t«a- ""in, iiMrij't W. l'r«ston, Orno Juwett, Ohurlei. .Buberu>raiUlo«k, ;Arfbttr Sherburne lurdy, %nryOiibotLodg«,Edlili M.Thoraas, lloiuoejc. Jfcudder, Oeoiye 'K, Woodbeny OoorKeFierterK'k Paison". M.iurlce Thorap son, Lury Lai com* Oilu TtmxiWr, John Burroughs, Juines Fieeittan Olurke, Klicnbcth Robins I'uunei), Bradford loirey and many others. 'IKIlMS: f4nycnrln advance, post ago treat 35 cents a number. With superb file-etee { mrtrultof, Emerson, Lonutol- nw, Uryunt. Whlitlrr, Lowell,,or Uolmes 5:; oaou uddltljnul poi trull, \\. Tbo November and December numbers of tlui Atlantic will be Hint nee of charge lo now subscribers whose subscriptions are rcoelvca betore December SOih. ,-: ; : ; • Postal note* and money are at the risk ot the »<iniler, and therdore remittances should bo iniiUo by money order, drait, or registered letter, to Uougliton, Mlfflln &' Company, 4 Vsirli street, ilonun,lla». KAGLJfc PACKUT COMPANY.- SPUING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer fe£ CD I B. BOSS POWELI, JED BLOOtt, Ulor* i. On and a'ter Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread ttifli- »"1 run HK lollows, vlit LEAVING ALTON FOE ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louts on return trip at 8 p. in., dally. And leaving Alton tor Portftue, Jersey Landing. «rn'ton. and waj points every evening at S:30 o'clock. •a.The Whistle will be Hounded flfteei •nlimtesbefore starting for St. Louis. - .'• . .FAKBl To ST. Lciru, - - • , M ROUND TBIP • • • i"> TWBNTT RIDES' • - - 5 W •» w. frrr.i.. Aeem. Fast Freight & Passer ger Line THE ST. LOUIS AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS R. It. GO'S PALACK SIKAMliK . J. F. ELLISON, Ooaimander. KL> ANSHOTZ, j n , m k . Tiiuu Uouou, (UJe'Ks. On and alter Thumday.Fcb. 37th, wlllleave Alton daily For St. Louis at 7 a. in. Returnlnir, will leave St. Louis (foot of Tine at.) at 2:45 p. m.: Leaving Alton nt 5:30 p. m. for Portrtge aiid .lersey, arriving at Grnliori at 7:45 p. m., conncptlntf w'th f "ctczpres!" on e t. Louis and Uentral Illinois Rullroud lor Jerseyville. Wu- vci-iy, 8p. liiKllelU uuij all points north and eiist. FARE. TOST. Louis, single trip, . . . • 6"c. " .. ••'• r< und trip, .... . . 7 " " twenty rluo ticket,. , 55.00 HENRY 0. TATUM, Gim. Agt. Alton. 11. A. H^UKH, l.on'l Manugor. lulldtf J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALERS IN Stoves and H aid ware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other flr=t clans heating stoves for wood or coal. Also Kanues and Champion Monitor Ooob Stoves, the best in Alton. Outside AVorK u specialty: Roof Ing, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS UN HANI). COR. BKtloND AND AI BV STS. Tua undoniltrnod otwmod a U"w music tore ut tn« oura>r of '/hlrd } and Plasa sts ORGANS ANDa:PIANOS! of tho Iflncst worlanansulp for sale at rea- aonablu pricoi. Uall aud examine our uistru- uiento iMilore purchasing oUewhuro. FLOSS, [& BABE. WILSON WASHBOARDS. Th««t Wulibottdi arc rondo vltU » Bent-Wood rlin, TbtBtTOng' att Irawdi and bMt ««ij«n In tH« woilJ. For i»U bjr all deiilen, T«k«nn other. HAGINAW M'P-0 CO., The Gerttury Forl88iB87. THE OKRTUUT Is .ni. UiuMi'ated monthly .niiKazinu, having a regular, -eiroulatl'm of about two liuunrud thousand copies, oiten touching- and soinotlinus.exctjegluit two hundred and twenty nvelnottsahd. Uhlef umonjc IIH munv attractions lor tbe cowing year is * serial which has been- In active .preparation lor sixteen > ear?. It Is a history ol our own country la its moat critical time, as set forth THE LIFE OF LINCOLN, By his Confidential Secretaries, John G. Nicolay and Col. John Huy. • This in-flat work,'begun with tbe sanction of President Lincoln, and-continued under the authority of bis sou, the Hon. Robert T. Lincoln, is the only Inll and authoritative record of .the life of Abraham Lincoln, Its Huthor*, were f:lends of Lincoln before his presi lencv, they were most intimately associated with n'tn as private secretaries throKbout bis term of ompe, and to them were transferred upon Lincoln'* deuth all his ijrlvnteriupe.'s. Here will be .told tho Inside history of the civil war and of. President Lincoln's administration'-important dutiiils ol wblcii have hitherto reinnlned unrevealed thai they might first appear lu'tuls authentic history, liy ieasou pi I!he publication of this work,: ' - - - •"-,•' "•• • • TBE WAR BE RIBS, which has been lollowi d With unflagging interest by a preat interest by a ureat audience, will occupy leu space- during the com. Ing year. Oettysburg will be described by i.en. Hunt (Chief of the Union Artillery), lien. LonijSire t, Gen. JE. M. t aw. and ot Ultra, tlhloamaiiicu, by Uen. D, II. HI 1; Sherman's tluran to the .-en. by QeueraU Howard and j-locum. Generals u. A. Ul.lmore, Win. t. Smith, John Globon.llorace Porter, and John S. Mosby will deacrlue special battles and Incidents. Stories of navni engagements, prison lite, etc. etc. will appear. NOVELS AND STORIES. "The Hundredth Man," a novel by Frank It. Stockton, author ol "The La\!y, or tbe Tlxer," begins iu November. Two novelettes byUeorueTV. Gable, storleo by Mary Hallook Footo, "Uncle Reinus," Julian Hawthorne, Kdward 1-gKleston, and other prominent American authors will be printed during tne year. SPECIAL FEATURES. (with llltictrations) Include- a nerles of artt* cli-s on atlalrs In Uut-sla and Siberia, by Goo. Kennan,author ot,"Tent Life in Siberia," who Iiu8 Juht ruiurntHj fioin a most eventful visit to blberlan pridunsi pupets f n the Fnod Question, with reference to it* bearing on the tabor I'robl'm; Kngllah Cathedrals: Or, KgKlcsion's liellglous Life In the American Oulonlet: Olalrvuyauoe.Pnlrltuaiiam,Afctrol- OK) . etc., In Ituv. J. M. Rucklev, D.D.. editor oi the Uhii4tmn Advocate: papers ; ai tides tbrowluK light on Bible kiutory, etc. : - : '. - • •. ,-, . 'i •-'• '•.PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, J4.0U a year, SB ofnti a number. IH-alurs, poottuaetors, and publishers take subscriptions. Send for our beautifully illutttiated 24 nage catalogue (free), uonialnlng full pioirpeuiUH, etc.; Ihc tiding a special oner by which new readers can (jet, i ack cumbers to the bt-glnning ol thu war Scries at a vury low price. A specimen copy (buck number) will bo sent on request. Mention this paper. ' i (Jan you afford to be without the Oontnry THIS OhNTUUY CO., New TorL Subscriptions received at thli pfllce. Sheriffs Kale. Jennie K. liepry ) 'i. , vs. } Execution No. yi. FranMlu Pepry. ) i-eu bill No. By virtue of an execution,in «bls case iatucd out ot t he clerk's ollliu of tbe Circuit < :ouri of Madison county.llllnole, dliected tothoSUer- Iff ot suid oounly,! have levied upo" all tho right, title anil Interest [ul the def- ndant In aud to tbe lollowtig*roiierty,situaien the ui unty of Mndlson and State ot Illlnoli, and described as follow*, to-wit: Two l!J i-oda off of the north side of lot no. five (5), in block No. six (0), in K. l.oim'sadd|iioii t,i the town of Upper Alton, and, also, two (2) rods off of the HOUtB Hide ol loi No. six (Hj, in said blonk No. tU (6) In -aid addition. Said two (t) pleoci of land fronting lour (ii rods on Main etreut In mHl town mid running baoi> eastwardly the entire d< nth of said lots, and situated In the town ol Upper Alt >n, in the county of IJudl- sou, in tbe "Into of Illinois, which I will «x- po-e at I'ubllo Sale, to tbe highest blddur. for uHsh, on FRIOAY, THE ELKVENTII DAY Of MARCH, A. ti,. ISdi, between the hours of tl o'clock in tbo for«< noon end sundown; to-wt: at 10 o'clock, a. m., of iriint nt the north front doorof tne City Hull building, in tne city of Alton in tlie county and St'te alorosnlJ, W nutlsiy said execution together with oo<U. K. A. nUKKE. Sheriff of UiclUoit county. 111. Rr i).'. OR IWK i> MIIKV. :;<itd 800,000 ACRES OHOIOI HARDWOOD FARM C fJ oWW^ AN AORC oo long tin*. Th« mont nn»|K'rou« " i u. H, Full .AN 'CON8IN WM!«i _..E oo long tin*. Th« mont tm\ten\» and proml.lDff n«ld for Mtdtimnt In tin V. H. Full I.Tornntlon with (rood (nip free. ArtdnM UIP -KV M.nn.^unK «u * . " "~ I 1 ^" 1 M ,, L (VI. ., lllKiuk», WU-. I'lt nrlay l'ur*d. , -M, Oiitmio, l)no«mbor 7, '85. —Six j UHM uuo 1 fttiijjht»CBVum cola HiHiulinarin un Ice houso with IBYOO« off. 1 full raysulf notnng chill)' aaa w«nt lo ihu house, where I shook for half an hour and then had hi^li fever und tcrnbki nuin in my sl'le unit tlirougli ii'YluiiKH. I put an Allooik'n P»roui I'lHSiur on my buck and on the froutw my ol;e»»., and in rt chiirt time Ihu P»« iliuiniiixd mid I full a»lw>p. »nd did not wtikn niiiil ni-xi iiinriiliiKi wlimilw* 1 »i!«lii quliu HB wnll a» uvur. In nillmK my douKir nbniit U, Im eitid I bit 1 ' h « B wild ph'Uiliv itad, powlolfi E. K. Dudley. wku

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