Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 26, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1887
Page 1
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i 'f / '( v *' n'l' '; " 'U ™ ; .,'''* ', >'-. ./jj^ J IJ, ^V ><< •»; f s ' -r c t sS^y-i 1 % ^.*r ' ,f >sl S, ,, ,4 i ^ i-sw^fs 1st: ; Peculiarities ftpariiia, the u«>ftt blood purifier tUelM '" namely i m -» .mo proportion in which tbe '•; nerbs^barki, etc., nro mixed. > •' 9*1 • Tho process t>y which the notlvo • >' <3U • medicinal properties are lecured. The result Is n medicine of unusual strength and curative power, which effect* curc»Jioro- i tofore unequalled; These peculiarities belong • exclusively 1 to Hood's Bariaparllla, and are Unknown to.Others , ' "Hood'i; Bariarnrllla, is prfcparea with tho '! • i) n greatest iklli and .care, by .pharmacists ol cdacatlon and long experience.»Hence it ts a ' • •* -medicine worthy of entire confidence, ilfjrou' , * • Buffer from 'scrofula) Bait rheum, or any dls- 1 V «OM of the blood, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick' , , headache, or .kidney and liver complaints,"' • • cftUhh'V'ttKmtaattsnn* do not'fall to try Hood's Sarsaparilla > > f I-wconjnwnd Hood's Sorsdparilla! to all i <>my^incuMsl!B» the best 'blood purifier on earth.%WM,.GAM',.<JruBglst, Hamilton, 0. • ,,'tiious 1 hunior, 1 and. done me, worlds of good > iuotben«se."irC. A, ABKOW>, Arnold, Me. /j* 7A 1 bfdk'cohtalHlii|{ many, uadlcionat Kale>• t f ments.ol cures'will be sent to tUl.who.deslro. Hood's SarsapariKa Bold by all druggists. Si! ulx for'is. \ Made . , gupofstlt Ions,of Sneezing, Most people enecite in the course of their .lifetime, nnd even In this country, there are. many .communities among' ,whoin bysfijmlers, upon such jm > oooti- * slon, will exclaim, "God b'loas you!". * Th|s is designed to avert the evil omen? i The superstition was brought herd from |!ngland and from most, of ' -northern nations of Europe. •>'•>' Many of our renders will recall whai Irt>ngfelio\v wrote „ of the custom, id Sweden, "You srteezo, and the ptiaai nnttf cry, 'God bless you! 1 " A writer nt the, beginning of the con- turyt remarking iiptm the,? custom* 'of Italy, says that,, when you sneoio; • "even in the. theaters, , men rise nnd ,wSsh you,iFelicita!V>' The purport of this ia the same ae,lhe,heafty {Swedish dftd ^nglish "Gbd |>less you!" rt The origin of this custom in the dif- fcrent-,eou,ntrjes 'of, ! , Europe -was the samct just o» ^.meaning ls^,the, same, rlt j|tifl been'traced'jto those -venerations of ,femiul.ipestilence Jtnown,- as the BlaClciDeath.J One wilh read- of it in . England in'the, time of Edward III. In ^840'thifliiJlaguo swept over Sweden , and Denmark. Its ravages, in those countries were so great that the disease gained* the name of the tiger death. & J The.earliestjBymptpm^of an nittack by so dread a pest was a sneeze. Thereupon' the pitying bystanders, with sorrowing glance, would turn to the newly marked victim and exclaim.' "May God,bo with youl" %«Uy Directory of Louis at the rate-of- 500- miles an hour. For an underground goer ( thi8 is not a bid record. , Senator .Ingalls was yesterday choaea President pro tempore of the U. iled Siaee • Senate, v in place of W o «.*ery,town and «<*• fi a ^fe'iPolfe^jzard Oil, ,-"Sprains, 'Bruises,' Burns,' Fever Sores, Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains,,Frost >Blle», Sore Nipples,, Caked .fimasts, and 1 Air Aches and Pains, • * *s^%sS^^3^^'JtS r >!f'' • MS?l^m^6iC%^ P °^r- trfL ^ A prize of $5,000 is. offered -by the Belgian government for the author of the ^bcst work on the progress of electricity in its uses as a motor and 1 for 1 lighting purposes, with all applications that can be made of it for such puK poses, and the economy and 'advantages which its use may offer. The prize which will be awarded in 1889, is open to all nntionnlities, nndthc manuscript may be written in ..English, French, Flemish,-German, or Spanish. HAY-FEVER . Allays inflammation, i HeaUthe Absolutely Pure, ^ Thta powder never varies. A marvel ol purttv,-stre.iKth wholnaoraeness. Wore eoo- nn,.. Ino i „,„., «,„.._... IntU.nntl fannm "•- multitude ol i :. N '''^'" cuxvu we,'aii(i,,y«eil were indicted "'y/.tjie grand Jul-y at Belle- Villeyesterday^r ihetjaunler of ex- Wuyor B 0 wmuD,"of JEast^t. Louis." . Another slight earthquake shook occurred in ,-Nlce yesteidav. The ;Kjliedin Dalian cities,and\villages number 3M44, «cco-d|ng to- official I'cp^orts tljU8'fai^jii(X(j(» t ' / The West.VirginiaJegislature ad- jOMKnedJaBfeflight 5 from HraitaMfln., £ 0 LJnitedSta',es Senator, was chosen. It'jB Jjelieved Gov.» jWilson, will ,ay- po;ut Mr.^Lucaauajfree trader. , ' > *Hon.,Andrew DiiWhite. ex-Pi-esl- dent of^Cornbll'^University, it is stated, ha- been tendered by Pies"dent Cleveland, a place on the Jnier- btate^onimerce Commission. Mr' White will probably aechpe it. Hon. 1 Jesse W; ,Kell, t>f Bloomington^ died at his • home in , that city yesterday, aged JSypars. He was an intimate friend pf .Abraham Lincoln, and at one, time, owned 300 acres of land on which, a part of Chicago now 'stands. >, He became a resident of Eloomington in 1833. Senator Plumb has received the following from Oswego Post, G. A. R.. Oswego, Has., to be presented to the President ae to the action of the post: "To Grover Cleveland: Ee- solved, That we will cast our vetoes m 1888 (Signed) E. V. Baldwin, Commander of Post. The joint committee of the Min- neso'a Legislature on ihe removal, of the capitol agreed, last night, upon a resolution declaring ,that the, capitol, when removed, shall be ; h> cated midway between St. Paul aha Winneapqlis, and recommend that for the present all bills on the subject be withdrawn, and that the .cjcistirife building be repaired. : ; 7 that were formerly given tne'Wabush nt St. /LoiHs arid other -Western points to other roads,, so that, as it is now^the, Wabjish.llnes, east of the Misswslppl are carrying ttothitfg but local freight;. .Business jias,bet'omo so dull t that at the shops m this city where .formerly) hundreds ,of men were employed, -now, scarcely any are at work, as there . is i nothing • for them to to. It will require, more than a United States court to get ahead Of the little railroad giant? Congress. ,WASHINOTON, Feb. 25-jT-Senate— Mr. Jngalls elected President pro tern., to-serve from 1 o'clock. to-day: Mr., Hoar's resolution i against, any negotiations on Canadian Ashing tro .bles pending the negotiation of a new treaty' with Great Britain, was debated at length, and finally referred to tho Finance committee. Tbe Edmunds pleuro pneumonia pubsti- tute, appropriating «1',000,000, to be distributed among the States 'in the discretion of the President,' for the suppre0Bion of contaj-ious' and in- felons diseases, was passed. At ,the night session the Pacific , railroad lesoJiuiou was debated atlftngtli. Hou P e— The Houspjnsistedon its amendments to the /Senate; retaliation, bill and nt-w oonfeteesi-were ap- •pointed.' •„ Senate .^amendments' to the bill creating > a 1 department „ of agriculture concurred inland bill passed.' Page, the i newly ;elected Democratic ' member'; from i Rhode Island, was sworn in. * 4 Tl|e naval appropriation bjll was . discussed till the regular hour for adjournment, when Mr. Herbert asked an , extension of the session to llnish consideration ; Mr. Wolford objected, and, as ft retaliatory measure, Mr. Herbert moved adjournment) which -was carried, thus cutting off the usual Friday night session for fi$r. \VoI- ford's pet business of pension bill passing. What Trns Merit Will Do. The unprecedented sale of Bosobee'g German Syrup within a tew years, has astoniHhed the.. world. It is without doubt the fafeat, and ( best remedy ever dlaoovered-foHthe speedy and effectual cure of Coughs,' Colds and the severest NUMBEJR 241. I am going to,consolidate my two establishments, andiave to make jroom for ne.w, good B ,and offer my entire stotik. from now until March 1st, at t Prices BELOW Cost Everything must go to save cost of moving and storing. Table : ware, Cutlery,, 1 Stoves, Hardware, Trn granite-ware, Locks, Springs, and eve- J y thing kept, in any hardware store,' A 11 these . , liu POVVDKtt CO., 1QS Walllafc, N,! Y, ELY BROTHERS. W.JtVENSl]NGER, EMPIRE MILLS, SKUONU »TUBKTOt«arPlasH). ALTON. ILL -_ _' • ' fUw oAlsBt i Ground Oatx, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Graham Plour.etc PKOMPTLYDKUmiEp T TOANY PAIIT OF M.WItKIIVSON. JyT dtf WOJffi T^TTMHOKD TO Al AND SHOP ON SEGOND ; ST,, NEAR PIA8A ANP •• - • FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, IZ.L. '.. .All kinds ol flno and oointaon farnltur* ' winstnntly on hand, Alao unacrUker, etoT '' "• • . (hit i ap», 01 oWeln uti nat«s on pdreilllidg ip«c« when m O cigo, n>i> t'm,»tf> Mi v 49 14 49 Rddolpn 51,, | AMM A VlSrtttt* Ifr ^^ril^ty^H LQRD & I WJW' f New imd; Beautiful Designs Just arrived and nrrlvintf fur tlie .Sprlug Trade. WINDOW GLASS j A Specialty, from Small to Largest Sizes. nE(!nSA' > 'r7« r r? I ' a ! >I r, 1I , OU8B - pAI} 'TINa and DEUORAT1NG UStllbl.oUmout ot NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, eaat of Belle st. • ' • foblldSm 200 BA.GB HIGGINH' FUREKA FINE SALT For Dairy aad Table U 8 ««, ln!14 Ib. Itiien oaelu and 50 lb. flacks, for sale by J. A. RYRIE. for Uout. TMo reildnnon ol M, 4. Nooimn on 8tat« wet, known a* tbe 4* ''law iiNwe? uooa D worn brlok UOUKH, U n Legislature. '":£ SENATE. . / /|:« . ^.^--'.'Feb. 25 — I a : the benate this morning Senator Higeins presented a petition from the citizens of Perry county, protesting against the passage of the proposed .revenge law, and another from the. Farmers' institute recently held at Waterloo, who, ask appropriations that these Farmers' institutes may be held throughout the State. • Th6 Judiciary committee reported hack Senator Crawford's bill, to provide for the payment of property <ies- troyed during riots, with a substitute. This substitute differs from the original only in that it excepts property in transit and arose Irorn the circumstances attending the East St. Louis riots, where a payment for property in transit destroyed would have bankrupted the city. Senator Fu.-.k introduced a bill to revise the law in relation to fences, which provides that the fanner may allow a hedge-feneo to become a con. tmiious row of trees, instead of being constantly trimmed. Sunato Hadley iutroduced a bill to prohibit and punmh the obstruction of running streams of water. Senator Hogan asks that when the purchaser of a piece of property, for taxes loses the same, through decree or otherwise, his money be refunded. —Adjourned. HOUSE, Tho House Judiciary committee to-day recommended the passage of Mr. Coin's bill to prevent boycottinc, under severe penalties; also Mr. Mfrritt'3 bill declaring all corpora, lions citizens of this city in Jaw, and Mr. Dwyer's bill prohibiting the Plukerton detective force from bav- mg anything to do In quelling riots, protecting pioperty or tho public peace. troubles. .It, acts, ™ »n entirely different,* principle tfrom the usual pro- 8n?iptious> eiveu; { by » physicians, as it does npt.dryinp.a.ooush and leave ihe disease,. stilt •; In, th^. system, but oh the contrary, remoyes ^ihe^ 'cause of ihe f^u^e;,- heals tbe'.parts affected and :M>9m:,ljj.J»iPftt*lv ^^ healtljy condu tion. A.bpttlejkeptin'the house for use whBn,,the <lisea8es ! make.: their; appear- .ance, wjll^av.e: ao6t6r^bll^; ft nd a long spell of i serion8"<il]ne88'. • >• A- trial will cpoyi«qe:ypu ;pf .Jihese 'f octs. J i It is pos-.- tively sold by-all druggists and eeneral dealifrsm the land^Prioft, tjBfota.; large bo " )es - '"'' "' ^As.a tojIetarUplo, Ayer>;Hair Vigor stands unrivaled.' : It cleanses,the scalp and remoyes dandruff, ' .cdres itching humors, .restores the ; 6ri2ipsl color to fad.ea ttptl'gray hair, and promotes it- Kto.wth. \ , dwlw and were bought before the recent, advance.In pricei. To those, contemplating building this spring, I-offer 1,000 KEGS : OF STEEL NAILS I at factory Prices. Rememeber the places: 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET. This is no catch-penny humbug sale of old andwora-out stock, but a bona fide reduction solely to save expense of moving or storing. Call at Once and Secure Bargains! WM. SIEM. '•' We aro authortzod to announce! JOHN W. ASH as a 'ianaidttta i for Ol(.rk 'of the city Opurj; of Alton, at the, :»&&>ii TuBflday, ilaroh lu, 1881. ' j! We are ftuthorljod tp. unnonnco EDWARD •J. -1«^ AN a» a candidate tor 'olork of the jleytlytj. ,Tu 9 sd Ay, >laroU 1st. • T. Hardware ad Farm HKADQUAItTERSFORTHE Best Buggy in the World. & CO., I -j! iSUOOBSPQRS TO A. B. iloKINNEY.* CO., -Highest Market Price v Paid for Corn and Pickles. STILI. SLOP FOH SAL.K. ' OJPBRA HOUSE. SATURDAY, FEB. 26th. Tlw ,ifoudotf ul Wegro Pinnlat, GouJd'8 wily Tactics. SrniNOFiBuMII. Feb. 25.-Slnoo Jay Gould was headed off by Judce Ga-sUain's duciaioa in ihe Wabash railroad cases, it eocrus that the wily railroad magnate has iuaiiguiatva other and serious methods to accomplish tho wrecking of tlio liftstorn division of this road. Tho plan is to divert the targe shipments of freight -THK- Xlio ftfuslciil PljtenoJuienon of the Age, in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, $1.7&_$2,'.$25Q, $1, $6.50, $7.50 to Headquarters for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. (SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and ™ * w ., CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and 8ta«a 8ts., ALTON, ILL the woriu M (be Greatest Natural Pianist Uvfnff/ . T»n MhlWHOn o; ; wh M « m«rveloui <«t hiw ewnciiJ liliu wOrUV-wWH cbl™brltv and h»» .aie d POSITIVELY ONBlflGHT ONLY, Admission 3&and 50 cents. Conceit at THE BEST ON EARTH I BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 BREECH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30, J. H. BOOTHT™ E ^S

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