Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 25, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1887
Page 4
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i ^i*.f»i4.«r.»*i*tA.,,,,i-^ ... '.^...i^. "''. 1 " fc ''"' iV ,1 f ,1. tMi*io*4 Otfltti* G*H* TKLEGRAPE. Ibort chain, about thnw Incite* in eta* 1H be frdnt of th» t««t or jddortJ t < •MOBO-OUMI aUttar M MM P O. M Alton. Hi.) pH tbo syfited, ^P*" ™_~ti> find himself lt> victim i Mat* or chronic font. He th* finrful tenacity <tf|h|t grip mnd the utter powwleMnem oTlhi ordinary remedies to glvfc relief. Probably to no dlsewe have puyitcUat giv«* Butt* studr, and none Lai mort oompl*(*ly baffled their effort* to provide a ipidnc; and until Athlophoros wa»'dis- covered there was no medicine which would fttrely cure rheumatiam, neuralgia Mid Mrvotu or tick headache. Thousands of testimonials like the following prove a oad. quwtion that Athlophoro* f* the y r«lUbl« remedy, and that it Will do nU thai U claimed for It, Sumner, 111. I h»ve b*«n afflicted with rheumatism fcr n«arl#«rtw; jwod'Vttriou* remedies without ObUQifiqnHUef until I was in- doced ta giv^Athl'ijphdros a.trial. Itgav* me rellif in six hour*, and ( have steadily improved tine*. G. W. SMITH. Jewctt, III. I am entirely cured of my terrible rhcu- matkro. Mine -was an obstinate case. I Wai helpless and raftered no tongue can tell how much. I saw an advertisement of Athlophoro*, sent for it, (ho dose gave me eatM and I went to sleep | next do/1 got up and dreeaed myself; And not sat up Tor •long time,'- It has now been more than a year since I have felt the pains of rheumatism. Mna. MARY A. BENNETT. Mr. Silas D. McClelland, Macon Street, MUT College, Decatur, Illinois, had a .very sercr* at tick'; of fcheuroatjsm, and found relief tlmostfWith the 1 first'dose of Atlllo- pheros. $ • Every dr^ggistohould keep Athlophoros; , sad Athlophoros Pills, but where they cnn- Bct be bought of the druggist tho Athlo- phoros Oo.i Hi Wall St., New York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is (l.QO per bottle for Athlophoros mid COp.-toriPillB. , Tor ttvcr and "Idiocy disease*, dyspepda, la" tMtton, weaknesp.jnorvooB' flobjuty,' queues women, wvnttfphtlon, henclii'che, Impure ~~, tie,, Athlopboros 1'Uls arc uncqualed. f REAL, ESTATE FOB BALE OB BENT, — OT- RuderB&auaen & Soontag. A convenient s,nrt pleasant-borne at a reasonable Ignre, being a two-story frame house on Ktsjnth street, near Henry. WOT S«J». . A ebotoe fan* of an neiea. with flirt class Improvement*, situated 2x mflos east of Bnuwwtek. Oharlton co., Mo. For Hal*. A «n«-0tory frame dwelling house In good rdonditkm. tn Topping's addition to Alton/ Tor Sale du»p The residence ol Oapt. W. V oble: two ttorleaand mansard roofi 12 room 4 hall*, etesets, cellars, eto.: 8 acres ol groun Host 4e*lrs>bta pvopextv ta the ottj-. I - • m H«j». . UO acres of land near olty limits, Scouo ., two story brick and trame dwe: n nouse, both stfnUod on the eas' • o 4*ate street betweeneth and7th meets- so the brteh block ef stores on Seoon xtroet, between Benrv and Bidje street aown aa Hunter's oloekBOt bouse within n ae .rlortsTB. tea acres I good tanning land, and another tract of £00 .tores, both unimproved. Situate , la Moi- co., Kansas, at $10 and f!6 .per acre respectively—one -third oasbr.balanoe on time fat Salt!. A lam of 140 aorta on bottom land, all In craltrvntiOB, near Madison, In tula county. A mod two- story trame dwelling house on tt. Frtee 13,600 -.-, Tor Bale. A choice. fi»rwi,olH«»ore8, situate 1 mile south of Sblpman, Macoupin county, 111., at a low figure. Parties intending to buy Real Estate in the city ot Alton or viclnltv will find It to their interest to call at the office otKudersnanaen * SonnWg andeiamlue their list 01 properties toriale as only port thereof 1s adver tlned.1 .-.-....-,,, ;.,, • . • •:•:•- :: ' p PLASTER ACORNS: A common BCIUJO cur<v by a oomblned medical and mccbaul- col action. Unlike imy other pro. paratlon, they jelievo the prosouro •While (pt(,rjng?tlie 'corn, and never ftll where direction^ ire followed- Mvoffleta of piasters nnd box of ointment put up in handsome tin ea«e, convenient for use. Fnco 26 cents, complete. Ankfor "Pedacura" nod take no othen 113 W. BJroiodwoy, Ni Y, U. S. OF HR3T.CLASS DRUCM3ISTS. H, W. CHAMBERLAIN, DlBt. Agent for Alton **P au itoKQM «; SHALL WE WEARt tTRACtlVB BLIP/ WITH A OOUARE YOKE/FOR INFANTS. In Shoes and In Slippers tor Occuiiont— Th« Variety AfforiUd for the Excrcli* of Pvnwnal Tast* In DrcMlngr Llttl* Boyi. A drc«s shoo quite fashionable this season, iono made ot silk corresponding in color with UM drin and worn with blaibk silk bos*.' DK. B. Pbyiiolait '^K 0 ^™*-* 0 ™* 1a8-dwls onr»-» §, m, i 1» to 1, ftndejj.u IITHIKDBTnXBT, ALTON, XIA. Offle* How*-*•. m. to U m.| J ft to y>. tr FASHIONABLE SHOES AND 8UPPKB8. The suoo shown in the cut Is mods of French ;ray tdlk and ornamented with' mcdalionson lie instep that are composed of, opollzod Mads and it large bow of gray velvet. The tlipper represented in tb« background is of .patent leather and bos a beaded vamp. As fill be seen, two bow» Appear on this, one on he vamp and one on the elastic strap which astens the slipper at the inntop. The hftuse lijiper or mule; as ,tl'Ja style of shod is fro* lucntly termed, furnishes a very comfortable and dressy slipper for the housa These males arc made sometimes tf red kid, sometimes of silk and sometimes of velvet The one here illustrated is of red velvet, with « bow of black velvet set with an imitation gem. Fiubloni for Boy*.There to quite as much variety and opjporj- unity for the exercise of personal taste in the dressing of boyB as of girls. Little boys assume trouierg at an earlier age than formerly, rat at .the same .time they retain the short, xousers much later than heretofore; suits or boys of 14 or 15 years being made with ;hem. These short trousers are quite close Hting, reach just below the knees, and are }loin or Qnlshea on tbo outside with three rations, if for (Ordinary use, or have braid, either in binding or plain rows, sometimes supplemented with a trefoil in braid, or several leaves, for, dressy wear. The favorite materials for everyday use are fine checked and mixed cloths in brown and red, the latter so intermixed as to bo not at all {prominent.'; •. For* better', suite* fine, diagonal or corduroy Is the choice; and the Ircss suit of the youthful aspirant for society- jonorsisof tine tricot or velveteen,'the former in green, blue or black, and the latter in brown, blue, black or wino color. Caps made of the same cloth as the suit, with'visofB and medium or high crowns, are worn by boys from 7 to 17 years of age. Derby hats are also liked for the larser boys; felt turbans are chosen for boys of medium size, also the "Adonis."'with a straight steeple crown and stiff brim; ,yhile the polo cap, in jray-or brown corduroy, or cloth, and the toboggan cap are chosen, on occasion, for all ages, ^Little boys are accorded more dressy caps made in plush or velvet: a fancy turban with a pointed crown fastened on one side by a button, or a Highlander: cap, or Tarn O'Bhanter, with a.full croWn jflnished with a button at the top.—Demorest's Monthly, Op Stairs, Down Stnlrs, .In Kitchen and In tho I.mly'i Parlor. An Important addition 'to the dccoratoi-S rawurcca It cOrrusntxHl prtpc) 1 , This lias (t rnnooth back unit a fluted face, tha rtclgca bo- IB sear'eoly more than one-fourth of an inch crocs. A very txld and attractive dado mny _w madu byitrcaka of color between each ridgo, sso Irild On that from DUB vloiv ono color is visible, from the opposite view another •olor show*. Blrt'oV gluo 'may to used, nnd irilllant mica effects pnt on lit tha tamo way ai the color, showing bronze from ono dlvco- loo and green from tlio other, or any s*lce- loii of shades that tho decorator may fancy. 'ho rldgcfe 'inny bo broken down no ha Id look iko narrow side plaiting/ then a lino of color may bo laid under each plait. Tho artist's asto will, suggest a score of ways in which hem surfaces may bo used. Ready Made Bow*. The ready made bows for trimming hats •ad bonnets have become quite an institution. The introduction of these ready made bows has reduced the work of'the amateur milliner to tho minimum. Combinations of feathers and ribbons are also procurable. ! Stiff, standing loops are,, still very fashionably worn, but the newest, bows are made of unfolded ribbon,'and are consequently less "bet" In effect. -Variouspeculiar shades of green, particularly those of the plstaeke variety, are used in combination with all colors, 1 Ight and dark;' and every tint of what is known as yleillo rose, from a quite dark red to a pals' pink,,is in high favor. Probably never before were ribbons presented in such gr*«t variety, or used so profusely on every article of dress/from the'top of the head to (be tip of the shoes, as at present. Pai8ementerl6«.»n4 Ornament*. . Silver, steel,-and 'gold passementeries and ornamenU are; very faahlonably employed Jon evening and reception lofletvand these fohn the favorite' garniture""for. block velvei basques that are worn with skirts marie o, lace or the various fashionable nets, silver having the preference at the moment Ribbons striped with silver are associated with tulle for the sash and border for the flounces and there are silver beaded!? neb and deli cately tinted satins embroidered with .silver beads, that are very beautiful. A Pretty Design for Infant's Slip. A simple but attrnctivo slip for an infant is ill sack shapfl With a square yoke in the f ron only. A design for such a slip, represented in the accompanying' cut, is described by Demorest as having the yoke either quit* plain and surround od by narrow em broldercd cdgiug.or tucked and trim mod in any fancy style. Tho string should bo atta'cbex at tho side seam and may be tin either in .front o at tho fbftCk. ; Fin materials,- einipl; trimmed, are the choice for infanta wear, rather thai an excess of garni tnre. For this gar uiont two and one- eighth yards o yuiti wide good will" be required not allowing any INFANT'S YOKE BUT. 'thing for tucks. Two yards and three-eighths of embroidery will be miQlclent for the bottom of the sklr and two yardi of narrow for tho yoke, nock and tlcev**. • New Bmliet Good*. New basket surfaced goods are shown, with tha weave produced altogether by mirfaoe threads, and tho fabric is thus rendered muc more durable than tho old stylo, in which aJ of tbo warp and- weft thrauis were Interlaced Those novelties are of fairly heavy qualltta and are intended for tailor costumes a* w«l M wraps. Another novelty baa what appear* to be jttvcntl rtroudi of narrow braid woven in (Well way, and mitwln^d in Joopq like "true loVci 1 '* knot" There are two patterns o this goods, (jt ono of which tbo braid is verj narrow, mwl In tho other it U about one- vlfbtit'ot tut tilth wide, Watch Foek«t«. Watch pook*t* are vwy little uMd, TlM should be'ftt Ukitaft'bf ' boJow tlm waistline. ALL XJinbrella and Capo Stand. A fane? stand'for banes tinit umbrellas combine* i utility and: > ornament in such a convenient manner that it may bo regarded as a' standard article of'fur- niture cf or, ovor-Jr: well regulated ball. A very pretty one, described by Tho American Agriculturist, Is mode from ibo frame ot an old 'umbrella. Tbo covering must be 'removed 'and the*'- -nmbrolla slightly opened and; made • fast With a Jfow tacks, AH -tbown in tho rut, thoferruloislnecit- ed in a block of solid wood, tlmt may bo either round or , square, tTKBUKLLA AKD CASH Cover the Outside STAND. with,' thick .silver paper, pasting it, neatly to fit in tho form of a huge col-nhcopia. 'Muk'e n lining for tbo inslclo of brown or white ott cloth. Bind tho euees,witb braid ftnd finish 1 with a quilling of ribbon'If deslredi .'Ornament tUo top^nnd< bottom of the stick with a'ribbcnibow. • 01<»aninff jTlle, Floors, /It Is Important to keep anything that Is greasy from tile floors, for which reason soft *oop is not considered as good for cleaning thorn as hard yellow soap. Soda is not recommended, find sand is liable to scratch. Fuller's earth, such as yon: can get in lumps from a paint shop, Is sometimes put into tho water. The ordinary; way of cleaning tile floors is to have ready a bucketful of hot and one of cold water, some yellow soap, a clean scrubbing brash, a clean flannel and some rough towels. Scrub a small portion of the tiles with a good lather of soap; then wash the-soap off well; first with hot and tbon with cold water; next rub perfectly dry with a clean towel. Then proceed with another portion of tiling. Renew the water frequently. When all the floor has been cleaned rub It over with a very little milk or salad oil, using a soft; old towel, and leave the milk or oil on. • retooyi the brovrn crusts; with a snarp knife, and (Ait each sheSt til two equal parts, spread Withnilayer, of orajnga. cream,end pise* a layer of sliced oranges on tha crenm, then the other half on top, 'nnd 1 Urdrt' with 'wange fnwtlng. Orange Cream—Two ounces ropjnr, fouf eggs, one-hnlf pint white wine, one-half pint .water, ^Mospoonful cornrtarotn stir over a slow'flro until It thickens. Orange Ji'i'&sHHg—Jnicp of two lemons and two oranges, mix until stiff enough to spread With poridored sufeat/ WorUifor,,Atttfttett» Aftlitn. Decorator and Furnisher tolls how any .amateur artist may do Very creditable work b sketching a window, draping It with ivy vines in nppliquo, giving n bty of winter sky with clouds and n rod sunset line, thin mow banks ' of white flock with diamond dust frost work. Of coilrse the results may not be tlio highest.of high art, but they will nnsn-er excellently well for screens, boxes that iiced covering, wt'lo spnces lrtpns < in;jo wnys wbcro there 1) no picture to bruuk tho plainness, Imro looking walls in chambers, nnd tho mliiy places Whero something decomtlve^s domamlod.' Ithbesido most excellent practice, tho bold, largo work that must she done on such pieces, w _______ Smothered Chlokrtns. An excellent and, at tho same time, expo-, dltlous way to cook a chicken is to "smother it," Take ft tender fowl, split It open through' tho bock; wash thoroughly nnd see that it is nicaly (Jr.eisd; then dredge in butter and flour, put in a small boko pan with a cupful anil a half of water anil n tcnspoonful of Balr; Ihy tho skin sido up' nt first; baste it frequently, and when well browned oh top turn It over and boko 'tho under sido, dredging :oftcn with gravy. There is no more palatable way; of cooking rhickcn. This is a receipt from one of the famous colored cooks ,of the south. Bamboo Furniture: ^Bamboo furniture is always In demerit! among people of artistic tastes as ti pleasing variety to place along with rich, heavier stylos. Them arc charming Httlo stands and worktables "of bamboo that nro as pretty as convenient, and bamboo curtain poles especially suited 1 to summer houses and cottagas. Screens, tbamboo chairs and easels of various sizos are other, ornath»ntal articles that can bo purchased at a reasonable cost. 'When lovely woman sloops to fol'T,' and goes out in the snow-without her India rubbers, the only art to cure her onld Is to buy one bottle of Ur: Bull'i) Cough Syrup at 25 cents, and take it. •'Speak this speech as I tell yon, trippinjtly on the tongue." 8*y that one of the great benefactions of the uge is a snaair bottle of Salvation ';Oil, ibe the greatest cure on earthiifoi 1 pain. Only 25 cents. --.,-. ABRAHAM Lincoln's old home: in Sprint field, was thrown open to visitors Tuesday evenlne, and was visited by mapy menibersrot the Legislature anil other persons, who.viewed with interest the collection of mementoes' and ourj. oiities relatinff to the martyred President. ;..',, i. . : ; ' •;' ..'--. .' ••.;-. ':/: • ; / Humors run'riot tn tde olood at this »oason. Hood's darfaparilla cxpils eveiy .impurity and•yitalizes and enriches the blood. ' 12 THR-mother ot a young ' woman in Oakland, Gal., who < hud injured her health by too much study, offered, her 10 cents for every squirrel she would shoot. The daughter took to the woods, and ig one week recently shot 85 squirrels,' and is fast regaining her health. Doctors do a deaVpf buggy riding. They know a goo'd spring when thi-y see H. Thep know it better when they ffol it. Thousands of them are uaing the Kioe Coll Spring. o>»w No other spring- mcdicino ihas won for itself ouch universal confidence as Ayer's Sarsapnnlla. It is tho most powerful combination of vegetiibfe alteratives over offered to tha public, and is acknowledged by tho rood ion I profession to be the best blood purifiur. . dw lw. A Society Convesatioh: "Millie, deaf, what is the;name of your a ft an cert P" "Why, Clani, don't you know? It's Herbert Montague." ''Ob, bow sweet ( InherlohP" "Well off." "Andkeops a carrii(t«P" "Several of . them." "How'nioe!' And fine- horses, I suppose?" "Yef." "And what is bin business, deurp" "He keens ti hvory stable." "OhI 1 '— Texas B'ftinqi. Where TUelr M<-rlt MQB. When anyibing stunds a test of, fifty years among discriminating people like the Americans il IH pretty good evidence that there Is merit somewhere. Such a tn*t Brandreih's 1'illa have stood and thmmnds of unsolioited tsstlnmnlaN every ynar prove thoir merit. The l'ill< pre purely vegetable and are tho result of the highest,roealonlaml ehemiciilsklll Thoy hnve never been known lo full In their woik; they have never oaufed any one tho sllghtent inconvenience, no mutter when taken, and there is little dotiht that they hitve renllv saved ihou- innds of lives. The best nvidf nee of thuir vnltiH lies In their Inoruiwnir halo. llrarulroth's Pills huvo truly become » buusuhold - -- •- Trf "Pomerovs Petrolln!) Plaitnrd," and you will u«o no'other, Prtoe 96 oenU. 14 A tint for All. • •In order to give all achance to test it, and thus be convinced of its wonderful curative powers, Dr. King's New D covery for Consumption, Coughs anc Colds, will be, for a limited time, given away. This offer is not only liberal, bul shows unbounded faith in the merits o: (his great remedy. All who suffer from Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, or any affection of Throat Chest or Lunp?, are especially requester to call at E. Marsh's Drug Store, and get a trial bottle free, large bottle $1 Keriewg Her Jonth. Mr«. I'hoaba Chesley, Peterson, Clai co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the trtitli of wtneh is vouche< for by ihe rosutcnts of the town: " am 73 years old, ; have been troubled with kfdney complaint and lameness for many years i could not dress mysel" without help. Now [ am free from al pain and soreness, nnd a in able to do nil''my own 'hounewurk. I owe my UittnkH to Ek'Ctrio Bitters for having renewed mv youth, and removed com pleiely all disease and pain." Try a •bottle, only 60o, at E. Marsh's Drug Store. fbl dwlm Bncuien'g Arnica Salve. The Best Salv.; -n the world for out* .bruisf-s. soros,:..^sr8, salt rbmim, feve sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblain? corns and all akin eruptions and pos! lively cures piles, or no 'pay required It is guaranteed to give • perfect satis faction, or monoy refunded: Price 2 cents per box. F"r sale bv B. Marsh Alton, lil. nich7dwlm BrBULL'S SYRUP OtiVei Cbutrhs, Colds. ItoaraeheBfl, Croup. Asthma, HfOucUtlt, Wtwoljliigc CouEli. 1 nclplont Conninip- ncygaoi^. (lun, nnd i-cllovea coivumptivo iri'AUvan nse. rriu nc«(l >UIKO« of .... riiKcnw. rriuo tlcli. Can tifin, 7Mo-OciinUiO'£)r. Btilt't "i Biinia it «olil only to — wapjim, nna bi-arj our tiriHtcn-il TrAtlQ.^arkB to wft. _. liittl'KitHttt fa (t cfnte,a Rftt: Slrip Caulttm-laM, mid tba Tnc-tilmlloBjcrnnturcftOf John W. Hull &.A. ff. Uftiei- <f Co.. Solo rror-s, BaltlTiore.MJ,,U B.A. Chew Lome's Plucm-'rin; KrentTdftiicTO A if oiel—WV »-•»' !•' Ii' dy nUDtuitejmii., JAKKETT'S LIVERY STABLE AL.TOI- 8TEKKT, BETWEEN AUITANDKA8TON, I1.I.TMO1 For The Woortroof property. A t Mory fram bouse ol 8 rooms, on fifth and Alton streets a t room frame house on P! 'th xtrm-t. WlIIPPLBASMIbKY, For Sal*. A convenient farm of ISO acres, most all t 0'iltivarton; sltiiatfld on the Betbalto road, n»M<" -nvm Alton. For Sale or Root. , The 2-wtory triune dwolllnx with 6 rooms Including 7 lota; wood bitrn and ftno fiults known as the Mcl'nli hnrnnatoad, hltuato on 13tb st,, tn a (loul-jnlo Mululihni hood, WiniTI-K*8MlI.KV. For Kent, A two story brlok ilwollliig known nsthe A Flute noinoutuud: Utpl\ nut tn Kimd riniuir •W1UPPL.M & BUILKY For Hal*. A 7-ioom 1>H-)V(Iwi'lllnx ixnd nut building jdi Vl r or Kent. flood fl-fiom tirlc-k house with al>'Mit< acre of Krnuiul.lnvliKlInu oioim-'i.ln Upper Altoi rormc-r ru.iUuncc o, Mi |,apt",of cMiin n>H raM ji)l(|»«|liilhg»(»t»wt«ninC»uciKO,W(|i In.'itcr %-xl ' St., CREAM MOST PERFECT No Amoionla, Llmo or Alum. JC-ATHEWNO- 6-RAPEi FOR MMINO DR PRICES CREAM BAHiNefowoEB MT tR S Cathartic If the Liver bo- Ql I I O comes torpid, if the I I LM La*>? • bowels are constipated, or if tho stomach fails to perform its functions properly, use Ayer's Piils. They ore invaluable. For some years I was a victim to Liver Complaint, in consequence of which-1 suffered from General Debility and Indigestion. A lew boxes ol Ayer's Pills restored me to perfect health. —W. T. Brightney, Henderson, W. Va, For years I have relied more upon Ayer's Pills than anything elae, to Regulate my bowels. These Pills aro mild in action, and do their work thoroughly. I have used them, with good effect, in cases of KheumatlHin and Dyspepsia.— Q. F. Miller, AUleborouRh, Moss. Ayer'a Pills cured me of Stomtich nnd Liver troubles, from which I had suffered for years. I consider them the best pills made, and would not bo without them. —Morris Gates, Downsville, N. Y. I was attacked with Bilious Fever, which was followed by JaumlicOj and was so dangerously ill that my friends despaired ofiiiy recovery. I commenced taking Ayer's Pills, and Boon regained my i customary strength and vigor.— John C Paulson, Lowell, Nebraska. Last spring I Buffered greatly from a troublosoma humor on my sido. In spite of every effort to cure this eruption, it increased until tho tlesh became -entirely raw. I wan troubled, at the same time, with Indigestion, and distressing pains in The Bowels. By the advice of a friend I liogan taking Ayer's Pills. In a nhort time I was free from pain, my food digested properly, tho sores on ray : body couunenueu healing, and, In less than ono month, I was cured. —Samuel D. White, Atlanta, Ga. . I have long used Ayer's '-Pills, in my family, and bollevo them to bo the best pills made.— 8. C. Darden, Garden, Miss. My wife and little girl wore taken with Dysentery a few clays ago, and I at onco began giving them small doses of Avoir's .Pills, thinking I would call a doctor If tbo disease become any worse. In.a short time the bloody discharges stopped, all pain went away, and health wax restored. — Theodore- Esllng, Richmond, Va.' * '" Ayer's Pills, Prep»red by Or. J. U. Ayer tc Co., I,ow«l1 •old bjr all Uealcri in Medicine. Lucas Pfeiflenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERHTTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DBAUUUT8AAN, Office on Third at.,one door west of Plaua, third floor. A. J. HO WELL, -DEALEB IK- FURNITURE! A Full and Complete Stock * CO.V8TANTLY O.V HAND. ALV OBDBP FuU UPHOLSTERING Wontly anil promptly executed. Bollo St., bet. Third and Fourth, -ALSO- fINBEETAEEB. KK8JDBKOK QOU. 8TATB A BaVKHTH 8T8 ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Estate of Herman Regfilv ann, debtori The underHlicnod hei eb" glvrs notice that Barman Uegelnmnn, of Alton, in the county of Jludlson and State of Illinois, did, on tha, Uihdoyot Feb., A. D. 1887, transfer to the undersigned, al, asslKnee, < all his property,- < real and personnl, lor the bmeflt pi nla orod* Itore, act-orUintr to tbo provlBiorig of thfl'axrt • ooncenilDK .assignments,- , All persons having claims against tbo said HermanHtgairaann-are'hereby present such clutins undor.oatu or affirmation, to me at mv store, on the oornt-r of Third- and Hiana uraeiB, Alton, to sold county, -with* In three months from this date. Dated Feb. Iflrh, 1887. _ JOHN DOVT, Assignee. JoiiNJ. BRENHOLT, Atty. foblBdew DAIRY FABM. North Alton Jersey Dairy, Having rented James Mullen's: Dairy farm and cattle, the uudflrttlgned will furnish milk of the very best quality to the citizens ot Alton. The cattio are mostly blub grade Jut-Suva and fnr giving rich milk they have unequal; they are nil yonng and healthy; will leeii notions of uny kind to our cattle. Put-ties that r til luvor ns .with their patron»K« may depend on itcttinu milk ot the very heat quxllty. A aumpio will be given free of chiu'KO to all that apply for It. TUa milking • uud everything connected wltb'tho dairy wm bo kept scrupuloussly clean aothtit our RUBtom»ra may receive the milk in the Dedt of order.: A nliare of public patron > uue Is roRpeetlully requested. l<eave orders with Messrs. Kirsch A SoUless,- : urid with ilcsirs. SelbolU Jt Duterdtug,- or addtejs us ut North AHou, ALBERT VOLTEK, BUNKBT WKWN8LOH. Have for service;two'registered sires; Jersey und Holfteln, service lee for either, $6.00. The llolatittnls f rum (hat famous bull, Oon- etHntlnn.awnoil bv Mr StovpiWiof New York; took $760 pi em<utn at St. Ixmto last tall' Our's luihlity months old and la -over iMventoen hundred weight. U d 4w Chancery 'Notice;' STATE OK ILLINOIS, I HI, (Xmnty ol MitUnon. |°°' Circuit court ot Madison county; March term A.U. 1887. Henry U. 1'rlout. surviving partner of Henry HO. bweotMur,deoeaaed,-lute partner*under HID namooi 8*«etdHr and Priest, art, David K. Sparks, Anna ,., Hpurks. 'his. wife, Weiley Best, the Alton National'Bank, the D. H t-niu-ks Milling company,. AlbertJWode and Frank It. Mllnor. In uhanoory. Notlue la hereby ylvon' to t ho said' Weslev Bent that the above ' namedj complainant unretofoin flled bis hlllof complaliic in said court, on the chancery side thereof, and that a numinous thereupon latmed -out 1 of mild court KKulnat the Kbovo uutnud dufendttnM, leturnaDlt on the timt Uhy ot the term of th« clrcultcourt ot Mudloon county, to behold at court hoiiso In td wurrtsyille, la «ul<l lladlton county, on the third Monday of March, A.D, 1887, auls by law redutroil. anrt whluuunilc Ii bill) pending., -. ItOWKKB IIAONAUJCJI,. WISE * DAVIS, Oorapl'te Sol'n.. [ J. SUITER & SON, aEAWcas ra FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete 3took AI* way* on Hanoi DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE U8 A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. UUliFUBNITUUB OOOMfl AJIK ON State Street, opp, Third, A.LTON, _ WM.L, KlUNK Ready-Made Coffins, Metalid Oases, Caskets And Burial Robes For LadluB, Qentlenen And Ouiidreu. Office and Shop on State street han 1*6

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