Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 25, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1887
Page 3
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. in cai-cMly/rencl tnS H. J, Botymffl& CoP'"^ ' quality of Bwrttafr Print* to pretty new »tyle» »M £0, at fit. J. Bowman 4 Co'a. Ti.' <"lde heavy Penanps in 40 new patterns, at H. J. Botvmau & Oo'». 'Ws are showing s'oino very pretty itylen, medium and dark dress tatlns at 19 l>2e per yard.—11. J. Bowman & ' Co * ' ' SPUINO stylos ot those vary popnlnr Century Cloths arc now,on sale at H. J. Bow man. & Go's. FORTT pieces Crinkled Seersuckers In choicest patterns,' at H. J, Bowman & Co'a. . I'ALMKH Seersuckers, Tolli Du Nords' .Dress and Domestic Utughams in great variety, at H. J. Bowman & Uo'a. WK are showing a complete stock of Spring Woolens for dress goods,\nclud« ing double width Cable Twil la at 16u ;40 inch cashmere at 2ficj also Novelty Fabrics of both. foreign and domestic make;—H. J. Bowman & Co. IN OUR Silk Department we are showing Surahs, Gros Grains and Uhadamos In every new and popular shade. In Black Silks we are offering some splendid values in Gros Grains, Suraho, Rhadamea, Faille Francame and; Brocades.— H. J. Bowman & Co. IN VELVETS we are prepared to show Stripes and Freis^§ Novelties, Plain Silk Velvets, and flushes in every shade. Flam and Striped Velveteens, and new colors in the popular Dress Corduroys. —H. J. Bowman & Co. » WE CALL ;special attention to our Black Goods. Large additions have been made to this Department during the last two,weeks and we are prepared to show every, real good standard fabric and many novelties.—H. J. Bowman & Co. IN OUR Flannel Department can be found every quality and width of White Flannel in all Wool and Damet, also many pretty styles, Striped Sucqiie- ings, Tricots and Albatross, in all the popular shades.—H. J. Bowman & Co. WE ARE prepared to show a complete lino of Spring Hosiery. We have retained all the old favorites and added many new lines. In Fabric and Kid Glove's we show all the popular makes including plain and embroidered backs, dressed and undressed.—11. J. Bowman &'Co. ••.'••'. ' : . .-':•,:: ". : IN OUR Shirt Department you can find a real good white shirt for 60ii and the best made for $1.00, also fuming shirts, fine pleated, Dress shirts, Night shini- and all sizes in Boy»' Lnurel Shin Wains.—U. J. Bowman & Co. tJO TT/YT TVPWQ CO JIVJJ tU JClM Q Second «trnet,n«ar « corner or Houry -FOR- FINE STATIONERY, Sui'b as Orttno's Flora 1 , Wblrlnu'il Standard I'liporfl, Iliirlbut'a Fr«mc'i L'nMiia, Kollpse KiUK''d Ed^e. Kllte Knuxeil EilKe, Utilmorul . Lmon, UfilQu's LIIIHII, Turkey i.ul'l Llnon. H'.on Blow.* Mlkadii, Uliurrud Kilue, Uruaiu Lam, UuurnliiK Notu, und u. luixo as-uriiiiBiii til lUmniimtiMl mi'l ' D-iunrutrd stntlunury. Uciiniaoii'B Wax and tteutt. School Tubtuib .ind 8luUonery.__ __ duc6d«rly PIANOS, ORGAN Sand SEWING MACHINES! C.iBAP FOROASH ON TIM IS .'•ii-ios and Orifuna umoil uirl repaired St'w. IUK Mncbtnea ropulix'd .-upnllfH lor nil Mu Music boiler, Third utcent, uuurlv <iji|KJ^t( Hello, Alton 111. decBdwly WATCH MKM. O. BKIlICAAlf'S, AllktndiotFuncy, Hand niiido, Knit and Oro- cii igooos. Huoda.TobuifKuna and Mile. Mon't Sosr-i and PM«lnaioni nt very low puces Also Dressmaking. I'UIn and Family dewlnu mii'l bta'mplnn D ne. Ccimo and n've <" cni'. Don't lorget tlio p'uoe, doc6>twly GREATEST BARGAINS I . C.M. CrandalJ's Crockery Store 203 THIKD ST., HEARLY OPPOf ITIS BEU.B. A Flno Auortmeut of Beautiful Ingle Innorlion , . . loctms! 'lueo to flvw Insertions, . . 7 " Ix to twolve Inmrtlons, , . 0 " HATB80P AUVBftTUlNOi TJUN8i«NT.->W/T ccnii per Inch flmt Ih- oli! H»d rirsNrr-FIFK cent* per Inch or euoli suits- qutmt tnii>rtlon. Uperinuli llrat month, Jl.M per Inoh e&oli tnoAth tliurentler LEGAL AHVERTISINQ: ' Jl per Inch for ilio llrut Innei'ilon, and SO cnta purlnoli forenob Bubsequenl Insertion. 4ST Above ratoi will bo gti lotly adbered to. You will mako DU mistake if you rdur LuUelle fluur, and see that yuu el it. ________ 246 The Young People's Lyceum will meet at the Methodist church this venlog. Pine apples and grapes at Connor's. It Cane seat chairs reseated in first class ;yle. Apply at the corner of Thir- eenth and (rflorge sis.—Mrs. E. James. __^_ 218 An agriculturist remarked today that 10 earth scraped from our streets and aken away by the car load, is a good ertilizer. Most durable CHINA ware modi?. 5 pattorns of Thin Cups and Saucers Tuiu flutes and Fruit Saucers; Bur ry Saucers, and Shell loo Creams Thin Meat and Vegetable Dishes Bono Dishes, Aftcr-dinnur Coffees And offered at half tho price of Freucn China for thirty days. Masonic Temple Aasoclatlon Election. ALTO*. ILI... Hb. 18Hi, Anol'tln fnrNixUh'uctiir»oMli« "'"•» '<•' Tmiml« A- micii.ilii' . t.iHKivijlMi'livouWN, wlllliu liwl at tli«ofllo<i-'t C!u .1), lluyd ». nil Moulin; r ll t S^. Wl* '" !t i'&DA* EVE., FWB. SB. XOffCJC to Ai»ttU*XUKA>* Tot tlM re«r IW in Ot»O. charg* ttw M- owlnft nt«a tor tnuuic&t noUoea in out loral DAILY TELEGRAPH is delivorod bv nrilers to all puru ol thu (illy of Alton and pper .tlton, for ton coiita prr week. Mailed A tiny address at tho ruto rft $5.20 per year. TUB TKLKGUAPII Una the largtiat clrculu- on of nny piipur in Alton, and U the boat medium (or advortlaora. KII TlllUD AND I'lASA 8TUEBTS. TELB- HONbNo.SH. Call at C. M. Crandall's Crockery tore for beautiful Hanging Limps, ut >e lowest prices. 1 d4t w4t EGOS are down to 16 cents a dozen, nd heua will soon be scratching fur ower rates. Shirts by the million at fifty cents a iece—U. F. Lebnu. 25 2 Napkins, White, Colored and Fancy attorns, at Piercon & Garr Dry Uood> Jo's. ___ _ ' It HOUSEKEEPERS should read Mr. C. rl. i/randull's new advertisement ol itreous China ware. New and elegant nsigns just received. Instruct your grocer to never sena ou any Hour but the LuBelle brand. __ _ 246 TUB Ifoung Woman's Christian 'emperance Union will meet tomorrow rtornoon, at three o'clock, at the ooms of the VV. C. T. U. on Second treet. ' ' grass, Clover, Timothy and all mds of garden seeds at Selhold & Deterding's 17 d2w w4t THE first bu.-hel of coal from a mine ust developed at Jacksonville, III., sold ir $00. This is not encouraging, and nless the price comes down a dollar r two our citizens will continue to latronize the old dealers. o set it aside (us detailed In tho pro- codings on lint page of this paper) was an outrage on ihe rights of the eoplo. The vote in favor of sustaining be amendment was 111 against 23, bseut 19. Tne vote in favor of sus> ainlng the amendment was made up t 62 Republicans; 61 Democrats: 7 ,ubor men und 1 Prohibitionist: total, 11. Our Republican representatives om thin county voted all right oa this measure, but Mr. Copplnger, strange to ay, was one of the f 23 who voted gainst it. Some new'gools und styles in While Goods, at Pierson <S Carr Dry Goods JoM. It Money to loan on improved real istate. Apply to llndersbausen & S>nnlug. Third street. dif C. & A. EARNINGS—The annual ro- tort of the C. & A. jmt issued shows th« jross earning* in 1886 were $8,060,639. md the operating expenses $4,650.955. The previous year the figures weru $7,^ 993,169, and $4,612,847. There wu> ihuujforo, au increase la net earniug> n 1886, of $29,86 1. A universal remark by every smokei of cigars: Nmniuger's Fig and Magno- ia ure the best cigars in the market. WE were shown this morning the most unique ball .programme we ever remember seeing. It was gotten up for a ball given by the Brotherhood of Locomotive 1 Engineers, and consisted of an easel having for its ground work green puffed satin, with silk fringe border, the center being a raised .saiin base, forming a box (inside of which was fastened the programme) wuh plush cover, surrounded with forget-mo nots, over which was a model of a locomotive engine,Uio whqle forming aver} attractive souvenir. White/Cream and Colored Table Linens, at Piurscn & Carr Dry Goods Go's. H A BETTER and more hopeful feeling now prevails among our citizens In regard to the future progress of Alton than we havu noticed before for sevorn veiirai Even chronic croakers a-linli i hat the outlook is encouraging ant ihut a big boom is among thi poscibilitlcR, all admit however, thn nothing will bo accomplished until wi are emancipated from the incubus o the .udimniatnxtion, Tlio present nanagoroent of I ho city affairs la u blight on public enterprise, n bur den ou the tax payers and paralysi on prosperity. Until a majority of tin council Is composed of men capable o riving above Bullish interests', and oxi'piulng plans for tlin ilevelopmc'ii •mil growth of the nity, there will be n •nii^tuniiul progress. l,alU'llc Hour, bran, MilpHuff nn iicreaniDgs at tlio Alton Kullur Milliu Co'l. 84 0 i, Qlothihgjlats' und _ 5oods in the Urbnt Assignor Sale Ht ens loan Wholeinle prices at the (JioW. MB AMlgaw Sale gout;-<mat Globe, g J68 In order to make room for spring 'oods, I will offer my entire stock at a ery low figure for tho next 8C days.- i. J. Howell, Belle St., Alton. 111. . • 19 6 A BOLD attempt was mads'in/ the rene.ral Assembly yesierday to annul lie will of tho peopla as expressed on ho Hdoptlon' of the convict labor mendraent. This amendment prohibU ed contract prison labor in the future, ml both parties advocated it in their liitforuis. The attempt feav. Qeo. Buelmer hai returned fronl t ?«it to Hl(rgJn»Tille, Mo. Mr. a. f. Ash thinks of ttAktoft ft ;rtp through Southern S*niM» «Mrly next month. Mr, R. Porter Mono, format a resident here, of tho Tongnnoxio, Kan., fetog, favored us with a pleasant cull )Uay. Ho will leivo this evening for a visit to Boston, Mass. Foil SALE- One-third interest m the Alton Base Ball Assumption. For par- iculars inquire at thin olttoe, 21 G A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. G. *. Morttz, Third street. 20lt Grand California Excursions, March 8th and 16th. For sleeping berths und full information, call at U. & A. ticket office, Alton. 24 3 w8t lOW MADISON CUfJMTV'8 VOTED. 'dUor Telegraph: The resolution offered by Mr. Fuller n regard to convict labor w»s taken,p to>day. Ino resolution, if carries ut would have set aside the will of the eople at the last election, the Htnend- icnt to the constitution being carried y over throe hundred thousand votes. Ir. Herringtou offered the following amendment: That as the constitutional mendment watt adopted by the people is the duty of this General Assembly i see that it be carried out in good uitli. The ayes and nays were dentnded: Ayes, 110; nays, 23, Mr. iVedig and myself voting aye, Mr. Joppinger voting nay. The subsiiiute was adopted. I. COX. Mr. Cox's sentiments do him honor, ut he is too enthusiastic in tho matter f miifonties. Thu constitutional mendiuunt ho refers to received a ma« trlty of thu total vote of 19,625, Instead f over 300,000 as he claims. Good goods and low prices at Morris- eyBros.' It Ocean steamship Tickets. On sale at C. & A. ticket office, via lirst class linns, and at lowest rates. 24 3 w2t Money to loan on improved farm >roperly. For particulars, apply to WHIPPKB A SMILEY. A AI/ION1ANS. Are we siill to have a packet of ouj> wn, or art) we, in thu near future, going to depend ou the boat starting rum (ir.-ilton, mornings, tu do LUI •inesbP li wo uru to depend on tin .side bout would it mil bu well foi mr Hoard of Tnidd to take some uuliun m the question, and invite piopositiun.- torn Diamond Jo, Keokuk anil tit. Pnul, liliiinis Liivur, Clurksvule Puuket Co 1 ,- ind o the iv-, that will feel iuterebted in la* mallei-. VVhun the Eagle Packnt Co. came leru they bioutihi with them ihe rv\iu- ntun of tbiiiough buonesd men mid I|M> HbVen to ten ftimilics. 'I'huy still luvo that, reputation, ami their fti:nilie> tru ail still liuio. The Spread Eigle !i> mown all along the river as the Alum 'ackot. Aliou is her homuann she tnuy.- Home every night, maKing Alton iiur Rtaruiit; p int every morning. Shu was built for ibis trade and is essentially an Alion institution. Stay with bur. You havb no esptoial reason for enisling a G rat ton or SpringUulil ••boom;" don't du it. The opposition loat is managed by nice people, bu here are plenty of nice folks going through Alton everyday in the cam thai have got just as much ijteresi in Alton's welluro astney have. True, UiPre may bu some slight cause if complaint, ugam>t the old company, but remember these things can all bu ighted by a conference with the company. But above all things stick to what we have got unless you find there is a perfect ciirtilnty of our being better ud or you may find out too lute that we imve no packet of our own and are at the mercy of every outside boat entirely und indebted to them for our only river communication with St. Louip. ALTONIAN. Our prices tin- as low as tho lowest.-- Mornssey Bros. It Blind Tom's Concert. "Squeezed humanity" is applicable to tho audience ihnl greeted Blind Tom, the ni'ero musical prodigy, tit Odd Pel luwi,' Hull, i his city, on Thursday mghi lii't. Kvoty xuat In iliu bull wus bold, i wo rows of chairs In each iiislii were tilled, tin* viicant i-piifies between I In hcnaheH and ihu raised suatn were packed, Ktiveral had reserved "hand holts" on the posu, while ouch window hail from two to three occupants. The music elven by Tom was of a high o'dor, mostly selooilons from ihe od in sUTfl, together with ecvornl of mi i-rn timi'S. Hi* iinilutlons of the musk box, hurp, trintar, biiurplpus and the ok bcotoli tidtller liming 1m llddlo, wory |.erfcut. Mis spelling by Bound ouuse< iinioii liiugliinr and itppinu-o. The desire to hmir lilmd Tom partook of th uhiiiT.nluf of n populnr ori'Z >, und if th hull had had ilmililu UK- CHpaui y it would Imve licen Illhul, UH nriny wen turned iiwuy, limit) not being mom lor any more in thu building. All Ihu Bunt* wuro ouifHgcd Defom the Uoora wurw open.— Wettmirubr Oattftt, Iteal Estate Hales of Becord. Transfers of real estate tiled for record n Recorder's office of Madison county llinots, for week ending Feb. 19, 1887: Mary E. Gillesple to Johanna Long, w d, pt lot 83, on Second, street, Ed- wrtrdsville, and land in rear of same, *76. Conrad Beroreuther and wife to Con* rad^i^esemann, q o d, nw 1-4 nw 1-4 ieu26, 6, 8, $90. C. M. Bnngaizi and wife to Wm. Jraig, w d, lots 24 and 25 blk 2, Miller & Breath's sub div tract 14, Gambrill's ubdiv, Alton, 9400. C. Happy And wife to Otto F. MeUter, q o d, pt s pt e 1-2 se 1,4 sec 27, 3, 8, !100. , Elizabeth Keiser to Straube & Sotier, ease, lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 blk 64, Hunter's add, Alton. Ryhiner & Co., by assignees, to Mary Wernli, et al., d, lot 6 and e 1.2 lot 6 blk 26, Highland, $800, Edward Rose to Ernst Peterson,lease, I acres of land in sections 14 and 15, 3, Mary R. Atwood to Emil Guehch, w d.blks 40,41 and 42, Hunter's North liberty adri. Alton, and land adjoining same, $1,200. Fred Hepke and wife to F. W. Sandern, w d, nw 1-4 nw 1-4 see 26, 6, 8, $2,800. Elizabeth Bnrgess to Frederick Hep» ke w d, n 1-2 nn 1-4 and ne 1-4 nw 1-4 sec 29-6-8, except, &e., 89,625. R. 4.. U >seber.-y and wife to Rebecca A. Oliver, et al, w d, s pt nw 1-4 sec 1,4 9, $3,076. AS F. Haffeyand wife to Tnos, S. Davis, w d, lots 22 and 23, J. Berkey's add, ColJinsville, 9225. T.S.Davis to Theresia Fix, w d, same lots as above, $131. Ophelia Stocking to Pantali Fix, w d, ol 3 blk 3, Bassett & Lawrence's add, Collmsville, $200. J. B. Langenotte and wife to Pantali Fix, w d, lotu 1 and 2. blk 6, & Lawrence's add, Collinsville, $675. Geo. A. Miller and wife to T. J. Thomas, etui w d, Jot 4 blk 20, F. J. Ginning'* add, Collmsville, $1,600. y - Emma Rodemeverto Chas. Uodpm- iyet, q e. d, pt blk 49 and pt blk 60, A ton $2. H. S. Mears and wife to Louise Miller, w d, lot 4 blk 20. F J. Giddmgs's add, Collinsvillu, 81,600. Kl-za Gross to John Janssen, w d, lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 blk 36, Hunter's add, Alton, $1,000. Warren Casejto Chas. N. Travous, w d, e pt su 1-4 fro sec 246, $1,200. Big bargains in Bankrupt sale—Globe 26 3 Ash for Foaruy's School Shors, they are the best, f jr sale only at Morrlssey Bros. It TUE WEATHER.—Mr. Charles Phinn ney says that in the olden times it was said that the last Friday in the month governed the weather for the succeeding month. Judged by this^sign March will be pleasant. Tongues and sounds at S. F.Connor'r. It The best line ot uuildreu's school shoes in the city at Momssey Bros.' It Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and get the best. Office at Mook's Pharmacy, Third street, and in •lob's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 64 aug!4 d7m OPEKA HOUSE. SATURDAY, FEB. 26th, The wonderful Nogro Ptonlat, — TUE — The ftluaicnl Phenomenon of tho AUG. Runownod throuubout tho world as tho Greatest Natural Pianist l.lvlnn. TIKI pxlilblllnn "f wlioB'i innrvrloug lit Una xiiliiMl hlin wni-lil wlilit celi'bi'liy.iinil In- HHtiinl>liod aim iloll(,'htc-U Uiu Kivmiuit " ol IIUIBKI, will iipjxiar un ubuvu (or POS1TIVHLV ONK NRJUT ONLY. !ii r ) und .10 cents. ueats 75 cents. Sous weured ut <)bamb«rliUo'i. Ooneertut ijo-oKx* !!•• WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO Embroideries, AND "White Goods, WOOD TOOTH-PICE»; MUSTARD PIASTERS; SPRING PAD TRUSSES; COR1N AS D BUNION PLASTERS; THERMOMETERS, GOGGLES, BIRD SEED, etc., etc. Marsh's Drug Store. The Tjargest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and . v olt Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, They have no equal. Also HOOFING and OIJTTKUINO and JOI1D1NQ done Btraa*oaaU« raws. Oull auU BXHuiIno my uiook before A T DocronharH-H 532 East Second at,, .J. LJt?gc?I II ldiUL,5th door west of Henry, GOLD and SIL.A7 SHIRTS, The best for the Money. fi'itit.!* i n *V J

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