Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 25, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1887
Page 2
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^ *„.! President mlstht appoint Morrison Minister to Aunria. It to mouxht hU Monroe oountv dUleot would be popular * Vienna oourt circles. _ [ fr BKMATOB lnx*lK,»t Kama., ha* been nominated by the tUpui.Hoan ounon* o the Senate to be President pro ttmpore. Tioe Senator Sherman, resinned. He is nn admirable parliamentarian. BEW. F.taylor, for many years liter. »ry editor of tho Chicago Journul,-*nA the war correspondent of ttort paper, died yesterday at Oiefel.nd.0h o. Mr. Taylor was a poet, writer and lecturer of nanonalreputatlon. The Itmliatlon mil. The indication* are that the conferees o»theK,H»l-at,on bill will .lire.j>n •oraethinu. Ui«patche« from Canada wdloaw that the ««" «>«£ ably retaliate by ewludinKour ears •hould the railway feature of the oilI be adopted, and it w not impossible this may be abandoned by the committee. HABFBB'S for March U one of Q the utfwithVn tho bounth of ordtnnm-c, and saves tho children of fortuuo from the duvious uprisings of tho poor. » urevenu the hardest ami most •' walk, erf Utfe from being da. thoM bwttght up to t .... It keep, tho fisherman the deck-hand at sea through the wlntoi", It holds thu nee., and nails tb* .,log-cabin and his lonely all tho months of snow; .. r , Sum invasion by the natives o tho dosort and tho frozen «ono. It dooms us all to fight out tho battle of life "^n tho linos of our nurture or our early choice, and to make *« bwtjif n pursuit that disagrees, because tbeic is no other for which we arc fitted, am U I. too late to begin again. It keeps It is wo law w t * llilfa ° j rom mixing. iainwii svflottl. It ii an f u«t. «hown by the Utost j that tile Chiuubeal, which year. ha. b««i regarded a. »ouree of the Congo, mttst *' i Luftlitba, which t* tho ,ers of tho mighty riven j strtatn, whoso Witters flow to river nutll they Ilnally ^ Amazon, runs for ton or lit- toon mlloe by tho side of the •ourert of tho great Paraguay. Though the} flow parallel to each other, and on j two or three miles apart, tlu-y run in opposite directions. Ciinncs arc often : . * l , i „.« iU» itiifirritiifitfr nr the into his . new sot of *w.w» " — should not escape. never 1n)()8UO lllH-wiMMn. *-•....••— • .aided across the lutcrvoulnp: . and in this way it lupotMibh. fm ...----i boat to travel fiom thu mouth oftno Amazon to BUMIOT Ayi-os along the inland Waters of South America, and 1 •" a ' portage of only two or three s.— N, y. 8«m. ' Tho gum-chcwlng mania should bo frowned upon for wevcral reasons, according to tho Dentnl Herald. It ox- citos tho entire glandular syntem connected With alimentation. The pur. poso of tho glands is cleaily established. Their products can not uo wasted nor diverted to other IIHCS without "" ! human being is not a. cvid-chewor. Ono class of anunnis can not adopt tho natural habits of another without Buttering from BO - 1 - 1 "- MaBter's Sftlo, • i*SK x '^' iJ JZ. , i » ej. n... 1" " 1887. ffiSvSssgli iMlK-llii Ullin J U ' »' »«,',',,'Y^t Will 'Ulld H*?-,?'"ji. 1 i!uOltW«".«W«' lrtl •" >ald Kl. M *»« Sectmd Soni By BBS. M. 0. W. OtlPttAKT Pnul !*«*«**» Atttho* o! "A * f i- -J on AnMTlcfttt History, \«S& <M$r .» , ,-'-v >V ^«is.t I H^l »""^ ""* IIBM O BEST TONIC ? nlolo™ l nrc? l»"|J}'l'»li» I" «2 V««A».H!SM I 'F.'Jffiia i ASS § iokly nnd comtilololy «,."n«? I1 }. „, loniiB I Ion i tViriit ", l!l1c !jAU?, l h^i,k iod. etc It tmriohei nml flU/""" Uw, We oa liio Mipollle nn<l "I'} 11 "i* """T 1 .llJ •w i T itnsBtTKH tho honoroil pnuw ~- - utiuulf* ilit*I'* 111 , 1 ,,~,i iiMi-t MMUct't in* 1 *'* .^^^^I'oNuiiu.jHlK..^.^.","^"; ^S^il^SH! SS5s|p«» • SSS'PISSS pmi-U'-eo ni-n-ytu be i iild iu»i> n «, , ,. lvu !bu iMlHiien ui^i; ui-Uii '<^*;.,".v«rt •••««', Micnu i by ""'Vi' ,,'iiiilsis soli ,nn •n^V^uWurvliat -^ a^efiv 1 ^ a linn ol B»l t " 1 " ' w.i, oxii-uionii" ....... Frrnch mid English n -.1 tin' „. ^Ircnlt Oonri. ibrt i-bcOTtul trail- i lion BlUen lot M. W. \\lilu. b»i. Essays nna JL-OUIUB. By OLlVfill WEN||EtU I10LV1B3. Occnslonnt Papers, By JAMfcS UU^KU. ir"""* Contiimitl.itiB inny be «-xpec| in Popular WonaerfnT^lc'iiard Donovan. There recent^died at Potsdam, 8t Rheumatism ^s^^ss^s in m«./ severe cases ot rheumatism^ effect. ?sS5r«S2ssa KXKCUTOKS' NOrlCB. depa-tmenW are, as u^ual, wen n» c • »r«tr«s-rtS5£; K AS KIN (THB NEW QUININB.) Wu bad effect No.htadaclie Ko nausea, so ringing ears, pointed teuton, bmn tt» pate, and aehea of this poteat remedy a fair trial. A Positive Core «I was troubled very much with rheuma. np- liIIU lutu «T""tiio""cpuuiy 01 Mnoi»»n »'.',)• U u\jJJ! ^ B ^^ l ^n»m^£HSrb'i u ^ l m &?^^ l ^r£Sr i Jft i ss ^;;r^^«9J£^ 0 «r u ,^ uotinoil itnU ii-quo»ii-a "' }''".jiii peisoni !!^r^=:^«ir Kt i -«=sssfer wiu lAii K.«jH« hrPK. UKNUVM.bCU^'1^,,. fttHw — •IKUM3: $;, encuuo ueioi«U«ctml)ur»)iU. ' \j had lived alono, and from tho of helping himself ho became wondei- Pleasant,f TONIC. ur<- UougMon, Mifflln & Company, 4 H.rk »tre«t, ttonton. MMI. The Century For 1880 87. Mnntfal n,,v in lib tliurtrated ptpntniy M Interlude; B. Tape-try; t< nts siiouKii *»• *• w « t? ne"ed of a wagon,-he bought wheels rd^sandbuilta box buggy^om- K ^no CS day and built a cow •table sawing tho lumber with his fort, and With tho°hammor in one foot and holdinK tbo nail with tho other, he h0ld "1ho boards on as well as most worU."- ~W. *• WOOD, Bloomlngton, 111. For Twenty Years Ihavc been afflictedvrlthrheumatism. Before l^Hound no relief, but erow worse. 1 tbeu bcetm taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, and It did mef morei good than all tho other medicine I Had " U- T - B* LCOM ' Blllriey ' MaSS> ,, 1 SSteed from what the doctors called 0 . t . T *f\nir TTood'a Bar* that tho mo 9 t Uulloato A SPECIFIC FOU KHLEUhlATLSM, NERVOUS PltOSTHATlOS, The Stevimer ,»Evpn- pai lent trentt-tl ..^™.. York. toTuvilomaydilre.abooltcoiiUlnlDgmany additional statements ol cures by Hood's SarsapanUa • .. ,, ,„,. c,. R |vforS5. Made .s,%^.5!6sa»;Swr».-. ^iHSSli^^S AbnSW^SSi'Ss 1 "'^' 5 juiyio ilielnuiliiK"! c< !"f, v,b iiiv P'-nUen- w^^^&^,^<»* VTHK T^fPB O¥* r tilNOOr^K^ *l nJu Jj»r "• v .--'77,. __4-rt«iiij« Bv I'ltu Confidential Secretaries, Jolui t>. Nicoiuy and Ool. ^.tKYHB,Manor. } %*™™S"'> • , and aterMondHy.reb. 11, tba Spteafl KHUK " 1 'nn»Hiollow»,vlzi LEAVING ALTON TOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a- !"•• a 0 * FABBl g, 8T. LCDI8, - • " , . '7 ' - - ft V i. Tie deliuer i hat. you noses One Dollar. nimsu", ft"" "•; " • .. ,,,,,fi,; n( r th-it '-•z^ l -':-»&3; " for some time witn Fast Freight. &Passet ger Line A ° lkl THE WAB SEttlBS, i_.. % mil* Ii**t t\ MliHI K "*** '.¥ i • " M , ||lc.>>t*\ Enrs o of bu-rgio. and sloighs, and been enaed in buying and ..oiling ScnlP Covered with EC~ ibs ami Soros Cntlcura. n fe ^ said he »rp«KonHd they riches.' 1 — Burdntte. •, .. $2,000.— Tho SourccBof Rivers Most people have probably heard tbe « of Hatott to Ethics. This brings us by "a voiy natural * .?. . °.i.- «.l.!,..,! inclinations Of and moraonwus. yr. v"i~"—v-- whos^ "Mental Physiology" we have ruoWl has so prominently enforced tt'ncip1ethat P our organs the way in whicb they have boon ex- y and dwelt upon lto > conso- i, that his book almost desenres ' k work "* cditteation, on S^Sftr-ro^onTorfurplace than this in India. Almost live hun- than this m dufl ^^ . rf CalcUtta is lhe this account aiono. «• = "— — ~~ . iLlogy, then, for tracing a *™ ° f thoBe consequences ourselves: *" u "^^,. 7 second naturol Habit is F *'r, J ^;^i ^f, "i >> 1; and one ol great sanctity in the eyes of the Hin- doos, owing to %"^KufS that it is tho source ol ono 01 ii'u ""b^ rivers of India, and of feeders of throe other rivers that are among tho gieatr Sin thepeninsula. Tho torrents that flow down its Bides travel to all the cardinal points of the compass, ihe -- ""I which takes its rise here, ^^w^ftfWtf&'VSZ. •K-TM^^-S'teri.r.- ^-^ IS 2 stiss hnis ^ffl^m^-J^ffl^f '^&^^&A*K& ^wK^^*«^r% .^tf^i^KSor?"^"""^ SSiKff^?HS-M^« w iK ^j:\,« ; SJ,Sirin"^ i^rv&>3£^-^^ Si«S,,MWi'" p-v^'ij;;'",!;!",'^ ru'aif^r'ii^Sr^^^- ;^ B fepojps £fe&r^ of lilNfullOili'K- llla "'., i „ a L H l ) u» ««"*•! U thick .mil ^"ftuS!" 1 ,, 'bow,. I." 1 «•"'• 4nd cieun as ""V <=""" * JiL ,,,« K iiitltn«l» >"i U?.'. wonuei'lul'cm-e l?y 'the '^V 11 .'}''.'.."^""!. . ......,....ll -lm 111! \ W |,|, ml t t xllg- .V OKAJ... wben iMSURWCE, -••-- 0 ' REAL ESTATE, l Tt LOAN AGENTS, UEKREttEtmNU TITK *01<LOW1NG First-Class Ins. Co.'s: lu». Co. of Nortb America; J.F. K.I,' |^0<I,-«JOH. Us. AUuiiilii'lj For St. 1 onls at 7 »-. ™. ,.'wilili'ttVo St. Louis (foot ol Vm. • t.)utSM6 p.m.! "sio.leo of niivui ^ii?sipi^l§i * uul ' a'pEOlAli FEA.TUKES. CJenuan Americuii; North BritisU and; . mercantile, London; . . Coiu. Unlou, London incaHbire, M,iucli«»i«rf Continental; Olrard, ti» dies, anil , w ' Hl ; n i that my stttteineiitlJ K enuli>n. Oi-t.0,1885. teen-Mr. VSV it W( iv»~- r »l«trtlV*i* LJUY Wllirlt "««•-• »(J 1 IHIVO keen-Mr. McKay* K'*.,™, lt plillin ^MCk'^^y ffis'lir, 'Halt! our best P>'>»' u «»";j !r ^ 2cl d; bi"«v U il.-.l cnniaooliu^^ulj^, , , Anii'rcu.u »•«,»••—-? Firemen's Fuu<l, --- • —- Assurance Co, out. 'Attention! 1 whereupon tho man SLt*^^' 1 *^ 1 ? SStaE The drlU hivd boon thorough, |ud Ita effocU had booorae onibodied in the man's nervous structure. *"_ rT . • i«.. i*<i**a»u m . kantak are the Godavcry. the I do not know ol »»y«»«*Klff )1 ' I !o W Ji e jJlu«' i rutlcura liHiifill.-s " u . xtbl ,' "o i iuiv»-«'l'' r^^^,«;«iSr^:v= ^«^^K »&».. T. 'f^^^^^^^^^S- $20,000,000. WB ALSO HiSPRBBSNT TUB Mutual Benefit N .T. and Traveler Accident II.H. C«..Hartlord. it'arat«oiiat7:45|i.m.. =HHSSSKSSS «»-'• • FADE. To ST. Looifl, f Inylw trip. • • ^ <j.^ 0 1 ?j •• r un'i nil'. • . J ' 5500 '' IlKNlIV^T^rUM^njA^nAl^.: H. A. H Hb". • on'l MuiiiW-r. '"-.*"_ jTlioFFMAN & SON, DKAUCllS IN Stoves and Jiaidware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS 1 And other fli>t ola^s heating stoves " for wood or coal. Also Kan«es and Champion Monitor OooV stoves, HIM bunt In All oa. B .ih»rrlptlonsTecblvod at till* ofnoo^ ro ™c7f'o7tho sourcosof a number of their largest rivers, whoso waters by =hlrK«ri£r soil and provont or mitigate famine. w£tsff3S£ ^saaesfe Office; Over Aition Nat. Bank. Cor. Third and State sta. T«-o-fltorylious«"nd «uo'd stable on Com raon mi-eut i.miii ii-iilt. . . » .,-.• , Outside•\VorKUHpecialty: Roof lug, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies ._ —««_-«a«v^*. ' . TO ADVERTISEEB•' : . KL.L, * 00., W apruou^t., N. Y. lutoutm r ?.' f' ( f if! l f uuud at tho sound •« .— 7-°\~ rlo in uio u whojjo cugo Jmd so of i a ImnKO-undera largo c- .. placed that tho water !»«« f w 1 mouth and then goes sparkIng the hill From this spot tho stioaui flows, nine hundred miles ty ht "£![?" the peninsula, growing on tho way Into ohos is ouo of tho sight* of Iho Bombay !, W8 o that ho was without - Mr. w. 11. Cooloy, tho geographer, mode a curious blunder the houd SSA ^j^Ei 'It upper t/ori(,o. n" , . Cnuiubesl, which wiiplli.* " ll) 1 ' llko Cooley, mwlod by "A Word about Catarrh. '^MffiS&B$£& %^^{^»$$^^ Kti^^w^^\JX ,,,,d «"»V 1 f ltl V,h, l ,",,VmwV? Mi" "li «l.-»l.i.yln, ^'VnT-^W 1 ?^ Sliv^W'Vi"' :"- ?«.;M%j;iS«iBlrs^ i,.mi.i;i."'i.i» ""';y;;,','"."« i"i' IIII-"I.K'' iBffla'JtaeM^j^^-Tr!- SSS^tltriSS SHKSIiSJirSSE BS,SSs;rs».'=w 3 S!-fHsvHs«.:'«7 linttlu "i il»- Kiulliw J- ' • " , , „,. , ,.|,n ^; 1 ^::a^'U l lm'K»^''»'' i '' ii ' ul1 '' 11 ''' iii-ni'Jl. ' i iiTTI'll w^^^^-SSfiS &^^ "" tl u!'>'.'!»"m'o"i. """"'• QfgJdiiui _ Sheriff's hale. Jonr.lO v K. Ut ' 1)ry JE ? ecut.on o No.8». . HAND. COIl. BKrt.HI> ANI» A I MV HTH. 11 i ti 01 i >• » n(1 w> "' «7Xu!"" M«» f-urAlW- " T.» PTmrl- A?v "r all ol abovo "^{^/S^iiJBV. Tlw MorrlTnun nrnptp «'••? State, ^weo^ln nV"!.". *om'ii".i...r.'.'"'•>'»-. i.ll..«.;' nil l» u«. !"!'.'.: (; u n bulnnl ul u In.rKUHl; wiill'l-l.l- lirno'l ha '0 oMiied a a -w inu<io c.»-u.r Jt •x'uu-ajituai'iaiittdib av«'levied upo »il '; ORGANS ANDalPtANOSI worhmnnslilp (pi- salo atroa- J/IIIM!.'.' ..,•!<'«.. Cllll llllU UXIIIHlllO OUf II1SHU- nuilltt lliuut UlU UO^criUUU uo nmUWB. tO'Wlt! ^iJV^W'MKSfe/piK K I.I.IIU'B u«IOI Ion LI Mm t»w» <>' VM r AI ^^li^o'^oi^Adj^ r-s •MM^,M;v^ K »HrA i <i tititniiti/ huuk tiUHvw *' i "J r .:__ KIUOAY, THE BMCVKSTH DAY OF MAltOH A. n. W't , . boiwi-on ilii.litmn.of. » - , and it appears on his Oil i\V«. l»'-pni.V. o \V.i9litK)»r(U UBUt.tVuoil vim. T t ifuiid" ml r'nr Hunt. I lil-m-i. ol M. -I n,,,i Iduivn UN i i«i A.

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