Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 25, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1887
Page 1
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VOLUME 26; To Regulate "U C 'AVOKKTB HOMtt BttMEDt li wur- II Granted not to Contain a single panic! *'C*r**f"'p"» — ti» w* T11B uit KtDNBt* Aiu.STOHAClt. If your iaVfer i^ oWr>( nrdd*. men^your whole svstem Is' d«<rangnrt.' The 1 blood iglmpnfQ, he bmath offnrisivoj'' plr(ted''an*d' horvitin. To prevent & " SSImoB^- •"*•' tnko "' onoe '" ; ' If you Iftad a ted ^ntary life, or. inflor "with Kldnejr Bhetlans? nvold Btltnulftttt«'nnd 'take Situ ant Liver Keuulutor. 'once tu reatotu. • ' , II yon huveeatOB Hnythlntf turd of > , > digestion,, or leel<, , heavy uuer men •; , or * eepleu at tti8i&*aln> a^doi*. und' . yon will foul lelluvtd and alt»i)> plea*II yon «r« a miserable. »nfferer-with »„ Ounotlpullun, l>y»pep»l»,. aud'Ullo on»n^g,»felcr.-ll«l'atioiioo in 81u»- ( mono Uver Uegulutor It does not require,continual dosing,,ftUd eo»ti i hut a trine'. >J It will cDttfyimV ' ' . II you WMkoupfn tbennoiiilnif,with • , a bitter, baa tatta in 3 our raoum, Slmmoag V. Ter Regulator. It oor mi*, •.•flctnthe bltlou»«otnttOh,»weeten» t breath, yrid cleanses the Furred Tongue «ldren often need BOniu. aalo outliartli "*. Tonlo tu avert appfOAcbinft blckiiusn , y, ano.Oomplttlm»lnoldentAto Cbudhood. At- -BnyttlnM wlttoufvlohsnt purging; or •» —___Ing -without intoiieutluft take'Hi. -,' , limmons Liver Regulator H. Zeilin>&<Co;, Plilla.,.Pa PRIOE, U.v , 4'rawftolkr We'do'not manufaotura. Lard, Candles. Butterlne, or any kindred truck; we do'not first'squeeze tho fat and oil out of our stock, and then convert the* refuse Into a worthless soap. ,Wa are not near stock yards or slaughter, houses, buy no diseased or dead lanlmala or refuse material. EILVEB'tOAP' 13' made Of <PORB..TAt- tow, by a clean process, and'oan bo used freelywithout danger of having , the skin diseased or polsonedi <ASK .XODB GBOCER FOB IT., EMPIBE SOAP GO, 8TJ LOU IS. MO. > Wrtf.ENSlNGER, Plain and Decorative WOnE'PBOMPTl.T ATTKNDKD TO A • TXJWENT TEEMS. 1 • AND SHOP OH.' ' NEAR -PJABA . 11,1V «IOHN BAUER, DKALEH IK AND MANOFAOTUBERt OF |ppp,*OitgrHali, AlLTON, i All Wads of- flee entt common farnitur 8 eonstauUy oa baud. •> Ainn uuarrtiker, et«, 200 BAGS HIGGIN8' Fp|tt; FINE s SALT I'For '• Dairy and Table Us«v luU4 * lb; linen socks wnd 50 Ib. for sale by J. A. RYRIE. Patents. nyi'pemoni<wUhlnK to obtain lettei ntonnev* Inventions, tmprovementa o »l«n«,I wUloxoouW ilrawlngg und speoin tlonj, and umku applloutlouu for I'utonu I oour.UUtlOD, In p6t»ou or by l«tt« , lvo«i Alton, HI. ALTOK. ILL., yBIDA3r,riSVCNIN6 t FEBRUABY 25. 1887^ KOMBER 28O. Congress. • • WASHINGTON, Feb. .21.—Senate— House 'substitute' for, the fisheries retaliatory hill disagreed'to'And fur tber conference •' requested. • Mr Van! Wyek, offered, a , resolution whfch'he'fexpeets to^hpeakoti to-day for a constitutional, amendment for llic'clcclion of Uiiited Slatessenators by o popular vote df the people o: the Stf.i,l><a. t Mr, Hoar gav^ notice o; his.intention'to call'up* the- l j ao»flo railroad land.foi feit ure matter today. A number of Senate and House bills of- minor importance passedi S ttale bill to extirpate pleuro-pneumonia and other, coutagiottS'.and Jnf<?ctiou» djBeasv'BWttS''debated • till > adjoUrr ment.) '. :, 1 HouBet^nibv Satfate,v,amendittents to the .postoffieei appropriation' bill were-disagreed to'and conference requested: The-President's veto of the dependent pensionB.bill.eameiup and a very bitter debate" ensued, Gen. Bragg, of Wisconsin-leading in defense tf the President'and .the veto, and Republican leaders assailing thf veto, the President, the Democratic pa«y, tne Solid South, Wall' street wealth and-the -'gentleman from Wisconsin;" there was great-confu- s on;at times, and; reflections on the honesty,'honor, bravery and veracity 6f members were frequent, and accusations of falsehood, Benedict Ar- nuldism and kindred "courtesies" ,were i passed around with a prodigal liberality; the veto, however, • was sustained, cheers; hisses, groans and adjturnment following m close order. POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thin powder never 4 varies. A marvel ol purltv,, strength wliojnsoraenosa. More economical than the ordluary binds, and cannot »e .sold In competition with the multitude ol ow test, Hhort weight, alum phonpha'e powders.' BOLD ONLY IN CANS. liOYAL BAKING ***«« JanRrtwly > EMPIRE MILLS> SECOND STttEKT (Near Plftja), ALTOtJ, ILL FOR SALE, : Ground Oats, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Graham Plour,eto FBOMPTL'Y DELIVERED TO ANY PART OF THB CITY. M. WILKINSON. iyT dtf SCOTT'S OF PDEE COD LIVEE Oil Almost as-Palatable as Milk. Tho onlM>r«p»»tloa of COD IJTIiB ean;beUken-nftdllj1k«atOlM»titd'torft lung Urn* bj delicate Btomacbi. • '.HP AS A nEMCTT FOB iflf * ' KI1AL UKBIUTY, COUtlllB AXD TIIUOAT Af. KECTIOA8, «nd all 1VAST1SU P1BOIIPKII8 OF It l« map-»tl(HM in •• Fan AALR nv iUL UnuooiST*. * t New and Beautiful DosltriiB j««t arrived and arriving fur the Hill-lug Trade, WINDOW A Specialty, from Small to Hizeu. At tbn rid reliable HOUSE. PAINTING snd PBUOUATIN'G uitttbli.huiunt o( NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at. feblUUra '*! ~l — ""* "t I " v»»MC*f ifl I'DOvCf throughout l-he-fnf'Nol'thWfiBt^.'i i In the PrittDetOnsTHebtoRlcal S«hi inhry therein studentieS years old The serious UlnesBtof'ReV.-Jame Freeman-CIarkeyv, of. Boston,^.is < ati noubucd. , Gen. A. WV Gree1y}',Geni"H82fn' suece'sor-is" undoalttedty, prnnod fo squalls, His daughter was-born-las Pnday. Los. Angeles', Cal*.,' is no cerulean at present. The Times sa\s: '-The stivets are a muss of water und liquid earthy' The;vpnerable American.historian George Bancroft, is 'seriously ill ai Washington, and-but faint hopes ore entertained of his recovery; He-it 86'years old. The first fruit of Bismarck's"Vic tory is the abandonment by .Austria of its usual Spring military*m men vers for practice. But then extra military appropriation was voted al the same. < The discreditable fact in'stated that since the 'oc. upation "x»f T Egyp by the British Army '•intemperance has greatly increased,!and there are now between(400 and'-500 , drinking houses in Cairo, where • {previously there .was scarcely oner.- There has been3>a violent {subterranean explosioirin the center of-the greati Russian petroleum district anc an eruption'Of a'volcanO) which, for two nights tlirew^a column of fire and'mud. 850 fe'et'/high.', The ' muc lies from seven to fourteen feet'deep over a square mile.' „ The convict labor-system in Georgia is more inhuman 'than 'the"slave system in its worst, days. - The conn victs are mostly - n.egrpe^ sentencec to long terms i 'of ' imprieonmen for petty offenses,, and <tbey are worse treated by the • contract overseers than they were by the hardest masters before emancipation.' It is reported that Governor Gordon has set himself dead against the system us it. now exists. If he destroys it as slavery was destroyed he should also be called an emancipator. Lieutenant Governor Robertson yestei day attempted to take the chair as presiding officer of the Indiana Senate, but was prevented by the door-keeper, who, in obedience to orders from Green Smith, escortcc Air. Robertson to the door. There was considerable excitement over, the affair, during which a round of fisticuffs took place between Senators Johnson and McDonald. The Speaker of the House has refused to hold any communication with the Senate until Lieutenant Governor Robert- sou is seated. Legislature. SPRINGFIELD, III., Feb. 24—Senator Cochran's bill concerning corporations was taken up on special order and ordered to a third reading. Senator Streeter's "Age of Consent" bill wus taken upon third reading and passed by of 80 to none. The special order to reconsider vote whereby Messrs. Cantwell and jarrity were placed on the Ware- iousti Committee was, on m >tion, aid on the table. The bill appropriating $1,145 for the payment of the amount due on a certain State bond known as>"Now internal improvement interest.stock," wus taken up on third reading and passed. UOU8K. Unusual interest was taken in the /louse proueedinga occasioned by the discussion following: i he; reading of Mr, Fuller's ruso tiubn reliitiva to .he constitutionality of the Convict *iubor amendment which was made a special order for to-duy. The •esululion provides: That it be the sense of the legislature tu.t the amendment to aim conutitu- respect to coiivict labor has not been legally carried, und is herefore no purl, of the organic law of the State; that the Penitentiary Jouimissioners be instructed to continue the contract system in the fu- ure as in the past, and that persons eeling agg loved may have, redress n tlie court-* James 11 err ing ton submitted a ubstituto for the resolution, afllrin- ng that the nmendmcnt had been egally carrld and that it isiho duty )t the Legislature to provide the cgisiatlou necessury to curry out its jrovisions. Representatives Fuller and Miller poke In support of tho resolution, and Messrs. Hurrlugton, Archer, kown of La Sullo, Mesoick, Gray, let'illt and others spoke in opponl- lon, 'IhosL* who favored tho i'et>o« tition argued that in view of the faoi hat doubt existed as to whether the mendtaent w»« legally submitted legally carried, it should be take to'the Supreme Court, and its oonsti •Huttonftlity. passed- upon. The op posers of •• the measure claimed tha it ^RS :not in the province of tu Legislature to deal with the questio .nntil the Supreme Court had render .ed ft decision in the matter. ' The debate continued through th entire sesslon^whifh lasted over thrr Jiotlrs.. A division being called o tyr,; Herrlngton's amendment, resul ted'in its adoption by a vole of 11 ,yeaa to 23 nays. , Terrible Remits In Ftaly, RoilB, Feb. 24—Details have been received this morning of the result of the i earthquakes yesterday, show ing that the effects -were> far-more serious than was thought." The' los v of life an i destruction of property i learned to have been terrible'. ' Th liiost startling news comes-from th Genoese Riviera^. Over^l.SOQcpeo Vie were killed in 'that .district' - A ,the village of Bajardoj^'situated' a the,top of a hill, a number of the'in Habitants' took* refuge."in'a,fhurcl whed the Bhoek&"-w*re first felU't, A subsequent and -'greatbr'shrick'de molished the church,' and 80Oof the people who were m it .were killed,! > The destruction of the:property,-in the. sectiOiis 'of Iitly visited- > byMb< eaithquakfetf waft imm'eUB6,/'and"Wide spread.'> , The earthquake i in •• Southern Eu rope proves'to'have 'been-far* more disastrouu to life'and property than was reported inahe-first,dispatches of yesterday.. The* Riviera,- -wher& the greatest convulsions have-oocur red, is the coastline of 'the"Gulf o Genoa, thickly' studded with citie und villages.' The loss of life, in thi district" is-, estimated- at,. 1,500 Everybody who.canjget away is flee ing'from the earthquake-belt. Othe shocks are feared. The destruction of property in the section of Italy visited by the earthquake was im mense and widespread. The tota number of deaths reported to the present time is about 2,000. Shocks were felt at Parma, Turin and Cosenzal. Tne undulations of the earth were noticed at Catania, in Sicily, at the foot of Mount Etna: At the village of Bajardo, situated at the top of a hill.^a number o the inhabitants ,took'refuge ; in« church when" the shocks' 'were« firs felt. A subsequent* and . greatei shock demolished the church, -ant 30() of the 'people «who were in it •were killed., Richard Rtebeckei 4 , a German born naturalized, American" citizen" 'ol Shelby county, III., has.been>seized in Germany as a deserter, What True Merit Will Do. . The unprecedented J 88l« of BOaabee's German tiyrupn within a few,,yfars, has astonished 'the world.' It is without doubt the safest and best remedy ever discovered 1 for.theupeedy and. effeutua cure of Coughs, Colds and- the'severest Lung troubles., It acts,.on an entirely different' principle from; the nHualpro^ sol iptious i given by physlciUna, as it does not dry up a coueh i and) leave the disease still in the system', but- on tbe 1 ontrary r<- moves' t the' cause of the trouble, heals- the parts affected-and leaves thorn in a purely buaUbV ! eondi<. tion. A bottle kept in the house.for use when the ribeaHe-t make ttjeir appear anco, will save dootor.'n bllU aod B-IOD fpoll of serlons illness. . A i trial-..will cunvinpo you of thuse fuels. It is por- liVfly sold by nil druirtrtnu and genera) rs in the landi Price, 7fi cis.'j large ' As a toilet Bi-tiolo, Ayor'n HHir stundH unrivaled. I> olounsea Iho settlp and removes ditDdruff,*,' 'cures itchitig more, roatores tho oriirlnal color 10 fmlwi and gray hatr, .uud'promotps iig gro'wtb. a> Iw ANNOUNCEMENT.' We aro authorized to announce JOttS \,. ASH as a oaadldute(for .;pl*rlr,; ol, the OUy Jourt of Alton, at tbe,'cleoclon Tqoaduy, March lat, 188?. W« aro authorized to nnnoimoo EDWABD J. KOO x AN «a a candidate for Clerk: of tlie Oltj- Ooa 't:' Elect'on, Tuesday, Maroh >Ut.- > * r. L. 80pOB« 1 «OR8 TO A. B. MoKINNK Y & 00., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles, STILL SLOP FO» uoii7dw(iin VUf paper b kovl on Hie at HID office «T YER^SON OVERUSING GENTS I am going td consolidate my two establishments, and have to make room for new goods,and offer my entire stock, r , from now until March 1st, at < Prices « BLOW ng must go to aavd oofet of moving and storing*.) ble-ware, Cutlery, Stoves,,,Hardware,,Tinware} Granite-ware, Looks, Springs, and eve- i ything kept in any hard-' ware store, A11 these; n i tind were bought before , the, recent -advance in priceBiK< To, those contemplating building this spring, I offer 1,000 KEGS OF; STEEL , NAILSI i at factory Prices. Eememeber the plaoeH: 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET. This is no catch-penny humbug sale of old and worn-out stock, but a bona fide reduction solely to save expense of moving or storing. Call at Onco and Secure Bargains! WM. SIBM; UK, Iliinlivaiv iiiiil liirni HKADQUAItTERSFOR THB Best Buggy in the World; in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Ag*9Ut$ for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps; FINE HANGING LAMPS, $1.75, $2, $230, ft, $0.50, $7.50 to $1Q.< Headquarters for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER. OILS, Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared- Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and yon will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH I r BOSS FILLED WATCHES,.. From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30, J. H. THE LEADING

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