Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 24, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1887
Page 4
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M •MOBd<«I*U UttMr M tlM V O. M Alto*, HI.) to the eml of «-««».• ttaow:* Imge silk handtorcUist Into lot wr. and BJ it 1» fulling olf the stick, whlca tan* U* fearful and the utur powe uy tWMdlM to git. t. . . Probably to no dJuwaw have «hr*lc!A&* riten more stndv, and nont na» mow Sompletely baffled their efforU to jwjlde a specific ( and until Athloph8wijfri|»vdl* covered there was no medfcli»S/*alefi would surely cure rheumatism, neuralgia and nervous or sick headache, Thousands of testimonials like the following prove beyond question that Athlophoros is thn only reliable remedy, and that it will do all that is claimed for it. Bumner, 111. I have been afflicted with rheumatism for nearly a^year; used various remedies without obtalninK vellcf until'I was induced to give Athlophoros a trial. It gave i& relief in six hours, and I have steadily Improved since. Q.W. SMITH. Jewett, 111. I am entirely cured of my terrible rheumatism. Mine was an obstinate case. I waa helpless and sufiered no tongue can tell how much. I saw an advertisement of AthlophoroB, sent for it, tho dose gave me ease and I went to sleep J next day I. got up and drcssedimyselfjTJadnotsatupfor a long time? It has now been more than a vear since I have felt the pains of rheu- matlsm. Mns. MARY A. BENNETT. lit. Bilas B. McClelland, Macon Street, near College, Decatur, Illinois, had a very »«ieMr«.ttac4 of; rheumatism, and found relief jalmjast ifith ; the first dos^' of Athlo- phfcro*.' ''• i " '!• ••'•:• ;: '. '• ' •• • "'•• ' J&tt drdgglatshould keep Athlophoros Md r Athlbpho?osi>illi,1)ut wLeJo they cannot be boujzht of the druggist the Athlo- phoros Co.; 112 Wall St.. New York, will iend either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle for Athlophoros and 50c.'.for PiUs. 7or liver *nd -kidney dtoeasoi, dyspe, dliwstlon, weakac88,.;nurvqis|dcl)nUy ) ;dl»eaies oT women,VconrtlpBtlftfl.•'• headache,itaptt* blood, &c., Athlophoroa Pills arc uneo.n»led. » YOUNG FOLKS? COLUMN, PANE 6V'JACK PICTURE FROST. MADS Row Children In Mnssla Amnse Them' Mlves Arold the Ice and Snow-A Very Queer Table Several Hundred Tort Old—Battle Ax and Tomahawk. thoBo of our young readers who do not al< ready know that the empire of,-Russia extends over'a large portion ot the northern regions of the globe, will in looking up the matter In their geographies discover this fact. They will also find that Russia U bounded on the north by the Arctic ocean, on 'the east by the Poclflo ocean, on the south by the Chinese empire, Turkestan, Caspian sea Persia, Asiatic Turkey and the Black sea, and on the west by Roumanla, Austria, Prussia the Baltic and Sweden; 1 Hay Ing; found the position of Russia on their maps Off globes our young folk* will quickly realize that Ru«- lU U a very, very cold country, and the; may wonder how children, even when wrapped in great coato and cloaks, can keep warm. FOB SAUB OB BENT, | -BT- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. A convenientand Pleasihthome at a rea- •oiable figure, being atwo-slory Irame House on Kignth street, near Henry. •or oiuo» A cboloe larm ol SS» aeies. with flru -Improvements, situated 2K mllee east Brunswlek. oriarlton co., Ho. A one -Story frame dwelling House In good condition, in Topping's addition to Allon. , rorBsU* Cnwap. '."'i,''""'Al The residence of Oapt. W. > oble:, two rtoriesand mansard roof i p room 4 haUs. eloseta, eellars, etc.: s acresol gronn ' Moat Desirable property in tue oitj. „,.. Cations Thing* froui IniJnlritoB P*opl« . r «••;,~. Who Want to Ktiow. " ...;••, ,.. J notice by the papers that, Mr. Stanley has. been given the freedbin of In* City ot London. We read ot Cresarelvlng tho freedom of Rome, I should like to know what It means and what was Its origin. •".'"• , P. N. S. 'Formerly trndo In London was under restriction to foreigners. When n distinguished alien-was to be especially preferred : he was given permission to trade In London, and this was' In some cases a butotanital benefit. N >vr It Is .only an honor. The document conferring the freedom of the city Is Inclosed In a box appropriately decorated. "' v ' v Relative Speed of Trains. The west bdund limited New York Centra train leaves Now York at 0 a. m, and reaches Chi cago at 9:60 a. m. the next day. East bound, I leaves Chicago at 5:80 p. m. and reaches New York at 7:00 p. m. the next day. What Is the dlf- ference in the rate of speed of these trains? '•-.,.-;•' .-. • . ' ' '•' ' , ' ••--... ; - S|:O* There is no difference. They make the trip In the same actual time, the one gaining about fifty-five minutes, the other losing the tame, on account of the earth's rotation. 1 Tennyson. '•' What la Tennyson's agef Which of his pieces first brought him Into notice? _ P. ' Tennyiion was born 1n '1809, and Is there- '78 years Old; It Isanoticeable fact that Tennyson published "The May Queen," slnce.pna 'of the most popular of his poem's, without be- 'Ing recognized as a *inarked ; <poe»i'.' ' When ;«Locksley Hall" appearaMt' at f once made him famous. , '• ' International Copyright. Will you please tell melfEnglish piriodlcaUar* copyriKhtod in England and Canadat and are Canadian papers copyrighted In the United States iand England? .- V.A.,*. ..;•.•••.•!; T. LTNCSi, There is no International copyright law as • ' the KfnWart is . UUlW^uv Uft-tj GttliOt (Ji Y*J ,,_,.,_-, out endeavoring to ottawishany. t-,- ~ --• Buckle attoffitJtt to 1 wdtt68*m&n> progress to nba laW3» elalmlngtfaat elvlliUi- tlon first springs up where the climate Is tnost conducive and food easiest obtained; tbat tbp mott enduring hnd Intellectual progress 1* made where Opposite conditions must t* over* (Some. Gulzoi'a history Is completo; Buckle's Is R fragment, . ,'-,/ , '"/;' "',.".'."!,'• Germans and trlsti. Are there more Germans than Irish In the United Stalest , X. . By the last census (1880) there were 1,000,742 Germans and 1,854,571 .trish born Cltl- tens of the United States. Cabinet Officers' Fay. What Is tho salary of a member of the cabinet? Each cabinet officer receives «8,000 per annum. . _. ; .'. : , -., Impeachment. In your answers to correspondents you say that Andrew Johnson was not Impeached, To impeach Is to charge with a mlndemeannr, whctLer the person is found guilty or otherwise. Prest dent Johnson was Impeached, 1. e., tried. He was not convicted, .however, because It takes a two- third vote to do it. H. Our error la In the use of the word Impeachment. Many people uso the word "Impeachment" for "conviction," but it Is not a correct use of the word. • The Cold Wave. Can you give an explanation of what we call a "coldwave?" FAHRENHEIT. Cold waves are RUpposed by scientists to be due to' the'hlgh barometric pressures at 'the Polar regions', which set in motion masse* of Arctic air, forcing them southward.. . ? (Royal"Etiquette./ , Is it true that no one except of the blood royal may dine at the table with the queen of England? ••...'..'.- • •'''••'• '' • • • • • It.' •One not of the blood-royal may dine at the same table but may not sit among the royal family. TUB Marquis of Lome, who Is the 'queen's son-in-law, cannot sit beside his own wife. •-• *•- ' • "•• •' ''.• '••"" v '" : MOST PERFECT MADE year (»S nuiabors),. '"",M • *• • Harper 1 * Handy series, obo. year, (6» Jg ^ ipostage K?ee to'aii subsoriUdrViu the United Statesor,paniidu. Tho volumes of the'RXxAB begin ... ••• ••-•-— _. _,. j i rir-t Number for January of each year. ........ Propwodwlthatrlctregsfatornrltr,* « time l» mentlonud, subscriptions * Ubo ; lleiStufolneso. Dr. Price's B»kmg PowUot contains " wlth the Number curron^ at tittle Of re- no Anini»nift,Ijlnie,» (joint of order, ' ' f .. «»,.,« -fnp Extracts, Vanilla, Lemon, etc., flavor aeliaousiy. , Bound Volumes ofi lunMtK s. BAZAH, ior '••"-- ^hrceyonrsbHok.^ express, free RAILWAY OmOAGO AMD -AUTOS ^SXStfvSiSti^WyZ*^-^ of PXponVe (provided tbo irofgUtdo.j*vt to* excBiid one aollarpor volume), for $T.«>..per "oBS?- Oases for e«ob volume, 8nHable--for binding, will b6_sont_by mall, postpaid, on follows: ••or Chic and tbe BMti Money Order or loan. ; News 1 , mont w * ~ .to avoid ,' >' • i. *• "• jpapers aro not to oopj-this advertts*- ritbout the express order ol HAIU?«» "—--• * H ' ll ""° " yor|£> tor JaoksonrtUe, Keokuk, Onlnort , 9:10 p. m 1887. V" "• Harper's Weekly. r* f T-Vamn ft mint"! _ ,<*' tv j * TRAINS LEAVE ST. LOUIS TJNION DEPOT. uvaoraui .^v.'near'OltyllmltetSctt.o two story brick and frame dwo n nonse. both Mtuated on the eas- o s^te street betweenethand7th -trcets- BO < block of stores on Secon .-'tree', "»•-i™i-. Hani - and BMuje street aown aaHunter'i' w>w ' »ot8«le. A»niaafranie'* jlng house within nne olocks of the d.; • tfor»S76. , : . 160 acre* f good tarnunic land, and anothei sffi 1 -^^-"tewa-pffjs respeoto veW^-one-tntd oash.balanoe on Ume VOT B»I«>. ; " ' • .-•"-;,-', • Alarm of 140acr«s on oottom land, ail ID onltlvlSon.neuMadlaon.ln tblBeounty. A aflort two-story frame dwelling houae on it. kiceW.600 JorSB1<< A' choice farm ol wo acres, situate 1 mile south ol Sblpman, Maooupln county, 111-.,at a low figure. Alton or vlcuutv wil t to call at tbe offlue o city, lit Alton or vipuuiv WI 'i" u S*i,'C'.':,"^i intarestto call at tbe offlue of Kudorshaunen l?8OTntiw and Slamirie tbelr list of proper"-- for sale as only part thereof Is adver- tUed The picture shown here represents a group Of Russian children at play on the Ice, who •re evidently enjoying themselves in spite of the cold, bleak character of the country. The ipprt f represented Is one know !^ < J*£ t £j . j,^,., -'natardotti 'game for Warmer climes, the v tturdy ; little „._.— ':flnd it great Un. % Little glrliaa; wdlM.boys take tbelr turn at riding ou.tho whirligig. A Qneer Table. The dear little schoplnia'am has been putting some queer Ideas Into my head of late. Forhistance, Iwlshto tell you all fenlay of •a : very queer bible.Mn the first place, It Is several hundred years old-very aged fora bit of furniture, is it not! Well, it is real y 3 000 years old. There Is scarcely a day In which wo do not use it, and it is as good as new, just as sound and strong as ever. No; it is not iron, and yet I can't see how it can ever wear out . -'Allot you who are'-old enough have seen It, and, after a while, you will all get so that you can use It without having to look at it at alL It la not used for breakfast, dinner or any meal. And it Is not of wood, either, aa ordinary tables are. Yet It has many columns, all ornamented with figures of different sizes and shapes, 5 and these figures may be so put together as to make others. There is no end to the number that can thus be made, although the original set consists of only nine; some might say ten. ' ,: , : •; v And now my account of It' Is nearly/complete. TBii table comes all th? way.from Arabia. There ta much guessing about it» origin, too; but, however It was mad* ant whoever made it, a very useful table it is, am you may call ib-the multiplication table, if you like.—St. Nicholas. i A Picture iy! Jack Frost. It Is well known tbat Jack Frost Is a skill ful artist and that he paints many wonderful pictures upon the window panes. On? of hla masterpieces shown lo the cut, Is reproduced for the boys and girls by 8t.,Nicholas, from picture originally executed npor* a plate glaai 'window in'the Bfc Nlcholaa office. *•' " ' ' .'.:-' Phonography. Which Is the best system of phonography-Ora- kam's or Pltman'sT ', -'. ., • ..E-L.K. .... The two are' practically the same, though every shorthand writer has his favorite. . ;.. ,. . • - : The longest y«»«What U the longest verse. In the Bible T JEsther, chapter ylll, 9th verse. •" : - ':•-, • •:••: letter.. '•••'• • •. I would oak why is the letter Vj" dotted* How was John spelled -without J? How nuny letters did otir alphabet first have? : JODB KKinrer.i The first tatiri alphabet had' twehty^one letters- A B C D E F Z H I K. L,M, Death Kate Among Indians. Dr. W. Mathewj, surgeon to the United States army, says that consumption is the most Important cause at work in carrying off |he Indians of our country. From the census 'of 1880 : w'e learn that, while the death rate 'among Europeans is 17.74 per 1,000, and that iamong Africans 17.28, the rate among the 'Indian's is no less than 83.0. It is under the ^ead of consumption' that the difference be- 'tween the Indians and the blacks is most con- 'iplcuous, tho rate anioiig tho former being 2a« na compared with 180 among the latter, while among tho whites it is but 1,000. The evidence appears to show that consumption increases among Indians under tho influence of civilization, and thai, climate is no It has also , • . H B0a.m. li . , FOB, &UfOf(> HABPBa'sWBBKr maintains its posltto* iw the leadlnB Illustrated newspaper In Atjuor. I tea; and Its hold upon, public esteem.and wa- ffdanoe was neyei stroniier than at thei.*res. ent time. Brtsldes the Plctures.,HAUMsa» VVBBKLY alwayscontalBB installments ofone, occasionally ol two, of the best novels Oi. the i X-.r^.rt I_.T'jn«««,MM*-Af4 ^nii-.ii 1 **"- i BO P-™^ ^ m sundaysonly). ' »Dally- t Except .Bunia y.. ,-;„_.; 1 . • Snp't. 8t.'Louls^ivlslo'n ! 6. Q. NOBBIB. Ticket Agant. i OHiOAQO, BUELU!iQTOI« AND QUINOT. Trains leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: «*"* *B* i &eept Sunday). ....'.- sa» a.» The care mamas oeeu KUUUUDOIUMj »»~i in the past to tuako MAKPBBS WKBKI.T i aswelf as a welcome visitor toi every h,,,-- | hold will notibe relaxed In. the future. ,^ HAJBPEH'8 PEBIODtCALS. letters—A i> c» w. JG. .r **« * «»•. *-*'**, *v ^,- ;•»; i calculable fnctor : of this increase. — R 8 T V X. '.In the final Latin scheme of ^^ ascertained that the consumption rate is twenty-three letters 1 and J were not disttn-l < ' - - '•- -« '—• «• gulstied'. : John was spelled "I-o^h-n The EngllHti Regiment. Does a colonel in the English army command a regiment or a battalldn? '' v ' BOLDIEB. The English InfnntryreKlmehts are dtvlfled nto from one' to six battallons/each battal- on commanded usually;by a Ueutenaut colonel, but in some Instances by a colonel, 'he' regiment is commahded by a colonel, Surar-Coatsd .:. . Harper'* Weekly.....^. Harper's MaKailne,......,-..- ....... -'•••• ,* •" Harper's Bazar ........ • .................. t .s JJX Harper's Young People ............ ...... fl <*> -Harper's Franklin, Square Library, one i year (6S numbers) . ...»., ...... ,,.,... .10 00 pei^ I<a|idy Series one joar (B* ^ Sag^Vree to au'sabspribew ta the United States or Oanada.^ ^ __. •' een ascer bizh at agencies where the supply of beef is liberal, and, ns has already been said, especially high umong the Indions of New York' and Michigan,: whose diet 'to by no menus « restricted one. . A GUI for All. In order to give all a chance to test it, andtlms be convinced of as wonderful Guiuuiu, uuy ... —.~ • ,-.-.--- i ouraiivo powers, Dr. King's New, Dis>. The regiment is commanded by a colonel, covery f or Consuniption, Coughs ana usuaily calletl colonel in chief or colonel com- t!o | ( j 9) w ,n i, e> f or tt limited time, given m.rnHm?. ''' ; ' ! '"'I awft y. This offer is not only-liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of 'this great remedy. All who Buffer from CoH«hs, (Jolda, Consumption, Asl.hma, Bronchitis, or any affection of Throat, Chest or Lunpt, aro especially requested 10 call at K. Marsh's Drug Store, and a trwl boiilo free, large bottle $1. manding. ; The. Blarney Stone. Will you please state the origin of the word "blarney?" ' ' ' ' ' D. C. There are two stones in the castle of Blarney, County Cork, Ireland, whlch.'have been supposed to endow, who may kiss them with persuasive eloquence, Cormac McDermot Carthy, an Irish rebel, concluded ah armistice with the English on condition 'of -the surrender of Blarney castle. But by the use of a smooth » tongue and fine promises succeeded In holding the castle till ; fta assailants became a laughing stock. Hence = the origin of the phrase "kissing the blarney ; •'' :; - '' "•''"'"'' ' PLAST t'Tbore was an old man of Tobago, llred on rice, gruel and sago," he baa headache so bad . Af ter h« , jsed a boU tie 6| Salvation Oil, he could eat roast bee* and plum pudding all right. ' They say the wmter advertise men ts of homes will run somewhat in this •trie. A 4»rge and elegantly, furnished home, for rent, In^ajy &**W* .^J * Dr. Bull's Cough lienews Her ifonth. Mrs. Phoebe Chesley, Peterson, Clay co., Iowa, tells she following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched for by the residents of the town: U am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for many years, could not dress myse f without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, and am able to do nil my own houBework. I owe my thanks to Klcctrlc Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed completely all disease and pain." Try a bottle, only 50o, at E. Marsh's • Drug Store. fbldwlm. A common ?3cnse oure, by ft combined medical and median!cal action. Unlike any other pro, they relieve the pressure u. curing the corn, and never ^•u where directions are followed- Kvei sets of plasters and box of ointment put up In handsome tin case, convenient for use. Price 26 cents, complete. Askfor'Tedacura" and take no other. Eugene Wahl, thelorawr oaptam^of the -lladuoni, has »i«n«d wUhi ; t^i KaBias,cl»b. Me will leave Intelligenctr. The body in more lufceptible to benefit from Hood'« Sariapanlla now than at any other waaon. Therefore, ''"''' "' "' '"' ' ' " ' . 118 "W. Broadway, N. Y., U.S. Or FIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. H.W. OHAMBBBI4AIN, Dirt. Agent for Alton. Pby«lolan OFKO. and 8nrg«on f laS-dwly A- M « WIKDOW PAWB PIOTUBB. This office, by the woy, seems to be in high l»Tor with Jack.- JFpr every winter just such beautiful p^n|lngs i^pp|ar,upon Ita window* f - -.•' •'i-rr-rrii >: Battle Ax »nd Tomahawk. The battle ax was first made of stone or bronxe, and then of bone and afterward of metal. It was the favorite weapon of the Ctermanlo tribes and the Gauls, and they used It with great skill against their enemy, They could burl It Irom'them .and,*iu ,at a distance as,,welj a» new,by. ; ' i ' -i The ancient French or OauU) fastened the u on a short handle about two feet long, but the Baxoni fixed it on a pole so long that it was termed tho pole ax. Sometimes it was •n ax on one side and a hammer or saw edge or aharo point on the Bother, an4. sometimes i - Pby* 4 * 1 * 0 w 1 ^ Surgeon, IT., ALTON, ILL. DB.O. O. Dentist, «THIttD8TRBIKT, ALTON, ILL. A. BTOBB <• The wraanawii vt the North American .In- diaiis is but a form of battle a*, or. ra*er battle hatchet, and the Indians can use It so skillfully that they can kill a man forty feet off ta throwing It at him.—Lieut, Hamilton, U B.'A. (v IIow to Spin » |Iandkerebl*f. Henry Hatton. Ulls Ii» .Harwr's Young Folks ; how a griat great de^il of JugglwgT- tbatls, tc«u"R ! b8ll« anil bbttlei; Inlnning batoond other artlclea-that passes for skill I* |p reality the result of trickery. As an example he describes how to split a handkw- chl«f, Have a short, sharp pointed wire fas£ entxl In the end of * stick without letting l», b. taown, or »ta« nave a f«riik to wWAj wire Claim AlUwed. Comptroller Dunham has allowed the theclaim of. Joieph Abbott, of Ohioa. go, who olaimid lo kave swallowed $1,000 bond ; 'tq,l>reyent Its bein from him. ' ' ' '• -" _:• No other spring , medicine ... has won for itself such universal confidence as Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It Is the most powerful combination of vegetable alieratlves ever offered to the public, and. is acknowledged by the medical profession to be the best blood purifier. r _ dw lw Judge George ,1. Davis was up ; from 8t; Louis last week and; made a pur« obate ot lh« Fates farm, 78 3-4 acre*, adjoining the John A. DKVII place, paying IS.600.-J. B. Gazette^ Doctors do a deal of bum riding. They know a good spring when they s*ee ll Thep Enow It better when^they feel It. Thousands of them are using the Bice Coll Spring. dwlw The three trees under which JefferJ •on Davis rested at the Ume of his capture, near Irwmvllle, Oa., have been burned to stumps by a stroke ol ' BucKien'8 Arnica Halve. The Best Salve in the world for cuu, bruises, sores,u.sers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed ; to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cemts per box. For sale by B. Marsh, Alton. 111. mohTdwlm For twenty years exGov. Cnrtln's right eye has been sightless, but a surgical operation has now restored it* vision. ''•'''.. «!)« you know" that "Pedacura Corn Plasters" will cure your oornsP 13 . If the Liver becomes torpid, if the • • —— ——. —i; - ; bowels are constipated, or if the stomach falls to perform its functions properly, use Ayer's Plll». They are Invaluable. , For some years I was a victim to Liver Complaint, in conseciuence of wWcb. I suffered from General Debility and Indl- gestion. A few boxes of Ayer's PiUa restored me to •perfect .health.-rW-'*-• Brightnoy, Henderson, w. Va. . ,. For years I have relied more upon Ayer'srllls than anything else, to Regulate my bowels. Those Pills are mild In ac. tlon, and do their work .thoroughly. I have used them, with good effect, In cases of-Rheumatism and Dyspepsia.— G. F. Miller, Attleborough, Mass/ Ayer's Pills cured me of Stomach and Livlr troubles, from which I had suffered lor years. I consider them the best piUs made, and would not be wlt.hout them. —Morris Gates, Downsvllle, N. Y. I was attacked with Bilious Fever, which was followed by Jaundice, and was so dangerously 111 that my friends despaired onuy recovery. I coramencea taking Ayer's Pills, and soon regained my customary strength and vigor.— John C. Pattison, Lowell, Nebraska. Last spring I suffered greatly from, a troublesome humor on my side, an spite of everv effort to cure this eruption, it increased until the flesh became entirely raw. I was troubled, at the samo time, with Indigestion, and distressing pains in The Bowels. By the advice of a friend I began taking Ayer's Pills. In a short tlmo I was free from pain, my food digested properly .the sores on my body commenced healing, and, in less than one month, I was cured. —Samuel D. White, Atlanta, Ga, I have long used Ayer's Fills, In my family, and believe them to be the best pills made.—B.C. Darden, Darden.Miss. My wife and little girl were taken with Pysentery a few days ago, and I at once began giving them small doses of Ayer'e pins, thinking I would call a doctor fl the disease became any worse. In a short time the bloody discharges stopped j all naln went away, and health was restored, — Theodore Baling, Richmond, Va. • Ayer's Pills, Pr.p«t.d by Dr. J. 0. Ay« k Co., Low«ll, UMS. g»ld by all Dealer* la Medktaw The Volumes of the Weekly begin arat Namb.:r,for January of each year. When no time is mentioned, subsolption* Will begin i with the Knmber ourf ent at time of recejpt ol ° r Bound VolnmeB.of HABFBB'S WMKwil for three vears back, in neat cloth btadu^wUl be sent by mall, postage paid, or by express, free of expense (provided the ireUht ddej* not .exceed one aollarper volume) lor 17 per vol. Cloth cases for each volume, ."H'table tor binding, wilfbo sent by mall, postpaid , on re- '•^ffiitt&Sefibinld be made by, Postofflce Money Order or Dralt to avoldohance of loss. Newspapers are not to copv tn - Utfa ? 1 ^«"'! e ,: ment without the express order ot Harper * .yQW York. ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Estate of Ilermah Ropoln ann, - TlteunderBlgnod heiebv gives notice tnat Herman Kegefuiann, ol Alton, In the «0unty of Mudison and State of Illinois, did. on the liihdayoi Feb., A; D. 1887, transfer to the underahrne'd, ah tt8Bl«nee, all his pi ( oporW, real and persbnal, lor the brnent ot bis creditors, accordlnn to the provisions of tlie act Herm'an Brguman? are «ier&y n°"fi edin ?> present such claims under oatb or afflrma- Son, to me.atmv Store, on the corner of -Ihlnl and Viona HreetB, Alton,In aald county, within three months from this date. Dated Feb. 18th, 1887.^ DOW _ A8B) JOii^J. BnENiiOLT, Atty. foblBdew DAIRY FARM. r North Alton Jersey Dairy. i UavinKrenter!.JamosMuUon'a balr.y'farm and cattle, the ui.dorsiKneil will furnish milk of the very best qunlitv to the citizens' of Alwii. The cattle are mostly blair grade JerBOVs and fopglvlnit rich mlik .they h»«> I •"?'?-:..,. .!.„„*«% B j] vountt and ' , be kept . sornpulonsaly clean sptbat, ,onr customers: may; receive ;the mllk«:|ajthe best of order/ A share of public patron • ested; 'Leave orders wt essr ;/ Spbless;» and with MessrsTSBlbold.*De^rdlng, 'or .address us | atNorth Alton, AND DULVB l Have for service, two-registered sires, Je^- sey and Uolf teln, service fte for either, ».W. TheHolstelnlsfrom tbat famous bull, Oon- t at-anfclnn ownB(l l)V Ml** 8MJV6IIS.OI W6\T-+Or*i lookW&prClnmBtBtTlflulsfastlall. Our-a \ta thirty months old andUa over •eventeoa I.hundred welgbti -'• •''•-• "' ^''fnrr*r!m Chancery Notice. . OFILUNO19"! 8S<! ...,,; ( ' '.,' ' 'OlroulKiourtot Madison county.Maroh term Henry 0.1'rl'est'i surviving partner "of Henry LiyfTrf vT.-rj.-^ V-_*-™-^ Tk..^ «H«*n'*VII Mfl4t«P e name of Sweater an res, w. B. Sparks, Anna u. Sparks, his wife, Wesley Best, the Alton National Bank, the p. ' R; SPWKS Milling company,'Albest. ,W»a» and FFank'K; Munor.' In cuauoerv'. ^; SfetlogTS hereby given to ftVRS* W«slev Best that the above named complainant heretofore nled his bill of complaint In said court, on the ohancpry side thereof, ami that a summoms thereupon Issued Soul - orsald court agatast the above named defenUanM, returnaT)lb pn.the flrst^dV of tbeern^f the i Henry u. A'nenv, survivmK PIMVIIO* v». **».».* WH. L. KLtJHK I S6?:sS?a DNDEBTAKER, Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And BuriaT Robes rot Ladles, Gentlemen and Children, i Office and Shop on State street Wise** OverHart s Livery Stable. Will attend to Job Work and HeuftUW Fnrnltura. CaK FOOd »yr w»p«i«nr™"'J" nti Boott's Emulsion of Cpd Liver Oil with Hvpophospbltes, Is a most wonder., ful food. U not .only srtves 8tron R tU and Increases the ilesb. put hoals the Irrlta. lion of the'throat and lanjjii-^Palatable u milk and m ull wasting diseases, both for adulU aod children^ u a marvelous food »nd roedioJoe. * '"' " JOSKFH LIVERY STABLED FUONT STUKKT, BBTWKHN AW»Y AI.TO» • II.I.INOI For Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND KEOHANICAL DHAUOHT8EAN, Office on Third St.,one door west of Plasa, tbtrd floor. STOCK FOB SALE. A Kino lllooduci Mara,' 'a Pine flhoit Horn Oow and Hull Jersey YeiirllnK.Uoif r. Inquire at the Godfrey Congrngatlonal Parson' 3BABHBB US FESTB AISTD COMTttON PURNITURE. • •• A Full aud Complete OB Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A i)UB FUBNITOTUI800M8 ABB ON State Street, opp^ttiird, 4LTQN, Oood 9-n>om 1 irorBent ol'gi'oTind.tnclU—„ former residence i

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