Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 24, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1887
Page 3
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,<x NttTlOB mt UW *• ib.rtl-flhftnNto.tol. H* Bte to tw«lv» insertions. . c*umwn#.*trrr cents w inoh flm u*. J*rtlon, and rtrsyrr-lFtr* omti p*r Uwh 10* ea«h lubn quent Insertion. l» per Inch flrit month, il.H per inch each month thereafter. LEGAL ADVEnTlSINO: »1 por Inch for the Ant insertion, and 50 cent* per inch tor each subsequent Insertion. *»• Above rates will be stilotly adhered to. THE DAILT TELEGBAPII i« delivered by carriers to all putts of the city of Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents per woek. Mailed to any address at the rate of 15.20 p*r year. THE TdLEORAPU Ima the largest circulation of any paper In Alton, and lithe beat medium fdr advertisers. OOHJHSB TniHD A»D I>USA STftBBTS. TglB- PHONE No. 38. Chief • ~~* " —»^ww§- w* *MV 'Ar*ftV D«partmeavis<bltto be"6nt after hit r*o«nt sever* illness. * " \ *" " Messrs, H. O* Tonwr and H. M«y«rs Intend going, m * few dan, on a hunt* »o« and exploring expedition up the Illinois river, to see If frogs are "ripe." LaBelle flour, bran, shlpstnff and screenings at th. Alton Holler Milling °° V _____ * 4 « Money to loan on improved farm probity. For nartionlars, ai WHIPPMB - - J OB ca TUBHE was quite ft fall of snow in the central'part of the State, last night. Tax number of men at work cleaning tho streets suggests the near approach of the city election. : You will make no mistake ^if you order LaBelle flour, and see that you **'"'. •-...-. ••'•'. • .' 246 DIED.-Mrs. 8. D, Reeves, Wife of Division Superintendent Keevos, of the C. 4 A., died at Roodhouse last night, of blood poisoning. Fresh sea and lake fish at Connor's -''-•. - V .' ; .';' ' •' U •• U1TEU HETTH. The packet warfare still continuei. The river is still falling slowly, and was free from floating ice to*day. The boats leaving this evening are the Spread Eagle and Hudson for Grafton. The ataamer Kaglo has been repaired and the Willis is now undergoing improvements. New stages will soon be unt out at the Eagle wharf boat, 8t. Louis. FOB SALE-One-third interest m the Alton Base Ball Association. For par- Uculars inquire at thia office, 21 6 A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. C. G. Morltz, Third street. 26tf THE JEL8AH EXTENSION. daf w'ert heiafifl,th4:M^ -r«w. . w «, yesterday mdrnlngi oondnoted"b^jr«.T -r . . presentattm 'of ~ttiri9ttftrtt|t loom*, under direction of the Principal," ftnd .*""""' *•">--•- oonslrtin* of recitations, deolamatiois, orations, *o., appropriate to th» OOCM »lon, interspersed with music. Thb participants were as follows:'•High school; Pearl He wit, Alice Falrman, Grace Powell, Ebbie Rodgeis, Norman Marsh, Willie Greene. Room | No. 6: Blanche Yerkes, Blanche Van "•V !•, ,, ATTENTION ;' ; . ••"- TO : ; « ^ •3 «4 i i H GB t» 111 , corner ot Henry —FOB-' FINE ;• STATIONERY, i {tagged Edire, Elite Ragged Edge. B Unen.-GrtffluVLlnen^urkeyTald fi?H h i? 1 ? w 'i*" 1 L a(1<>> Ohurr«d JKdw. Cream t*irt. Mourning Note, and a Urge aMortment o» IlliiminRted and D«oorat«a Stationery. P«nniion'a Wax and UeaU. Behool Tnbl«tt andatatlonery. ..-,. decedtrly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! C.tBAP FOB OA8H ON TIME PAYMENTS HanAi and Organs tuned and repaired Stw- IBU Machines repaired Sup»lieR lor all ICa- M 2 M k. , ™ . ^ N - "-LAMOBBUX, Mnrfo Denier. Third Btreet, nearly oppoille BoUt. Alton 111. dertdwly WATCH MIW. D. HKITKAMf'8, All klodi of Fancy, Hand made, Knit and Green t Booda. Hoodi.TobagKana and Mite. Men's Scar • i and Faaelnaton at very low prices. . Al*o DreMmalrIng-. Plain and Family Be wing and Stamping D me. oome and give on a call. Don't forget the place, decOrtwly GREATEST BARGAINS! . C-M. Crandall'a Crockery Store 203 THIRD ST., WBABLY QPPO-ITB BKLUB. A Fine Aiiortmeat of Beautiful infant daughter of Mr. Thomas O'uay, died yesterday morn* ing at the age of 13 months. The body was taken to North Alton, to-day, for burial. Nicest kind of new Spring drew goods and more than ever we hare shown, at Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Go's. It THE hearse and carriages which left here for Godfreyji this morning, to at. tend Mr. Webster's funeral, had each four horses;; attached. The country roadt are almost bottomless. Cane seat chairs reseated ID first class style. Apply at the corner of Thirteenth and George sts;— Mrs. E. James. ' • • • 293 ALTOK Orchestra played, Tuesday night, at a railway brakemen's ball at Roodhouse. It was a fine affair, attended by the railway official*, at that place, in force. Instruct your grocer to never send you any flour but the LaBelle brand. ' 24 6 HOUSEKEEPERS should read Mr. C. M. C'randall's new advertisement of vitreous China ware. New and elegant designs just received. Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rudershausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf THE old wooden awnings m front of Connor's, Cotter's and Clifford * Blake's stores have come down, and canvass awniugs will be substituted. It is a big improvement. The old sheds must go. , . FOB SALE.—A valuable Walnut Office Desk; will be sold at a sacrifice. It- quire at this office. 22 3t. War did not the incorporators ot the •Alton Electric Light and Steam Heating Co." visit Alton and inquire into the practicability of their scheme, and the amount of patronage it would probably reoeive» before making a proposition to light and heat the cityP Why was this very ordinary precaution neglected? Can any Aldermen teUP President Hartman and General Man* ager Fisher, of the St. Louis & Central Illinois railroad, were in town today on business connected with their company, and for the purpose of ascertaining the feeling of our citizens with reference to the extension of their road from Elsafa to this city. Under the escort of Capt. Tatum and Capt. Bruner they called upon quite a number of our business men, explained the object and aims of their company with reference both to their packet line and the road in general. They expressed their wish to extend the road from Elsah to Alton and then connect with St. l,onis by steamer. Of course they could only speak m general terms of their plans, as tber have not yet surveyed the proposed route, but they will be back here next week, go ov«r the route, have a survey made and will then be able to state definitely what they will do.. They were much pleased with their reception by our citiaens and the friendly interest manifested in their enterprise. Thev expressed their appreciation of the importance of the extension to the success of the road, and stated that the peo- pie of Calhoun county were also anxious to have the road extended to Alton in order to assure them an outlet for their products in winter. The officials made a good impression on our business men, and showed that they were in earnest in desiring to make the extension. The importance of the new road to Alton can hardly be overestimated and we have no doubt that if our citizens co-operate with the company the extension can be secured within three or four months. This road and the Central Missouri will double Alton's shipping facilities and open new > and valuable territory to our merchants and manufacturers. The two new railroads added to those we now have would make Alton the best railroad town in the State, outside of Chicago, and the river facilities added present advantages that couW but attract new enterprises of every-desonp. tlon. Blarcom, Harold Powell. Room No. 6: Mollie Chapman, Clarence Burroughs, Clay White, Alvln Powless. Room No. 4: Oscar Wiley, Jas. Hershman, Emil Vogelpohl. Room No. 8: Delia Cox, Belle ?ritey, Daisy Rice, Charlie Walter, Jesse Andereok, Arthur Bates. Room No. 2: Sadie Lowe, Herman Snyder, Eugene Elwell, WalterJHershraan, Eliza Johnson, Room No. 1, Bernlce Powell; Winford Jolly; Mary Steele; Bennie Lowe, Charley Frietey, * i At the close of the programme, Mr. «ep. R. Johnson, on behalf of the school, ma happy and witty speech, presented to the principal, Prof. George Washington Powell, a handsomely decorated hatchet. ! Mr. Herman Deuker, of Wood River, is vesy Hi with pneumonia. : In the afternoon exerciser of an ln» terestmgcharacter were Col. lege Hall, Mr. B. W. Wiseman preside ing. . ' . , : , ;; : ' ' • .-...,Addresses were made by Rev. Or "., lendhok, President of the college; M. 8. Barbee, of the class of 1887; Mr. D. M. Mclntire, of the class of 1888; Mr. J. V. E. Marshy of the class of 1889: Mr. W. F. Nolte, of the class of 1890; Mr. J. p. styles of the Theological D«>, partment'and Mr. 8. H. Bowyer of the Academic Department. Music was furnished by the Shurtleff Cornet Band under leadership of Prof. E. B. Roach. In the evening the students of the college and some friends from town united in a banquet, which was. spread in the Alpha Zeta Kali. President Ken* dtick acted as toast master for post» prandial speeches by Professors Fairman, Roach, L. M. Castle and others. FOSTEBHCBG. . Embroideries, AND Goods, A "Variety. The most durable ware made. Five patterns of/Thin Cups and Saucers; Thin Plates and Fruit Saucers; Berry Saucers, and Shell Ice Creams; Thin Meat and Vegetable Dishes; Bone Dishes, After-dinner Coffees, And offered at about the price Qf French China for thirty daya. THE LOWEST CASH PBICES Masonic Temple' Association Election. AfcTOM, ILL., reb. IStli, 1687. -An election IdriUdlraotoniof the Uuonlo Temple An- •oolhtton, Jo «erve lor two venn, will be held at tkn office of a en. D. UuydiB, on Uonduy, V*b, Wtli, 1IW. J'olli open limn o a. m to 4 p. «t. II, R. PiilNNKY. Boo'y. ^ t; A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Nominger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. Bia FEET.—Two little girls were standing side by side when one noticing that she was slightly the taller remarked: "Why, I'm bigger than you." "Ho, that's nothing," replied the other, proudly extending a pedal extremity, "My feet are bigger than yours." Young ladles of a larger growth are not so apt to boast of the large size of the shoes they wear. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and get the best. Office at Mook's Pharmacy, Third street, and in Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 54. j aug!4 d7m ONE of our merchants, who was in St. Louis within two or three days, says that the business men of that city are considerably exercised over thu favorable report as to the construction of the Alton bridge. One of them said that he was prepared to give 1600 towards bull ling the Merchants' bridge, and could get 100 more subscriber* to the same amount on short notice. Today received new towels, napkins and dollies at Pierson A Carr Dry Goods Co'i. u Blue grass, Clover, Timothy and all kinds of garden seeds at Selbold & Deterding's 17d2ww4t March Grand California hxcHrslons, 8th and 15th. For sleeping berths and full information, call at C. & A. ticket office, Alton. 24 3 wtt • In order to make room for spring eoods, I will offer my entire stock at a very low figure for the next 30 days.- A. J. Howell, Belle St., Alton. 111. | • 19 6 Mr. Chas. Sohaefer, of Fosterburg, an old Altooian, was in town today and left his subscription to the TELEGRAPH. - .- ' _ FOSTBRBUEO, Feb. M '87. Eev. Vogel has been holding a series of meetings at the Baptist church for about three weeks, and at the present writing Eev. Pfefer, of Springfield, is helping with the good work. We understand that Mr. Moses Thompson has purchased a farm near Moline, Kansas. He will move there this coming autumn. Miss Lucy Young, of Godfrey, visited her sister, Mrs. John Kriee, last week. Miss Lizzie Telgman, is visiting at the residence of Eev. A. F. Beyer. Miss Nellie Finley, has been the guest of Mrs. Fred Eammas, the past week. Daniel McCarthy will move today, in the house formerly occupied by C. Warner, one half mile south of the Burgh. Mr. Wm. Challenge worth celebrated his 62ud birthday the 12th of the month, quite a number of bis friends met and passed the eve away, by dancing and other enjoyments. Several of our farmers started to Alton last Saturday but did not get farther than the Burgh, as the roads were so very bad ^they went back home. The culvert opposite the Kangaroos has been repaired so that teams can cross over. We understand that Mrs. Schean- bec has purchased a farm, near Dor- eey Station. Yes "Y," we received the valentine. SPAVIN. WOOD TOOTH-PICKS; MUSTARD PLASTERS; SPRING PAD TRUSSES; CORN AND BUNION PLASTERS; THERMOMETERS, GOGGLES, BIRD SEED, etc., etc. Marsh's Drag Store. Th* Largest and Most Com „ plete Assortment of Hard and Soft Coal and, Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON .The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. ^Jg^^rajgg '5£fflSS^"~"' Second st,, of Henry - u,,.^,^iif B*re Found Out That a contaminating ana foreign element In the blood, dereloped by indlgeitlon, U the oauie'of rheumnUm. ThU ecttle* upon the sensitive eub-cutaneom covering of the muscles and ligaments of the Joints, causing constant and shifting pain, and aggregating as a calcareous, chalky deposit which pro- duobs stiffness and distortion of tuo joints. No fact which experience lias demonstrated In regard to Hostetter's Stomach Bitters bu stronger evidence to support It than tula, namely, Hint this medicine of cornprelion- tlve uses checks the formidable and atrocious disease, nor l» U IBM positively ostab- llshed that It Is preferable to the poKons often used to arrest It, since the medicine contain.) only salutary Ingredients. Jt is also a signal remedy for malarial fevers, ooustlpn t i Io i n . > ii I . ysi>c S'' a \' lldliey tt ' d bladder allmenss, debility and other disorders. See tbat you get the genuine. '"" Ocean Nteamablp Tickets. Oo sale at U. & A. ticket office, rla first class linen, and at lowo»t rates 2< 8 w2t Thu culebrated Sterling Organs, ben in the world, also one second band organ (or sale cheap at Floss & Rabe's. 27 w4t Dr. Ball will put in an upper or lonej sot of teeth for 98. Office closed Wed-, nesrtays. d s wU ST. IOVU. H»xt-«.y : March 77«o If av dy;NOt OMD l'jtoviiioK»-Pork very strong at $15.26. Lard strung at K.BTKc. and SILVER SHIRTS, OPERA HOUSE. SATURDAY, FEB. 26th, The wonderful Negro Pianist, BLIND TOM THK The Musical Phenomenon of the Age. Benowned throughout the world M th* ' Greatest Natural Pianist The best for the Money. LlTlnir. The exhibition of wbosa marvelous ttlft hs» gained him world.wide celebrity.and has Mtonlnnod ana delighted the greatest masters ol music, will appear as above for POSITIVELY ONE NIGHT ONLY. Admission 30 and 50 cents, Reserved seats 70 cents. Oomwrtii fit sts.

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