Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 24, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1887
Page 2
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AUOM DAILY TKLEQBAPH. ni. ^_JsWW.«. »tr««u. THURSDAY fiVK., EEB. J4, l.fg,J '.".lil!.",' tiOJUFBET Mt. Douglass Underwood, cl Holden, Mo. visited at Mr. 0.0. fierce'* last week. Mr*. Llc*le Bushnell.o! PlaluvUw.Ill., i* visiting at M*. Daniel Maoher-s. Mr. flu*. Bartlett, ot {Jetmore, Kansas, mad* a short call on lri*nas h«r« last week. Mr*. Abbte Irish., late of Florida, i* home at her father's, Mr. John II. Ferguson's. There will be a meeting of the Steward* of the M. B, church at Bethany church Saturday afternoon, A full attendance ls request•d, Quite a number art sick in the neighborhood, mostly from colds. EDrUunSYILLE. KDWARDSVII.UC. Feb. 23, '87. Although this is •'tittle JUttohet Day" In Kdwardsvllle as well as In Wichita and tbe rest of th« United States, no one seems to have taken any especial pilns to celebrate —one reason fur this may be because we have }wo saloon* less than we had a few days ago, Wm. Friday and Alderman Hnmme closed their (saloon* • week ago. 1 he latter will embark'la the butcher business and we are not informed in regard to Mr. Friday's future Intentions. The ball of tbe Knights of Pythias, Friday •tuning, and tbat ot tbe Firemen last eve- al&g.tier* well attsnded.and were asjsuccess ful a* they were tapMttd to b«—und tbat Is saying a good deal. The following citliens of Alton will attend sourtln this city ata tbe March term of the circuit court. First and second week—James M0Bt|i«meTy, Isaac Montgomery, S. B. Paul, X. Maxwell, Henry Maul. Third and fourth Week* JalobKratiz, F. W. lloppe.O. R. Hewitt, Wm. UcAdams and John Klley. Tomorrow night the third annual meeting ot the Idwardsville Building Association will be held.j The Association has JJ2.21B in loans and Is in a flourishing condition. The sum of fit ha* been paid on each khare.and the same is now worth $22.45. PttMOHAL-Mr. Oha*. nurd is calling on his friends in this city today. Be has quite a number here. • Mils Bessie Mewsnam, who has been quite sick, is Improving rapidly. Mis* Barney, of Monk's Mound, who has been visiting her sister and her • cousin, Mrs Olive, of this, city, returned home yesterdav. Mr*.. UUlbam has been visiting her sister. MM. Wm. H. Krome, the past wneku Bev. Wm. Fieeenbaum, of Nokomls, Is visiting hi* son, Dr. X.W.Fl«K*nbanm. Mr.and ; Mrs..Johns. Trare* are expected home in ten days. Qeo. Mlllbank, of OWlllcothe, Mo., 1s visit- ins; relatives here. Conductor Jim Bump spent Sunday with Ms family. ' Miu Louise M. Qlllesple left" for Denver, Col., yesterday- ' ' Mrs, W. F. L. Hadley is assisting the Senator this <ire«k, at Springfield, in making laws, Gene1W«nl has joined a Kansas, bass ball club. ; Thislstoo bad I Kansas has got "lots" of our money <tfta~d now they want our base ball player*. : Mr. U• F. Linn, associate editor of the In telllgencer, has returned from his Kansas trip. lie enjoyed hi* stay In the grasshopper State. He Invested the fabulous sums o money usually In veiled by newspaper men in choice corner lots and large farms. Mr. Donnewald.of St. Louis, and Mr. Busse •f. Brees*. 111., .have purchased from. Mr Wonderly, of St. Louis,' fth interest in the Bekraweck coal mine of this city. Mis* Ellxabet hBurgeis entertained St. An drew* Guild this afternoon. Next week the Society will be tbe guests ot Mrs. Ooorge J, Webb. •Mrs. H. Kirkpatriqk will (entertain the la die*' Sewing Society of Presbyterian church on Friday afternoon of next week. Mrs. K. M. West will entertain the Aid So ototy next Friday afternoon. >y Judge J. jp. Cooper, In a very becoming manner. SooutTi Kvsirrt-Birthday and surprise partis* have been protracted here lor the >a»ftwo wttek*. > Mist Mlttnl*,JOelu *nt«r-;. alfl*d a. number olhvyxWnR frle«4»;*th« athefs re»ld«noe * few eventns> tlnos/ »»,tt ia order wit * splendid surprise given to our; young friend Fred. BmuioV On Saturday evening last th* frlsnds ot-Mr. and Mis. Tbos. Murray called on them, and a more pleatant 1m* ha* not occurred this'winter, Mr. ithd Mrs. Wm. Ohley were also tbe recipients ol a splendid little surprise at their re.ldeuxe Mt week. Those who attended tbe social hop at Mr*. Meyers residence on Thursday •ve. last, spent a pleasant time. A Select lew called upon the Ulstes Long on Monday eve. of this week and weio,right royally entertained. An old fashioned sociable gathering occurred at the residence : of Mr,; and Mrs, Too*. Green, three miles north :of this vil age, on last Friday evening jonlvithe Immed* ate friends of the family took part; dancing was Indulged In to some extent, Mr. Jas. Nell, ol Bunker Ilill, furnishing tho mnslc. (Continued next week.) CHIPS—Mr. Frank Bogers, our enterprising young butcher, is the happy father of a splendid baby girl. A flag was displayed at t><« postoffloe on Tuesday in honor ot the •Fa'- "T of bis Country." A little unpleasant • n U oe -irred oil Third street last week, in wn. ii the i"osev!lllan came out second butt. Otieu'i fee, tr ilet* spoken of in our letter of awttiht tge, has since died. W«ep not roung man <>. • <rlll return again. The rends tavo changed from • bad to worse. The coopers began work on Monday, Now when the mud dries up our town will present a good appearance. The Odd Fellows will elect officers and have work In two degree* next Tuesday evening. Tne scholars of Miss Alice PettlnglU gave an exhibition of their skill in music, at the residence of Mrs. Battles, last Tuesday evening. GIMLET. Southern Antidote for Malaria. It is generally known thai Simmons Liver Regulator ia relied upon to secure Immunity from all malarial disorders. Thin Is proven by iti popularity, and anyone who has lived m the South "has seen its curative, - effects \ and;; tbe protection it gives against this, weakening and dangerous malady. It acts more promply than calomel of quinine, without any of their injurious consequences. '.;, . tu th B wk THE PHILOSOPHER'S PUZZLE. KdUor Ttlegrap\: Seeing Mr. Randolph's request for an arithmetical solution of the "Philosopher's :;Pux- rle', and another question I send a-solution of each. The fractions must be added and before they can be added they must be reduced to a common denominator or made alike. l-2xl-4xl-7equal 14-28x7-28x4-28 equal 25-28. To reduce K to SB's each term must be multiplied by 14, eaob term of the next fraction by 7, and each term of the last by 4. I have not changed tbe value of these fractions, because both numerators and denominators ^liaye been multiplied by the same number/ Trie whole number or all ot bis scholars must be 28 28, and as we have found tbat the others equal 2.V2B, then the thiee female pupils must equal the lacking S 2S,tben 1 have 14-28x7 28x4-28x8-28 equal 28-23, or the whole number. Then there'were 28 scholars. 2 If the third of six Is three, what will the fourth ut twenty be? Tho real third ol tlx Is 2, and the supposed third Is three, or a real third plus }i of a ran third, or >> ol >J of 6 e, 0-6 or 1. Then we have 2 a real third of elx plus 1 which Is Jf.of a rual third of six which la l;2zl e. > g - of sixbysuppo aitlon. Tbe same reasoning w lll.npply to 20 tbe second partof the question. A real fourth ol .20 is B then tho supposed fourth IB 6 plus.X o! S 2)i; 6xIK e. 7>i. Therefore if the third ot six 1 j thi ee the fourth of twenty is 7>i. ABEL. H. STANHOPE. BETUALTO. BtTBALTO, HI., Feb. 33, 'St. The Methodist meeting that has been in progress bore lor the post week U still going • on; some interest is manifested. Considering tbe extreme bad weather the attendance is good. Rev. Obas. Vlrden has charge of the mtetlng and has been assisted by K<w. Phillips, of JJtohtleld, Rev. Baker, otBUlsboro suad Rev. Boblnson. of Bunker Hill. PiuuoKAi/-Mr. L. E. Bivens, of Moro, gave ns a friendly call last Saturday. Messrs. W. L. Estabrook and W. H. Lantor- tnan were In this week and renewed their subscriptions to the TILIOBAPU. Collector P. H. Montgomery celebrated Washington's birthday on Tuesday last, at the village ball. The tax payers contributed seaoh to tha success of the day. Mrs. Amanda Bill, who has spent several weeks with her sister, Mrs. O. Toung.returned to her home in St. Louis Saturday. Mr. W. H. Morgan and lady were called to Irving last Wednesday to attend the funeral qt his sister, but, we understand, arrived ihere, too late by some mishap. Post Commander Wm. Head and Captain J, A. MIHer represented Bethalto Post, Mo. •tt, at the session of tbe|Graud Lodge of the O. A. X., which convened last week at Rock Jstri'T, t• C»rt*r, of Burden, Kana,, who has JpMBt most of the winter with his mother b.*r*,has returned to hi* western home. MlM fitella, Cobb has returned to Kansas Wr. MIssLlbblo K«an is still absent visiting her lister, Mrs. Oeo. Oolson, of Mattoon, in. Mr. Jas. (Walker) McPhnreon and lady who •pent the winter in Kentucky for the benefit ot Mr*. McPh«ion'i.hea!th, have returned home. |Uir. SpreweJ, of Arkansas city, Kan., spent Tuesday here tbe guest of Mr. Isaac Chapman. Mr.| Bore Gemtts told his stock and farm implements Monday 1 , and will move to town having purchased the Buck property on Frakia street, Mr*.Battles has Just received from Janeway * Co , of Chicago, th* most handsome stock •t wall paper ever brought to thi* market. *ae new design*' for ostllng are very pretty. Remember to oall before purchasing. Lowest price* guaranteed. " Mr, W,F.Nelsl*r bM traded bis handsome residence here for property in Kiogman, Kan***. Mr, I*om Wood feu recently sold the property purchased at JHiwrnan, Kas., last fall, •e realised a b*ad»«n» profit. Hebosla •plendid UtUe reHdeape on Titlrd ttreet, ibis Tillage, whfoli h|io?«ns« a bargain. SorTlAU—Mr, JWWM Jon**, Jr., and tilts rorebMd we>» ifcarrled on • )»»t Thur**»V K» »be r*ki<ta.nce ot (lie bride'* par•It* In Fort BuwwU. The .w»«ony which qnUed «»• two lovioy **«»» WM pronounced • ALTON, Feb. 19,1887. SdUor Alton Telegraph: ' - ' Pythagoras school problem is simply a quflftlou of tractions and the rule of three thus: Onehalf tho.scholars .did something one-fourth did somethingvOlse; one-seventh did someothei thing; three, did nothing In particular: ' ' Kz4x7 equal 28-68; «x2x7equal 14-50; 1 7x2 x4 equal 8-66, less SO leaves 6, difference of numerator and denominator; aaO is to 3 so Is 56 to the answer; 69x3 equal 168 divided: by' 6 leaves 28 scholars. ROBERT MlLLBN. ITbe correct answer is 28. Wo orb' obllsed to use tbe letter x to indicate plus, not having the sign of addition.—ED. TiL.i A CreatVictory A Terrible Case of Scrofula Cured by , . ', Hood's Sarsaparilla " In the winter of 18T91 was attacked with Scrofula In one of the most aggravating forma, At one time I hadino less than thirteen large abscesses over and'around my neck and throat, continually exuding an offensive mass of bloody matter disgusting to behold,. and almost Intolerable to endure. It Is impossible to fully describe my sufferings, as the ease was complicated with Chronic Catarrh. After three years of misery, having been treated by three physlclonu) I was worse than ever. Finally, on the recommendation of V7. J. Huntley, druggist, ot Lockport, I was Induced to try Hood's Sarsaparilla, And how, after having taken twelve tottlei, within the last twelve months, the scrofulous eruptions have entirely ceased, and the abscesses have all disappeared, except the unsightly scars, which are dally becoming.'smaller by degrees, and beautifully leu.' I do not know what It may have done for others, but I do know that In nry case, Hood's Sarsaparilla has proved an effective specific Indeed. As an evidence of my gratitude I tend these facts unsolicited, and S am ready-to verily the authenticity ot this cure, by personal correspondence with any ope who doubts It.". CBAHLBD A. BOB* KBTi, East Wilson, N, Y, This statement Is confirmed by W. J. Huntley, druggist, of Lock port, N. Y., who calls the cure o preal victory for Hood's Sariaparllla. Send for book giving statements of manycures. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all drugglits. s)i i tutor •& Mado only by a I. HOOD A CO., Lowell, MM*. lOO'Dosee One Pollar. ^YER^SOH iDVERTISINq GENTS^ fiSE8B&a M1SJ PHtUDElPHIi MIKUU Hotel 'Chair-Worttters" are quite abundant ttijt* wihterT-vLpok fnto & hotel, office almost flpy., dSy and it will b tfed that all the-chairs are occuple< and that tb,ere are. people pacing about whVliBan't v ge^a;i;chalr to sit down$ These people'Are hot regular or even casual guests. They haven't anywhere to go to keep out of the cold, and'so drop into the hotels. Many of them ire poor devils out of work! •Some of iem look anxious and dejected; others twitch about - nervously, ami occasionally get up and take a turn arounil the room; a-third class Breads. Most of ,hese people nro respcutablc-looking. The reading clement is quito largo. Some have newspapers or magazine's, and some have paper-covered books. They sit for hours and hours immersed n the literature with which they huvo provided themselves, only getting up x> move when -the • sweepers' come around with their disturbing brooms to rather up the . dirt and litter on the ;iling. The same people are to be seen day i after day, and'..their.faces are as familiar to thb hotel elerka as those of tho permanent guests.— St. Paul Pioneer-Press. Ears and Scalp Covered witli EC- zcma'tous Scabs and Sores Cnr«il by Outlcara. -. M l little son, aged ck'ht years, nos been at fllcted with Kvzema of th? scalp, and at times a (treat portion of the body, ever since be was two years old. It began in his ears, and extended to his scalp,which became covered with scabs'and sores, and from which a ntloky fluid poured out. causing Intense Itching and distress, and leaving his • balr matted and lifeless. Underneath these scabs the akin was litw, like a piece, of beefsteak. Gradually the hair came out' and was destroyed, until but a small patch was left at tho back of the head. My triends in Peabodv know ho* my little boy haa suffered. At night he would scratch bis head until his pillow was covered with blood.: I need to tie his bands behind -him,' and in many ways tried to prevent his scratching: but It was no use, he would scratch. 1 took him to the hospital anil to the best physicians in Peabody without success. 'About this time, some friands, who bad. been cured, by tho Cutionra Remoille-, prevailed.upon me to try them, l began to us« them-or. the lithof January last. In seven months every particle ol the disease wan removed.' Not a spot or scab remains on his scalp to tell the 'story of his suffering. Ills hair has returned, anc Is thick and strong, and his scalp as sweet and clean as any child's tn the world, l cannot say enough to express. my gratitude for this wonderful cure by the CuUourH Remedies, and wish all similarly afflicted to know that my statement Is ti ue and without exaggeration. ' --' CHARLES MOKAV, Oct. 0,1885. . - I'eabody, Mass. . I have seen Mr. McKay's boy when badly affected with the Eczema. He was a pltlfu eight to look at. 1 know that he bas tried our heat physicians, and did all a father could do for a »offering' child, but ayaf.'ed nothing. I know th <t the statements lie has made you as regards the curing of his boy by ynui' (jutlcura Re'mf dies are true in every particular. . W1IXIAU J McOAltTllY, S3 Foster sueet, Peabody, Mass. I do not know ot any Instance In which the Cutloura Remedies have failed to produce satlnfaotorv results. I believe I huvftfok uioi-eof them than of' any other skin rente > lea I have ever handled during thirty-three years of my exporlonce us a drnitRtst. A. 1). TRYON, llatayla, N. Y. Sold everywhere. Price: Outicura, SO eta, OuticuraBuup 24cents; Cutitmru i-eaolveni $1. Prepared by Potter Drug and.Chemical Co.. Boston. Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." D1 1V/I PLES . Blat-kheaua. skin blemishes STJLjXL. und Bitby Humors, use Cuticuia Soap. • A Word about Catarrh, "Ills iho mucous meinbrane, that wonder ful semi-fluid envelope surrounding the dell cato tls-ucacif the air and food pas«tt{tes,t!mt Catairh makes Its stronghold, (ince estub- llslieil, it euia Into tho very vitals, and rt-n dera life but a loiiR-Urawn breath of misery and disease, (lulling iho senso ol hearing trammelling the power c f epuvcb. destroylii) i be faculty of smell tuintlnu the breath, an< killing the renned pleasurrs of taste. In tilOloudly, l>y ci-ceplng on from a simple cold lu the head, it assuulu the membranous lining and envelops tbe bones, eating thrnugb •the delicate coats and caufing inflammation BlouKhlng ami death. Nothing short of erad Icailon will secure health to the patient, anc ull allovlatlves are simply procrastinated jautferinxe,* leadiuit to a iatal tci-mlnuilon Sunford's Radical Inhalation and b) Internal udmlnletrutlon, has never: (ulloo cyeu when, the disease has mnde frlgbtfu Inroads on delicate constitutions, hearing 8ine'l and vaste have boon recovered, and thi dinease thoiou«hly driven out. SANfORD's HADIOAL CDBB consists of om bottle ol tbe Radical Cure, one box Catai rha Solvent, and one improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped in one package, with lull directions prlcu $1. POTTBB DHDO & OBBMIOAL Co., BOSTOH. HOW IT ACHES. • Worn oat with pain, but.still com pelled by stern necessity to stand up to the work betore ns and bear the pain. Rellnf in one minute in a Ou- .loura Anti-Pain Plaster lor aching _ . sldon and'back,wpult 4painful miiH cleu, tbe soro chest and hacking couub, an every pain and ache of daily toll. Elegant new* original, speedy, and infallible. At druyglstb, 2JSC.J five for $1; or, postage tree of Potter Drug and Chemical Uo., Boston. A.J.HOWELL, -DEALEB IN- FURNITURE! A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OBDEP rait UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed, Belle St., bet. Third and Fourth -ALSO— UNDERTAKER REBIDBNOB COB. STATE A SEVENTH »T C XM) AORK0 CHOICE IOWOOD FARMING AND AN ACRE «a lo»» tlra.. Thi Ni4 i>nml<tii« <Hl«f I w »ttKtm»M krfernutloa with foo4 map frcjsj. A(Unu UH coianiiNtt.r««sjii flCECB BEST THING KNOWN roo Washingand Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water. SAVES ZuUtOB, TIME! find BOAP AMAX* [NGtl, Md gives universal saU«B»ctlonrSi tunny, rich or poor, should bo without 1*. M hv Ml Orofter*.. BEWARE H doslgned to lul'l'S.'? -«^* .vA.. ys bears tbe.- bovo oyuiboL uid name o .»»»*».•. l moult NBW VOB«- KASKINE (THE NEW QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea, KO ringing ears. quickly Pleasant,V' A POWJfciBli'UIi TONIC.. that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOU MALARIA, ••'•'• RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PBO8TRAT1ON, - and all Germ Diseases. Bellevue Hospital, N. Y.: "Universally sue ceflstul." ("Even- patient treated St. Francis Hoa. N. T. < with Kaaklno bos been ' ((llBohorgcd cured." Dr. L. R. White, V. S. Bxamlntne Surgeon writes: "Kasklne la the best medicine made/ Dr L. M. Gleesner. 860 East 121st St., Nei York city, has cured over 290 tmtlents wltl Kaskine after quinine and another drags ha( failed. He saya: "It Is undoubtedly tbe bea nieillclno ever discover id." Proi. W. F. Holcombe, M.D., 64 Bast25th St. N.Y. (late Prof, in JI. Y, Mod. College) writes "Kasaine ia superior to quinine in Its Hpec.flc power, and never produces the slightest In Jury to the hearing or constitution. Rev. Jas. L. Hull. Chaplain Albany Fenlten. tiary, writes that Kanklne has cured his wife lifter twenty veard suffering from rcaldria and netvous dyspepsia. Write him for par- tlrmlars. : Thousands iition thousands write tbat Kas kino has cured them after all other inedl olnes had failed. Write for book of testimonials. Kasklne can be taken without any specla uiedtcal advice. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by mall on receipt of price. • KASK1NB CO., 5* Warren at.,New York : . , ' Mdwlm WHIJPPLE& SMILEY INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS UEBRESENTINQ THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, ; Franklin, of Philadelphia; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London Lancashire, Manchester, Eng. Continental; Oirard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co AMD OTHERS: A CASH CAPITA! IK THE AGGREGATE OF $20,000,000. WE ALSO BfiPKK«KNT THK Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat, Bank Cor. Third and State flts. for Sale. Seven lots with good brick dwelling and outbuildings, in go^d repair, in Ubpor Alton Residence of (}, E. 'tolling, and known as tb Merrill property. Wlllt'l'LHi A 8U1LBY, Al ton, or D. w. Collet, llppar Alton. torltont, A two-story brick dwelling known as th A. Platt homestead. Lately pu' in good ve pair. WtilPFLK ft SM1LKY. For Bale or nent, - A desirable tenement on lilnff street, owno bv Urs S. J.Dutro. The late residences of J. j. and W. H Mitchell, on Mill St., two o; f. » best pieces o residence property in Altoe. Tho property known as "The Pork, eautof above; U lot on Mill and Summit streets, an 1 a number o ots In Miller *. Mitchell's addition to Alton Anv or all of above at Bin-put bar«ftln. WTaPPLK 4 SMILEY. tror ome. The Merriman property on State stree I MlUor A MlchelPa add., to Alton, IX stor bouse, 8roouia and out-bulldlnKs; all In per foot order. Can bo bud at a bargain. WHIVPI.H * MMI1.KY. For i>ale. A 1M story framo dwolllng, corner F* and Fifth sweets. WHIFFLE A 8MILBV Deslrnbl« Resldeuoes (or Sill*. A twostoi-y brick dwulllng on Htaiu stroo known as A. I'lutt huinentcad, lately pu lu K<»id repair. A two mory irumo Uwolllnw on Muln ntrot't, nvarly now, A twu Htorj oilck tlwullliiM on Seventh utreat, all lor mil il usucrllluo, owuur liuvlnu iii'olduil to tu »• WHiri'l.K .t SMI1.KV r BOXES PiAOH 0A0KITI, • **' »0d V«j(i:(«bl( Ll'tok ajQi of O.GOU) Master's Sale. TATK OF ILLINOIS, | St. Olalr county. ( M the September term, A.D. 188«, ot the •». Olalr County Circuit COBn.'. *•.. •••* ohn K. Obllton v*. Thnma* CtiUton. Qeonre Ohliton, James Ulldcroy, Robert w. Dick enson, filUabfth Ann William*, Dorothy Burn, Thomas Burn, Jane's Bum. Barbara FufKUuou, Snrau jAne Burn, WUltani flutn, John Thomas llurn, uoioiby Ann Burn, Isabolla Burn, James Bum, and Henry B.' Ouulleni r, executor ot the latt will and tesmnientof John Utailton, deceased. >ir 1 lor fuleot Real Katute. .~"~.'Z" Uniler imd by vlnue ot decree of said ourr,utadein the above entitled cause, at. utd terur, l, the undersigned, will, 0.4 SATURDAY, MARCH W, 1807, at and on tho prcmtnoBhFruirinfter described, o,l tothtUilghubt uiiU bi'H bidder, thi tol- owing described land, ulluatcd in thu coun- Vet Mudisuii, ami Mute ot Illinolo, to-wlt: The nistlourtliof iho southeast quarter oi he northwest quarter, containing ten (10) acres i aud thu uast half of the southwest quarter, a;l in section thirty (8o),ln township Ix (0) ncrth of niiiKn nlno^9) west. Appra'sed value, i9,456.7i. • . . Sulrt to comuiouce ut one o'clock p. m. TKRMb.OIT «ALB.—Twenty per cent, of tho >uiuh»se ninuny to be puid cash Down, and lie balance on H credit ot six and twelve noutlif. secured by note and approved > vcu- Icy, and u uiortnauu on the preuilsvs sold,on .lie fxei'utlou of will b, and upon conllrma^ ion o» sni tato, 1 wilt exccuto and delivur a deed to tbe imichuBt-r or pnichanrs of t»l< and, ad hv said Occro" 1 am directed, con veying all°tbH light, title and clalmof tho said parties-n naui Biilt to suld premtBus, ALONZO S. Wll.DfcllMAN, Master in oiia'iicory of said county. M.W. \VBiH,6ol. Wtltd ATLANTIC MONTHLV JFOJl 1887* Will contain. In addJttottw th*J»«« •tories, Sketches, £*say». Foetrr Orlttolsm, two »eilal BtSWi- Tbe Second don, y^ MBS, ,tL O. W. OUJPJaAOT Paul Patoff, ByF. MAK1ON OBA^,.v.._. Author of "A Boroan Singer,'' "Mr. I*aaM, • • • • - : -»to. • • .."••'. Papers on American History, ByJDilS F1SKB, Whose previous paper* have M«n so Intti- • cstuig, full of inform a.tion, nndgener* • 4lly popular, , French nud English. continuation ot the ndmtrable paper* oOm> paring tbe French and Bncllibpeopi*, ByP.O.HAUEBTON. EgBftys and Po«tti8,' EXECUTORS' NOTICE. 1 Estatu of Jobn W. Sohweppo, deceased,. Tho undersigned, having been ap pointed Itxecutors of tlio last will aud Kistnuient of John W. Sehweppe, late of. the county of Mndlson and Stute of llllaols, deceased, hereby itlve notice that they will appear before the County.Uourt of Madison county, at the court house, in tbe March term,on tbe lourtl Monday in March nuxt, at which tluio all persons haviuK claims HKalnst salu estate ore notified and requested to xttnnd for the purpose of having ihn sumo adjusted. All person! udebted to said estaiu ui'u requested to mattfo lunhcdlate pnymnnt to ihe uuderslgnod. Dated thin 2ud dav of Kubruary. A.I). 1887. ELlfcAF. MOI1WKPPE, WILLIAM E. SUUWKPPH, HENRY M. SOHWhPPHi, Cd4w Executors. BAouc PACKET COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT ^, ,,- : :-,. "The Steamer : ' ; -. >:J ^C5 •' ' ~ rf! $&^^* sat± • fy* -§ — ^ ^ ) B. Ross POWKH , I ED. BLOOK, Oiert s On and alter Monday, Feb. 11, the Sprea Eaglo wtli run an follows, vizi LBAV1NQ ALTON FOE ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., .and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton to Portaice, Jersey Landing, flralton. and wa points every evening ai 6:80 o'clock. «S_The Whistle will be sounded nftee minutes before starting for St. Louis. TO ST. LCDIS, RouiroTair TWBKTT BlDBS' . - - . 5 01 W. BILL. Aaent. Fast Freight. & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUI9 AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS R. R. GO'S V ALACK STEAM Bit J. F. ELLISON, Commander. KIJ ANSIIDTZ, j TKOK Do DOE, j On and after Tburdday,Feb. 37th, willleav Alton dally For St. Louis at 7 a. m. Retnrntntr, will leave St. Louts (foot of Vln bt.) at 2;J5 p. ro.i Leaving Alton at 5:3O p. m. fo Portage and .Jersey, arrivin at Graf ton at 7:45 p. m., connecting with f astexpress on St. Louis an Uontral Illinois Railroad lor Jerseyville, Wa veriy, Spi ini;fleld and all points north an east. FARE. TOST. Loois, single trip," . . .50 " " round trip, .... 76.. " " twenty riue ticket,. , $B. HENRY C. TATUM, Gen. ARt. Alton. II. A. KIbUER, l.en'l 41unft|{or. iolldtf J. HOFFMAN & SON is Stoves and Hardware HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS And other first class beating stoves tor wood or cool. Also Ranges and Champion Monitor Coo Stoves, the best in Alton. Outside WorK a s peclalty: Bool ing, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COB. SECOND AND ALBY BT8. The undersigned have atoned a new must tore at tuo corner ot Third | and Plasa sts ORGANS ANDalPIANOS of tlio (Onest workmanship for sale at rea sonablu prices. Call and examine our tustru menta before purchasing oUownoro. : FLOSSj[& BABE. moh22dwBm WILSON WASHBOARDS. TbMS Wssbbosrds MS m»ds with s. Bent-Wood rim. TlM Strong* *>t boards and piitwMUsn Intb* wurld. For i»lt bf alt (Iraltri, Occasional Papers, By JAMES KUSSELti LOWELL. Contributions maybe cxpeotort troy Jo Oreonluat W lilt tier, ThomHo Wontworta_ clnson, Ubarli's liudley Warner, B, 0. a nan, Harritit W. Preston, Sarah Orno Jew.-.., Jhurlos Hubert Oraddook, Arthur 8borbnt'nsj Inrdy, HnnryOabot Lodge,Edith M.Thomas, i Joraou. K. Scudder. George K. Woodoerry,, JeorKe Ft ederlvk Parsons, Maurice Thomp son, Lury t.aicom, coila Tlmxtnr, John Bnr- rnughs, James Fieeman Clarke, KlltabUtb loblns Punneli; Bradford Torrey and many ) others, ' , • • i • •.• ,r -f-, ••: <•',' •''*" 1ERM8: (4 a year in advance, postage frieY. 85 cents a number. With superb ilfe-sUe . portrait ot Uawthome, Emerson, LongteK;, low, Bryant, Whlttler, Lowoll, or Holm«s j»; ouch additional portrait, |1. , <•'. ' );j >- : The November and December numbers of tho Atlantic will be itunt nee of eharge to now subscribers whose subscriptions are 'receive^ i. i>etore December 20th. •• ••••;: V Postal notes and money are at .the; rtak of; the tender, and therrlorn remittance* should be made by money order, dralt, or registered- letter, to ••:••. •.'•;. "/••;. v,' A "" UoagLton, Mifflin & Company, 4 Park street, Uosion, Mass. '-' " • The Century, For 188087. TBK OKMTDRT. is an illustrated monthly magazine, having a regular circulation, o( about two hnmircd tbousaua copies, otten reaching and sometimes exceeding two hundred and twenty five thousand. Chief among its many attractions for the coming year is a serial which bos been in active preparation lor sixteen yean. It is a history of onr own country In Its most critical time, as set fortb In ' ' ' ." ' ' ,',V " THE LIFE OF LINCOLN, ' By bis Confidential Secretariat),. John G. Nicolay and Col. , 4 John Hay.- '>•" • , '*-; This great work, begun with the sanction of President Lincoln, and continued under the authority of his son, the .Bon, Robert T. Lincoln, Is the only full and authoritative, record of the. life of Abraham Lincoln, Its * authors were f fiends of Lincoln'' beforO; his presidency; ~ they were most Intimutelya*- Bociated with htm as private seoreturiet' throghout his term of office, and to them were transferred upon Lincoln'* death all hUf private papers. Here will bb told the Inside history of the civil war an* of President Lincoln's administration -important details of which have hItherto remained unrevealed that they might first appear ia this authentic history. By reason of the publication of this work, THE WAR SERIES, which has been followed with unflagging interest by a great interest by a sreat audience, will occupy loss space during tho coming year., Oettysburg will be aedcribeiTby (fern llunt (Chief of the Union Artillery), Gen. Ixnigstrot t, Gen. E. M. Law. and others. ObicamaiiKa, by Gen, D. H. Hill; Sherman's March to tho' t-ea. by Generals Howard and Blocum Oenerala Q. A.- Olilmore, s Wmi.'?jr. Smith, John Glbhon.Ilprace Porter; and John S. Mosby will describe special: battles/and incidents. Stories of nuval engagements, prison life, etc.; etc. will appear. , 'i-;--' : .'/;j :;.:NOVELS:AND-$TQKiE8>;|'. ''The Hundredth Man." a novel by Frank R. Stockton, author ol "The Lady, or the Tiger." bi*gtns in Novxmber.'Two novelette* fayGeorae W. Cable, stories by MaryHallooa Koote, "Undo. Remus," .I ulian Hawthorne, Edward JvgKleston, and other prominent American authors will be printed during tne year,. : ?. . •• '•- •• •• :,."•' .•'•'.'.SPECIAL FEATURES. - > (with Illustrations) include a aeries of articles on affairs In Ruvsla and Siberia, by Geo. Kennan,author oty-Tont Life in Slberia.",who hus Just returned from a most eventful visit to Siberian prisons; papers -rn the Food QuoDtlon, with reference to It* bearing on the Labor Problem; English Cathedrals: Dr, Kggloston'a Religious Life in the American Colonies: Clairvoyance, Spiritualism, Astrol- ogy,eto.,:bv Kev. J.M. iluoKIev, D.D.. editor ol tbe Christian Advocate: •Astronomical papers; artlotes throwing llRhtonBlbleulstory, etC. •• ' • '." '•• '• '" •'.. '-• (- <','..:• •!•': "'••'• ' PRICES. A FREE COPY.i Subscription price, $4.00 a year, 85 coots a number. Dealers, postmasters, and publishers take subscriptions. Send for our be^uti- fully illustiatod 24 nago catalogue (free), containing .full prospectus, etc., lhC'Udlng:a special olfor, by which new readers can eet ' ack numliura to-tlie beginning ot the' War Series ut a very low price. A specimen 'copy (back number) will fie sont on request. 'Mention this paper. - Can you afford to be without the Century- TUB OANTOHY CO., Now.Yorfc. Subscriptions received atthUofflce. TO ADVERTISERS , For a clii-ck for 'KM we will print a ten-line advertisement in One Million Issues of lead' InK American Newspapers. ThU is at the vuto of only one fllth of acent a llne.for 1,CK)0 olrou • iHtlon! The advertisement will bo placod before One Million DIPFBBBNT newsnapnr purchasers:—orFIVBMILLION RBADKBS. Ton lines will accommodate about 75 words. Ad* dress wttu copy of adv. and check,'or send W cents for book of 176 paxen. GKO. P. ROW- KLL * CO., 10 Bpruoo St., N, Y. jaUdlm W ANTED—A live, energetic man, to represent us, 576 per month and expenses. Goods staple; every on* buys: outfit FIIKK. STANDARD 81LVEJBWARE Co., Boston. '•. ,oc89d8ui L ADIES wanted 'n get up Tea Clubs for our Pure Teas and Coffees. A host of useful articles to select from as premiums, Send for illustrated Price and Premium List. 8m OUL OFKER: to erory TBXTU person that answers this advertisement, we will send THE* one pound choice Tea. Address NAT'LTKA AOOFFKKOO..IIoa'on, Mass. oc»d8m Sheriff's Rale. [Jennie B. Uepry > *• vs, . 5 Execution No. W. Franklin Depry. ) Ken bill No. By virtue of an.executlon.ln this case issued out of the clerk's office of the Circuit Dourt of Madison county,Illinois, directed to the Sheriff ol said county,! have levied upon all the right, title and interest |uf the defendant in and to the followlrgproperty, situate'ln the county of Mudlson and State of Illinois, and described as follows, to-wit: Two 121 rods off of tbe north sldo of lot No. five (6), in block No. six («), in E. Lonu's addition to the town of Unpur Alton, and, also, two (2) rods off of tne south side of lot No. six (flj, in said block No. six (0) In* aid addition. Said two It) pleofs of land fronting four (41 rods on Main street la said town and running baaa eostwardly tha entire depth of said lota, and situated in the town at Upper Alton, in the county of Uadl- sou, in tho mate of Illinois, which I will expo-e ut I'ublio Sale, to the highest bidder, lor casb, on THE ELEVENTH DAY OF MAKQH, A. i>., isaj, between the hour* of l) o'clock In the forenoon «nd sundown; to-writ: at 10 o'elook, a. m., o( saldUuy.ln iront ot ihe noitn.iront door of the City Hull building, In tne "city ot Alton in tl'« oimnty and Bute aloiemiiii lo "" said execution together wiih «ot*«.' rtherlffof MudUo'n eunuty, ill. f, ouowsi, Uuputy. HdW sTor Kent. •Late rasldenoe ol M, J, street, known a* tbe. A. room Iriot Uoiu 1 *, iu n>at ol

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