Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 24, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 24, 1887
Page 1
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BROWN'S IRON HEADACHE ;',; ;; INDIGESTION BILIOUSNESS* DYSPEPSIA; NERVOUS' PROSTRATION MALARIA-::; 1 ..;.; •.;, ; -:;:;;,<-:.'. CHILLS AND FEVERS TIRED FEELINQ GENERAL DEBILITY PAIN IN THSBACK AND SIDES IMPURE BLOOD CONSTIPATION FEMALE INFIRMITIES RHEUMATISM, ( NEURALGIA KIDNEY AND LIVER 7t TROUBLES; ,,t i • FOR SAL&SYf-ALL DKUGGISTS The Owmlm feat TndfrUuk aid tr.M*4 B«« > ttet|>ful UlnU. Pyramids of cryntatlwjd oranget are dinner party table decoration. Clean' braMes on hwbogany or other furniture, by rubbing with oliamoli *kin dipped la either powdered wbltinn or rotMn »Mtte v nil«d with yweetoli. :;.;:':,:'' V' ;r :' [^ *?!'": RsVfre. leather clialr seats by rubbing witt>> ' ''' . ; Wlllpw furniture tbftt ban not been stained 'or t>ilnwdt cnn be waglied with salt and water, and a brush j, dry thoroughly before exposing • V' Decorated unglazod Parian ware, U a new Importation In coramlts, : . W.blte'furniture'fa'no'w ffierage, .• Finger bowls of finest engraved white glass are tupersedlng on fashionable tables those of ratobowhuei < ' ' *"l , Where Btrict economy rutet very pretty effect* can be gained by covering furniture with some of the cretonnes. At twenty-flr* d»nt» « yard one can buy crtto'nnfcs in aHUtto deeigns and coloring! that cleverly simulate *»p>nst«»t»p*stryfa»}rici ') > '',,,•' To prevent the juice of fruit ple» f rom soak- lug Into'the under cruit rub the crust OT« with a beaten «gg. " ' " ' , ' Lady nippen are In rogue. Thwe are held after a theatre party u • fort of flnUh Co UM tntertalmnenfc i i-J. Selden Bumgardner, a farm hand of Chatham, 111., ran away with and married Miss Mnttie Malone, daughter of a prominent citizen, making quite a social sensation. Representative MerHtt's bill for punishing, conspirators -and revolutionists embodies in the main the legal doctrines which 'iJudge'^Gary,. applied on the trial of the anarchists. ,., . ., ,;; i? ,/ 4 -.'.i..;v i> . > ; The Supreme Court of Indiana, decided yesterday tliat it had nq; jurisdiction over the LHeutensriti(5qv"er- ndrship contest of Sr^jfc antf Rpbe)t- •on, and .that the Q;encral'Aflsem|Jly must'decide the 1 --^ '"" oriELD, ItL., Fob. 23. — A O was received from the Governor stating .that ho approved Senate bill, 48, .appropriating 860,000 for. repairs and keeping the Illinois, and Mipbigan canal in navigable condition until after the adjournment of the next General Assembly, and HOUBO bills 95 and 2 appropriating $25,000 for necessary Expenses of the StateGovcinment until July I, '' ; ""•"' •'' ;t " : " '• I am going to consolidate my two establishments, and have to . .make room for new goods,and offer my entire stock, , : - ''.••'.'i<:'u<,.,;•.:; ^rom ;] 'now;',,iitiJ4l;March 1st,;,at ' • netted TH»,wotip»B» Hamlm's by dtlteni bfteverr. nnelotu Caret twve. u ofpecplo, who:c«n teitlfy to Neuralgia. uToothacht,; Headache, Eirache, ' •"•CawrrtiVCroupj Sor«'ThrpsV ^j^ ' —yolriU,; Ctfntfaettd Cord*; tUHO ?OW«» <MT). izardQil. Headache, Ear Sora 1 Throst, RHEUMAfiSM .iliw, ; Brul»«, ..Burns, : Fever ,8brei, - Wound*; Old 8o«i,'Chilblain*, Froit •Hej.SorfNIppki, Caked Br««lj, and i All Aches and Pains,.- «roedr.< Tryttl aoc.. Oor ROHO BOOK (ran to all D OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO. Absolutely Pure. Tula powder never varies*.:. A' marvel oi purity, streogth wlioleaomeness. More economical than the ordinary hinds, and cannot be gold In competition wltb the mnltltude ol \ow tost, shore weight, alnm phosphate • pow- dpra.:- SOfcD OKtY IN OAKS. ROYAL BAKING PQWDEBOO.,106WaU8t;.,N.Y. ,^ : . The New York Sun* lays: "JSena- tor Sherman's resignation of his position as President of; the Senate'lfr generally accepted'i» the first/.open declaration of his-Pregidentiftl candidacy, and a signal "lo t his supporters and friends .that be is in tbo, field for himself.'*..';/;'.,,,.,t,"'V.,'." , ^...'i,^'';,, : Mr.-Will E. Haskell managing editor of the Minneapolis £Minn.) Tribune, was marked-last evening at St. Paul to'.MJM. ; .Qig*: -ybrj,, Wsedol- Btadt. The couple left at oncp;:fpr New York, from whence they "will •ailfor ; ^urpiie,;t6^be gone several numths. ; •.;''•. ,';';,;• X,' ; .' r •'. ..,.;.., I The Canadian elections, Tuesday, resulted in the] return of a majority of Conservaiive 'meinltiers of. tHe. Jpj^i. minioa Parliament,., wbich will con-, tinue Sir John A. McDonald in power, The'GovernmiBnt ;:haW 4i ;aSpuJ .thirtyi majority. The, Nova Scotia''Becfes- sionists were badly riefeite'd. , ; .. ' Two earthquakes occurred in Nice, in Southern Frauce^yesterday morning. Three' persons were,';•buried,,',Jn the ruins of houses, and,there 1( wai;» general panic. A still severer shock was/ felt; ;at^^ SavonaV > R fe *k 'Qenoa, Italy,' 'where eleven guests were killed. At Nice many guests atftle Carnival ball, including American tourists, were in the streets ,,in full dress, returning to their homes' and hotels when the shock occurred. Great anxiety was felt about, tbe Prince of Wales, who was there but he is reported safe. He has been asked to return to his' mother. ; Senator Coohran presented a resolution providing that a committee, consisting of three lawyers from the Senate, be appointed by the President thereof, and a committee of five from the House be appointed by the Speaker therpbfl to^ake proper steps?'t§./lest the ; (juejUph; aaj^o whether the constitujional amen'd- .inenk v0*a'on' atrttb^- 6 ' 1 "'*'"'"' * i ' &1 '' 1 '* •on the 2d ?f,Npyembef/, J come a part of our constitu Court ; ]thereon, r .yrid that^said! com- ( mittee be anthofiziaa'tol prepare r a'nd jirf* , .j> 'in j as fee- on, and Senator: Seiter introduced a sheriffs residing outside; the county, •: 4'.'-.l/7i. j" rj.Tii .1^ .t .:- -U^iHl It-U'. i-~. tf JIU'j tf 'j and any member of a detective force.; Everything must go to save coat of moving and storing. Ta- axe, Cutlery;:, Hardware, Tinware, . Granite-ware, Locks, SpVings, £nd ever' ,, *'_, ' ' jything kept in any hardware store.! All these ' 'for lighting>the • dangerous crossings I SfepatoXCra^tree^asked'unatiimb'us cousent to'take up ' Uouije bill 57, iftppropriating' fiS ;QO,0 fpfe jBeSbldi^lfs and Sailors YHome at'Qumcy^'There beirig"" ni' objpctions";.'.tfi'e!Jliilt.i^r'wi read, the third u t|,m«'ahd passed. . '^ Senator BerKgreh's bill, reviBin'g "JiUK .ii and were bought before the recent advance in prices,.,»,; 5 tho»B ; epBLtemp3lating building this spring,I offer , To SECOND I fELT-8 ORE AM BALM It not d liquid, snuff or pmeder. Applied into noitriu is quickly abtorbed.' It cleantet thtjiead..' Allay i inflammation. ;•• ffealt the toriti'JRatorei the semes of taste ttndtmtli EMPIRE MILLS. OND 8TRKKT (Near Plaaa), ALTON, IU. FOB SALE: ' ' Ground Oats, Ground Corn, ". Hay, Oats, Corn, . ' Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Grabam Flour,eto PROMPTLY DKLIVBKED TO AST PABT OF Iy7 dtf For Bale. A convenient tarm of 120 acres, moat all tn «altlvatlon; eltaated en tbe Betbalto road, < mm Alton. IU BROTHERt.»rnB8l8t»,OwegoiNY. r " W. J?\ ENSIINGEB, . , . . Plain 'and Decorative For Sale or Bant. The 2-story (rnrae dwelling with 9 rooms, Including 7 lots: good barn .and fine ttutts toiown-u tbe Nichols Homestead, gltui OBiathBt..' ' ...._...-.•. For Bent. A two Btory briolc dwolllng known as the A. A T-roombilok dwelling and out buildings o» Thlid itrcet. \VORK FBOUPTLY ATTMNfiBD TO \ I LOWEST TBBM8. OTHOB AJTO SHOP OK SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA .ALTON. Patents. To ny persona wlsblnK to obtain leltei patent on new Inventions, Improvements o SeelgnB.I wlJl execrate drawing! and »P«o>fl oattotti and make application* for Patent! All ooaraltatlon, In perton or by lette , free LUC 48 PFEIFFENBER6BB, BAUER, DKALEK IN AND or iUilgpURE. SECQ3SH) iSTREBT, ' Opi>, City Hall, AI^TON, ItL. '.r AU Hlnd»:'of flne and ootumnm furnttur* (JOnstHntly on hftnd, Alto nndevtAker, eto. ..,, . i ... . ..i,-. :•-. ,,• - apuawiw New suxrt Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. , • •; - ' - - ' ?' WINDOW GLASS! FUREKA FINE SALT ; v^ 'A. Specialty; from Small Largest Mixes. to At tbe old reliable HOUSE-PAINTING and DKOOUAT1NG eatttbllahluout ot NEFF & OBERNIUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle at. Mr ' Palw aud Tnble u. Uueu sacks aud, 5O ib; sacks, i for sole by P ' !) v.«r'"',oi cl «« ed«ttUlR«»(«e'«»(»n'ln Chlc»«o, will I 'sh t«MWM> a.-.i:- o,ti,riW» T. u JPOULDS & co. t SDOOIC880EB TO A. B. MOKINNKV A CO., TEWRIBLJE EABTHQUABJB IS ITALIT. Hundred! of Xilvea I-oat. ROME, Feb. 28—Reports of a most sensational character reached Rome this morning of great earthquake shocks along the coast from Marseilles to Leghorn. The first reports were terrible in: their very indefinitenese, leaving, aa; they did, people here in doubt and suspense as to the extent of the: calamity. Early reports indicated' that the severest'shocks were felt in the Italian Riviera, that narrow strip' of land along the coast of the Gulf: of Genoa from Nice to Spezzia. This, vioinity at this season is always full of visitors, many strangers from all over the world, notably many Arner-: leans, spending ' the winter in the towns and villages > along the coast.: Later reports received at Rome during the day showed that the entire section, known as the Riviera, 1 had felt the shock. At Noli, a little village of 1,700 inhabitants, near Genoa, fifteen people were reported killed outright and as many more injured, .while a dozen bouses were entirely demolished. Another littlq town near Genoa,, called Oneglia; reported six killed outright and thirty badly maimed. At Drano-Marinoi a town almost ad joining 'Qneglia, thirty were reported killed and a hundred hurt. Nearly half of this town was demolished.'. '!'."."'..'.' -','.,'. .,'.,• ; Lato this evening, however, the very worst news was received from Genoa. Tbe report states that tke town of Cervo or Cervia, containing about 2,000 people was almost com;- pletely t ruined, DO less than 800 people being buried in the ruins of the buildings that were thrown down by the shocks. . , ' ; The shocks affected a wide, eccentric area. The first shook occurred at 6:30 and the Ust at 10. Up tp the present time accounts are vague and conflicting, but there seems t« be no damage in inland towns. The earthquake was felt throughoijt Liguiria and Piedmont. Wires are broken and news travels slowly. People everywhere preparing to spend the night In,the Qpen air. prudence i was passed. . The inomiriaiiion'of Dri" John 1 Caie- well for Sta,te Yeterinarianiwal ,00^- flrmed this mqrain|[i ( ' -• ' • !y. VV ;• }'P -J-- : ; ;i^v. :• - ._.',. ; .-HOUS.r.. ' "' ' V '-' ' House bill '247, having been made a speojal order, ';,tf«p, :•; tfcken; , up for consideration this morning and read a second time. It provides for the organization of sarlngs 1 : societieB by! a general act.\ After a lengthy dis-; cbisilp^iaw: :.bUl was',,r>ferj:ec\;^ack ,to! the Qoininittee on Judiciary 'for fur-, ther conslderatibnr " ' ; . ,;A 'petitton; was presented from the lifexidan Veterans of the .State, and referred to, the , Com.mittee'^iin^Mili- tary Aff »irs,;'asking that a Vsui tabjle memorial "of '"the ' heroic sennces bf the patriots: who" lell ion the;" battle- fie!cnQ<; M&W !'$ %|cMitf: the State capital. . 1,000 KB0S OP STEEL Ll '." />i:;:i5 h f •:'. f-':'.:>i! ••!;! •-,'. 'i '. ' .•>'•;.;(' at factory Prices- Reinemeber the places: 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET. 'jii' • u: -i' : • • ft* ,|j? i f :s I '-' ..ii-'i-iJ-i:i'(--- " ,«_.»,. » Thii is no catch-penny humbug sale of old and wora-.oilt stock, "•:' but a.bona fide reduction solely to save expense ,,, ,* i, ', of moving; or storing. Call at Once arid* Secure Bargains! mm. SIEM for, passage 4 the bill rec[U»ririg" that' ' ali perso»«Vi b' ef.ora ^ .KW*«»?ii,«»*. vf. r'rir^.iirsi.'zr.-rr.T.-CT': ;sbal|;submit .to the {State J3oard> of cyaftered'mcdicannstitution;6r pass a satisfactory examination 'before line ' ' ' congresa. f , -23—Senate— The agricultural"department bill was officer and 'assWants, i a'nd > transfers u^<--*-^--'-if<i»fa HF!AI>QUAR'l!'BKSFOB THE Best Buggy in the World. t.Liit'i.i til'. >*t* . ' ,' '•"•'.: - **t^'.^^'*^ J *•' - •'•'.' .: " The' pension^ bill of "Tb'omW S.; Hojp* kins,: of Maine, ,was passed over .the President's veto. House,—The retaliation" bill on the cwM^^'T^feP"^^ 8 " rately oiacussed and broui flbodof h^: i ^ntitivbjit' (il seait ij .. . war talk toward the' government' of Highest Market Price Paid for Com and Pickles. STILL SLOP FOR iu the cityi at bard times prices, sold on weekly-and monthly payments. An a toilet article, Ayer's Hair Vigor nndtf unrivaled. It cleanses the scalp and removes dandruff, cures itching humors, restores the original color to faded ««d|!rav hair, and piowpw* lu krowth. • ' ' »'• dwlw A"" »* >* ia.,i(» ,c i>,.» j.ti* i the f p&fgn iff *irs U cominitteb8, .being very pronolinced in . h'U. utlerances ; the house substitute for the senate bill was adopted— 138 to 133— and then the subatitdte'passqd— 262 to 1 The balance of the' day was devoted to consideration of.the postofflce appropriation billi X vote on it is to be taken at SI j>; m^ to-day. , What Trne Merit Will D*. The unprecedented gale of Boaetiee's Oormah Syrnp'' WHhln a'lew yeart, has astonished the' jwOrld. It is without i doubt the safest and best remedy ever; dlioovered for the ipoedy 'and effedtutil cure of Coughs, Coldtt and the severed t' Lung IroubUw;- It' ocW on an entirely) different - principle "from the noual prescriptions eiven by physloians, at it' does 'not dry up : it' cough afld' leave tb;e 'disease still In -the' system, but on the contrary removes tbe cause of the trouble, heals vbe parts affected anU loaves them in a purely healthy coDdl twn. A bottle kept In the hou«e.for use when the dlseaae* make ttnir appearance, will save doctor's bll|s and a lone spell of serious Illneiw. A tnal will convince yon of these foots. It is positively sold by all druggists and general dealers in the land. Prios, 7( ots., larg* bottles. ....... lalQdwlw cod 7 AMMOUMOKMKMT. We are antborlxed to announce JOHN W. ASK at a candidate 1 for gi*rk ot tlw OUy Court of Alton, at tbe oleotlon Tue»Uay, ' "" •••• Burners and Stand Lamps, "HANGING LAMPS, ""' " $6.50, $7.50 **' -OILS. Cistern, Well Paints, read and, you Second and State Hts., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH! WATCHES, Wai't-aiited w« art autHiwUbtl to' aabbuuoe j. NOOSANaiaeandWawJor Otork ol «ie Bl»cU«n,Ttt*i(Ur ( »*ar«a UJ. • From «518 to ^50. BBEECH-LOADING GUNS, , 4K4Y From $16 to $30. .-..,-. J. H. BOOTH, THE LEADING

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