Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 23, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1887
Page 4
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*l It SB WOSDBMrUXi ..,., how e«dly Awrnadsm begins, ftftd intldiouilr It grow* in tho system, Until on* U »tftrtl«d to find Hmself it« victim In either th» acute or chronic form. Ho than leartu the fearful tenacity of its grip and the utter povferlessness of. tie. ordinary remedies to give relief. Probably to no dUcase have physicians given more study, and none has more completely bullied their. efforts to provide a specific; and until Athlophoros Was discovered there was no medicine Which would turely cure rheumatism, neuralgia and nervoua or sick headache. Thousands of testimonials like the following prove beyond question that Athlophoros is the only reliable remedy, and that it will do all that is claimed for it. Bumner, 111. I have .been afflicted with rheumatism ,,,-for nearly a year; used Various remedies without obtaining -elief until I was induced to. give Athliphora a trial. It gave me relief in six hours, and 1 have steadily improved since. Q. \V. SMITH. JowcU, 111, I am entirely cured of my terrible rheumatism. Mine woa an obstinate case. I was helpless and sudercd no tongue can tell how much. I saw an advertisement of Athlophoros, sent for it, tho dose gave me eaM and I went to sleep; nest day I got • up and dressed myself; had not sat up Tor a long time. It has now been more than a year since I have foil the pains of rheumatism. Mna. MAHY A. BENXETT, Mr. Silos D. McClelland, Macon Street, near College, Decatur, Illinois, had a very levere attack of rheumatism, and found 'relief almost with tho first dose of Athlo- phbros, ' Every druggist should keep Athlophoros and Atnlophoroa Pills, but where they cannot be bouirlit of the druggist tho Athlo- phoros Co.! 112 Wall St., New York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle for Athlophoros and Gflc. for Pilm. Tor liver and kidney" dlsciices, dyspepsia, indigestion, weakness, nervoua debility, diseases of women, consUpntinn, hcailae.hc, Impure blood, Ac., Athloptioros Pills lire unequalcd. a AWON CM 8*ookd>oU«i Matter M tbe P. O. *t Alton, 111.) : • j .WEDNESDAY EVE*, FEB. 28. SCIENCE AND PROGRESS. EFFECT OF HIGH ALTITUDE ARTERIAL TENSION. REAL. ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, -BY- Rudersnausen & Sonntag, For Sale. A convenient anrt pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-slory frame house on Elgbth street, near Henry. Ear Sale. A choice (arm of 320 acres, with first class Improvements, situated 2X miles east o Brunswick. Oharlton CO., Mo. For Bale. A one-story frame dwelling honso In good condition, tax Topping's addition to AUoru For Sale Cheap The residence of Oapt. W. V oble: two stories and mansard root) V2 room 4 halls closets, cellars, etc.; 8 acres of groan Mos desirable property In the city. . :-'.:• •-' ..• / ; For Male. --.'•-'• 160 acres of land near city limits, 3;*v.o two story brick and Iramo dwo^n,, oonse both situated on the eas' •' o .itate stree between 6th and 7th ^ricets- so the brlolt block of stores on Seeon -siree*, between Hnni* and Bldge street uown as Hunter' ww. • •• _ . „ For Bale. , A small fraiue^ .»lnpt honse within n m oloeks of the d it for $875. 160 acres f good farming land, and anotbe tract of i 00 acres, both unimproved. Bltuat InMor co., Kan ' J "" respectively—one in Mor. co., Kansas, at $10 and $18 per aer rely—one-third cosh,balance on time For Sale. AI arm of 140 acres on bottom land, all 1; cultivation, near Madison, In this county, a trnort two-story frame dwelling houae on it Price $8,1100 Tor Sale. A choice farm ol Viu acres, situate 1 mil south of BUIpman, Macoupln county, 111., a •alowflguru. • Parties Intending to buy Heal Estate In th city ol Alum or rlolnltv will find It to thel Interest to call atUie'oflleeof lludersbause A BonntHg and «i atnliie their list 01 propur , ties for sal« as only part thereof is atlver tlsed. ON PLIABLE PLASTER ported Hue or. iliwn thread and Is prodiwotl at B miicV le«8 co»t. Tb« flbM li Idng, mail? ^rtf*I, aiid -fatty ba'rtadllt «dapt*d to gplfl- i nlnfi upon an ordinary flax »plmnr. It hat tl)» smoothhcsa and luster of silk, rendering It ' Valuobl.i in BO wlil« rnttohlile use. The weed It ci>imuoh throughout the country, tout grow* prof uieljr at the south. R^YSIOUOQY AND fHYQlENfi. CORNS A common sonso cure, by a combined medical and inechaui- c-al action. Unlike any other preparation, thoy. relievo ibo pressure •whiles curing the corn, and never full where directions nro followed' Five sots of plasters and box of. ointment put up in handsome tin ' case, convenient for use. Price 25 cents, complete. Ask for "Pedacura" and take no other. JPIiePeteg While Proprietary KG. MANUKACTURKB9, 118 W. Broadway, N. Y., U. S. OF FIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. M. W. OBAMBEHI.ATN, Dlst. Agent for Alton, PHTalOlAWS AND DB. B Physician and 'ecntlar Feature* of Dr. Auer's New In- onndoiccnt Unrnor—Ei|ierlment» t<; Solve the Froblom of TrnnnmlttlCK Teloffraphle Mosingci Without Wires. The peculiar feature of the gas Inmp of Dr. Auor Von Welnbach, according W La Nature, onslsts in tho incandescence of certain motnl- io salts placed in the middle of the flame of i Bunsen burner. Tho principle is not new; b ia tho somo tvs that in the Clamond lamp, in which, as some readers will remember, the incandescent substance in fbrmcd by a little thknblo of magnesia threads. On the other hand, tho arrangement ot tho Auer burner U very simple and op- pears to possess many advantages. It consists, says thu authority quoted from, of an ordinary Bunsen burner, tho end of -which is covered by a hood of cotton or -woolen tissue washed in a special preparation. The hood, about six or seven centimeters in height, is slightly flaring, and is held by a platinum thread which passes around it and Is fixed to two rods of iron connected with a ring above. The longer of the two Is held' 'by a thumbscrew to the pipe •which supporte the burner. As soou as -the burner to lighted considerable heat to generated within tho hood, which, in a few seconds, becomes aglow with a -whitish' NEW INCANDE9- blue light, remarkable forite CENTIAMP. steadiness and intensity. , It is not perfectly well understood how the hood Is made, but here are a few details from the patent of Dr. Auer; -which throw some light on the subject: Take a solution of zliv con and nitrate or actetate of lanthonuin or yttrium, and soak It In the woolen or cottqn : that ia to form the hood. The tissue is then carbonized, and leaves a sort of network, which is applied to the Bunsen. Tho nets thus procured appeal' more favorable to the production of light than the massive cylinders of zircon tested in 1808 by Tessle de Mot- tay on oxhydrogen burners. According to the inventor, each hood costa about one cent'and will hist 1,000 hours, or until the dust of the atmosphere is sufficiently Incrusted thereon to diminish the strength of the .light. Finally, with equal lighting power, the consumption of gas in tho Auer burner will be about one-half less than that of an ordinary burner, which should show an economy of 50 for 100, but these figures ought to bo verified. Tho durability of the hood ought also to be determined by exact tests. ... Effect of High Altitude. f . • • During two balloon ascensions, Dr. Roy, of Paris, made somo interesting observations upon tho effect of reduced atmospheric pressure in diminishing tho arterial tension, and obtained the followinc sphyraographio tracings which have been reproduced in Popular Science News. * i-'wc-^^m ' XOT Fact*, Theorlo anil Eitporlenoe§ In Day tlfe. Wi-inltles are dubchlcfly to a cortaln shrinkage of the muscles. A Shrinkage that 'characterizes, more or less, tho entire system in the later period of life, bonce wrinkles aro as natural to old age as lit a full, smooth face to childhood, While xvrlnkles result from the natural working of the system 1 these may also be Caused prematurely by a prevertcd condition of the system. There Is nothing llko career worriment to plow furrows In the forehead and bring tinea between and around the eyes, and these aro marring greatly- the faces of our American women. ,Ono sees constantly women of 88 whose foreheads aro moro wrinkled than the brow ought to bo at 7a < Care of the Baby's Foot. The baby's feet aro seldom properly cared for. This statement will astonish fond mothers, but it is true, Thcso little feet have two great needs, namely: Warmth and plenty of room. Constant care Is required that tho restless heels and toes do not kick away blartkets and become purple and cold with undue exposure, When tho little ono begins to walk bear in mind that the .cold quickly penetrates tho soft hose and thin Boloa of baby's shoes. In nine times out of ten when the little toddlers fret and cry ft remedy will bo found for this discomfort In exposing their feet to a worm fire. .Discretion is also needed when selecting shoes. for the baby; see to it that tho width of sole, and height of instep and circuit of boot top, are enough and raoro than enough for the requirements of chubby, fast growing feet and ankle*. -''•'. MunHftgo Treatment. While the massage treatment has been employed of late years with, much success as a cure for many ailments, a correspondent in Nineteenth Century calls attention to the necessity of avoiding masseurs who havo not a thorough knowledge of the art, as disastrous results follow from the violent treatment to which ignorant persons subject their patients. Dr. Hunerfauth, who is recognized authority, deprecates massage by machinery, as he considers that much deli-' cacy to necessary in treating tho complicated nervous system of the human frame. : Massage, combined with hygienic gymnastics, was practiced by tho Indians 'and Chinese, if we nrny believe history,; 'many- centuries'' before the birth of Christ. It is therefore not a new treatment, as many suppose, but a revival of bygone ages. Useful Illnta. Do not pack away clothing ;'wbrn just bo- fore some member of the family -was taken ill. Always air such garments well, and to coses of scarlet fever or diphtheria disinfect them, oven though they wore not -worn after the patient became ill. Clothing worn by children just previous to an attack of scarlet fever mid put away without airing has been known, months after, to convey the disease to others of tho household. Manners aiut tfijnofei JPraotleeA in Pdlito ' ' •'" ; " Society. - •••""' •'• ' ' if good taste Is Important in drew ife'ls fnf more Important, in manner, say* Mrs. John Sherwood, and here we must pause to ;pay Now ifork wcimett'a wmpUmeht. "my nrd easy yet judicious and acute; .witty and play-' ful, with great skill in exposing ridicule) a turn for satire, which they indulge to, not always in tho best haturod manner, yet with Irresistible effect. I« a word their faculties acquire a pliability of movement which Imparts a bewitching air of freedom and negligence, and make even their best efforts seem only the cxubcraiico ot a mind capable of higher excellences, but unamM lous to attain them., There Is something in the American tern-, peramont, education, atmosphere, or whatever it way bo, which tempts the'inhabitants to unseemly extravagance sometimes. TCe aro all the slaves of our temperaments. Tho people born to work and to bo anxious cannot help working and bclug anxious. People born to talk cannot help talking. People born to dnnRtco tnu claneo. People born to whistle must whistle. It Is tho oxygen, and with a gay and laughing woman this excess becomes -what ono may call a tendency to bo bouncing, while a nervous and dyspep'lo person .will have tho fldgeta That is tho most terrible disease, excepting the nettle rash In all tho category of human affliction; It is tho torture of tho rack this nettle rash of tho mind, ' English-women uvp, much calmer, In the first place their .climate cnlms them, Then their husbands are not half so indulgent. We must remember if wo find American women querulous and disposed to become exigeante, ag to diamonds and flue clothes, that half of them have been spoiled. There is on absence of fussincss In the manners of English women which is n delight.. They talk of ideas more than of people. Much in their manner is to ho'accredited to- 'their aristocratic form of government* It to a perpctun^ lesson of dignity. -, Even if kinps and queens and counts ore no.t always models, there is a certain dignity of manner produced by the mere effect of supposing that they are. : . It is a curious fact regarding the state of domestic service in America, that maids are further off from "tho lady" than they are in tho moro aristocratic countries..'. In England a lady and. her maid are very confldential and quite inseparable. .The word "mistress" Is now almost never tisod in America. The uttermost stretch on the part, of an employe would be to use tho words "tho lady." ' Bull Itoom Etiquette. ' A young lady should never forget her ball room engagements. She ought ajso to bo careful not to offend, one gentleman by refusing to dance with him and then accepting the offer of another. Such things done by- frivolous girls injure a young man's feelings unnecessarily, and give her acquaintances cause to call her rude. A young man, it need hardly be told, should not forget that ha bus asked a young lady, for a gerumn, He must send her a bouquet and be on hand to dance with her. If kept away by sickness or other good cause he must send her a note before the appointed hour. It is not necessary to take leave of your hostess at a ball. All that she requires of you is to bow to her on entering, and to make yourself as agreeable and happy as you can while in her bouse. 1887. -u HABBER'8 BAZAE. It lit. i tao Si5a - t«5^>^Thi"BMtia^ii^. Hading. It« stoj'ieo, poems, and «s«ay« are BV^9 best writers. midUs hunmrowtke ohw «&» utwurpMsed. Its "-•••>'•« "" faalal eu> MOST PERFECT MADE Prepay HoiUlhfillnosB. n toParity Ico'S Hnkingl" tliWIUUlllUUBB. -I/*, I Tl*-« o uumuft * « ....«•-««---•-no Amm»nl«,Ltmo,Alum or Phosphates. Dr.Prlce b Extracts, Vimllla, Loinon, eto., flavor dijUciOusly. BJtKIHSPOn S uelte, decorative ait, a bf&iichei, eook«ry, ^'->.--~.--^.f., n , *-„.,,, sable in every household, i" V°?'fi!!Rjm!SSi' Ion plates and pattern-sheet »uppiemonti enaWe ladies to save many time* the cost of subscription bv b*l«K their own dwismakors. Not a lino Is admitted to Us columns that could shock tho tnott fustidlout taste. HARPER'S PERIODICALS. Per learl Harper'sDazar... "•'» ! S! BAH.WAT TIMB TAMUB. CHICAGO ANl> AJOTON. ' On and after Sunday, Nov. 14th, 1886, train on the Ohloago and Alton railroad, will leav< the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, si follows: tor Chicago and tbe Eaati OhlcagoTfall' ......9-.00 a.m Chicago Accommodation*....... ,fl:00p.ic Lightning Express' ..9:10p.m Poor!a and Book Island FastLtnet,8:00 a. m For Jacksonville, Keoknlf, Qulncy, Kan- Iea« Olty.and all point* west. KansasOlty Mall* 9:00a.m. Kansas City Express*, 9:10 p. n, DenverBxpiesst.... 7:06p.m. Jacksonville accommodationf... Y:OSp. m For at, Louis t . Lightning Express* ..8:45 a.m Ohluago AocommodaMon*. ........9:80 a. m AltonBpeolalt V..18:86p. m KansasOltyMall* 5:40p. ir- OhloagoMallt ........ rBADJS LEAVE ST. LOUIS ONION DEPOT FOB ALTON. t7 60a.m. . ,.,'- W ODp.m. •IBO'p.m. ' -'766p.m. (8 46 a.m. Sundays only), v •Dally rExcept Sunday. • 8. D. RBEVB, Sup't. 81. Louis Division O. Q. NOBB1B, Tloknt Auent. year (62 numbers) ...... ....... i'-'iVS Harper's Handy Buries, one year, (62 ](j ^ 'posSfgoJreo ti'aii subsorllJorV In'tho United States or Canada. ; -..^ ,-••-. The volumes of theTllAZAii begin with tho flr*t Number for January of each year. When no ttmo U menllonoa, subsoriptlons will bo- gin with the Number current <tt ,,tlmo of re° B P Quhd 0 Vo e H\mos of lUBPBn's BA^AB. for three years back, in neat cloth blndlng.wUl be sent by mall poetage pald.orby fJtpress, free of expense (provlduif the freight dooH not oxoned one dollar per volume), lor 17.00 per ' Money Order, or Dialt, by Poston,ee to avolu ehonoe of 10 Newspapers are not 'to copy tW a ' mont without the expreee, order of OfflOAGO; BUBUNGTON AND QTflNOT. Trains leave the Union Depoli, Alton follows: '•• ' ' '.'•» • •• : QoIngNorthi Express SWIYMOQBArniO In Fig. 1 the lower line shows the pulse tracing taken at. tho holRhtot 8,'«X) feet, while beating ninety-five times a minute. The upper tracing was taken one hour after reaching Che ground. The sphygmograph was attached to the right radial artery of the aeronaut, -who was accustomed to balloon ascents,'and presumably uuaireotod by the excitement of tii» situation. OVriOK 4ND RESIDENCE, C u AKD UBNIiY 8T8. BurgeoUf OOB. FOURTH laJ-dwly W. A. MA»KJBt.l4, M.D., Phy»lolan and Surgeon, ombw-aaooND BT., ALTON, I Offloe houra-Ka.m, f 12 to 1, DB. O. U. ItUJILANB, MTHIIIOSTHBET, ALTON, ILL. BOM*-* ft. »• *0 ^" O. A. Dontiat) STORE Jdtf PlO. 8. The tracings .shown' in Fig. 8 were also taken from tho right radial artery; the flrst during the inflation of the balloon, and the second when it had reached ari altitude of over 10,000 foot. Although these were taken from a dilVereiit person, the effect of tho high altitude soems to bo nearly the same in both cases. Dr. Key notes particularly that the lino of ascent is practically tho same at all altitudes, but that the summit of tlie pulsation forms a leas acute angle at tho higher level, and the descending lino shows a much more marked irregularity, while the time of tho entire pulsation is considerably shorter. The difference between the nornjal pulses of the two aerouauta is also worthy of note. Telegraphic Blenangoa Without Wires. Tho problem of transmitting telegraphic messages without tho use of wires is one worthy of attention, although but little progress has yet been made in that direction. Some time ago 1'rofeesor Dolbour of Tufts colleRO, exhibited a telephone through which articulate words could bo distinctly hoard, oven when It was not connected with the lino- wlre. Thla 'phenomenon wni) duo to tho inductive action of the -current transmitting the words; and Professor Dolbcar has recently published tho details of a method by which he can transmit filgnals for a distance of half o mile at least, without the use of any connecting wire. It depends upon tho same principle of induction— the vary ing electrical condition of the apparatus at tho transmitting station, Inducing a similar condition ut the receiving' end. Although tho Invention la yet only in tho experimental stage, It may, if found of practical application, prove to bo of equal importance with that of the telegraph itself.— Popular Science News. Effects of Salicylic Acid, The committee of the Academic d« Medicine bos hail tho matter of salicylic acid— now w much used to prevent fermentation In food product*— under consideration, and in a report recently mndo sayo: "It being weJl established by medical observation that feeble and prolonged dally doses of solluyllc acid and its derivatives can cause considerable trouble to the health of certalu persons who are sensitive to thoee form* .of dings, particularly old people and In thoae wboso veual o« "digestive are no longer In perfect order, therefore th« addition of tha ialloyiates to liquid uiuluolid •Ihnente will not be permitted." Snullglit and DUoaso G«rm». M, Duclaux has studied the Influence of sunlight on the vitality ot micrococcl. A few hours' exposure to the sunlight weakened the pathogenic inicrocpcct and finally killed them. The Inference Is that sunlight is a universal hygienic agent, one that is most active and powerful, common to both private and public sanitation. It is said that a great many Englishmen are visiting this country this season. 1 asked Jinks what they came for. He said he supposed "to raarry soft pated, millionaire women to talk the fellows out of their money, who want to be fooled, and to lay in » supply of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup." "The greatest cure on earth for pain, Salvation Oil; take up the strain. A Voice from Quakerdora. Sioux City seems to be the wickedest city of the west, and the Sioux who people it are not red, either.— Ex. Doctors do a deal of buggy riding. They know a.good spring when they see it. Thep know it belter when they feel it. Thousands of them are using the Rice Coil Spring. ' dwiw As a toilet article, Ayer's Hair Vigor stands unrivaled. It cleanses tho scalp and removes dandruff, cures itching humors, restores the original color to faded uud gray hair, and promotes its growth. dw Iw A Devotee of Art. "There ia something very aristocratic about that," he remarked, as he spread a onsp $20 bill before him -."the engraving on that note can certainly be called a work ot art." "Will you please give it to me, dearP" pleaded his wife: "you know how fond i am of art. ! '.i Wood Advice to Carpenters. W. J. Montgomery, of Ogdeneburg, New York, writes to lus brothers of the square and compass: My advice to all carpenters is to wear a oouplo of Alloook's Plasters on the small of tho back. 1 find that they give tne double power and energy to accomplish woll as proving shields iigainst colds and pulmonary dillUnil. lies. These Plasters appear to fill the body with nervous energy and power, and they seem to double my natural t-trongth. I am a carpenter by trade, and know how oHen my brother workmen and I suffer from imprudently i browing our coats off and going to work in iv cold shop. Wo forget how little protection tbo back part of the vest affords to tho lungs. By placing an Alloook's Master under each shoulder blade all trouble of this kind will bu avoided, as I know by experience, If you do getcuught with a cold or ft bad cough or rheumatic pains, an Alloock's gives instual relief. Finger Bowls. Finger bowls are always in fashion, being too great a convenience to bo dispensed with. These are quite MS necessary for a small dinner as for'a large'one, and are also in' order at any menl where fruit is eaten. The usual plan is to luy a small napkin on a plate- of small or medium size aiid place tho finger bowl gn thin. There should be one finger •bowl for each guest. A BIH lor All. In order to give all a chance to test it, and thus be convinced ot its wonderful curative powers, Dr. King's New Dis>. covory for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, will be, for a limited time, given away. This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of this great remedy. All who suffer from Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, or any affliction of Throat, Chest or Lung?, are especially requested to call at B. Marsh's Drug Store, and get a trial bottle free, large bottle $1. Keuorfs Her fonth. Mrs. Phoebe Chesley, Peterson, Clay co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched for by the residents of the town: "I am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for many years, could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, and atn able to do all ray own housework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed com. pletely all disease and pain." Try a botUu, only 60c, at K. Marsh's Drug Store. fbl dwlm A \/ C D J O Sugar-Coated MTC.rlO Cathartic If the Liver DO- Q|| fl C comes torpid, if the t I I— i L. W • bowels are constipated, or It the stomach fails to perform its functions properly, use Ayer's Pills. They are invaluable. For some years I was a victim to Liver Complaint, in, consequence of which I Buffered from General Debility and Indigestion. A few boxes of Ayer's Pills restored me to perfect liealtn. — W. T. Brightney, Henderson, "VV. Va. For years I have relied more upon Ayer's Mis than anything else, to Regulate my bowels. These Pills are mild in action, and do their work -thoroughly.. 1887i Harper's Weeldy. ILLUSTRATED. ' HxarBB's WBBKLV maintains -its posltloa as the lettdinK Illustrated newspaper In America ; and Its hold upon public esteem and con- ffdence was never Strpnaer than at the .present time. Besides the pictures. IUIIPEB'S W EEKLY always contains Installments of one, oecasionally of two, pf the best novels of the day, finely Illustrated, vlth short stories. poems, sketches, and' papers of -Important current topics by the most popular writers. Tho care tnathus been successfully exercised In the past to u.ako liARPJtUB WEEKLY a sato as well as a welcome visitor to every house hold -wiUn9C be relaxed in the future. HABPBB'S PEBIODIO AJLS. ;.-.- • -v-i- Per Year t .-''-. '-:.,..• Harper's Weekly............* ...... ......$ 1 00 Uarp6r'sMa»iaalno..i. ....... • ....... ->••. * oo Harper's J?azar............ .............. •• *•* Harper's founts People.. ....»....."....«. 200 Harper's Franklin (Sciuoro Library, one year (62 numbers) ', ....;........;•••••• low Harpers llandy Series one >?ar (62 nnmbers) .: ....... ..... . ............ in 00 Pottage free to all subscribers In tho Pnlted States or Canada. Tho Volumes of the Weekly begin with the first Number for January of eanh year. When no time is mentioned, uubselntlons will bourn with the Number current at time of receipt of . have used them, with good offoot, in coses of Rheumatism and Dyspepsia. — G. F. Miller, Attleborough, Mivss. , Made From Milk We«0. American Ingenuity li M produced thread waiie from the WOMOM of tlwmllU weed, tlio conilitonpy and tenacity of 1m- Very Much Alike. An unsteady man, Jiko nn unsteady light, to apt to go out nights. -Ex, Everything which belongs to pure, healthy blood U imparted by hood's SarsapArilla. A trial will oonvlucn you of its nwlt. 10 BucKien'8 Arnica Salve. The Best Salvo m the world for cute, bruisea, sores,i.. oers, salt rhnum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all akiu eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or monoy refunded. Price 26 ound Volumes of HARPER'S WEEKLY, for three vearshaek, in neat cloth binding, will be sent by mall, postage paid, or'by express, free of expense (provided tholrelgbt does not exceed one dollar per volume) lor $7 per vol. Cloth cases for each volume, suitable {or binding, will bo sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt of $1 each. ...... Uumlttanees should be made by l?oatofflce Money Order or Drult to avoid chance of loss. •' Newspapers are riot to copv this advertisement -without the express order Ot Harper 4 Brothers. Address - HAIU'KK ft UUOTBER8, New York. opsts por box. Alton. 111. F«r sale by K. Marsh, mouTdwlDi BtBOLLS S Y R U P Croup noivona in culvancad vUtKO* or (he tllwnM. I'rlM KtH. _Cn«. .. _.. «—.-^ ^ JJutPa Ayer's Pills cured me of Stomach and Liver troubles, from which I hod suffered for years. I consider them the best pills made, arid would not be without them. — Morris Gates, Downsville, N. Y. I was attacked with Bilious Fever. which was followed by Jaundice, and •was so dangerously ill .that. my Wends despaired 01 my recovery. I commenced taking Aynr's Pills, anil soon regained my customary strength and, vigor. — John 0. Pattison, Lowell, Nebraska. Last spring I suffered greatly from a troublesome humor ou uvy Hide. In spite of every effort to cure this eruption, itln- crooaod until tho ilosh beeamo entirely raw. I was troubled, at the name time, with Indigestion, ttuddistressingpoinsin The Bowels. By the advice of a friend I began tailing Ayer's Pills. In a short time I was froo from pain, my food digented properly, the sores on my body commenced healing, and, in less than ono month, I was cured. — Samuel D. "White, Atlanta, Go. I have long used Ayer's Pills, In my family, and believe them to be tho host pills made.— S. 0. Darden, Dardon, Miss. My wife and little girl wore taken with Dysentery a lew days ago, and I at once began giving them small doses of Ayer's Pills, thinking I would call a doctor if tho disease became any worse. In a short time the bloody discharges stopped, all pain went away, and health was restored. — Theodore Esllng, Richmond, Va. » Ayer's Pills, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayer &Co., Lowell, MUM, Sold by all Dealers In Medicine; WM. L KLONK UNDERTAKER, AND DEALBK TV ASSIGNEE'S NOTICE. Estate of Herman liegnln ami, debtor: The undorulcnod harebv gives -notice that Herman Regeluiunn, of Alton, In the county of Madison and State of Illinois, did, on the IZiliclnyoi Feb., A. D. 1887, transfer to the underslKnod, n» asBlgneo. all his property, real and personal, for the bnneflt of his creditors, according to the provisions,of tho act concerning assignments. • ' All persona having claims against the said Herman Ktgeimann nro hereby notified to present sucii claims under oath or alllrina- tion, to me ut inv etoro, on the corner of,Third and l'iana rtreets, Alton, in said county, with- In throe months from this date. IJatod-Feb. 18th, 1887. ; OO1IN DOW, Assignee. JOHNJ. BnBNnoLT, Atty. fobiedOw nge may depend on getting milk of the very bast quality. A sample will bo given free of charge to all that apply for it. The milking DAIRY JPABM. North Alton Jersey Dairy. Having rento'l James Mullen's Dairy farm and cattle, the underslKnod will furnish milk of the very- best quality to tbo citizens of Alton. The cattle are mostly high grade Jersevs and for ^1 vine rich milk they have no equal; they are ail young and''healthy; will iced no nlops of any kind to our cattle. Parties that will favor us with their patron • • ;he von, free of and"oVeryUiiriB oohnbo'ted -with tho dairy will be kept sorupuloussly clean sotbat our customers may receive the milk In tho boat of order. A share-of public patron age Is respectfully requested. ,-Leavo 'orders with Messrs. Klrsch & Seliloes, and with Messrs. Hoi bold & Detcrdlntf, or address us at North Alton, ALBERT VOLPER, KKNEST WEIUN8LOH. Have for service, two registered sires, .Jersey and Holtteln, service lee for either, $5.00. Tho Uolatoin is from that famous bull, Oon- stantlne, owned bv Mr. Stovons.of Now York; took 5750 premium at St. LouU last tall. Our's IB thirty months old and la over seventeen, hundredweight. Hd4w Ready-Made Coffins, Metalic Cases, Caskets And Burial Robee for Ladles, Gentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State street OverHatt s Livery stable. WorkanC Will attend to Job *. lnr> JOSKl'li JAMKBTT'8 LIVERY STABLED BKTWEffiK Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GESEHAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL 1UIAUUHTBMAN, Ofllco ou Third Ht.,ouo door west of Piaau, third iloor. 200 BAGS HIGGIN8' FUREKA FINE SALT. For Dairy and Table UHO, ln*14 Ib. llueii Hacks and 50 Ib. BftckSt (<>r Bale by A. EYRIE, Chancery Notice- STATE OF ILLINOIS, I aa County of Mattlson. \°f > - ' Circuit court ot Madison county, March term A.!). 1887. 11011170.1'rlegt, surviving partner of Henry HO. Sweeteer, deceased, late partners under tho name o) Swoetsor and Priest, vs. David It. Sparks, Anna u. Sparks, his wife, VVcs- lay Best; the Alton National <l!ank, the U. It. Sparks Milling company, Albert Wade Frunk It. Mllnor. In elm and I nanoory, Notice Is hereby given to thu said Wesley Host that the above named complainant heretofore filed hit) bill of complaint in said court, on the chancery sldo thereof, and that a summons thereupon Issued out of said court against the above named defendants, roturniiblo on tho nrdt dny ot tho term of the olroultcourt of Madluou county, to bo held at court house In Kdwurdsvlllo, in said Madtuan county, on tho third Monday ol March, A.D, 1887, as IH by law required, ami wlilon suit Is still ponding;. HOUJCUT HAONAOKH, WlBK * PAVIS.COIIlpl'tH Sol'lS. Jtt«d7w J, SUITER i SON, DEAUtfRS IK FINE AND COMMOJJ PUB5ITUKE. A Full and Complete Stock Always ou Hand, DO NO!' FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PUECHASING. i)UU FUKN1TOIIM UOOMS AQB ON State Stfbdlf opp, Third, ALTON, ILju, •p«awiv ' y ood 9'tnom brick houw vltU about t acres of KTound.lnol'ullng oroaaffl.ln Upper Alton, Former residence ol fir. Uumbjrf.:. i't,K*SMlLHY,

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