Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 23, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1887
Page 2
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TKLEGKAPH. ALTON St tf. T. MOttfOM, , ' Oor. Third aua f JIM* titrxiu, Alton, m. \YEDNE3DAYEVE., FEB. 28. UltltjHTON. *•/ The W. C. T. U. celebrated Waah« Inglon's birthday last evening At Dlok- •rson's Hal), with a fine entertainment which was largely attended. Opened with a tableau: Geo. Washington and his hatchet, by Master Nutter; Wasb> Ington and bu family; Laf ayetle.Waah- Ington nnd his Cabinet were albo represented, The following songs were excellently rendered and well received: The new Church Organ, The Content, Ivy Green, Cousin Jedediah, Minute Gun at Sea. Readings and recitation?, appropriate to the occasion, added greatly to the pleasure of the auditors, all combining to render the observance a pronounced success. HEATH OP Mr. Benjamin Webster, an esteemed 1 and valued citizen of. Godfrey, died a his residence In that place yesterday afternoon, after a protracted illness. Mr. Webster was a native of Londonderry, New Hampshire, born in 4809. At an early age he removed to Boston where he remamod until 1836, when ho came to Alton. He remained here but. a short time, locating in St. Louis in the /all of 1836, where he resided until 1851, when he moved to Godfrey, which village has since been his home. He was postmaster of that place for many years and prominent in all local affairs. His life was one of uprightness and integrity and he ever retained the confidence and affection of his fellow citizens. " He was a man of strong convictions and superior abilities, a kind neighbor, a warm Iriend and a leader in all religious and benevolent enterprises. Hu lived an honorable and useful life, and dies lamented by all who knew him. His wife survives him. He also leaves one son, Hon. tf. F. Webster, a prominent lawyer of St. Louis, and a member of the Missouri State Senate, and a daughter, Mrs. Judge Denmoon, of the sume city. B1VKK NEWS. • The Calhouh came down this morning and reports the Illinois river flooding the low lands between its mouth andPoona. The river here is on a stand. The rival packets Spread Eagle and Hudson leave tor Graf ton this evening. The Cnlhoun took down 91 sacks of. flour from Slanard's Mills this morning. The Hudson's freight this morning included G80 barrels of Sour and meal, and 117 head of stock. The Spread Eugle will tow Mr. Wm. Armstrong's barge to his Calhoun county sand quarries this ovenmg.where it will load with sand for the glass works. -Mr. Armstrong goes along to superintend the work. Hacouptn County. There are four prisoners in the Macoupin county jail. Ed. Gates, of btaunton, has brought suit for $5,000 against that village for injury to health caused by cold contracted while confined in the citlabooso in an intoxicated condition. improvement** iv "The rising gonorntioii of bunco gteerers." salt! a detective the other day, "has improved on the rackets of the old-timers. Everybody knows that they work in pnirs, nud when they meet a greeny, one braces him,, gets his name, and the town from which he hails, apologizes for mistaking him for Mr. Smith or Jones of Cohoes or Kenaka, nnd goes back and posts his pal, who usually waits around the corner for him. The pal then tackles the hayseeder, after consulting his guide-book, getting the population, bank presidents' names, and the names of a few lending merchants of the town the hayseeuer came from. Jt often happened that the countryman grew suspicious as soon as the flrst bunco man left him, after getting his name, and when the second tackles him shortly afterward .chock full of knowledge about the towii ho came from, would laugh at him, and if ho knew any slang at all would remark •Too thin!' "The now game is apt to prove more successful. Two men working together now learn the dumb alphabet before they start out. The first man to strike the stranger throws his left hand behind his back, and with the dumb alphabet telegraphs the stranger's name and whatever else ho has learned to his pnl, who is close behind him. In this way the second man is able to brace the stranger before the first man has done shaking hands with him, and there is no room left for him to; believe that the men are acting together. Then the llrst man apologizes anil walks away and the second man works the stranger, If he can, on the envelope; lottery, or sawdust game."— N. Y. Sun. Jnbbor—It's very curious that fellow* who kick about high bonnets In theaters haven't a word to say about them in churches. Why is it? Jlber —Those kind of fellows don't go to church, as a general tiling, and if they did, who in tmiuder wants to look at a minister's "legs, anyway I— Lowell Citinen. • ' "I tell you honest men are 'not all dead yet," he said as )io returned to his sleigh nt the Central Market. "Here's a robe which could have Jiecn sold to me for a bearskin,, but the dealer frankly informed me that it was nothing but goat." "How much did you pay?" -Only $11." "H'ni. Same man sold me ono for a bearskin and didn't ask but *»."— Detroit Free Press. Conversation In 1888: He—"I saw a lady at thu theater last night with her bonnet on." She—"You don't moan it! What could she havo been thinking of P • How cvorybody must have stared »t h<;r!" He— "Y«s; she was tlic cynosure of all oyos. Siio WHS on the f>t:igc, you know, and her part called for it bonnet." Sho—"O, you f ront teasel How you frightened mol didn't know but what that odious custom of wearing one's bonnet at tho theater was coining in fashion again." —Boston Transcript. -THE BEST TONIC. Hnrd-AVooU Floors. If you have hard-wood floors, or the simply stained and shellacked pine, the whole beauty and freshness of the room will depend on their being kept bright and free from dust; sweeping with a hair broom every morning and washing once a week will secure this, except in long dry spells, or if there is much coal dust in winter, when a damp cloth must follow the when the latter is insufficient to remove, the dusty appearance, but never in this or. any other case allow the damp cloth to replace a broom. Too many servants think they now! not sweep floors or oilcloth if they are going to wash it, the result is a cloudy, half-cleaned look. Once in a while, every fourth week perhaps, tho water used for washing stained or hard-wood floors should bo hot, and have a tablcspoonfnl of turpentine and the snme of oil in it, the '(.'loth be wrung out of this and used to wipe the floors. Light-wood floors, ash, etc., are brightened by the use of skimmed milk instead of water.— Catherine Owen in Qooil Housekeeping. C«*e DraMpiia ttf.Uon, n«», ImpuM Blood, Klaliu-lo, and Pevem, and Neuralgia. U Is an unfiililiiR remedy for Diseases of tho Kldnev and lAver. It la invaluable for Diseases peculiar to Women, and all who lead sedentary lives. Itdocsnotlnlurotheteotb.caiiseheadaehc.or produce constipation— ether iron itiedlctnei M. It onrlctae* and pnrlfle* the Wood, stimulates the appetite, aids the a.;s mllutlcm of food, relieves Hcattburn and Belching, and strengthens tho muscles and nerves. For-Int«rmltt«nt Fevers, Irf Iritclc of Energy, etc., It baa no equal. jy The connlno has above trade mark and crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other. Mitt onlj by BQOWII UIEBIUL CO. lUMttQM. *O Master's Sale. STATE OF ILLINOIS, i St. Olalr county. J _ . a . Of the September term, A.D. 18£«, of the St. Jo°hSVch?,«« yss^sg^^^^^A Burn. Thorotts Burn, Jatnei Burn. Barbara KerKU'ion, Siiiah Jaue Burn, William Burn, John Tueraas Burn, iJoroiby Ann ««"«, Isabella Burn. James Buiti, nnd Henry B. Oiiullenc r, exooutor of tho lukt will and testament of John uhllton, deceased. Kill lor »ule ot Real Estate. ., Under and by virtue of decree of »ald court, nmdo In the above entitled cause, at s'ald term, 1, the unduralRned, will, o» SATURDAY, MARCH i«, lew, at nnd on tho premises hereinafter deBorlbod aolHotlielilHr,e»t.ind best bidder, tlw fol. lowing di'BorluKd land, sltnfttcd In thu county cf Mudlsun, and ftuto of Illinois, to-ww. Tlio west fourth of the •outbeayt quarter ol tho northwest quarter, containing t*nJ10) acresj and tho half ot the southwest quarter, ail In section thirty (ao),ln township | T15E ATLANTIC FOR 1887. Will contain, in addition to the boat Short Orltlou'ra, two Serial StoriM!*- The Second Son, By MRS. M. 0. W.OLIJ'aANT Paul Patoff, By V. MAU10NJ By F. MAKIOH IJlWinSVMW, ,,* Author of "A Roman Singer," "Mr. liaNN, tie. Paper* on Auiorloan History, ByJfMlX FISK8, Whose previous papers have boon so tnter- eating, full of Information, nnd generally popular. French nud English. i admirable paper* com* , Six (0) north of vnngo nine Appra'sod value, ia,450.7i!. ) west. I »* HUM »»»il*«J| »«,.«—..—. • Sal" lo comuionofl nt one o'clwk p. m. TKRMs Olf f ALE.-Twonty per cent, of tho y to bo i.ald cosh down, and i a credit of Blx and twelve | puicliuse uinnp tho bulunoo on , tlon of SMI talo.l will oxecnlo and dollvcrn deed to tho pmchaser or puicha-trs of taw Essays and Poems, »y OL1VKR WENDELL HOLM 109. Occasional Papers, By JAMBS RUSSELL LOWELL, intrlbuttons may bo expected -from Jobs innutlii>7securetl by notunnd approved .ecu- i orconJi-nf Whlltler.ThomHS Wentwortn lUtt ilty, and a niorttcagu on the premlBCs.sqld.on l K i Il8O n, Charles Lmdluy Warner, B, O. otea> t he Viecutlon of will, h, and .ipon conl rma- 8,, m> Harriet W. 1'roston, Sarah Orne Jow«tt, '""-•-"'Charles Eubort Oraddook, Arthur Sliorburne Hardy, HiinryOabotLodKe.EdlthM.TbomM, Horace E. Seudder, Qeor«o K. Woodporiy, acorgoFiedorlck I'arsono, Muurleo Thomp son, Lucy Laieom, OcllftThaxtnr. John Bur- roiighB, Jamog Freeman Clarke, Elizabeth RoblnsTonneU, Bradford Torrcy and many others. ALONZO S. WU-UBll»ian, Master In Ohaneery of said .conn W. M. W. WKIII, Sol. . luutd MUKO. Mono, 111., Keb.21, '87. OlIDHCH NOTES—Rev K. R. Brent spent Saturday and Sunday at Butler, and owing to hii BbBOiico.-Uov. 8. B. Taggart occupied tho pulpit hero In tho morning, preaching an able dlscouruo to a largo and attentive audience. Rev. ILK. Brent closes a throe years' pastorate Hero on next Sunday when ho will preach his farewell sermon, after which ho goes to another Hold ot labor. PEUSOKAI,- llov. 8. A Mutchrao?o, D.D., of Philadelphia, arrived hero Thursday morning to attend tho funeral of hie father, leaving on Saturday for Alton and St. Louts •where ho will remain for a fow days. Mr. B. 0. Doruey spent last Tuesday at Mr. 'S. L. Dorgoy's. Uo was on hla way home to Kenoma, Uo., from attending tho funeral of h|g mother, Mrs. A. B. HunUlHy, whose death occurred In Kentucky, the 2t)lb ult, Airs. 8. B. Tutfgart and daughter, Miss Mamie, of Upper Alton, and Mr. Robt. Sims, of your olty, cume out to attend the funeral 01 Mr Mutchmoro. Master Willie Wllsou, of Doraey, spent Sat urdayln town. Mr. and M». Jos. H. Smith war* treated to a pleasant surprise by our young people on the evening of the llth inst. Mr. and Mrs. Smith know well how to entertain their frlecdn and the remilt w»a,» delightful evening was spent In their company. On Uio same evening Mrs. Uulph Henderson untertalnod the young people of the Rooky Branch neighborhood at hor ploaiant homo ' Mr. Smith Dorsoy had two sheep klilolbv dogs ooe night recently. _ M, Food For Consumptive*). Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with Hypophosphltes, Is a most wonderful food. It not only gives strength und increases the flesh out hu it Is thu Irri'u- tlon of the throat und IUDJJH. Palatable as milk and in ull wasting diseases, boil for adults and children, is a marvelous food and medicine. Southern Antidote for Mulnrlu. It is generally known ihnt Simmons Livor Regulator is relied upon to secure immunity from all malarml disorders This 1* proven by Its popularity, and anyone who has lived in the South b» seen Its curative effects and the protection •!( gives against this weak enlng and dangerous malwdy. It nets more promply thnu calomel of quinine without any of their Injurious conse quoooea, / tu tn 9 w« First Keiituckiim—1 hi'iiryourbrotli- ors's dead. Second Kcntuckiim—Yes, he passed away very pcncofully; First Kentuckinn—Nutunil death? Second Kentuckian—YCH. First ICcntuckinn —I thought he was going to have'em. — New Haven News. Small boy—"1'a, who was that nice, kind gentleman who just patted me ou tho headP" His father—"That was a politician, my son." "Does he know ma?" "No,"my son, ho doesn't; and he doesn't know pit only about once ia two years."— Utiixt Herald. Mr. Heron Allen charges $20 to look at a hand, ami is licensed of being exorbitant. We wish to say that if tho average reader will polish up his thinker ho will readily recull' several occasions on which he lias paid it great deal more than this for the privilege of seeing ono.— fuck. "Seven husbands in a New York town have never been absent from home later than 'J o'clock at night during a married life of from ten to twenty years." This is the first intimation we'lmve had that the "seven wonders of tho world" are located in this country.— Norristown -IfcrnM. Mother—Johnnie, brush'the dust off your boots. Johnnie—Is that tho kind of dust papa was talking to governess about? Mother—What did ho Hay? Johnny—He snid: "Dost thou love me, Agnes?" Mother—No, it, was not, Johnnie; but Agnes will dust out of liens to-morrow morning. — Iloston Olobc. Ears and Scalp Covered with Ec- zcmatons Scabs and Sores Cured by Cutlctira. • M \ little son, n(?ed etirtit yeard, nas been af dieted with Eczema of thi sculp, and at tlmea a ereat portion of the body, over since he was two years old. It began In his ears, 'and extended to his soa'p jwhloh became covered with BOHbs and sores, und from which a Htlcky fluid poured out causing intense Itching and dlatix-ea, and leaving hts hair mHtted and lifeless. Underneath these scabs UiOHtdn was raw, like a ptece ot beefsteak Gradually tho hair came out and was destroyed, until but a small pntoh was loft nt the back of the head. My iriendsin Peabodv know ho tfuiy llttlo boy hna suffered. At nluht lie would scratch his hoad until hla pillow was covered with blood. 1 uBi'd to tie hla hands behind him, and in many wuya tried to prevent his soratci Ing: but H was. no use. he would scratch. 1 took him to the hospital ami to the bust physicians In Peabody without success, About this time, -80110 trlandx, who had been' cured by the Cutlcura Kemedle-, prevailed upon me to try them. 1 began to us« them on the ot January last. In seven months every partt- do 01 tne dlBO' woo removed. Not a spot or dcab rcinnlns on his scalp to tell the story of hUnuflerlng. ,1J1»hair has re-umed, and Is thick and strong, and his scalp as sweet and clean as any cblld's-ln the world. 1 cannot say enough to express my gratitude lor this wonderful cure by the Oatlcum Berne- dies, and wish all similarly afflicted to know that my statement 19 tiue and without exag- ueratton. CHARLES MCKAV Oct. 0,1885. Pcaboiiy.Mass. I have Been Mr. McKay'8 boy when badly atfected with the Eczema. He was a pltlluj eight to look nt. I know that he has triad our best physicians, and did all a father could do for a fullering child, but availed nothing. Iknowth ttlie siatemonts he has made you as regards the curing ot his boy byv"»i «;iitlcura Henv dies are true In nvery particular. WH.-UAM J MCCAUTHY, 33 Foster sti eet, Peaijody, Mass. I do not know of any Instance In which the Outleuru Hemedies have failed to product- satisfactory results. X bellove I have cold more of «hom than of .any other skin reme- Dies 1 have ever handled during -thirty-three, vears ol my experience as a druggist. A. D. TKVON, liatavla, N. T. Hold everywhere. Price: Outlouva, BO cts.; Outlcura Soap 26 cents; Cuttimra Hesolvciu, $1. Prepared by Potter Drug and Chemical Co.. Boston. Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases." t>T It/fPLES, Blackheads. Skin Blemishes IT JLJjJ- and Baby Humors, uae Cuticuia Soap. K A S KIN E (THK NEW QUININK.) No tad effect No headache No nausea, ringing ears, C" re " quickly Pleasant,t nre A PQWKBKUL TONIC. thtt the most delicate stomach wlllbear. A SPECIPlC FOK MAIjAitrA, RHEUMATISM,. NEKVODS PROSTRATION, and all Gortn Diseases. BellevueHospital, N. Y.: "Unlveroally sue- EXECUTORS* NOTICE. Estate of John W. Sohweppe, deceased. The undersigned, having been appointed Kxecutors ol the last will and testament of John W, Sohweppo, late of tho county ol Mndlson and State of lllLiots, deceased, Hereby rive notice that tliry will appear before tho County Couit of .Madison county, at the court house. In the Miirc-h tetTn.on tho lourtli Monday in March nuxt, at which time all persons having claim* iigalnst sulu estate are multlucl and rcqimsted to iittsnd for the purpose of huvliiK ihn same adjusted. All pel sone ndubtod to said estate are requested to uialife Immediate pnymnnt to the uudcrBlguea. Dated thU 2nd day ofFF<8b nHw'K'l'l ; E' WILLIAM E. auuwnces, UKNRY M. SOHW I- PPBi, j U 4 W Exueutora. KAGLC PACKET COMFANF. SPRING ARKANGEMENT. • The Steamer td 3t. Francis Hou.N. T. "Everv patient treated with Kaskino has been discharged cured." ln Dr. L. R. White, U. S-TSxamlnlnu Surgeon, write* : "Kuskine Is the best medicine inude." Dr L. M. Gleflsner, 860 Enst 121ct st , Nnw York city, has cured over 290 uuilents with Kasklne niter quinine and all other drugs hud fulled. He says: "It is undoubtedly the best medicine ever disco\ ered." Pros. \V. F. Ilolcorabu, M.D., 61 EastZSth St., N.Y. (late Prof. In N. Y, Mud. College) writes: "Kusklne Is superior to quinine in Us «pcc Co pnwer, and never produces the Bllghtest Injury to the hearing or constitution. Rev. Jas. L. Hall. Ohnplaln Albany Penitentiary, writes that Kasklne has cured his wife, after twenty venra suffering from ruaurlo and neivbus dyspepsia. Write him for particulars. Thousands upon thousands write that Kns- klne has cured them alter all other medicines had failed. Write for book of toati- lunnluld. . , Kasklno can be taken without any special ujedicul advice. $1.00 pnr bottle. Sold by or sent by mall on receipt of price. KASK1NE CO., 64 Warren St., New York. :W dwlm 1EUM8: $4 a year in advance, postage free, 85 cents a number. With superb flte-«l«o portrait of Hawthorje, Bmeraon, LongJel- low.Bryant, Whlttier, Lowell, or liolmes ?J j each additional portrait, $1. Tho November nnd December numbers of tho Atlantic will bo sent ft ee of charge to now subscribers whoso subscriptions are received before December 20th. PoBtol notes and money are at the risk of t lie fender, and then-font remittances should be made by money order, dralt, or registered letter, to Hougbtou, Mlfflln & Company, 4 Park street, Iloston, Moit. H. LHYUB, Master. I E. ROBB rowELI, j Ei>. BLOOK.OIOCK >. On and alter Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread Battle wil> run UB tollows, V!E: LEAVING ALTON FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. in., and St, Louis oh return trip at 8 p. m., daily. And leaving Alton for Portatte, Jersey Landing. Grntton, and waj points every evening at 5:30 o'clock. «9,The AVhlstle will be »oua4e<l Qfteno minutes before starting for St. Locals. To ST. Lews, HOUND TBIP IOO Doses One Dollar. Hood'8 Sarsaparllla is the only medicine of which this can bo truly satdj and It Is an unanswerable argument as to the strength and positive economy of this great medicine. Hood's Barsaparllla Is made of root*, herbs, barks, etc long and favorably knowu for tholr power w puiifylne the blood s and In combination, proportion, and proceBs, nood'» Barsaparllla Is peculiar to itieif. "Par economy nnd comfort we use Hood's Sarsaparllla." MBS. C. BBEWSTEII, Buffalo. "Hood's Sarsaparllla takes lett time and quanUCy to show Its effect than any other preparation I ever heard of. I would not be without It In tho house." Mns. C. A. U. HUBBABD, North Chill, N. Y. 100 Doit* One Dollar Hood'* SarsaparlllA cures scrofula,, salt rheum, all humors, boils, pimples, general debility, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick headache, catarrh, rheumatism, kidney and liver complaints, nnd all atrcctlons caused by Impure blood or low condition of tho system. Try It. " I was severely afflicted wltU scrofula, and for over a year had two running sores on my neck. I took five bottles of Hood's Barsapa- rilla, and consider myself entirely cured." 0. E. LOVBJOV, Lowell, Mass! "Hood's Sarsaparllla did me an Immense amount ot good. My whole system has been built up and strengthened, my digestion Improved, and my head relieved of tho bad feeling. I consider It tho best medicine I have ever used, and should not know how to do without It." AUxtf I* re«t-B, Solctn, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparllla Bold by all drussMi. «H »"* *>' only by a I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, 100 Doses One Dollar* A Word about Catarrh. "IMS the mucous membrane, that wonderful euml-nuld envelope surrounding tlio delicate tissues of tlio air and food pasaagos.tliut Oatarrb makes Us stronghold, onco estab- eats Into tho very vitals, nnd renders life but a lonK-drawn breath of misery and disease, dulling ilia sense of hearing, trammelling the power d speech. deBtroylnu i he faculty ol smell tulntliiK Hie breath, and killing the refined pleasures of taste. ln- kldlogjly, by creeping on from a simple cold In the heud, It assaults the membranous lining und envelops tlio bones, eating tlirnuRli the delicate coats and caui-lnK Influinmatlon, slouKhing ann death. Nothing short of eradication will seeuro health to the patient, anu all allevlatlvcs nro simply procrastinated sulfei-lnns, leading to a latal torailnaiion. fianford's Radical Inhalation and by Internal administration, has never fulle<); I'von when the disease has mRde frightful lnroa<?B on delicate constitutions, lieiinng, Bine'l and taste have been recovered, and the dlbeasethoioutihly driven out. SANFOBD'S RADICAL CDHB conslsta ot one bottle ol the Radical Cure, one bosCatairhai Solvent, and one Improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped In one package, with lull directions; DBPO AOnBnncAT/CO..Bo8Toy. Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE ST. LOXJI3 AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS U. K. OO'S PA.I.ACK SI K AM KB HOW I* ACHES. Worn out wlth'paln, but still compelled by stern necessity to stand up to the work bolore us und bear tho pain. Heilnf In ono minute In a On- tloura Anil.Pain Plostor ior achiu« aides and bach,wi>uk&painful muscles, tho aoro chest and hacking coimh, un-t every pain and aoho of dully toll. Elegant, new, original, speedy, and Infallible, At druugt8t«,2Ac,; five for Jl; or, poBlago Iroe, of Potter Drug undOheuik-al Co., Boston. A. J. HOWELL, -DEALER IN- FURNITURE! A Full and Complete Stock OKDBP WHIFFLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, HERBSSBNTINQ THK FOLLOWING First-Class -Ins. Co.V, I na. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Frankliu, of PhlladelyJiia; German American; North British and Mercantile"; London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Bug.' Continental; Oirard; Glens Falls, , Amerean teutral; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AND OTHERS: A CASH CAPITA! IN THE AGGREGATE.Of $20,000,000. • \VB ALSO IlKPEBBMN'r THK Mutual Benefit Lite, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident IIIB. Co..Hartf ord. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Got, Third and State sts. J. F. ELLISON, Commander. KD ANSHBTZ, j clerks TUOK DODGE, •{• UJelJ ™ 1 *.. t .^,, On and alter Thursday,Feb. nth, wlllleave Alton dally . ^ For St. Lou's at 7 a.- in. Returnlne, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vine st.) at2:45p.m.! • LeavJner Alton at 5.-3O p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Gratton at 7:45 p. m., oonnectlnstwltb f astezpress on St. Louis and Central llllnolB Railroad ior Jersoyvillo. Wa- vony, SpiliiKlleldaud all points north and Oa9t> FARE. ' TOST. Louis, sliiKlo trip, . '. . 6<>c. " " round irlp ' S3 " " twenty ilae ticket,. , $5.00 HENRY 0. TATUM, Gun. A«t. Alton. It. A. FISHER, don'l Manager. lolldtf The Century For 1880-87. THE OBNTDKY Is au Illustrated monthly magazine, having a reicular circulation of about two bunured thoubaud copies, otten reaching and eoinotlmos exceeding two hundred aha twenty nvc thousand. Oulof among Its manv attractions for tho coming year ii a serial which has been In active preparation lor sixteen vearr. ,lt Is a history ol our own country In its most critical time, as set forth in / . '.'. "..-•••' THE LIFE OF I^lNCOJjN, By liis Confidential Secretaries, John G. Nlcolay and Col. • JolinHajh - . This great work, begun with the sanction of President Lincoln, aud'continued under the authority of his son. tho Hon. Robert T. Lincoln, Is the only fnll and authoritative record of the lite 61 Abraham Lincoln. Its authors were Mends of Lincoln before )iii preaMencv! they were'rmost Intimately associated with him as private secretaries throgbout his term of office, and .to them were trau'Bl erred upon Lincoln's death all hU private pnpei s. Here will b6 told tbo inside history of the civil war an* of President Lincoln's administration-Important details of which have hitherto remained unrevealed that tuey might first appear In tnls authentic history. By reason of the publication of this W ° rkl WE WAR SERIES, which bis been followed with unflaffgiutf interest by a groat interest by a Rreat audience, will occupy loss space during the coming year, \aettysbura will bo described by Hun. Hunt (Ohlef of the Union Artillery), Gen. Longstroi t, Oon. E. M. Law; and others. Ohtcamanga, by Oun. D. H. Hill: Sherman's March to the r-ua. by Generals Howard and Slocum. Generals Q.^i. Gillmore, Wm. F. Smith, John Gtbbon.Uoraoe 1'orter, and John S. Mosby will descrloe special battles and Incidents. Stories of naval engagements, prison llle, etc. etc. will appear. NOVELS AND STOKIES. "The Hundredth Man," a novel by Frank K. Stockton, author of "Tho Lady, or the begins In November. Two novelettes byGeorue W. Oablo, storleB by Mary HiiUooJ. Foote, "Uncle Remus," Julian Hawthorne, Edward Kggleston, and other prominent American authors will be printed during tne "SPEC F4JL FEATURES. (with lllustratlotisyinolude a BOrtes of articles on affairs In Russia and Siberia, by Geo. Kennan.uutbor of.-Tont Life In Siberia." wto has lust returned from a most eventful visit to Siberian prisons: papora • n tno Food on the n prisons; papora with reference to ttn bearing to Siberian Question, wll -- ^ Labor Problom; English Cathedrals: Dr, Keglosion's Religious Life lu the American -Colonies: Olalrvoyauce, Spiritualism,Astrol- 'on\etc., bv Rev. J. M. Buckley, U.D., editor of the OliriHtlan. Advocate: astronomical papers; artloios throwing light on Bible lilfltoi'y, etc. PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, $4.00 a year, 86 cents a number. Dealers, postmasters, and publishers take subscriptions. Send for our beautifully tllustiated 24 nage catalogue {tree), J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALKR8 IN Stoves and H aid ware. HARD & SOFT COAL ' BASE BURNERS! And othor first class beating stoves for wood or cool. CONSTANTLY ON HAND. FOit ALL UPHOLSTERING Noutly and promptly oxocutod. Belle Bt,, bot. Third and Fourth. -ALSO— [TNDEBTAKEB. RB81DENOB COM. 8TATB ft 8EVKNTU STS 500,000 AORH8 CHOICE HARDWOOD FARMING For Sate. Seven lots with good brick dwelling and outbuildings, In iro^d repair, In Unpor Alton. RuHldmica of «). E. <!olllnn, and hii'iwn UB tho Merrill property. \VIIU'I'LB A SM1LKV, vAI- ton, or U. w. Collet, irppar Alton. A two-story bilck (IwollltiK known n» tho A. I'ltttt humvatoud. Lately pir In pulr. JVUUTLE&HMILEY. For tsnle or K«at. A doalrabla tenement on Ululf street, owned by Mrs ». J.Dutro. „„„,,,,,„„„„,„, ln NORTHERN OONSIN f«r «J on long tlmt, Til* m6«| proipcrout H n«lu for wltletn«nt 111 tlio U. H. Pnll For bttl. The lato roHldencoB of J. >. aud W. If. Mitchell, on Mill St., two o; t. c bout plecos ol rosldonou propurtj- In Altoc. Tno prmiorty known na ''The I'ai-K, east ot ubovo; If lot». on Mill and Summit streeto, an J a number ol ou In Miller * MltehuU'B addition to Alton. jfor oui«. Tlie MoiTlman property on State stree in Mlllor 4 Mleholl'H add., to Alton, IX atory house, 8rooms und out-buiUKMKa; all In per foctordor. Can b« had j* • at u »aorlfloe, owner v.'»". far IK Htbry frame dwelling, corner I'o IJunlrnlile It«<l<leun<i« for Hitlo, A twoMtory brick dwullliiK on Htaie street knou-ri as A. I'hiH liuineBteail, lutuly put In K<"'d repair. A two story Irame dwtillliiK on Muiii utruiit, nearly now. A two story uilck dwullliiK ou Suvunth street, all lor Bale Alao IlanROB and Oliamplon Monitor Cook Stoves, the bust In Alton. Outside Worn a specialty: Boot ing, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies Series at a very low price. A specimen oopy (back number) will be sent on reqneBt, Mention this paper. Can you afford to bo without the Century' * THE OhSTUKY CO., New York. Subscriptions received at tnli ofilee. ALWAYS ON HAND. COB, SKOIIND AND Al.HY STS. TO ADVERTISERS For a chock for $20 we will print a ten-lino advertisement In One Million Issues of lead- • Ing American Newspupers. ThU IB at life rate of only one fifth of aeent a llne.for 1,000 olrou • latlonl Tho advertisement will bo placed before Ono Million DlfPKnKNT newsoaoer purchttPors-.-or FIVKMII.LIOK UBADKHS. Teu lines will accominoditte about 76 words. Address with copy of adv. and check, or sonrt 80 cents lor book of 176 panes. GBO. P. HOW- BLL * UO., 10 Bpmou at., N. Y. ' Ittlfldlm W ANTED—A live, cnorgelloman, to represent u», 576 pur month and expenses. Goods staple; "very one buys: outfit KKBK. 8TANDA1U) BILVaitWARB Co., Boston. ociUdSm AD1B9 wanted 'o pot up Tea Clubs lor our Pure Tens and Ootfoes. A liost of u»eful urtloles to select frgm BB premiums. Send for illustratoo 1'riue and Premium List, BPB OIALOFKEB: to ovciry TKNTH person that answers tlilBiidvortlfeiiiout. wo will send FBR» cine pound choice Tea. Address NAT'L TEA &UOFFEECO.. Hos'.on, Masa. ocgOdilm Tlio iindui'dlguod hare opened a nuw uluslo tore at tuo corner of 'flilrdjaad I'lasasta ORGANS AND ^PIANOS! of tho Itluost worlnnaushlp for sale at roil- uoimblo i/i-lcos, Oull undozamluo'our instru- tiioiitn before purobastni; oUuwhuro. FLOSS, f& BABE. motiKidwora WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tliii* Wuhbotrdi MO rasde *iUt » Bent.Wood tlm. TI»Btronir< ot bo»r<li »nd U»t «Ml>«r* In tu« For Ml* by «11 <W!«r.. CO., Sheriff's Rale. 'Jennie K. Depry i x vs. [ Execution No. St. Franklin Popry. UeoblllNo. By virtue of an exuoutlon.ln'.blsoaae Itaued out ol the clerk's nfllve of iho Olronlt i.'ourt of Madison county, llllnnli, directed to the Sheriff of Bald county,! have levied upon all tho right, title anil .Interest lot tho uof>'Udant lu and to the followli g property, Bltuato la the county af Muilluon und State of Illinois, and described us follows, to-wit: • Two W rods off of the, north Bldu of lot No. fivo (6), In block No. »lx (0), In E. Long's addition tothatown of Upper Alton, and, also, two (1) rods off, of tne south side ol lot No. six (0), In said block No, six : W tni-ttld addition. Said two (S) plecpn of laud fronlliitf lour (41 rods on Main street h Bald town and running baoK easlwardly tlio entire depth ot said lots, aud situated In (lie town ot Upper Alton, In thu county of .Muai- soii, in the Kioto of Illinois, which I will «*• po-e at I uullo Sale, to the highest bidder, for cash, on . FRIDAY, THK ELEVENTH DAY OF UAKOUi A. 1J.. 18117, between the hours of 9 o'clock In the fore- noun und sundown ; to- wit I at 10 o'olpoU, "j m., of said day, In Iront ot the north front door of tlio City Hall building, In tne city oi Alton in tlio county «nd Bute aforwaw. » Hutlsiy vnid oxeeutlon u>K«ther with oo»w. B. A. nURKIC, Sheriff oj undlion ooun ty. •' , 111. For Ileut. La»e roildnnoo ol M. J. Noonan on Stain kuovn wi the A. Hatt plwe. ,Uood «

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