Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 22, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1887
Page 4
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iiiioifcfai iMHi*ilVm twwirwhr Tii itwmniimnrirra'ViTir r tC IS WONDERFUL Low aagfly Aemafrtism begins, nod Insidiously it grow* in tho system, CUM i» startled to find himself it* t la either tho acute or chronic form, than l*»rn» the foaiful tenacity of its grip and the utter poWMleMness.ot |ka, ordinary remedies to give relief,/ * ' 1 Probably to no disease have phrslclarts given more study, and none < has more completely baffled their eilbrts to provide a specific; and until Athlophoros was discovered there was no medicine, which would surely cure rheumatisin, neuralgia and nervous or sick headache, Thousands of testimonials like the following prove beyond question that Athlophoros fs the only reliable remedy, and tlmt it will do all that i* claimed for it. Sumner, 111. I have been afflicted with rheumatism for nearly a year; used various remedies without obtaining vlicf until I was induced to give;• Athlophoros a trial. It gave me relief in six hours, and I have steadily improved since. Q. W.'SMITH. Jcwett, 111. I am entirely cured of my terrible rheumatism. Mine was an obstinate case. I was helpless and Suflbred no tonguo can tell how much, I saw an ndvcrtlscmcnt of Athlophoros, sent for it, tho close gave mo ease and I wont to sleep; next dny I got up and dressed mysclfj biul not sat up for a long time. It lias now been moro than a year since I have felt the pains of rheumatism. MRS. MAIIY A. BENNETT. Mr. Silas B. McClolland, Macon Street, near College, Decatur, Illinois, had a very severe attack of rheumatism, and found relief almost with the first dose of Athlo- 'phoros. Every druggistslibuld keep Athlophoros and AtmophoroB Pills, but whero. they cannot be boUeht of tlio druggist 'the 'Athlo- phoros Co.; 112 Wall St., Now York, will •end either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle for Athlophoros nnd 60c. for Pills. For Hvcr and kldnoy diseases, dyspepela, Indigestion, weakness, nervous.debility, diseases or women, .'ronstlpatlon,' hemlachc, Impure blood, itc., AthluphoroH Tills arc unequaled. t BMITE8TATE FOB SAU3 OB RENT, —OT— Rudersnausen & Sonntag. -' ' For Sale, -v, , V ; •' '.. ' A convenient an rt pleasant home at a_ reasonable figure, being a two-slory frame bouse on Slgbth street, near Henry. For Sal*. A choice f arm ol 320 aoi OB, with flrst class Improvements, situated 2X miles east ol Brunswick. Oharlton co., Mo. For Hale, A com For Sale Cheap The residence ot Oapt. W. f oble; two stories and mansard roof) 12 room 1 halls, closets, cellars, eto.; 8 acres of groan Host desirable property in the city. For Hale. 160 acres of land near olty limits, 3... -o ., two story brtok and trame dwe: n.- aouse, both situated on the CHS' o .uato street between 6th and 7th Ticets- so the brick block of stores on Sncon *troet, between Honr* and lildgo street aown asHunter'e For sale. A Hinall frame >' .«lng_ house within n ne Dlocbsofthed .t for $376. 160 acres {good tanning land, and anothei tract of; 00 jcres, both unimproved. Sttuat* In Mm co., Kansas, lit $10 and $16 per acre respectively—one-third cash.balanoo on time. For Salr. AI arm of 140 aoreo on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A noort two-story frame dwelling house on H. Price J3.600 For Sale. " A choice farm ol 1-20 uoros, situate 1 mile eonlh of Shlpraun, Macoupln county, 111., at , one-story frame dwelling house In good ndition. In Topping's addition to Allen. rartlesinieiidlnpftobny Ileal Estate In the cltyu) Alton or vleliiUv 'will find It to their i m woe t to cull at ilieolll:oof Uudursbuusen A Honntig and u.Miinlue their list 01 properties for sale us only part thereof Is advor- . tKed. PLIABLE PLASTER CORNS /I* A common sense cure, by a combined medical nnd mechanical notion. Unlike any other pro- paratlon, they relievo : the pressure while curing tho corn, and never fall where directions are followed- Five sots of plasters and box of ointment put up in handsome tin case, convenient for use. Price 25 cents, complete. Ask for "Podacura" and take no other. MANUPACTURHM, 118 W. Broadway, N. Y., U.S. OF FIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, _ Diet. Agent for Alton. FgTglCIAJXB AND HUHOKOM » DR. E. Physician ana Hurgeon, OFI-IOB I ST., ALTON, ILL. Office liours-»a.m.f la to 1, andfl^-m PR. O. B. Dentist* U THIRD BTrtKBT, AMON.!!^. Oftloo Houi*-8 a. tn. to H m.j \V. O. A. MoMIIXEN, Dentl8t» JPAILI TELEUMFJL tit 8MX>ad*otM« HUttot M the P. ' O. at Alton. Hi.) TUESDAY EVE., l^B. 22. AND GARDEN, A BEAUTIFUL t-IUY ADAPTED TO INDOOR CULTURE. A Detirftble Cow Stable for Farmers at Snmll Means—An Unpatonted Automatic Oate That \Vorkt Well—How tb Trent Shying Horses. ' The subject of self working gates Is an Important one, especially where economy is a necessity; for patented articles are, as a rule, expensive luxuries, and It is .not often that a really good thing Is: not patented. Space is therefore gladly given to a description and sketch of an unpat- entcd automatic gate, furnished by Mr. William Newton, of Ofeego county, Nt Y., in response to a request In Farm and Fireside. Tho description is really rendered unnecessary by the sketch, which makes the arrangement pluln to all who may study It. eanuu'cmeutwell titii'need close attention b them , frtott Jetting too fat. They -T - f J, atoh the' ; AUTOMATIC GATE. ; It will bo Been that the gate opens either • way.' The latch is the old fashioned modern spring, and is tripped by wires which pass through pulleys on the heel post of the gatp and thence to the crank posts. The done by cranks, which, turn small pulleys, around each of which' a small rope (preferably a tarred rope) IB passed, the rope also passing around ft similar pulley fixed,to the heel post of the gate. In give sufficient friction. It may be necessary to pass the rope twice around the pulleys; Buying Bone*. A horse shies, as a rule, because he Bees something Which he does not understand. It may! be some new or unusual object that the horse sees, or it may be an imper-' feet view of one. Even a familiar object brought to view suddenly and unexpectedly will qause a .horse to shy or jump, just as an'unexpected object or sound causes nervous people to start. Harsh treatment of horses only aggravates matters and Increases .the habit. The moire i the';'horse is scolded and whipped tho more nervous he becomes, arid every time he posses the place where the fright and whipplngoccurred he will recollect the unpleasant affair and prick up his ears, fidget and get ready for another jump. Never strike or scold a sensitive, nervous animal that In startled. Give him ample time (n which to recover his scattered, senses; speak .to him culmly and kindly and make him fool that yoxi are his protector, not his tyrant. When he has discovered for himself that all is right there will be un end to all further trouble. Some of tho New Apples. Chester county and Pyle's Red.Wintpr apples are from, eastern Pennsylvania arid uro promising' varieties. Bower's Non- purlel Is from the Shenandoah valley arid IB largo and line in appearance. Beauty of the World and Guilford Red are fropj North Carolina. Black Twig is from Tennessee, a supposed seedling of Winesap, as good a keeper and superior in size, of fruit and habit of tree. Stuart's Golden is from central Ohio, not a very large apple, but; of choice quality, keeping until April and May; tree a profuse bearer. It originated lu an old seed!Ing orchard, near a stump; and the. children, .now/ gray haired men and women, called it the Slump apple. Fink, another Ohio apple, valuable for fine cider and for long keeping, should be letter known. Salome, from northern Illinois, promises to be valuable for very cold regions; northern Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc. Shla- wnssee Beauty, n Michigan seedling of Famoiiso, without any of its faults, is proving Itself valuable in the north, though It docs not keep all winter. Lawyer, Huntsman's Favorite and Gen. Lyon, from Missouri, are worthy of trial. Berfe- ncr seems Inclined to twig-blight, as does also tho fine variety from Arkansas, Stevenson Pippin. . A B Q B B, W. A. HAHKJMLL, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, ETOBB A Well Arranged Cow Stable. An arrangement for a cow stable is (Described by a correspondent ot The Rural New Yorker, who reports it as not only simple but entirely satisfactory in Its workings. As may bo seen in the accompanying out, the feed boxes (AA) are nailed to the outside of the cover. This cover or front can be lot down by means of •hinges (BB) wlion grain Is to be fed and raised again for feeding Tho boxes are made by nailing four square boards together. Tho bottom of the manger la shown stanchions' 'at*!? 0 ytoonpLAN FOB STABLE. Tbo cows stand .with their front feet on D, which is n gravel floor two feet four Inches wide. The foundation is of cobblestone with nearly a foot of gravel on top, well pounded down. F Is ft donblo floor; inch boards are laid double so as to break joints. : It Is water tight. Tiie boards are laid on 2x4 scantlings bedded in the gravel. This platform has a elopo of throe inches, The manure gutter (G) Is water tight, nulled together with 20-pcmiy nails. 'H is a gravel walk next to barn. When the food box Is raised it Is fastened by a catch held to the studding. lleit Varieties of KowU. "What variety shall I brcedP" la an ever recurring question tlmt receives each Booson over varying answers, A very sensible reply Is that of The Southern Cultivator, which is, In brief, that no one can answer tho question better than yourself. If your yards are small your common senso ought to tell you that large breeds, euch as lighter dark Brabmaa, buff or nartrldgs Cochins, wbWfl Cochins or Langabani may suit you. Either stand ( <»•< fe&W&lianil. you* rutis iardtin- je 'Leihbrluf, QAhrea; Htradafts, Spanish and Hatoburga ftr* • all 'good. Filbert) by:Btuskor9,iftnA';layors/--.The finer sorts - may, be grafted on lie more common, i <whlch. seduces the : size ot the busli mid makes them more prpliUc. : Grape,,by layers^ and^cuttings; and, In rare Instances, grafting jg .fcuyantageously employed (or, new. or rare, sorts on old or wild stocks, producing rapid growth and . early, bearing. "•. luvspberry ilnct blackberry, by puckers, cnttmg;bf rtou and layers. Gooseberry and currant, by cuttings nntl sorn'otltncS by layers. To insure ! good work ohe must have sharp tools'and good'vmJc. Ben! Pcrley Poore, In "The American Cultivator, who approves of the above schedule, says to make the grafting wax by hdatlng and mixing equal''parts of resin, tallow nnd yellow beeswax. A coat of this wnx, nb6ut one-twentieth of mv'-inch thick, spread over muslin, calico or flexible paper, makes au excellent covering for outdoor grafting, or, spread half an thick, is well adapted to root grafting. Farm Acreage and Farm Values. Statistician Dodge, in his report on agricultural statistics, makes It appear that the farm area of. the .United States bos .nearly doubled- In thirty.years,.in- creasing < from., 288,50.0,014, to £80,081,886 acres. During the .first ten .yearn the tak* ing up,of:,government; lands, in the,west nnd south. and .the,state lands ot .Texas , was active. The most fertile areas, little encroached upon in the newer settlements, were' taken possession, of with a certainty of appreciation in'value that added 'intensity to the pursuit of homei obtainable' at Jnslgniflcttht- prices. ' The absolutely free hohiestead had riot at that tlino been guaranteed by law. In the next decade the disturbing element of the civil war prevented aggregate "increase,- th& states Within tho theatre of actual Warfare declining in area, some'farms being abart- doned and hence not counted .as-farms. At the same time many, of • the western states allowed a considerable increase. • Kansas, for instance,, with • 1,778j400: acres ln>1800,.hod 6,056,870 in.1870. : : .Between 1870 andjlSSO.the ,nev/ lands . taken- Into,, the .farmiarea..excecdnd! 128,000,000 acres. Of this np less,.than 40," L — - ' 000,000': were .,111 six dlvlsiona , between the. Mlsais- slppl and 'the Kooky mountains. • - The i n> crease was. large in the south, especially in Texas, where it wa> nearly 18,000,000. . DIAanAM OF FAftM The proportion of PRODUCTS. unimproved land, notwithstanding the new 'land taken up, has been constantly "decreasing. It was 01.5 iper cent. in. I860,' 69.0 in 1800, 68.7 In 1870 and 40.2 in 1880. According to the same authority the m- crease of twenty years in tlio values of products of: American .agriculture has, been far. greater than the increase in population. Quantities have' enormously increased and values have changed, some being lower and some higher than in 1800. The principal products are shown in the accompanying diagram in the order of their prominence. Meat, which represents ranch grass or pasturage, is flrst, followed by corn, wheat, hay, dairy products, cotton, poultry products, etc. Corn stood flrst in 18GO because the grains of the Western half of the continent were unutilized, and meat production east of the Mississippi has assumed greatly'enlarged proportions. A part of the corn, about half, arid a small part of the hay, are duplicated in the value of meats. The dali'y products aria principally from pasturage, and therefore do not duplicate extensively values of other items. . The products represented in the diagram and the proportion, of each in the two periods are given In millions of dollars, us follows: • ,» 1859, 1870. Experiment witn vows, On tWWiscorigln Agricultural college 'fiirnvfcl* etjwB WeW kep^thretf brPnlttir- Ing nnd three by soiling. ...Professor Henry result!.. There was gained a 77d p^tthds of'mak from one , toroduot of 1, Acre of pasture, prodncing 83't>oUnda ! of butter, while one acre In soiling crop gave 4,783 pounds of milk t whluh made ,100 pounds' of butter.; The • pasture WIIB '6ne of the best blue grass posture^ Wipdblo of carrying a cow. peri aci-e; tho season through, tinder favorable weather conditions, i . ..-••,';..- A Tlibfouftlibrett Cow, Tho presence of- any thoroughbred v cow in n herd, say» American Dairyman,.has a most, remarkable eltcct upon the owner. She IB tho first one ho'cbncwns himself about when the herd Is looked up. She gets all the petting and the extra bits of grass. The wife sets that cow's milk scpar-i ate to use in the'faintly, and wheii the cow has a new calf everybody, goes out to look at It. Such a cow.has a refining Influence lu the family, and every family and every farmer should have one in his herd. Growing 8trn\vl>arrl«G. Mr. J. II. Hale, of Connecticut, in Now England Farmer, estimates the cost of growing strawberries at $150 an ncre, itemized ns follows, viz. i Land rent $0.00; ploughing and harrowing, $4.00; manure, $50; plants, $20; summer cultivation, $50; mulching material for winter, $20. In the. $50 for fertilizers, $85 Is allowed for one ton of,pure ground bone and;$15 for muriate of potash, which are considered ' the'cheapest and'most effective manures. the ttMt poems, and »W» ' ,W«Ir . A to tta «oWMlUi thM |*«ldlous tlUrt*i subsorlptlon by- bnln Not a Una in idwl oouW shdcJt the.ttos HABPER'S HarB*r ( STraniiUn, square IJUrkry year (fo numbers) 8e<1 MOST p£RrE«rr MADE PrepivrAd with strict regnrfl toPnrityi fitrsngth, and llcaltufulness. Dr. Prlco'eBakinKPowilercontalns no Amm»nla,Llme,Alnm or Phosphates. Dr.Vrlco'k Exlrucle, Vanilla, tomon, etc., flavor dollclotlBly, • pmcf Btmsjw, RAILWAY TIME TABLE. in w¥th .the 'ear.iWhon mrwlll be- time of re- FnctaiFnrmerii Want to Knnu. The aid of sheep In keeping up fertility is especially important to the eastern anil older states. Expcrimcnta in tobacco culture in south Florida, says The Savannah News, have been made with encouraging results on a limited scale. J. W, Comstpck, of Greenfield, Ind.j considers sweet cow's milk the most effective remedy for hog cholera. . Some of the Connecticut river valley farmers arc: giving tip tobacco culture for the breeding of fine horses. A citizen of Pocabontas, la., has hi- vented a new fuel whlcb bids fair to take the place of coal in the prairie countries. He grinds corn stalks and coarse prairie grass together and moistens them. This pulp is pressed into'blocks about twelve inches long and four .inches thick, and dried. One block will give an.hour's steady heat. This fuel can. be produced for $2 a ton, and the Inventor claims that 'It will histitwice as long as the best soft coal. A Ulit for All. • In order to give all a chance to test it, and thus be convinced of its wonderful curative powers, E>r. King's New Dis>. covory for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, will be, for a limited time, given away. This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of (his croat remedy. All who suffer froth Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, or any affection of Throat, Chest or Lungs, are especially requested to call at E. Marsh's Drug Store, and get a trial bottle free, large bottle $1. Renews Her South. : • Mrs. Phffibe Chesley, Peterson, Clay, co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of winch is vouched for by the residents of the - town: "I am 73 years old, have been troubled: with kidney complaint and lameness for many years, could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, and am able to do all my own houeework. I owe my thanks' to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed completely all disease and pain." Try a bottle, only 50o, at E. Marsh's Drug Store. fbl dwltn CHICAGO ASH Al/TON. On and after Sunday. Nov. Hth, 1686, tralni on the Ohlcp#o and Alton raUroad. wfll leavf,' the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, ss foUows: . , For ChloaKo and the Euti : OhlcogoHall'... 9i06a.m Ohloago Accnnunodatlon*... Uchtnlng Express* 9:lop.m Poorla and Book Island Fast Llnet,9:00 a. m for JaoksonvlUc, Keoknk, Qnlncy, • Kw Isas Clty.nnd all points west. • • ' Kansas Olty Mail* ...... .. 9:00 a. m. Kansas Olty Express*, 9:10 p. m DenverExpx-essf .....7:08p.m. Jooksonvlue Accommodation t. • • 'I'M p. m For St. Lotus i • •> • •' LightnlnKEiproSB'........ ...8:46 a.m Oliluogo Aocommoclatlon*. ........9:80 a. td Alton Speolalt ....12:96p. n) Kansas Olty Mall* 5:40 p. n OhloagoMollt.... '.. .....;.'. ...0:30p.rii IBADJ8UBSAVB ST. IXJOTB ONION DEPOT FOB ALTON. f7 BO a. m. ' 16 Qppi m. • *7BBp.m. (84«a.m. Snndaysonly). : . T Bxce P t B r,nda £ . , vBi , : • - Snp't. St. Louis blvlElon O. G. NOBB18, Tlokot Affant. : , The volumes Of the ... - flritNiimhet for J.ttnuamof «a no time Is mentioned, Bubsort: uln With the Number ounwu\ • col ptbf order, ., * ' Bound Volumes of — T ^_. tnroeynarflbnck.lnnpntiBlothtimdlngtWiUbe of expense (provided tBe Iremht does not exceed ooo dollar per volume), for U.OO per V ^lo?h'Oa»eB for ouch ^rolume, wlUble for binding, wi» bo sont b* mall^ postpaid, on on receipt of ^1.00 each* V ' Kernlttancod should b fnade by Postoffloo . Money Order *pr l)ralt,';to avoid ohanoe of.j. Newspapers laro not to copy this advertU*-,'- mont.without t^e^express, order of aikF**'] OmOAGO, BUttUNGTON AJTO QUINOY. Trains leave the Union Depot, Alton follows: • > ' doing Sfortht Express (except Sunday) • • •. • 8:SS a. m Night Express • 7:05 p. m W.'W;- ARNOLD, Airent. AVER' Sugar-Coated Cathartic Q I I I O I I iW LaO « Articles; Meats 800 Corn.. 801 Wheat 125 Hay 153 Dairy products,... 103 Cotton........ 218, Poultry products.. 7S Other products..... £03 Total. ......... !,070 Value of Per Value of Per products, cent. prcxlucU. cent. 17.00 21.05 7.8 0.1 0.1 ]1!J> 4.5 17.8 800 003 497 410 853 978 180 679 . 18.5 11.7 11.0 0.5 7.8 4.H 15.5 1000 3,7!!0 100.0 BncKien'8 Arnica Salve. ' The Best SaJvo in the world for ontn, bruises, sores,!..isra, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 opBts per box. F«r sale by E; Marsh, Alton. Ill' mebJdwlm Do you.suffer w 1 ^ chilblains?—! certify to the prompt rehpf obtained from the use of Salvation Oil "for chil-. blains, and do not hesitate, to recomend It, as the best cure I ever tried. H. Hood; 749 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, Md. ' "What fine chisel could every yet cut breath!" and yet a hard voxing cough is cut all to bits with one bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the favorite. A Wleara of Humor. There is something half humorous in the paragraph' whioh'occasionally ap. pears in one of our contemporaries, that "owing to the illness of Mr. we are unable to present his 'Hints on Health 1 in this issue." -Ex. That tired touting (and loss of appetite are entirety' overcome ' Sarsapanlla, the peculiar Try it and see. modiome. 9 What Would the Lawyers Uo ? It is about time to pass a law restrain* ing lawyers from aiding crime by abetting criminals. — Ex, Doctors do a deal of buggy riding. They know a good spring when they see It. Thop know it better when they feel it. Thousands of them are using tho Rice Coii Spring. _ dwlw Free From Striken. You never heard of a strike among astronomers. The business la always looking up.— Ex. As a toilet article, Ayer'n Hair Vigor stands unrivaled. It cleanses the scalp and removes dandruff, cures itching humors, restores the original color to faded and gray hair, and promotes its growth. _ dw iw Take four Cbote«. Which would you rather be, a United Stales Senator or iv runiubor of tho Bog- ton base Ml club P— ga. No oorntlre agent of modern times has accomplished so inuoh good as "Petrolme 1'lMters," Food For Consumptives. Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with Hypophosphites, is a most wonder» ful food.. It not only gives strength find increases the llesb but heals the irri'a- tion of the throat-nnrl~lungs. Palatable as milk and in all wasting diseases, bi th for adults iind children, is a marvelous food and medicine, : e Oroatwt Care on Earth for Pain." Will ire mare qulclilY tluin any otto known ron.- .l«n, Neuralgia, mvolllntni, stiff Neck, Drufson, Burns, scald*, Culn, Lumljft- RTO, Pleurisy, Soroa. FroBt-bltce, Sciatica, tfolinfa, tloadnoho, Toothache. Sprain*, eto. rriop Eii-U. a bottle. Sold IJJT all )druq>fristii. Caution.—Tlio (ran- ulnu ttalvatlon Oil bean our rogtgtored Trade-Mark, and our atnre, A 0. Hoyur A On. sole Klinore. lid., V. S. A. Dr. Hull's Couch Syrup will cure your Couch at nnr.n. Price onlv 25 CU, a bottle. JOSISI'U JAMltETT'8 LIVERY STABLED VBONT 8TBEBT, BETWEKN AUJY AND KASXON. Al.TOf TbU paper l» Itu'pt ou Die at tlio office or YER^SOK OVERUSING GENTS S^W PHILADELPHIA. WIlHWl If the Liver* becomes torpid, If the bowels are constipated, or if the stomach falls to perform its functions properly, use ' Ayer's Pills; They are invaluable. For some years I was a victim to Liver Complaint,' In consequence of which I suffered from-Qeneral Debility and Indigestion. A lew boxes of Ayer's Pills restored -me to perfect liealth. — "W. T. Brightney, Henderson, W. Va. For years I have relied more upon Ayer's JPUls than anything else, to ; Regulate my bowels. These Pills are mild in ae- tion, and do their work : thoronKhly. I have used them, with good olTeot, in cases of Rheumatism ana Dyspepsia. — G. F. Miller, AttleborouKh, Mass. Ayer's Pilfg cured mo of Stomach and Liver troubles, from which I had suffered ; foryears. I consider; them tho best pills made, and would not bo without them. —Morris Gates, Dowhsvillo, N. Y. I.- was attacked with Billons Fever. which was followed by Jaundice, and was so dangerously ill that iny friends despaired ofiny recovery. I commenced taking Ayer's Pills, and soon regained my, customary strength and vigor.— John C. Pattison, Lowell, Nebraska. Last spring I suffered greatly from a troublesome humor on my side. In splto ol every effort to euro this eruption, it increased until the flesh became entirely raw. I was troubled, at the same time, with Indigestion, and'distresslng pains in The Bowels. By the advice of li friend I began taking Ayer's Pills. In a short time I was free from pain, my food digested properly, the sores on my body commenced healing, and, In less than one month, I was cured. — Samuel B. White, Atlanta, G». I have long used Ayer's Pills, in my family, and believe them to bo the" best pills made. — S. C. Dardon, Darden, Miss. My wile and little girl were taken with Dysentery a few days ago,, and I at once began giving them small doses of Ayer's Plus, thinking I would call a doctor If the disease became any. worse. In a short . time the bloody discharges stopped, all pain went away, and health was restored; — Theodore Bsllng, Richmond, Va. • Ayer's Pills, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayer &0o., Lowell, HUM. gold by all Dealers in Medlclnw . WH. L. KLUNK UNDERTAEEB, AND DBALKU ft" Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes For Ladles, Gentlemen and Children. Office and Shop on State street OvorllaM s Llvory Stable. Will attend to Job Work and Hepntunir Fnrnlttu-A. fsA Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Ofllco ou Third st.,oiio door west of PluBft, third floor. 300 BA.Q8 HIGGINH' FUREKA FINE SALT. For Dairy and Table Ua<», ln<14 Ib. llueu Backs and 50 Ib, Hack«» for sale by J. A. RYBIE, .- , Harp&r's Weekl^. • "X IUUIBTEATBD. maintains its p as the leudlhff illustrated neivspdpor in Arner- lea; p-ad Its holdupoji public oateemaud 6on- ffdonoo*B8riev<$- stronger than at Ul« pres- •" ent time. - Bnsldtn theiplotureU, HlBPBB'8 WEEKLY always contains InBtailmente of ouo, occasionally ol two, of the hesl hovels of the day, flnol", Illustrated, with'- short stories. pooms, s, itehes, and paport'of Irnportuni ,current tunics by the most popular writer^ The care tlmt has been successfully exercised • In the past to n,ake HASP-BBS WSBKLT u sate,, as -well as' n welcome vlflltor,to every house •'hold will not be relaxed In ttS future.' 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Money Order or Draft to ovoldclmnoo of loss, Newspapers are not to copv tuls advertlst- ment without the express order ot Harper it Brothers. Address HABPKK & BKOTHEKS, New York. ASSIGNEE'S SALE. Estate of nerninnRcgclmann, debtor: •;. The underulgiied herebv gives notice that • Herman Regeltiiann, of Alton, In the «ounty • of Madison and State of Illinois, did, on the Hthdayof Feb., A. D. 1887, transfer to the, undorslfthed, an assignee, all his property, realand'pbrsonal, for tho unneflt ot bis oredv ' Itors, according to tho provisions of the Mi:,, concerning'apHtgrTments. v All persons havjng claims against tho said Herman Begeimann are hereby jiotitlod to present Snch olalMs junder oatu or afllrma- lion, to in« at my Bture, on the corner of Third and Piasa streets, Alton, In said county, irltb- In throe months from this date. , ~ >• Dated Feb. 16th, 1887. JOHN DOW, Asslgnse. , JOHN J. BBEKROLT, Atty. -, ^v ^ f»bicd«w DAIRY FARM. NorUi Alton Jersey Dairy, • HavinK rentert JnrueB Mullen's Dairy farm and cattle, the undorslKned will furnlsh'iulllt of the very bust quality to the citizens of Alton. The cattlu are mostly, hlih..grade &' .torsovsand forgiving rloh milk they, nave no equal; they are all, young and healthy; will leed no slops of any kind ,to> our cattle. 1'artles that wlfl favor us with tliolr patronage may depend on gettlngmllk of the very bent quality.. A sample will bo given free of charge to all that apply tor it. Tne milking and every tiling coiiDecttd with the dairy wlfl bo kept sorupuloussly clean sothat our customers ;mayc receive i the .milk In the best of order. :A ehare of public patron age Is respectfully requested. Leave orders with Messrs, Kirsoh ft Sch(088, and with Messrs. Selbold & Deterdlng, 'or, : address \a at'North'Alton, ' ALBEHT VOLPKKi ERNEBT WKIBN8LUH. Have for service, two registered sires, Jer- eoy and IloUteln, servlee fee for either, $5 00. The Ilolstoln Is from that famous bull, Oon- stantlne, owned bv Mr. Btevons, of New York; took $760 premium at St. Louis lait fall. 'Out's Is thirty months old and* IS over seventeen hundred weight. « • _ * ChancerV Notice- STATE OF ILLINOIS, I „„ County of Madison. ) 0> Circuit court ot Mudlsou count}', Marah term A.D.1887. Henry 0. i'rlost, survlvliiR partner of Henry •0. awoctsor, dooonsed, late partners under tho name ol bwoctaor and I'rloBt, vs. David R. Sparks, Anna u. Sparks, bis wife, Wesley Best, the Alton National Bank, tho D. U. SnarkB'.Mllllng courpuny, Albert.- Wade and Frank K. Mllnor. In ofift^eiBi*, 1 • Notice IS Horeby given to' tho sttla' WeslBV Best that the above named complainant Heretofore filed his lilll of complaint In said court, on the chancery side thereof, and that a'summoBs thereupon Issued out of said court against the above .named defendants, returnable on the first day of the term ot the olroultoourt of, Madison county, to behold at ' court bouse In Wdwardsvtlle, In aiild Madison county, on the third Monday qf March, A,D. 1887, as Is by law required, and whlon suit Is still pending. KOUBUX UAONAUKR, ..-'•'. . Olork. WISK * DAVIS, Oompl'u Sol'rs. -JaUdTw J. SUITER & SON, •u v FIXE AN1> COMMON FURNITURE. A Fall aiid Complete Stock Always on Hand* DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. wUUFUnNlTUlUUlOOMSAUBQN State Street, opp, Third, ALTON, ILju, »P«dwlv quUacre* '-j Alton,

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