Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 22, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1887
Page 3
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m 00 as GO 1TAT TVPWQ Second street.near JO ±LU J<JLJ J!lM 9« corner of Henry . * • -FOR- FINE * STATIONERY, Buoii as Crone's Floral, Whiting's Standard • Papers, Hnrlbut's French Linens, Eclipse Bagg«4 Edge, Elite Ragged Edge, Balmoral •Linen, Griffin's Linen, Turkey Laid Linen, Pouch Blow, Mikado, Charred Edge, Cream ' Laid. Mourning Note, and a large assortment - ot Illuminated and Ducorated stationery. ' Dennl sou's Wax and Heals. School Tablets j »nd Stationery. dec6dwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINESl O.ltCAP FOR CASH ON TIME PAYMENTS PUnoi and Organs tuned and repaired Sewing Machines repaired Bupollen lor all Machine*. N. D. LAMOBEUX. Moslo Dealer, Third street, nearly opposite Belle, Alton 111. decftdwly WATCH «OB THE BARGAINS IW JOB'S NKW COR. BUILDING, HENRY ST., AT BIE». D. HKITKAMf'8, AUkindsofFanoy.Bandmade, Knit andOro- en t goods. Hoods.Tobaggans and MUD. Men's Beam and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sowing cmil stamping Dine. Dome and give us a call. Don't lorget tbe place, docfl rtwly GREATEST BARGAINS I —AT- C.M. Crandall's Crockery Store 2O3 THIKD ST., JSKABLY OPPOSITE BELLE. NEW GOODS! Comprising the best Iron Stone China j finest quality Thin Opaque China, Imperial and Vitreous Cbinawaro; a splendid stock of Plain, Heavy, Thin-blown and Engraved Glassware; a grout variety of Lamps—best Electric, Rochester and Incandescent, also Lamp Chimneys for each; best quality Stlver-plateti Ware; Fine As- iortraent of Table Cutlery, Tea Trays, Bird Cages, and House Furnishing Goods generally, which I offer at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES FOE SALE.—A valuable Walnut Office Desk; will be sold at a sacrifice. Inquire at this office. 22 St. INDICATIONS for Southern Illinois: Local snows, followed by fair weather; lower, followed by higher temperature. A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Nemlnger's fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. THE new electric light company does not seem to be In a hurry to dazzle the city with the brilliancy ot its illumination*. Masonic Temple Association . Election. ALTOK, U.I., *"«b. 18th, 1887. -An election the Masonic Temple . , 18»7. For Iteut. ALTON DAILY XOTiCB TO AUTKBTMBBK. For tut T»ar 18*7 wt shall charge the tol- towing rates Jot tranwtnt action r* our loos? columns: •« Staglt inttrtton *'.' Three to flvo Insertions, . . 7 Six to twtlvt Insertions, . . I T&tXttwis-ftfTT cent* p«r Inch firtt ta- tertlon, and TfTKirTr-firs ttntt J>tr Inch lor each substquent insertion. $1 per Inch first month, Jl.W per looh.'etob month thereafter. LEGAL ADVERTISING: $1 per inch for the first Insertion, and 00 cents par Inch for each subsequent Insertion. 4V* Above rates will be stiletly adhered to. TUB DAILY TELEGRAPH u deiiverod by carriers to all parts of the city ot Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents per week. Mailed to any address at the rate of $6.20 per year. THE TELEGRAPH baa the largest circulation of any paper in Alton, and is tbe best medium for advertisers. I30HNBB TniRD AND PU8A ST11KETS. TBIB- PHONB NO. 88. TO-MORHOW is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of tho 40 daya of Lent. THE election for Clerk' of the City Court of Alton takes place one week from today. Money to loan on Improved real estate. Apply to Rndershauscn & Sountag. Third street. dtf THE water pipe at the corner of State and Short streets was to-day cleaned of accumulated mud and sand. The Assignee sale is now going on at the Globe. Many Bargains, call and see. 21 8. THE Democrat says It isn't the organ of the City Council. This assertion leaves that, boly of statesmen more friendless than was supposed. A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. C. (Jr. Moritz, Third street.. 28tf Blue grass, Clover, Timothy and all kinds of garden seeds at Seibold & Deterding's 17 d2w wit WHEN the steam heating company come to lay their pipes on Eighth street, they should be placed under bonds to relay the sidewalks (if they can find any) in as good condition as before. FOR SALK- One-third interest in the Alton Base Ball Association. For particulars inquire at this office, 21 6 TO-DAY is the 40th anniversary of the battle ot Bueua Vista^in Mexico, where General Zaohary Taylor, with 5,000 Americans, defeated Gen. Santa Anna and 20,000 Mexicans. A number of Altonians were in the fight. Money to loan on improved furm property. For particulars, apply to WH FPPLE A SMILEf. JKUSEVVILLB'S new hand lire engine arrived yesterday and was received at the depot by tbe major part of tbe population. On the advent of the •'masheen," up town, tho fire fiend fled shrieking across the prairie and has not been heard from since. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and got the best. Office at Mook's Pharmacy, Third street, and in Job's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 31 and 54. augl4 d7m THE announcement of Justice J2. J. Noonan as a candidate for Clerk of tbe City Court appears today. Mr. Noonan is an old resident has filled offices of responsibility with oreult to himself and to tbe benefit of tho people and is well qualified for tbe position in question. DIKU.—Nellie Hasting, aged 12 years, youngest daughter of Mr. Thos. Hasting, died yesterday afternoon at one o'clock, at the family residence, corner of Eighth and Alton streets. She had suffered for months with Illness of a pulmonary nature. Tho funeral will take place at 0 a. in. to-morrow from tho Cathedral. Ul'PEU ALTO*. The Uev. C. 8. Armstrong, D.D., will commenuo a series of religious meeting* In tbe Presbyterian ohurc'h.Up- por Alton, Thursday and continue every evening as long as there is interest. In order to make room for spring goods, 1 will offer my entire stock at a very low figure for the next 80 day».A. J, llowell, Belle Ht., Alton, III. P19 6 TUG setmtlonal story of a man who w*« heard calling for htlp whll« hanging ia th» water at the tide of a bargt on the Iliiiourl short tut night, and who was rMoned when almost peruh- ing by two Altomans, who went to hii assistance, (had no other foundation than the fact, that a man, under the "influence," wo» whooping and yelling on the sandbar; at a late hour. Ti» extension of the railroad from Elsah to Alton Is as important to our merchants and manufacturers as the building of the Central Missouri to this point. The extension to Elsah would benefit our local trade and open new markets for our products in Jersey, Maoonpln and Calboun counties that are now closed to us or only available by roundabout, and expensive routes. Besides, an enterprise that would develop the valuable quarries between here and Grafton could not but be of benefit to our merchants. Unlike some other railroad lines, which might be named, our retail trade has everything to gain and nothing to lose by this proposed extension. IT Is pleasautnr to praise than to blame. It is easier to flatter public officials than to criticise their act*. It is far more agreeable to a newspaper to ignore the derelictions of officials than to call attention thereto. It is unpleasant to make enemies of officials, especially when against them, personally, you have no feeling other than kindness. But a newspaper's duty to the public tometimes requires sacrifices of this kind, although the editor thereof knows that he will get no thanks from the.public for bis trouble and will have to make his fight unaided. We make these remarks simply in explanation of criticisms of the Council and city officials that have appeared in these columns. The reference is, of course, to the rnling majority of the Council, at It is by the acts or omissions of this majority, that the public record of the body is made up. In regard to this record we have told nothing but the truth and have nothing to retract; but, on the contrary, have tbe material for further strictures, should tbe occasion seem to demand. PERSONAL. Col. Brenholt attended court ii. Car« linville yesterday. Mr. Geo. B. Hewitt, spent yesterday in Jerseyville. Col. J. R. Miles, of Macoupm, is visiting exiSenator Yager to-day. Dr. W. A. Haskell and Mr. Al. Wade will leave, Thursday, for a trip to Florida, the "Land of flowers." Mr. Clarence . Malhews started for Kausas City last evening, where he has secured a desirable position in a leading business house. Mr. Jas. Warren, who returned from Kansas, yesterday, was much pleased with the enterprise, prosperity and public improvements r in various towns he visiUd. Mr. H. W. Hart and sons returned last evening from a trip to Kansas. Mr. Hart has given us some interesting notes of tbe journey which will appear to-morrow. GOLDEN WEDU1NU. Yesterday was the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Holden, Sr, of this city. The anniversary was made the occasion of a pleasant-family reunion, children, grandchildren and other ^relatives of tbe venerable couple, gathering at their residence on Sixth street last evening to present their congratulations and spend a few hours in social intercourse and recalling family reminiscences. A very pleasant evening was spent, re- refreshment! being served, and tho bride and groom remembered with appropriate souvenirs of the occasion. Mr. Cbas. Holdon and Miss Ehzibeth Cunningham were married in Leeds, Yorkshire, England,Feb. 21,1837. They removed to this country five years later, arriving in Alton Dno. 25th, 1812, where they have since made their home. Mr. Holden Is now <n his 78th year and his wife in her 70th—and, we trust, have many years yet before them. Their children all reside In this city, viz.: Messrs. Charles, Jr., Richard and Geo. Holden, and Misses Emma and Mnttie Holden. WASHINGTON'S HIRTUUAY. This Is tbe 165th anniversary of the birth of the Father of bis Country. It Is a legal holiday, but its observance is not general outmde of tbe largo cities. At Springfield an interesting observance takes place, coupled with memorial servoies In honor of the late Senators Logan and Uavis. *- MAIUUAUK LICENSES. Deputy Clerk Uiulor»lmusou has Id- sued a marriage liomiso to Mr. Lawrence Farloy and Miss Kate O'Noll, of Alton; also to Mr, Hunry Miller, of Brighton township, and Miss Rose Weimann, of Voiterburg. MOUO, Mono. ru-ijr«b.ii;'»7. the aomtof of r«b,uth, '»:, Itr. Alexander ttuwhtnore. after a linger- ia|UU>Ms, •uMrtd Into reit! thus Clotlnae well spent lit«, extending over a period of •Jmo»tnlB«ty~thrcoye»rs, Mr, Mutchmore was born In Westmor«lan4 oounty, P*», (n 17M, Hhlle tnu country was stIU young, and had the honor ol bating lived under the administration ol every Pr«s> Identlthashad, andof teeing the wonderful rise and progress ot this nation from tht original thirteen colonies to Us present number of States and Territories and tost«tbt development ot many of tbt grand resources they possess. At an early age he came with his father's family to Belmont county, Ohio and a number of yearn later was married to Miss Mary B, McOune, who died about eleven years ago. la 18CO he removed, with bis family, to Illinois and flve years later settled In Moro, where he resided until his death, lie was a man beloved and admired by all who know him tor his consistent Christian character and bis strong convictions of right, as onposod to all that waj wrong, and now that bis familiar face la no longer among us, the memory of his example and precopu and the uprightness of his life will long be cherished in tho hearts of all with «hom he was associated. When a boy ho nnltcdwltb tho Presbyter- Ian ohnrch and remained a consistent member of It until his death. It was bis delight to attend tho services of the church, which ho did faithfully until Infirmity and sickness prevented him from doing so. Of him it may well bo said that In youth, having gathered tbe sweet tblngs of life and Jiving so an to make life as complete as possible, in old age bo was ready to go at the Master's bidding: "Come up higher," and has left to his' family and friend* a record of which they may well feel proud. Deceased left two sons, two daughters and four grand children, all of whom were present at tbe funeral services,which were held in the Presbyterian church on Thursday, and were conducted in a feeling manner byBev. 8.B Taggart, of UhrloLsvllle, Ohio, his former pastor and Intimate friend, assisted by Rev. 1L H. Brent, of this place, and Bov. W. P. Baker, of Illllaboro.-: On tbe coflln was a beautiful wreatb of grasses and a sheaf of ripened grain, while back of the pulpit were the dates, 1791 and 1887 in evergreen. The pall bearers were: Messrs. V, P. Blchmond, B. L. Dorsey, 0. Kline, Robt, 81ms, Geo. Griffith and N. 8. Gay The funeral was largely attended but the severe storm of tbe morning prevented many fr*m coming to pay the last bad tribute to the departed. M. Southern Antidote for Malaria. It is generally known ihat Simmons Liyer Regulator is relied upon to secure immunity from all malarial disorders. Thin Is proven by its popularity, and anyone who has lived m the South has seen its curative effects and the protection it gives against this weakening and dangerous malady. It acts more promply than calomel of quinine, without any of their injurious consequences . lu th s wk Bather Uncertain. There is a report that St. Louis is to be incloied on the west with a belt railway running outtide of the city limits, connecting all tbe roads entenng tbe city from that direction, and also with the Merchants' bridge, that it is hoped will one day span the Mississippi. Tbe belt line will have double track, and will be backed by the company interested in the proposed stock yards, to be located west of the corporation limits. It is said that an effort will be made to constitute St. Louis the great cattle market for the whole Southwest. Tbe scheme is more worthy tthan it w certain of fulfillment.— St. L. Register. Physicians Have round Out That a contaminating and foreign element in tbo blood, developed by indigestion, is tbe cause'of rheumai Ism. This settles upon the sensitive sub-cutaneoua covering ot the muscles and ligaments of the Joints, causing constant anu shifting pain, and aggregating as a calcareous, chalky deposit which produces etiftneaa and distortion of the joints. No fact which experience has demonstrated In regard to Hosteller's Stomach Bitters has stronger evidence to support it than this, namely, that this uudlclue of comprehensive uses chocks the formidable and atrocious disease, nor is It less positively established that it Is preferable to the poisons often used to arrest It, since tho medicine contains only salutary initredlents. It Is also a signal remedy for malarial levers, constlpn tlon, dyspepsia, kidney a' d bladder ailmenei, debility and other disorders. See that you get the genuine. OPERA HOUSE. SATURDAY, FEB. 26th. 'flic wonderful Negro Pliuilet, BLIND TOM THE The Musical Phenomenon of the Age. Uenownm) throughout tliu world as tbe Greatest Natural Pianist Living. The exhibition o( whoso mnrveloui xlft has Kalnnd htm world-wide celebrlty.and has astonlfhed ana delighted the greatest musters ol musio, will appear an aborts (or POSITIVELY ONE NIGHT ONLY. Admission 35 and 50 cents. Reserved scats 75 cents. Bouts secured at Chamberlain'*. Concert at 8;o'cloo)c. *!•• For Sale Cheap, --ONK- Wlth all (ho Appliances) to Kun Ik. Kverythlng In Good Order. A. H. HASTINGS, Upper Alum. 1 $ ' ' -i • ( , ' " i , v , , WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO B m b r o i deries, AND White Goods, CALLED TO SPONGES, for carriage and bath. CHAMOIS SKINS, large and small. SILK SPONGE TOWELS. Marsh's Drug Store. The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and 6 oft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves '^BB^ EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, They Imvano equal. Also BOOKING and GUTTERING and JOI1UINQ done at reasonable rates. Call and examine my stock before purohusin f elsewhere. A T r&QO'QnhciK'H4- 532 East Second st,, . J . l^tJ^tJI II leu U L,5thdoor west of Henry GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money

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