Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 22, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1887
Page 2
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1 • i' " •• "••—^-"•'••W^WI-li TEljBOKAplL 1 V, f OOB hundred St. LOUJI pierohanu »T« telei(raphed to Mr. Morrllon, ask- log him to support the Randall bill, taking off the tax on tobacco. Tai President ye«terday nominated Jud«e Arnoi M. Thaver, of St. Lonl» to be United States District Judge for "3 Eastern Distrlctjof Missouri. R. M. Johnston, the woll known author of short stories, recounting the •ccentnc phases of (Jeorgla life before thi war, contributes to the March Uar- par»« another of his inimitable prodnc. tlons, entitled "The llivalrlef of Mr. Toby Glllam." ft tells the amusing love affairs of two rival coffia makers in Dnkesborongh. A. B. Frost illus, trates the story. WIT A TIIR With nlflnlthy hmul hn strove- 11 clip i. flic inildcn rln»flfil Imm hrr liorvrl Ah don't!" Then, with n smltW Up. "They aru my slstur Jiiuf'g,' »ho suld. Tho 1'floo of I'cnvls. Although a pearl weighing one grain U worth only one-eighth of th_prio« or a diamond of th« sams weight, it la rery easy to spend a large amount of money for pearl jewelry. There U now * 0 r^ mar H et ft P eftrl necklace worth ftSp.OOO. 1 haro seen another, says a Writer in the Pawnbroker 1 ! Qatttte, Worth £6,000, and one wns recently •old for about £8,000. These laivi prio«« are caused by th* dlfttoulty of obtaining particular sizes and color* that may be wanted. The most expensive collection of pearls on record Is that owned by the countess of Dudley, which la far more Vnltlnliln tti>tt*4lt« «-1..L. u ..i _ .1 _. i < HoIf.Mmlo Oliinnmcn. In the matter of education the Chinese are very differently off from what Europeans are led to infer, says a writer In the London Post. Itisnrare thing to find a Chinaman who cannot read and write his own language. Out of more than a hundred thnt 1 have env ployed at different times 1 have only found two who could not sign their names. This Is a very extraordinary thing at first sight, but when one has vWt«d China the fact is easily explained and understood. The truth is that %. «to«»tlon It is open for any lad, unlew) he be the son of an actor or a Master's Sale. MA J£««Syjjy*.«»,j enson. BiiMbeth Ann"WulfamY'Dorothy Burn, Thomas Burn, James Burn. Barbara Fergujjon, Sarah Jane Born, muta Burn, John Tnomas Burn, Worothy Ann Burn J?».H¥il»««M«»»-Bm»i, and - -' I>o lazy husband's wide awnfco e trlrcs his wile a inuitlv kirk Dl nni) "i 1 *'" 1 ,'°«' t "(' Bn< l " . ro. '")• ilcnr, J'm very nlok." It Is Oio same whou slormn arise, And hitter UorciU breezes blow; He's awl ul slch. In bed ho lice, And she nniet Hhovcl off the BIIOW. Hippo- TUB niPFKHENCK, when Atalnntn. as the fables say Hard prwimxl in nice the yi mencs, ^.7 bl ' r . sw ,'l t P 1Ir 8»'t he cost away Apples of (fold from tho llespcrlden. Wot BO do younjf men of tho present cluy Th^k.^? P™"'«»8lon ffoldon fruit one HCO«; -ney Keep their apples—nice decoys these make them— ' And let their AUxlantas ovcrtnke them! —Mauley H. Pike, In Harper's Magazine. Sarah Bcrnhnrdt has reached Panama. She must feel at home in that narrow isthmus.— Boston Herald. Mr. Budge is credited with having worn tho first silk hat seen in Dakota Territory. It had a brick in it. "Does position affect sleep?" asks a writer. The position of your wife's cold foot often does these winter nighta. — Louitville Journal. There is a great demand for arms in Europe. So there has been here, ever since the sleighing season began Burlington Free Press. Mr. Lie is a tnnmber of the Kentucky Legislature. Hu has near relatives in many other Legislatures, though,they do not all pass by the family name. We have a little piece of advice to offer, gratis: Don't sit down on a to- boggau-slide unless there is a toboggan uudor you— Burlington Free Press. The man who tries to make a two- thousand-dollar salary fit a four-tliou- eand-dollar outlay generally winds up the experiment in a foreign clime Philadelphia Call. Wife—You talked in your sleep last longing to the queen. Tho" countess has a coronet of pearls. Tho top is composed of pear - shaped pearls. There Is a very large one In the center, and the others are graduated in size down to tho smallest. In order to got these pear-shaped pearls in tho requisite sizes and colors the jewelers were obliged to buy such an enormous quantity of pearls that when the famous necklace waa competed, with earrings, bracelets, and brooch, and finger rings to mateh, ,hey had £75,000 worth of odd pearls eft. A pair of matched pear-shaped pearls, weighing 110 grains, were recently sold for £1,260. When the princess royal of England married Frederick William of Prussia she received a necklace of thirty-two pearls, coating £22,000. In 1789 tho French government possessed pearls valued at £60,000. One that weighed 108 grains was valued at £9,000. Two e?A m£!" P ear - 8h ' (l P° l1 were valued at Jt*4^vOv» The black pearls bring very high prices at present, but genuine pearls may be bought that arc white, pink, or gray. The peculiar color which is called pearl is a sort of transparent drab, i here is at present a greater demand for pearls, us there is in fact for all kinds of jewelry, than there has boon known for a long time. The ploutifulness of imitations does not appear to destroy the value of the genuine article. , - - ••• ""•••"— iv nau from the lowliest degree to tho cstato of a mandarin, late, for instance, tho examinations which are periodically held in the great university of Canton. Here is a huge building, or rather congeries of buildings, comprised in a vast oblong npaoc walled in. At ono end of the space is tho examining hall; the rest of tho space is covered over with -v multitude of little cells—about 6.000 in number, I believe.—which are allotted to tne students whenever they have received their papers for examination. *j>xit from the place is impossible; when tho student has got his papers ho must remain in tho cell and finish tho answers At length the time comes to hand the answers in to the examiners, ton washhtgand Bleaching In ITftrd nr KnfL Tint nt* PnM tv«»<.<. In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold YPntcr tA R« T»tB and SOAP r VB ii l S? <l 8lvo * ""Iv?"™ 1 »all«ftM>t ily, rich or poor, should be without It. a fK jfl.nt.'-awvi . tho; *bove symbol. and uanioot .TAMlU P1U-IS. NEW YORK. "Downed 1 " •"" *" J"«l 31UUJJ J11HL Bight, John, and you mentioned mother s name. Husband—That so? It must have boon that miuccpie I ate before going to bed.—Harper's Jiazar. Dr. Mary Walker, according to a current Item, begins to show the effects of nge. Probably tho report arises from tho fact that when the doctor takes her walks-abroad she panto. "I fool like thunder this morning," complained a Now Jersey citizen. "That's because you fooled with lightning last night," reverberated his wife, quicker than a flash.— New York Sun. "* The coming girl will walk five miles a day, says tho Household. If the editor Will name tho starting time and dig. tanco perhaps tho fellow she is cominn- after can got out of the way Minneapolis Tribune. A commercial traveler fell flat on his face on College street yesterday. Ho camp up smiling, but the Street Department will have a cracked paving- . Hew Haven Miss Boston (sweetly)—I under stand, Miss Chicago, that tho belles o your city find large boots tho more pro forable? Miss Chicago (still sweeter) —YCBJ but wo don't have to use mucil ago on our garters Puck. An _exchange says: -Mrs. Clove- land Hits very quietly and demurely in church." Tliis will bo pleasing iufor- mation for those who suppOHO H!IO was In the habit of creating u disturbance during divine sm-vico— New Havon ffewi. The movement against tho weariun- .of hats and bonnntu at tho opera has boon so successful that it is now noticed that only those ladies who live In tho suburbs or are from th« country woar their stroot head covering*.— Boston Ivst. by a Dude. A few days ago the Evening Reporter, of Burlington, N. J., published the following paragraph: "Amusing incidents are not uncommon 011 our streets, and the other evening wo were very much pleased to see one of our young bloods, who will measure fully six feet in height, more than half of which is lower extremities, whoso chest might possibly use up twenty-four inches of a tape-lino, and dressed in a close-fitting Prince Albert coat, narrow pants, a high silk hat, and yellow kid gloves. Ho carried a light-colored bamboo cane, and was fastened to the end of a cigar nearly as thick as himself. Wo do not wish to say who it wns, but wo are compelled to think it a fit subject for Puck to use as the young man of the period." Benjamin Taylor, a louul dude, believed the paragaaph was un anonymous caricature of himself. He. went to the ollico of the newspaper and declared that he would pulverize the editor, D. W. P. Murphy. The editor boL' god off and said U. G. Lippencott, a reporter, had written the article. Taylor started in .search of Lippencott, and found him in Main street. Ho asked him what he meant by the article, and Lippencott replied: "If the article be libolous you can sue the paper, or hit tho writer in tho face and be sued for Ho got, a stilish),, blow j n tllo face that Hunt him to ili (! sidewalk. Tb.» punwhiiuMH WHS repented until a crowd interfered. Lippoiieoti will have Taylor arrested. Taylor is the hero of the hour, and his friends propose to give him a dinner at the Om-ida Boat Club house— -New York " go -- —-•— -"v> i^cui*., Till such a time as this is announced all are in a state of tho greatest, possible excitement. It IN known, that the examination is absolutely fair. It so chanced' when I wns at Canton that the result of an examination not long before held was daily expected One morning the comprador, or Chinese buyer for an English firm of merchants with whom I was acquainted, rushed into tho front office of the firm and in almost an ecstjicy of excitement threw himself on the tloor. For a moment ho was speechless, and then being assisted to rieu he gasped out that lus sou had that morning been declared head of the list, and was goino- to be sent up as one of the first three students to Pokin, there to receive mandarin's button and a high officia appointment. The poor father was s overwhelmed with the honor which hi son had thus gained that it was with difficulty he could be calmed, and indeed, he continued in this state o semi-frenzy all through that day. The honor, indeed, was iv great one, but i was one to which any Chinese lad, no matter of what degree—except he belonged, as I have said, to the playino- or convicted classes-might aspire, and to this fact I attribute tho very general education which prevails all over Chi na. KASKIN E (THE NEW QUININM.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. MO ringing ears. C ure8 quickly Pleasant,!*"" A POWJSBFU.L TONIC. that the most delicate stomach will boar. A SPECIFIC FOB MAJ-AfUA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, n,it , B . n<1 a11 Goi 'm Diseases. ce_BfnT» P ' tal>N ' Yl! " Unlver >ally suo -.....„. sale ol Kaal Estate, under ana by virtu* of decree of »td court, made In the above entitled cause. M laid t«.-ui,l,tho undersigned, wSi, oa > BATUBDAT, MAKUH 19, IBM, ?^? n fl. 0 . n the prctnl/ies hereinafter described, [heat and bent bidder, thi fol. '•td laud, situated In thu ooun- and btate ol Illinois, to*wlt: j.1,0 »<:_tinurtliof the nonUiea-t quarter of tho northwest quarter, containing ten (10) Sun'rtiir' '1 \ ° Mt lln " °' tl10 " outuw<)s * 11IB 1887. Will centum, in addlrttm to th« gtoHw, sketches, Br— OrtUoUm, two Serial S The Second don, By MBS. it. O. W. Otil'HAHT Paul Patoff, Papers eto. St. FrancisHOS.N. T. T^ » ** «. v uisctiiirirea i _ ° r - L. R. White, U. 8. Kxuroinln "rites: "huskme Is tho best medicine made." ork'ri,^ 1 hi 1 . 6 !*"*^ m E 2^ """t «.,-New i.j vw uimii <u rniiRB nine \fl) west. Appra'uod value, n,4S0.7ik nft'lif? commence at ono o'clock p. m. n TKBMB OF HALE.-Twenty percent, of tho purohHBO uionny to bo paid cash ilowh, and the balance on a credit of six and twelve mouth*, scoured by note and approved t«cu- if, 1 /' 'i' 1 ." B . u ">f'ft»80 on the promises sold.on t hei taouutlon ot will, h, anilupon conllruia. tioiiof sill' ealo.l will execute ana deliver a deed to the pui chaser or puioha«ers of tald land, aa by said dtore'i I am dlrootod, convoying all th« light, title and olalmof the said parties in said suit to said promises M ».. A -^ZO 8. WII,pl!llHAN, M. W. W French and EXECUTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Sohweppe, deceased. « n P» rf »»«l<J™l«ned, having been appointed Kxeeutors of the last will and tfistatuont of John W. Sohweppe, late I i\.i . coun 'y ol Mndlson and State of Illuola, deceased, hereby irlve notice f'\ t r t '5? y w111 "PPoar before the Oduuty Court of Madison county, at the court house, in Kdward»vllle,at the'March terui.on the fourth JJ«« U i ny Ji n Mlu ;° ' nuxt; ' at wbio1 ' tlmo tt " Per" aoiiE havhiK olnlina aualnst salu estate are nntlfleil and requested to iittradlor the nvir- Jrtf.? 1 . llttvln ».m« »«>oo adjusted. All poi-Bone udebted to said estate are requested to tnaitfc mm«d atepny,nm,t to the uTidewlgiied. Dated this Jnd day of February. AD 1887 KLliSA F. 80UWKP1 ; E, WILLIAM B. SUHVVlfif PK, 11KN11YM. SOHWHPi'Ji;, Executors, Essays and Poems, Hy OUVBB WESDBLL HOLMM. Occasional Papers. ^ By JAMES HueaKiA LOWKLL. gAGLK PACKET COMPANY. SPEING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer For Rent. A iwo story brick dwelling known nn th» A Platt homestead; lateh put In good "pair WlflPPLl?* SMltEY J?or Sale. . . Tor sale. - JuW rlV>1 ' 1:!VdwelUl) e and out buildings OB Thud itrcet, between Cherry andl Vine? _. WHIPPLB & 8M Er. A. J. HO WELL, -DEALER IN- FURNITURE! : A Pull and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALLOBDBP UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed. Belle St., bet. Third and Fourth. e, M.D., 54 East 25th St., - Meci - College) writes superor to quinine la Its «neo n .n ?S d >, nev ? r P rodl «:es the slightest ta ° he ' ' , .., s S., .i i rof - ln N ' Y - Meci - College) writes "Kasklne Is superior to quinine la Its «neo no iuou. 'll- Uh ,' 1 , plttl11 A 'bany P«nlten- 't, c Ka>klne has cured his wile, r tweuty Vears suffering Irom lual.irlo ^vous dyspepsia. Write hlSfbr par? Thousands upon thousands write tbafc Kas- cln Ba h an M C f r . t . d H thc ,', n , nlter a " other inedl- ujonlala fui - ea - Wrlto Ior b °olf of tOBtl. ,.. K ^f kl i neJ ° n . n bo taten without any special ujedlcal advice. Ji.oo p^r bottle. Sold by "" •"" '"' mari ou receipt of price. l.,W Warreu St., New York. HUdwlm -ALSO— " llin Knglisli fish (•oniinis.siou has recently imwoiit.ocl U, the United States govenimunt. a.lai- K o number of EnHish solos. Tin, Hole will tlu-ivo in " WHIPPLB & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, ttBUBESBNTlNG THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: ns. Co. of North America: Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladelyhla; German American; North British and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London: Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.' Continental; Girard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. H. Ross POWBM , KD. BLOOK, oier» i Othbw" * """"•'' JlrRUI °™ .Twrey.' and m R ^ Uoughton, Mlfflta & Company 4 ParksU-ect,Mi!>»Uii».MM«. ' The Century _ For 1880-87. 7 FOR ST. LOUIS m tt- m '' ttn ? «. 'Louis on return on for To ST. Lc0u, BOUND TBIP TWBWTI Ku>«s» BO 75 - - 6 00 W. mi.L. Aannt. Fast Freight & Passenger Line V» ILLINOIS K. K, GO'S PALACE STKABIKB John, John G. Nicolay and Col. John Hay. SlffFVT "«*S?S ."•"""nwwation -Important detiuj • S "i'herto remained unreTeaJaS ^%^^^B&?&8i SERIES, '.Feb. 17th, wulleave For St. touls at 7 a. in. St. Louis (foot of Vine Leaving Alton at 5:!?O p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving- at Grafton at 7s45 p. m., east?'' SP ' lDK& ? la aua 8 " POtnta" north and FARE. TOST. LODis.sliiKle trip, . . B(k , )| ;j round trip, . . ... !fj£; Goii'l Manuger, ' lelltltf NOVELS AND STOKIE8. SPECIAL FEATtJBES to SlhBHn? «S d "' om a m ° 8t eventful Tliit pera; articles throwln« H K hton Blbla itatorrj 'SSSSS?^ A FREE COPY. Tho jury that roooutly triwl two •aloonkdCDOw, of Woodland, Cal., for Wand larceny rotni-nod this verdict- "VVn, tho jury, lind tho dofondanta not guilty, uith tho nn'oiiiiiioiulatiou that they lonvo tho town within fortv-oi"-lit boura." • " "If ho a vouug wau of brnlnaP" in- qulrod an old goiiilpman rospoctinff a swell youth. ..\\V11, ronlly,'' renflcd his daughter, "I | mv .i had no o.inortuu- ity of judging | novi , r mct hjm nn where olso oxcopt in Boeiotv."— Washington (Vrti'o. There aro nuiiors of li-ouhlo between Lord Randoljih Chui-chill and his American wife. It ju-olmblv bozau when ho i-ealgucd a ^25,000 uffloo right in tno mlddlo of tho gay seasou, when now drawos worn nioHt nocessarv. Boston Herald. J Wo 800 It chrnutclod tjjat a girl In Now York ww "stahlKxl by a mau whom she hail never soon boforo." ihat was Dimply atrocious. It U liul enough to Ui Blabbed by a bosom moucl, but a total stranger—how riidat "hilari,-lnhia Call. , has b(.,.|) prnparod for the ro- oejrtlon of the gift. Some of the fish (lied in transportation, but fifty of them v!nn^i UI |' Pl 'f,° 0d '" th ° tnl>kl Bnd the joung fish will s,.,ittor along the coast from Maine to thu capos of the Dela- IT 1X1*6* Three Peculiarities Hood's Samaparllla I St 5 Tllo , 1con 'blnBtlon of the various • %»•,« remedial agents used. Orl • The Proportion In which the roots, «U • herbs, barks, etc., are mixed. O*f „ Tho process by which the active vVI • medicinal properties are secured. The result Is a medicine of unusual strength and curative power, which effects cures heretofore unequalled. These peculiarities belong exclusively to Hood's BarsaparUIa, and are Unknown to Others^ Hood's BarsaparUIa Is prepared with the greatest skill and care, by pharmacists of education and long experience. Hence it Is a medicine worthy of entire confidence. It you suffer from scrofula, salt rheum, or any disease of tho blood, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick headache, or kidney and liver complaints, catarrh or rheumatism, do not fall to try Hood's Sarsaparilla "I recommend Hood's Sarsaparllla to all my friends as the best blood purifier on earth." WK. GArr, druggist, Hamilton, O. Hood's Barsaparllla has owed mo of scrofulous humor, and done me worlds of good otherwise." 0. A. ARNOLD, Arnold, Me. A book containing many additional state- moots of cures will be tent to all who deilre. Hood's Sarsaparllla Bold by all druggists. »i ; six for |s. Made onlybyO.I.I100U Ji CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar. mVDERTAKER. RK81DKNOE GOB. STATE* SEVENTH ST8 Patents. To ny persons wishing to obtain lette ifttent on new inventions, improvements ^ J K' a ?^'$S82S ? - 'SSS All ooiisultatlon, in person or by l«tt« , frc LUCAS PPEIFPENBEBGEB, Alton, m. JOHN BAUER, DEALKU IN AND MANOFAOTUBEB! OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City If all, ALTON, ILL. All kinds of flne and common farnltur" constantly on hand. Also undertaker, " $20,000,000. tVK ALSO BJBPKB8KNT THE "i?^" 1 ^^* K Ue .' o* Newark, PRICE LIST: Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State ata. J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALERS IN (Stoves jnd Hardware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS I And otherflrst olana heatlna stoves for wood or coal. ^a^^l^s^^ cSnTalnl^^tol,^/^ 0 .?"-?^^.. special oAr by whlo™ new Uorue (rre»), , —.., iholading * new readers can Subscriptions received at this offlm. Jfor Sale. sSSSSSS Stoves, — .._.„« specialty: Hoof Ing, Guttering, eto. lor Kent. & 8JJ11LBY. by Ws s J. Sole or none. ent0n BIUtf Btreef ' £-> Undertaker's Supplies f«r»r^S^ * i ^M*v*0MkMSHHBtiPMK3^^to^ I •*-* Ul ° Auaa and Conflos. A host of iiBAfnl *SMTT.H!V The late residences of J. i. and w Mitchell, on Mill 8 t., two o't i.'bem nlSooa o «» in Miller * Mtteliull'u addition to Alton Any or all of above at a im-nt bargain WjUpi'LKjt BM'ILEY. FOF "Hi*. ' oornBr _WIIIPPLB A 8MILMV v LaBelle, • Fairy, • • Diamond Light, Fancy, - - not, , $4,75 4,50 4.00 3,50 Ue.trable Kesldouco* to ro.tory l>i-iukdwulllii){ on Stuio" street '.tasaorln 0 o,owuer {^ylgjl^qhliid'^'"-' sand ALWAYS ON UAND. CPU. SBOoyp AND ALMY 8T8 I "»..- u* (U V «1V> IITO ORGANS AND,:PIANOS!|g!pilHpi iald i^wn !iSi lour 'V "i"* 0 ' 1 Main.tree" to W$&^&«^%$ »ou, PO-C cuHli, on FKIDAY, THE KLBVBNTII DAT Of MAUOH, A. U., 18X7, moms before p'uroliaalug el.owlaciro!' FLOSS] E& RABE. "wnolWnnB,'M} a lo , f "' ana •»»•«"fin |G5 Jwnoj Upper Alton, In the county of Madio"e it 1 u B im« B B 8 . of '"'no'"-wnlcli I wlff ex-Hh on 8ttlo> to tjl6 ul « u e«t bidder, for , WILSON WASHBOARDS. I'-_M«'W«»libonrdi ore undo with 'a Bent-Wood rim. Tb* Strong- eit boards and b»tt wwueri in tat \r«rld, For sal* by all ^-'— T»k» no othtr. CO.

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