Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 21, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1887
Page 4
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IX 18 WOHDKfiFUl *«MtHfi begins, and how it grow* In tho ta either the acute ™ eh3 fo™! ]g ™n k»rns the fearful tenacity of its gap and the utter powwlessness of the o^aary remedies to give relief, . , . Probably to no disease liave/puyaidani given more study, and none Las more completely baffled their efforts to provide covered there was no raedWne^whlct would surely cure rheumatism, neuragld and nervous or sick headache, thousands : of testimonials like the following DAILT TELEQBAEH, i(*|e**»d M S*«ottd.«ia«i Hatter M MM v. O. at Alton, HI.) MOHDAY fcVE., FEB. 21. >• aiutcted ,—. «*.wmuuviom ; used various remedies. r "elief until I was in.. -_„...Jophoros a triaL It gave in, six hours, and I have steadily since. O. W. SMITH. T .• i , Jcwctt, 111. I am entirely cured of my terrible rheu- Mfttism. Mine was an obstinate case. I was helpless and suffered no tongue can i !li T much> * saw an "'Jvertisemcnt of Athlophoros, sent for it, the dose gave me ease and I went to sleep; next day I cot up and dressed myself; had not sat up for a long lime. It has now been more than a year since I hove felt the paitis of rheumatism. AIns. MARY A. BENNETT. Mr. Silas B. McClelland, Macon Street near College, Decatur, Illinois, had a very severe attack of rheumatism, and found relief almost with the first dose of Athlo- phoros. Every druggist should keep Athlophoros and Attlophoros Pills, but wWo they cannot be bought, of the druggist the Athlo- phoros Co., 112 Wall St., New York will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of phoroS nnd fiOo. for Pills. : nnd LMdnoy diseases, dvsnprala, in- EVERYDAY OCCURRENCES THAT ARE ,..'/. ' > WONDERFUL. AH About Snow«lio«ln(r Sports at Prae- ftlced by Hoy* l n Canada and In the United statei.An Intcrc.tlng Picture I'UMlc. Snowshoelng disputes with tobogganing tto honor of being Canada 1 * national sport in wnter. Tho shoes are made in many shapes and of mnny sizes, ranging all the way from i to 0 feet in length, and from 10 to; inches in breadth. But for all pri «cal purposes, gays J. M. Oxley in Harper's Young People, a shoe measuring 8 feet 0 todies by 12 or 35 inches, i» the best In walking, narrower shoes are used but these rarely go below ten Inches. the, manuscript Itlt la tob« " ' ' ' <**•*. <**i« 'MffrA U fS hh , °. rf f hcB rt mlsstawhi N,u S "L' c , tu ^' nel> «!«lb7 ' Wda grlub liul duunrrinn, .1 ^..._ Nda Ot £ r Wood, ic., A 'ills arc uncqunlod. ™ ~REAl7ESTATE FOB S-^E OB RENT, ; ^..^V-^.V— BY- Ryderstiausen & Sonntag, for Sale, JTor QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. A CuHcwlty Shop Whono, O«lds »ml End* May be Found, »Jri - AhV "? n ? r Amun w "« ft n Egyptian god represented with a ram's head *'*" °" Second -^The Rowans discovered coal in ex- cavatlng.aqueducts in Prance. It. is said to have been used in Engird before tho Roinan nvasion. the first notice of the use of coal m England was in 850, when it was referred to in an account as fossil fuel hea«il* b. ^'J nettTeniy bouios BO fur dpw taton of us that wo o,ro not For Sale Cheap ir«r Solo. " 1 5 ear °"y UmltS, SEUIO . and frame awe: n both situated on the oas- ••' o dtita between 8th ana Tth -trcetg- BO the Moh block ot stores on Secon street bfltwn<m Henr> ana Bl<J*e street fl o w ™ as HuStor-s For sale. SiTOWSHOB .COSTUME. B hi» e Pl h Ur * **%$'% the Canadian snowshoe costume, Jhe" great coat and knee- breeches are of heavy woolen, such as blankets are made of, the cap Is usually a knitted wool one as are the stockings. The snow - im c , at least ninety inches in length, bent to a long oval until the two ends touch when they are fastened together with catgut Strips of tough wood are then fitted across Fop Sal*. «i 140 acres on bottom land, all in on. near Madison, in this county A |-8tory frame dwelling houae on it. ... <"• Sale. amth n? R e hi form of J 20 ""res, situate 1 mile a lo* fl|fure! P ' Uacou P la county, 111., at K to buy Real Estate In the . to buy Real Estate In the ' fd™ » Jton ,? r ylcm «v will find It to their Merest to call at the office of Rudershausen A SonntHg and examine their list 01 propor- *«°r sale as only part thereof la auver- Mr. Oxley tells how men and boys go shoeing as traveling about on^whe to termed, many of these Journeys being undertaken by an entire club, each of which aspires to make the quickest record. The best amateur time, according to the authority quoted, ,for a hundred yard! on the flat" is 13 1-8 seconds, so that clumsy as the racquets may seem at first glance, they are in reality a very shght bar to the speed when the wea£ er is thoroughly expert in their use. Hare and hounds," on snowslioes, is a sport much indulged in by the boys. Snowshoeing ^fa very easy to learn, once one has mastered the art of sliding one shoe over the other, with a motion similar to that made in skat ng instead of lifting it up high as though C? g 'J? d ? ep ? now ' the art '" ^quired. . Bnowshoeing is not only popular with the boys in Canada, but boys at the -east are cn R ^ <,«.^~~m""" v ' jr< ' : * >y ]nns •'ooraii't; DUO thoir imago will accumulate in intensity in a pho- to »™P I j. w itl> exposure. Hunce an object in tho flold of viow of the teloscopo too delicate for one to see will bo photOgraphod by expos, iug the plate for a considerable time. Mow to Enter West Point. How can a cadet's warrant to West Point bo ob. uuiiGU ? a. whut IU*Q tho requirements ? mi SCHOOL. Tho congressmen of tho United Statea have the appointment of tho cadets, excepting a fow vacancies to bo filled by tho president which wo intended for sons of officers of tbo JrSJi M it . hastlbe , conia customary for con- giTOsme.1 to gwe,their appointment* to boys nearlv'in m compe " tive examinations, and n««ly a" are now disposed. of in this way. ~. Thu applicant must be physically souud; lower mntlanJtoT. ^d™"?"^Ache's! Should you desire more definite 1687, HARPER'S »ubscrl|>tlod bv lirtng tU Kot , -• Jlne Hsomliled oOuld shook the mojit ^ Harper's paiar ...... ( MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict repml to Parity, Strength,'and IlealthfuInpBa. Dr. ptice'a Baking Powder con taine no Ammonia Jittno. Alum or Phosphates. Dr.PrlCo't Extracts, Vanilla, Lemon, etc., flavor dfcllcioasly. Vf BAKINBPOWDCR CO, TIMB TAUL1S. .The volumes oftbelUZiJl 'beiria ult nr tNumbei jor Januai-yof eaol?*ear " «p time is mentioned, subscription! Twill K'n with the Number ourreut atTSmenf eel ot of order, u. «• . ume o( . Bound Volumes of lIAnpsn's BAZAB. •« three years neat cloth bmdln« Will hi jsout by mail pobtajfenaid.orby (SxprosTV^! ; of expense (provided the freight doe«V£3 ° onfl "' |7.00 gg on the vu» follows: Jfo train S n . And here another i H.>E. B. • ' - ••- ' ., Q. B. Time Bulcs us All. ••wE>m L h ° quo ' atl00 < if exact) be found Whom arst \yelovo we seldom wed- Time alters all." ; in one of Owen Meredith's -p, '" ' " ' CHANGES. ' ' - ' mom first we love, you know we seldom wed * " ™ ThSf.n * "", a " ! ^ llfe lndeed ts n An,? S B TO Planned " out ere h °P« was'dead. • And then we women cannot ohopge oW lotT Statistics. the ' olIowiD » <l«e««ons through a S! 1 ^^ ^f, P/'^P*" English sea ports? a Name the chlel towns te Ireland? ,,..„.. MKMPBRKMAOOO. Q i> M T r S? K ? 91 ' ^° ndon . Southsmp- n^L ^ff^-DoMBal, Armagh, Cava£ Dow»k, Londonderry, Dm ; BaPnon ; Years of Kulo. • ^e fifty years will be completed on the " Juno MW- A reign of fifty The Changei ot AnlmsU. Many everyday occurrences are in reality very wonderful. What, for instance, CM, bb more remarkable than the change of a repnl. jive, hairy caterpillar into a beautifully formed and brightly colored butterfly? Caterpillars, as we trust our young readers ^f I ? ow '. are Produced- in rnj-riads and are duly transformed into butterflies. PLIABLE PLASTER C CRN % A common sense cure, by a combined medical and inechanl- cnl action. Unlike tiny other preparation, they roliovo tho pressure •while curing tho corn, and never fall where directions nro followed- Five sots of plasters nnd box of ointment put up in handsome tin case, convenient for use. Price 25 cents, complete. Ask for "Pediicura" and take no other. The PelegWriite Proprietary £0. MANUI'ACTURKRS, US W. Broadway, N. Y., b% 3. OV KIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, • »lst. Agent for Alton. Statistics. Please give statistics of the Ohio What per cent, con read or write t j The superintendent of tho penitentiary i Columbus, O., can doubtless inform yoa Who Would be President? ewho would be president ot ft- f —— ~~~- •" case Mr. Cleveland should «* ' y^^TFi By the presidential succession act, signed ofhis death the secretary of state would m£ ceed; next the secretary of tho treasury; neit the secretary of war; neit the attorney . genaral; next postmaster general; next secretary of the navy; last secretary of the In- terlor. If Mr. Cleveland should die in office Mr. Bayard would be president A tUfi for All. J give all a chance to test ic, PM-nniT convinced oi itg wonderful curative powers, Dr. King's New Diss oovery for Consumption, Coughs and d8 ' ^i 1 . 1 be ' for R limited time, given away, ibis offur is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith lu the merits of InlQ rrpnttl MA.^. — ^-^ .., . .,„ \Y' AU who sulfur from .... Consumption, Asthma, .---. .<., or any affection of Throat. ^nest or Lungs, are especially requested .to call at B. Marsh's bru S .'Store, and get a trial bottle free, large bottle $1. ... TI J { «news Her fonth. Mrs. Phcabe Chesley, Peterson, Clay Co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched lor by the residents of the town: "I am '3 years old, have been troubled ^l l ^. idney eom P la 'nt and lameness for many years, could not dress myself without help. Now I am free fro m all pain and soreness,.and am able to do an my own housework. I owe my thanksio Electric Bitters for having renewed my^outh, and removed com. pie ely • all disease and pain." Try a bottle, only 60o,. at E. Marsh's Drue Store -- fbl_dwim * Th ^ UCK ' e J»'« Arnica Saire. The Best Salvo m the world for cnU, bruises, 8ores t i..aers, salt rheum, fever ^ S =o^ ter :i C u ap P ed hands » chilblains, Uveircul-ef D ± eruptions ' and P 0911 jivciy euros piles, or no pay required. faction, or money refunded 6 . Tricf^ Alton P lTl b ° Xt Fnrsal «b V E. Marsh, Alton< I1L mob7dwlm '1'he Only Time It Didn't work. . "What a beautiful child! What an extremely hand some fellow!" says the gushing p^tor to the lady of the house. think?" " ° handsom e boy, 1 "Oh, indeed he is. He is tl «.i».uAuiuut»vjuju ........ .6;00)]* >£ 'eu\,ufug joixpress".. BtlOc.o) . Peoria and noofe Island FaatLlnet.OtOO £ m I ^r/S. 1 *'"?!™?. Keokni, Qnlnoy, Kan- Totk. ..• 0:00a.m --_«»»» v. VJ »HA^*WDJ^, .....,...'.,., 9I10D. U Denver Expresst.. 7:08 p.m. Jack8ouvlUe4.ocommodatlont.,. V:OBp.i .ITor at. Louts t UK Express'................,6:4B a. ra -v:""<« J Aeeqminodatton* 9 :SO a. m Alton Spec-lull 12-KSn. m Kansas City Mail' !...... .!!.B:«p! u „•• 1887. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. - 1 ™*** 1LLU8TEATBD. matntaini Itn IS LEAVK1 ST. 10018 UNION DEPOT f On ALTON. :: ]6 qpp. m M P',m- „ *76Sp.m, (8 15 a. m. Sundays only) •Dally rBxoeptBuutlay. ft 80a.m. *4 M p. m. 8. D. JUEEVB. j>.B.* m .™S3&& tMt:Si ?« m -m '• BUKLJJXGTON AfTD QU1NOY.. ,. /rams Jcave the Union Oenot. Alton lollows: Going Northi " • • • • 8:«5a. m 'W.W."ARNOLD, 7! HAMPER'S PERIODICALS. Harper's Weekl V .T*!.Tf!r.'. , 4 „ Harper's Maftaxlne -' '* ; 55 Harper's J?azar..,..'.','.' ..,' } SJ Harper a ^oanx People. .:;;;: 1 SS Harper's Franklin •"»«--—WAV! * W A V P D ' Q Sugar-Coated *^ I k. r\ O Cathartlo If the Liver be- Q comes torpid, if the I • M. a*m •** • bowels are constipated, or if the stomach fails to perform its functions properly, use Ayer's Pills. They are Invaluable. 20RA OF TH» tB. Not only do butterdieslive the two distinct d,» h re ° dy describfl d. but other in^scts *ow changes equally striking. The little wriggler that goes turning its somersaults 0-rough the water, la time becomeTtho ttrouudour divine a thing a woman may be . ,T-> When her cold is oared bv Dr Bull's Cough Syrup. y r ' "Mother, can I go one to fish?" No, no, my little sonny, Xou know you've' got a swollen foot, My precious little bonev." But they got a bottle of Salvation Oil, > m went and cau ght an eel, and ate it like a man. fh A ?iu exohance re o«ntly denominated the Chicago Tribune "the best Demo- cratln laper, in Chicago.» fudging < guching manner in which the "tlmne has approved Cleveland's veto the dependent pension bill, the title nn* misplaced. — Springfield Slate Ki« « .1 ' *"V«~ ^^OW. J ucver PUW his father. We adopted him.''-5on Francisco Chronicle. What True Merit TY11I Do, .The unprecedented sale of Bosohee's German byrup within a tew years, has astonished the world. It is without doubt the safest and best remedy ever d scovered for the speedy and effectual ™« of Coughe, Colds and the severest ' troubles. It acts on an entirely different pnuciple from the usual pre- soriptious given by ^physicians, as it opes not dry up a cough and leave the l"! e ,™ ( L stU1 _. in lhe Astern, but .on the - fes t | )a ^. augQ o j ^^ the purts affected and . . o purely healthy concli- »K* .u ?. llle kept in tha houa e for use when the i diseases make tneir appearance, will save doctor's bills and a long ^poll of serious illness. A trial will convince you of ihese foots. It is por. lively sold by all druggtsts nnd general dealers » the land. Price, 75 oia?, large bottles - ja 10 dwlw cod • For some years I was a victim to Liver Complaint, In consequence of Which I suffered from General Debility and Indigestion. A few boxes of Aver's. Pflls restored mo to perfect health. — \V. T. Bnghtney, Henderson, W. Va. A Fol i ^f 8 ? havo relia(1 more upon Ayer's Pills than anything elae, to Regulate my bowels. These Pills are mild in action, and ^do their work thoroughly. I have used them,, with good effect, in ises of Rheumatism and Dvspo . P. Miller, Attleborough, JIoss. Ayor's Pills cured me of Stomach and Liver troubles, from which I had suffered lor years. I consider them the best Dills made, and would not bo without them. —llorrla Gates, Downsville, N.Y.... I was attacked with Bilious .Fovor, which was followed by Jaundice, and wns so dangerously ill that my friends despaired of my recovery. I commenced taking Ayer's Pills, and soon refrained roy. customary strength and vigor.— John C. Pattison, Lowell, Nebraska. Last spring I suffererl greatly from a troublesome humor on my side. In spite of everv effort to euro this eruption, it increased until the flesh became entirely Smlr v ra8 « roubleil ' ttt the sttine time, with Indigestion, and distressing pains hi The Bowels. By the advice of a friend I began takine Ayer's Pills. In a short tlmeTww free from pain, my food digested properly, tho sores on my body commenced heallnir Ann in 1»C10 titan ««„ . it_ -T "*"•'•'.(., order .Bound Volutnoa bt HABFEH'S WBBKI,T three years back, In'neat oioth biSdS ^' bo sent by mail, poatagemaid"o? > ' 1 *^ HAUl'ETI BhoTHBES. New York. ASSIGNEE'S SALE7 l-HiSSSSISs sfaSSSS'1-fSl JOHN J. BR BN «o^i^WW; Assignee. DAIRY FARM. North Alton Jersey Dairy. Uetit OUalitV. A flnvn.. .- S. 0. ,. i, Dardon, Miw "jocumry »iow days ago, and I at once U e K nn . j?' v ' n ,B them small doses of Avor's Pills, thinking I would call a doctor if the disease became any worse. In a short time the bloody dfscharKcs stopped a" pain went away and health was restored - Theodore Baling, Richmond, Va. • "•***• »v t.w fill thttt UDHtV 101? itl ~ Tt\a -mlllrlnn ALBERT VOLPKR. tPI>Wurn nTTj*-*..*.^?...--, f HYBIQIAJMB Atfl> BUKOJEON« . B, | Physician and Surgeon, forms. The common crab of our Bea roast for example, when it leaves the egT to the •tnuwa looking, creature shown uf^t'ho eu° T^S TWs ' OJCplallls Tuo American Aeri. oulturlst, gous swimming about very racidiv and was at onetime coisidered < , » dtafnct ™ ' te reltttlo " 8hi P to ">e crab not being mispected. Scientists, however, discovered that after awhile this zora.asit is called - Doctors do a deal of buggy riding. e oood spring; when they i i . know if better when fh »' T 1h ? U8an<1s of them are the Rice Coil Spring. Eri(ten:e of civilization. A Indla " wotn en of the lower i Agency have their- weekly sewing olro e, interchange local news, and toll ' likc i la».dwlv _ _ W. A. HAHJOLKLL, M.D., Pliyslolan and Sursreoii, OFFIOJC-flEOOND ST., ALTON, Hi. Office ij oars— « a. nu; 12 to 1, and a p.ia Hllgfl.Swt --„, becomes a-perfect crab.' Thasn ehanges, as well ns many othere, all the wbUe occurring in nature, are as IntorestiiiK as fa anv «*ory told In tho wonder bookt " If Ls add girls learn to notice them life would iiever bo dull, and they would soon acquire deal of valuable information. A Picture 1'uiilo, From JKx-Nenator ij. Degectt. DB. O. JB. UOULiAND, Dentist* U THIED SrftBKT, ALTON, IU.. Offloe Hours-Sa. m. to 13 m.i 1 to 4 p. m fftbdwly is Mosrr.Llj(p O. A. McMILLEN, • ' Dentist, • OV»B BBOTOOKMAN^ OIQAB BTOBB Kay to puzitle, "What b most liko u hor«'« oer Answer! A mare's »hoa, p « oul ' A r >n mediomal merit and woDder/ul cures -Hood's Sursaparllla. **?" '• b» time to take it, for now 1 Will do the most good. 8 _ '««»yoa know" tnat "Pedaoura Corn Plaatan" will oure your oonuP 13 o . rmjT v Senato Camber, Albany, New York, says: I have used Allcook's Porous Plasters for the past 10 years with marked re- IM ' ,i V 76 Jfoun< l ")on> espeolnlly effective when depleted and worn out from weeks of Incessant labor in poll. tioal campaigns! the application of them to my cho«t and spine gave m6 great relief when my voice had become hoarse and worn down from speaking in the open air: They seemed to act a« a tonic to the whole system, curing tne soreness consequent from over cxer- tion, and restoring the tone of the jvsiem more readily than any remedy i have over found. I have also mod (Hera for rheumatism wlth.very bensflolal rosuitfl, Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayor &. Co., fx.w.11, Bold by all Dealers Wffl.t. KLUNK I J;SUTJE R*8ftN, UNDERTAKES.] ™.'.In>'cio^; AND nniT.nn w I iHl 1H T "MTh "»TT *vt- »•• ••_ DBALKB Of A Pull and Complete Stock Al LIYERY STABLE FHOKT STHKaT, BBTWKKN As a toilet artlolo. Ayer's Hmr Vigor stand* unrivaled. H oleimses tho dcmlp and removes dandruff, euros Itobmg J lu P? rs> "stores the original color to StS; ii,* nd grBV halr « Bn<1 P'romqtw Us growin. . 4wlw Vbb paper la kupt on Olc ot (lie oinoe «c ^YER^SOH yDVERTISING AGENTS flMES BUILDING JjgJliU PHILADELPHIA. •"tta,t.-* :.,i««s.^p^ And BurSlRobes 1 ^^^'^"OOMBAIM.ON . i, Qontiemen ana Children. Office and Shop on State street DO NOTFAIL TO; GIVE US A r A .LL BEFORE! PUBCHASmC >UB rUBNlXUBH HOOMS ABJB PN Street; opfrihiri ALTON; jLiJi* " "' " ' »PMwlT f-i ARCHITECT, uunty -at Maaiudm ' n!' A'u'i^."* 1 **"»» SPunty, Wai-pi, t ' • • , toro »» ••*• *wyi» , ,•*--,,',:, • "JPwlKflf ^XUtlti it, Mllitrl/kj filii wi^a i\l r al> ley Bunt. tiiVi AiJn,. yi.r*', l 'l?-: w . | i e i.t'J*5 tola .Wife, -H Bank, t(u> ..Albert- y tmncor aoo BAGS FUREKA FINE SALT JL'J B * P *v"i0ompl'ta Sol'is. for oale by J-A.RYREE,

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