Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 21, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1887
Page 3
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WONDAT EVE., FKB. SL MOTIOJB TO AUTKBXUXBs for the year 18*7 w« infttt charge the following raua for tran»l<mt notion to out local column*: . .' ." .;• ' .- •.-,. , •/.'• '.- •• ',' . . •/ JOcentt. , . .7 " lx to twelve Iiuortioni, . . • " BATES OF ADTSBtlSINB: TJUK»l*«T.-f/j!'7'r cents per Inuh flr»t Insertion, and TrrEtfTr-FirX o»nt« p»r Inch or each subs' quent Insertion. $8 per Inth flrst month, It W yn InoU each nonth thereafter LKQAL ADVERTI8IKO: per inch for the first Insertion, andBO cnt» J>er inch for each BUbsoqoenl Inaortlon. 49» Abovo rates will bo ati lotly adhered to. THE DAILt TBUEQR/kPn U dollvorod by arrlors to all parts of the oily of Alton and 'pner Alton, for ten conte per week. Mailed o any addroai at tho rate of |8.20 per year. THE TKLEGUAPH baa the largest clroulo- on of any paper In Alton, and is the host medium for advortlserfl. OOKNKK TOlnO AND e USA STHEETB. HONE NO. 38. trie •il\) -FOB- Second Btreet,near corner of Henry • IFINE * STATCONEBY, fBuchat Crane's Flora'. Whittnu'a Standard f Papers. Hnrlbufi Frenoli Llnena, Kellpai- lUa^god Kilne, Elite Ragged Edge, Balmoral SLincn, Griffin's Linen, Turkey l.atd Ltnan. pv-ioh Blow, Mikado, Charred Hdue, Cream Itjxld, HournlnK Note, and a large uasortmoni nt Illuminatod and Decorated Stationery. uenhlson's Wax :and Beals. School Tablet* ndjtatlonery. decBdwiy iANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! FOROA8H ON TWB PAYMBNTW SMunos and Organs tuned and repaired S ing Machines repaired Supplies lor all -N. I). LA deeWwly 'aalnee. • -N. I). LAUOttEuX, sMnsle Denier, Third street, nearly opposite Belie, Alton 111. WATCH R THE BARGAINS IW JOB'S NKW COB. BUILDING, HEN BY ST., AT MKIJ. P. HKIl'KAMf'B, ; All kind* of Fanoy, Hand made, Knit and Oro- ufl t goods. Hooda.TobagKans and Mils. Men'B 8cari» and Fascinators at very low prices Also Preasmaklner. Plain and Family Sowing and Stamping P <ne. Come and giro us a f all. Don't lorget tho place, docBdwly GREATEST BARGAINS I •& _AT|C-M. Crandall's Crockery Store 203 THIRD ST., KKABLY OPPOSITE BELLE. \ NEW GOODS! , 'Comprising the best Iron Stone Chi 7oa; finest quality Thin Opaque Chi " na, Imperial and Vitreous Cbinaware * A splendid stock of Plain, Heavy , Thin-blown and Engraved Glassware a greut variety of Lamps—best Elec •tiic, Rochester and Incandescent, also Lamp Chimneys for each; bes • quality Silver-plated Ware; Fine As sortment of Table Cutlery, Te Trays, Bird Cages, and House Fur nisliing Goods generally, which off or at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES Masonto Temple Association Election. •AWON., r«-b. 18th, 1687. An.electlo for blr dfreutorsof ihe M«»o;.fo Tomph. A« jotfitd For Kent. **•***«•• TOMORROW will be the anniversary I Washington's birthday. Money to loan, on improved real state. Apply to Rudershausen & otmtag. _ Third street. dtf A. QUABTEBLY dividend of $2 per hare, payable March 1, has been de- ared by the C. &A. K. B. Co. The Assignee sale is now going, on at 30 Globe. Many Bargains, call and ee. 213. A complete line of Winter Goods for cut's Wear, lately received, by H. C. jr. Morltz, Third street;. 26tf : THE memorial services at BpringBeld omorrow, in honor of the late Gen'l >hn A. Logan, will be of great merest. FOR SALE- One-third interest in the .Iton Base Ball Association. For par- oulars inquire at this office, 21 6 Blue grass, Clover, Timothy and all inds of garden seeds at Seibold & leterding's ' 17 d2w w4t Money to loan on improved farm roperty. For particulars, apply to A SMILEY. THB Chicago and Alton road is re« orted to have refused to pay it? overs," amounting to $35,000, to the outhwestern Railroad Pool. A universal remark by every smoker f cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magno- a are the best cigars in the market. MR. HUNTER, living near Mitchell, II., gave a night's lodging to a tramp, nd i be latter stole one of his benefac- or's horses. MODERN WOODMEN, remember Bob- n Hood Uatnp meets Monday eve, Fob. 1, at 7:30 sharp. Candidates fur doption. 19-2 A. J. GLEN, JR., Consul. FINE WORK—Mr. Geo. U. Eddy ha= itaced in the show window of Znn Jotter's drug store some tine specimens' if his plumbing work consisting of ilpos neatly finished and the necessary aucots, gilded and burnished. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H. . Winter and get the best. Office nt Vlook's Pharmacy, Third street, and in fob's new block, corner Second and Icnry Bts. Telephones No's. 21 and 61. angll d7m In order to make room for spring goods, I will-offer my entire stock at a very low figure for the next SO days.— A. J. Howell, Belle St., Alton, III. ,-••'.. 19 6 Blind Tom At Assoclntfob Hall. (From Philadelphia Bnqulfor.) • A delightful entertainment wan Kiren tt Association Ball last evening by the popular Mtut, Thomas Qresne B** hune, moro widely known M Blind Tom, th« phenomenal musician. The audience, which was an en- oonraging one, manifested lU appreola- ion of the performance by freqnent and hearty applause. The "colored boy's" delicate manipulation of Ike piano keys without the poidftnoe of the eye, and his expressive vocal ezeroltei, were Interesting as of yore. The feac of playing "Yankee Doodle'* with his right hand and" Fisher's Hornpipe" with his loft, on the piano, while singing "Tramp, tramp, tramp," was enthusiastically received. DANCING PARTI.—The ball given by the Flint G'ass Blowers at Turner Hall was attended by an Immense company, members of the league and invited guests. The party was a great aacness in every p irilcalar, the music by the Alton Orchestra, being especially tine. The supper was a triumph of the culinary art, and all went merry mirth and music could make it. A DESWOABLB ATTEMPT—Yesterday afternoon, two young men, one of them married, made an' attempt to take a feeble minded young woman across the river, for purposes that can only be surmised. They found their victim alone at the Union Depot, enticed her into a skiff and were starting off when Marshal Joestlng, who had board o the affair, appeared on the scene niu by hit "persuasive" manner inducec ttic men to return to land, The ofllcar after expressing his mind frenly and forcibly to the two miscreants, took the young woman home. Adrlce to Motuers. Mrs. Winslow'H Soothing Syrup, for children teething, Is tho prt'scrption o one of the host female nurses and phy HleiivnH in the United Status, and hai been used for forty v«ar* with never fulling HUOCBBS by millions of mother for their children. During the prooen of toothing iw value is Incalculable. 1 relieves tho child from pain, cure dysentery and diarrhoea, griping in tho bowels, and wind-colic. , By giving health to the child it rente the mother Pnoe 25o a battle. 1a 16 ra w « wk PEUBOML. Mr. I. F. vVarhurst, business manager of Blind Tom, is at tho Hotel Math•n. Mr. Benj. Webster, an old resident if Godfrey, was reported as being at he point ot death today, his physicians having given up, all hope last evening. 'I'HK CiiNTUAL MISSOURI. A brief meeting of the Directors of he Central Missouri was held Saturday afternoon at St. Louis, Director Phm-, nny, who was present, says that nothing was done except to confer fuller powers and duties upon the Executive Commit* ee in order to further the immediate onstructlon of the road. It is under- tood that the work will begin at this nd of the .line. The Executive JommiUoo will meet this week, when, lOubtless, the date will be fixed upon or the commencement of work. to., At City Hall, Alton, ngFeb. 26. Saturday even- SCDDEN DEATHS. MRS. EVA FRENCH. Yesterday afiemoon, Mrs. Eva French, mother of Mrs. Homer Stanord, was suddenly seized with an ipileptio attack and died in the course if ten minutes thereafter. Dr. Davis was instantly summoned, and arrived ust as the sufferer was passing away. Mrs. French was 77 years of age and md long been in feeble health, and bad once before suffered from an attack imilar to the one which proved fatal. She was a native of Massachusetts but md passed the last fourteen years of ler life with her daughter in this city. Her husband preceded her to the grave ome six years age. Mrs. French wag a most estimable lady, a devout member of the M. E. church, and beloved by a largo circle of attached friends who sympathize with the bereaved relatives in their" loss. Mr. Stanford is, unfortunately,absent n Kansas at the present time, but it is loped will be able to reach home in imu for the funeral,.which takes place Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, from the residence.. MRS ROSA -WAGNER, aged about 62 years, widow of the late John Wagner, was found dead late yea'.erday evening sitting in a chair, at her home on Fifth street, west of Bidt-e itreet. Mrs. Wagner lived alone and, com indications, it is supposed that im died Saiurdiiy evening, about 24 hours before' her decease was known, tior non-appearance about the house yesterday caused some anxiety,although the first supposition of the neighbors was that bad made a trip to St. Luuis. finally, about dark, Mrs. Kleinpeter, Mrs. Wagner's sister-inslaw, went to the house, found it locked up, effected an entrance and found the occupant cjld in death, as above stated. Coroner M tiling held an inquest soon after the sad discovery was made, and a verdict wa» rendered of death from heart disease. The time for the funeral has nut yet been fixed. FIRK ON BELLE STREET.—The house belonging to Mr. Daniel MoGrath, cor ner of Seventh and Belle streets, was discovered to be on fire about 6 o'clock yesterday morning by some person passing by, and the alarm was instantly given. Mr. McUrath and bis family, who occupied tho upper part of tun houH', which is of frame, with a stone basement, made their escape, not with out some difficulty, from the imperiled structure, the flames having made considerable headway. The llromeu were present in a very few minutes and extinguished tho fire but not until suah headway had been ,mada that the roof fell in. Tliei most of the household goods and turniture were saved by the willing hands of those who worked energetically for that purpose. The building was insured for $1,000, which will, It is supposed, cover the loss. Tho tiro wan caused by tho explosion of a coal oil lamp, which had been loft burning. Ilie Fate of Muplo Island. (Cupt. True Dodico In Globe Democrat.) About twenty years auo David Nlohol son, the grocer, owned Mapje Inland. One of Ills pot hobbies was to have a little town located on the inland, whiob he had nuivvyud and laid off In town lots. Everything was in fair shape lor the realization of his ideas, and Hie sale WIVN to take plueu early m the sum mm ot 18C7. Ht'foru that lime the Mlioouri took one of Us tmddun rises, and In us wild ciipurv took a big jump at Its eon- Uucneo with the Mississippi and washed away over one half of the promising property. flfi'ER ALTO!!. RKLIOIOCS—Rev. 0. tt* Armiirong, D.D., will conduct •p*oial mertingt at the I'reibyterr^n ohnroh thU we«k, beginning ftonday evening. The Meeting* at the Bapvlrt chnrcii will b« con« inned through the week; Rev. Wm. Ureon will preacti each evening except Saturday. Seven young people were japtlzed at this church last evening. Rev. Q. W. Waggoner, pastor of the E. church, will begin extra meetings at his church on Thursday evening. BKBEAVED—Dr. B. T. Burnap received word, on Friday, of the serious HOOK*, nt Evmtt, Mass., ot his mother, Mrs. L. J. T. Uurnop. Ho left on the earliest tram but did not reach hit destination in time, lie received a telegram at Buffalo apprising him of hu mother's death on Saturday morning. Airs. Burnap'fi remains will probably be brought here, where she has been a resident of many years and where she eaves ft large circle of friends to aym. i>athi»e with her bereaved son. TRANSFER—Mrs. K. K. Boyle -has sold her residence to Rev. Wm. Green. Consideration, 91,200. Having purchased this properly, Mr. Green hai abandoned the idea of building on Walnut street. LITER ART—The Literary Union-met with Dr. Fairman last Friday evening, Prof. Roach leading the discussion upon the Inter State Commerce bill. The next meeting is with Mr. II. E. Mills.' MUSICAL--The Alpine choir Is billed for March 9, In the College Lecture Course. RECEPTION—The Goddess o( Liberty will give a reception to Goorge and Martha Washington, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings m Johnson's ball, under the auspices of the ladies of the M. E. cbuich. , PERSONAL-Dr. W. H.?,. White, of Silver'City, N. M., has been visiting his aunt, Mm. C. J. Wight man, upon bis return from the funeral of his father, Prof. J. B. White, of Greenville. Rev. B. B. Taggart is making bis family a visit. Judge B. C. Brown, of Little Rock, Ark., who died suddenly at a hotel in that city yesterday, was the father ol Ben. C. Brown, a former art pupil here. FEBRUARY. KcHtar Telegraph: Please allow me to put in a plea in favor of our unfortunate February which you handled so roughly m Friday's issue. In the first place there are, including this date, seven days in which to redeem his reputation, which he seems inclined to do; and all is well that ends well; in the second place, he is no worse than bis immediate predecessors for the last four years at least. F«b. of 1883, was ushered in with a terrific thunderstorm accompanied with hail and sleet, so that it was piled up five inches deep, brenkius; down trees and wires and remaining in statu quo f u I ly on e week. We had rough weather tight ulong, the river remaining bound unul ihe 22nd, wbeu it broke with a rush, carrying part of the box factory away. There was also very high water in the Ohio: at Cincinnati it stood 66 feet 4 inches on the 9ih. In 1884 the temperature did not get quite HU low but it was rough throughout so that your informant had to muke a foot note at the end of the month as follows: "This month'has been wonderful for its atmospheric changes; causes not known." In 1886 the thermometer was dragged down during the month to zero and below seven times; on the 20th 20 dcg. below: "foot note; sleighing and skating in Mississippi and thousands of cattle frozen in Texas." Also highest wilier evnr known at Cincinnati; Ulb, 70 feet 10Inches. ^ la 1886 the thermometer went three lines bulowzaro iu r'eb., and'the river remained firm until the 22nd. K. DKNMSON—Iiijtlits cliy, on the 20th inst., at 10 o'clock p. m., of consumption, Mr. Beruara Dounlnon, tn the 26th year of Ills a«o, oldest ion of Mr. and Mrs. 1'otor Dennlson. The funeral will take place to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock from the family residence on upper liello etreet. Frlunds of the family are Invited to attend. FIIENOU— In this city, suddenly, on the 20ili lust., ot epilepsy, Mrs. Eva French, In ilio 77th j ear of her bge. The funeral will take place from tbe retl denco of her daughter, (Mrg. H. Stanford, Wednesday mart ing, at 10 o'clock. Friend* and acquaintances are Invited to attend. OPERA HOUSE. SATURDAY, FEB. 26th, TUo wonderfnl Nepro Pianist, BLINfl T - TlIK - * The Musical Phenomenon of tho nonownod throughout tho world at the Greatest Natural Pianist UvlHK. Thn exhibition of wlio»» insrvclous i\tl 1ms Kiilnod lilni world-wide colubrlty.and hit- uutonli-hed nnu deltghU'd tho greatest raiintoraol inumc, will appear »» above for POSITIVELY ONE NIGHT ONLY. Admission 36 and 50 cents. Reserved seats 75 cents. Seats secured »t OhnmberlaJm'i. Oqao«rt M ijo'olock. »•• NOW WE DEVOTE ATTENTION Embroideries, AND Goods, YOEATTEIT10S CALLED TO SPOMES, for carriage and bath. CHAMOIS SKINS, large and small. SILK SPONGE TOWELS. Marsh's Drug Store. Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard ancUolt Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVEK BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They have no equal. Also BOOKING and UUTTEIHKO and JOIHUN'Q done nt reasonable raws. Otvll and ciumiuo my 3tock bwforo purclinsln^ tlaowliore. A T Floo-anharHf 532 East Second st,, . J . L^fcJg tJI II leu U L,5thdoor west of Henry QOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, The best for the Money,

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