Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 21, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1887
Page 2
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ALTON _. __ . BT W. *. NORTON, Oo*. Third naa l'u»i» street*, Alton, 111. RRPOHTS como from Colorado ufld JSobraskti of terrible destruction i>v Uiu great storm of Inst week. Many Imnwii beings nnd thousand* of heiul of cm<lo are believed to havo THE Chicago Herald snyj Omul Was only a BriKiulior Uuiierul tt'litn he took Viukkburg.> The general tnipres.siuii is that he was commissioned a MHJ ir General immediately ultor the capture of Fort Donalgon. Heating: Cars. AN experienced engineer suys: "(lie engine would not fuel tho loss of MR am enongh to heat a train of curs,' 1 and that "enough steam is ordinarily \vasl> ed to heat the entire truiu." Mutual Savings' Hank. In the Legislature the R-^nnld* bill, for the organization of Mutual Saving. 1 banks, has been miide the spucial order for next Wednesday, It is otiu of the lending measures of this session. In theso saving societies tho stockholder doos not^figure, but the depositors get tho n«t profits. The I'lalnt of St. Louis. St Louis is in a pecfc of new trouble. It appears that Jay Gould controls the barge line from that city to New Or» loans and will make no rate that will interfere with his railroads. There, is an nil-rail rate of 11 cents on grain from Kansas City to Now Orleans, against which St. liUiis men who have boon buying grain in Kansas and Ncbraka are utiabli- to compote by water transportation This means, says a St. Laws piti/er, "that Kansas City Is to ship all the grain west of u.« via Maw Orleans befon lake navigation opens and via Chicago after lake navigation opens,"— Chicago Journal. OpprobrioiiH Kpitheta. Strikes bring out 'tho technical slang of the trades, and pariiunlarly the opprobrious epithets by which the different classes of workman distinguish the unskilled men who labor ut the same trades. In most cases it will bo found that theso slung terms originate in some technicality of tho trade. Thus the telegraphers call a poor operator a •plug,' after the little metal plug or pin in the switchboard, good only to open and close the circuit. They are also called 'chair-warmers,' the moaning ol which is apparent to everybody. Printers designate ifu unskilled typesetter as a 'shoemaker' or a 'blacksmith.' The derivation of the .former • appellation is from the fact that n compositor who makes errors is obliged to correct t.hom after tho type is set up by taking out the misplaced let- tors and 'pegging' the proper ones into their places. Tailors also use the word 'shoemaker 1 to distinguish u poor hand, as an unskilled workman makes his stitches too far apart, and is therefore better adapted to sew leather, where he can punch the holes with mi awl before pulling his needle through. The appellation 'blacksmith' is applied to a printer whoso fingers are clumsy, and a jeweler also terms an imskilk'd worker at his trade a 'blacksmith' for tho same reason. A term of opprobrium which was used by old Now York printers to denote an unskilled compositor was the word 'boarder,' from the fact that a poor Land w>w generally a drinking man and spent his limn loafing or 'boarding'in liquor saloons. All striking workmen in common U.HU the generic word 'scab' to distinguish (hose who take the place if strikers. The derivation of this voitl is obviously from tins fact that the scab in a morbid growth, and lives only at 'the expense of the general well-being of this rust of the body. Shiikspoare use,* tho> word seal) a- 1 , a term of opprobrium, and WebsUo 1 do- tines scab iir! a 'mean, paltry JV1I >w' which may have suggested the application of tlm word to its present-use. Ditlorcnt occupations have, however, special names to particularize- the scabs of their rosp.cotivc i-allings. Tims comput-itors full a scab a -rat,' in con- tomptiunts (illusion to the rodents that , infest printing-oflieM. The telegraphers have only invented a term for seal) operators. They call them 'coutumi.sts,' ihoii;vl> tho torm is not of technical (Icnvaiku, but is probably an attempt to mamil' e- ture a word from the'Latin ui.ttitn-r, the root of contumacious, to (l»scr>:,r. a stubborn awlobsiinaU' person, 'i'lif re,' is, however, a strong curruiii ;.moug some of tho operators that then: was a noted seal) in tho big strike in IfWfl by tho inimo of Cou Toomoy, iwl hcneo ono who follows in his fiwi-.-trps is callod a 'contumist,' which is iviiniuly a moro hiimoroiw durivation tlmn the former. The iron-workers, especially the nailers, torm a scab a 'black -h'M>p,' while tho hatters say bo Is 'foul.' This custom of designating those who work contrary to the rultvt and wi •!).',< of thnir fellows by some uiu'ouiplimrut-• iiry unmo Is not coulineil lo those who are wage-workers. The lawyer* turm tho,ono who works wutrary i<> the ethicw of the ^rofoiifliou a siiyvitor, while tho doctors expressively ivill ow. who pretends to bo a houler, v, UUout, belonging to their mwlical t*>.'i<';y ,nr union a (pluck. Tho miuia iilo:i, runs through all classes of sooU'ty. Mrs. Jolin Uigclow auit Mr-;. Ululno. The oecentricitk'H of Mrs. John Bigo- low have been table talk on both sides of tho ocean for twenty years. Many of tho stories told about her are well known, und »<> many keep coming up tbivt, tia one clover ^'ew York Avotiwn proteBturt, "lot tis not btxjtn to tnlfc (ibotit Mrs. Bigcknv, /or H spoils oon- vi-rBatlon." Tho btst of all thoancc- dott's about Mrs.. Big-oUnv, nnd ono com. imruUvcly new, is of her milking Mrs, lilnlnc carry lusr rubber overshoes homo to^ Mrs, Bigulow's boarding house in this city, while Mrs. Ulgelowwcnt on a rcnind of pleasure rejoicing. It hap- jxjnijd thnt Mrs. Bigelow. ouic.lng out from one nftcrnoou reception, mot Mrs. Blnlno also just leaving tho scone. "I HUpiKWu, us you -nru such a groat jiersomigo, you huvo your cnrriiigo, Mrs. iilnlne, iinil cnn gho mo a lift," said Mrs. Bigolow. "I would gladly," »ho said, "but I nm hurrying to tho Capitol to bring Mr. Dining down. I will bo Into now." Mrs. Biynlow wns not daunted, nnd, jissmriug her (hut it, would not bo thu len.ft trouble for Mrs. Blaino to drive a few blocks iftit of thn way to leave her at her bdiu^lin;: house, walked on to tho carriage with her. On tJio Way tho eccontric lii'.ly mot hur own daughter and a young man, and with slight ceremony she ordurod them into tho carriage and told tho footman whore Miss Bigolow wished to be dropped for some afternoon tea, quite in another direction from the Capitol. On arriving at the place Mrs. Bigolow decided that she would go into the- tea instead of going homo, and as she descended from tho comfortable landau she turned and pressed into Mrs. Blairie's -hands her rubber overshoes, saying: "Just leavo them at tho house as you go by, and it will be nil right." In that way, before slu; cottld protest or toll how it.happen- od, Mrs. Blaino.wns driving down the .street and ringing tho boardiug-houso -.loor bell and discharging her errand.— OMeay'o Unrald. Liberty's Torch. Tho noble Barlholcli statue in New York harbor, says a wrilor' in Science, suflors a great injustieu, so far as tho idea of its conception goes and the ro^ qiiisites for its most complete artistic, propentatiou are concerned, in being made to hold a star in its hand poorly represents tho lambent arid rolling stalks of lire which tho thought of a torch suggests, and fails to accentuate the statue with any dramatic or spectacular force. ' The attempt should be made to burn a large volume of gas properly distributed over the present surface of the torch, and this would seem altogether feasible. A consumption of from n thousand lo two thousand cubic feet of gas per hour required, but the result'would bo incomparably more •striking and noteworthy. A series of one-inch pipes passing up into the torch, emerging at various points so as to completely invest it with tho con- Itucnt lUmu.'s issuing from their openings, would probably serve the pur- !>O.-K>, the g;is being permitted to burn •uuk-r :v pressure but slightly, in. excess •if its own ascensional power. Two objections might bo urged against this proposition—iirbt, tho smokinosa of ;he iliime, producing an ugly and dirty iippearnnec; second, the probability of its extinction in high gules. The lirst objection has not much .weight, as tho tail of drifting smoko would hardly detract from the-..splendor oJ tho pillar of flame, and in . any case could bo considerably overcome, by an oll'ereiit tube with a perforated circular cap /ceding air to tlie .summit of the torch, somowhiit on the plan of tho central air channel in the popular climax oil lamp. The second objection is valid, but. only in extreme cases; and, as the gas should be lit by electricity, tho highest: gale-* would only alter tho cnnstiiney of the light, its extinction being succeeded by the renewed llauic. Again by curving the oxtromi- tioH of the pipe, even these exceptional cases might !><> yet further reduced in number. The gas might bu supplied from the mainland, or if that appears too expensive, or it.self impracticable, naphtha or gas (enriched-air) could" bo safely used, the precaution being taken of substituting for tho largo tubes bundles of smaller pipes. Rheumatism /t is an established fact -lhnt Hood's Sar- saparllla has proven an Invaluable remedy in many sevoro cases ot rheumatism, cCfect- Ing remailcablo cures by Us powerful action In correcting Iho acidity of Iho blood, which Is tho cniiso of tlio disease, and purifying and enriching tho vital fluid, , Jl is certainly fair to assume that what Hood's gampntllla has done tor others it will do for yon. Therefore, If you suffer tho pains and aches of rhcumutlsni, give this potent remedy a fair trial. A Positive Cure. "I was troubled very much with rheumatism In my hips, ankles, nnd wrists. I could hardly walk, and was confined to my bed a good deal of Iho timo. Doing rcc- oimncndoil to try Hood's Sixrsappjllla, I took four bottles mid am perfectly weil. 1 cheerfully recommend Hood's Sarsaparllla as ono of tho best blood purifiers In tho world." W. F. AVoop, Illoomlngtou, 111, For Twenty Years 1 havo been afflicted with rheumatism, Before 16831 found no relief, but grew worso. I then begun talcing Hood's Snrsapnrllla, und U did mo inoro good than all tlio other mcdlulna I ever had." II. T. UAI.COM, Shirley, Musi. "1 Buffered from what tho doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Sar- aaparilla and am entirely cured." J. V. A. nioroFOOT, letter carrier, Chicago, I'll. \Ye Rhall bo gUul to soml, Irco of charge to all who may desire, a book containing many additional statements of cures by Hood's Sarsaparllla Soid by all dru^gleta. 81; six for $5. Mado only by 0.1. HOOD & CO., Lowoll, Mass. EOO Doses Ono Dollar. 000,000 ACRES CHOICE HAHDWOOD I-ARMINU i IT n nn opi-n qiie»tion whether the iP'in. i (if the \l in M Atlantic ulll UIOM enjov Mr, Lowell's puem, "l-'tuicy or FiictP*' tviiti nrliloh the number, begins, or JUr. Holmes' Beeouut, of his recent nip abroad, called «'Our Hundred Days; 11 ' for both are so iitiiutrnblti.. There ia an interesting piiporon "Theq-v phiUi Qautior," by Jas. iiieck iVikinS, und this is followed hy ilm second part i'f LiiwrenftoSaxeV'Luily frnni Maine,'' the best short aloiy that the Atlantic h«s hail lor a long time. Ajjnes K( pplier euiititlutlUft an aUicle on the l> Cuiii)?i» tien of (Criticism," and Win. Q. L'lwton ims ti piiper on "I'lK.! llippolvtosnl Kiiniiule;',"—H i>Ap(<r so Vivul Umt tdo >e»Uini> (if it giVxis onu ailnoMt ll.o un- prrrifriun ot liuying. Itocn u iuct'Liitor ol tliu tnifsetty. Mrs. Olh)iiniH.'s nml Mr. iAIdrch's 'The Second Son,' 1 ami. ! Marion Crawford's "1'uul I'.itoff," are j continued,and will he rutidwuh inlevesi I by evervbody ; there is an admirable criticism of "Lonjjfellow 1 * Art,' 1 l»y Mr. lloriice .K. Scudder; aud Lhuro an! aUo oiilicism of "Agnes Surringe," of book." abautautor.ii, and of lU'eimt I'o.'try. uiif U. Moult -n contributes a poem culled "(Jome Hack, Dear Dnys!"*aiul i lie Contributors' Club ami Honks ol (lit).Month u'ni-ih a well' toamltul anil double number ol the m:igii/.me. lloiighton, MiiHin & Co., boston. In NORTHERN WIS. 'OONSIN rnr Hilti at $3 AN ACRE on Unitf tnni*. 1'ho intuit mid promhlncr flnlil for witlomuut In thu V. a. Full l.-fonaeilon wlih KOMI map free. AilJr-'n Hill COiCtlSSIWEIt, W«(«u»lii C«ulril U. U.. Bllviuulff, Wli. Useful Inturiimtioii. Wo have iust rucoivcd fnim the publisher iv copy of tho 1887 liilHnm oi Conklin's tiandy fllanti .1 of U-.ft'ul Infoi mation, a neixt bouK of 288 pngt.'- of oli>s(ily primed ruauor, ulinolim-lv i.'inini; jnt'iirmiiUun on uvar 2,00(j siilijetts.' It conuiina a million lault, also uiiinj 1 inblea ,,'of pnuaieal value fur i-very olio in'nil sorts of liU', tnide- iind professions. Every on s-houki hnvi- a copy. .Mulled to nny addrnss .on rt'cuipi of 2f> cents, bv Ueo. \V. Ojjilvit;, Publisher, 210 Lake St., Chicago, III. Aleuts oun innko motiuy sol'in*; it. Bars and Scali) Covered with Ec- zenifttons Scubs and Sores Cured by Ctiticura. M ^k little 1 son, nixed elvht yeurd, nils been af flleted with E('zeniiior tho scalp, and a' times a jjvout portion of the borty, ever since IIB was two yeara old. It bcKi<n in his uura, andtxtcuded to His sca'p.whlcti became covered with scuba mid tores, und Irom which u sticks fluid poureJI out canBing intense itcblng nnd dlatrees, and leaving his hair inittteci and lifeless. Underneath those scuba thoshln was ruw, like a pl>:ee ol Oec(sci-ak Unuluully tho hair came out und wits destroyed, until but n euiiill patch was left itt the back ol tlie head. My irlendsln Pciiboilv know ho*my littlo boy lins sulfered.- Af night he would scratch Ills bead until bis pil low was covered with blood, 1 uijvil to iln hia hands behind him, nml in many w»ys tried to prevent bis snratci iugi but it wu» no use, ho would scrateli. 1 t.iuk him lo the hospital an\\ to the b«st plivsiclans in fua body without, success. About this time, so'uo lridnd», who bad been cured by tliu Cuticara Kumedlti-, prevailed upon ran to try them. 1 began *o UB^ them on thu l.thoi Junuitry last. In fievon months every parti- ilooi tho disease was removed. Not n spot or beub reniHiuH on bis smilp to tell the story of his fulfeiing. • ills hair bus. re urned, and Is thick urul Htronir, and IIIH sculp as sweet :ind clean as liny vhild's tn the worM. 1 c:ui- uotsay iMiuuKli to express my gratftiid" mr iliU wiinduilurcnre by the (Jutleunv lienie- Jicn, and wish nil simllaily »lllieii-d tn kumv thut my Ktfttduacnt Id ti vu* und wttl\«vuttxo^- Kermion. - CHARLEa .vclvAV, Oil. 6,1SS5. Jf«ubiiny,Ma!is. 1 have seen Mr. McKay's li»yvrh«u bnrtly affected with the Eeztiuu. He wus a pltlliu slRht to look nt/. I know that ho ban tried o<jr best physlciiinx, und dhl ull u latliPi eoultt Uo lor iV surterin^ clilHi, but iivmltO nothipj,'. 1 know th t ilmKutcmtnis ho hafc iniida you as retards the curing ol bis boy by v»ii' '.'ntlcura Hem- dies iin: true in fvery liartlcular. Wli tlAM J MuCAU'MlY, S3 Poster an eet, 1'euoody, I do not know of any instance in which the Outlcum Kumeillt'8 have lulled 10 pit>duc< saiii-lactorv re»ults. I bxlluve. I liuvu -old iin-rc. of ilieni than cf anydther pkln reiue- •.lea 1 have ever hiimileu durinir thii-ivUiree Tears ot iny expurlonce HS a tlmi-'Klst. A. D. TKVO.S, liatnvla, N. 1 Sold everywhere. Price: butl>:ui'n, 60 cts.; Cutlcura Soap '.'5 i-eute; Cutlimru i i-Bulvimi, .f I. i'rupui-ud by i'ottur Ui-ug nml -OhumU-iii Co.. Dosto-i. SouU lor'"How to Cure Skin Diseases." O 1 \/1 PLUS, lilaekhuinid. skin Hlfiuisbe.s JL JLi.VJL and Huby llumors, uso Cuticuia aoap. • A Word about Catarrh. "!'• in tlid mucous muinlirniii-. Unit uoniipr- [ul suml-liuid envelope Htiiroundlui; tlie dell- catd tiH-unHof t't« ale and foot! p!i^3ii^o^,tli)it OutRiTh nniki'H Ita st'onyholil. mice u»t»b- llsdeO, H cutM Into tho ^ ury vi'ul.-*, and rcn Ucrslllf Ijiuji loiiK-arawn bicnth of misery und dlscHSf, (lulling ihu scmo ol heurnit;, trnmrm-Illiit$ih« power 11 opt-rfh, destroying ihii faculty ul ninull tulnlin^ lliu liliMith, un 1 killing the rt'lined pl^uwnr a of iiibu*. In- ^idlou-ly, !>y crt'epln^ on from u bhuphi cold In the lii'itd, it 11831111)1-1 tliu ini'iiihianiMia lln- Inis and inivoliiiw tho bunce, etilitii; tUrnuuli ilic cli-licuu; cont.s and can-jut; li flniiiinatliin, .^loti^hlnx an i (loath, Nuthinu nliorl of crad Kttition uill Mccni'i, lienlih lo thu f.Hiiein, an*) all allovlathca ure kfinpiy iirmj''iifiliiii'L'(i hlilli'iin.», Imirlinu -to a lilinl tcnnlnii'.ion. 6unforil'ti Hailleal Uun>,liy I'<> un<l liy Intrninl iiiliiilnisti'atKni, liaa m-vur lullu ; '•veil when ilm (Hh'-atiw has inc.tle Irl^licliii inroiu'tj on t't'litatu fniibiHiiiiuiiH, lioi'.rlntf, -uio'l and iiislu liavo i.ecniTcoviiri'U, and tliw dirvnsn thni'iuiihly Urlvi-n cut. fANKOUU'S K'ADICAL UVUK COII-llfltS of one bottlo oi tilt; Hiuliciil <Jur\', (me uoxCvUti' vhm Solvent, and one improved lnliitiur, neatly wmppi-d In one package, with lull directions; prlmjl. Onuo & CHEMICAL Co., Uosiqy. HOW IT ACHES." \ViTii oiit with iiuln, but titlll com pclltHl bj* Htern nucuti-,Uy to statul up to tlie work holoru UH and hrar Ibe pain. Heili't In omi nilniite In a On- Hum ti AMtl-1'ain I'liistur lor aclitnv and Iwuk.wiMk & palultil niu«- ; ci iwt a•«! Imi'Uliii! cuuuh, nn ' eiy pain nnd uclio of dully loll. KK^gaiir, w, oii^innl, Hpeedy, and InfalltMu. At iwKl« r f,2Sc.; flvu-lnr }1; or, pohtutse Ircc, Potlcr OruK undOhemU-ui Co., llostuu. New and Beautiful DoslKiis just iirrived and arriving for (lie Spring Triido. WINDOW GLISS ! A Specialty, from Small to At thn eld rrltubld llOUSB-l'AINTINO uud UECOKATING ostttblitlunent ul NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle Bt. Jlfor NiU< , .» couvnnleat fann of 120 iwrns, most all Ir c iltlvntlon; i<lfiinu:'l rm thu Botlmlto will, m'lr» T.MII Alton, _ For B»l« <<)• Knit. Tht> 2-Btovy inline (hvolliUH with U rooms, IncluilliiK I Ifitc! ifiiod burn and lino lui in kmmu as tliu Nlol'.dU hoii-eslotid, i-lt on IJCh Bt,, In a <l«bl.':iol(i urluhboihood. A QUESTION ABOUT Browits Iron Bitters ANSWERED. Well lidimni't But .It does mire unydlwufe 11 - 1 f""" 1 ','" ulOT!cl«n »onM pmxribf. l«oa m recugnlzi) iroYi M tho Ixwi r*«oKiU»« Icnntvn tn iio pnitemlun, nnd I - tWn«?" Wel hit thorn ai-o -— julr.dGVQr CROWN'S IRON R|TTFRS < * o< " inotin ) ure ttwuhcln, or prwlnro constipation—nil fttlirr Iron incillclncn do. IIKOWM 'H IKON H1TTK11H en reii Indigestion, llllloiiNncsn, Weakness, I>.VH|ir|mln. .Uulnrln, Olillls nml Fcvcra, ' »;e«l VocHnK,Ociirri..l llfbtllty.Pnln in the ,. . ni Mile, IIili-lcorl.liiibB.IlfnilticlipnntUVcilriil- »in.-fornlltliCT(! aUmonts Iron Is prescribed d«llr, . um liviuor. tho dftcantiiin Imprnrn. Iho bnwclsaro active In i"jmtn Hmu(T«t it inually more rapid imd marked' l'ii« <•>•!!» licKln at imco W brlBhlcn: tho skin clo»ra •in: he.ilthy citlxr aomm to tho clmikpi ncrvmunMw iKiponn; functional il.T inRnmonts irocomo n. K n- u n utinlair mnthor. abundnnt tuslennnco lod for thn oliii.i. Rempmlwr Brown'a Iron in th» ON1/5T In.o medklno that 1« »o» J'hyoiiiW'taxrt Imtsjyi&t recitmmcnd it. 'f?in Oormmo h»fl Tfario Slnrk nnd crwed rod llnea ou uraiijibf. fl'AKH (THE NEWQUlNINJfi.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. NO ringing ears, C" reB quickly (Pleasant,*" 1 " 1 A POWitRKUJL, TONIC. thktihe most delicate stomach, wlUbaar. A SPJECIPiC FOR MAJLA1UA, RHEUMATISM,- NEKVOUS PROSTRATION, nnd nil Ooun Diseases. BfilloviioUospttui.N. Y.: "Universally sue coBsinl." • ("Everv patient treated St, Francis Hos.N. Y. < with Kaskluo ban been (Uiaoliiu-KOd cui-ed." Dr. L. H. Whlfe, U. S.ExunimlniS Surgeon, write*: "KiieWne ia Ilm luwt medicine mude." Dr. L. M. Ult^Sncr. 360 Knot 12l»t St., New Torh city, lina cured over 290 patients wttli Kn^kliin niter quinine und nllutherdrvgsliad ttillfd. llo snyn: "It la'jnduubtedly tlie bout inn llclnn ever discos ered." Pro;, IV. P. ItolcoinbH, M.D., 51 EastZHb 8t., N.Y. (l«tu Proi. In N. Y. Mud. College) write": "Kusklne 1» superior 10 quinine in U» ipec flu p.kiwui, and nevur produced the slightest in- jniy to tlie licai ing -or conatliution. lt«v. Jaa. L. Hull, (Jlinplulii Albany Penitentiary, writes tliut Ra-klno has cored tola wlfn, •liter vrard tuffei-lrig Irom lualUrla and ntnvoud dysyepslu. Write him for par- Tliouiundsunnn thousands write tlsat Kas- Iclne liiiBcnied tlicin altar all otlior inodi- vmes liiul. fui'.erl. Write lor book of testi- Ka^kine onn be tnVcn without nny special uitUicul nuvlcB. $i.OO PPV boule. Sold by orK-nt by tiuill on receipt of price. KASKISECO.,84 Warren St.,New York. ID dwlm WHIPPLB & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS liEEEESBNTlNG THE HOLLOWING First-Class lns« Co.'s: Inn. Co. of NoJtb America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of PhlladelyJ'Ja; Geruinn American; North liritlsh and Slerciuitile, London; Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Alancheatur, Eng.' Continental; Girard; GleiiM Falls, Amercsm tefltral; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. AND OTHJilltS: A OA8U OAP1TAI IN TIIK AGGUEGATE OF $20,006,OOO. '.VS A.LHO UKPREBKNT THK Ointuttl Benefit Life, of Newark, S. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident bio. Co..Hartford. Office: Over Airon Nat, Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. for Hale. Snv«n lots with (tooil urlok dwelling and oiitbulliUiiK-.lri (,'OKl repair, In Unper Alton. HuHllh'lICi-Ol I) K, "lllllllH, llllU hU'lWII 113 UlC .Muirlll property.-Wllll'I'LIt; & bMILElT, Alton, or I). VV. Uollct, Uppsr Alton. • I 1 or limit. A two-story biluk dwelling known as tlie A. 1'latt huuiustoud. Lately pu In tooil ie- VVIUI'1-LK A8M1LKY. Vor dale or iv«»t. able ivnoniunt on 11 lull strcer, owned t>v 41 rs S. J.Uutio. WHIPI'l.B *SM11-KV For b»l» Tim lat« reetdunctiB of J. j. and W. H. Mitchell, ou Mil! at., two o. I.. i< bent plucos ol it^lduncu pro|)urty in Altou. Tuu property kiniwii as ''Tliu ram, uoutot ubovu; If lott- >u Mill and Uuiinult streets, an J a number ol fit» In Miller *MItcbell'H addition to Alton. Any or all ol above ut a ififnt buruuln.'l'bK«aalIJjKY. ottie. The Murrimun property on State streo In MllUir * Mlclieiru add., to Alton, IX story liowuo, 8 rooniH ami out-buildings; all iu per, loot order. Oan bn had at u bargain. >iMn>KY. For Mil«, A IK iitory (mine dwelling, corner 1'e und r'lub t*U'C\)tri. Wllll'l'm A8MIUKV l)untrnl>f« Ktiiltlolioc'i fur Sule, A twoHtoiy btlck duelluiK on Stiuo strooi iio'M, ua A. I'lutt liuiiifiiiuiuli liitely | in I '.n I.-IMH! ii'piih-. A twn*uir> inimo dwellluu O' iliilu nlriji-I, iiiMirly now. A t*n mory M ifK iiwi>Mlui4 on suvitiuli airciBt, nil lor title t » mu'rlti'm. uwui'l Uuvluu ilcclUud (o «<' VVIIII'I'I.K .t "MII.KV Kor Hale. A7'ioupJ bilakdwelllng mid out building* on Thlid rtrcnt, t)8t lffneteT*s Sale. STATK OF lUlNtilS,./ Of the SMptfUibar term, A.D. 18:«, ot th» Bt, Ollilr County Uirouli Court, n ^,^^ John H Ohlltoh vs. Thomal f Mltpu. 80OMB Ohliton, JumeK "Hd«ro> . Robert W. UhS nr.son. JKIIiabetb Ann Wllllami, Dorothy nr.son. , Uurn, iboums Burn, Jatnet Bnro. Bwru KerKUhou, 8 1 1 nB Jane Burn, \Vllluu fln John Tbomn« limn, iwroihy Ann Burn, isubolla Hum, James Bum, anfi Heniy Rj UuiUltmtr, etecutor ol the l»tt will and tvtiumentof John Ubllton, deceaiod, M 1 lor sale (>! llaHl Mstatp. ,*..,* Under mid by virtue i-l decree of Bald c<iurt|in«dBl'i the abov<( entitled oiitt*«, at Said terin,!, the uuilerstHnetl, will, o* , MAKU11 nt nnfl 0^1 the |iroml»e» hi-rolnnf wr aoorlbcd, no 1 to ttio ItlMliOht. And bfbt UWU«r, tUM t,il- lowing deavilui-d hind, nituHtcd In thu oouu. tyU Aindis,,n, nnd Mute ul llliiiolB, lei-wit: Tio «i st lourtlluf iliB Miulhi'Bat quaiter <il 111" noitliweat qiui'ter, conlmnliiB tt-n (10) ucic-s; uud the liull of the nouthw«Ht qiumer, u,l In soctlontlility (8'i),ln township BIX 18) north ol i uiig'i nli o v9) wost Appi ll'sud value, $8.4»6.7i. Bill" to comuiuneo »t ono o'olicK p. m. TKHUs OK WALK..-Twenty norcont. of ths pinelinso umnny to be i/nld cnah flown, and the biilunco on u. credit of bljc and twelve inonthF, BCOUItti by nottt nnd approved i *ou- i Ity, und 11 inortdiiKi; on the preuilan aold.on tlio vxetutton ot wlil-h, mid 'M'on coullrnm tlonol siil talc, 1 win oxi culo wild deliver a deed to i he pui chaser or uuichn-'f-rii of nuc liu.d, a* by said oi ote •• lam directed, eon vnsliiK nil'Hi- light, tl'lii und uliilin ol Mie Hitid parties n fluid xult loeuld preiumeB. ALONZO 8. WILDKllUAN, Master in ulioiicery ol suld ooiinty M. W. W Bin, 801. 1 ""' / EXECUTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Sehweppo, deceased. The undersigned, having been ap pointed h.xecutors of tlie lust will and tiistument of John W. Schweppe, late of the county ol Wndlsou und Stutt ol lllljole, due-eased, hereby Hire notice that tiiey will appear before the County tloui-t of MadUon county, at the court bouae, in EdwarU > vllle,attlieMitrch temi.on the louith Monday in March next, at which time all persons ImvliiK claim* tiKtxlnst sula estate are noilttbil and i-equu»teii to uttend for tut purpose of huvlnu tliB same adjusted. All personi ndebted to said estate aru requested to coaKb Immediate pitymmit to ihe uudersltfimd,, „ Dated, tbla 2nd day of February. A. D. 1887. El.lfcA F. BUUWBPl'E, WILLIAM K. 80UWli.l'PK, IIENltY M. SCH\VJ Pl'fc, Executors. KAGI.IC PACKET COMPAHE. SPRING ARRANGEMENT The Steamer CD H. UKT1IE, Master. I B. BOSS POWBLI jEo. BLOCK, On and alter Monday, Feb. 11, the Spread axlx Wl run an follows, vtai LEAVING ALTON TOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. tn., daily. And leaving Alton fo Portnuo, Jersey Landlnp. Oratton. and waj points every evening ai 6:SO o'clock. «a-The WSil»tle will be soanded flftec •nlnutea before starting for Bt. FABKl. To ST. ixirns, - - - ROOMDTKIP - - TWBNTT IUDE»' - - 5 Of O W. HILL. Aepnr. Fast Freight &Paeserger Line THE BT. LOUIS AND OKNTIUI, ILLINOIS K. K. OO'S PAtACE fel KAM KB J. F. BL1.1SO.V, Coiuuiander. ED ANSHDTZ, j n . n ,.... TUUEUOUOB, JO' 0 '* 8 On and alter Thursday,Feb. J7th, willleav Alton dailj For St. Louis at 7 a. m. Retm-ntiic-. will leave St, Louis (foot of Vln et.J at!:46p. m.! / Leaving Alton at 5:3O p. m. for Portupe and .lersey, arriving at Graf i on nt 7:45 p. m., connrptlni?w'th fnftezpreas on Rt. Louis am Central Illinois lltiilroud lor Jcrseyville. Wa vi-riy, 8p; Injjneld and all points north an east. FATtE. To ST. Louis, siiiKlo trip, ... 60p " " T' un<l trip, .... 7fio " " twenty rlue ticket, . , J5.00 HENUY 0. TATUM, Gun A«t. Alton. II. A. KI?imi, i.ou'l MunaK'jr. leildtf J. HOFFMAN & SON, OKALKES IN Stoves and Haidware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other first class boating »t(m>a for wood or coal. Also Itauuea and Ohavnplou Monitor COOK Stovue, tliu beat in Alton. Outside Worn a specialty: .Boot tag, Guttering, etc. undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON HAND. COR. SKOOMD A.flit AI HY HT8. Tlio imderitguoil havo opened a now muilo tore ut Uiu coruitr of 'x'hlrd j and Wasu ata ORGANS AND^PIANOS! of tliu Iflnost workmanship for sale at rim- aonahle prluoa. Dull und examine our matru- uiuutfl betore piixolittBlinj olnuwlioro. FLOSS, f& BABE. WILSON WASHBOARDS. Thcu Waihboudi M« m«d« wltlt » lleut.Wood rim. Tb* BtrODg- «tt uoittdi and b«ki VMU«n In tb< world. For lal* tr Bit denlen. Mlohljmu. tllffi ATLAjWtO Mdiraftjf 1887. Will contain. In adaitloii to the titit Bhoit Storle*. Sketche*. ,B«nyi, JPo««rr «md Orltlolim, two BdrlalStorio:- Orltlolim, Tlift Second Son, B? MRS.M.O.W.OUWUWT Paul Pntotf, By r, MAKION Author ot" A Boruan Blnger,' 1 "lit. Papers on American History, ByJOhS FtBKB, , \v boto previous pnpori hav« beon to Inttr. citlUKifull of Information, audgenGr- . ally popular. French nutl Engliih. continuation of thn ndmlrabie psper» cou»« PIU-IUK thu French and EiiitllBh p«opl», ByP.O.HAMKUTON. Essnys and PoeinB, Dy OLIVtftt WENDELL BOtM 88. Occasional Papers, By JAMES KU88BU, 1X)WKUL ' Ooiitrlbutlous mny be expect d from Joh« Oreonlbt\t Wlutvler, Tbom»» Wnntwoitn Hlg Hlnuoii, Uhatlreliudloy Warner, K, Q. 8ted> until, Harriet W. PrcBton, SarHh Orue Jowett, t'harloa Hubert Oradclook, Arthuf Shnrburno llufdy, Iliinry GabotLodKu,KdUh M.Tbomiw, Horace K. Scudder, Gloorne E. Woodberty, ticorge Fioderlck Paraon*. Haurlce Tboinp son, Lucy com, Delia Thaxtur, John Onr- rnuiihs, J nines Fieoman Clarke, Klltabeth Boblng I'eunel), Bradford Toirey and many others, TERMS: ftayoarln advance. S5 uuntg u number, "With suporb portraltof Huwthonio, Emorion, low, Bryant, Whit tier, Lowell, or llolmod 5«; each additional portrait, *1. The November and December number* of thu Atlantic will be tunt n ee of ebarv* to caw subscriber* whose subscript ions are reoslveo. belore peoembor SOih. Postal notes and money are at the risk of t he render, and thereto™ remittances should be made by money order, drait, or registered letter, to Uougliton, Mlfflln & Company, 4 JP«rk street, Iloston, Mass. The Century For 1880-87. THE OKMTOKT is an llmntrated monthly maKazlnu, having a regular circulation ol about two bunurud thousand copies, oltan reuchlng and sometimes exceeding two hun- dredand twenty five thousand. UbtefamonR Its manv attractions for tuu coming year in a aerial which has been in active preparation lor sixteen vearr. it la a history oJ our own country In Its most critical time, as set forth m • THE I,IPB OJF IilNCOIiNr, By his Confidential Secretaries, John G. Nicolay and Col. John Hay.' This great work, begun with the (junction of President Lincoln, and ooutluued under the authority of his son, the Hon. Hobert T. Lincoln, Is the only fnll and authoritative record of the life of Abraham Lincoln. Its iiuthors were f. lends of Lincoln befnra hli preei'ienc?; they were most Intimately associated with him asi private secretaries throgbout his term of office, and to them were transferred upon Lincoln'* death all his private jiapeis. Here will to told toe inside history ol the civil -war. an* of President Lincoln's administration -important details of whlob. have hitherto remained nnrevealed that they might first appear ID this authentic history. By reason of we publication oJ this work, ,,.. ...'.- ... • -.;,;•.•. •;•,:,..-. •;• THE AVAR SEBIE8, which has been followed with unflagging interest by a Kreat interest by. a (treat audience, will occupy lean space during the com' Ing year. Gettysburg will be'described by Hen. Hunt (Chief of the Union Artillery), Gen. Longstro t, Oen. E. M. Law. and others. Ublcamauga, by Ueu. D. H.Hi.l: Sherman's Marcntotbe ^ea. by Generals Howard and slpcum. Generals Q. A. Oiilmoro, Wm. F, Smith, Jolm Gibbon,Horace Porter, and John S. Mosby will deaoriue speqlal battles and incidents. Stoiies of naval engagement*, prison Hie, etc. etc, will appear. NOVEL8 AND STOKIB8. "The Hundredth Man," a novel by Frank n. Stockton, author of "The LuJy, or the Tiger." bpgins In November. Two novelettes by Georife w. Cubic, stories by Mary llallook Foote, "Uncle Beinus," Julian'Hawthorne, EUward J^gwleston, and other prominent American authors will be printed, during tua year. SPECrAL FEATURES. (with Illustrations} Include a series of articles nn affairs In Ku-ela and Siberia, by Geo. of "Tent Lite in, Siberia," who husjuHt returned from ft most eventful vl*lt to blberlHU prlsuns; papers <n tbe Food Qnobtion, with reference to itp bearl»gonthe Labor l'robl-m; English Cathedrals: Dr, FKglesion's Religious Life in the American Colonies: Olulrvoyuoce, Spiritualism, Aitrol- oKj.eto., b\ Kev. J. M. Buckler, 1>.O.,editor ol the Christian Advocate: astronomical papers ; ai throwing light on Bible uistory. etc. P&ICE8. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, J4.CO a year, U cents a number. Dealers, postmasters, and publishers take subscriptions. Send for our beautifully inundated 24 nage catalogue (free), containing full piocpoccun, etc., Iho utllug a special oner by which new readers cangat • ack numbers to the beginning OJ the War Series at a vory low price. A specimen copy (back number J will bo sent on request, lien- lion this paper, •"!••.. Oan you afford to bo without the Oentnrr TUB OKNTPBY CU.j New York. Subsoiiptlonsreoblvod at this offloo. TO ADVERTISERS For a check for $20 we will print a ton-lln» advertisement In One Million Issues of lead, Inff American Newupupers. Tnl* la at the rate of only one fifth of a cent a llne.for 1,0 JO olrou • iHtionl The advertisement will bo placxl before Ono Million DIFFERENT newspaper purcha«ers:-or FlVEMlLI.IUK READKII8, Ten lines will accommodate about 76 words. Ad* dress with copy of adv and check, or send SO cants lor book of 178 pa«e«. GBO. P. BOWELL A UO,, in Spruce St., N. Y. JalSdlin W ANTHt>—A live, enorgelio wan, to rep- resi>utun, f/6 per mouth and expenses. Goods staple; every one buys: outfit VwnS, bTA.\DAKD8ILVEBVVABBOo., Bosion, ocOT(18m L ADIES wanted 'o aet up Tea Clubs for onr Pure Teiu and Coffees. A host of useful Hrtloles to select In.m as premiums. Send for illustrated 1-rice aud Premium LUt. Sn CIAL OFEEU: to every TKNTH perron that nn- awers this adverilFomeiic, wo will send rail one pound ehulco Tea. Address NAT'L TKA .. Bos'on. Mass. ocWdSin r ' SheriflTs Rale. Jeur.lo E. llupry ) » , ?,*• , f Execution No. W. Franklin Jlepry. ) rue bill No. By virtue ot'vbliciiao lisued out ol tlio clerk's oniuo of ttie Circuit i/'ourt ot Madison couiity.lllluols, dliected to tlie Sheriff ai said county,1 have levied upon all th» rlybt, title untf. Interest (ul the dot. udant iu «ud to the foliowh u property, situate m tlie county of Uudlsnn and State of IlllaoU, and described as follow*, to-wit; Two 121 vods ott of the north sldi- of lot Ho, five (6), In block No. nix («}, to B. LonK'uuddliloii to the town of Upper Alton, and, also, two (I) rods nfl of the south Mdo of loi No. six (Hj, in gald block No. «U .0) In i-aid addition. Raid two (!) piece* of iindfiontlniflour Hi rods on Muln ttrcet la buld town mid rnniilnu back eoitwardly the entire depth (if mild lots, mid situated In the towuot puperAltim, in the county of Madison, In the Mime of Illinois, which I will «*• po-e at I ublio Hulo, to tho )il«Uent bidder, for «a»h, on F1UDAT, TUB KMO'ISNTH DAY OK MABOBi A, U.. 1807, between the hours of » o'clock in the (ore- noon »nd sundown; to-wit; at 10 o'clock, iu n., of mtuday.ln iront ot ihe north front loor «(tun City JlHll bulldlnif, in too city of Alton In tl'Wtiuniy and ulorumtliJ, W utluly uuid iixucutlon togutlier with oo>M. «. /». iintKic, aiierlfTof MiulUon county. III. ». J^. OKOWB, U«jputy._ JJ^iiL. For Halo, Tho Woodroot propoity. A J story Iranw ouse ol 8 roi/iuu, op Klttll and Altou utreeM, 4 room froiLu house on ,*""• -••"»• c.>:.

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