Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 19, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1887
Page 4
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V f ~" * i"" , V * ''"'t ' *?^" **QCHS» SC « **&• pamu ctat& vweaaal br- HSJ»am«w aearalssaof the heart cannot a«Tt faeea aotSosd, Ja all prate. o, w Attoa, *a tgatt. "" " of tfi* a' Kiws««*§?. w»-a?wtf-6,3««Bi' iwan-t*, < &"ar?i ot Dir.- - ©eaisr? aad n«v»r 1 ~" Gnat*. ~ SAtCTl4,»AT.ETE., . *»a« tin «an*iri by tiies* fierfta* dfowia, an Suf met* daogaraia t&aa % M». It Qatn tay f*ti-n Tans* abroail aa Sn, Jo***'* iu |s!».s' o». taa:li toe SL lewf 5Iea-- 5r» ~—^"8 CHS**? Far •mnl yuan. a. friend &f misa had *a »Ksefc of fheoajatima every Spring ami «a«ft BicesstKaj attack waa n^roe I^Q j^ prrnctai on*. H* iair Aiafaphorna ad- Tirtiaei and «Bnefad«rf £•> After an»8 t&s fat bwtr« 6* toM sat fce eaoM fto 4a 6*1 and ile-paO: a%ftt irfcnmrt 1117 jcio air Boiaa, * s^ma & e fcut not <fcne fee- »r*fi»« ft* fwxoL He fr/sfc too natr* &o«- •'••«w» fcr few nf a. return a,f tils complaint ; Kn<*lfia* Jiaujfcs hat Bfit6«an fcc< w£c& rhenra&iiam, I can SIT tS.ot i$ n;is g£T«n the bwrt iaiia&ffl&jn cf any remedy I ewer noM for theparffawa fcr which is In ,;., frtjrarfai famt fnna taw *UTif<l'f»» ro tJw-iM«r. rut four in& > f4{i&>>>p< it«ptt nmtier trltil ffjeeo tfri^&iiff on foe fttonre. mf In ana Sot a -seta b«* fids .^^^ tooem ha* &«MfT, as«f Toby's efj fty, HiHanry C&/ILL October 3d, 1384. FOT «z namtoa I mffisrai w.imr£j font aa atbi'Jb of rinsrnaaiitBB, A fHemi ««nS me* BfleJr,* of vraraf ralioSle caret- *£ feetesf ^ by AHEfopterag, I prasoswi i&» .EwwKdfae ami lias tfcia one kctt;<i «om- platiel/ enrol me T tail I Bail IMS fca<i t&e feaat mditarfon of a rysira of t&* painful disease. I ha.?« r»rnracn«ifi<rf it to (jthen an/i rarafta rissSar Eo ttnue ia n--r ewa ea*e - I rszari Athln'phcwa 34} BET. Bat SB Sy 017 Sat tB4 m.'rf»l'« part aarf 'ft'flhir aoflr, . : "Stty. jHipi aia's yar doit* get KM?" &a wtensered, w'jwfaily. "JSftl *inT* waas rer." erfnd ifie titft- «r, bittsrfy. w la«j're- tt& my P«t& an* wfe»£ *fr yoo itt af» piacftj*" <». she child" shrini, treraMiaz an»f repola«d' y <f wca by thw bwadfe of withering somnte. , Sfefes ia. i&e £&pptl wnstitete 30- m- i ,1 • tersstrag-a. featsre ta jjuus pafwsr. p«r,w * % | ta tftatt cstpaefity,. He. hsia 'fast grtrv ill •' Eaiisd; x Kctfe- -,ir<:ir.!L. "Lfl* Sttupw. D»J- !'• |; it seTisr- , ( &KS3tL ittwwirsnn: fuunata B» HABPEB'S i, their" syrvictis tit h^u^Sujtid' tworlL. To ! efi* otilV one e f the nl-jjj.<r. if., Frm-*- ; ...r . r ._.. _ M r _ . J . . i Snww* unit j&e b(rf ttasttisr, siiiw & eiilnipon.- I' . Be waiting a: the aihie. as ta*- Swaae j' ; of Gfto. Lk-raiiie,: a FiixiUa. piuiair, [ ai» i :w :&£ :sj^>!ru:'i<->n>* esrttaciEW' wa» mun«<L f MOST PERFECT MADE ffirifct Dr.! - ni!Kp{*» 09 Ser Imft-: eii nww in gray hastening rt»*{&«r ii-- netioo. oa n. TtMK XAHUE. Oaf . uuu »»*I.BTJ. «U9- fcUUOt; i4<e*rf£t.- Ol'-l , yoa"$ nave so iau* vtxxrhaese ivrnr- hw«r—ao-sr tort zoo* fa* a ga&t j ana:, Ei ;w nip ( : buss train**! Hii'i^Q uauier a"* i ~_- CHBC4SO A2*lt JU.TOS, r " ' v~ ! Oa latt after SmttaT,, SOT. MSJj.KBJ, natrr U.' :l niilltvWr Ili* tilti dtt Bfci»fftlf«rtf«rAnrf. .irimn ra«!»wii*^ _1l r—. tri: waiasr: hi»- iui-l tmi««ti, from 1 ,..• • *™.*'J «"1»TJI>1 'JMJ, i l»«h«*wK'a*iaiinf»»prfc«ie««,;ti» 1 <me<f (a a. fray, T - • . • sf.e te 6«/«Krivt of sE« d pftomii O»^ wmrf either .. _,e fa»i; co rsceipt «jf ]. whsefc a |LCO p«sr iwfcl* t. ' '-- 'crpTBa. i o-f Praise)*, •• , and I «nrt Arttar tftrainrti toe - away to- a. pliwe o4 safety, lesmay AS Potz* froswo. to she grijowi viijii wot anil dflsifr. Tbas"" n. r 2!i'i; .ia Easy " * . Sf 'W5ra«t, woHparii, M wccrt, Ae., A£6S:pltotK« SIEii ass REAL JESTATE FOB SAUS OK RENT, —ar- Ruderstousen & Sonntag. JFor fiat*. A «owT«a&H5* aatt jttaaaajss borne t Bat at ben -»a- f ^. i ° i »» f y Prtina™, snv. .. . . •Ose-a ttec»r«!»,:wa!ineraia«fe.enptBrM er- : figasing *j braveiy; Toby crane up aa J ' teant tea gifeows on aer fcaeea-" -Sasf^ fee whispered^ "if s«r etoa't see Toby n« moo* axter terniaafi. iioa*4 fce ske«r8(i J i"ns agoia' artar Silti r fficfe." r fee aaiid. golamaiy, aji Jt'is ji *HT ( its rjjiiHig- :. €7M him is- n£rt- *rci]Wr of croaiioc; are ! ^ W ^P? ^^ ^7^ *?• »'-«rrij | ">iD^a^S1£^^iiad¥«l^i*«£ - S | jri-de £Aft*£ hie cuaiil noc fie trusted —*--' •_ - . j &> h-auM^u^jui ffisb-s of M y r -«EiS», : tfafttfsr.ptitia.' in *pte of aLL EK;u:&in<" " H eorreotKJaa, the teaiB^ Oiotat CaMs laemtth oirr-crtMof JUWeneft.' „,., a SnnilKaimuiafiaaMlMtaiadVt »y PngtnSr.i Honey Cnnter or Draft, JoTJoft} ^? WB *B Bat I t«x . no. —ZKEe« Wttftaey. PETE'S'HOSS. _»afc.«JBSMi' r |Hip,' T and JLOOV f t lon^r, .lasi arm toward the tall ! fira« clusa eaat c< . A ciasfca £ana of MO acrea, slraatftri j^; on <MJ^ Mo. TOT fconwr to f » a»l<HtIOB so AXSon- Th« nabtetutft of Cape. W. P. obte; two tofjsaiHKl njMiaaidroofj 1 JS rnwa , i , Mllazs, etc. ; j iv««t of irroan , . vcoffuvr ta Os* ettf, land naaz . ami Moci 6< atorea oa Sencn .... -Out SrieV I •.tmnf, tecwesis : « A matt £nme «« _J;sjr ft -^ lor tal£oi< Sttoaze per for Sal*. Ajarmof Uaaezra; on oo«ota land, all J\ », n«*r MaOUcn, la ifila conajr. A oa Jt. Kream, teoirc aa -PotJses Fort." croa- «d and recroaaed: like the nawicdicg of a jriaat snake. Mr. Pocta ghooi hi? head porteuton*- ly, stroking hla raatte<i gray beani with fcagsra yelfo-JT-ed and hartfened by yean of aarenuttmg toiL **WaJ, X (loa 1 . reGkin Shar3 anythiai? far 'era to tafe; mos' everything^ doae be'a et up by che boys that stopped byar last " Polls paoaetl abrupcly, tr<mbf*d 6y a sadtien ihooght; TO£»T ; afdied np to the'oM man, mattermj at : most inandibly: ! "P«te'» hoa.% pap! yer don' think ! they'd take Boa'rick. do ye?" < "They sfaarn't! not if I her ter lose : " every «irap o' my blood, they aharn't ; tak* thes boss!" cried the old man vehe- i' for Sam. A ehofee faint of fa) icrea, «itaat« 1 tulle *OTIJB at SSlpmau, Maixtopin comity. III., at » Jonr w Real Estate tn the ray « Altr/o or rfelnltv will find Ittotbeir tarweat to call *t iJujofflc* of Kaderabnaaen ASasutHf and aamjne t&«r Hat of prop«r- tor »ateai» oajy part thereof U ad«er- PLIABLE PLASTER •Mefeb« they cyarn't find him, pap —Roxy'a tofc hint t«r the momitui* getherin' aumac, an 1 ei she don't come oat too goaa they'll never knownodun T 'boat it," said Toby, reaaaoringSy. The soldiers were now in fail sight, their bayonets glittering m the saa, their blae coats darkening tfc« yeOo^r road and brightening the aotnbre pittea, and the thud of thefr travel-worm fats beat like a distant dram. As clouds of dnat rise o» ai their approaching foouteps a swaying gfrftfh. form is coming dowa the numat&in, singJDg an old sweel hyma of feeedista; in her arms ar& branches o^iaaiac tern- ing brown, and yeilow, aad scarlet ia the mellow atttorua ,ro.a; ai her s>3« » .slender darfc pay honev- sfeefe sad SCloasy aa the pride of an Atai'* &e«rt. follows closely, tstiresMJiagf to* fcridie swnB2 carftfeafy over her wrist. Toby'* heart jumps ia hi* taioaJ ami oQ the color fade* irocs. E«* iacev feavisj fe ] quite whtie,* taa-eouvred fr&ftk- j lea that «STer fcw thin cttaeiu, i The fasher aarf »» warre tfeeir baswis ! in QEum^jHi^rifcrfe :*t^niii-—-firf-VTT I/joka aori ' in-sr D«T _,, . .as his Jiiin, issue "ywsVe got so stay byua aa' fcite o€ ns tto-TT," sh* moi'ntior«d» sicthv ia.;rly. M: gftasiy rwaymg- to and &a sfee rcKritfid his head in a«r lap. Two bfg tean fell oa her busy fiaarera. then preas- inTr a kjas oa her ann&ara: ctieek, he drew ttftar the brijf&t wood' fire a.ifi sat atftl- ivoMJng his ties- isetwBem his fcsotfs, wa.Jehni<3. psrhap* for the last tiise, tae , pfae fcna». bfaze aad bant; «ratcbJB : g till' She ligfct died down to red safaea, then cru;pbfe*i Into dost When tte ssra rose? again, giMtng Ehepurpte moojilain they slowed like . mafcen- 'silver, To&« waa far on hia war so* the Fetfenleaizipt Morning tvaaed' to nooctttfe and! sail ths i!ttle figure ia patched clothes covered witis dti3t trB^veiedi tmwfiaLrifidlv. ^Tow and then stoppfo^ to bashe 'tikis fete in jorae waystcte sprm^, sttatching a trilen sppfe kfeuedi too'hotiy 67 th* aatozos ana. oa aarf oa pass she svelt- taz hiJJa. Juod and urojeBtia* aa a, mother t breasts, till "t&e loag; shadows atretcfe. Eke -Gran fs anas, toward she aea_ Another tnrn In the roclrr road and Toijy .«ee3 tecte pitched dosed at haad, befon* whlefaf aeatinftla ia bloe U3i:fons pass Hscejssaistiv. Tofoy brings oo- pasagost, ocfthtng *••"* *• brsve hears acd a. pair of big- fas eyea, bcigflj EO» wiifi a great hope. •Wans to fae a asa&te boy, do voo. &> put ft;.* Sf.n'. -sr be kurt a r Ci>w iaarjiijr h* wa.i ! he usually'C.oatrr; .it to- staff' BQ- pocic- • the di'ftMrtr. —...„.„„« .^..Tt Aoa)nunodaE&>n.; M . Jaw a. m 1887, Harper's Weekly. ST. UKCIS Tnt * la order So give all a e&aaee to teat is, and shas be conrrinced of rt* woa«J«fisf cnrative powrers, Dir. King's New Dia- covsry foe Cooaomptiast, Coajihs aad. CoJda-, witt be, for a litaKedi tuae r given away. This offer ne not obfjr lifeetaf, bat shows: HB&oaaced! iiitjt is toe raenis of this ezeas rezaedTT; All wfjo ssSer frozn Cosgns, Uotef, CbasarapEtonv Aatfcra*, Bronehii& 1 or any affection of Throat, Chest or Lnag*, areespeeiaET reaoested! J M «n M sr «.-!*, Qto,. Klor ^ i Bd {. - * BtTKi**8»tOS» iSD qjCEECT . tea-re Oie CnJoo. Depot, ASon cnrrentt tn TS* care t HAfiESB'S B.-MarsE*s . get & tna! bottle* free, ooule SI ; E*news Her faoth. t Mrs. FluEbe CheaEey, Pecen • °?7 £5Wa ' ^^ ttg follow 5*2 «e*ua«».- • aiste story, the troth of wbsefax t« reached iforbTthi reaidecsa of the tcwrat "I [ am 73 years old, has-e been iroubfed j. with jmfcey eomp'aJflt acdi J^meuasa ( for tcaay feara, coalil net dregs myself ? wsShoos hfifffc Now f am fres from alt i pain and ara-teoeas, and am able to do ,- tfcaafcj to Electric Bitters for baring ' renewed cay 700.*h, aad removed com- i pteuly all disease and p>sfa.'- Try a i. bottle, only £Cc, u E. Marsh's Drag j Store. fol d*lm A ^X- C~ C3 '• CK Sagar-CaaiKf /Ts I ,- E. ri W Catftartic ri Sie .-ifrar- "be- Of I f Q eoni^i torpiii, if chjt J | L k« O • tcwals- aie cdnssj-gaiai, or- if ch«j isoraai: &. ! Fiariasre free tt» tu , Seaas or qaiii- «pring:+ th kk*& eapfe* ir *C O R N S* A common scnae cnrd, by a combined medical and mftcfaani- eal action. Unlike any other preparation, they relieve the p- while curing the corn, ami fall where directions are foCL Five wHs of plasters and fco-t ointment put up in hanrf«n» Kfa ease, convenient for nae. Price Sft cents, complete. A^ik for '•Pi»<i:v.n7a'* i and take no other, i ThePelegWfiilePrspfKiafY^. j 113 W. Broadway, M. Y, LVS. ; H. W. CHAMBEELAlk, t. Agent for Alton., *y«» a* of the falise coati ija&ty after her. . ricoe ia tfee jfead- i rf-«t^ pva».-{»ee.-ajsrf fisder- f ih-fn»* f».arj» aS(f*^3 F-ja-KSTn^ ftta- i t Kke A £ sfer^o* the behind i finer DB. E, Phyaiclan and Horgeon, omens W. A. HABKJBLL,, 'M.D., Physician and Surgeon, boor>— »t.m.t ___._. DB. O. B. UOJUDLAKD, Denttatt Offloa Bo«n~« a. m. to M m! j j to < n fcMwT G. A. DentUt, OOEu& CIOAJC arose i *«CONI>jJT. ! .. g&r v .»ii* screasros; "let roe go, I aayf" Thi* oSsers, langhins' asd *hoating. * op tfc* r«x:ky "bank, eagarfoi aa adTeatoe, Tij«y have polled th* rsfae&tn: gi'rf from h«r hidin^-piaos, a«*J one boidly seti&ia Roderick'* fcridifc T&<t Drave horse pboti his delicate iaxa& ia the man's chest aad sends hiai rcilSiajf down the hi!!, others mih a: hscn, and, pantiag with rage aad fzizfas. h« tries in vain to dwh pa.»4 tbeco, brii they arc soo many for biro, aod wfck tome, more cowardly than the rsat, look from behind She trees t& thx j«aa^» battle, othera sorrouod him on all jirfes. aod he Jtands irembiiag with ei»ri«!- tni-:Qt and paiii a.» tfc«y fa.«t*o 6Si« CR-. firmly on hu i«a»itive HKntta. "Scifdisra, yoo dam': take the bM»f" criea Abraham PoJU, a qsiTftr of *n treaty in hi* voice. "That war my Pete's ho*»— &A raj*rri h i m from. * colt' sad uerw 'Ir>w«*l co- body to tech bim but bljarff! O, co, «oWiem. take anything FT* g.-x. bar, doo 8 tech mat hoe^r* "if he's Peter j feor,«« I«s fsias uk*s carts of him now," Uazhed tiwt *oMi«r, careI«Mly, a« h» tight*tt» cij zrip on th« bridle. Roiy ha»l tbrowo on* arm round the f»th«r * beat fom, and itood . <b«2wr- in^ hia, M it w*w, from the |eer» of th* KidsraU. Jfo-,v Aoe Putt* b«ot lor- ward, dra.9rift5f biOM«f( away /rora hi, : d&u|?ht£r'$ RiiOi^in^ wa^p. "Petft i doti£ d*;id-, roen/' rxjuttere»^ tb* old raaa io a hoar**, choked vo;ce; boo**, wisb tae wwpia' wi!l« he plant«i nhadfa' bi» grave, ttod'riak thar bnung'im home ler dief* be ea«p.vl broltBoSy. •rSoldler*. h* wroz alfl heti! i My Petw—so farav*;, and ti'ch a fine us. t ger; when be rid awa<r with the V»r- i ginny Gray*, ray heart swelled till it ; wtti oigb buiiiD 1 ; but I gin hiaa to tay i .-^ -_ ,—_ Jjpteasss the mao. , alappiag: fitss cat "oskisdty oa his t2i:0 ahooideir^ pxEihea hicct towanl the fselasane. '-There** the jtatfe. &>««£ •^wtdcfift the ZKW feprse for tae CoSonei if yoa cas—I <sus"t cazaage him." ihottu a prvvsra. Aa tiLSiat sod the boy's fiand presses tfe* hofse 11 * uecfc—weU "do ther know otber, playmates tor veara. The beoda fala gSsssy ceci in Iovin-g .-___iaaioo- The colfir coroes aod goea ia Toby** chaek:. Ilie a'polae. Th» is the moment for bim to act, ana like a fiasii he id in feu aecoatom^d seat and togBt&sr they das£i st the rude log fence, e&triog "a aj oae boond, aad By madly acrcaa the grass oct to the opea ro^it A wfeiatilnz aaand breaks the arr near Toby'fl^ad—aacdlher acd another, aa th«y^«5ke a>_ pent-op storm.. Toby'* has lies back in She camp and Jiia browa hair ffiea oat straight befemd '" Without tnrnin» hia he*d he L* they are following hint Is was mnch for a little Kebel to ateal aiicfc a. horse ander their very racaas. nwi tiraft- 3O>di«ra arei comin* ia fe«e cessanjK. _Bodericfc kcowa ts iw>*ajMi striiow bimadLf to th* mmo*t; Se feac* ssrcwa the parched broofc np the auiastzava- side, breakrnj the dry "swl-r* a-adi scas- tering th« fafea fearaa BiiC'ef* i; Batsrien-9 Arnica saire. • The Beat Safe; m th e wor t d ts.. „,_,, j &TCtsf«, sores,t_iers, salt rhfcm, fever i | sores, tetter, chapped haada, chalWains, I j eonsa asd aMl ssin eruption*, aad posi- \ j. ttveiy cares piles, or no pay recoired. | i U is gtniraateed to give perfect" sat»- i {action, or mooey refunded. Pricn 25 i ; w«ta per box. For sale bv E. Marsh, i 1 Alson. 1Q- mch'dwlia ;- j' . It waa s locfey thine for the rnter-rtate .• } commerce biH that the face that cncier i i iu _provfsiona fongressmen wu! BOS be | i entitled to free pasaea over the rail roads i 1 waa not discovered unlit the bill became ', a. law. POIa. Tlieyarala? f Foractne vsskrs I waa aTtctiai W ! Liver CocnpSaLa*,, Is. coua^^Kaot of wliic-^i I anifereiifcum Geceial Etebtittj-ana Ia»UA few feo^«» c-f. Aver's PlXlA dtf So pticfei!: h»7^[slL. — W.. T. jf*j; ils^itiersoa,,, 'W. Va. For years I fcaTe r«E*I BiorBr opoa _\.ver r a PHJ3 th-.:m a^gr^in^r eijij t<> Regulate my 6c-art!s. Ttesw Pills ars: roiW ia a» fa;iT* ira«i e&iia, -sriiA actui e3ect, in casAs isf^EiieaEiaEiam anil' JDjsp-jgsia-— G. F. ifliliir, Actfefcotcu^t, ifaisj-. AJST'J RUa- cnrai me of Stcnascls aai Ijv«r Sroubias, f root wlucc I hiiti jsS fur jears. I eoaaifier tfi.*TH the b«at; matuiT. aa*i -woalil in>t he wiitiio^:-:: d — Jlorria Gaifts, Bawcsville, X. Y. I_wi3 attacked wish Blliira* F, whwih xraa fti-ilo-wefl bv i/au-uuiiiie. 50 flanjjeroaafy ill "thai nijr'&i Ayer's" Kit*, an.i soon •Jotin C Pvtiuiyoc, . Lait spring I strifertil jpreaily from s of Kvery effiTri; to CTBW tiifst eraDtfcn. it i»- creaMn nrttiJ th« ifesfc bwasaK. entirely raw. I was troabtoi. « ihe-sajn* *~" ; al ASSIGNEE'S SALE, s of Bezrnaa Eeucla kan, tfa&tair! Brf(Wt '*™«i &ere&wgiTe» notice Bui . SMS* o'l! : tfli »r» -ftereCy aotifled to claim* ttoder. oSa «^&j! ' * " mT »»»e.oe tte owner ol r&irt UK! ! ttfeui »£!»«»,* ttan. te said cooaty, Trlft. m t&ree motuUsfeom tfiii ibee. i t h* SEIB Can &e Kejrt Sort, WWt* I • acd free from taint of persnfnuioa l>» i 1 addiag Darby* Propbylactic FIniJ to the '• ; water naed In ba'Am^. Is letcovea ail' offiiosivB *meU frocn the ieet or acy i part of the body. L'sed is a tooth ' wash is will harden the zntn.-', pre- ! serve the teeth, core tnoth aehe and 1 mas* the breath pure and jweet. Cores-! ehagin^, iBfta-ainialaon, piles, scald feet, I corns, *te, m td « vk i The Bowels. By ta* zttrice of a fri^oii I fci=-j Aysr'a PSSU. I™ i sh«« tfts;:- I w;i<« fnjm pain, mjtwA digwisi^il practerfr, the sores oa ray BtJdy comsteacv^f h>;aiin<j, and. ia tea than oo« moatfc, I ws« connl. —Sann»l D, Whira, Atfcuwa, Ga. DAIRY FARM. North Alton Jersey i>aiiy. Hannjt rental James Unlteo'i Dalrr ton and 'eatdfl. ti£« .tto<feraf«Bed wta fanri/Ji aifflt "* "~ --— treat (joaHtr to she eWzens o( • .cattle- are mostly Meji mOt BIT, Tszo. !>££ anil terminate hta | paatorajfe of taa First Presbyter fan i eaaFciv of this cttf a.t the cloae of this f saocta, preaehlfijc hia farewell sernvnr J ««. ate iirst SAfthatn- ia March.—jBtf- i family, an<t fceliere th«m w be tini t«*V pill* made-— S,C.JDarikn,l>.irifen, jfis*. Sty wife and lj«S* irirf-wtfe taken trish pTwniery a feir day* as». a&i I at otu.'i» began eiriag them, jmatl' dos«t of A Tier's P![(.*. SiivaJciBj? I wcwilii call a <lo.;ctjr ff tiw >iis*i.»^ W;id* aay worse. In a *h*>« ttcsj; Che; bl.-»jr dLfc&areti stopiwil. all pasa went away, ind hralth was r&itoct.l — Thd0.iore EsUnx, EictuaoGifi, Va. « Ayer's Pills, « «* «i;«r «u4u , iju i»TCBr ua witli tltcir pfttToa* »«e maj- depend oa getttostznltk ol tfie TMT t»»5 qaallsy. A sanspi* wiUb« gi-rea tree (4 fifcare* to an Usas ajp^sr for JC. *TBe nsfitlM j ana t re ry«iia«coBn*<:te<l witis the dairy inS { fce t«p« »erapalou«lj" clean sbtbai <rer t coaSom»n 'nay reteiire ike zsCi to ti« ^*,i1.°S!J;,,3 * !i * re A 0 i P? 1 ^ P 11 ™" f ' ' AiBEBT VOLPEK, I B8S«ary WEiaxajLUH. f H»ve tor «erTUse, cwo regiaterecl siren, Jn- t SS?" ^5* Ba ^ tela . serrtea le* for either, JM& i TbeHoJafcBinafrtrtn ibat lamooa boU.CX>R. *tantice,oTne<l by Mr, 8terena,o£.le« Tort; • f )0 S II5<> P re «»*»m si s«. loot, tut taU. 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KLUJTK D1N T BEBTAKEB 3 I.SUnEB&SON, FIXE AND AJTO DBJLJLKa Of IE is .laid that when the Oaio river i grata on a tear it never enes further into | Kenraeacy thaa it positively baa to. It ; know* hGT«r onpopolar ji is there. A Poll and Complete Stock Alway a on sg fasr.riy ui the tlwtancH. The boy usu ia bs* Mat, bus rouaiaj hiosaetf ia time eaccii.;rt tii« hors*'* silky aiaaii , elo*e ia bis fingera. Eodeneit knowa that he mnat wso taia ; race tat liberty, aad with a ftaai. <»a&b£fl forward 00. the Uooi^r #1, i The *houtt ot the gruy* read tfc« air *« ; the ne« moroeot tbev «nrrr>aod the fugitives A tall, angular figure cafci-.-* zh« boy in his anna, but a'rout faiia.lj Tofav** eyea uow—be cannot §«e the love nod pride that soften the oM ni can scarcely hear the broken „„., ••My Tube—my brave bov. «p«ak to yer ole pap." Only lor a tuvcueut tiie big eyes op«u wide and tit« sitiu'i, band f(w|» for bU father'* horny — "Pap,".!!- ' ' bruog—p, What'* bettor for'a'wonndlhan Sal. ration OI1P Echo an*wer: »tt'rm.»* We answer: "Nothme." "So *ay we all of HI, to tay we all?* 1 Qoty 2A ct», A poor anfortnmte in MUwaokee 14 As a toitet artieJe, Ayer's aa-d rtnsorea ddndrufl, cures rtcbicg faaisora, restores the orizioal coior t-> faded and gray hair, and promote* ha v, g «r? Ready-Hade , Metalic Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes , Gontieoum and CJiildwa. Office and Shop on State street DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A [ CALLBEFOREPCBCHASING. »»VB rrasutrRB BOOMS ABZ os State Street, ppp. Third, ALTQH, Hi,. WQl attend to Job rarnjnu*. CIA : Pfeiflenberger ! ARCHITECT, i GENERAL 8UVERINTEXDENT {• AND MECHANICAL I DRAUGHTSMAN, i Office on Thtrd «Uone door we»t j of Plata, third floor, ^ft~°~Z/ '^" ••*"»•>•»*»*» IUX |MUkl*v# w« H*flT •v. s*«et»«r. ilijceijesl, lat» partner* uoil«t f f?*^,** 1 ** °< S»««M«r and l*iM*l. vi. D»«^ K. s parka, Anna n. 8p«riM, bin irUc, Wtl- - - -- o -Vaiwoal Bank, the p. . ey , icj, OCTC, m« AIIOC xauooal Bank, i K- sparks Mllttag compAny. A1WO , aoa Frank B. Mtlnor. Ine&iac«ry. .Notice u 6«t*t»y given to «b» aald W«1«T B<we inat ib« abovv oanwd complaJaifll i twrvtofor a aietl tu» bill or com pliant ia »»U | court, OQ the coaocery aid* thereof, aad to*! a laujmoiu tbermmo (Mo«4 oat ol Mid . court BtfalU4C tlM/iu>ovo named £^fvn4m"* t recuraitbU oo ih« flnt d»y ot tb» terra o( iM ctrtmueourt ot M.«4Uo« eouaty. to b«n«W H coon bouwto tdmirtliTtJje. toi*«t llsditoa f£2 ut r-«»«"« ibird Uon3»To< Marob, A.D. ISsT. m U pjr lav reqair'al. an-1 wUM full U «U1 p»n<M»«. KOBKBT HAGXACEK, ; 800 BAGS FUREKA FINE SALT. For Dairy and Table 0s««, luM4 "~"* * P*vm,Compi'oi aoi-i*. J*WT« Ib. lluea »ack» and 66 Ib " sack*, for (tale by J. A.RYRD3,

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