Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 19, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1887
Page 3
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00 '. • » 2 * % W. ns -B R 3!H « OB QC HOLDE1TS, Sooond8 Met,near , corner of Henry -FOB-. tf INE ? STATIONERY, Huoh ai Crane's Flora'. Whlttnu's Standard lasers, Hitrlbnt's Frenoh Linens, Eclipse Unrfged Edpre, Elite Ragged Edge, Balmoral Linen, Griffin's Linen, Turkey l-ald Ltnon, I'MHoh Blow, Mikado, Charred Edge, Croam , , , Laid. Mournlne Note, and a larpe assortment t-t Illuminated and Decorated Stationery. Uennlaon'B Wax and Seals. School Tablets and Stationery. ___ dec6dwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! O.I EAT FOU CASH ON TIME PAYMENTS if anos and Organs tuned and repaired 8tw 'QK Machines repaired BupnlieH lor all Ma- eiilneg. N. n. LAMOUEUX, Mnslo Dealer, Tblrd street, noarlv opposite Hollo, Alton 111. decticlwJy WATCH i OR THE BARGAINS IN JOB'S NEW COB. BUILDING, HENRY ST., AT MRB. I>. HKITKAMP'S, All bind* of Fancy, Hand made, Knit andOro- vii t goods. Hoods,Tobaggan8 and Ults. Men's Scoria and Fascinators at very low prices. Also Dreaamakliig. Plain and Family Sewing and Stamping Dine, dome and glveuaa call. Don't forgot the place, docOdwIy GREATEST BARGAINS I , _ATC-M. Crandall's Crockery Store 2O3 THIRD ST., WKABLY OPrOm'E BELLE. NEW GOO1>S! Comprising the best Iron Stone China; finest quality Thin Opaque China, Imperial and Vitreous Cliinaware ; a splendid stock of Plain, Heavy, Thin-blown and Engraved Glassware ; a greut variety of Lampa— best Electric, Rochester and Incandescent, also Lamp Chimneys for each ; best quality Silver-plated Ware j Fine Assortment of Table Cutlery, Tea Tniys, Bird Cages, and House Furnishing Goods generally, which I offer at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES Masonic Templo Association Election. ALTOM, ILL., Feb. 18ih, 1887. -An election (or ulz director* o( the Maaonlo Tumple A«- aooiutlon, to aerre (or two vonre, will lie held ttttlin office <>t Gen. D. lluydm, on Monday, Fob. -Mtb, 1837. Polls open lio'n 9 a. m to i u m. U in. PlillfMtY For Ueui. Lute roildsuoo ol M, J. Woonan on State •trout, known ai the A. Plate place. Good « room brick home, In drat olaa* repair, * bMlLEY. ALTON DAILY .TEEEQIM WL . SATOIllUt EVE., FKB. 19.. For the yew 1W we ah all charge the (ol. lowing rates (or tranilont ttotleti In our local columns: Single Unortlon Three to flve Inaertloni, . .7 Six to twelve Inaortlotta, . . o » IUTB8 Or AbvBBTISWG: TKAMIICKT.— F/PTT cent! ptr inch flrat Inanition, and TlfBKTZ-firK o*cta p«r Jnoh tor each aubai quent Insertion. IS per Inch drat mouth, f 1.90 per Inch each month thoreMter. LEGAL ADVE1IT181NQ: $1 per Inch tor the firit insertion, aud SO cento per Inch tor each •ubioquenl Insertion. 4V Above rates will be atilotly adhered to. .....' ' PiURSUSAJD. Mr. P. L, Belts returned from a busU nets trip leet evening. Mrs. Geo. Mold tnd child, MU« Carrie Mold, and M«. John Holhker «nd two children left for Wichita, Kaa> *fcs, this looming. Rev. L. A. Abbott D. D.had so far recovered from his Illnesi as to be out at church lait evening. R«v. S. A. Mutch-nore, D. D., editor of the Philadelphia Prttbyterian, was In town today.the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Uobt. Sims. TI1K CJiKTKAL MISSOURI. St. <LonU Preti Commenti. TUB DAILY TKLEOUAPU la delivered by carriers to all parts o( the city o( Alton and Upper Alton, (or ten centa per week. Moiled to any address at the rate o( |8.M per year. THE TELEGRAPH has the largest circulation o( any paper in Alton, and Is the beat medium (or advertisers. CORNER THIRD AND PIASA BTBBBTS. TBLB- PlIOHBNo.88, A company of gentlemen from Alton, III., came in hut night and are rezli- tered at the Arlington. Among them « e «? n S M «"«. H.W. Hart, S™ H. W. Hart, Jr., H. E. Hart and Jas! Warren. These gentlemen are here prospecting and as they are business mea . « prominence In Alton, they will, probably, be captured by the Welling, ton boom.-Wellington, Ki-n., Quid- Finnan Haddies at Connor's. It ADDITIONAL local matter on second page. C. & A. earnings second week *'eb* ruar.y $86,654 j increase $9,003, Bargains in Stamped Goods, at Piem son &,Carr Dry Goods Go's. It JAMES G. Strawn.a noted farmer and stock dealer ol Morgan county, died yesterday. Our stock ot Penangs is larger than ever.—Huagen & Fuess Dry Goods Co. dH Money to loan on improved real estate. Apply to Rnderahansen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf THIS evening's packets, are ihe Calhoun, for Peona; the Spread Eagle and Hudson for Grafton. Special notice to'Shlppen. We will gladly meet the Spread Eagle's rates of Freight to and from St. Louis. Order your goods shipped on the "Sandy" Hudson. H. C. TATUM. Ageut St. Louis & Central III. R. R. Co. Alton. Beautiful Spring Dress Goods, just received, at Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co's. lt A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. C. G. Moritz, Third street. 20tf DIED-Miss M. A. Koaoh received today the sad intelligence of the death of her mother. Blue grass, Clover, Timothy and all kinds of garden seeds at Seibold & Deterding's 17 d2w w4t Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHIFFLE & SMILEY. THE work . of rebuidling the Tile factory, near Alton Junction, will be commenced as soon as the adjustment of the loss on the burned buildings is completed. New White Checks and Nainsook Plaids, at Pierson A Carr Dry Goode Co's. ii. A universal remark by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia aro the best cigars in the market. GENERAL .MANAGER CHAFPBLL of the Chicago aud Alton Railway, denied the rumor that his road is to be made the Chicago outlet for Jay Gould's MISBOU ri Pacific system. . MODERN WOODMUN, remember Robin Hood Camp meets Monday eve, Feb. 21, at 7:80 sharp. Candidates for adoption. 19-2 A. J. GLEN, JR., Consul. Dr. Bull will put in an upper or lowoj set of teeth for $8. Office closed Wed-, nesdays. d s wtf RELIGIOUS.-- The meetings have continued through the week at the Baptist church with considerable manifestations of interest. The church was crowded by the attendance at last evening's services. Elegant Grey Wool Mixture 4-i wide at 25c.— Haagen & Fuess Dry Goods Co. dlt THE funeral of tho venerable Alexander Mutohmore took place at Moro, Thursday, at 11 a. m. Roy. Mr. Taggart ofhoiated, assisted by Rev. J. P. Baker, of Bethalto, and Rev. R. R. Bront, of Moro. In order to make room for spring goods, I will offer my entire stock at a very low flgnre for the next 80 days.- A. J. Howoll, Belle St., Alton. III. 19 6 SCHOOL.—A good audience attended the petformanco of thu drama, "School," at the City Hall this afternoon, and were well pleased by tho rendition. The young amateurs dia- tinguiahod themselves, making charm* ing "scholars." Music was rendered on tho piano by Mis* Alice Carnahan. Advice to Mothers. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is tho prcsorption of one of tho best female nurses and physicians in tho United Status, and has been used for forty yours with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During tho prooexs of toothing its value is Incalculable. It relievos the child from pain, cures dysentery and dmrrhcua, griping in the bowels, and wind-colic. By giving health to tho child it rests the mother Price 36o » bottle. ]a 16 ra w i wk A VALUABLE EXTENSION. No more valuable project for increasing Alton's commercial facilities is at present (offered than wonld be the extension of, tho St. Louis & Central Illinois railroad from Elsah to Alton. The distance is only twelve miles. By building tbl, gap the directors of the road would materially shorten the river route to St. Lonis, V» the transfer of freight and passengers could then be made to the Hudson at this point. The new road would also secure important connections, by the C. & A. and I. & St. L. road, for all carload lots to St. Lonis. The quarries between here and Grafton will prove a mine of wealth in the future to any company that builds ft road from here to Elsah. As there is practically only room for one road to build under the blnffs.the company that first covers the ground will win the bonanza. The extension that we speak of would shorten the time by the new route from St. Louis to Elsah, Jerseyville and Springfield by at least one hour and make the road tMt much mors desirable to the traveling public. Further, the extension should be built because the river is closed from two to three months in tho year and the pres« ent arrangement is not then available, but the railroad connections here would enable the new company to maintain close communication with St. Louis for its freight and passenger business during tho suspension of • navigation. Under the present arrangement the southern outlet of the St. L. & C. I. will be blocked every winter as long as the river is closed. If the proposed Calhoun county branch of tho road is built the neces' ity of an outlet south from Elaah will be Increased. The new managers of the St. L- & C. I. are full ef life and enterprise, and we trust they will visit Alton and inspect the business advantages that would result to them from making the extension from Elsah to this city. LITERARY AND MUSICAL.—A large, appreciativn audience*, last evening, attended a literary sociable at the C. P. church. The following pleasing pro- gramme was rendered: Anthem; prayer, Rev. A. L. Barr; organ, flute, violin, cornet music, Mias Leila Murphy, Messrs. H. T. Wheelook, Harry Starr, W. A. Murphy; readings, "The Inventor's wife," "A Thanksgiving Growl," Ruv. W. C. Logan; vocal duet, "TwolMerryGiilV'Gtowr, Misses Addie and Fannie Hamilton, Miss Bessie Hubbell at the organ; for an encore another beautiful song was given; instrumental quartette, vocal quartette, "Come Whore the Llllles Bloom," (Thompson), Misses Blanche Murphy, Annie Harris, Messrs. J. G. Quieley, Wm. Hubbell. In answer to a recall a par- Ual repetition of the song was given. The • 'Colored Band" WBH given as a closing number. Uase Bull Information Wanted! StlUor Alton Ttltgraph: While every little town and village is busy forming a base ball nine to repre- aunt its citizens' interest In the national game, we hear nothing from Alton. Not a few are anxious to hear what Messrs. Farley & Co. are doing; whether they are doing anything; or whether the whole thing is'to go by default. I have heard it tmld that no regular nine will bo engaged, but that i ho park will depend jipon scrub nines. I can not bnliovu so foolish u thing will bo donn. Nothing short of a good nine will suit Altomana -any kind ol a picked nine will not be tolerated or paironizud. You can glue tltit on your eye-glau: If the managers of thu Alton 1'urk wan), tu Hveui'o the good patronage obtained last season they have got to hostir themselves KI get good players; for, if tliu iiiipors speak correctly, the cream of til. Louis players nro nil being gobbled tip, and it will take tall scratching and line huHtllng to get as good a toiim ai we hud luiit year. This spring the entire park should be rolled and the hole? tilled and made smooth. Are wo dead for bast) ball this season or noiP Did all the interest escape to Wichita f DIAMOND. The Gtofc*..Dem<»rat In lit report of yoiterdtj's meetiig, after giving the result of tho eleotloa of officers, sayai > A resolution was adopted authorizing tho Issue ot bonds and placing of a mortgage, the amount of which will be decided upon by the Executive commit' tee and submitted to tho board for approval at a meeting to be held in St. Loulg next week. Work will be commenced on the new road about March 1, but It has not as yet been fully decided where the start will be made. It is stated on good authority that the Directors of tho Central Missouri are negotiating with tho Merchants' Bridge Directors for an arrangement by which that road will take a financial interest in the construction of the new bridge, aud that the only point unsettled is that of terminal facilities m North St. Louis. If tho - Central Missouri can be assured of ample accommodations there the St. Louis end of the line will bo constructed first, in connection with the Merchants* bridge and the Alton Brannh will be considered afterward. It Is also stated that the Directors of the bridge company have been assured that the noceseaiy cash will be forthcoming with which to inaugurate work on the new bridge at the same time that construction of the new road is commenced, provided that the terminal question Is satisfactorily settled. Some definite action upon this matter will be taken at the meeting to be held in in St. Louis next week, when the Central Missouri Executive Committee will roport progress. At the same meeting the name of the company will changed in order • to incorporate luto it St. Louis. Among the new titles proposed are St. Louis and Central Missouri and St. Louis and Kansas City Short Line, either of which is considered more appropnate than the present name. At yesterday's meeting a committee of St. Charles citizens appeared before t he Directors and guaranteed $10,000 from that place to be used in securing right of way. The only report made by the St. Louis Republican this morning on the Central Missouri meeting was to give the names of • the officers elected, and this sentence: "The Executive commit* tee was empowered to make contract* and to proceed with the construction of the roads." The Post+Dtspaich says of the meeting: The Executive Committee was empowered to make contracts and to proceed with the construction of the roads. A meeting will be hold next week to approve the mortgage bonds, and work, it 18 claimed, will be commenced March 1. Mayor flackman of St. Charles, and Messrs. Haigler and Stonebraker of the same place wore before the directors and guaranteed $10,000 for the road, thus securing the right of way at that point. There is little doubt that the road will first be built to Alton and that the beginning of construction will be made there. The Post"Dispatch is the only paper in St. Louis that has shown any disposition to tell the truth about this now enterprise. It has i he honesty to admit that the river will be bridged here and construe- lion commence at this point. The Globe-Democrats talk about the Merchants' Exchange bridge and a western entrance to St. Louis is all wind. The Merchants' bridge won't be built for four or five years, if ever, and until dial is done the Central Missouri would have no objoct in seeking a western entrance to St. Louig. OHIIBOH NOTICKS. ( To tecure interUon, notlca under thit head mini be handed in bejort 11 a. m.) M. E. CHURCH.—Preaching at 10:45 a. m and 7 p. m. by Kev. Mr. Oasiaboon. S. S. at »:!« a m. Y. M. 0. A. at 3 p. m. UNITARIAN OHOBOB—Subject lor discourse to-morrow at 11 o'clock will bet "The Nineteenth Century Conscience—(rom the standpoint ot Evolution." BAPTIST CHDKCH.—Ker. L. A. Abbott, D.D., poator. Preaching to-morrow by the paitor. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.; lluntoratown ubapel 8.8. at 1 p. m. Tonne people's meet lag at 0:30 p. m. Revival meetings will continue, and all intereated are cordially Invited to all aervlcea. PRESBYTERIAN CHUHOII.—Preaching bjr Bev. K. L. Kurd, U.D. Services it 10:<S a.m. and 7 P. m. S. 8. at 9:10 a. in. Young people'! meeting ot 6:15 p. to. All are cordial:}' la. vlted. ST. PAUL'a CUDBCH.—Holy Communion 8:00 B. m.; 8.8. at9:30 a. m; morning aervlc* aud sermon 10:30 a.m. j evening prayer and aer- nion at the cliapcl, 3 o'clock; even, song and readlnga from "lieu Bur" at the church at 7:30. Itegnlar and.aurpllced choirs. All cordially invited to attend. Uahora at the doora. 0. P. CHURCH—The aubjcct (or the morning service will he; "Tho Protecting Pres- enco of God." For tUo evening aervlco, thu subject will bo "The Hostoratlou of Spiritual Vialon." An opportunity will bo glvea /or applications for church membership at thn morning gervlce. Bouti free. All aro cor- dlally Invited. NOW WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO E m b r o i deries, AND w: Goods, CALLED TO SPONGES, for carriage and bath. CHAMOIS SKINS, large and small. SILK SPONGE TOWELS. Marsh's Drug Store. Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard andf-olt Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. Ihey Uaveno^uaL ^^W^*™™™ tf^SSZL^"'™*" A J DpprpnharHl" 532 East Second at,, ^k.iJ . L-ft5g«I II IcirU C,5thdoor wes t of Henry GOLD and SILVER SHIRTS, —, Have Found Out That a contaminating and foreign element In the blood, developed by Indlgeatlon, la tho cauae'ol rbournailam. Thla aettloa upon the ueimtlve tub-cutaneous covering of the muscles aud llgamouta of tho Joints, caualng constant anu abiding pain, and aggregating an a calcareous, chalky deposit which pro- UUOOH stiffness and dlaiortion of the jolnta. No fnot which experloni-e baa demonstrated in regard to Houtetter'a Stouinch lilttom ban tlronger evidence to support It than tbla, namely, that tlili ni.dlctue of oomprohen* tlve uioii check* the formidable and atrocious dlaesae, nor la It leaa positively established t h at It la preferable to the potions often uaed to arreat it, alnce the medicine contains only aalutary lnitrodlectu. It la alao a fig-nal remedy tor multtrUl fevera, conation tlon.dyapupiJn, kidney u d bladder ullmeiisi, deMllty aud other dlaotderi. Bee that; you get the genuine. The best for the Money. We are authorised to announce JOHN W, ASH us a candidate | for OUrk of the Olty Court of Alton, at the election Tuesday, Much 1st, 1887.)

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