Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 19, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1887
Page 2
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AMOH DAILY TELEGRAPH. i '»« W, *. Cot. Third ana fiat* 8tr«t«U, Alton, til, SATURDAY EVE., FEB. 19. Sherman 1 ! Boom. A Washington dispatch aaya that "the tide seems to be telling in the direction of Sherman ai the Republican candidate for President. Indeed, it is not impossible that it is going too fast that way. These premature "booms" ore liable to over-do themselves, and there ia danger ttyu with the convention more than a year off the Sherman boom is growing too rapidly. The general impression bore is thnt if the convention woru to be held to day, ho would be the party nominee." Lazy Legislative Bodies. The Illinois Legislature has been in session nearly hfty days. Its work should have been half completed by this time, and so far as completed should have been well done. But it has hardly boon begun. All hops of a short, busy and econom ical session has gone 'by. It is too lute for reform, even if the men at work by the day in making laws for the State should desiro to undertake it. The probabilities now are that the session will extend to May unless the State Treasury should give out and be unable to stand n draft for the j pay of members, — Uhicaqo Journal. SOCIETI Miss Fannie Batoman is in Bloom* ington. Mrs. Sid way , ef Godfrey, was with Alton friends the first of the week. Miss Brolaski, of St. Louis, is visit. ing her aunt, Mrs. Chas. Rodemeyer. Mrs. Eldridge, of St. Louis, was visiting her relatives, Col. and Mrs. J.'J. Brenholt during the week. Mrs. Frank Beebe, of St. Louis, is with relatives in the city. Miss Mammle Mullally, of St. Louis, Is visiting Miss Susie Barnett. Miss Ida Stookey,.oi Fairbury.i s the guest of Mrs. Dr. -Lemon, of Upper AN ton. Mrs. Aaron O. Auten went to Springfield early in the week where she will reside for a year. Mrs. Amasa Barry, of. Chicago, is here as the gtlest of her son and daughter-in-law, at the Hotel Madison. Mrs. A. P. Dodge, of Chteago,ia here as the guest of her sister, Miss Johnston. Mrs. H. O. Billings, of Washington, is expected here shortly: she will visit her sister, Mrs. Eugene Field, of Chicago, en route. Mrs. T, B. Spaulding, of Edwardsville, who was visiting Mrs. Boslwictt in Upper Alton, has returned to bur home. « Few things in the way of social pleasure have the charm that a masquerade ball has. This truth was verified by the numbers that attended the Benedicts' party on Thursday evening, both as participants and spectators. To go among a concourse of those whom you know to bo friends, whose idennty it lost to you and wnose familiar feature* are veiled by an impenetrable disguise, is like going into a "world unknown," which with all its unaccustomed novelty is nevertheless unfailing in its interest. To detect those who are so effectually disguised \a,, of course, the first thought of allj and this of course i.- where the amusement begins. It cuU inmates when the unmasking takes place and the mevxn and tnum is established beyond a peradventure. One costume, conspicuous for its beauty. • was that of N;#ht, a sable robe of black lace decked with stars, worn by Miss Emma Floss. Two sailor girls that were so alike in size aud dress, were found to be Misses Jyinie Siem and Carrie Hart. Miss Mamie Fbinney was a welt disguised city belle, and two nuns that went through the mazes ol the dance devoutly, proved to be Misses Kate Bateman and Fanny Hall. Mr. Hompidge as Hamlet was not "sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought," ex- aotly, but he took the part well notwithstanding. Ray Bowman as an la- dmn.was disguised with war paiut. Mrs. Bayle as the first prize- and Miss Emily Topping as progressive euchre had perhaps the most original costumes of the evening. The score cards aud euchre decks liberally used as trimming wore effective.' Misses Ida Yuger, was a Swiss peasant; Grade Stollo, tambonue girl; Mrs. Brenholt, an old lady; Misses Mamie Baker, folly; Julia Adams, a chestnut,' belle aud all; Mattic Hull, topsy ; Irene MoPike, beggar girl ; Jessie Roper, Qipsoy; pink dominoes, Julia Buokmaster, Josio Niven and Lillle'Root. Mr. Henry Phinney was disguised as a travelling man, the only uncertain thing about him being his walk; Mr. Adolph Wuerkor, a clown; Carl Wuorker, a dude; Wesley Sparks, an old colored aunty and Will Sparks his husband created groat merriment, and a long list of others too numerous to give in detail. The play of "School 11 wus givun lust night to & fine audience at the City Hall, T/ho Dfamatis Porsonae is given e dodgers that arc so freely ted that it is not necessary to ;h8 list bore. As it Is the drtt In public of almost every J>> % . 'if the performers in any important \ , • ; ,j[ u ' t f 1 role, criticism would be unfair. It If bowever.but Just to say that the charac ters were well sustained by all those tha had leading roles. Of the young gen tleraen Louis Yager exhibited unusna .dramatic talent in carrying ont hli character, as well a* clearness and do liberate enunciation showing an excel* lent conception of the requirements o the stage. Charlie Hatkinson, also pleased the andlcnce in •this regard. Of the young ladies, Misses Mabel Beers, Mane BuokmasteV and Graoie Stelle, who had the leading roles, us much excellence was shown as is usual in amateur performances. On Wednesday eve. a very delightfu excursion of members of the press am friends of • the officers of the Hudson from St. Louis, went up as far as Oration on the new steamer. The hos pitalitiesof the occasion were dispensec by General Manager II. 0. Fisher and wife,] of ai - Louis, and the genla oflicers of the boat, Mrs. O. B. Stelle, of Alton, was a guest upon thia occa sion. Mrs. G. F. Crowe and Mrs. T. L Foulds entertained their ifrlends with progressive euchre In a delightful man* ner on Thursday afternoon. Seven tables were filled with players, and an elegant supper was served. The first prizes were taken by Mesdames Taylor and Brenholt, lowest by Mrs. Milnor and Mrs. Cary. RIYER NEWS. The river Is about on a stand. The Hudson reached the landing las evening about 8 minutes ahead of the Spread Eagle, thus reversing the situa tion of the previous arrivals. The Jack Frost will arrive from St Louis tomorrow. The Hudson took down over & thoiv sand barrels of flour from Stanard's mill this morning. Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal of H L. Winter and get the best. Office a Mook's Pharmacy, Third street, aod in Job's new block, corner Second ant Henry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 64 aug!4 d7m MTEIURI NOTES. The author of "ADemigod" (Harpe ft Brothers) is certainly possessed of urea Imaginative power, ana unusual tklll in put ting lilg extraordinary characters Into extra ordinary situations, without .doing too grea violence to the probabilities. He baa al«' succeeded in writing a book, the heroine o which Is a Boston girl, without once mention Ing hor glasses, or her superior Intellects, attainments. This anomaly Is not sufficient however, to account for the sudden popular! cy of the story. The hero, rather than the heroine, ij the striking figure. Hecto Vereisa murvelous combination ot bodll strength and beauty with high mental vigor Ue 1 i tha result of an experiment begun lou ur five generations back by one Kenelm Vere who, determined to Improve at least on family of tbe human race, sought a liom >tmong the mountains of Greece, married th most nearly perfect woman he could find,ani brought up his ehUdren|ttltbriheBt»lclestcodi ot menttil and physical health;bnlolninguDon mem tofolow his example and teachings and to transmit tbe aamii obligation to tbel descendants. The result of two centuries o this severe training appears in our hero, a finely proportioned giant, a model of manly beauty, a remarkable man, doing remarka bio deeds. His mountain borne, where ho lives with his mother, is a stronghold, alrnos Impregnable,in which he has gathered abou Him alt the refinements of civilization. He rescues from tbe banditti a party of Ameii cans, takes them to his bouse, shows him i<elf an accomplished host, falls in love wltb the Boston girl, arouses thereby the jealousy and hate of hor cousin, also a wooer, is be trayed by tlie latter Into tbe bauds o( his robber .enemies, is put to torture so terrible that only big splendid physical make-up and bl» will power save him from dying in tbe bands of bis tormentors, Is rescued, and brought back for healing to his sorrowing mother and ills promised bride. While a trifle tedlouH at the htart, tho story grows in Interest, and becomes more and wore absorbing to the end. Bits of true philosophy, suggestive of high' and noble living and thinking, are abundant. The conversation is lively and often witty. Particularly noticeable Is the part in It borne by Major Paul, who, from the time whoa wo find him gazing at the ruins of the Parthenon, and ei claim Ing, "What, in the name of the Young Men's Christian Aisociatlon, was It ever good for jutto look ui?" is always to be recognized by his peculiar explosives. One wondeis whore tbe author made such a collection < I odd expressions us those put Into tho mouth of this eccentric character. (A. 0. McOlurg * Ou.) The new Baptist church at Carpenter will be dedicated at eleven o'clock a. m , Sabbath Feb.20th nest, the Uer. Justus Burklov, of lipped Alton, officiating.— Eds. lie/ntbltcan THE JiEST THING KNOWN roa Washingand Bleaching In Hard or Soft, Hot or Cold Water. JUABOTl, TIME —.»nd irtvot u ly, riohorpoor, - TIME uid BOAP AMAZ. uulver»»l natlttketton. M , gbould bo without ii roceri. OEWARK j to uil'iTi? *^.1 **t»NK w Jfk ^bc.-..Tu», udtnixjuod, uid th» (vbovt •vmbol. tuui naxoa M YOJUE. ALHAMURA. AtBAUBRA, UU,, Fob.16. '81. Businew «UglitlT »tBgnant on account of b»d weather and ronu», Improrementg to bttlldlnKS, flwplte tho above bad condition* of roadi, are being puihed. Our building ftsiooUtlon Is booming. The protracted matting at the M. K. church, south, la ittli progressing with favorable re- suite. There hfVefeeen a goodly number o convert*, T. T. Kondrlok, D.D. tt »tm h«re laboring faithfully with the people la the Interest o salvation. Her* Buford wn» ooll*l awRy to attend hi father, who Is very 111 near dlriwd. Kev. Long, who ha» been assisting hero was also called homo to New Douglas, to at tend bis child, whole dangerously ill. Amongst the visitors to our town last weel we haa the pled sure ot suBblng hande will Oo). Worden.of Worden.who was here on business Mr. Qlllliim, of 8t. Louis, also paiRd through our town on legal business. Mr. J. P. Steppwas In town last week view Ing the building association's boom. W. 0. Known, our stock shipper, returueu from St. Louis, where he disposed of a largo drove of swine. Our Lyceum will soon close Its torm of USD fulness In tho community, by adjourning until lator in the year, when, we trust, it wll bo reopened with renewed vigor Our railroad la engaged banling posts fencing, etc., along the line and will soon bo gin wldtnlngtho gauge. X. Ears and Scalp Covered with EC zcinatous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cutlcura. "fJt\ little son, aged etoht years, naa been af AU flictcd with Eczema of ths scalp, and at times a great portion of the body, ever since be was two years old. It began in bis ears and extended to uls sca\p ,wb(oh became cov ored with scabs and Bores, and Irom which a stick; fluid poured out. causing intense Itching and distress, and leaving his hair innttod and lifeless, underneath these scabs the nkln was n.w, like a piece ol beefsteak tirndually tbe hair came out and was do Btroved. until but n smuH patch was left a the back of the heart. My irionds in Peabodx know how niy 11- tin boy has suffered. A night he would scratch his bond until his pll low was covered with blood. I used to tie his hands behind him, and In many ways tried to prevent his scratching; but it wus no use, be would scratch . 1 touk him to the hospital and to the bust physicians in Pea body without success. About tills time sotie frlonOs, who bad been cured by tbe Cnticura Ueraeillo-, prevailed npon mo to try them. 1 began to USH them on tbe Dth o January last. In seven months every parti ole ot the dlseane was removed. Not a BDO or scab remains on his scalp to tell the story of his puttering, tils hair has returned, and is thick and strong, nnd bis gcalp as swee end clean as any child's In the world. I can not say enough to express my gratitude fo this wonderful cure uy tbe Outlcuru Bemo dies, and wish all similarly afflicted to know that my statement is ti ue and without exas geratlon. CHAHLES JlcKAV. Oct. 6, 1885. JPeaboiiy, Mass. 1 have seen Mr. McKay'* boy when budly affected with tho Eczumn. Me was a pltllu eight to look at. I know that be has tried our best physicians, and did all a fatlie could do for a i-uSering child, but availed nothing. 1 know th t the statements be ha made you as retards the curing ol his boy by yoni <;titicura Rem< dies are true In ever; particular. Wll LIAM J MCCARTHY, S3 Foster street, 1'eauody, Mass. I do not know of any Instance 1n which th Cutlcura Kemedles have failed to product satiofactorv results. I believe I have Hold more of themthunof any other skin reme i. lea I havu ever baVidled during tulrty-tbreu years ol my experience us a druggist. A. U. TRYON, uatavlu, N. T Sold everywhere. Price : Outletrra, BO cts. Cutlcura Soap 24 cents ; Cutluura )<esnlvciu Jl. Prepared by Potter Drug and Ohemlra Co.. Boston. Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases. . T> 1 IV/1 PLEtt, Blackheads, skin lUurolshe; JL JLI.TJL and Baby Humors, use Cuticuta A Word about Catarrh. "Ills the mucous membrane, that wonder ful semi-fluid envelope surrounding the dell cate tlB-xiesol the air and food pasanuos.tVmt Catarrh makes Its stronghold. Once established, u eats into the vwy vitals, and rvn dors life but a lonK-drawn breath of inHoi'i and disease, dulling iho sense ol hearing trammelling: tbe power til speech, destroying .rbe faculty of smell tainting ilio breath, an' killing tbe refined pleasurfs ol taste. In- nldlonsly, by creeping on from a Bimplo cold lu the head, it assuulu the membranous lining and envelops the bimee, eating throuKl ihe delicate coats and causing Inflammation sloughing an'i death. Kothlng short of erad Icatiun will secure health to the patient, nnc nil nlleviatheB are simply procrasiinuted BUtlcrln^B, leading to a luml termlnaiion bunford's Radical Itihalatloti and by Internal administration, has never falle' '•von when the disease has frlKhtfu Inroads on u el Ion to constitutions, heitrlng .sme'l and iaste have been recovered, and the dl»ease thoioufihly driven out. SAKFOKD'a IUDICAL CUKE consists of one bottle 01 the Radical Cure, one bnxCatairhai Solvent, and one Improved Inhaler, neatly wrapped in one package, with lull directions price $1. FOTTEH DKTJO & CHEMICAL Co., BOSTON. HOW IT ACHES. Worn out with pain, but still com polled by stern necessity to stand up to the work before us and bear the pain, fielinf in ono minute in a Ou- 'ticura Anti-Pain Plaster lor aching sides and back,wruk & pninful muscles, tho Bora chest and harking cough, itn i every pain and aoho of dally toll. Elegant, new, original, speedy, nnd infallible. At druvglsfk.Wo,; five for $1; or, postage tree, of Potter Drug und Chemical (Jo., Boston. _ .. .. 99 AN ACRE on long time. The mom nrocixTous •nil promlslnic Held for leltlement In th« I!. S. f\M fc-formatlon with good map free. Addreta HJI) COiuUSSlOXEB, Vveub Cwlril B. R., Hllir.iikM, Wit WALL New and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Specialty, from Small to sizes. At thn old reliable MOUSE-PAINTING and DEUOBATJNG eatabhohmont of NEFF & OBERMUELUER, Fourth, east of Belle st. foblldJm WOMEN n«*J!n« nnewed •trcngth. or who •direr from taflradUM pe»U*r to tkttr MX, .honld Irj BROW** 5 JTor Bale. A oonvonlont farm of 130 acres, roo«t all I" ultlvartoui Bltiiated on tbe Betlialto road, Mpr *n>m Alton. Fur Sale nr Kent. The 2-utory frnme dwelling with 9 rooms, nolnding 7 lots: good barn and flno linlii mown a* tha Nichols bnmeitoad, bituated » mn «., Thli mcdldnt combine! Iran with pun tcmUblo tonic*, and It fnrtluabte for DJMAjet pecaiUr (o Women, and all who laid MdirnUr? lira. It En- rlchcn and Purlflcn the Illood, Ntlmulatca the Appetite, StreiiBtliOB* the lunaclc* and Nerve*-Id fact, thorough); Invigorate*. Glean thti complexion, and IU&KMUW B«in smooth. It doM not tilacken the teeth, oauae headache, or prtKluce constipation— all oiktr ttvti mntic{net do. illiB. ELUUUITU BAIBD. 74 Farnell Are., Milwaukee, wia., nn. under date of Dee. 86th. 18M: " I hitra atej Brovrn'a Iron Bitten, and It baa been more than a dootor to me. uaTing cured mo ol the weakness lamas naTo In life. Also cored me of Liter Complaint, and now mr complexion la clear and good. HM also been benoticfal to my children." MRS. LOUISA O.BIIAODON. But Lockport N.T., •am '' I have xtflered uilold mloerr from Female Oumplalnta. and could obtain relief from nothUur •icept Brown's Iron Bitten." Genuine hag abore Trnilo Mark and eroned red HnaO on wrapper. Take tin other. Made only by BROWN OUEUIOAL CO.. 1IALT1MOBB. Kn. K A S K I N E (THE NEW QTJINJNJtfl.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. NO ringing ears. Qures Pleasant,'i" A POWKBFUL, TONIC. that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MAJLAftIA BHBUM ATJLSM, NERVOUS PBOSTKATION, and all Germ Diseases. Belle-roe Hospital, N. 1.: "Universally sue cessfal." ("Even-patient treated St. FranciaHos.N. T. < with Kasklno haa been (dlschurged cured." Dr. L. R. White, U, S. EzarntnlnK Surgeon writes: "Kaskine Is Ibe best medicine made.' Dr. L. M. Glcsaner. 360 Enst 121»t at-, New Yorh city, bos cured over 290 patients witl Easklno alter quinine and nil ^thor drugs hat tailed. Ho say a: "It Is undoubtedly tbe bos mO'llcineevcr discovered." . Proi. «'. F. Holconlhu, M.D., SI Eftst2itb St. N.Y. (l»te Prof, in N. Y, Mod. College) wrltei "Kttsfclne la superior to quinine ia its «oec fli pi'wer, and never produces the slightest in jury to the hearing 01- constitution. Itev. Jas. L. Hull, clmpluin Albuny Penitentiary, writes that Kn-kino has cured bis wifn niter twenty veara sufferliiB irom malaria and net vous dyspepsia. Write hlinfor par tlo.ulftrs. Thousands unon thousands write tiiat Kas- ulnu has cured them alter all other inedl clnes had fui:ed. Write lor book ot testi- rnnniui*. KiiaUinooan be taken without any specla! advica. $1.00 per bottle. Sold by or sent by mail on receipt ot price. KASK1NE CO., M Warren St.,New York lodwlm WHIPPLE& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, UEBREBENTtNG THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of Nortb America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of Phlladelyhia; German American; North Britiuh and Mercantile, London; Com. Union, London Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.* Continental; Girard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co, AND OTHEBB:A OA8H OAP1TAI IN TB£ AGGREGATE OF $20,000,000. WE ALSO REPRESENT THK Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Inn. Co.,Hartford. Office; Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. tor Bale. Seven lots wltb good brick dwelling and outbuilding^-,In go'>d repair, in Utiper Alton, liealdononof (I. E, "ollluu, «ud kn'iwii as tho Merrill property. WIUi'i'LK * SMlLEr", Alton, or u. VV, Collet, I/pp-ar Alton. A 7-room (mine dwulllnt:. In good repair, on North side lUutf st, WIlU'CLK A SJUILKV. For Snlo or n«uc. A desirable tenement on lllutf street, owned by Mrs 8. J.Dutro. ARM1LBT. For beu» The late residences of J. i. and W. B. Mitchell, on Mill at., two o; t. ti bent plooos ol rouidonco propurty in AltOD. The proporty mown OB''Tliu I'arK, eautot above; H lots on Mill and Summit streets, an U a nuuibtu- ol ou In Miller A Mitchell's addition to Alton. Any or all of rtbovo at a KTfut baruain. Wi.U'l'LH!<t8MILBY. *or ottie. The*Merrlman property on State stroo in illller & MIoliull's add., to Alton, IX star} louse, Srooinsuud out-buUdlUK'i all la per- wet order. Can bn bud at a bargain. .K A KMILKY. For "Ale. A IX story Irttuiu dwulllng, corner Pe and Filth ' Dettruble Ito»ldeuce« fur Sale. A twoatoiy brick dwulling on Stauj itreet cnown HH Wm. A. I'lutt buinusteHd, lately nm a gaud ropulr. A two mury Iramu Uwolllnx on Main utruut, nutiriy now. A two itiory iilclc UwtUUiiK oil Suvunth Htruet, nil lor HUIU ' fur Sale, A To com bi IDV dwelling and nut building* u TWid «« 8t, Master's Sale, STATE OF ILLINOIS, ( St. Clwlr county. ) Of the Sepn-mbor term, A.t), 1888, of tbe St Olalr County Circuit Court. John K. CblUon ve. tbomai CMlton, Oeorge . Cbliton. James Oi.doroy, Robert w. Dick onson, Kllzabeth Ann WUllBtng, Dorothy Burn, Thomas Burn, Jnmon Burn, Barhara >ergii'ion,8iiah Jnuelturn, \MHIuuiUuin John Thomas imin, uoiotby Ann Burr, Isabuilu Bui'", JatnttsBnin, a«a Henry R. Cutilleui r, eteoutor ol the Intt will and teflUiiuentof John Ulillton, deceased. JIM lor sale ot Hunl KstHto, Under and by vtnuo of decree ot nalo court, made in tbe above entitled cnude, »t luld tefiu,l,tlie uutler8lKHfd r Y.lll, 0-4 B.vTCHUAt, MAHOU 19, 18i)7, at nndo.'i (tie nroroliies hereinafterde»ortbed «oil to tho lilubeht and butt bidder, thi to I lowing dusuiiiit'd land, Kltnntud In thu coun ty t,i M»di8un,amt t\u,io »>l lllinoU, to-wit Tne »««t lourthot ilio Hontheout quarter ol the northwest quarter, continuing ten (lo; acres: und tho half ot tho southwest gunner, ail in unction tlili ty (3n),1n towniblp ttlx (6) north of rang" nli'O (9) west. Appwecd Vrtlue, iS,450.7i. 8ul« to coiuuicuco ut »no o'clock p. tn. TKUUa OH' HALK.. -Twenty por cent, of tho putcliuso iiinnny to bo iiald cosh down, ant the balance on a credit of six and twelvi uionthr, scoured by note and approved > ecu ilty, and » niorteago on tho premises solii.ou tho vzeuutlon ol wni> b, bni\ upon coullnna tioiiol nul snlB.l will execute ana deliver a deed to the put chaser or Dulcimers of tald land, oil by said drcro" lam directed,con veylng all dm light, title and claim of tbe said parties >n said suit to siild premises. ALONZO 8. WILDBHMAN, Master)» uhniicory ol said county. M. W. WEIR, Sol. ludtd EXECUTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Schwoppo, deceased, The undersigned, having been np pointed Ksocutors of the lust will and tesuuiont of John 'W. Schweppo, late of tho county oi Mndlson and Stute of lllljols, deceased, hereby nlve notice that they will appear before the County (Jour of Uadluon uouuty, at the court bouse, in Kdward8vllla,at tbe Murch term,on the fourth Monday In March noxt, at which time nil per sons having claims dgulnst euiu estate are no tilled and requested to uttilml for tbe pur pose of having Uie suiue adjusted, All person ndebted to said estivlo ui'u ruqueated to muKb liumedlato puymmit to the undersigned. Dated this 2nd day of February. A.D. 1887. ELIZA F. S01IWBPPB, WILLIAM K. BUmVKl'PB, IIKNKY M. SCHWH'Pto, 6 diw Ezucntois. EAOLU PACKET COMPANY. CD SPRING ARRANGEMENT The Steamer •s £ Si U. LEYHE, Master. (E. BOBS POWBU , (ED. BLOOK.uiorn On and after Monday, Feb. 11, the Sprea BagJfl will ran an follows, vizi LEAVING ALTON FOE ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., aud St. Louis on return trip at 3 p. m., dally. And leaving Alton to Fortune, Jeruoy Landing, arm tan. and wa points every evening at 6:30 o'clock. «_Tlio Whiffle will be nonnded flftwe minutes before starting for St. Louis. To ST. LCDIS, Bip • BIBBS' . - - B t> W. TlILt. Aaem. Fast Freight. & Passenger I/to T0E BT. LOUIS AND CENTKAL ILLINOIS B. K. GO'S PAtACE STKAMtiK J. F. EL1.1SOS, Coiumandor. Kli AKSllUTZ, j n , BI |. q THUB DODOE, (ujetus. On and after Thursday,Fcb. 17tb, wlllleav Alton daily , For St. X-ouis at 7 a. in. Returning, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vin at.; at 2:48 p. rn.! Leu v I lie Alton at 5:RO p. m. for Portage aud -Jersey, nrrivini at Graf ton at 7:45 p. m., connecting with fort express on St. Louis anc Central Illinois Railroad lor Jerseyvillo, >Va veny, ApilDKQeldaud all points north an east. FARE. ToST. Louis, slustle trip, ... 60c " " r»und trip, . . . . 76o " " twenty rlue ticket, . , $6.0C HENRY C. TATUA1, Gen. ARt. Alton. IL A. KISlIKIi, (,cn'l aiaiiUK'ir. lolldtf J. HOFFMAN & SON DEALERS IN Stoves and H aid ware HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other first class heating stoves /or wood or coal. Also Kansos and Champion Monitor Oooh Stovoa, tha host in Alton. Outside Worn a s pedal ty; Boot ing, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies ALWAYS ON IIAND. COB. 8KOOMD AND -»LBY STS. Ttie undersigned havu oiimied a new muslo tore at me comer of '/jilrd/nud Piasa ata ORGANS AND ^PIANOS! of the (finest workmanship for aale atron. oouHbla prices. Oall and oxatulue our luutni- meuta belore purchasing eUewiiero. EASE. muh'JidwOvn WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tlmo Waihboardi art m*de with * Bent-Wood rim* Tht Strong* ett bo»rd» nnd be»t waium In tni POT ul* by *11 Ae»t«ia. . HAUINAW M'F'O CO., THE FOR 1887. Will oonrnlti. In nrtdltlon-to the be«t sii Storloe, Slietcliefl, Kssiiye, Fovtrv Otillolara, two Berlnl StortcBt- The Second riou, By MB8. M. O. W, OtlPltANT Paul Patotf, By P. MAUIOW ORAWOttD, Author of "A Uoronn Blogtir," " eta. "Mx. Papers on American History, B, es andgentr- Whose previous papers have besa to «»tU)g, lull ol Information, andgen rtlly popular. French nnd English. continuation ot the admirable paper* COB.. paring tho French n»<l Rnullab people. 1 "™*" B Essnys and Poems, By OX.IVBU WENDELL HOLMES. Occasional Papers, By JAMES KU88ELL LOWELL. Contrlluitlons may be cipecttd from Jnh» Qreenli/af Whlttier, ThoniHD Weotwoito Hli glnsou, Uharlrs Liudlcy Wnrner, B, 0. fited. man, llarrint W. Preston, Sarah Orne Jewell. Uh&vloa Eubort Oraddock, Arthur Bborburni Hardy, H«ury Oabot Lodge, Kdlth M.Tbutnu. Horace K. Seuddor, Georuo B, Woodberi}, George Fied erlck Parson i, Muurioe Tbomo son, Lucy Laioom, Cella Thoxtor, John llur- nuiKbs, Jniuos Ficoinim Olarke, KlicabeH) Robins PunueU, Bradford Torroy and maut TKRMS : fi a year in advance, postage fm j 35 cents a number. With superb ilfe-tUt portrnltof Hawtboruo, Kmerson, Longfellow, Drynnt, Whittler, Lowell, or UOUIIM $»; each additional portrait, $L Tbe November and December numbers at tho Atlantic will be tent hee of charge to new subscriber* whoso subscriptions are received before December 40th. Postal notes and money are at tbe risk of tbe tender, and tlierrloni remlttaneM should bo made by money order, dralt, or registered letter, to; Honghton, Mil flin & Company, 4 Park ntreet, Iloston, Mai*. TO ADVERTISERS For a chock for S20 we "fill print a ten-lino advertisement In One Million issues of leading American Newspapers. Tlit« IB at the rate if only one fifth of a cent a liue.for 1,000 clrcu • latlonl The advertisement will bo placed before Ono Million DIFFERBNT newspanor purchasers:—or FIVE MILLION RBADBIIS. Ten lines will accommodate about 76 words. Ad* dress wltb copy of adv. and oheok, or send SO cents for book of 178 patten. QEO. P. ROWELL * UO., 10 Spruce St., N. T. Jtilicllui TTIT VY , Goods atunle; uvery onb buys; outfit yuan KD 8ILVEUWARK Co., Boston. ISTAiVDAK ADIKS wanted 'o get up Tea Clubs for our _jPure Tens and Coffees. A host of useful articles to select from as premiums. Sand for illustrated IMco and Premium List. Brs OIAL OFF.KB! to every TENTH poruon that answers tblsadvoriUiemout. we will send FBBI one pound choice Tea. Addrosi NAT'L TEA Masa. Sheriffs Sale. Jennie E. Depry ) VH. f Execution No. M. Franklin Depry, > Ke« bill No. Ily vlitue of im.exeautlou.ln this case inued out ot the clerk's ofllue of tbe Circuit i;ourt of Madison county,Illinois, dlieetod totheSher- S of suld county,1 have levied upon all the 'iglit, title anil; Interest lul tho defendant u and to tho foltowli g iiroptrty, uliuate m bo onunty of MudlHon,uad Stale 'of Illinois, and described as follows, to-wit:' Two 121 i-od« off of tbe north ltd* of lot No. five (61, fix block No. six (8), in ling's addition to the town ot Upper Al- <in,uud,ulsu, two (2) rod* off of thu south »ldu of loiNo. lU (fl;, in eiild block No. six 6) in raid addition. Said two (t) pieces of aud fronting lour (41 rotlsou Main utruet In aid town tiitd running back eoatwardly the intlro dunh of said low, and situated In the own ul Upper Alton, in tho county of Aludl- ou, in thu Male ol Illinois, which I will ex- fio-t- ul 1 ubllo Bale, to Hie highest blddar, for uali, on iriUDAY, THE ELKVKNTrr DAY Of MAKOJ1, A. li., 18ti7, 'Otwoen the liouri of V o'clock In the fore- oon nnd minOown; to-wit: at 10 o'clock, *. n,, ot saiti day, in iront ot the north front oar ol the City Hull building, In the city ot Alton In tl'oemtnty aud Bum a(or«»uid, to utlmy untd execution together wltb ooi>w. B. A. BURKK, Sheriff of MadUon county, 111, _B r O. K. CUOWK. Depuiy. J7_J>!. U _ for 8M». Tho Woodroof proDorty. A t «tory frame ouso ol 8 rooms, onTlftu and Alton street*, 4 room franie houie on filth itreat. WHIPI'LHASMILBy, The Century For 1886-87. TRB OKHTOHT is nil Illustrated monthly magBEino, having a regular circulation ot about two hundred thousand copies, olten reaching and tometlmes exoeedlny two hundred and twenty five thousand. Chief among Its many attractions (or the coming year is > serial which has been in active preparation lor sixteen yearn. It la a history ol our own conutry In its most critical time, M set forth In • . ,. •...-• THE IjIFE OF LlNOOliN, By bis Confidential Secretaries, John G. Nicolay and Col. John Hay. This great •work, begun with tbe sanction of President Lincoln, and continued nndac che aathority of bis son, tbe Hon. Robert T. Lincoln, la tbe only, full and authoritative record of the life of Abraham Lincoln. Iti authors were Mauds ol Lincoln before liia presl>lencv; they -were most intimately ut- sooated with him KB private teoreturlet tliroghout his term of office, and to them were transferred upon Lincoln'* death all hit G rivato liapars. Here will bt told the iHslde istory of tbe civil war anil of President Lincoln's administration -important details of -wbloa have hitherto remained unrevoaled that they might first appear in this authentlo history. By reaoon of tne publication of thin work, A « - * ' THE WAR SERIES, which has been followed wltb unflagging Interest by a threat interest by a great aud|. ence, will occnpy IOHO space during tbe coming year. Ciettys^urg will be described' by w«n. liunt (Chief of the Union Artilloryj, Qon. Longutro t, Gen. E. M. Law. and others. Ohlcamaiiga, by Ueu. D. H. Hiil: Staerman'i Alarcfj Co tho .-eu. by Generals Howard and Slocum. Generals O. A. Olilmore, Wm. F. Smltb, John Glbbou,Horace Porter, and John S. Moaby will descrioe special battlei and Incidents. Stories of naval engagement*, prison Hlo, etc, etc. will at'Dear. NOVELS AND STOKIES. "The Hundredth Man," a novel by Frank It. Stockton, author of "The Lady, or the Tiger." begins in November; Two novelette* by George w. Gable, stories by Mary Haliock Foote, "Uncle Remus," Julian HKWthorne, Edward JHggleston, and other proiiilnent American authors will bo printed during tne year. . SPECIAL FEATUBES. (with Illustrations) include a ieriei of articles »n affairs In Ruxsla and Siberia, by Qco. of/'Tont Life in Siberia," who has )uat returned from a most eventful vl«it to Siberian prisons; papers rathe Food. Question, with referoncB to It* bearing on the Labor Problem;. English Cathedrals: Dr, Rgglesion's Religious Life In the American Colonies: Olairvoyuuce. spiritualism, AJitrol- ory, etc., bv Hev. J. M. BuoKlev, U.D..editor ot the (Jlu-Utiau Advocate: astronomical papers; artloies throwing light on Bible Ltstory, etc. PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price, 54.00 a year, iff onnts » number. Dealers, postmasters, and publishers take subscriptions. Send for our beautifully illustrated 2i rage catalogue (tree), containing full prospectus, etr\, ihc utllug a special olfer by which new readers can get i uck cumbura to tbe beginning ot tbe war Buries at a vury low price. A specimen copy (back number) will be sent on request. Mention this paper. Con you afford to be without the Century TUB OKNTUUY CO., New York. Subscriptions received at tula office. I ANTED—A live, energetic man, to represent us, J76 per mouth audtexpensev,

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