The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 5, 1934
Page 3
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1034 LUBER ID Country Democrats Ready to Rally Behind 'Senatorial Candidate. develop between cliy BLYTHEVII.LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "Missouri Tammany" Reipn Periled BY KICIIAim 1.. HARKNESS I'nitcii 1'irss SlatV Conespnndfnl JEFFERSON CITY, MO., Mar, R 'Uy-i —'j'lie Dr jnocrallc si -"'"' urinary thU- summer may into n red-hoi fi!*' 1 r .i:<l country. Ill ter-llng between the urban and n.ial pnny members ahvady i::L-i been cvliic.'d. and may result Hi u definite break before many i.ioie ]X)lilkaI inooit-s. All llic count ry boys need is a jxjj.iilnr, whirlwind cauipa^ticr they'll I'e ready to hurl inch 1 deflnnre ill llie V. J. I'emli'rgnsi nu.ehlne of Kansas City, and ihe Mayor Barney Dickim-im .ii-i-tip ill St. LOUiS. Chalice fur Kunl Man Pendergast has pledged his XaiLsa.s City vote to Charles M. Huwell. It "Jluivell cl'.oos.'.-. lit um. 1 ' Dickmann has .'aid he'd like to FC- J:-mes Aylward. a Kansas \Cnian, gel the nomination. Ayl- u?rd hain't anniimiccd one way! or ihe oilier. Sen. Bennett Champ Clark ot .^1 Louis is noini; down the line '<--r Tuck, Milligiin. member ol congress from nichniond. Alllrough Milligan is from llie •:oumry and has ihe sup]iort ot Clark, who took Howell. Hcnder- ijasi's candidate to a irimmiiitj In -ti32 for the nomination, ih(- te!U i here Ls that, the road Is wide "pen for i> real country man witn- tut any city connections at all for 'il.e race. Who will he be? That's a (jur-s- licn many politicians seek 10 ari- No matter ;v:'0 he is, tet. a JJOp- ulp.r r.iral cundidate announce, and tnere'll be a whirlwind Tight that probably won't bo ikciiu-u nniil IN; primary ballots are all accounted for. Ill F'erlintr Kvideiit 111 feeling b.:tw?en ihe coumry rud rural groups broke oul i:i the recent Voting Oeuuirraiic conven- ti'jn here. but. was pretty wf-'l r'tiffled by tlie organization's officers, a group from city areas. If the nntaHonism breaks out in the senatorial race, it won't be i-'J well muffled, and .Missourians '•(ill be in for some elegant po- lit'cal fireworks and first-class mud slinging. Incidentally, the Young Demo- cials had themselves a big time at tneir eonvemion here. Without anything special lo do. they spent their lime "r,a r tyin?." 'J'he "partying" reached such a stage during the two davs that one aroap of delegates who bid for ne.u yenr's conclave, had atom derided lo let the young political as.iiranLs go elsewhere. fSxamplc of the "partying" came irnm almost a score of telephones loinid outside st lintel heie. Guest.s. ir.iU! over the poor tele- 1,'none service, tore the 'phones oil :he room wnlli and threw them through windows. §Ein PIIIH \\ SIltL PAGE THREE Changes Arc In Store, But What? " "^"- '— v! Kansas City's iiuwcrfiil )>liln<-ra1ii- Jliai-liilu-. ruled by Turn lYixl.r^t. siiim-n left j,, lyiilial "IMS," JUIBC. |s Hie niiii ,if 11 "minium yuinir fusi.ui u--koi. wldrli lii.fcs lo rifliti'Vi- in i],,. Missouri illy what l.nC.ii-.inlra 'lid ataliiKt T:imtniiiy. The lini; ft l.i hc.iilet" Ijy l!r, A. Jlnsi lllll. aliovo, fur 13 sccvs iircstilpin i,i Missouri University. Hill | s ; Ui-niocriil. Count Your Losers Before r-i . f» rer, . r oiTin°' I artnpr VVitn f V^J.^HIL i cii LIILJ. w im Today's C'OB'rract Problem f Sou til |],i!i tht conlrset at I five clubs. West c.vslius the , kia^ and af.-e of S]t;tili?s and I >.hon InaO.-i >l-.(- jack of dia- j moiids. How sliniild declarer I play tbe hainl 1 .' (niir.d) (Blind) V None • A 65 3 4. A K 8 C 5 4 2 Solution in next ii^uo. The 1'lay West, naturally refuses in lead .way from hLs ace-nucen of clubs r.iid opens the kip i; of t-.eurts •.vhlch South wins «iih the ace n.ul then picks up [In- out-standing '-''imp. He then casliwi th<, : , CCi kina and queen of diamonds. Hi. 1 ; only hope for an t ..xiru trii\- I now is to try to throw \V--s-. into 'ihe lead, n'.'.fi force him to k-ad up to the king or clubs. Hut 'visely plays the ten of lu-nris on Jl'e next trick. must overtake the iContiiiiisil I ii-in I'lim' Unc-i railroads. Insurance companies and ollu-r corponillon.s over which ll has nequhvd some- control. It iiroixws to glw Us Mite'.dles lo lln- musses rallier than to fitv- ou'd corporations. I'rodurllun cimirol. where nt- icmined. Is ivximiiM us n mirjxiv nry emergency measure. The einl Idea will bo lo luster n ina:-s production balanced to muss con- .Mimin'.on, which can be achieved jwilly by ellmlmillon of wusie and excess pmlUs in dUlrlbulion. Bui in such mntlers ihe ndlnlii- iMrnlton proci-eds ,-:,;ntoiisly. »uml- ing ulft.slic.1 with bl>; hti^lne\s. .Markel Musi Kovuvrr The hump of Immi'dlutr obstu- etes. ob.-'ciirfni; vision of the fu- inre. includes ihe necessity of ic- .siorlii;{ Ihe ciijiilul goods market without ovcrbidldhiK the niUlon'.s productive plnnl. I'urlly under 1>WA .stlmnlnllon, j a slart Is being madi- lowurd re- 'vlvul. wUh automobiles and sirel i lending Ihe procession. The anll- I rlpatecl i-oiillnuhur improvemen 1 of llie !K-si few months. Roosevelt ho|jr-s. will be .supplemi-nicd nnd nuilmniced by private iudiisiry. That briuij.s us to Ihe fiitiuv of lour banks and money. Many liberals in the Koosevell circle .still hope for n im(innali-?d banking system, which they consider Inevitable In case of umnhi;-: nu- tiiiiml crisis. Kiirlher vomrfll of banklni; ]xil- icies from Washington M-CIII.S in- jevitiible. in any event, intil the thing lo watch now Ls HciKeveli's !siicct'S,s or fnilnrc in Ftlinulntlni- more liberal bank lendlm- nuiii-v laldrm shiipc fur all nf us. worker. r hiiv|ir.s.s men rlrauu-tuiic,- will ,..,„ i,,. ..,., „ ' I( ,,|. (V nnd surround him with hot water liollles, K(C|) him c.ann by some eilort or he uny develop pneu- -iioijlii. J'ursotis wiici havif been .i.'physlau-d tvllli t-arljoii monoxide in', efpuclrilly nn> lllcely to get li::i-nmonla, .'I hi- lias dllliculty with brcnlh- !il>' Hi'.- jiiilli-iH 'liasld be (jlvm uilllk'liil i-i-sjilrullon by the manual i':i-lhoil. A physician should );« rnlli-il ;it oiu-e, Ix-fiiu-.c tin- illtler' n;re l.i-lv.-l-cu 111,.- j,ml ( |r--,t|) , nil y .-lii-iid on suitable iiKi'iitlon io the ••'irt and resphfiiloi;. The I'lili'f <|i)jiie.stlr npplinnces volvcd in !ln> recoids of carbon i-noxlilc poisoning are heaters, viiliniH ilik'.s, used In bedrooms and n.-'lirouu::;, mid licca'-Iijmilly a );!',- r.m rail;.:,' or a hot pl.ue. i Il--:ilh:i' hccn !"iK)ited among' iv.-nns III r:n;:i-<i rooms v:ln> use i < l-.:ino:il In n |j|i-ltvi lor healing is Mild thai Ili-Djainlii J-'iank- ili-.vliijird tl:;- jtcive nnd ilw :,»naci- and f : i,v.- Hi" patent rltnl-i ll'l- «<^ll[| III r/'O, III CHUM! Ill: :1 tin- daiii;. r, lo llie from MIMlhc fllim n i,, ;l l (]||, ,,| n , various UII/-IIIMS ol •".•.vrliuii lii'rniikldi-, il:-|:i-ii(!iiii; on how fne '.l.i- id nil ititiv in; 'flu- nmtf tin: n Jiil.'ii.stliui of lln- i-as h liiti-rfercd the I'.lyll'-r is ll'.O J/rlCi'lll-.r',^ I <-artx)n monoxide Tin- tlin- cir. I:UDI nn ordinary irtnu';- Kill cnusi- iinlsonliiK wlien t;ns r."is lillo Ihe ulr. Till.-.. iilHKinsly. is tt-hii: lmp|).'lu'<l lo 111-: l ; p -ys i.t D.ivluioiuh. Tintin- v. al present rales liiruc M to nu-ut i-lnuiirs tin tin 1 oii- I n:uion:it ilili'. an.l ilium- ex- • c-tvt-iy pi{i|:riim's enieryi-ncy Tin- ;:iiM s|M-ei(lc Indication of fil'.UM- cn-iit:, l.s clvi'ii by HiKise- vi'li a.\ 1,1 hi.s loin: nniKi- hind l>liii.s. Tim-.,' (linns invuhv de- cei,:i.ili/;it!on of industry. lur^e. inibln- drvelopnienl.s thrfiunh riiiu- hr works winch enn be ncrelcrnl- i'M!,-ri;i-ncles. d?vclO|iiui'iii or iiiii:i-iii uf Inrge an-as. (loml nl erosion coi- r jrol, elflck-ni /•- '•". of crop nri-as. electric: le jliOMi-r iiml rond di'velopmcnt mill I ivha: I'rofi'.ssor Tuyvvrll cilll.s "nil inone-|iiili:ve:i\iiii' of UK- urban mill tHv eti m nli:n:i nni! . )i!nii:ii:ii Seek Inlrrcs'. Slash -Meanwhile, soim: jnnjor move or a series of le.sser cffoils will be directed toward reducini; Ink-reM rnte.s. Everyone here iit-m-.-, on noces-sily. Probable effecls of tin tiny policy lire best left to the i rum!'—,i!<d thi-y're ut v,-|di-1 - • • ''•' !: ' i " llc< '- |l'cli1i,al Vi,-l,,rics Ahra.1 Years hence they'll still be ar-1 Iv.iiiU-idly. ilwiu's nothli-.i! on the relative |in)wr- ', ""' '""I'on likely lo pievcnt — 11 a:M . J — D ..~.... t tJJV jLi,iLi.[- JHJJKK- with tlie jack to lead a club- j la »cc. of that.ami many oilier far- i til l'.;herwLse. four-cdd wcuid be made. j lors '" Hie devc-lopmenls of J Manv jilayer.s might makr the ""OMvcIt regime, (mistake of not overtaking their: Can Roosevelt achieve his -it .'•irtnci-s ten with the jack, bin tempt to cut t-morgoiicv exucnal- !i; Sri!r ^"S'Ss'""" Mvcn " illiom " -^ liclrt ( 5? U iy is b ||i,u or o heiie Solution to Previous Contract Problem «v WM. K. ML-KKN.VKV Si-crefary, American Bridge I.casue I Here is .mother of those big Is-iijh card trick hr.nds. Today's Grange Approves New Football Passing Rule The fate of 4.000.000 civil woil-.s '•'. employes now beinu denioblllxed V'i " a vital probh-m mid civil wo-.-ks ,.',] frnm krcpliiK the inilD- !l, c ; IKinl.ri ; pro(jresslv-e vote ill til.- ni-nm-.-ratii: ndii. You can hf .siii-i- "f 11 bit* lioasi-veli. victory In Nn-.vmlx'i-'s coniu-csslounl elections; (lie prcMdent will tneet any Intcr- vfiiini! einerueiiry with those eloc- ti<'-as In mind. 'Ihe sireiiBlb bi'lihul the vcli plnns and program, is .that of public oiiinlon and populnr failli. If faith and belief abate. \M i^ ».«• ' • i i~» • . !^' or Hard Coughs or May Cause Monoxide Poisoning! CoW 5 That Worry YOU IIV !>!!. .HOI! I!1S KISMHUIN l.'illliir. .linirniil iif llic Aiin-rlran .Medical Assiirla linn, ami of llvgcla, Ih,- llrallh .tliiKiulltr The denlh of nine young men nl ilirlmiiuth from cnrlxm monox- 01 coul xiis. ]io!.sonlii(! .serve.i 'o focus alUT.llun nijiilu on llic llmmiis lini-iird lo health, par-, ... ll'-iilnrly during llie winter mini-1 ui ,, ' '"^ ! " rUlrc <l " C! ' ;:0 " w'^""- 1 ch:lllt!0 ' s nnd ' -«'C're head-' ; I. us. I loin Ihl.s caiiMn: (iccur also In other perlixis .1.1 ol the yeiu, but because windows 0 frciiucntly an- cloM-d and ven- 1 ullon so dltricult lo coulrol dur- lip the cold v.-ealher. the number 11 dc Uhs invarlidjlv rises nlmrply ".'lib comlni; of ulnier, MILS Itself Is coloi' and o'orli-h*. H K 111 ortiiti-.d \vhi-ii •I'imd, coul. coke Illimiliuuliii; gas <>': Kasiillnt uu- biiciH-d. II the Maim- Is hoi. the (;ns Is buinetl imre comiMflfSy limn wlini tin- Maine Is .slow mid tins liiMiJlii-leui uu. Smalt innonnls of curbon inoii- o.-Mli- i-nme tient!iii'lu' and oilier -.symptoms: largn iniimi:Us produce ilt-alh. It Is well for most |x.'ople td ! iicoisnl/e the early symptoms of ! i xixisurc to this gas If yon gel n j !i\nlnche or feet faint, m-rvous. or | i lirittililc. when working v.-lii-n, ihere | When you no out. walk ,'ial when you net out, ;.lt iluwii Mulctly. Do nol iry to wulk. There '!!«>• 1:01 l;e ciiouxh oxygen In your b'no<l |o jx'rmit vou to muke any '•>:tla elforl or tn i-scrt yuui.'-ell i!i nny wny. Any cxlrn c.\i-rl|,m nl th| S tiuie i.' diiiigcrou.s. b-.-niiis.- it inuy bi-lnii If u perscn who <s w-c nldc niiiy in; present, alnls, In- rhinild IM- t 11 e nIr ,u oiuc. I'm hlaiil'.its over and under liim f'" 1 coiij;hs or coldi. ' b r st h'.-lps known Jo science. It Is I'.r ijiilck r.-lli-' for .-iiifety, Hnl careful i:rople ni ( .n. niiti uurr. u: e It for every coujdt that ;.tarl-. No one knows where n ' 'i!i!h may lend. No one cm tell «lititi iiicior v.-lll do inml. Thin, d-pi-nd.s on tin- ivjn- of cold. Crv(<nn.I.-.|o!i costs a litllL' more It an II'.SSIT helps I3u( U menus ;h',- iitmi'st hi-l'j And It eosls you ni.ililnti II It '/nil; to \uing the ili.lek irllrl yiiii seek. Your drng- ;;!.'.[ iiiiiinniri-:, ll Or.i: 11 for safe!W Mike. _ AI]VI t; VES SIR. THAT'S SOME CAR! a risibility nf this ,-ns. ,,0 „»! i« Hie li-.-sh ,dr nl one,: nnd PORTLAND. Ore. (UP)—Thomas L. Taylor. 24, hav announced liis '-••-nd:0acy for the governorship of Oregon in \aw. tic put it ahead thai iar because he would not to :-'-le to qualify until that year. BURLINGTON. Vt. (UPI—It was .'o colil here recently that when Archie Colbath's automobile .struck and broke olT a Tire hydrnnl. the water that was loosed fro/e the ear lo Ihe hydrant NEW ORLEANS (UP) —Harold H-iiilli hand fiv ."Hod" Grange, "Otilloping Ghosi" Jmlf primary t'ricks. b ,a Sei^"^-o'v^ prorfts !? >nal B' 1 "- nnicin" an ori»iml tn-o hirl Ict-s ' , a W llovcs of the newly c.m, °M,e loseVs The,; "are L*o\^ «**' "?»?» """ °» SB chibf """ "° Mib ' y U ''°i !cnm to P"^ into "ihe 'e,u'r"4,e ",,„ i I without lasing the ball When making an original two I .. T „ „ , ^ , t'd, you should not have more llli , 1 " Os f l!td lo 5 f e "^ »"» «'"- i.ian three losing cards-the rest ' " cc . ' 1 ' al ' BC .. u ^, forwnrd l ): "s should be sine winners If it !s n' UL'cause it will o(>en up the i liiior suii in which you are inak- I 8 , a '" C ' leams "'" lfl>:e '""re !.g the two bid you should nol I?,'"""* llltrc ' n '* ">°™ s ™»»6. -ave more Ilia:! two losm» cards I lllc "Prclaioi's will find the -- — ° I game more enjoyable" Gr;in«c said. li'. works is 'fax Trend i,, |),, B | tl t thl> |V> 1"' 1: "- "n "''nit nmy. mdil TIis P.isl-year S'ment iiml > may be 111-1115 tins :on- Delivering nil ••>«'• .(hat he'can. ^innlion, come November. 10:1(1. ]x>rfoniiaiice— li| s thieals—ludicaies Blue Star Ends Eczema To relieve em-ui.i ilchiii ivnnti, teller,rash or fijul-llrli.cnviM- wllli snothflii! Illlic St:ir Oililnicllt, Tc.--!*-'! nieilirhu-.s melt null ,[uiclilv Mink In killing genus. IMiiiiK i-il,ls, it-ids. No lniri)iii}< — no Mls- Tablet Bares Lost History 'i'liu fir.all clay tahlcl whicli Dr. .laniei II. lircastcd, famod au. iliority on lli0 ancient Orient, 11 studyinK licvo, reveals -his- ln 'y Ions liidilcn of Assyrian ""•'riafchs from S-IGO (o 7-IG D- C. \Vrilloti in cuiieifortn l^^ilBe-sliasicil chari'cters), It was found In Iho ruins or King S"'£°a's palacs Ui * 10 7-1 VKQ10 * J 0 5 * A Q J S 2 * 10 8 7 J! A A K Q J C V A 5 3 4 A K Q Duplicate—K. and S. vul. Opening lead—y K. -SouiK West Xouli 1 A 2 + rats 3 4 F?S3 ra ss i:..| S t i'asa Pass | Boston Abandons Its 'New Deal' Baxing Shows l I BOSTON (UPi-The "new deal" j shows staged by Boston Garden to •revive interest in boxing have been I abandoned. Based on the idea of providing 1 plenty of action and developing :i:cw talent, instead of' stressing i famous names, the shows only jdrew slim crowds. Only about 1 400 .attended the last one. j The Garden will now revert to ' it.s lod policy of securing the best j possible contenders for its feature •' bouls. l The Bidding Naturally. Noitli must pass after Wcsl'.s ovcrcall of two clubs. f-OKtl-.'s bid of three spades shows ;-irliuT that he needs only about era in-card in North's viand to so game. While 1 do not generally like ll have my partner pass (his jump Vid. North did the proper thing in this case, as he ha? no iii-cards r. r d nothing/that will be of nny assistance lo Ills parlner. Some players might make the mistake, on the second round, of ^liaising a constructive bid of two •llnmcnds over two clubs, hoping ..-at this tid would lorcc partner o keep the bidding open. But (he 0'iigcr is that, partner tuny have :rur diamonds and. believing that he r.ow has a fi! with your hand, .-• II support If} and then you never .iv j>fc)e to get into liis 'hand. AfterThVpiiT r.'lK*- h R Axso::i Of K M). 3. Pfrse RJyff, ihe llu, my y^ung «on ^3^1 a had co:iKh. ix>:il« of D?. Picrcc's t.o.'Jtn Medical-Dis- tmcty his roygh fefi t!i'J net rctmn. l SlSl. u l>u Our r. Read. Courier News wvmi Ails B fo* ft BILIOUSNESS g Sour stomach g H gns and headache £ S due Jo H CONSTIPATION: FULLER BRUSHES At Lowest Prices Write W. T. NORMENT Geucr.i! Delivery, Biyllietllfc SUin li.. lerhiB. Safu uiul Don't Let HOUSECLEANING "Get Vou" Phoiw 180 Curtains Blankets profession;! | niolhorls mid Strrlrhin; cuil.iins cu (fir flor.r; liibbinj W.inkcls; uirin? mil pillows .. (hc-se amairiirkli and iradrnunlr mellinrls ff liousr-rlrailinir Drc eiilm, linl Ivr.lllsr Ihry larli Ilinr- n.-shnri--. often hurt j-mir i i-.-c lliln>.s and always >'.ii to a fr.-mTc. 'I': a lilc job for yini: a slni|.lr one f,:r us. That's why "r lake (his hr.lvv mnk i.lT vnnr lianiK .it a lllru)- il.itp rn^t. and I'm going fo keep it that way w/f/S . . , Barnes' Nu-Wa Cleaners Safer.,. CHASSIS AND GEAR LUBRICATION Cli r I i-bi jii« jnj UilTfrrniijIi r.-.* ihe sjinr Jife.drper.J- joff |*t/<irnuncf lhar hjj made .\tobiloil [he worlJ'i i*tR(M jclllnp mo:or cHf. /VlK inif Macool'j. S'.Jlicn <y l)c»lfr fnr 3 tltT,;,^tit*- , AS and ^fobiloi[ will ' you more complete, snioorlicr performance nnd fewer repair bills. Thousands of particular car owners t!irouglio\it t!ic Southwest prefer Mobiles because ic .qives quicker st.irtins "> the. winter . . . longer, smoother mileage in the summer nnd antiknock performance all year around. Mobiloii, the world's largest- selling motor oil, keeps wear to a minimum, seals power ant! lasts longer with greater economy. Ask for these famous products at STATIONS AND DEALERS 'Stay with Magnolia and you stay ahead!"

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