Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 19, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1887
Page 1
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VOIiTJMB .ALTON, ; ILL . A Gr^afcAfictory A Terrible Case of Scrofula , Cured by Hood's 3arsaparllla ; , ;," tn the jwinter of 1870,1 was attacked with Scrofula In one ot tlio most aggravating forms. 1 At one tlmo I hadino less than thirteen largo ,. abscesses over and'around my heck and throat, ( continually exuding- an offensive mass of! ,; bloody'; matter dls^Stlng 'to behold, and almost Intolerable to endure. It is Impossible , to fully describei my sufferings, as tho case , was compllcatcdwlth Chronic Catarrh. Alter .thrco years of misery i having been, treated by ; 'three physicians; < I was worse than ever. Finally,' on' the recommendation' of W. J, ; '"Hnntley; druggist, of Loekport, I was Induced "•tb-tty^Hob^'fl'S^aparlua, '.AM.'now,'after ' having taken twolvo bottles,Avltliln tlio last. , twelve months, the scrofulous eruptions have ejitltcly, consed. and'tho abscesses have nil " disappeared,eidcpt tho unsightly scars, which • are' dally becoming.' smaller by degrees, and beautifully less.' I do not know wnat It may iiftave done'/orjOthers,but, I (Jo.know that tn t«y case, Hood's Sarsaparilla. haa proved an effective 'Bpeclflo Indeed. : Aa rin evidence of my gratitude I send these facts unsolicited, nnd I am ready to verify the authenticity of ,tb!s cure,, by,, personal correspondence with f aByidnej.Wbo'douTits it." CUAHLES A. BOB- This statement Is confirmed by \V. J. Buntley, druggist/of Eockport, N. Y., who calls tho •;! ••-• cure & great victory for Hood's Sarsaparilla. ;;, ' 'Send for book giving statements ottaany cures. • Sold by all druggists. «1; six for «G. Mado /,^byO.'ft35iOOD'i C0.,^eli,;J4ass. v IOO e Doses One Dollar. .l by.oltlnens of'every town and . In the p. fi. JlorvolouB Curea Imvo been wit- ,ne«»od by £hounand» of.jieoplo. wbo can tentlfy to ns zar Oil, Neuralgia; .Toothache, :Headache, Earache, • ,••••?: ••:•> ; Catarrh, Croup, Soro Throat, • Lama Back. Stiff Joints, Contracted Cords, RHEUMATISM, • Sprains,.; Bruises, Burns, Fever Soros, • Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost .- Biles', 1 Sore ' Nipples, Caked Breasts, and All Aches and Pains, mre qulckly-rellevod by thlB mueiciil remedy. Try It • onao and you will never bo vrltbout It. Kor nalo hy UruKninin. Price, noc. our SONO BOOK froo to all ; ,Address WIZARD OIL COMPANY. CHICAGO. HAY-FEVER OJiJUAM BALM It not a liquid, snuff or powder. Applied ;," into'noitrite is quickly assorted. It cleanses , the head.. Allays inflammation. Heali the . • < torts. • Restores the senses of taste and smell. < 60 anttalDruguisU; tymail, regiitered, 60 centt. W..JP. ENSINGER, Plain and Decorative ALl WORK PEOMPTLY ATTENDED TO AT •LOWEST TEIIM8. , OVI7OB AND SHOP ON ST., NEAR PIASA AX.TON. ... m/ EMPIRE MILLS. HEOOND BTBBET (Near I'lasn). ALIOtf "•& Ground OatH, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Graham Plour.eto I'KOMl'TLYPELIVEUBWTOANY TART OF M. WILKINSON. Iy7 dtf LIVERY STABLED STUKET, BETWBHN ALI1YANOKA8TON, DUMBER 225. Soorotniry.Iiiimni 1 on War. "1 used to think," Mr. Liunar wont <ib 'to itoy, ^Ik'fort'.I .'.jBiuy. nitjcl^ fight- Ing, that thii slaughter must be, 'frightful., ,1'could hot see ' how, wlieYo so ; ninny bullets: were <. flying, there w°s liny ehnnecitt ftll'for'meu tb ,cBcap6 being lilt..;>..• But IV, HOO'II woiHtoix)d.'!liow ! ft(iybodv WH« hit atritll. My rnon.tliat day ui. WlltiuiiiKlmvg sliot tlicraselveB nil out of ammunition twice. 1 -When . we went ln(p bivouac litnight t : went alwfit' nuking tlio'boys how thoy felt I met oiic 1% Mi^lssippiiin from my homo town: '"••John did you lire off all your powilerl" 1 ' •'.' •"•' '•'••'. "'No,'he said. -I tried hard all dixy, colonel,, to do \rtiy best^andl didn't ftro buttwiee. ^Ali; daylong I '.didn't ."draw' bead on •nJYfinkde .but twice. l'v« got.'riij'iimiriii)wt t ion,,liere,' and ho tapped' his'eivriridge box; • "'.vVjfon.i livedytWieeP!!'lBdid...,,'Did you h!('em those times?*'" ' • > .-'if. AVei|, ! . colonel,; to loll, the,truth, I missed one yank,'' imcl I'm iii ''doubt iiljout. tlu'./otlicr.' '' -MI-"! "Thnt illiiHlnilp* wiir," said the Heeretiuy.: "A lot of men march out nnd proceed to' ereate u lot,-'of aeci- dcnts. Tho side that can produce the most accidents for the greatest number of . consecutive hours wina 'the day."— 'N. Y. Sun. .'•' ' " " '''"• ' It, is predicted by a Texas , clergyman that, tbo world • will corao', end in ten years. ' Absolutely Pure. I'hiu powder never varies. A marvel ol purity, strength wlioloeomoneefi,' More economical than tlieordluury klnda.ancl cannot be sold In competition with tLe multitude ol low test, shore wulBlit, alntii phosplia'e : - powders. SOLD OKLT IM OAJ»8. HOYAL BAKLNG POWDKU co. , KXJ wail at., N. v. ' •••'•. i •'• - , jansdwly JOHN BAUER, DEA.MR IN AND MANtTPAOTUBERJ FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, ILL, All kinds of flne and common furnltur'' constantly on baud. Also undrrtiker, etc. A. J. HO WELL, -DEALER IN- FURN1TDRE! A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OIU>EP J-UK UPHOLSTERING anil promptly executed. Belle St., bet. Third and Fourth. -AL8O- CINBEItTAKEBS ttESIDENOK OOK. STATE A 8EV,ENTH STS Patents. To ny persons wishing to obtain lettoi pHtont on now tnvontlous, linprovoraonts o Healgna, I will oxeoute rtrnwJnse and spoclfl anttoni and make opplloatlono for 1'utonta All oousultatloii, In ponon or by lotto , free LFCA8 PFEIPFBNBEBGBH, Alton. HI. TTL. FOULDS «S? 8UOOE8HORS.TO A. It MoKINNEY 4 00., Higheat Market Price Paid for. Corn and Pickles. STILL SLOP FOB SAL 13. Mr. QJadst^ne has wrijtteo a,letter ^b ; IrisLiv ftotestanlB to •'''"' mwui ' •• ., lf .« T ,...p. penfiipn^to^ft, p^ylyor of the Mexican war, j)rtder/;' the recent law,,was granted" to 'Senatori\Vil-' hams, of Kentucky. | " ' ; • Lewis tjieer of, Louiaville.Ky.. was. shot arid mpfjtally.'.w.Qiindea: hy Thomas Harllan at; that; p'jadeiTJuirs- day., ' ' '."• '-• •'- '.-'•"-• ' •',, , Henry T. Rainey, Esq.,, a; prominent young lawyer at' Carroll ton, is the newly appointed master jnchanr eery of Greene couuty, vice'! Mr..' Corringtonf lately deceased. ' r Mrs. 48tor's maludy is similar to General Grant's—cancer ,of the tongue— suys a $cyjr /"iTdrlt ; l.e'tter. She is now in ^he country, it.i?. said, : under treatment v l)iit not. ttuch! hope is held/out of her, recpvery'. A hurricane prevailed in;Colorado from 4 p. m. Thursday, doing heavy damage in DenVer. At. N several points in. the State'trains were blown, from the tracki The wind' attained velocity of i fixty,mnes c an i hour. ' / Mr. McLane,; our Minister to France,, datilced .with ,Qfieen Victoria when his^''father, was ^Minister,' ; to England,', ln f ,,; Jac)?spu' l s'' , ! tinie. j He has been . ^nyited, to , Jvisit London again; during'tjie Cju^e^'s jubilee. One hundred andj ,t|iirty-bne persons were killed On railroads in Iowa last,year. ,. r iEjght were passengers; sixty-one, : wei;e employes, and there were 8ixty-two,otbers—a decrease o.f twenty-five oy'et'. the'; Jjr^jyiphs 'yeari A dispatc.h dat^d at,Pierre, Dt T., February 17, says: "Another bliz-, zard is, raging,!,. and' 'traih^, are all abandoned.-' • TheyCoUnty ; :Bparcl is, being appealed to ^or aid'By^familtes; heretofore considered'$bbv.e' ( 'want., It is a terrible winter for, 'Dakota, settlersi and the gyffernig caii'flot' be' realized." ' ! • Alfred B. Carpenter, a Carliaville miller, while in St. Louis, last-week, was arrested as & deserter\ from the regular army. He was marched five miles to the government barracks,, examined, weighed, measured,; and found to iill the description of the deserter except as to the color o'f bis, eyes He was detained 36 hours before he succeeded in disproving^ the charge and securing his release. A "semi-pfficiai" letter from St. Petersburg is published at Vienna, which represents that Russia • considers war between Germany! and France as inevitable, during which it will seize the Balkan country. * The letter furtheis says that Russia will so far interfere in the anticipated Franco-German war as to prevent the conquest of France by Germany. At the .meeting of the Illinois Department Grand Army of the Republic, at Rock Island, the action of President Cleveland in vetoing the Dependent Pension bill was condemned, and members of Congress were asked to pass the measure over the veto. A tribute to the late Gen-' eral Logan was adopted. Captain A. C. Sweetzer, of Bloomington, was elected Department Commander, and Springfield was chosen as the next place of meeting. Capt. W. W. Lowdermilk, a well known and highly respected citizen of Sangamon county, and late postmaster of the town of Auburn, died at his home in that place Thursday morning. Capt. Lowdermilk was a gallant soldier of the late war, and as a member of the 114th Illinois, participated in the disastrous affair at Guntown, Miss., where he was wounded and captured. As a result he lost an arm, besides receiving a shock to his health from which he never recovered, and which finally resulted in his death. Free Trade. The reduction of internal revenue and tlio taking off of revenue stamps from proprietary medicines, no doubt, 1ms largely bonetltted the consumers, as well as relieving tho burden of home manufacturers. Especially is-1 bis the oasu with Green's August Flower and Bosch no'a German Syrup, as the reduction of tliirty-elx cents per dozen, has buon added to increase the size of tho bottles containing theso rumedios, thereby giving one-fifth more medicine in tho 75 cent size, Tho August Flower for Dyspepsia and Liver complaint and the Gorman Syrup for cough., and lung troubles, Imve, perhaps, tho largest sale of any medicines in the world. Tbo luivuntago of increased size of the bottles will be greatly appreciated by tho sick and ulllictud, In every town and village in omlizud couuirles. Sample bottles for 10 eenu remain the same HIZO. ' , la 8 dwlw cow No other spring mudioinn has won for itself sucli universal confidence as Ayor'n Sarsapunlta. It Is tho most poworfut combination of vegetable alteratives ever offered to tho public, and u acknowledged by tho medical profession to be the best blood purifier. Legislature. HOUSE. , ' III.. Feb. 18— The Senate bilj 84, ceding locks and ' e'rai 'Government; was' macie/.a^' order tlu>.morningjnmied|ateiy after reading of journal and. ordered' to a third reading without arfiehdmen't. Sbnatf bill iWj'aprirbWtottiig «300 tq defray .'tha^peflse^'o'f services to be "held' 'oa',. ; ,Peti.^','2i in honor of General I^ogan ,and:.Judge David Davis, passed to a third reading by a vote bf IlS aj'es' £o 2 hays. , .Me.rrickVVfro.m^ on Judicial .departm'ent, ^Jepprted/iback and recommepded for iipaBsagej bill 282, to authorize CommiBsionerB of public parks to appoint a Supenn- te.n'dent an'd jAssl^'febt; Superintendent of Grounnsii iWith police pow-, ete < '• . > *.:- " .t .'...< '.. '. .. _ • '• 'Bill 210, to prevent procuring of girls and women foi 1 purposes of '' .. .1 , The committee on ''Agriculture re- pjprje'd'ljack bill.'toaj^axirig; -allj express oompanies doing •^business in the, , State 2, per, 'pent, o'ft iheir. gross earnings. ,':•• _•••'-; ' •;•• : •••"--' • '•••• The -00010111166 on. Education ; re- cpmme:nd ( ed for paJ3)ia,ge',feilC328, to .enable nonJ-rfesideniS'Of^ • State I'to : Act 'aa'ti'uste.esrof'insiiiiutio'nUo'f learning i^/tu'e^State^^pt^flnder^ioontrol of State;ofBcers. "' "" "''-'.' i.TBill ifi, to conspjidate the., ,, county school fund, created by ' an act of "' ;;; ' ! '---' '•'" -*••" '•''•" ' 1 ,:,The.9qm,mitt,ee i repo.rted r for 1 .passage bill 247vp.rpvidmg;fpr,, the ,or- gani2at{pn';pf, sayingB., societies, | and , bill; 283, tp/p.revent swindling In the sale and piirc'hase : of '.' promissory ''notes'. ' •"'•. '"' •'"' • •'••'•-••••'" •'•' ; ' ••;.; ,The cpmmittee on Public Charities ..reported back' the bSl.l,.prqyl' for , the .estaplibhment^df •••;an ( /Induetrial .Hp'me 'fpp, tiip^Hnd' and recpmmend- "ed that 'it 'do.' pass/ ' " '•'"•' ' \ i.Thev.'/.Cpmmittqe,, ipn Roads and Bridges r< recom mended ^bil( : 193^ de- ^clijtHng' ail jfpadii 'in the !State ; that have been used for fifteen years 'pubg lie highways. ' ,;^ t Adjburned until . Monday, even}°S- , SENATE. The committee appointed to in- yestigate la.s^o.. the'nuiiiber pf ', em- ployes on! the. pay roll' of/ the.. Senate ^repprted.the^tp^aln.ujmb^i: ':'$£; pplice-, men at flfteenj, twp: ofi" f wjibi|l | were "doing the 'Work' of janitor's',", and, , one acting as assistant clerk" to committees, an,d s t,he. cjo,mnjittee j recommend ;that '" the 'nu'mber 'ot- policemen^, be j-educed '"^^eyen.j/^l^^/that. ithere were eighteep ^pages |n ; the ^ Senate, and recommends ithV. number'': oe reduced to,seyen:an^''fhe } .;jja^iitor8 to four; also that thie names' of elevator conductors pe^r&'keja .'.Irpjri the. Senate pay rpll, as in the op'^nion of, the committee' .th' is exp'en'se !. should be chargefl to' other" ,,'d'^ )'ent8 1 .' The pay; of stenpgrapiiers wds re- ''' <! ' ..;. : . ., Senatoir Crabfree^m'oved .; that the same committee shall' be ''retained to .deteriiiine',,whi(?h",'.ejppl,6y(;^, should be y retained and vvbich ones rejected. '- • ' ' •, ' - .• t > ',,'.:if i '.1 - ••^iYt;i '•<• ,, , MINNPATOI.IS,, MINN.,. .Feb., 18th. — The worst 'snow-storm 'and blizzard of the winter *Eas' r .l)een ragjng throughout 'the. i^ort^est. la,st inigut and tp-d'ay.' Nearly a)J[' 'the,, grains on the Jine,s north, west and pouth of Minijoapo ! is have been abandoned." The Not them Pacific, Manitoba and the jEIastings aiid, jpoiot'^,. '.lines are entirely blocked. ' .Trains froiu the east managed to pull in several hours late this morning. Nearly a}l the street raij way' lines in the city were blocked'this morning, but the blockade. has been 4 partially lifted. ,"Uan'teata thing." liood's. Sarsaparilla is a wonderful medicine for 'creating an appetite, regulating digestion, and giving; strength, : 7 WASHINQTON, Feb. 18— Senate — Resolutions of the Maine legislature in regard to trade relations with Canada laid before the senate — Mr. Edmunds presented th'e conference report on the Utah polygamy bill in the ohapo of a substitute for both the senate and house bills and it was agreed to — 37 to 14 ; it now goes to tho President— River and harbor bill considered. House — East Saginaw and Bay City, two rival, towns in Michigan, were the cause of personality and aorimouy between several .members, a 'federal, court location being the basis' for (he name; East " Saginaw was knocked but by Bay City — The sundry civil appropriation bill and pension, matters wore discussed. Doctors do a dual of buggy riding. Tlioy know a good spring when thoy DUO it. Thop know U butter wliun tboy feollt, 'HiouBflmls of thorn ore usluir tue Rice Coil Spring. dwlw I am going to consolidate my two establishments, and have to 1 ina&e room for new goods,and offer my entire stock, from now until March 1st, at Cost Everything must go to save cost of moving and storing, Table* ware, Cutlery, Stoves, Hardware, Tinware, Granite-ware, Locks, Springs, and eve- jything kept in any hardware store, A11 these and were bought before, the recent advance in prices- To thoso contemplating huilding this spring, I offer 1,000 KEGS OF STEEL NAILS! at factory Prices- Rememeber the places: 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET, This is no catch-penny humbug sale of old and worn-out stock, but a bona fide reduction solely to save expense • of moying or storing. Call at. Once and $ecure Bargains I SIEM. Fan lacliioery. HEADQUARTERS FOR THE JBest Buggy in the World. in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps. FINE HANGING LAMPS, .$1.75,, $2,.V.$2,50, $1, $6.50, $7.50 to $10, Head quarter s for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years, BREECH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30, I 14 J. rim LEADIN er.

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