Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 18, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1887
Page 4
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AITOH DAILY TELEGRAPH. Chicken, Shrimp *nd JUtniter ~ ' ktl >* •»«» way to ~~goo* authority •ayfajg ought to,b»,out into dies MetUr*t th» O. at Alton, Hi.) EVE., FEB. 18. Mchiucotedli. verS 8 a °°f- H 1 ?» Athlophoros ad veruged and concluded to try it. After "^"8 ».efi»t bottle hetold nVne could go to bed and sleep nil night without any 1ainB m j -M,*O, jjo IUUK two more uot- T' A " r ' e » r .of a return of the complaint: since that time ho has not bsen bothered With rheumatism. lean say that it has given the best satisfaction of any remedy I ever sold for the purposes for which it is recommended. WM. PERRU,, Druggist. Huntley.McHenryCo., 11], ' „ , October 3d, 1884. tor sue months I suffered severely from an attack of rheumatism. A friend sent raea notice of several reliable cures ef- fectc<t by Athlophoros. I procured the medicine and less than one bottle com- plelcly cured me, and I have not had the least indication of a return of the painful disease, I have recommended it to others and results similar to those in my own cose have followed., I regard Athlophoros as invaluable. BEV. C. HARTLEY. • T v .°7, dr l lg ^ tsllould kee P Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pills, but where they can, not be bought of the druggist the'Athlo- phoros Co., 112 Wall St., fW York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per u -"'~ fo £. A *{il°phoros and 60c. for Pills. <n£Zrfi Uvcr ttn ? kl(1 'iey dlsconpa, dyspct digestion, wcnkneas, nervous debility, a«c« hw^^ 0011 '. •r? ns flpatlon, hcndnche, imo uwua, «ic., AUilopboroa Pills are une^uoled. REAL ESTA1TB FOR SALE OR RENT, -BT- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. For Sale. at a WHAT SHALL WE WEAR? ATTRACTIVE, CONVENIENT AND Dl> RABLE WATERPROOFS. *tu» Eimmeled Jewelry With and With, out Gen,_A StylUh Jacket Admirably AdapUd for Both Mlitof and Young Ladlef—Mourning Good*. An especially stylish jacket, and one that may be worn with equal propriety as an independent garment or as one to complete a £**"??, mad( > of t^ *=sae fabric, is represented fa tho accompanying cut, ALL AROUN£ jr.HB HQUSE. Vp Sfttlrt, nown 8UJM,-.!«,. KllBk*n..»B4 In the tadj-'s Parloi-. „,£* ^^shanging pictures, no precis* ™? e <«» •»• Bl^n without taoitag. SitiS COftnitlOns. finf: In a <M*».«i -~_ _/ ,. ? \ * it IB Ba rasMWjas>«8s -..jrttlng to a corretpondent In DomorestV Monthly, ought to be cut into, strips^kcl Jong, in either case. It is the dressing whlcl gives distinction to tho salad.-|UiU it U a'pe- culiar fact, worthy of thought, that no two perwns make the dressing exactly elij w , 6T ™ when following the samo directions. Mayon- ^";i™ v 7"i L" Viululll °ns wncre two or three fn™n P '?"7 mustta hun e '*>'bar* spnce Ital J'i*!?-*?•*• bflrt "» hun B on this line, and MUMM nt i«« * * ..** . . In the Ueouratlve Noveltlo., v • which shown an open ITU™ stripe, ia a novelty in curtain draperies. It comes in eitremely delicate and soft- sUk y inCheS Wld6 ' AHother nit --—r "••- PW 61 ". salt, sugar, mustard. l7^K^\^ f ^^ cordanco with her taste; but the simpler con- ft! n T j^^W* 0 »«rt People, if the fowl is as flucly (lavored as it ought td bo A protty looking dish can bo: mad^ of ^rimp salad. Lino some small china cups with lettuce leaves, and put n Inrmj - of tho salmi hi the canter. — ••» ^.*«\;wj HJ-U obtained li teriug with moquotte chintzes. The employment of terra cotta in both in- Old time gobelin tapastrles. as now duccd, are by for the most attractive of goods, at present used for covering fine furni- Tinsel is much used in upholstery goods. ' ^ lamps are Possibly th with first class For Sale. SATSTTB JACKET. heavy cloth of dork brua colon "the edees «re bound with black silk braid; the fronS are faced with black silk serge, which shows on the revere;; the four fancy buttons, linked ££&sss ^j'**- woo. i no vosc mu .. 'or Sale Cheap The residence ot cant. W p ohi«- ' m an. p ohi«- *<** otoslti'S 1 ?i am rr d J o " f ' » »&» * ham" S..«^H:, ceUftrs ' eto - i 8 Bor e8 ol aroun Most •testable propertv in the city. &* hn >( ' ''trcets- BO he block of stores on Secon .street a*u* and Uldge street nown r Sale. When the Payette Jacket is made of the same fabric as fa the drora with which it is A < M^^ l . be W0rn ' th8 vest and V6 «* coUar should be of velvet of the same color and the bS tSTW velvoti so that when *««* T?T«m y wJU ,, BUOW "'era entirely or velvet The rolling collar ought also to be of velvet w?th ^^ Sl !Sy ld *»• ""^^ throughout rlifh^, t d8 5 kor£farmertl »atm. also light cloths if intended for the demi-seoson. Chlv- ** g00ds *"*&"* tor _ A decoi-ative novelty in metal is a standing hot rock orpolishad brass'ond oxidted sllvlr showiug a diamond shaped mirror, supported !!?,**!???^? 1 . U ™ M °. f bl<a ^- franied '" S in tho dark silver, iramea in dead gold and _, .„ „ panel of hammered silver oxidized finish. On either side of tho —rror are two long curving hat hooks of f^T? bra f' and bolow - crying the front; a bold bar of twisted brass. • . ••• • An Attractive Chnlr. Tho present Is an excellent time to make convenient articles for the house and grounds. It is really true that many ingenious people almost, furnish, homos with lounges, chairs, cupboards tables and the like of their own handiwork, the subject of our illustration la a plain suggestion in tha way of a boon polo choir, admirably suited for the veranda or a garden-seat' as may be desired. In some respects it ispreferable .to the ordinay rustic choirs, for one thing being more comfdrta. Die* . »^ U J^. c , 0>1 KanB as, at Jio and 116 per acre respeohvely-one-third cash,bal«moe on ttae For Sal*. cultl5So 0 n f n^M 8 ^ 0 oottOM land, afc.-4n rt t I n ear Madison, In tills county. 3 Price .$8,600 For Sole. south o? m,/^" °M 120 ao ? e8 ' 8ltuatB I alia alow figure! ' Mnoou P 11 * oounty, 111., at Real Betato In the sanies intending to buy Heal £!fifciite in tiin ' • SHf^^^^sss^a^ tle^o^e"^^^^^? 0 ,',^?^ .h^Tj "~ must *• iolneA w tneside and shoulder seams and the back of the collar that belongs to it is to: be tacked inside thn neck of the Jacket. The .extensionf on Se side forms are to be lapped over the back A jacket made after this pattern, in medium size, will require-four yards of goods twenty- four inches wide or two yards forty-eight inches wide, and three-quarters of a yard of serge to face ths fronts, or, where silk or vel- T e * ls used, an equivalent amount of these nr i D eiflMu B thefr list of proper- for sale as only part thereof is adve? PLASTER , Mourning; Dress Good*. There are several very attractive weaves in diagonals and armure goods. A fine quality of armure diagonal has the cords, or twills quite prominent, and set about one-eighth of an Inch apart, and the space between is filled Witt the finest powder grain armure. The goodsisof medium weight, but the threads are exjremely fine, and the result is a fabric of unusual beauty. A diamond diagonal is also new, and excellent in grade. A fine camels'hair stuff has tiny dots scattered over the surface; others have heavy threads of h gh luster mohair on soft, dull wool grounds. Silk wrap camels' hair is in fairly heavy quality, and shows a very wide diagonal twill; It is one of the most desirable of oil of the new block fabrics, and is used for tailor cos. tumes and wraps, :. Waterproof Garments. • Every man, woman and child ought to bo the possessor of at least one waterproof raiv inent. In the selection of these storm protectors, care should be exercised, for there are waterproofs and waterproofs, some worth A HOOP POLB OHAIB. This chair con be easily mode by any one who can command a supply of smooth hickory saplings. The arrangement of the frame is sufficiently shown in the cut. The saplings, where they cross one another, are Atoned by nails. The seat is made of small sticks of the same material, the larger portions of tho saplings being used for the Jogs. A chair of this kind costs nothing but the materials and the labor. »C O R N S - A common sonso cure, by a combined medical and mechanical action. Unlike any other pre. parotion, they relieve the pressure •while curing tho corn, and never fail where directions are followed- Pive sots of plasters and box of ointment put up in handsome, tin wse, convenient for use. Price 25 , oonts, complete. Ask for 'Tedncura" j and take no other. l^ie Peleg WriiteProprielarY KG. jjj MANUrACrUREtUl, Ill8 W. Broadway, N. Y., U.S. • OF FIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. H. W. CHAMBERLAIN. ^'-t. Agent for Alton. fHTglOIAftB AND SVHOBONOI •<i~: T ••-—-" ^'"i she will." if P he mjl take Dr. Bull's Ooiigh Syrup for her cold, she will be cured. Took good advice.—I have suffered tr,«rt ;?? headac 5 es . f( " > rears, and have tried many remedies without obtaining Oil t. • 1 WBS a . dvlsed l ° C>ve Salvation *i r* iTiAif and it u&s untircly curGd cbo MaSamorga" 0 ^^ tr^-' a , a f?ct th(it tho Present adminw- 'ration Is pursuing the veterans of the n« r . ? r • V . moa Wlth a ; malignant Persistence without : a parallel among the ingratitude of nations anywhere. Whatyonneed isamedioine which is Kn^SK 0 *- ^^f " H0 ^' 8 d well drained; then pour tho dressing over them and let them stand o while. nrroS 110 cups the last thing before serving, that tbo lettuce may bo perfectly fresh. Lobster salnd may bo treated in the same way, and to ImprovedI If ono-third cabbage Is uswl; choose for this tho crisp cabtiago leaves in thi center or me plant. T A Girt for All. in order to give all a chance to tost it, ana thus bo convinced of its wonderful curative powers, Dr. King's New ?,°™T for Consumption, Coughs and Voids, will be, for a limited time, given away, This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of this great remedy. All who suffer from R«?J? h i 8 i\. Colds '' Consu mption, Asihrns, Bronchitis, or any affection of Throat, onest or Lungs, are especially requested to call at E. Marsh's Drug We, and got a trial bottle iree, large bottle $1. Kenews Her £onth. Mrs. Phoebe Chesley, Pete-son, Clay .00., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of whicb is vouched tor °V the residents of the town- "I arnja years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for many years, could not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, nnd atn able to do all my own hounework. . I owe mv , thanks to Ulectrio Bitters for havin^ renewed mv youth, and removed con£ pletely all disease and pain." Try a bottle, only 60c, at E. Marsh's Drue ' fbldwlm TU | Jn(!I " en '8 Arnica Salve. J.he Best Salve m the world for onto bruises, sores.K.oers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all akin eruptions, and posil lively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 S P i 6 u boX> F " r sale b >' B - Manh, .AJton.!!^ mch7dwlm ' "And what does ypur'costamo represent f said Chauncy Dopew to a young lady at a fancy ball whose costume began too late and ended too soon" "Oh, thiHis an idea, of my own, you know. I am the New York Centnfl." "Sso I see. The Fast Limited, at the lowest cut rates, I imagine," renlied the vrit.-Syracuse Herald. P The Nallonnl Disease Downed. Hundreds of so-called diseases under various names are the result of indigestion, and when this one trouble ,s removed the others vanish. The best known remedy for indigestion, accord, ng to thousands of testimonials, is one n^* 8 "!E en ^ d in lhe Uui *d Slates 1 '1887 HARPEU'S BAZAR, SUw-jiB'ilUiUfcomblnei theohb erntnre ana thelHiett Hiu«ratlon»i latest twhtons nnd th« most uteftL reading, its stories, poems, and «ii by the beat write*** aau it. huworouB are unstlrpaised.' It« paper* on UM quette,tlfoorattve art, iodso keeping- itsi brandies, cookery, etc., make ttiSsi (.able itfvvjfry hpuaefiold. lu uoauMial ion plates" and pattorn-lboet -•• ™° enable ladles to save many time MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard to Fnrlty, Strength, and Uciuthfulness. Dr.J'rJco'sBalongPotvdercontalne MO Ammnnla,Llmo. Alum or Phosphates. Dr.Prlco'k Kxtrncto, Vsallla, Lemon, etc., flavor dellclouely. WCf BAKINB POWDER CO. iM/ctcb. AHD ST. / <;|IUUIU iUtlJtjn VU HUYU ] MiLiscrlption by being iiieirowDdreesttd Not a HUB is admitted to Its column, could shock tho most fastidious taite™ HARPER'S PERI „ ' 'Per Venn Harper's Bazar.. .*>. Hurper's Magazine,....'..,..,......,. Harpers Wenkly,.,....(',,..,,.,... JIurper'tt Young People., ,. ] Harper'* Franklin. Square Llbrarv. ona ' RAILWAY T1MB TAMI.JB. CHICAGO AH1* AL.TON. On and after Sunday. Nov. 14th, 1886, train n the Olildvgo ivnd Alton railroad, wUl leavi he Union Depot, Alton, ntundai-d time, HI ollows: ' For Chicago nnd the Kneti Chicago Jlall* ......11:00 a.iii Chicago Accommodation*. 0:00n, ir Lightning Express' 9>10o ni Peorlaiand itook Island PastLlnof,9;(» turn For Jacksonville, Keokuk, Quluoy. Kan(«n» Clty.aml all points we«t. ' Kansas OHy Mall* ;,. 9 .no a m Kansas Olty Express*; 9-10 nn Denver Erpiosst JiOSp.'m! Jacksonville Accommodation)-... '/:05 a. ni Vor Bt* Ijonja i LiahtnlncExpress*........ .. 8 :4B a. m Ohiuago Accommodation* 9 -HO a m Alton Special) i2 : BBn' m K^MOHy.MaU*.... .....',"\\;.6M%. v The volames of tho BAZAR begin with «,* flr»t Number for January of edflif year, wtffi* no time Is mentioned, subsori)5tl6nswi|i i, 1 ? c B oV P ro t f' 1 or 1 u e er 1 ! U < ml?0rOUlTent ^ «« * Bound Volumes of IlAnrnn'8 BAZAB ft,, throe yonrs neat elotu bfndlnBwin hi sent by mnll Posta K opnld,orby oxpross (r^! of expense (proviSod the frofeSt do"' not Cloth Oases for onoh volume, suitable i , , n. ^fa^^?" 1 '-***®.* Remittances should bo made- by Pottnffin. ouoy order or Draft, to avolrf oh a "?e ot Mouoy HAHPflB A BUOTHBR3. ifow York. 1887. ' Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. ' " DEPOl t7 60 a. m. M oon m •460p.m. *7»5?S' (8 45 a. m. Sundays only)? P ' •Dally rBJtcept Sunday. «,...... -S. D. O. G. NORRIS, CHICAGO, BURLlflGTON tollows: Going Northi . Altai _ _, ' W. W.' 'ABNOLD/A^en't™ A Common Cold Is often the beginning of serious aileo. tions of the Throat, Bronchial Tubes, and Lungs. Therefore, the importance of early and effective treatment cannot be overestimated. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral may always bo relied upon for the speedy cure of a Cold or Cough. ^|feSS' C SISS| "«tlmg on mv lungs. A terrible cougf soon followed, accompanied by painsln HAJBPER'S PBBIOpICALS. Harper', WeeMv.. ; , 4 .. Harper sMapazine .......... ""••' ...... * J S Harper's Bazar ...... .. "•••••'• ....... «00 Harper's ''''' ......... with tbe - When order. Bound Volumos.of line of receipt of Thp, , . Thnse Pills will cure the worst form of indigestion or dyspepsia and by I — -fj f*41UO AU -_„ „..„„„, , lum WIllua i au ff era ,] intense- ^^^KS^SiSSS^^ Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and was. Speedily Cured. I am satisfied that this remedy saved my life.-Jno. Webster, Pawtucket, R. I. * contracted a severe cold, which sudden y developed into Pneumonia, presfinhng dangerous and obstinate uW AmS ' - % P' 1 ? 8 '- 1 '^ ordere the use of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. His fn- Btructioiis wore followed, and the result w- p a o,f a ' 1 an ^ I'«rmanent cure.— a., ss. fatimpson, Rogers Prairie, Tex. Two years ago I suffered from a severe pold which settled on my Lungs. I con- Bilked various physicians, an.f took the Medicines they prescribed, lint received •£?'£temporary relief. A friend inducld ine to try Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. After JSSSF ^^'V 6 " °/. this me(licine »»« clnth MmHn. 6 . - ,..- for I, on re- advertise»• Atmresa - • .-^—••— HAltl'ER A BKOTflERS. yew York. ASSIGNEE'S S AIR CANADA has her ics palace, toboggan si des, cur ing ponds, etc. No wonder all our "slippery" people sr> up there , and consider it The Best Remedy T 0 iin» 0 Jr*' Cou e lis . and all Throat and Lung diseases, ever used in my family. -Robert Vanderpool, Meadvilfe, Pa. Sonirt ffrnn mm T «<._!_ _ _ K * . — DAIRY FARM: North Alton Jersey Dairy, My Jittlfl son, three years of age,was terribly afflicted with scrofula: "His head was entirely covered with scrofulous sores, and his body showed rnanv mirks ofthe diease. A few bottles J( Ayer's barsaparilla cured' him."—\v ' • Beckoit, Hymera, Ind. dwlw ' HENBY Ward Beeoher has discovered the secret of happiness, which consists m looking away from our own trouble- at those of our neighbors, and learning th c ^ m ^ tt j r how m «ch we have to he orfiutus T er> J continue to suffw' o 1 = omTnlen ccd using Ayer's Che"™ oral. Less than one bottle of thS tert U ?hi? T medtc !S B cur «d »" and I iffn »„ ?» owe the preservation of my me to Its curative powers __ Mrs. Ann Lockwood, Akron, Now York. m |Jk of .— J. p, , Magnolia, Ark. « , , . Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, *'' J- C< Ay " * C »- Lowell. MM.: H^M ~C"n*" r ' a ' "•" -ayer fc Co-Lowell, BoWb y ^iDruggUU. Pric.«j ? ^ eoplB want in » carnage an dur ft b 'l"y on a rough road. oil Sri Tt, o on a roug The Rice Coil Spring fills tho bill. DK. B. , Physician and Burgeon, ,, M.D., d Surgeon, "STOKHY PBTBBL" CIBCUtAB. There ia not only wide choice as regards tbe trades of w .t«mr,v>f. .,..» ,_, the ^ attw of g|W iSiSjW'FJ'K'-Wg*-«S_ $$^&&$8$Bj» ti 1, and a P.m v?(''-:^»- ::,•'. ': •Vr^JBL nii<H).?iwt ^.^o*-tti»BiT, AiTON, lUj. ^ ^WoaM-a a. wu to U m.j 1 to i n. no G. A. Dentist, OIQAB 8TOBB r"*»v ».*w» wowviiuuj^ Baauetk une cut snows on odmirnblo garment for ladles'and misses' wear. This waterproof, which bos been christened "Stormy Petrel,' is made In what is known to tho tradd aa flne canton and comes In black, blue, brown, drab and n S . *}.' wlth nn n «' - ac"ve steel gray or diver flnfah coating of rubber. It is not on?y far more serviceable than tho 'njapy worthless Imitations of gossamer waterproof on tho market, but it is decidedly pleasing in an? pearance and devoid of the disagreeable od£r observed In some wateniroofs. Kuameled Jewelry. With the demand for Jewelry of a highly decorative character It naturally follows that enamels jn bright rich hues, gems .of brilliant color and rococo effects, produced by a combination of processes and metals/ore in re- qaWtlon. But while the work in gems and precious metal (s elaborated, «ff«& nrofar from being obtrusive. In a word, all Una Jewelry, wSilo rich and oftontlmes showy iS cbaroBtor, is free from loud or conimonpSacS Ftae epiunal Jowelry, espeoliUly thft set "ExoEssiVK indulgence in confectionery is the reported cause of a woman '1 reoont death in Chicago. This is tho first case on record where a woman has died from an overdose of taffy. FreeTraile. th t b | uotlon of IDt «rnal revenue and [ proprietary medicines, no doubt has •lareely benefltted tbe consumers, a» well as relieving the burden of home mauu- »{"«"•; Specially Is this the casu with Green's August Flower and Bos- ohee s German Syrup, as tho reduction of thirty.Bir cents per dozen, has been added to increase tho size of tho bottles containing those remedies, thereby giving one-fifth more medicine in tho 76 cent size. The August Flowor for Uyspepsm and Livor complaint and tho Gorman Syrup for cough and lung troubles, have, perhaps, tho largest sale Of any medicines in tho world. Tno advantage ot increased size of tho hot- t es will bo greatly appreciated by tbo »iok and afflicted, In every town and village in civilized countrios. Sample .bottlea for 10 contfl remain the same fllzo - ja 3dwlwcow "Pedaoura" will cure their corns. 9° SYRUP tt^ttteqa&A^ ^toifB*. (ion, nnd relieve! noiuumpllre roiwng it, advanced itn'ioi'of I 1 } I?." 1 ??, 1 "" 1 -/, Pl ''V e Men. Ch«lion. Tho CcnuUio D,; n u w, \Cm<iih Synifl li MM cm/IB lir/iifc trniuiwn, nml ttmn our ropi» civil trail».V,arki to wit. a,f. l 'f,' 1 '"."f'frflt.a Baf Wffl. L. KLUNK ~ UNDERTAKER, Chew I ^$&$ KM'i u-«-' l'i in r.;r,>n t 'J'olmyco An« Patents. '^SnlPnn P<Jr8On8 . Willing OllB) • 'f *|/>** VUMJI*, n tt> ( ilrawlngs and speolfi -» "j/pllnatloiis for I'utums In percou or b.v latte , free Ll'CAS PFEIFPENBEIIGER, Alton. HI. Ready-Made Coffins, Metalio Cases, Caskets And Burial Robes *V» ladles, Gentlemen and Children. Offlco and Shop on State street Will attend to Job ALBERT VOLPER BBNK8T WEIBNSCOH. J. SUTTER 4SON, 3EAWCHS W ! AKD COMMON A Full and Complete Stock Al T. L. FOULDS & CO., BUOOBSSOR8 TO A. n. MOKIJJNKV 4 oo.. Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. STII.r, SLQP FOB SAL.B. Lucas Pfeiftenberg-er ARCHITECT, GBNEBAL SUPERINTENDENT AND HECHANIOAlT D1UUUHTSMAN, Office on Third 8t .,one door west ot Pift fla< third floor. 800 BAGS HIGOINS' FUREKA FINE SALT. > £.?PJ/ AI1 ' TO GIVE'UB A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. OUBFUKNITURB BOOMS AUK ON State Street, opp. Third, ALTON, ILW •PMwlT ot s 88 ' Rv IVmfi- /i^Pft-"'- 8 ? 111 **! '1>I» * wife; W«»- i^.&.^.^'A'Jaittqwfeih.ft fittii*n T i ttboye nuiqod defoiidttiiMt 'Irmittn/iiti.r• j?i'-it?l-j?f*^ tyW Of thfl:Wnn of tUfl Naokn, for «ule l»y J. A.KYKIE. * or Kent, » ur cvpiilf 1 •W«IVl > Wll*'iMIl4BV.

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