Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 18, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1887
Page 3
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*> , w • P" a^'P & r ft H -F H AITON DAILY TELEGRAPH. FRIDAY EVE., FiiiB. 18. S*:a.*jn *. go . _.?! ^^ '*£?,IH C8. •*"'*H C2 •| M ». e . fe 1' «, H '*=> -8. £-5 'ft' a § i*$3.Jf I *rg-. ydi siljh ^? rvi '^ o3 P^4 C^^^ -• i ^^^n tdfc •.„ *& &D O j •• S3 *« • = ® 1 OB oe 22 ce 1 •£ 03 « PH *£> fee *H 0 ® ^*B Oca O cSGC ••••' '-- —FOB— . IFINE 2 STATIONERY, Whiting's Standard —,- --—o!i Linens, Eclipse Elite Itagged Edge, 'Balmoral "•• s Llnon, Turkey l.atd Linen, '. Mikado, Charred Edno, Oream BKT'T'JI • ourntn !f Kot °, and a larpe assortment |i't Illuminated and D«oorat«d stationery. IP 81 ?^ 80 ? 9 Wax ftud Seals. School Tablets 8i »ndStationery. •• •.,•• ••••.,• , . decBdwly ^ANOS, ^ORGANS and ; SEWING MACHINES! KCrtEAP FOB CASH ON TIMB PAYMENTS leianogand Oraans tuned and repaired Sew HIIK Machines repaired SujiolleH tor nil Ma- |o.ilneB. .. N. n.LAUOUEUX |Muslc Dealer. Third street, nearly opposite «"• Hullo, Alton 111. y deceuwly WATCH 'OB THE BABOJilNS IW JOB'S NEW COB. ntriLUiNO, HENRY ST., AT MB«. D. HEITKABIf'S, |A11 kinds of Fancy, Hand made, Knit andOro- ji.bu-tgoods. IIoods.Tobagtfiiiis and Wits. Men's jSoaris ond Fasolnatora at very low prtoes. VAls.0 Oressraaklng. Plain and Family Sewing 'and Stamping Dnne. Oomo and give us a ;call. Don't forget tho place, decedwly GOODS ! O.M.CKANDALL will offer Ms AT ABOUT COST for thirty days. Third street, nearly opposite Belie. Feb. 1,871 IJnSdwt Mn. J. P. Viss»rlDg, of Melville, says the roads aro getting bettor, simply tor tho reason that It was impossible for them to get any worse. ' *~ * tae reiur lew wo «h«ll charge thelol. lowing rates lor transient notloet In our local columns i ' r ' ' o ventertions, . . 8U to twelve InsBrtions, , . 6 " BATBS OF ADVBBTI8INO ; TBA»swiMT.-wj?rr cents per inch first in- Mrtlon, and TITS/XT r-mrti cents p«r inch for each subst quant insertion. : W per inch first month, ?1J» per inch each month thereafter, USQA& ADVEttTISINQj por Inou tor tho flret iniertion, and 80 rents jtor inch for each gabsequenl Insortioni 4sr Abovo rates will bo stiiotly adhered to. TUB DAILY TELEGBAP1I is delivered by carriers to a|l putts of tho city of Alton and Upper Alton, for ten cents per week. Mailed to any address at the rate of $8.20 per year. ' TH& TELfipnAl'H has the largest olroula-* tlon of any paper in Alton, and is the boat medium for advertisers. CqnhEii TBIRB AND PIASA BTHBBTS. Tutu- PHONE No. (18. . ....... _ A alBotj*™ earthquake ^B»' fell in this oity^Iasi night about,; l6:&0 , o'clock. It was not as severe u the one Sunday morning, Fe-b.'.'eth/but' was 1 still vary perceptible. . ' ', t \' THE order of the Knlghtt ofa Pythias, was organized In the United States, Fob 19th, 1864, consequently tomorrow will be the 28rd anniversary of the institution of the Order. We have made a sweeping reduction on stamped table and sideboard scarfs for etching, which should clean them out in a hurry. -Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. M1880D1U. ErerythlDjt Sitlstaotory. THEBE will be a literary sociable at the U. P. church this evening. White Crochet Quilts, very low.— Piereoa ft Carr Dry Uoodg Co. H , for Southern Illinois i Rum, followed by fair weather j lower temperature. ' i Will commence soiling the assignee stock in the Ulobo building tomorrow^ ____ It Money to loan on improved real ostate. Apply to Ruderahausen & Sonntag. Third street. dif . A HEAVY gale of wind from the west commenced blowing about 2 o'clock this morning and still continues, but has done no particular damage. TheE^O. Stanard Milling Co. have reopened their retail, department and are prepared to fill orders for FJour, Braa, Shipstnff and Screenings. 16 8 WB have received a copy of the Kingman (Kan.) Counter containing an engraving of the kingman Agricultural works in which Messrs Pates and Pinek- ard, late of this city, are interested. Now Saratoga chips, '.'cereahne, glu- tena, oat meal and corn starch at Connor's. u DEATH OF;WILLIAM BUDDE.—Mr. Wm. Buddo, for 33 years a resident of the city, died yesterday afternoon after a long illness, at the age of almost GO years. Deceased was, for a time, a member of the police force. He was much esteemed by all who know him. Ho left a widow und four children. The funeral will take place at 9 o'clock a. m., tomorrow, from St. Mary's church. THIS is the 18th day of the usually prosaic month of February, but if any other eighteen days on record can show a worse mixed meteorological record wo should like to hear of it. The month opened with a heavy snow storm, accompanied by tremendous crashes of thunder, and vLvld-lightning, a flash o} which proved fatal to a gentleman in Upper Alton. Since then we have had rain, hail, sleet, 'snow,"earthquakes and bliKzards,.accompamed by a temperature, ranging from,zero \o\ 70 degrees above. The pleasant days have been few and far between, gloomy, lowering weather being the uniform rule. Taken as a whole the month*of February :cari but pass into history as remarkable for meteorological disturbances. - '' ' -~ • THIS evening the interesting drama, "School," will be given at City Hall, under the auspices of St. Agnes' Guild. The entertainment will, undoubtedly, proved both amusing! and ' instructive. The cast includes some of our foremost amateur. Thespians. Lots.of plaid;, and plain white goods for apronsyand dresses— Pierson & Oarr Dry Goods Co. i£ DEATH OF JOHN A. WRIGHT.— Mr. J. A. Wright, an estimable young man, of Bunker Hill, 1 son of Mr. -H. W. Wright, died yesterday morning of consumption at the age of 23 years. The. funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon. :,A complete fine, of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. O. Or.. Moritz,, Third street. ,26tf . AT the meeting of the Senate Appropriations committee, Wednesday the bill to pay M. H. Boals $5,493 for material used in the construction of the School for Feeble Minded Children at Lincoln was referred back with the recommendation to ^pass. ROBERTSON'S bright play entitled "School", so popular in New .York when given at Wallace's, will be given by St. Agnes Guild, at the City Hall, on Friday evening, Feb. 18th, and a matinee on Saturday afternoon.' Popular prices; admission 16 cents, : reserved seats, 26 .cents. Tickets at Chamberlain's. • * 16 6 Blue grass, Clover, Timothy and all kinds of garden seeds at Seibold & Doterding's 17 d2w w4t Money to loan on improved farm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPl.R & SMILEY. VERT dark and threatening clouds gathered in the western . horizon lust evening, and thoro was every appearance of a fearful storm impending, bui the clouds swept around towards the north and only a light shower fell hero ; but at Godfrey and north of there, there was a tremendous down-pour of ram for half an hour. EVERT member of the present Council, but five have been given a certificate of public "respect and confidence" by repeated elections. They are evK dently the meti the people wane, as they nave been repeatedly "endorsed" by i heir constituents. Nearly every member of the present Council has downed "a good man" in reaching his present position. They are, clearly, the men in whom the people have "respect and confidence." If there is any other test of popular feeling will some body tell us what it isP— Alton Democrat. Of course the Council has the respect and confidence of tho organ'of .the city administration, but if the Democrat can mention anyone outside of its office and not connected with tho administration, who shares in this sentiment, as regards the Council taken collectively, now is the time to mention it. What has this Council ever done to merit public confidence? Has it not always been guided by selfish private interests instead of broad public policies P Has it passed any measure of benefit to the city? Has it.improved the condiiion of our streets? Has it improved our commercial facilities? Has it done any thing to stimulate business activity, or advance the price of real estate P Has it demanded tho enforcement • of its own ordinances, or has it sat supinely by .and permitted the administration to trample the ordinances of tho city under foot without protest? When the organ has answered these questions satisfactorily we have some more for it to solve. • (SpeoiftitoAJtial™,^.^., , ST. Loms, Feb. 18--The new Board of Director* of the Central Missouri railroad met la this city to-day and organized by;oleotlnKj John "D. Perry, of St. Louis, President; UeOrge W. Parker, Vice Prestdfeiitj --^ Hawes, Secretary and Treasurer; Executive committee, John D. Perry, Stevenson Burko, F. O. Hollins, i. T. K Hayward and D. M. Henderson. PJverything is satisfactory. Work will be commenced very shortly. H. R. PHlNNEJf. [The words "everything satisfactory" we understand to refer to Alton's ln^ terest in the new project.—Ep. TEL,] PUUSOIUL. Mrs. Virginia Qulgley and Miss Jessle Palmer have gone on a visit to California. Mr. F. Shelly, of Quincy, made the TELEaRAPH a pleasant call this morn, ing. He returns home this evening. Messrs. R. A. Haight, J. M. Logan and Thomas Peplor, of the Anon 'Quartette', left by the 12.60 train today for Kirkwood. Mo. where they sing this evening. Mr. A. L. Daniels, the other mpmber, will join them at St. Louis. '.,.•.- .. . The- many friends of Dr. S. L. Breckinridge, in Alton, will be gratified to learn of his professional success :in England,,he having receiyed ; the appoint nent of Junior Assistant on the staff of the «'Royal London Opthalpic Hospital," an unexpected honor- but one most worthily bestowed. THE GREATEST 80 DAT CASH BOOT AMI) SHOE SWEEP EVKKiTADK IN ALTON. NOW * "14 WE DEVOTE TO Biii broideries, AND Goods, Vbli paper l» fcopl on Die at the office nt YER^SOH OVERUSING AGENTS MNQ Wsu PHIIADEIPHIA. SON'S UfiUU. We don't know of any statement that would attract more attention than a detailed report from tho Streets and Alloy, committee of their expenditure* for tho past year and tho locality where expended. Further, wo don't know of any report that the citizens have loss prospect of having an opportunity to peruse than thu 0110 mentioned. A universal remark by every, smoker of cigars: Nmnlnger's Fig and Magnolia uro tho beat cigars in tho market. Mr. W. T. Powdail, of Poorla III,, has sold his entire interest in the Democrat of that city and retires from journalism to give bis personal ntlon« tlon to iho post oflicc. Thn purchaser is Gorsh Martin of thu (jnloHburg Press. A syndicate was formed a week or two ago with $12,000, to purchase tho pu- por, but Powdail wanted $10,000. The river is falling Slowly. This evening's packets are thu .Spread Eagle and Hudson, for Graftoa . The Calhoun leaves for Peoria tomorrow evening. First boat of the season for the Illinois river. The ferry boat Altonian was brought out from winter quarters last evening. Business in her line is rather slack, owing to the almost impassable roadk on Missouri Point. . i WKIGHT & PETERS' LADIES' FINK SHOES A3 FOLLOWS: Pebble Goat $8,' button $'2.60'. Strait GoatS4, bntton $3.46. Strait Goat hand sewed 84.60, button $3.65. French Kid 85, button $4.60. AND OTHER MAKES IN Our Ladies' $8 Kid Button down to $2.60. ,. , Our Ladies' 82.50 Goat] and Kid go at $2,15. Our Matchless Line Ladies' $2 shoes at $1.65. . - . i 260 pairs Misses' shoes worth $2 at 9U 850 pairs Children's shoes, .worth §1.50 and $2, down to $1.26. -.„ ; NeUleton's Men's fine $5 shoe, $4.26; A broken lot Lilly, Bracket & Co. $6 shoes for $4; ' " : Men's, Hand Sowed Shoes value $6,at #4,76, ' /.'."'• : Boys' $1. 86 button and bals., knocked ,out at$1.60. No Monkey Business, not Old Stock, every thine; pood and at out prices for cash;— Star, Shoe store, big 102. .. (uJ ' \V. N. CARHART, ,.;, .' '4dw2w • • : :••••:- Manager. '< ANNOUNCEMENT. ; We are authorized to announce JOHN W. ASH as a candidate {for . pltrk of tlio City Court of Alton, at the : election Tuesday, March 1st, 1887. , . CALLED TO SPONGES, for carriage and bath. CHAMOIS SKINS, large and small. SILK SPONGE TOWELS. Marsh's Drug Store. ILL " F S b ' 18thl I687> "An election reutgrsof the Masonic Tomnln At- soclHtlon, to -servo for two venrs, will ho lield at tun office of Ge->. D. Ilayd.n, on Mond"v\, *eb. 28th, 1887. Polls open from 9 a. m to 4 p ' felSid BENEDIOT,y MASQDE. Tho ncnodiots' club gave a masked party nt lloot's Opera Hbnso, last night, that proved to bo one of the most bril» Hunt, enjoyable, attractive affairs of the season. It, was attended by 60 couples of,benedicts, their charming ladies] with youiiR gallants ond lovely bolles, gucHts of the club. The costumes were so varied as to render the scene a strange one as the characters, in the merry rounds of tho dance, Hashed apross the vision of the spectators. The music was by the Florence orchestra, of St. Louis. Tho Indies of tho Unitarian society furnished a splendid supper which was served in stylo to correspond, about 12 o'clock, the 'unmasking having taken plnco just before the repast. Tho floor managers wore: Messrs. 0. II. lltrndl?, W. W. Arnold, 0. H. Harry, W. E. Sparks and G. F. Crowe. IALL Now and Beautiful Designs Just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS i A Speciaty, from Small to - - Largest Hizes. ,-,,,.,..,;.. i GOLD PAINT I (or Gliding, in nice packages for Indies' use. At tho ,<fa reliable HOUSE-PAINT1NQ and UKCORATING establishment o[ NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. • ;. ; ••• fobll(18m . Thfi Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and f oft Coal and Wood Cook and Heating Stoves EVEE BROUGHT TO ALTON , The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner, A J " at reasoua b ,e nharHt 532 East Second st,, 1 !I !ctr u L »5thdoor west of Henry and SILVER r . •• A convenient (arm of ISO acres, most all In C'jltlvatlou; Bltaated on the Bothalto road, m'lor 'rom Alton. For Sale nr Kent. The Z-Btory frame dwelling with 9 rooms, Including 7 lota; good burn and fine fiultu known an the KlohoU homestead, eltunted on latli St., In a dostraolo nofuhboi hood. _i \Vmi"W.E48MlLKV. PRICE LIST: The best for the Money, Coal. Buy your Hard and Soft Coal qf II. L.'Winter and got the best.' Ofllco nt Monk's. Pharmacy, Thlrt slroot, und In Job's now block, corner Second and Jlgnry sts, Tulephones No's. 21 und 04, d7ra LaBelle, I'KU DHL $4,75 Fairy, • • • • 4,50 Diamond Light, • 4-00 Fancy, • • • 3,50 2d anil Hi J.

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