Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 18, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1887
Page 2
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ip §/ "* ' ' S ' "Vr: 7>V'V 5 T*r^/,Wl|^^ ' * ' ' n} i\\ 1 ->< t,' •= * 3 / j'H 1 ' « * '<" t?*^ M.' ! f i f ^ < i\ ALTON DAILY TELEGRAPH. FKtDAY EVE., FEB. 18. branches hung with heavy Itinaa ii»ii!nl* *,...!...„ • .. ». LTl'ERAttl MUTES. ^H^nfy Ward Beeoher has agreed to ^^• U »« Wbi2h.y.dle^or mor' written the authorized which TYIII be amount of water used. For oi-ditiftr 'coarse cotton Siusrtfee i*»A«l tnitt fm*nut *i»«« «»ui .. « * . Key. A.L.Lambert, whoso "Notes on -" attracted much notice some tlao Four thousand sis hundred and see- W ° r(> Pnbll8hetl ln "'I' coun- ' 58S ^iAffSrs,ii»£f while b IV le ^ r Sta " d With bm ' e fee * good rubbinf' ^ih'w^h-Stf^nA c on llrst getting out of bed, put- tlie stockings and shoes on at ', Or put Oil 11 null- nt «r i.. ,, ~«, . It is said that an association has been tra" 1 !^ 11 Pru8sla to ProPiro a complete now Bible! by womon ftna ror women, of the Col. T. VV. Knox, author of "The Boy Travellers' fierleg," Is fifty one years old, and OTcommanding presence and courtly dignity. He ha. always had a pa 9 =lon for traveling, and has been twice around tbo globe. Next to his own land, tuo country of wlilcu ho Is most fond is Japan. Says Sir Arthur Helps: There is another view of reading which, though It Is obvious enough, is seldom taken, I Imagine or. atleast. acted upon; and that Is, .that In the eonrao of our reading we should lay up li> our minds a store of goodly th6n«hti In wen wrought words, which should be a llv ing treasure of knowledge always with us, ana from which, at various times and amidst all the shifting of circumstances, we mluht be sure of drawing some .comfort, guidance and sympathy. Kobert U. Roosevelt's "Love and took" (Harper* Bros.) would bo Improved bv Judicious abridgment, at least such wilt DO ths criticism of those readers who ore mom concerned with tho plot of a than with thadotall 9 which fill up tho"na°rra'. wve. And there Is a good deal of -filling up«n this volume of 360 pages. But those who read abook to enjoy H as they go along.wltb, out any particular anxiety about the termination, will get much entertainment from theadrentnres of this party of half-a dozen and more, who, weary of Saratoga summering, Detake themselves to yachting and have of fun. 1 Fishing, bathing.' eating, talking "T^ 1 " 8 ' W " h now and then an ad von- e, ludicrous or sarloas, and with all the jompanimcnts, pleasing and otherwise of a seafaring life, form the staple of tho book; old puns and well-worn Jokes are profusely Interspersed, not to the exclusion of occa sional gleams of genuine humor. A first Ohi e c«goT rb ° 011 - (A -°-' MC01ar8 * 00 , , •—-*•.<.•> nun, mi me |- CS (, w the bath is taken, then "girdii,"- tho loins" dnsh the water over the throat, chest, shoulders and back to tho waist, and after rubbino- ously with a moderately coarse — —,- ...,,,,.. jjj j,j Dot to consume more than ten mt^'lf, the operation, and this sort of a bat even if taken in a tireless room on a November morning will put the .bather in a -glow that will last,till tho'ro- mamder of the toilet is mncJo ' • _ Of course for a delicate child or an invalid it would not be advisable to be gin tins regimen in nold weather but if practised during ,,| 10 »» mmtf v'ii m u- snfcly be continued through tho winter in a room where there i.s sriffldant J, 0 ni to take, off the chill. Ami a child or an adult who has had a vigero,I •ub bmgfrom :i,cud to foot i.s much more likely to como to the breakfast table rosy and smiling «,.,,, „ , , washed onl.v the f llw! and hands I lie best time for a warm bath is at n,ght, shortly before retiring, as the relaxing of the system open,* the way for colds. Many a serious cold js a warm y bo a tnilo long and hf k mm tonn 0 unl-- • ~^^js^ — — ^^ ^^^ •• MB BITTERS iiUnlnx IltnW wtih ntrnv vcntu,,..... Master's Sale, STATE Of ILLINOIS, I St. Olalr county, j John N. Ohllton VB, Xhotuas OhiUnn fiiwif>[»a Ohiiton, Jamos «lideroy?nobert A^, moF ^^"•r^ 1 """"^ 11 A"" WUllBms,Dorothy Burn, riiomns Burn, James nnrn, Barbara *erguiion, S uah Jane Burn, WllUatn Burn John Thojiino n>,r.i .^..iT.'," - "'"SUfUi TUB Wll wrtlalfl TOOTw"! I 1 ?, 0 " *}* PCIIE TWMMBM- •TlMS^*?^ C ™» iDtiuuim iiurn, JimiUS HUH), und OuiUlentr, executor of the "aft "w" teatiiiuont of John Ulillton. deceased Bill lor sale oi Rum Estate. .?.™ le . v .. n , nd , by. vlmie of dooree of 1887. to this The Second Son. By MRS. M. O. W, OMP1IAKT PaiU Pntoff, By r. MAKlON ORAwyOBD Author ot "A Boman Sln^w/-««,%..... ..'... ... etc. «•«•«•, SSSX. et ?^™ Meh « d «*Mrprodn«reon. Ph»^ ]^ TaEB MOSMEBICISKS D0> P^l^wdDrcretetoorer^to^ fl £ suld term, i, tho undersigned, will, on 8ATOHDAY, MA1IOH J9, By Ji)njt Prcncli •{Jli. ''&!'« ain nmii, ? <ictlon tl ? llt 5' < a ">' tn township north of rnngfl nine i9i west. , Bed value. 13,480.7*. ...... <1 ' 'rt English, irable Essays , and Poems, Uy OiJVBU WBNUBiLt EtOtM B8. Occnsloiiaf Papers. By JAMES BU88EU. LOWBLL, Magazine. •iul cir- ey Wanici; "in * .}/«;y^5' ^lpp ( Doses K A S KIN E . .ci'ou.s brought on by exposure after THE PHILOSOPHER'S PUZZLE. * M , „ DELUI> Fcb> 14 ' 1887 - MeHtor Telegraph : I see In your last week's paper the IJllowing puzzle- • f"!-"-' "«! 1 would like to see this worked out by rale unless it ,s by algebra which I have never learned, but I think I hsvn ciphered it out on this wise not knowing what to do with half scholars: *Irst, 1-2 mathematics; second 1.4 natural philosophy; third, 1-7 observed DlusT ; N ^i ^ uled by that number fKouKKM^^^o^^f S.'fflwV whlch wouw »"-»i i , i -, » "*•' —i-""»n ^ UAI.UI a "ivjli'in bath. Ibave in mind „ young "," who ono bleiik iiftomoon took a wann bath and a Uttle later went sleig r " J"g. The, result was „ cold, on t e lungs that very nearly proved fatal. An excess of bathing, even in Sllm - inor, is more or loss deWHtHtfno- bcareelya summer passes that,wo (fo not hoar of some one who has boon harmed by too much salt waler bath' ing; and one may be equally harmed by too mud, bathing in-tloors. Per- sow whp penpin f,w?v often injure tliem^plx'nc * *, * -^^.t lujuit? - i' 11 "' in tneir ovor-fastidious- • -, y enanging the under-garments rh!,? ^! i H ' ee tilnos iu " 10 Bourse of the ! , »'*<m, P anying every change with a bath, as the process'necessarily reduces tho vitMty.- B .it with S hln'L'n gen V nilthl! tendency is to do too httle rather than too much bath- "iff. In winter, especially, there is a rfr " m ™"' with water that in; -yet thei'e is o -"r« ^"-.. .vniL'i for strengthen- tho throat und lungs and fortifyino- o no against colds, and if | n addition to the weekly bath with soap and warm wdtcr, that every civilized bcinn- is supposed to take for simple cleanliness Mkc.% tiio masses could be persuaded to take a^good rubbing oil* daily with cold water it would go a long way. toward renovating the ,rnco jilivsicalij', intellectually and spiritually.'; for .'those wholeadasedontarylife tto tonic ' even more cssonMal than for those — are much in the open Sleight, in-Good " s mae > cto ' ' OB B a"" favorably n n,M,° WOr ln puilf >*>• »o blood ; comblaatlon, proportion, and process Hood's BarsapariUa Is peculiar t 0 «£K ' B,™ ^f nom l' and comfort we USQ Ilood's "" a «" "** G B «^"EB. Bu Sarsaparllia takes few ttme Nort h Chm, N . y. One Dollar QUININE.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. ringing ears. C ures quickly iPleasant,! 1 EXECCTOItS' NOTICE. Estate of John w. Sohwoppo, deeoased ' a 'EKM8: Waiyoarlhadvande. L ~ 85 cents H-nnrnhn*. \tn»i. ... lure ,, cures soro '«'a. salt hnBlpr8> bo " s ' P |n) P los . general do. eps]a ' bil """"'««, sick headachr ' Brhrtom ?, atlsm . Wdney and liver ^om ' ? nd ^ aff eet!ons caused by blood or low condition of the system. WM 8W TONIC. most delicate stomach willbear. A SPECIFIC FOB MAJLAttfA, .BAHnS?. 1 !? 1 "!?,', 111 " 1 D <"">n>ber Buted this «- -S •f^Jgg.Jjr. f a 1837. ' ' oe ^'h •cronilaaad Trhad tw » ""mine sores on my i took five bottles of Hood's SarsapZ rilla,.and consider myself entirely cured" a * ^VEJOZ, Lowell, Mass. "Hood's Sarsaparilla did me an , NEJKVOUS PROSTRATION, i ___BAGi,is PACKET COMPANY SPRING ARRANGEMENT" "" Steamer St. Francis Hos.N. T. ] < • c,; «»«y« built up and strengthened, my digestion JOE best mediclno I have - —.—l ; tiot know how to do MABT t. PEELB, Salem, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. $1; six t or $s. Made only by 0.1. HOOD & CO., Lowell.Mass IOO Doses One Dollar. Bars and Scalp Covered with EC- zeinatous Scabs and Sores iuh'ntti« re . y c «ticura. mo.llclne ovTdiscox ered » ° Ubtedly the best Boughton, Mifflln & Company. 4 garh ttreet, Boston, Mas*. The Gentiory For ,1886-87. country in ft THE tldrj'i writes tbut Kn. IH i * ^^^y Ponlton- •^3$^3w^$%^^^ WnS 0 n^ n ^ TO tSt*Il 6 a?S iai jr rite , filMKM - sss^^ ^%ioS? e «5» special FOB ST. LOUIS jhG John G. Nieola^ and Col. John Hay. 10 dwlm 1IOAIE. m. 7 hau o- One fourth the sohbol'af.'.'.'.'.' '" ^ . Ono-soventn at. 3 ^ Females ...'.'.'. H ^ •••••lit • • •«•, t t » 3 Ko. of scholars ~ L n l Wtt8 a boy and wont'to school f a 8Um that bothered me very . It was on this wise: ' ^rsLt r^-xL-SK Anse Island rises Oran-r ( . Island fi T 1S , f r'' n . iU oni "-°• .pi-nitaUon,' bu^ called Jeffnrson Lsland .sinre it became the property a,,«l home of Joseph i/ef- rerson. Not so higl, as Petite Anso, it s ,s ,11 C onsp,o,m,.s with its crown of dark forest. Fr,,,,, a high point on Polito AIIBO. through a lovely' v i sta of rm' l V 'r. l '° W<J1 '; n " Cilcti .'^ the [fore- spot in the laiidseapo. \Vo reached It by_a circuitous drive of twelve no use, ho would scrntoli i J s / < ? ' Y" a WHIPPLE& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE.& LOAN AGENTS, Past Freight. & Passenger Line THE ST. LOUTS AMD PKVTD.T THE WAJB SEUEES. EKSa^5S^|fKS . fB DODOE, j OJerks.- 01 ' Tllu «^>-.l'ob. ,7th, willleave For St. tom s at 7 a. m. St -Loui«(foot of Vine THE FOLLOWING —— „„ uvw Ju worked days.• if this finds room in your paper you will oblige an old subscriber. ' liEVVIS RANDOLPH Mr. Randolph's solution is ib&enlus, but his conclusion is not correct Let us hoar from him again and from others on this question. times out of.'the water, ^"contimna" IV mvftt'f iiifr fff-.t\-. „,,,. • •• , "••* "J, Horn our course by fences. nm/rf^'r" ,° f UU! '• thrift Of tllO i'uii 01 us nulejjondeiiw.-, that the im peoi)le have taken up or bouHit little tnu-ta of thirty or forty acres, put up cabins, and now fences round he'ir donmms regard less of the traveling „„ America; ™. muiij, Phoanix. i Franklin, of Philadelyhla; German Ajnerican; North British and Mercantile, London; Oct. 0,1885. CHARLES Leavlnsr Alton at 5:30 p. m for Portage and .fersey, Pa i"iv,n£ at Grafton at 7:45 p. m , ,„ ' FARE. , . io ST. Lotrrs, eliiRlo f>'i" '.'. round V. JLHUII. loildtf pUsonlue, otofeto.'wiu appear?- 8 NOVELS AND STOWIES. THK MORXINO I$.\1'H. " For clearing |.J, ( . I,,,,;,',, , w m .,, 1|s ( , complex ion, for dissipaling tho lino'cr- •ing vwirlm of the nigla and scttinn- the blood tingling to the linger-!ips, for putting a new song in thninoiith and a g adness ,n the heart that no wine can ' give, for making <„,<. f.,,,1 jjiitt in spite of the lanuMiiatious of the pessimist aruMho indillV.vnco of the agnostic, Ifojsworlli living to (ho uttermost, there is nothing ( | 1;lt . mn lake the place of tho m..riiii,n- i,,,,,,. It, is wa iU that in Alaska t) 1( . ,,„„„„ , „ (ako plunge ball, m ,..,•> morning, even when it is necessary lo brouk 'the ice, tho " e(ft . refst1sh ,"f wilw sorving for their bath-tub, and il,,,i, „„ coming out, they switch tlininseivLs dry H'illi rods and branches. Jtiti ( |,ls heroic treatment, while it may agr,.,. with Alaskan youths and no dQiibt i» make Spartans of thei»i ( >wpul(l I,,. a ha/.iirdous oxpori. men!; fofttiio h.-lrs of our "higher civil- izaUon."'Even „ p|,,ngc ?nto cold watorln.ft cowiforiablo dathroom gives .too; great a shock to ii,» system to bo wrfely Indulged i,,, t . W pi }>Y thogo who have booH m-cumomed to*it from inAncy; and however safn it might bo, itjvouldbo ImiM-a.-ilcablo for the ma- u £ ,( ° so "' ll0 livo otllsl(l ° "»e •Ity limlls, ns comparatively few conn- ,, viy houses are suppli,.,! willj balh-tubs. •put a tyb of water is l,y no moans \ r aeeo88iu'y for an inviiforathi" bath /J)) 1 . J)lo Lewis, in l.vtnr!ng"to his < n- , ' (ounu-y to gm „„„„, u 1M0 . 1ItHo oneo _ At one place, where the main ' • SaFosterjmeot, FoaooUy, ' Amercau tentral; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co "top a toll of hn.iV.nvrc^sZ the j,riwl cgo ,,f passing through 1, * The S c,.nery%vas piston nnd pleasing. There tore frequent •round ponds, brilliant with HH,» a, d flams-de-hs, and hundreds of cattle fjuHlmg on tin, prairie ol - stand!,," in he water and genorally of;U( f un . color, made ahvays an ngi-oAible pic- luio. I ho monotony wit? broken by lincB of trues, by cape-like woods stretching into the plain, and tho-hori- /.on l,no wns always tine. Groat var- I«tJ of b,rds 1,1,11venud tho landscaiie, Knnie birds abounding. There was thy m «iv little, whioh seems (o ;o Us color, and is red imd green bluo~l believe of tho oriole fain- '^'ipahotlc, a favorite on Now . ... ij'lo.i in tho autumn, snipe. Million, tin. ,.| u .n,,iko (snipe ) th, mcadow-lark, and .(nantinJ of toal ducks n the ponds. These littlo ponds arc called »lml -holes." The travel, r istaldthatthoyarostail.ulinJliu.wa. wry;soil by the pawing of bulls and gradually enlarged a.^the ca do f re- quont 11,,-m. H () riinwmbon tliat h has soon similar circular ponds In tho north not made by bulls. Mr. .Tt'lVcrsoD'H rt'sidonco— n prottv roso-viiiu covered collage—la Hitnated oiuhe-sopebfthohillSn-crlooking broad plain and a vasl .stretch of baron country. Along one sale of his home enclosure for a mile run* a superb 1 edge of Chiekasaw roses. On tho slope back,of tho house, and almost embracing i.t, IK a magnilicent grovo of live-oaks, groat gray atoms, ,, m | t | 10 A. D. TKYOS, llatavia, N. Y. C'Ot* Boston ** ~"— ~"~*••"•*•«» Semi for ••How to Cure Skin Diseases." g^^jgyss^^'^as $20,000,000. WK ALSO BEPEB8BNT THK Mutual Benefit Life, of Newark, N. J., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ina. Co..Hartford. Office: Over AJtOD Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. J. DK.VLERS lil Stoves jind_ Hardware, HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BUHNERS! • vvittuuu ll\J. Ian prisons £ubor"i'' bi I ' flforonc o to Its bearing oh the PBICES. A FREE COPY w 181 nage catalogue'<(ree) whlT^ 8 ' «"•!, «K?idtari i'• WlJlUil IlHltf i*aa<1atu> «--. ~ -^ Subscriptions received at thU offl OB . >n Monitor Oook Outside WOTK a specialty: Hoof ing, Guttering, etc. undertaker's Supplies W»«SS^T^ eueliouse. nnnarrdaA »« .. otlon , Blven '» ^^&^a5W^ff— 1 K«X: A '"Itli, ci llWon^PjJJl 919 ^' PQTTBU DRvoAauKatn^j^g^ feki/jr^k,'''!'^'^,, .j? « ^ ORGANS AND PIANOS I (U) Inmld luldltin,, 'H i!" 1 " ul "OK No. six lunU li ontinir lour A i ,S!,i two .{ 2 J Pieces ol «UU town ,,,ru ,„'„ *.'' °,?» ° n .^«ln ktreet In , corner,Po '_ WtllPPIjii & SlllLKr rmi ui i entire Ucptllof auli i5R aq ? ?*»tw?rUly townot DiinorAUnn K'» na8Uu » l «» In »oii, In tlii N "° ° M y °* W WILSON WASHBOARDS. TlieioWnihboar 11 siterllloB, owuo'r Inivlna .|i-oliiuirVb"«V WIIII'I'LttAiwiilRy 1 " . TlieioWnihboard.ore mndg with it Bent.Wooa rltn. &'!'

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