Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 18, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1887
Page 1
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26. •••••'•••MM BILIOUSNESS IS AN ASTMOTIOX OF I'lfE LIVMR. AND OAN J3ETHOROUGHLYOfrRKDBYTHE GRAND ttEOULATOB Or THKUVER , AND BILtABT OHflAHS. ALTON. ILL., ^FBIDAY EVEHING. FEBRUARY 18, 1887. : Toall suffering from Slok Headache and B11 lousness: , , . > . "Have been a victim to the above (or years ' find, nffor trying various remedies, my onlj vmicoosB wns in the use of SIMMONS LIVER ; REGULATOR, which nBVn Jailed to relieve me In twelve hours; and I can assure tlioee Buffering from the above that they would br Rventlv relieved by Its use. I speak not my .self; bttt'ray'whole family Tours respect ?'«' J. M. PILL&IAN, Selma, Afn." • V'Va have tested Its vlrtvicB. pereonnlly.ftne •now that Tor Dyspepsia, BUlousnosss and ThrobbingHenducliu,It Is the ; besfn-.o -Iclno tue worm ever saw. Wo have tried forty otnes remedies betorn Simmons Liver Roiru tor, but none of them gave u» moio tl'.an .temporary relief; but the Kogulntor not only rpHevod, but cured us.—Ed. TolegrapD ami Mensengcr, Maeou, Ga. . Billons Colic. SIMMONS' LIVER REGULATOR cured mo 'from case pi longstanding Bilious colic after other medicines failed'., I think It one of the best family medicines I ever used. "T, J. LAN I EH, Petersburg, Va ONLY GENUINE Manufactured by J. H. Zellln, & Co., Phila., Pa. '•' We d6 not' manufacture Lard, Candles, Butterlne, or any kindred truck; we do not first squeeze the fat and olt out of our stock, and then convert the refuse Into a Vvorthless soap. We are not near stock yards or slaughter houses, buy no diseased or dead animals or refuse material. SILVER SOAP is made of' PfBB TALLOW, by a clean process, and can bo used freely without danger of havIng the skin diseased or poisoned."," • ASK TOUn GROCER .FOR IT. EMPIRE SOAP CO. ST. LOU IS. MO. ~TO ADVERTISERS • Tor a check for 520 we will print a ton-line advertisement in One Million issues of lead. ln»t American Newspapers. ThU Is ftt the rate •{only one fifth of a cent n line.for 1,000 ctrcu • Iftttonl The advertisement will bo placed before One Million DIFPEURNT nowsoanor purchasers:—or FIVB MILLION UEADEIIB. Ton lines will accommodate about 75 words. Ail- drcsa with copy of adv. and check, or senil SO cents for book of 176 panes. GEO. P. ROW- KLL & CO., 10 Spruce St., N. Y. JalSdlm W. V. ENSINGER, Plain and Decorative Paper Hanging Ali WORK PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO AT LOWEST TERMS. OFF|qi9 AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIA8A ALTON. . . . ILL EMPIRE MILLS, EKOOND STREET (Near Plaau), ALTON, ILL FOB 8ALB : Ground Oat«, Ground Corn. Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn -Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Graham Plour.otc PROMPTLY DELIVERED TO ANY PART OK TUB OITV. M.WILIUNSON. Jy7 dtt JO8KKU LIVERY STABLE: W4QNT 8TRKBT, BETWEEN AI4JY AND FA8TON, mvM ' For ituut. Lato roildonoo ot M. J. Noonan on Stnto HI root, known as tho A. Plntt plooo. Good 0 room brick houw, in tint, oliuw i-opalr. WICIl'PLB as KMI1.KY. For S»lo. The Woodrooi property. A « Mtory Iramo Jioiuo ol 8 rooinu, on Fifth mid Alton atrueta, a « ««»"»«•»houM- How to Olenn Ullolotb. Oilcloth ought never to be scrubbed with ft brush, but after being swept may be cleanet by washing with ft eoft flannel and lukewarm water or cold tea. On no account use aoa; or water that in hot, os either would have i bad effect on tho paint. When the oilclot! IB dry, rub it well with a small portion of c mixture of beeswax, softened with a minuto quantity of turpentine, using for this purpos a soft furniture polishing brush. The foUow ing is also used to mako oilcloth look well Wash them once a month with skiui milk am water, equal quantities of each; rub them onco in three months with boiled linseed oil put on a very little, rub it well In with a rut and polish with a piece of bid silk. .Practical Hints. Tho following practical hints have beet tested and found useful, says Good Housekeeping: > > Whiting or ammonia in the water is prefer able to soap for cleaning windows or paint, '. You can take out spots from wash goods by rubbing them with the yelk of eggs before washing. •••••• .. ..-. .-., . ., , : . The lustre of morocco may be restored by varnishing it, with the white of an egg. Apply with a sponge. , A mote may bo removed from the eye, or the pain at leost'allevinted, by putting a grain of fiaxseed under the lid. •• Washing the hands twice a day with corn meal, and rubbing on a little glycerine at night, will keep them soft and white. To remove grease from coat collars and Uie glossy look from the elbows and seams, rub with a cloth dipped in ammonia. • '• • . The most effectual remedy for slimy and greasy drain pipes is copperas dissolved and left to I'ork gradually through the pip». KUMBER 224. Absolutely Pure. Thin powder novcr varies. A marvel ol purity, strength wliolBsomenoBS. More economical than the ordiunry kinds, and cannot )0 sold In competition with the multitude ol ow teat, short weight, alntu phosphate ]an3dwly JOHN BAUER, DEALEH IN AND MANOFAOTURKKi OF FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, ALTON, ILL. All kinds of flno and common Jurnltur" constantly on hand. Also undertaker, otc. A. J. HOWELL, -DEALER IN- FURNITURE! N A Full and Complete Stock CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL ORDKP FOH UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed, Belle st., bet. Third and Fourth. -ALSO- UNDERTAKERS IKBIDENOE OOU. STATE A SEVENTH STS SCOTT'S EMULSION OF PURE GOD LIVER OIL i m Wit Almost as Palatable as Milk. Tho only preparation of COD LIVER OIL that in bo taken rimdllj^uid tolerated (or * king lime 7 delicate ttouuchi. INI) ig A HK1IEDT FOU COHSTOPTIOir. AFFECTIONS, Afl'jUJHM, !IUfj 1IMHUTY. COUOH8 A.> TIIKOAT mill all BA8TIMI DlSllllDKIIH OP It In iiHp-eUouilii il» rcunllii. """' LATEST KBW8. Cattle are suld'to be dying in Urge numbers! in th6 NorthWelt. The pov'ernor'"o'K 'Iowa issued' a proclamation Tuesday' forbidding the importation of cattle from Illinois. • ' •.;."" '" : ' • "•••- ••'. The St. Louis Merchants' Exchange director}', yesterday, indorsed the movement to suppreai the buck- •t-shops. • ' When Kansas City steps in and buys the St. Louis basd bull nine, what has the old village at the end of the bridge left? Evictions at Dingle, in County Kerry, Ireland, where preparations for a formidable resistance had been made, have been abandoned for the present. . France is buying horses from Spain and mutton from Alsace, which is regarded as a War'iudicatibn, contradictory of the 'p'eat-e indications in the markets. The Butter and Cheese Dealers' Association, of St; Louie, met'yen- terday and entered a strong protest against the repeal of the oleomargarine law. ' ; ' F. B. Stockbridge, Senator-elect from Michigan, has purchased the old St. Luke's Church at Kalamazoo to give to the Young Men's Christian Association for a building site. A negro woman "called at the St. Louis morgue, yesteiday, to identify the remains of her step-sister and was surprised to find the body of her former husband there. • In the election in the Forty-second Illinois Senatorial District lor'a successor, to the late Representative Htilmann, who was a Democrat, William Gr. Kaurie (Rep.) wag Sleeted by about fourhundrtd majority. A resolution was passed yesterday by the 'Board of Directors of'the ,st. Louis Merchants' Exchange calling upon the Missouri members of :the United States Senate to 'oppose'the low-bridge project at Grand Tower, 111; The ocean monster and white elephant, the Great Eastern steamship, the largest vessel ever built and so large as to be useless, has been sold at auction for $130,000. It was completed in 1859, and cost ready for sea $4,000,000. A New York broker, recently returned from Europe, remarks the steady accumulation by big banking concerns of all American securities. It is evident that in spite of all the books that have been published by European travelers relating to "Impressions of America," the bank,- ers believe in our prosperity. Kansas is taking the lead in advanced legislation for women, having just passed a law giving women the right to vote ' at- all municipal elections. The strength of the sentiment is shown by the vote of 25 to 13 in the Senate and 92 to 22 ia the rlouao . The result of this law will ie watched with great interest throughout the country. Reports are to the effect that the German elections are reasonably certain to result in favor of the Government. A singular feature of the campaign is that, while some very prominent Catholic loaders revolt igainst the dictation of the Pope, he local priesthood are generally jxercisingin Bismarck's favor all the nflucuce that they possess over the 'oters of their congregations. Mr. Robert Bonner, of New York, ias just declined an offer of $100,)00 for his trotter, Maud S. Although Mr. Bonner paid tne late Mr. Van- lei bill but 840,000 for her, he declined to improve tho opportunity to make $60,000, refusing to sell her or any price. Twice since Maud i. has been in Mr. Bonner's posses- ion has she lowered her record— ii'Bt to 2 :09 1-4 at Lexington, No- ember, 11, 1884, and then to the iresent figure, 2:08 3-4, at Cleveland, fuly 30, 1885. Kelly Plays iu Boston. ouoiiKEKi'Sii:, N. Y., Feb. 16— licliael Kelly, ri«lit-flelder of the "hiuago Base Ball Club, was released roin the organization to-day by tho laymcnt, by tho Boston Club, of 10,000. Kelly then signed for the i-iison with thu Boston Club, who greo 10 pay 82,000 for hit services or tho. coming season, nnd to give im $3,000 for his photograph, to laco iu thu club's album making his oinpuiisuiion for tho season, $5,000. Cully received 82,260 from the Chiago Club last year. ILLINOIS L,KGU8LATUUE. List of Appropriations. SPUINGFIELD, III., Feb. 17--Mr. Ruby of the Appropriations committee has listed the appropriations asked for by bills so far presented in the House. The list does not include appropriations for school purposes or for the State Government. The list is as follows: Monument to John A.Logan, $50,000; continuing work at the Southern penitentiary, $120,600.61; ordinary expenses Southern penitentiary, $166,572; monument to Richard Yates, $20,000 jrelief of J. R. Blackburn, $1,500; expenses of Soldiers' home, $45,000 ;> ordinary and other expenses of the Soldiers' home $473,300; live stock commission, $15,000 jrelief of J. A. Ty]er,$3,OpO ; ordinary and other expenses of Southern normal university, $40,566.44 ; relief of E. j; Howell, $3,000; ordinary expenses 'of northern "ins'ime asylum,. , .,$222,822;. new, / buildings , for northern insane asylum, $384,468.50; State expenses, $50.000; Horticultural Society, $8,000; southern hospitarfp'r insane, .$311,344; buildings for wouthern hospital for insane, $225,000; : relief for Peter McGee, $3,QUO; monument at Gettysburg, $6,000; ordinary expenses at Normal universit}-. $42,- UOO; expenses eastern hospital for insane $643,592 ; same, $90,200; education of the blind, ' $33,400; State and County fairs, $34,000 ; relief of J. R. Evees, $150; ^expenses for education of the blind, $38,350; to remove dam from Wabash river,, $300: feeble-minded asylum; at Lincoln, $173,000; survey of Kaskaskia river, $5,000; feeble-minded asylum at Lincoln, $5,000: expenses State laboratory, $12,10p;'ge61pgic!ir'sur- vey, $10,600; education and other expenses, deaf and dumb, $120^000; relief of Cumberland county, $25,000; central aslyum for insane, $366,282 ; pay of Illinois- 'national guard, $285,000; 'lighting '-State House, $20,000; Soldiers' Orphans' home, at Bloomingtdri, $128,500; relief of Simon Ryan, $4,445.72; relief of Morris ' Ryan. $2,418.66; relief of Dennis Foley, $700.17; relief of Wayne county for loss by fire, $25,000; relief of John B. Luckle, $JO,000.; relief .-of Hnrdin 5 - county, $25,000x relief of ^Wesle^""Pla'tt, $l'.000; survey o'f.Oltaw' river, $5, : 000; tefief of Emily. J. 'Blackburn, 55,000; establishing southeastern hospital for insane, $300,000; establishing northwestern hospital ! for insane, $"400,000; dam on Sangamon •river,' 1 $4,000; repairs "on State House, $85,000', day'schools, deaf 'arid diiuib, Chicagbv $12,000": relief of'A. 1 Bruce, at Cppp'era's creek dam, $40,463.54. , Total, $4,893,175.40,. > '' • • SICKNESS." ' ' ; ' ' ; Representative Brown, of Edwards^ has'been sick 'since last "Saturday and is not expected to live. He is 58 years "old," His vitality has been low for somejears.. 'He'is the member of the last house' who was broughtlu on a cbt td voto for Logan for Senator. His wife was telegraphed for this morning. ; Senator Orensdorf's'hill fixing the salary of members of the General Assembly at $1,000 per session and deducting $10 ( p ! er,day for absence Was 'put on final passage and lost. Congress. WASHINGTON, Feb. 17—Senate— Resolutions of Massachusetts 'legislature presented in favor of coast defences; Mr. Hoar submitt'd a few figures from Massachusetts to woakun faith in the President's • pension veto. The Hale naval establishment bill passed. Senator Vest introduced a substitute for the Eads Tehuantepeo ship railway bill, which, after discussion and amendment, was passed. The Missoml court bill passed. House— The house refused—83 to IfcO—to pass the bill providing for seed distribution'in Texas over the President's veto: The conference report on the anti-Mormon bill was adopted; 202 to 40. The house refund by 140 to 113 to consider the pension veto, and spent the bnl- aiice of the day on the consular and diplomatic lull, which it pugged with umcudments. I am going to consolidate my two establishments, and have to make room for new goods,and offer my entire stock, from now until March 1st, at Prices BELOW Cost Everything must go to save cost of moving and storing. Table-ware, Cutlery, Stoves, Hardware, Tinware, Granite-ware, Locks, Springs, and eve- jy thing kept in any hardware store. A11 these and were bought before the recent advance in prices. To those contemplating building this spring, I offer 1,000 KEGS OF STEEL NAILS! at factory Prices- Rememeber the places: 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET. This is no catch-penny humbug sale of old andworu-out stock, but a bona fide reduction solely to save expense of moving or storing. Call at Once and Secure Bargains! WM. STEM. Hardware and Fan Winery. HKADQUAKTERS FOB THE Best Buggy in the World, * iu the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, $1.75, *$2, $2 50, ,f-l, $6.50, $7.50 to $10, Headquarters for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILL I'rencrllwu and uinlorut j by tlio bunt FliyilcUM U tlio cauiitrlu* of tho world, Fan SAI c BV No otlior mndiolnn is so nilinhlo ns yur's Clicrrv Pi-mornl, for thu euro of mirlis, oold-i, and all ilunuigomonis of ilio rospirulory orgnn». It roliovoo the usLlHimUa and coiibumpllvu, ovon in advanced stages of disease. dwlw Married. BUNKEK Hu.i.i 111.,Feb. 17—Mr. J. T. Trares, a retired merchant of Ed- wAfdsville, and JWiia Winoheater, of this city, were married thii morning at the Catholic church by Father Zabels, parish priest. Mr. and Mrs. Trarci have gone east on an extended trip, and after their return will make Edwurdsvllle their home. Componud Capglrum and PuriQud I'ptroleiiui In "Pomoroy'ne Petrohno PlMUri." 10 THE BEST ON EARTH! BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADIING GUNS, From $16 to $30, f H ROOTST THE BEADING j. o« DW i n, JEWELEB

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