Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 17, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1887
Page 4
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^ ---—., ....»i»»4 DEATH, -T--/ * * w5i: I*** Without the men- don DT the newspapers of iudd«n death*, • Md of late the alarming frequency of the statement that death was caused by rheumatism or neuralgia of the heart cannot s fail to have been noticed. In all >proBa<f bllity many deaths attributed to heart dis- ' ease art caused by these terrible diseases, which are far more dangerous than is generally considered. Is there any positiv* oarer The best answer to such a qtmtiod fs gfv« by those who Aaw bttn *ured by theueof AthlophoKw. ' La Harpe. Illinois. For several year* a friend of mine had an attack of rheumatism every Spring, and each succeeding attack was worse than the previous one. He saw Athlophoros advertised and concluded to try it. After using the fint bottle he told me he could go to bed and sleep all night without any aches or pains, a thing ho had not done he- lore for''five years. He took two more hot- ties for fear of a return of the complaint; since that time ho has not been bothered with rheumatism. I can say that it has given the best satisfaction of any remedy I ever sold for the purposes for which it is recommended. WM. PEKRUT, Druggist. Huntley. McHenry Co,, 111. October 3d, 1884. For six months I suffered Severely from an attack of rheumatism. A friend sent me a notice of several reliable cures effect?*^ by Athlophoros. I procured the medicine and less than one bottle completely cured me, and I have not had the least indication of a return of the painful disease. I have recommended it to others and results similar to those in my own cose have followed. I regard AthlophoroB as' invaluable.; i ' KEY. C. ILuiTunr. . Eveiy druggist should keep Athlophoros and Athlophoros Pills, but where they cannot be bought of the druggist the Athlo- phoros Co., 112 Wall St., New York, will send cither (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle for AthlophoroB and 50c. for Pills. Jtor liver and kidney dlseanes, dyspepsia, indigestion, weakness, nervous dcoylty,.diseases 01 women, constipation, headache,' Impure blood, tic., Athlophoros rills arc unequaled. a ALTON I>IHT TKLBOSAPH. (Entered M •eeoBd-olMt Blatter At the P. O. at Alton, 111.) ., FEB. 17. SCIENCE AND PROGRESS. i* ' v^ 1 .-!'." -"'. " THE SHORT hANQE FREERE TAR- QET-A NEW TORPEDO BOAT. A*' Important Qxititlou In Natural History HM B««n Answered, and tb« Lluk Between Mammals Bn4 Birds Found. An important question In natural ..history,. says The Sclentlflo American, can now be answered. There are egg laying mammals. This fact, which has long ago been believed by scientist*, has finally been proved, and the link between mammals and birds which, according to tho saying that "Nature makes no jumps," must necessarily exist, has been found. It is worthy of note tbat Darwin was Interested in this question. •;6r decomposition. Hq, lo (limestones, which in tome ivrioniL lathe 'bui^bWof' to't.fttlre' )<sdgw'*M J oti monum*iJut; fcrnmbla to< *att<V owe tn&H disintegration ^jtlw/aejt ^at Ujey. areto;ft:!!ftnte,(ifrten^ inktureio' *-•• - -•-'mite and ItpiestooBi ana that thi moved bV paroolftted orbonaMd wafer*,"mo' dplc* Experience! U ' REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, •'-BY-- , Rudersnausen & Soiratag, Tor Bnlo. • r A convenient and pleasant home at a reasonable figure, being a two-sloryframe bouse on Eighth street, near Henry, i For Sale. A choice farm of 820 acres, with first class Improvements, situated 2X miles L eaat of UmnBwlek. Oharlton co., Mo. For sale. A one-story frame dwelling house In good condition, In Topping's addition to Alton. For Sale Cheap The residence'6f o«p«. TVT P. ,-: oble; two stories and mansard roof i 12 room ^ 1 halls, eloseta, cellars, etc.; 8 acres of groan Most desirable property In the city. , F»r sale. , 100 acres of land near city limits, Stuie"... two story brtok and trame dweU nk ncrase, both situated on the east --0 o' dtate street between eth and 7th ptroets- .so the brick, block ef stores on Secono street, between Hemy and Rldgo street" .mown as Hunter's row. For sole. A small frame (• . i.vilng house within n ne Dlooksotthed,- ot for $375. 160 acres f good farming land, and another tract of 800 acres, both unimproved. Situate in Mori ! co., Kansas, at Jio and $16 per ocie respectively—one-third cash,balance on tlmu, For Sale. A farm of 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A good two-story frame dwelling houoe on it. Prloelja.ttoo For Sale. :' •'•• ; •: A choice farm of 120' acres, situate 1 mile south of Shlpman, Macoupln county. 111., at a low figure. Parties Intending to buy Keal Estate in the city ol Alton or vlolnltrv will flnd It to their . Interest to call at the office of Uudershausen 4 Sonntag and examine their list of properties for sale as only port thereof is advertised* ; r . TH* ART 'BATIII. v .;; August 86,1884, Dr. Wilhelm Hoacke, former assistant of Haecltel and director of the South Australian museum in Adelaide, discovered that the porcupine ant eater (Echidna hystriz) laid eggs, and tti» same discovery was made a few days later by W. H. Caldwell, a young English naturalist, who vent to New Holland to study the development of animals of the duckbill species. The anatomical construction of -these Janimals and their position in the zoological syrtem has been a subject of discussion among nataraUsts, but they have finally been classed as mammals. The particular animal to which attention is called in; th& cut is tbe porcupine ant eater (Bchidna t hystr&). It is the smallest of the monotremes, and reminds one of the porcupine. Its body Is plump, and its short legs ore each provided with five strong toes armed with sharp nails, well adapted for burrowing. Ita beak resembles closely 1 that of i.the woodcock, being thin and tube shaped. The mouth is very small, only large enough for the passage of the worm like, rough pointed tongue, •which can be extended some distance bej-ond tbe beak and is used for drawing in food v (ants and other insects). No ears are visible, but theroV* hearing passages which can be opened and closed by folds or skin: The upper part of the body is covered with black, pointed quills, the "roots of which are surrounded by short hah-, and the head, legs and Other parts of the body are abo covered with hah-.-, ••<-, .; ><'';"'• ^ ^' This ant eater lives in mountainous districts and in high, dry woods in South Australia, whero ho burrows under tho roots of the trees. In hla hole he makes a nest which ho linos with parts of plants. To protect himself from ah enemy he rolls himself up like a porcupine. .,, - ' ' Short Bangs Turret. ; ' "The short range, line shot target, a modification i of the ordinary Creedmoor target patented by Thomas Freere, of Bay Ridge, L. 1, now oh tho market, is attracting attention on account of tbe: superior advantages 'claimed for it by its advocates. The Freero target, it is claimed, secures more accurate line (hooting at the short ranges,and for true elevation shooting at the middle"and long ranges. Mr. Preere bos discarded the • circular, bull's eye, or rather modifies ita shape, so that it become* a diamond, arid the* other subdivisions' of the target follow the same plan, producing a target diagram as shown in the cut For long range work the same general scheme is followed but the target drops upon its side and'the diamond rests on its longest axis in a horizontal position, giving the greatest preference to shots of good elevation in the scoring, LASTER A common souse euro, by a combined medical and lucchanl- •Blactton. Unlike any other pro. paratlon, they relieve the pressure whlla curing the corn, and never fl|U where directions are followed- WVB sota of plasters and box of ointment put up In handsome tin ante, convenient for use. Pnce 25 •ante, complete. Aak for "Podacura" and take no other. 1118 W. Broadway, N. Y., U.S. I 09 FIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS. H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Dl«t. Agent for Alton. F»eU, Theories and Everydajn At n recent meeting of •the Societode Biologic, Dr.' •Laborderi«yftd*i pipet^ 6h 'ikln' grafting from the frog to m>n.,,,<rhe e^peri r ; meat was tried in the case of a man whofi*' feet had been burned by molten lead. On one of the' wounds vreref |put-four grafts of human skin, on the other .four .grafts from .the skhi of a frog. All of these! it is report- ied, jtook firm hold on the wounds.' tho frog' ;skin grafts retained their peculiar,color a few days, afterward changing to the dolor of the human skin. The wounds healed rapidly. Differing; Opinions. About LooJcJ*w. ;, At » recent meeting of the French,Sur- geons'congress a most interesting discussion on the subject of lockjaw called forth a number of dUTering opinions. According ,to M. Vaslin, of, Angers, it is a purely nervous disease. In ono case, under/ his own observation, it was due solely to emotional causes and was cured by chloral and morphine. Prof. Balestreri, of Oenoa, concurred with M. Vaslin. Professor Thirier, v of Brussois, on the other bond, believed lockjaw, contagious and of o parasitic nature. M; Mau- nowry had been unable to learn from voter- inarianaof a single case in .which,the disease was communicated from one animal loan- ibther. Prof. , Verheuil; of 4 Paris, believed firmly in the contagiousness of lockjaw and thinks it can be contracted, by ; man from the hone. , He said that human beings are of ten attacked with lockjaw when living' near animals thus effected; and that it often follows horse bites.-.' Wounds that) have come in contact with earth or, straw, soiled by horses ore more liable than others to be accompanied by lockjaw, arid : the disease is frequent among stableboys-and horse dealers. ,M. Blanc thought the disease to be contagious and sometimes 'communicated through infected -water.' Purity of Ice. The state board of health of Neir York has recently published a i report ,on, the purity of ice from Onondaga lake, th'b Erie canal at Syracuse arid Cazenovia lake. That- ; from Onondaga lake was regarded as derlmentol to health.,. At the time, the Inspection of this. lake was make there was a margin of from one to four feet wide of block, putrefying••: organic matter along the;shores. The analyses of the ice from this lake showed that it' contained probably .from 10 to 12 per cent, of the sewage impurities dissolved. in the same quantity of unfrozen water of the lake. This Ice also' showed.,the. presence ,of bacteria in great abundance, retarded somewhat in their growth by tbe ice, but pot destroyed by it. It is perhaps needless to sa'r that this ice was pronounced totally unfit for any purposes where it is ; liable to come in contact with food or drink.. „ The ice from the Erie canal was also condemned, while there was not sufficient evidence to warrant a condemnation of that from Catenorla lake. The report, valuable for what ,has already been mentioned, is still' more so by reason of the numerous references to : instances in ,.which,.impure, ice bos been the, cause of 'dysentery;: and other'dis-' eases. It also refutes the old idea that all ice must of necessity be 'pure.' Simple Reniedles. , A warm, woolen shawl •" pinned closely about the neck and, chest ,and covering the arms,if put on when,the first sound of a cough is heard and supplemented by a worm brick or soapstone at the feet, is a simple household remedy that has nipped In tho bnd many a severe; cough and cold. Hot foot baths and hot hand baths are excellent in relieving congestion and equalizing tho circulation. Mild mustard drafts applied to the extremities also change the circulation. In many coses flannels wrung from hot soda, water are helpful Relief is sometimes found from drinking water as hot as can comfortably be swallowed. It draws the blood to the stomach, opens the pores and washes out • the clogged sewers of the body. - ••Ji'.'il f;i.nv;' ,;.••.,! / •"• •/• T , i; Second — A WidoVpugh'int. ™ IT, W.-VUU1UIUUVU oy bridesmaids or wear a tail br 6r«nge bloesowt «t itatt marriajce, 8b» should be Attended * .UK father or some near 'friend. If tnUui-cb a -iviaow wMb'ii cWortd' bonnet ilciiprbperfof a'wtdow to : r*moV« 'Jwflrs^eddtag the lO ccaslon of >a second marriage. If married at home the ^widow-bride My"we«l*aligh't cfelored 1 dl-ess' (not white) and b^bonnetleits, but' th'o should .not Indulge in any of tbe signs of the first bridal ' .' ';;.. . .-'.''"• Invltatloii* tb tUttuei-; -i-.. ,; • If you have any doubt about being able to accept nn invitation to dinner at the time sUte-1 .in fhq .invitation, declmg fo once by sending your regrets, uuless it is inown to you that tile dlnhor'ls 'ah inrdrtatH'on'o.''^' prompt and decided answer enables 'youi 1 hostess to supply the plnce with some other guest, thereby preventing 'a Vacant ChaiTut table. ; .Wedding Fuvors. Wedding favors 'inadcTof while ribbon'arid ' artiOcial 7 fl6wors'nre indispensable in Eng: •land, but America hos.had the. good taste to abjure these until lately,- Such ornaments are used for the • horses'; ears and tho. servants' ! coata in thjo .country. Here the gr.ppm wears a boutonmbro of natural flowers. AGIUforAll. ,., in order to give all a ohanoe to tost it, ana thus be, convinced of its'wonderful curative powers, Dr. King's New DIS-. covery for Consumption, Coughs and ^olds, will be, for a llmued time, given away. This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith jn the merits of, this great remedy. All, who suffer from Coaghs,.Colds, .Consumption, Asthma,' Bronchitis, or any affection of throat, Onest or Lungs* are especiaily requested •to call at E. Marsh's Drug Store, and get a trial bottle free, large bottle 91. •<,. T Renews Her fontli. ,,;Mrs. Phoabe Chesley, Petorsoh, : Clay co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of .which is vouched for by the residents of the town: '«! am 73 years old, have been troubled with kidney, complaint and lameness for many years; could not dress myself without help. Now I am free froin all pain and soreness, and am able tb do ! all my own housework. I owe my thanks to Electric Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed completely all disease and pain." Try a bottle,, only 60c, at E. Marsh's Drug 5 tore - fbldwlm BaoKien-g Arnica Halve. •f The Best Salve in the world for cuts, bruisfs, ; sores,u.oers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands'; chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required, it is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. Urn-sale by E. Marsh, Alton. Ilh nichTdwlm "PoiiEROT's Potroime Poroused Plasters," tho beat in the market. Price 25 cents. s ffii r ir~- i^Rier ^CBEA«f7 L.^Wtr^ji WML QWD0I MOST PERFEdf MADE Prepared wi neiuthf illness, ur. race's Baiting 1'owuet coniaini no AmmBnln,Llmo,Alum orFhoBphates.'DfrBnoe'A Extracts, Vanilla, Lemon, etc,, flavor deUcioosljr. , £B£^gM«J«W<0M/^2^^ga**»Aj i /JWt/ ILLUSTRATED. . '• tt» WEB'S JUtxR combines tbe oh, erature and the finest llluitratlons , latest fashions and tB»-tno« vuiefu .„_.reading. lunttdries, pattns, ana essays art by the best fnicirs, and Its humorous sketch iar« luniurpJtMeA^IUrjmpers on, social •able la eveirnpUtetoW. 'lt*b«autlful ion plates and pattern-sbew'tu " Enable ladles to save many tttnM t KAII.WAT TIME TA1M/K. CHICAGO AND Al/TOM foUows: -!•—• -"-> -• -—--—, For Chlchgo and the Ka*ti ' Chicago Hall* ....9:00 Uhloogo Accommodation* 6:00 p. ID Ujtlitnlng Bxpress'.... ., 9:10 p. tn . Peorla and Book Island Fast Lintt,»:00 a. mi For JaoksonvlUe, Eeoknk, Qnlnoy, Kan|Sas Clty.and Ml points westT" Kansas OHy Mall* ...,-..„ 9:00a.m, Kansas City Kxpress» ,. 0:10 p. tt , DenverKjroi-essf.... .,...?:08p.m. Jaoksouville Accommodation 1.1. V:OBp. m' For Ht, Louts l, ' • ., LightningE&press*. : i i i 6:45 a. m Ohloogo.Accoininodatloii*. ........9:80 a, m ; .Alton Special t lS:»p.m KanBOSOltyMoU'...... 6:40 p. m ChicagoMaUt.....i..u. ,.0:80p. n) 5 ST. LOOTS UM1ON DHP01 FOB ALTOTf;"•' ' ,. —.—- ro oo p* m» * j •4 oop.m. »7 B8p;ml (8 46 a. m: Sundays onW).ii • *Dolly fEixoept Sunday* Snp't. 8t.'lx»nlsDi?lsfdn ; " O. S, NOBBIg, Ticket Affont. . , . HARPEU'S PteRIODtCAXa.V. ; ,(' I Per fHirt ,' K ! "Y Harper'sBaMTtt $ 4 oo • Harper's Magazine 4 M (Harper's Weekly „,, I 2 Jlarper's YpuiwFeople,. t no Harper's Fntnjuin Square Library, one year(6Snumbers).Yf> ."...;u< ,•',,. lo m Harper's Hand* BerleJ^onti year;«& ™ „ numbers ) .1'. .T......»v.W4.. M.VH od 'Postage Free Mall subscribers in the United States or Canada. ; ,.,.,. : , •^.*<«w» The volume* ait tho BAZAR begin with thn Jrat Nnmber tor January of eaeh year,.Whim .no time is mentioned, .BUbsorlntlons;will bo. gin with the Number current M timfrof HI*' ,cei pt of order,'u • - ' ™Bound Volnmes of J HARPEH'S BA%A& fof >throe years book, In neat cloth blndlng"wlll be «eut by mail ,poataRO tfald, c-' -5'-""-' H9 Of expense' (provided -tho .express, f ht dOftfl no or iT.Oo exceed one Qollarpor ^volu volume. '. ,, ".., ,t- • • Cloth Oases for eaon,Tolu»e><t*ultabIa Itomlttancoa made by Postoffloe Money Order or Craft,, to avoid . HAKPEft JtBBOT 1887. tt 60 a..m. ti i The telephone operator has a pnr. petual holler day.— New York Tele- grant. A Hint from Germany. Friction with pins oil is a favorite cure for i rheumatic affections in Germany,'and also for bronchial and throat complaints, i The aromatic, astringent 'fragrance of the oil. which is made from resinous portions of the flr trees, has a salutary effect in pulmonary It is 5 cents logo down the tobog- DI", l'! de - Goin £ U P is aBoent.— Philadelphia Call. CHICAGO, BirarjKaTON AkDQtriNCiXv'' Trains leave,the Union Depot, Alton follows:' ', ' GoingMortbi s$t%*£?£ vts ™* yy • v - • ?:M *- M W. W. PHY8IOIAV8 AND BUHQEOIT 00 Dlt. B. O1TKL1CH, Physician and Burgeon, lal-dwly W. A, UAHKHLL,, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, OmOJB-flMOOND ST., ALTON, HJU Office h ours—» a. m. i 12 to 1, and 0 p.m. -" 9-fiwt UJSMTUTUk. Dli. C. a, HUHLAND, Dentist* 18 THIRD 8TBEBT, ALTON, IUU. OlUoo llours-4 a, m. to 11 m,; 1 to i p. ni (qbdwly G. A. Dentist, OVBIl BttUHOaKMANN'8 OIQAB BTOBK »»CX>ND;»T. TUB PBEKBB^TABaKT, Tbe idea has a special bearing upon military marksmanship, where the single soldier at short range and the massed company front at long range is the target of ultimate practice. To the beginner at short range work the importance of a steady, upright holding of the piece is very effectively impressed by the use of this target. ' : < ;.',•"- .?""•; ••' • ,• i ;. The Freoro target represented in the Illustration is here reduced from "Creedmoor" 100 yard range, for 12K feet; from 200 yard range, for U3 feet; from 800 yard range, for 87X feet. New Submarine Torpedo no»t. A now type of submarine torpedo boat is being experimented with at the West India dooto, London, Knglapd.. Tbe peculiar feature of this boat la the moans adopted to secure immersion or flotation, which is described in Science as consisting In Increasing or reducing her displacement by projecting or withdrawing telescopic chambers in her sides, instead of pumping water into or out of ballast tanks, tbe method usually followed (4 similar bojiU. /The!b04t isiipTwl* s^apM,' sixty fret long ;«ndt eight f«et. tn'idSneS' amidshliM,' built of thrOtwIghtn Inch rt«l7»ni! Is propelled by an electric motor of forty-five horse power, current being furnfthod by storage batteries. Why Building Stone Dooayi. ' T. Egleston, in a paper on tbe causes of decay affecting building stonM, especially men* lions such camel as depend on tbe removal pf "Othello's occupation's gone," He used to spend days and nights cursing the fates and the rheumatism: 'flow he only lies down and laughs to think now easily he was cured by Salvation Oil, at a6 ots. .:,.,.';•• _ Wm. H. .Vanderford, Esq., Editor of the Democratic Advocate, Westminster, Md., writes,, [that he, has used Dr. Bull's Conjjb. Syrup and, knows it to be a good medicine. Buy jt. Try it, 25 cents. ; yelled several persons i. Kallery at the minstrel show. "That's right,; gentlemen," responded Bones. "If you don't get what you want, ask for it. "—Ev. Tbe Sftin Can tie Kept Soft, Wftite and free from taint of perspiration by adding Darbys Prophylactic Fluid to the water used in bathing. It removes all offensive smell from the feet or any part of the body. Used as a tooth wash it will harden the gums, preserve, ,th,e , teeth,, cure tooth aqhe and make the breath pure and sweet. Cures chaffing, inflammation, piles, scald foot, corns, etc. tu th s wk in i , i u t * TUB latest wrinkle for luncheons In New York is to .serve the soup in cups instead ot plates; and the china stores are .selling two handled cups for the purpose. Free Trade. The reduction of internal revenue and the taking pff of revenue stamps from proprietary medicines, no doubt, has largely benefitted the consumers, as well as relieving: the burden of home manufacturers. Especially Is this the case with Green's August Fiower and Bos- obee's German Syrup, as the reduction of thirty-six cents per dozen, has been added to increase the'size of the bottles containing .these remedies, thereby giving one-fifth more medicine in tho 75 cent size. The August Flower for Dyspepsia and Liver complaint and the German Syrup for cough and lung troubles, have,, perhaps, the largest sale of any medicines in the world. The advantage of increased size of the bottles will be greatly appreciated by the .-iok and afflicted, in every town and village in civilized countries. Sample bottles for 10 cents remain the same 8129 ' ja 3 dwlw eow •'My littlo son, three years of age,was terribly afflicted with scrofula. His head was entirely covered with scrofulous sores, and his body showed many marks of the diease. A few bottles of Ayer's Sarsaparilla cured him."—W. •/. Beckett, Hymera, Ind. dwlw Tbe popular blood purifier, Hood!« SarsaparlUa, is havinp; a tremendous eale this season. Koarfy everybody takes it. Try it yourself. 5 WHKTHBB the tax that laboring men will pay for the impport ol convicts In Idleness will not amount to more than thqy would lose hy cpmpetitipn vith convict labor, is a quoiUoh for them to study.— Ohtcaqo Journal. food For Consumptives. Boott'B Emulsion of Cod Liver with ByponlioBphiteBila fulfood.' Itiiotonl ' " Increases A Common Cold Is often the' beginning '6f 'serious nffeo- ' tlons of the' Throat, Bronchiar'Tnbe«,i' and Lungs. Therefore, the importano* of early and effective treatment cannot be overestimated. Ayor's Cherry -Pec- • < total m«y always be relied upon for the . speedy cure ot a Cold or Cough. Last January I was attacked with a severe Cold, which/by neglect and frequent exposures, became .worse, finally settling on my lungs. A terrible cough soon followed, accompanied'by pains in '< the chest, from which I suffered intense- , ly. After trying various remedies, with- 1 ' out obtaining relief, I commenced taking Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and was Speedily Cured. I am satisfied that this remedy saved my life. — Jno. Webster, Pawtucket, E. J. I contracted a severe cold, which suddenly developed into Pneumonia, presenting dangerous and obstinate ' symptoms. Mr physician ordered the use of Ayor's Cherry Pectoral. His instructions were followed, and the result was a rapid and permanent cure.— H. B. Stimpson, Rogers'Prairie, Tex. Two years ago I suffered from a severe Cold, which settled on my Lungs. I consulted various physicians, and took the medicines they prescribed, but received only temporary relief. A friend Induced me to try Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. After taking two bottles of this medicine T was ' cured. Since tlien I have given the Pectoral to my children, and consider it The Best Remedy for Colds, Coughs, and all'Throat and Lung diseases, ever used In my family; — Robert Vanderpool, Meadville, Pa. Some time ago I took a slight Cold, which, being neglected, grew worse, and settled on my Lungs. I had a backing cough, and was very weak. Those who knew me beit considered my life to be in great danger: I continued to suffer until I commenced using Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Less than one bottle of thU valuable medicine cured me, and I feel that I owe the preservation of my life to Its curative powers. —Mrs. Ann Lockwood, Akron, No* York. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is considered, here, the one great remedy for all diseases of the throat and lungs, and is moid in demand than any other medicine of it* • ! class.—J.F.Roberts, Magnolia, Ark. • r Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, P»p.r.d by Dr. J. C. Ay»t fc 06.1 Low.ll, ibs7.' BoUbysHDnin.iU. Prio«»l; slxboltlu,*!.' lea j and its ho'L« i ,uu. 1 juuuo eneenvana .ararvanErsfii-SBa \wssf^ssSi&^ day, finely illustrated, with short"«tor poems, sketches^ and paporsfof Import current topics by themoat pomilaPMrlt. ^ f V/^^T tl>tt l be ^> nooe ««' ull y "^ in the vast to make aARpBRa,W«BK!,T«a sfl 8 s .well as a welcome visitor to cverKhouse" hold.will not beTcloxed In tBfrfntureT ~ Harper's WeeKIv.....%.... i. Harper'sMaK8Jttjie..linV. ..;....,..' 4 eo Harper's BozofJ. .>...," J oo Harper's Ttonnir*o«jple....ifnv...;..... 200 Harper's Franklin Sduare Ubrarv one ••> ,yeor (M numbers) .^....«,,.^. °? w 0» The Volumesof the Weekly begin with the arst Number for January of each year.-'i When no time is mentioned. eubBoiptions ma beffln with the Number current at time of rtoelpTw Bound Volumes of H>RPKB*8~1yKiiiB;f,T. ior throe vears baekyln Mat olotht«WnSlng. wSl DO gent by mail, postage paklfor bv exoreju. free of expense'xprovjged thiTlreiah^dSai'not exceed one dollar pflrTvolume) for ST.nor vol. Cloth cases for eoebr'-'"'"•*"" —-i*it.- ••"- Bemlttanoes;"Bh'ould'be made by P»stoffl68 Money Order Or'Dralt to avoid ohitnoeof loss. Newspapers are copy tn la *" or<ler ot HAEPBB.ft BBOTHEKS. Netr- ASSIGNEE'S , Kstate of•• Herman Bogclmann, debtor;...,.,. The uncieratpned hereby gives notice that Herman B^gelmann, pf Alton, In the tounty of Madlsort anu"State of Illinois, dW/onthe 12th day ot,Feb.?A. D. 1887, transfer to the' underslirnnd, a b assiRneo. all his property, real and*persdnal, for *he benefit of Ms creditors, acoOTdlUK to tho'prorlslonB ofcthe act oonoornlhg,assignments. ' " All persflBSliavlngixnlaims against the said • Herman Begelmann are hereby notified to present such claims under oath or affirmation, to me atmy store, on the corner of Third and Plasa streets, Alton. In said county, within three months from this date. 'J f >"'"* Dated Feb, 16th, 1887. - North 1 Altdh;Jer8ey WM. L. KLUNK UNDERTAKER, IlttvlnK rented James Mullen's' ;Da}i and cattle, the undorsignod will furni ^Vte^feSffffi Jersey*rod forgiving,rioh.mlffe ,they .iiave, no equal 5 .they are an young and ijeaMhy | " will leed no slops of any kino* to our cattfe ' Piirtloa that wifl favor us with tliolr patron- flrrft Tnnv HAruirxl rA. «k»«.ifw^iik. - -- y - T*".*V ' lt -bo'd «lry wm i sotbat our • age may depend on i best quilltyj jj^sam uU.thftt appl; and overyttittiS bp4q9-, bO Kep« I 1 . ;SQrnpUl6u»Slj>r y»n»u» KOMIUV uiu customers .may receive, the .milk,.in,the boat' of order. A share of puollS'patron• • age Is respedtfullyr requested.n •toave'.orders \ with,.Messrs; Kirsolr A :8ohles». and.'/wlth,. Messrs. Solbold * Doterdlng, or address <«a at North Alton, .! r . ,..,-,- ,. ; ,;•...'• ALBERT VOLEEB,:.. , KRNE8T WEI8N8iUH. Have for seryloe,.two' registe'r»><l sires, Jersey and Holstein, service fee ft* either, J6.00. The flolstelnlslron* th«fc /omonstbull: Con-- stttntlne;owned>DTrMnBteveasiolWew»>rk; took J760 premlumat St.t«iil»aail>taU. Out's ASB DB1LBB Dr. .Bull'. Couth Byrup will cure your ConBh »"•"-•> (Mr., only »» n- . hnnl«; Patents. To ny persons wishing to obtain letter s2iS2f°?iS? r lnv entlons, improvements o designs, I will execute drawings and speclfl AiiJ2?,?. ft i I J d ,i mak , e applications for Patents All oousultatlon, In person or by l«tte , free LUCAS 1'1'EIFFENUEUGKH, Alton. HI. Made Coffins, etallo Cases, Casketa And Burial Robee ror Ladles, Gentlemen and Children. and Shop on State street OKAQKB8 VUSTE AND COMMON FHfl OH er,. i«Sfd' « as milk and m all wasting diseases, both for adults and children, is a maryelotu food, and medicine. T. L. FOULDS & CO., 8COOC8ROB8 TO A. B. 110KJ.KNEY A CO., Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pioklea, STEUL SIX)P FOR 8ALB. Lucas PfeiflenbergeiF ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT AND MECHANICAL DRAUGHTSMAN, Office on Third so.oao 4oor weat o* Plasa, third floor. A Full "and Complete Stock: Al• • ways .ion-; Htt^d. r/. •;. - DO NOT FAIL""TO (GUVE^DS A OUB FUIINITU1U5 BOOMS ABE ON MOO BAG8 H1GGINH' FUREKA FINE SALT- For Dairy and Table Use, ln'14 Ib. lluen saoka and 56 Ib ------for sale Iby STATE ofe°S^ 0 ^;., County of Moalioii. 11? 1 '" > '•'> • Olroult oouVtofMadls6nto\!inty,'MaVoh term A.U. 1007. SS'iBLS;f rtoll J5 l8Ur T'yJ l » pwtner of Henry, •p.'SWeotear, d«««iu)o'd.Ilute_pHSH and Ifrauk |l. Milnor. m ohanoorV. u • .Nottpels hereby given to the said Wesley ; the above named complainant ruled' hi* bill of oompIaWins "" iW<< tl> V mt said J. A.RTBIE,

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