Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 17, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1887
Page 1
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i •***» n v» iw i m KUMBER 223, IH! MY BACK hrttjr nnlm«r e»li*t and ^t> **»* — in i ,tt»«rit«ni. T. F. r M ST TONIC j7 ..UiiSu ?& bur •ohMrtS f fwoly la tar amfiaas." r.fHlhte- - ' ' lite Boctoty,^ n, "Nicely, thanlkf jf, •, into genwiVj W» •, by q ate ^ISt* • . -of reply to tb» : -i "How ar«< you! 1 ? - otr HHow U your^ ' Jg, 1 . 1 i»y« ! .Th? ' Sprlbj tteld UWotiJ ,. . t very, truly, the quiuteewna* o£ vulgarity* . .To. begin i with, ^nicely", In • answer ••to - either of these questions is ungrammaticil, The quoe-,. tlon does not coll , for , the modlflcatlon ol; a verb by aniBdverb,ibut for a description o(;« l state of o robjeqt-by an'BdJectlve. /'A mim Is 1 not "nicely" *Uen the,, state' pf, t>la health is concerned | he Is w>U or ill. Ey-en Jf .gram-, matical the word is Inappropriate and silly. As for "thanks,"! lnst«ad.of ,'!t4J»»lt r y9n (n J» *> ; curt, to lay, the least. , ' Women of Tast*< . Taste tstaldtoba Instantaneous.* ready api.. precifltlon of »th» fltnew of thingf,-"To th4, ' ' '^najr . regret^th. , to, n be LATEST JSEW8. .',"'" The late Wm. Btoneman, of Free$ort, 111., left $7,000 to endow: * hospital. ',',! Thre* small children of Henry 'Hoffner. of Detroit, were burned to Tuesday., '... firm of Y.f failed today, with $3.000',000.liabili- ties. The Massachusetts,,,Senate^has adopted a resolution ityolishiiig/'/l.he poll tax as a prerequiBtite fpi t yotb The order, for an i^ 2 "--"-'certain charges agbin M-( The wholesaU ojothing , firm 'Brook A Wiener, it Buffalo, N. . mile) and ita,totnl.rearnings, for one year 1 erty,) re equal to 05 per 1 r d*tft.*'0f asaBWed!''faJfife b'f Itf'ttrap-! mffifflmM wire asserted Equalization,'" :Mr. Thomas,.claimsd that if .the. pcoplo'knowwhat was b«ibg'doH« by their .servants ctiosen 16' $ftWot 1 ttiemj < a puoi5c,.«cntlinent. would.bfi.formed that would,require thjB ijiijraed^ate , ourselvei, I fortunate fem >i Bomo- women >look-aa if they had simply, , blossomed but-of 'their ' sciougness I 0«uto« bai ifcow fni* M»ik wd a IT, UW^^^&M^^AB^Bj .—.. ,?p*Hr.rrv* J Dy,altWnS'Qf ,ov«rjMown »»4 Mnry^lom,Cnrei.h»ve been. TriV -—*—pp\f;3)i£Vg$.J*fU!% fa UT'Tj— Mt«|'! ira Oil. ache j-iEw ;,TKroM ' ' i^i .nlracled RHEUMATISM ... -the croatures «J . chnuaa^ and look. a».U .their olothes-had'been buried ab theja by a;tornado, jypttien, _ •ortof mo«d-W4uit, o{ .teste^ and •near 'too many bright colors, too-many gltus beads, too much ,hAir;ttlid o'camlitaQUon of dla-, nnrd.ntmntaUnlci tghlnh reMimai tha heart .«•»>' a good dresser.,to .nche, ,TUls want of tarte runs across o'character like an intellectual bar sinister, forcing UB to beltove that- -their, conclusions*!^ anything hot leglttaiaU.' • : city government was m Peter Dalley, an unmarried C»'na : dinn, was crushed to ^l«ath by logs' while working in - th& : woods "" '$enessee,,;Micb.,: "' ' 'thousand 'dollar* person. op. hia •'•• The sp^opner .Alicie,,]^. . Strople, ohn tbOi property. of;;the,j.'ailroadi and eased iU .conicienoe by Using its < arbitrary power ; in' ^pfe\i^ ! Htfen' corporation as/ftiil.e4»*0 fljaintgiaja representatiTei'at li>e,:;SUte. Capital! during 1 i^,ie,»Bi,9n )tu i 1/ iJe. sai.4 thatjau,, investigation.of i ,Uie,*iRe>ime&tH ,-it ^: i •Forebef g, Fred/' Gfi^ Norna, three .qf, ^. drpwned while ; attending 'traWli by' the ( ' „ i I aip going tp consolidate my two establishments, and have to i make room for new goodB,and'offeif my entire stock, '• ' from iiow''uniU () .Mafch 1st, at Cost ;,TKroM ' ' '" Jolnls* .Conlracled Cords, , Burnii "--Fever » Sores,' Iblalns,; frost ;•• and, 1 Ail Ache$ and Paios, fare quickly rellevWby tmB-mnplcnl'i'emedy. Try — • rBB.wlthbnt_lt.; Ifpr.s^lo t ll°JS® ^W^cHic^; A frightful accident occurred on a tobQani.'sHide.n Rutland. ! Vt.', ..j Monday i -evening, ^reatiUing in . the ea ' n i- deathlof '^ajmep nent lawyer, -and the aerioag,- if : • not Harris., The British. Minister. ; .at. ton thinks ,,t) win; the adjournment, of"-Congr«ay.' ftf\4-' 54' »{f| '" ; ~*^ — •*-• '^•'• — i-Jt— ^«^—.*.iS«ii''*A^# that time. The bill D(OW before ; the Legisla ture of Illinois to'hnut'the --^^ alien non-; hold.reai ^ei . . . At th* iconclusion.of Mr. jlliomas'. remarks thfe -conimittee ;? ' Everything must, go to save cost of moving and storing. Tai i-' * "ble-ware, Cutlery, StoveBJ ^HMware, Tinware;' '" ! > '••Gr«Bi^yue)';Lpol^ l |Spr!(ng8 > ;.an > d'eVe* ' (1 ]" iytning'Sept^;iany'lxard- ' ware etorer All tiieae ., be inVited^and address.iit iupoa-lthe ,.- TurpieSs. credentials. ;,pre.ienteckftnd [referred;' -BiTer«n'd:fiatboE^bill! re-i ;m » *(R >.'. ' » v: TO .V U^ i. Thin p6¥aer,-jw>T«r;,varies.. X; purity,' strength ivholosopionpJB. ,Moro eoo- nomloal thah thb ordinal? Hnda, jjnd cannot -be, sold in competition Vith tbi^ joiulUttide ol low test, short weight, slnm phospKate/'pow- &en.-' SOM> OHLT IK-OAKS. • ROYAL'BAKINO <BOWDEBOO.,108WaUst. l N. T. ' '••'> •"•"• • • •JOHN BAtJEB, IN AKD ' ' W of powder,-- Applied .dbtorbfd, ItcleanJes: ' the KHM. i Allays {inflammation. > Healt tht toret. Ratores the tenses of tatfa and tmett.' CO emit at DTuytfiti; byma(l,notitrrfd,SO centt. '• • ELY B OT., FURNIIURE; SECOND STREET, it' Opp. City Hall, AL.TON, ILL. All kinds of fine and oonimom fornltur 6 couatantly on hand. Also undertaker; etc.; K \V'e 'wain't "no foreign ~ land lords : - holding - - great tracts of land in this country, and introducing a poverty-stricken', ten- antry. There seems to be no good reason why the agricultural lands , of the United States should] n : pt ; be i^-, served for American, citizens.- ILLINOIS LEGISL-ATUKE. Tbe Now Kevenne Law Considered In Committee—Tax-' " . atlon of Kailroads. for eulogiifet to %h6» memory" 'of -the late Senitdif""l > ike i " > df ' Nfeir'Haing-' i the'.'SeniiteCaa? aourhea.,,;;, ~~'~~ irJhOjSeij- at '\l~ ate notice ^ven. NJF u _..^» *w! ..^yjufjijyfw iVrg State ea .'Venezuela. claima. ,, ( 13iU>ret The, House :confeTe,e6 '•••• on ' For a oheolf'fdr $20 wo trill print; a ten-line adrerttgement In One Million Issues' of - lead- tnz American-Nowipjiperi.-Tills Is at the rate •( only one fllth of a oont a llne.for 1,000 otrou - - latlonl The advortlseoieiit will bo .placed: i'¥-*j»*aa: belote i One MllUou-i DIITEHBNT - newspaper i. iiffUMf' 'purohMeM:-*opFiVBMiLUOx BBADBR*. -Teu-' MWJ.*.*^ {j oeg ^unaooomtnodate.about 78 woi-da. Ad\ 4r»M-irltlioopyof nclv. andoheokj or senrtSO e«nta' (of -book ot 176 paupn.ii-GEO.-P. ROW"" ;tj7S...T.".i- ' Jalfidlm- ELL. ft CO., 10 Spruoo gtJ, W. F. ENSENGERi A. -DKALBR . IN- FURNITDREI ; A Full and Complete Stbfek Mr.- cure CONSTANTLY ON HAND. FOB ORDEP Plain and Decorative UPHOLSTERING Neatly and promptly executed. Belle st,, bet. Third and Fourth. SPRIHQFIEID, 111., Feb. 16—The session of the §enate . this morning was chiefly occupied .vrithresoluMonB,- while that of the House was consumed in sending Mr» Fuller's .interest bill to a third reading. ; RAILROAD, .TAXATION. Mr. Hogan's Senate,committee on revenue held a meeting > this-'afternoon, before which appeared several gentlemen from Chicago .and other parts of tlie State,. w.ho' n> gave their views upon the proposed new revenue law as prepared by the late com- misson. Among those who addressed the committee was Hon. Chas.W. Thomas, of Belleville, a member of the late commission, who appeared upon invitation of Chairman Hogan. Mr. Thomas,Jn the course of his>rc-> marks, dealt very severely with the State Board of Equalization. He said that the primal object of the revenue law of 1872. was to reach the franchise and capital stock of corporations for. the purposes of taxation. For that purpose the State- Board of Equalization, had been created. To it had beefy;,,entr 4 u|^ji ; ;;ajl; railroad assessment, upon the • theory ' lit i '•''*• ^.riw' r:.'. 1 ' ».***•*• •'•ve--'j;- acres of ilandy instead of isj[jyri ( ^fail6d;;to i i;*^ devo^i/to"iLoganv,eulpgi*svi > ' • ; i JOLIET. III., Feb. ,16-r-Wiiliam J. ballo^box'robberjr^ : anS' ( tiwTe6eipt 11 o'clpCk t|ils.;for^ throughJtliei.or'deal o: humor. He and were bought before the recent advance In prices- To • ; those o6nt»mplatingbuilding,this spring;! dffef : yi1 J-;:.«'fx1 ^"l( I'-JTI I rt ,'<uTi->ii.. ! ! { ,?..'," '"' ' '"", ";'" ', ,' '.,'-'' 1,000 KEGS. OF- STJEL at factory Prices- . Benaemeber the places: ll9^2iJEQOIWJ ; STBEET,;*NEIJI5 THIRD STREEL, i , • This is no catch-penny htunbug sale of old and worn-put stock, ; but a bona fide reduction solely to. Save' expense J '^ ' V " K /•' " of iaibving or storing. Call at Once and Secure Bargains! i • •• " • and whb was , one day,and pnly ;iiad' .twentyrfour: hours' hbrieVmbon^'wheVhe'w'aiilir-' -ALSO— WORK PBOUPTLY ATTKHDED ,10 AT LO WTWT TBUiMS., . OFV10B AMD SHOP OK SECOND ST., NEAR PIA8A ?fBlgif:- • '" • ALTON. . . , m » KOOJ * D TW8>U |1 Ground Oat«» Ground Corn, that railroad, nQt : lb6al, UNDERTAKERS STATE* 8KVENTH*8TB PRICE iLIST: ora, Meal,, Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour ,eto TO ANY PABT OF i LiyBBY STABLB 8TBMX,. B1BTWKBN ALBT-ASD KA»TO», UU4MO1' uurldlv LaBelle, Fairy. PBB BBfc, $i?5 4,50 Diamond Light, • 4.00 Fancy^ 3, a 4 JTor b»l». . — ..,-,--,jIPK>E0K> A*. IOM at 8 MOW*, onTmJfjnd 4 roSm <r»m«WBMjssnJrtyl-g^ - s institutions. Its conduct had utterly failed, to .realize tte -hopes - -of the founders. He gave figure's showing the total assessment ...made by the board of the capital stock , of railroads since 1872.' They showed the following assessment:, For 1878, $11,526,661; for 1874, -f 81,314,176 ; for 1875, 122,649,222; for 1676, $10,100.258; for 1877, nothing; for 1878, nothing; for 1879, nothing ;f or 1880, nothing; for 1881, nothing; for 1882, nothing; for 1888, nothing ; for 1884, nothing ; for 1885,- npthing; and for 1886, nothing. He pointed out that as soon as the vfcst litigation involving the constitutional right of the Stajp; 'JiatJ^been, .. deter-, mined'in favor. of the, State,' and the right to tax it was firmly established the board for some reason , not apparent on its record, ceased to assess that property. Not only, did it do this, but it has from year to year assessed the immense property of some of the leading .railroads at such a figure as to relieve them from two- thirds, of the taxes they Justly ought to pay. He cited one railroad that wasa«eessod in J886 at $5,519,478. Its common stock is $14,007,800, its preferred stock -is $3,479,500, its bonded debt $10,376,950 ;total, $27,053,250, or $46,718.64 a mile for each, of, its 582 .wiles. Its net earnings for 1886 were $3,553,410.09, or chinb, n and- iays^'he ''ought to be > of what i he was going, to .do whciv he gtA-mtrMW^mMm^fM- he -would, make'oniuiio in Chicago, and that : se,veralmpn)bex» of, .the gang " ..... " ...... ; " on gang-plank.'' '' Itarrving .bj'.prpxy;' is-whAt>$5r-' fe« considered a proxy-mate bliss.— Boi* 'fen Transcript,,;" " ' ": .". What people . want . in a. 'carnage ' is ease 'and dur ,Th T e;)R)ip«,qptl T on a rough' road.; e, m.™ ' .' ••dwlw i H.K. Hardware and HKADQUARTBR-SFOBTHB Buggy in the World. lu,the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the, '"''.-, . , Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand lamps, FINE HANGING LAMPS, $7.50 to $10, No other, medicine is,, so reliable as Ayer's, Cherry Pectoral; (or the pure ol 1 • ^8,;cp, Ida; 1 an.<t ;. the, resplratoriy .organs. ,. t relmvoa , tlie , . . asthuiatia and' constimpttye; ' oyefa"|fl '''' Now find Beaatlful JPesigTis'just arrived nd arrivin GOLD PAINT I for Qlldlngi.ta nice |> At tile oM'nl<at)l« DEOOBATJHti okiures fpr ladleu' i 3Vn Lat« residence for OB StAtl *' 8MOJBT. fl.75, $2. $2,50, $4, $6.50, Headquarters for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. , Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness, Call and get our prices and you wjll sioi^e money. Cor, Second and State Sts., ALTON, THE BEST ON $ARTH! BOSS FILLED^WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. i.-i ..,™ • -i '.i 'i . —..- ,' ,-- ; - - " '•• ••'•'' BHEEOH-LOAPIM GUNS, From $10 to $30. J, H. BOOTH, THE LEADING ^ JEWELER

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