Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 16, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1887
Page 2
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DAILY TELEGRAPH. „ _ ** W. V. XOBTON, Oar. ThWI M « m MR street*, Alton, 111 WfeDKESDAY EVK., FEB. 16. THE President has appointed Captain Qreeley, of Arctic fjaie, chief 'signal officer, Tice General Hazen, deceased. Thu appointment teems ominous of a perpetual cold ware. PEBHAPS the Pension bill vetoed by President Cleveland was not sufficiently t uarded, and that reasons to Justify his veto may be found. But he signed the Mexican Pension bill, which will put thousands of rebel soldiers on the pension rolls. This act will be stroncly contrasted with his veto of & loyal pun- sion bill.- Qhimqo Journal. There is another point: the Mexican war was a contest waged for the exten- •iOH of slavery j tho war for the Union Wag waged to resist the further encroachments of pro-slavery power. It is easy to see which contest the President regards as hating the greater claim on the national treasury. Stock lards. House bill No. 132, now pending In the House, was introduced Jan. 20th by Hon. Wiley JB. Jones, of Songamon cointy, and has for its object the complete regulation of the stock yards of the State upon an equitable and just basis. It has been carefully drawn up and Is generally accepted as more complete than any other bill upon that subject ' ever considered by either house. The committee on Agricultnre,;to whom the bill was referred, have reported .on it favorably and the Farm ers' Club—an organization composed of 66 members of both Houses- hate resolved, with slight amendments, to work and vote for its passage. For years past the farmers and stock rais- «rs of the State have felt the necessity of a law regulating the charges at stock yards and it Is to be Loped that the pending bill will pass. with MISSL\ft LINKS. Mrs. Hieks-Lord lias n ilrcyx diamond buttons. A thirtuen-yciir-oM boy of Hcnton Cal., weiglis 230 pounds. Governor Anii-ri, of Massaduisotts, has four Hurvui-d n-nuliiiites on his staiT. • Rosina Yokes is n .soeond uousiii of Lord Salisbury, and slio is very proud of the connection. It cost the United States government $384,637 hist year to pay the salaries and mileage of senators. It is complained in New York that fashionable people slide into private " entertainments without paying. Mr. Labouehero says that Princess Beatrice's b;iby "is no more a priuee than any little brat in the streets." There is on exhibition in the oflice of a New York steamship company a model of an ocean vessel that cost *5,000. Mrs. Grovor Cleveland is an old friend of Lawrence Barret, and goes to gee him act whenever she has a chance to do so. There is a law in Switzerland which compels every newly-married couple to plant tree's shortly after the ceremony of marriage. '' Miss Edgerton, the only woman who has received a doctor's degree from Columbia college, is passing a part of the winter in Boston. England seems to believe that some country may need bombarding before long, and she is getting rojidy for anything that may happen. One of the leading questions in Now . York city now is whether people who reside in rented houses should be considered as "of society." Mrs. Bradley Martin, of New York, wears such « big 4 dianioii<l star on hothead that she looks like n traveling (lew-drop nt evening parties. Mrs. Cleveland says "if you please" to her domestics, and thanks them when she is properly served. It is sweet music to attending cars. Somebody has discovered that Oliver Goldsmith's grave and monument are in a sad slate of iicglccl. JIjs fame, however, is very well preserved. Queen Margaret of Italy does all her shopping in person, with'no more fuss than any of her subjects, and goes early in the day to avoid lji<> crowd. A Now York society womnn has had tho check sent, hor for a magazine article hundsomelv framed nnd him" lip in her boudoir. It culled for It is said that a person can live cheaper, and at, the suiue time aristocratically, in Geneva, Swit'/cV- linul, than in any other city in tho worltl. Ex-Governor Cm-tin, of Pennsylvania, says ho pardoned 12,5 men out of jail, all of whom enlisted under Farragut, Not one of them survived the war. General Lew Wallace's "Hen Hnr' Is soon to be published in German, having been translated by a Catholic, priest living nt Lafayette,' Intl., Gen oral Wallace's home, It will rcxjulru 85,000 feet of lumber to manufacture boxes for the transportation of the records of the military headquarters) from Pha<ti!x, Arizona territory, to Los Angeles, Cal. Smoltiug-works to cost IfiO.OOO are to bo tircctcd u(. Tacoma, Washington territory. They will be the only institution of the kind unon the'l'ucilio jonst outside of San Francisco. Don) 1'cdro, of Urazll, has introduced » btMiiinlto profr-ssor in Ihn Ulo do Janeiro university," and ho now proposes to have chm'rs <;stnl>l1sln-il mirr. ;Mg ovor the Inngnngf-, from tho Cof» iic to the Ik'iiguela. . ^ l< - W. H. ilulc, an Edinburgh physician, who is traveling in this country, has u carte, which he says cost $8,000. a no head contains over threo pounds « 18-eiirnt gold, and is mounted with sixty-live diamonds. Col. Frederick Grunt has a small aquarelle painting in a gilt frame. It represents a group of Indians and snows evidence of artistic skill nnd training. "It is one of n series painted by my father," said Col.Grant to a reporter. Judge Greene, of Washington territory, refuses to grant an Indian woman a divorce from her husband, at Snobomish court, b'cciiiise thu parties Had not properly severed their tribal relations, and were therefore not, within his jurisdiction. Mr. Edmund Horsey holds that there should bo a clause in the Experiment htation act requiring as far as possible important experiments to be photo, graphed, and copies to bo deposited at Washington, whom they may be compared with each other. Pinckney Robertson, a bright mulatto, who during reconstruction days in South Carolina was a power in politics there, and while lobbying at the state capital held four dilVerent clerkships, each one paying him $0 a day, is now » porter in Atlanta at $4 a week. A new way of fastening on Indies' hats is to bore the tops of the cars, put in gold hoops and have the hat strings tidd'through them. Thus, step by step, we tread the pathway to perfection, and ere the darkness o'f duath envelops nil the world, man will have utilized his nose in pulling on his boots. Some merchants at Rock'Island, 111., oppose the free delivery of iiuiils in that city on the ground that, when people visit the post-o(Hco three or four times a day the streets present a' livelier appearance and more purchasinn- is done than if their letters were delivered free. • A now French shell, filled with melenito, is said to be a hundred times more powerful than the shells filled with powder. The strongest fortifications would crumble to pieces when attacked with this destructive shell. It is riot.explosive in handling, and the shells do not explode till they como in contact with the object, aimed' at. Mr. Labouchere, tho free 1 since among London- gossips, makes note of an instance of the queen's thrift. The Jivo Arab horses sent to her majesty by the sultan of Muscat!, were worth as much as though their hoofs had been of gold—say $17,500. What the queen sent to the sultan cost her *2 500. , ' Mrs. Anna Lea Merrill, whose "Eve" was called by the London Times "the finest picture by a woman in Iho Academy," and whoso portraits of James Russell Lowell nnd Oliver Wendell Holmes an- highly commended, is about to visit this, "her native country, and to have an exhibition of her works' in' Now York. "Coal-Oil Johnny," who was made immensely rich by the discovery of petroleum, and who scattered" his wealth with such a lavish baud, has descended step by step he now has no place to lay his head save in a dreary coll in the Mount Holly (N. J.) jail. The quondam possessor of millions is now a common tramp. Two young men near Fnirhnven, N. Y,, were out hunting for coons ono day recently, when they found a hole on Scotch hill which -thev supposed was JJJled with ilu; kind 'of "animals they were after. Drilling down near to the sleepy occupants of the den they charged^ tin; hole- with dynamite and fired it. They were considerably surprised to see something less than one hundred foxes run out and escape to the woods. The foxes were of all sizes, colors and ages. ' Mrs. Snbln's .\l,io Adopted One of the Interesting- mnrrled ladies in Washington society is the wife of Senator IhvightM. Sabin, of Minnesota, ' * of Norwich, Conn., of an old family of Kastern Connecticut. She is very beautiful and popular, ami is one of the most attractive Indies of the sen- «U>rial circle. The domestic life o Senator and Mrs. Sabin is tonehingjv pathetic. Mrs. Sabin was left an or phan when very young, which create.i a enderplneein h«,- ),<„,-( for Miildre, bpieft by cruel death of the, tender caro of pm-ents an.l sheltering comfort and tyiningofhome. Having no children of her own she has taken nnto herself OUT! •pit of tonlo. IRON mta«Into«!£Mt8wrVpS° BcUn'l proscription (or Utoee who need buUdlug OA BRQffi 5 tion for support. l, v adop- These homeless little ."X 1 ' 1 ' 11 '? r i " bri »« ""<> "-is n r,i V?/ lf '' ho " llIooiiuH ' B l«»«l"> un.l Ktu,l Hnj-moiiil, s t . v «m ..minim, veiiM «M nn. Hi,, ,.1,11,1,,.,, oft | 10 ,„,. I)('l.-giito Itnymoml, of J>,ikotn._(;/(w«- go Herald. Tho traveler Count AnUmclli, who l«iw JUKI rctunicd to Home from his jounioy in finsi Afru-a, hm, boon commissioned by King. M,. m ..]jk of siio/i to| pun-lias,, a o-,,o,llv slo,.k of gloves, silk stockings, tmtin shoos, anil cliinul wnrufor hur maji'sty tin- ouoon Th c latter ha* cliiwily'..wlonul through Antonolli twrnl-vJIvo jmlni.,-,,™ feof traction. Jhe military uniforms scut yours ngo |.,.v Victor Kiniiniu-l to Mene- ik wore put to curious uso, the kin«- Jmyiiio-.hs/ni/lwl (lie holnu.f.s mul other military;, union- tl, 0 native priests, oi-di-i-injr them to wear then, during divmu service.' i er«y, etc., I only Iron me liurlnhca th t dooi not blitoke —.10 or produce GoHi,M|jiiMuii—umcr jron meaicintsui D $s\a OiKys" 1 * >e<uUn * f}>lnl <iltn of Spring. .i™ Br W.'J! h? J?!'to« I"" «"3«wjfc B00 ?, med1 ' notice, and llnd us action ex. •on, In weaknoHfl, oraloiYCoii' rawn'i Iron Bittora Is uimiljs 11» all tint Is olalmod for ft? >, 1919 Thlrty-Bocond Btreot, ••: "Brown's Iron IJIttcrs is i itlooil. inylKomiei tlio . _.—, „„„.„. „• Appetite, Aid* VlffcMlon H dooi not blitcken or Injure the teeth, cause bond- nohojor Produce oonsUpBtlon-oOn- JronmtdMnet 3o Brown's Irpn'Blttora Is a thorooghh- good . ""","'• n u £ e n m ^ Practice, and llnd its action ex. Suf *" "• .? r form> of Iron. In weakness, or a low con- ditionof the system, Brown's Iron Bitters is UBUI" « a poBltlvo necessity. It i« all that IB olalmod for" ,, *f"" 1 j - ., Bay".'" Brown's Iron Bitters is . nl ° ?' Ul f " go v Nothing bettor. It creates appoUto, glvoB strength and Improves o!lgosUon," Genuine has abore Trade Mark and crossed rod linos oil wrapper. Take no other. MtdoonJibr Bit OWN CMEMHJAl. CO.. BAI/TUlOllE, ilD, KASKINE (THE NEAV QUININJB.) No bad effect No headache No nausea. Master's Sale, STATE OF ILLINOIS,) St. Olnlr county. 1 Of the September term ,A.r>. 1080, of the St. Ololr County Circuit Court. JolinN. oiiiltonva. Thomas Ohilton, Boargo Ohliton, James Hlldoroy, Itobort W. Dick onson, Kllznbeth Ann Williams, Dorothy nurn, Thomas Burn, James Burn, Barbara Farguuon, amah Jnno llnrn, William Burn, John Thomas Burn, Uoroihy Ann Burn Isabella llurn, James IJuin, onU Honry H. Oniulencr, axeoutor of the last will and toBtnuiontof John Olillton, deceased, 1)111 lor siilo ot llunl Estate. Untlur and by vlrtua ot decree of said court, made in tlio nbovo entitled CHURO, at suld tenn,l, the undersigned, will, on SATURDAY, MA HUH ID, IBM, ntnndon tho promises hereinafter described, null to tho lilnlicst und bout bidder, tho following described land, eltimtod in tho ooun- ty ci Madison, and Stiito of Illinois, to-wlt! Tlio west fourth of iho southeast quarter ol tho northwest quarter, containing ten (10) acres; uud the east half ot tho southwojt quarter, a;i lu section thirty (30),in townuhlp alx (G) north of rnngn nine <J>) west. Appraised value, $3,400.7:1. SiUu to oouinieuco nt ono o'clock p. m. TKKU8 01? HA I.K.-Twenty per cent, of the purchase monny to bo paid cash down, uud tho balance on a credit of six mid twelve THE JFOII 1887. WIU contain. In Addition to the Storto., 4kotolUeB. E.iayi, OriMOlsm, two Soi-liU storlOB.-. Tho Second Hon. By MRS. M. 0. W. OLIMlAKT Paul Patott, .By F. MAUIUK ORAWFOUD Author oit "A Koraan Singer," "Mr: Papers on Amerlcau Hlitorv ByJOLiN F1SKM. WhoBo proylous paperi have been French and English. nce on a credt o sx nn tweve months, secured by note nnd approved i-ccu- tlty, und a uiortpaKO on thu premises sold.on the.cxouutiou ol wlilcii, und upon conurma- ton ol aut> sale, 1 will execute and deliv eed to the pui chaser or pui'chaiera of nd, aa by said dccro-i I am directed, ylng all thu light, title and claim of id parties in said suit to said premises. ALONZO 8. W1LDERMAN, . ci, un upon conurma- tlon ol aut> sale, 1 will execute and deliver u deed to the pui chaser or pui'chaiera of said land, aa by said dccro-i I am directed, oou- voylng all thu light, title and claim of tho said p . A, Master In Ohanoory of said county. M. W. WKIU, Sol. lodtd Ears and Scalp Covered with EC- zematous Scabs and Sores Cured by Cuticura. eat Portlonjjf ho „„ S reat P°"lon.of the body, ever since .., like a i/i-juu oi oeeiatoat. g^JKK^sEsrfsa^ his hands behind him, and In many wavl S~lr»^^T^£S Notf NO ringing ears C ure ' quickly Pleasant,!" 11 ' 6 A POWJfiKFUL TONIC. that the most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, ?. n( ' n " Germ Diseases. )tnl>N - Y ' : "Universally sno- St. Francis Hos.N.Y. L. R. White, u) . j ' .neon, bos ? medicine mado.' J 36 ° E " 8t 12l8t 8t '. Ne w over S9 ° nutionta with . M.D.. dies, iat ocf.'ejsss MCKAY, Peabody, Iflft' tTTl'l*. *.! ~~I".V ""V"** "*"• "•<-'<»"J< J- Clillttjll** iter'twn ^ ut ka!ikl » e ''as cured his wife, and neTvmfJ rt Tenrs lBU * rm- j n g Sr ™ niaUrio inula?s. d r s P°J»ia. Write liitn for par- Thousands upon thousands write that Kas- InWffidfX-iteV'io^^Vtrt, 1 ; KXBCUTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Schwoppo, deceased, Thd undersigned, having boon ap pointed Kxecutors ofj the last will nnd tostauiaift of John W. Sohwoppo, late of the county of Miidlson and .State of Illinois, deceased, hereby give notice that they will appear boforo the County Oour oi Madison county, at tho court house, li tho March torra.ou tho fourtl Monday in March iioxt, at which time all per sons huvliiu claims against said estate are notluod and requested to attend for the purpose of having tho same adjusted. All persons ndobtod to said estate are roQiiested to miuco immediate payment to tho undersigned. Dated this 2ud duy of February, A.D. 1887. ELIZA F. 80mVEPi>E, WILLIAM E. SOIIWKl'PE, IIENltY M. SOUWKPrki, Kxneutors. KAGLis PACKET COMPANY. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer t£ ?0 <s & j E. BOSS POWBLI, j ED. BLOCK, Uloru a. ?JL n ^o? r "£" 0 S. d ! l y' Fe _5' "• tne 3 P r «id Essnyo and Poems. By OL1VKH WENDELL UOLMUS, Occasional Papers. By JAMES 11U88KLL LOWELL Contributions Graonlonf Will' ginson. Olmrli! ,. „.,„.., „, man, Harriet W, 1'roston, Sarahbrio J 0 « Olmrlos Eubort Oraddock, Arthur "'Hardy, Hnnry OnbotI>odKO,Edith 1 Iloraoo E. Soudder, Georjio E. WoodimmS' George Fiodorlok I'arsonsf Maurlo^? Thorn? 1 son, Lucy Larcom, Oolia Thaxtnr. John itiL rouchs, James Freeman Olurko! •Kll»(ihn«r Kob^ns I'onnoll, Bradford Torrey aSli San* j TEKMS: Wn year in ndvenoo, post""" •-• IW cents a number. With superb portrait of Uuwthoruo, Emerson low, Bryant. Whittlor, Lowell, or 3*; oaoh additional portrait, ?1. ., The November nud December nnn tho Atlantic will bo sent ti oo of ohar» subsoribors whoso subscriptions are i before Decoinuor20tu, . " ' Postal notes and money are at the the sender, and therefore remittance! Qoughtou, Mifflin & Conipauy 4 Park street, Boston, MOM. The Century Forl88G-87. ^ftaS^LS^H^a?^ ««5f dred an3 twenty live tbousand 'ofitc ts many nttraotiona for the comlnc serial which has been in active pfei fs^fi^?t&aagf5- " -ffl^JL%^«M». Tnh«,, John G. Nicolay John Hay. Col. i"."«n" "'-"win, any special $1.00 nor botrlo. Sold by U ou receipt of price. Warren St.,New York. 10 dwlm FOE ST. LOUIS it 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Louis on return ;rip at» p m., daily. And leavlns Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing. Gralton, and waj points every evening at 8:80 o'clock. *3.Tlie Whistle will be Hounded flfto<-n minutes before starting for St. Louie. To ST. LOOTS, BODNDTRtp. TWENTT RIBB8' . t the authority of his aonTtne Ho n °e Lincoln, is the only fnll and aTutSnrtPn record of the life of Abraham XJnooS authors were friends of Lincoln before presidenov; they were most lutlmateK seiated with fi!m as private liO • - 75 - - 8 00 W. HILL. A Kent. to look at. I know that he has tried w th has particular. ~ImLLIAMJ TilcOARTHY; S3 Poster street, Peauody, Mass. more of them than of any other skin remo ates I have over handled during thirty- t h?ee years of my experience as a drr • • -A. D. TBVOtf, ua Sold everywhere. Price: Outieura BO eta • Outicura Soap 26 cents; Otiticura •- ' 9 ' ^fVypr^i^SKS^^lwases. 1 : Soap. WHIPPLE & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, ttBKRESKNTlNQ THK FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE THE WAR SERIES, whlcli has been followed with , A Word about Catarrh, that wonder avo t llovk of hhickhirds. said to u thivc miles in Iciin-t), ilm | j...,,-!.. a Iniiidivd yards wide, lalrl.v p^s.scd r Edcnlon hay, North Carolina. y obscured Ihc hwivciis like n bluck ul, and (ho uoiso of their ili<rhi Ihc rush of a niig-hly wind." , i ""»"'•"'••• wnua uymo ^S^rn^»<s n »t^ ^^$ 1 $te%^&*g&<*i ]MlfSZ a <&°. 8flmal i "i 1 """* ""> oreatn? a "A* killincr u,o reflned pleasures of taste. In» by eroeplng on from a simple cold B^vAiol? 8 ^ 11 !* 1 " 3 membranous lin- :;•" 7",-; en veiops the bones, ontlnir tlirnneh the delicate coats and causing Inflammation sloughing and death. Nothing short of e"""' will secure health tn t no patient Franklin, of PhlladelyJiIa; . 1 German American; North British and Mercantile, London; |«, , Com. Union, London; Lancashire, Manchester, Ene.-. 1 Continental; Qlrard; Glens Falls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. J. l-\ ELLlfeON, Ooramandor. ANBIIUTZ, i „, , E DODGE, { Clerks. l"" Thui ' sUa y' Fob ' "">. will leave e t-oa. by Generals Slopum. Generals Q. A. oward and For St. Louis at 7 a. m. t ' Louis (foot of Vlne LeavJngr Alton at 5:»O p. m. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Gratton at 7:45 p. m., t!en?rn| ti i n m wl 5 n i"?, to:!p . r ? sa on St - T -°» Is and central Illinois Railroad lor Joi-soyville Waverly, SpHngUcldaud all points nort& and 1-1*31, FARE. SOc. 75D. . 55.00 ir A "i?tViitn v> V'"M l " Ul Ul;n -A«t. Alton. **» «• f -torJIVJt. 11 OTl 1 ni H it n trot- (ollfltf S. Mosby will descrloe""s"pocriu"battle» > ' fl nJl incidents. Stories of naval "ngagemaZ prison life, etc. etc. will appear. B " K ° mBnt "' NOVELS AND STOKIES. n "| ho Hundredth Man." a novel by Frank K. Stockton, author of "Tho Lady or tlm Tiger.'' beginsi in November? TwS novelette, Hv£ oor /??TX' Ca ^ 10 ' nortec byMaryHallool vi 'rf"Uncle Hemus," Julian Hawthorne, Edward Bggloston. and other prominent American authors will be printed during tue ;T,' S pE CrAt, FEATURES. (with illustrations) include a series ol artl J%£?n^f^i»P^iandMl^.ff5$. Kenaan. *Dt»4» HIJU oiuurm, Dy U60. tj-Tent Life In Siberia," who from a most eventful visit FARE. To ST. Louis, single trip, " " i'"uud trip, . . ' i jiTr »«*«*"wu uuui u moot oveniiuj visit ~T — the has, never Rheumatism n it an eotabllthed /aciTOitt Hood's Bar- •aparill* has ptotea an Invaluable remedy In many severe cases of rheumatl«m, effect- Ing remarkable cures by Us powerful action In correcting the acidity of tho blood, which U the cause of the disease, and purifying and enriching the vital fluid. It it certainly /air to assumt that what Hoed'g Sarsaparllla has done for oUiers It will do for you. Therefore, If you suffer the pains and nohos of rheumatism, give this poteat remedy a fair trial A Positive Core. I wag troubled very niuoh with rheumatism tn my nips, ankles, and wrist*. I could hardly walk, nnd was confined to my bed a good deal of the time. Being recommended to try Hood's Sarsaparllla, I took 'four bottles and am perfectly well. I cheerfully recommend Hood's Sarsaparllla as ono of the best blood purifiers In the world." W. F. WOOD, Bloomlngtoo, IU. For Twenty Years 'l have been afflicted with rheumatism. Before 18831 found no relief, but grew WOMB, ithen began taking Hood's Barsaporllla, and It did me more good than all tho other medicine I ever had." H. T. BALCOM, Shirley, Mass. "I suffered from what the doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Bar- suparilla and am entirely cured." J. V A "BOTOFOOT. letter carrier, (Shloago, 111. We shall bo glad to send, Ir«e of charge to all who may desire, a book containing many. additional statement* of cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. |1; six for (5. Made only by 0,1, HOOD A CO,, towell, Muss, IOO Doses One Dollar. JTor Hale. A aonventont form of 180 acres, moat all tn fflffiySSffifiST"* ««""^i8?«W $20,000,000. WB ALSO lUtPBaSElfT THE bottle of the Radical Cure one box Oatutrha? Solvent, and one Improved Inhaler, nearly priced? ° ne P acku «°- with lull direetlon?; FOTTKn Dung & OnEMJOA^CC^BoSTON. HOW IT ACHES. Worn out with pain, but still compelled by stern necessity to stand un to the work boioro us and bear the pain, flolinf in ono mluiito In a Ou- 'tioui-a Antl.Pam Plaster lor achliig „.•••• sides and baok,wpuk& painful m Sv e «, > v t Jl 0 , flore S be8tondl " l cking 1 - - ovei-y pnin and ache of -•••••- -- — --•' ~~-.v, V*. AlGtVwfU ...«., and Traveler's Life and Accident Ins. Co.,lTartford. Office: Over AJtoD Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALERS IN • Stoves jnd Hardware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other flrst class heating stovua for wood or coal. Monlhw PRICES. A FREE COPY, Subsoriptlon price, J4.00 a year, 85 cents a number. Dealers. postmastersTand publish s ? r ',Pi9 n8 - 8end f ° r our P beanU- M M pago ontologue (frco). ? 11 vroapooiua, etc., iftoiuding a bywhlea new readers can Sot n Can you alford to bo without tho Century THK OKNTUHY (JO., New York. Subscriptions reoelvod at this office. SHORTHAND WRITING, lUUght by mall. Toiinc. man hnva r\Ml« *rt Young men have only to nrnflt—«onVr?r "° "l all:e " a Bu ro source oi mm, w iv ?, tam P for pamphlet and sped- mon. w. W. Hulton, PittKburg, Pa. ifdlin JTor Sale. 'iliiPi I i^lMsiS|iS Outside Worn a specialty: Koof Ing, Guttering, etc. Undertaker's Supplies , . * or Kent. I „ A ",-i'ootn frame dwelllnj/, in iraod run | North side Bluff st. WHli>PL¥& SM? by New and Beautiful Designs just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS » A Speolaty, from Small to Largest sizes. GOLD PAINT! NEFF & OBERMUELLER, Fourth, east of Belle st. fobl Id3in . > B ' Uff Stroot> LB A8MILBY The late residences of J. i, and W H Mitchell, on Mill st., two oitil, best pieces ol rosideuce property In Alton. The property as "The Pur*, oast of above; it lota wu wiu und Summit strootn, an a a number ol ot» in Miller*Mitchell's addition to Alton Any pr all of above ut a urout barKUln. *vi.ipi Lie & SMimy. Jfor auie. The Morrlman property on State -Jllor & Michol/'s add., to Alton, l«"«ory house, 8 rooms und out-buildIUKH; «>Uu oer• foctordor. Oun bn had at a biinralnT _1_. Wllll'l'LK * HM1LKV. • Hale. dwolllug, corner I'o WHH'l'IJt & SNILMV or Kent, «t™nt m. 0 l Ul . J - Noonan on State S5SSH J5"2? n M Jho A. Platt place, flood 8 room brick houw, tn first olasi repair. WlUPPLtt * P Uunlrnblo ItuHldeuoeii fur Sole, A twoBtoi-y brick (iwollin({ on Stiito street knoivu un Win. A. 1'lntt humoateiid, lately nut 1 l/nnd rnnnff A *,.,,* u ., ....:.::.. ...V..I' 111 lu'ttnuu fopa'ir. „ .„„ „„,. „ on Aiulii stroot, iioiu-ly «oiv • tttvtr uuMiua VU(»U| lUtUlV |)Ul A two story Irumo UwullliiH T",",""." "ff."'"'! uourly now. A two atorv brick dwelllnu ou Sevontli street, all "---'* utusucrlUae.owuor •--•-•*-*' "" For Sole. n A7-i-opmbilsk(lwjlllnBBnd out . OB U'hlid street, bctffoen Oliorry und ALWAYS ON HAND COB. SECOND ANO ALBY SXS. ORGANS AND PIANOS! FLOSSj?& BABE. , WILSON WASHBOARDS. Th«ieWailibo«rdi are m»de with » lleiit.Wooa rim. T|, e Btroog- oit boards and bent wmlieri la th« woria. For gala by all dealer.. T«ke no other. HAtilNAVV M'F'O CO., »»»ln*w, Hlohltan. rpO ANNIfflLATic THE APPETITK FOB 5 TUB TOB A 0 0 0 taBtn'Tnir'^H'*^"•*»•'"*•" I4 eradicates the S^*S2«S8S^ 1 ^!?»pSt o uppetlto, clean tho the memory. It is put nfi, tn"inkZ~ x-'"."^^KOB, which are p'oai- n ostnn^ . Ono DOX ls sufflclont to euro i nnn oU?rt ' y . Bom , <) 1- cq"'re two boxes. Over oioii n?«n S? e , ntlro stttlBfaotion given in ed Hnnttn unare< ! s . of tosHmonlals reoulv- ou. bout to any address, postage paid-oil ..00 per box, i'reparea by a at uum A mt*m v\4 u\ u ill n\t* w'iu^l"wiimin U 1 cy> . Adl >r<'B»K.8. Mtlluri Otli wiuu, Wllmlngton.Dal. i7di m er U ktpt on nie at the ouWe* OVERUSING GENTS

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