Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 15, 1887 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1887
Page 4
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t DEATH. «_.«. .. nwj* ^fiKHTOo nituOUt thtf XQ6H* j b /i f n «w»P»P«w of wddeti death*, ana or Ute the alarming frequency of the 1 ! statement that death was caused by rheu- Button or neuralgia of the heart cannot fell to have been noticed. In all- probability many deaths attributed to hW&t'.dts- «ase are caused by these terribli M*>«, which are far mow dangerous than 1* gtn- erally considered. Is there any posftlvr cure r The best answer to such a question j« given by those who hatt b^wrfd'by • theni«of Athlophoro*. 7 ''• f, ;> 5 ' '•* } _ ' l*Harpe.Ilimo!s. For several year* a friend of mine had an attack of rheumatism every Spring, and each succeeding attack was worse than the proviou* one. He »aw Athlophoro* ad-" verti*ed and concluded to try it. After using the firrt bottle he told me he could go to bed and sleep all night without any aches or pains, a thing he had not done be- fprefor, five years.; He took two more bot« flo* for fear ,af a return of the complaint s WrtM thai time he hag not been bothered with rheumatism. I can say that it has given the best satisfaction of any remedy I ever gold for the purposes for which it is recommended. WM. PEBBIM, Druggist. Huntley, McHenry Co., 111. October 3d, 1884. For six months I suffered severely from an attack of rheumatism. A friend sent me a notice of several reliable cures effected by Athlophoros. -I -procured the medicine and less than one bottle Completely cured me, and I have not had the I«<nst indication of a return of the painful disease. I have recommended it to others and results similar to those in my own case lave fpllow&a, rl,regard Athlophoros as Bviirv fojggtoaiibulikecp Athidphoro* and Athlophoros PiUsjbut wlier* tliey cannot be'bought of the druggist''the Athlo- phoros Co., 112 Wall Bt., New York, will send either (carriage paid) on receipt of regular price, which is $1.00 per bottle for Athlophoros and 60c. for Pills, For liver and kidney diseases, dyspepsia, indigestion, weakness, nervous. dSblUtyV diseases of women; s constipation. jlicadftcho, impure blood, Sas., AUupphoros Pills ato uneq,ualed. - .« t ,'t, <;^, „ ..p.". - . ftfy^&'.tv 1 ,^,.' /-,' &#&&), . ,'* t^^tf* DAILT TETJ50SAPH. ft* SeooBj.oiu* MMt** *t U>« *. O. M Alton, m.) TUESDAY EVE., PKB. 16. What three Utters should b« most rever- •ncedl-D I T. What two letters could there b« no telegraph without!-Y R, j Wnatf two letter* are most disorderly f- K. 8* YOUNG FOLKS' COLUMN. ,"A;ji3VMNA8TrjC EXERCISE USEFUL IN • *5 EVERY DAY LIFE. An Eaiy W»y of Ascertaining the , .Breadth of a Hirer—A Very Interest• Ing LCMOU In Natural History Introducing tlie Horned Frog. Among curious animals native to tbe western part of North America Is the so called homed, frog orbbrnod toftd %l which to neither frog nor toad, but a spectra ot ll&rd. 'MoUfch of repulsive appearance, the horned frog, of which a picture Is here given, is not venomous, and neither bites nor stings. This curious animal has a body much flattened ^and covered with numerous spine like scales, a triangular head woll armed -with sharp spines, and a short, triangular tail bearing a row of aharp spines along the margin. The general color Is dark gray, (though some are brownish), imarked with blaokj the under parts are Of oi' sivoryswhite; 'These animals are Insect eaters. '•' ' "* Hcaso state (t) it Pfctldtnt Johnson was Impeached, a. Hit* the name, of our onrrwicv Which IS a legal tender. 8. Sow many cities of the United States have elevated railro&to f > ti. 0 tt II fcc's a (w'o-thlrds vote was required', but "WasnotsecumT/ K.'AU ttMtW 3&te«i fcAr- renoyTls tegal T tender. 8.-New York and Brooklyn. Some other oities have cable r&ida leading to bluffs. , Carious Queries on Many, 8UQject*;CAre- , , fully Anstrer^d. , REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR RENT, — BI- Rudersnausen & Sonntag. -' ' '• ' : •" ^ ,a rea- e honse nt home sonable figure, being at»6.8io#y fra on Eight* street, near Henry. . For Sale. A choice farm of 820 aoroe, with first class improvements, situated zx miles east of Brnnswlek. Oharlton oo., Ho. For Bale. • ' • A one-story frame dwelling house In good condition. In Topping's addition to Alton. For Bole Cheap The residence of Oapt. W. p. oble: two stories ana mansard roof i 12 room* 1 nails, So^io^rSiL 8 &^ g ^ un '*«'! Far Sale. 160 acres of land near city limits, Su>.o .. J w R. 8t ?JS? r 5b l «Okjand.' frame dwel ,nk mrase, both aJttSfttOdiOn the t eu8» »u' .'o- dcaW Street between fith and 7th meets 1 so the 'brick block of stores on Socon street, between Hem <• and Bldge street aown as Hunter's For Sale. ' ' HORNED FBOO. There are at least six different kinds or species pf this frog, all,of which are natives of -western North America—one species being found as far east aa Arkansas. They abound in Texas, Arizona and Kew Mexico to California, and as far north as Oregon. The cut represents, according to The American Agriculturist, one of .thae8stenunost,fipecios, also the One most numerous and best known. In the regions, named these rnilmniu are so common that they attract little attention, except <,from travelers ..who^see them for the first .tiine. They ere said to take refuge in their barrows to JbSbernote or pass the winter in a dormant state. Measuring the Width of a Klvor. The approximate breadth of a river, or other stream, may be determined by means •ft. wejvitn of a hat or the peak of a cap and this can be done by a boy as well as a man. 160 acres f good tarmine land, and another tract of 8 00 acres, both unimproved. Situate In Mori co., Kansas, at SIO and S16 per acre respectively— ono-thlrd oaah.balinofron time. For Sal*. : ' . " •-•• ' - "' Alarm of 140 acres on bottom land, all In cultivation, near Madison, In this county. A Sri t J3600 ^ * rtune dwo "' n « houae on {t. for Sale. A choice farm of 120' acres, situate I mile south of Shlpman, Mncoupln county, 111,, at ftlowflgure. J '' nerest to cal at the office of Rndershausett A Sonntag and examine their list of properties for sale as only part thereof la adver- ft &KRSSUSE! A common sense cure, by a combined medical and mecliniii- cal notion. Unlike any other pre- f oration, they relieve the pressure Whila curing the corn, anr( npvor, fail where directions are followed- Plve Beta of plasters ivnd box of put. up In handsome tin donvenienf f or use. Price 25 cents, complete. Ask for "Pedaoura" unA take no other. 'Rie Peleg While Proprietary Ca. 118 W. Broadway, N. Y., U. S* or FIRST-CLASS DRUGGISTS, H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Dlflt. Agent for Alton. DK. B. GUlfi&igH, Physician and Burgeon, • o B .rpuor H l«3-dwly W. A. HAHKXXL, M.D., Fhyaiolau and Surgeon, Offloa b oors-« a. m. i U to 1, and 6 p.m. .. _ ••••'•• -'• " »u«rS-Swt AND ,OBB ARB KQDAL. The person desiring to •ascertain this fact must place himself at tha edge of one bank of the river and lower the brim of his hat, or peak of his cap, till he finds the edge just cuts the other bank; then pfter placing the hand under the chin, he inust'turii round steadily till he faces some level ground on his own side of the river, and observe when the edge of the peak again meets the ground. The measure of this distance will be very nearly the breadth of the river. To Excite Electricity. If a thick glass tube be token in the hand, rubbed briskly with a dry woolen oloth or a > silk handkerchief, and then brought near to light substances, as small pieces of paper, small balls of elder pith, etc., lying on a table , whatwUlJbe ojtwrwrtf ThftjitUejdeces o papsr or pith balls will fly Into contacfwlt the glass ,tube,' and then dart ott ag&in. The will continue to fly up and down for som time. ••'. , - •,'.'•;•• ,; •• The glass tube producesi these effects, a Q«*i, by Attracting, these .light ..bodies Intt contact with it, and IhenrepelUnfrtbflinawr from it Sealing wax, and many other substances •wh.en rubbed, will act on light bodies just a glass does. Thts,pecull<«- state into wh'lcl tho surface of the glass is brought by rubbing tt oaJUjdi'the.- stags' O jf electrical excitement the glass is said to be electrically excitid, or electrified. By attention to ..these simple principles many curious tricks may be perforated, very surprising to those who know little or nothini of tha real cause of the marvel. .The Downward Leap. The downward leap is a gymnastic operation that many have involuntarily to per form in some emergency of actual life. It Is therefore well to become skilled In it by practice, •; Of tho number of people mutilated or killed by Jumping from height* in cases of fire or other calamities, somoal least might have escaped unhurt, had they only known how to set about the undertaking. The downward leap is accomplished In the following manner: Having mounted to the height from which you are to leap down, stand with your feet together, the toes pointed forward, not outward. j **»»*J *»M»wwr^«« * What was the origin of the Spanish nation. • From remote antiquity'the elevated region* In the interior were peopled by the Cettiber- lans, a race formed by a mixture ot Celts am •Iberians. ' The Phtenidriris came next, thei the Greeks, who applied the Mama ot, Iberia, which was changed bv-the Romans to Hes- pania. /After the Drst funlo war the Cnrtha- gCntorestabjiiAeil tliowwelveVitn' Spiin. :; Th Greek Colonies applied to tbe'RomattWor aic against the Cnrtlmgmiintm. •':. Bcipio, a Roman general, expelled the latter In 810 B. C. ant finally; tlio Konians conquered the whole coun try. When-the.'Roman-: power: declined the Germans appeared in Spain. - It -.was subduec by the Visigoths, ancl still later on by the Moors. •'ChrMiiui'tod Mohammedan con tended till Granada,'the last Moorish province t yielded to Ferdinand and Isabella. Will you-pleaae'bbllfee meby'strttlng If there Is an institution.In-the.United States where th- machlrilst's trnde 18 tmight,' ' Ji. ( S. The Stevens Institute of Technology ttHo boketyN.: J. The Hose Polytechnic, institute at Torre Hnute, Ind. There is also a. similar institution at Cincinnati. At New ybrk and Chicago there are training schools-for boys. Bunker Hill. Who won the battje of Bunker HID, the English or Americans! W; T. The Americans were driven from i their redoubt on Bunker JQillt and the British remained In possession of the ground; yet the toss of the'British wns so gTeatthattlie moral effect wasinfuvorof the Americans. Theory; of Tides. Please stnte why the tide rises and falls. The most probable theory Is as follows: ' Suppose itha. earth to be a smooth sphere covered with water of uniform density. The attraction rot .the moon on the pliable water nearest to her, would be greater than on the solid earth, causing a heaping of the water toward her. ,Sofar the matter seems very simple, but there is. also another heaping up of water on the opposite side of the globe at the same time. This is explained by the fact that the'-water on "the'--side away from «'th0 moon ip attracted'less than the solid earth, and the earth Is therefore thrown away from the water, thus causing theWter to be heaped ' up, though not so muclroa that directly under -the tooon on the opposite Bide. The sun has i two-flfths as much influence on the waters as the moon. But since the'eartti'revolves on Its axis,* and the moon at times nets : inn direct •line with the Bun,,anr3 at times In a contrary direction, these motions never give the waters time to take a spheroidal shape as they would do"when at rest. -An 'Imperfect 1 form of it travels around the earth in a lunar day, and the tide Vises' lator'as 'the'mooh does. When the sun and moon attract in the some direction we have ths highest -tides and vice versa. A Question of -Bight. Not long .ago, while on a visit, I became ae- qualnted with a young lady, and on my return l)ome began a correspondence with her. She has written me to address my letters to an assumed' name,'as she fears her father may object if -he discovers our correspondence. Now,.I don't wish to offend her father or act dishonorably. Yet I wish to continue our correspondence. ,What shall I dor • 'JOHN T. There may be special circumstances which render It essential for her to ask you to act clandestinely, but 'on general principles we should say that there is a want of. sfcrragtH"of character in the yo)'"^ iuffy""" Most women of high prlncirfle'would correspond openly or^K.'* , towkfl*. lHoon What WM i Locke's-hibon-hcia*f 1 shave frequently seen It referred to, but do not know what i A newspaper hoax perpetrated In 1 1888'iti The New York Sun. The authoi 1 ,was Rich* ard Henry Locke. It was known that an eminent nstromomor—Sir John tiershel—Wn» at tile Capo of Good 'Hope, With Instruments' of^giyat- power/ .The article tin- The, Buh purpprted to bo taken from The, Edinburgh Journal of Science. Itgave'an eJitrn'oi-dlnary account 6f Harsher*? discoveries i with wlint they .declared to be a seven-ton glass, describing Lunar scenery as if but a hundred yards away; and Lunar inlmbitante likd men bats. After hoaxing nearly everybody in AiiieHca it was i published, In. England, whero it met with almost equal success; and was even discussed in the ••French' Afca'dehiy of Bclence*.' It wa«,-in fai't) read all over Europe. . ; Presidential Candidates. I W6uld b6 bbligcd If you woulcl give the names of -the presidential candidates of 18«0. •-, , : .•-.-. -.-.• .•'-.- :.- • Porjncs. The Deniocratio national JBonyen'tion'metat Charleston,'H. C., and iu1J6urncd ! to 1! hieet' at 'Baltimore, where it nominated Btephen A. Douglns, and - Hershel Y. Johnson, The Con- ititutionol Union cohventibn met at Baltimore and nominated J6hn Bell and Edward Everett. The Republican national convention met at Chicago and nominated Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin. The Demo- frratio c'onvontion romposed of seceding delegates to the Charleston convention met at Baltimore and nominated John C. iBrecken- ridge and Joseph Lone. A Gilt forlll. In order to give all a chance to test it, and thus be convinced of its wonderful curative powers, Dr.'King's New DISK covery for Consumption, Cbughs and Colds, will be, for a limited time, given away. This offer is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the merits of *his great remedy. All who suffer from Joughs, Colds,' Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, or any affection of Throat, vhest or Lungs, are especially requested to call at E.* Marsh's Drug Store, and let a'tnal bottle free, large bottle $1. ' Renews Her youth, Mrs. Phoebe Chesley, Peterson, Clay co., Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of which IB vouched or by the residents of the town: "I am 73 years old, have been troubled vith kidney eomplaint and lameness or many years j could'not dress myself without help.. Now I am free from all mm and soreness,-and ain able to do ill my own housework. I hanks to Electric Bitters for having enewed my youth, and removed corn. iletely all disease and pain." Try a ottle, only 60o, at E. Marsh's Drug """ fbl dwlm HARPER'S BAZAR. -ILU7&TRAMD, MOSTPERFECT MADE P*spB'r»i'w|tiiMictWj^fcpur)&; ; ig^n^Vtaia Heallbf ulncss.' Dr. Price's BakingPowdet contains no AmmenlBtUmei Aluin or Phosphates. Dr.Prlce'( Extracts, Vanilla, Lemon, etc., flavor aeUcioasly.. RAILWAY TIME TABIJK. OHIOAGO AND ALTON. On and after Sunday. Nov.lUth, 1880, train. on the Chicago and Alton railroad, will leavt the Union Depot, Alton, standard time, 0* follows: For Chicago and the Basil , Chicago Hail*... ....................Oiooa.uj Ohloago Accommodation*.....,-. .eiOOp.ID Lightning Express 1 *..... ............;; Feoria and Book Island Tast Lln»t,9:00 a. m For JacksonvU)e, Keoknk, Qnlnor, Kan- Isas City .and all points west: KaunasORy Mall* ...,*.- BiOOa.m. Kansas City Express*, 9:10 p.m ' Denver Expressf ...7:06 p.m. Jacksonville Accommodation t... V :05 p. m For St. Itralsi v • Lightning Express*.,.;..;..........8:16 a. m Ohluago Accommodation*. ..9:to a. m Alton Spoclalt..... .13:86 n. m Kansas City Mall* 5:40 p. m Ohloago Mall t 6:3Qp. m IBAIN8 LEAVB^BT. WWM-XJNiON DEP01 H 60a.m. ' M) 00p.m. nBOp.m. *7Mp.m. (8 48 a. ; m. Sundays only). •Dally TEzoept Sunday. , B. D. EEEVE, i . _ _ Sup't. St. Lonii Division O. S. Nosais, Ticket Aorent »^.... „.. „ BAZAk combines the erature and the finest iliustrn" latest fashions and the most _ reading, It* itoriio, poems, and ,. by thenest writers, tmu its hnmorous ate unsurpassed. Its paper* on • quetteVdeoprativ* art, house k» its branches, cook'ary, eto,. make... sable in «very hoZBeuoid. • Its beauwui iuii. ion• plIUs and pattern-sheet supplement* enable ladle* to save many times the oost of (subscription by being th»irOwndr«s9raakor§ Not a line is admitted to its columns • that could shook the most fastidious taste. HARPER'S, PERIODICALS. , Pw Xeari Harper's Bazar ,,,,,$ < M Harper's Magazine , ,.,.. J n» Harper's Weekly ,,,4 M HnrpeVs Young People..... ...100 Harper's ro anium Square Library, one, y9|r(flSl numbers). <u«..itMO 00 Harper's Bandy Series, one year, (M numbers) ..t,.', .•..,..'..., ..mlS 00 Postage Free to all subscribers Id the United States or Canada. ,,, Tho volumes ofthelUJUJt b first Number for January of eac no time,la mentioned, eubsorip, gin with the Number current a celpt of order, .. , * > < •'<• Bound Volumes of HAWBn'g three years baok,tn neat oloth bfi sont by mail, postage paid, or b ' of expense (provided the,fro exceed one dollar per volume), volume. . >! \ * ' Oloth Cases for baoh volume/'*nUable for binding; will bo. sont by tnallt'postpaid, on onreceiptof $1.00each. . -. : --, 4.. Bemlttancos should bettftdo by Poitoffioe Money Order or Draft, 1 to avoid chance of With tho iar. when « WIU bU- me of ro- Azxn.Mor .ngiWfllho press, free ht doojt not • *r.OO per Yortc ,188.7. Harper's Weikly. IliUSTBATBD. HABFGR'S WEBKLI tnalntatni,{ts position as the leading illustrated newspaper In-America; and Us hold upon public esteem and^oon- OmOAGO, BUBUWSTON AND QUINOY. -Trains leave the Union Depot, Alton follows : i Going Nortti . ; ' Bx ... . 8i£6 a, m .j. .....'. .,,.,...,. 7:05 p. m YT. W. ARNOLD, Ajfent. BncKien's Arnica salve. The Best Salve in the world for outs, raises, 6ores,u.cers, salt rheum, fever ores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, x>rns and ail skin eruptions, and posi- :vely cures piles, or no pay required. t is guaranteed to gjive -perfect satis- actioni or money refunded. Price 25 e*ts per box. For sale by E. Marsh, Alton. 111. mchTdwlm .. Close your fists aft your sides and raiua yourself gradually; on your tip toe: bonding the knees, UUUmBTMft. Dentlat* UTHIR08TB8KT, ALTON, ILL. Offloo Uoar»-B a. ro. to W m, j ito (p. m O. A. MoMH,Lgy, (ixje illustrstion); on bending for the third time, drop gently off tbe elevation (carefully avoiding any tiling like a spring), and as yoq descend through the air straighten tho body, throwing tho arms upward as much as. pqaji-i We. A* soon as the points of your tow touch the.ground bend tbe knees forward jto break tuefinpetu* of the fall. ;r In practiiing, tako care to increase tbo height from which yoii leap very gradually, and never attempt a deeper Jump till you are quito perfect in Ui« proTlous ones. Home Alphabetical OonuDtlrunii. What letters does a Uuy nmn like bestf— K Z. J«tt«r would a blind mm «|v. mot! Wh<vt are the three snout Irish ieltenl-B '' ' - " . • , What are the two most poverty itrkken" letters!— OO, .- ~ . This age presents the greatest boon, Salvation Oil; it cares so soon. When Christmas came •with its good cheer, its fun, and its merry making, we used to deprecate.its colds, but that .was long ago, before the days ,pf Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.. Now it is very different.: Anew era has dawned onus,; and great and small, little and tall, merry men all, are happy. SOME claim that the pulley is the oldest mechanical invention, but prop. Ably the. erowbar has a pryer claim.— What people want .in, a..carriage is ease and durability on a rough road. The Rice Ooll Spring;Ms,the bUl. ' '••' •'• '':••• '' •• •,-•;,; , dfflW •'My, little Boni three yearsiof age,was terribly afllioted with scrofula. His head was entirely covered with scroful* ous sores, andi his . body showed many marks of the diease. A few bottles of Ayer's Sarsaparilla cured him."—VV. J.' Beckett, Hymera, Ind. dwlw SOMETHING! peculiar about a matqh> No matter how,-you drop it it always lights on Its head^-if it lights ataJl';- SX. • • •'••-!. This; Skin Can to Kept Soft,; Wnlte and free from taint of perspiration by addlng;Darbys;ProphylRcUp Fluid to the water used in bathing. It removes all offensive; smell from the feet 'or any >art of the body. Used as a tooth wash it will harden the gums, preserve the teeth,: cure tooth ache and make tho breath pure and sweet. Cures chaffing, inflammation, piles, scald feet, corns, eto. tu th s wk ( ».~— ...uu.uuuu makes his bow to "the 61id South," and says, "For particulars see my late veto of the dependent pension bill." Boils, pimples, hives, ringworm, tetter/ and all other manifestations of impure blood are cored by Hood's Sarsaparilla. 3 Or the 186 Republican members of the Kansas Legislature,76 are for Blame in 1888: 16 for Sherman, and;44 divided among 16 candidate*. Of the 28 Democratic members 19 are for Cleveland and the balance divided on five candidates. . . . , ' : : . Food For Consumptives. Scott's Emulsion of. Cod. Liver Oil with Hypophosphites, is a most wonderful food, it not only gives strength and increases the ilesh but heals the irrita<. tion of the throat and lungs. ' Palatable as milk and in all wasting diseases, both for adults and children, is a marvelous food and medicine. • . • • CONGRESSMAN Glover.of Missouri, who is an uncompromising Democrat,says tha President Arthur's appointments in that State were infinitely better In every way than President Cleveland's. That stands to reason. They were Republican*. Free Trade. The reduction of internal revenue and the taking off of revenue stamps from proprietary medicines, no doubt, has largely benefitted the consumers, as well as relieving tbe burden of home manufacturers. Especially is this the case with Green's August Flower and Bos- choe's German Syrup, as the reduction of thirty-six cents per dozen, has been added to increase the size of the bottles containing these remedies, thereby giving one-fifth more medicine in the 76 cent size. The August Flower for Dyspepsia and Liver complaint and the German Syrup for cough and lung troubles, have, perhaps, the largest sale of any medicines in the 'world. The advantage of increased size of the bou ties will be greatly appreciated by the slok and afflicted, in every town and village in civilized countries. Sample bottles for 10 cents remain the same Ja 8 d wlw eo w i A Common Cold Is often the beginning of serious, affections of the Throat, Bronchial Tubes, ana Lungs. Therefore', thV importance of early and effective treatment cannot be overestimated. Ayer'» Cherry Pectoral may always be relied upon for the speedy cure of a Gold or Cough. Last January I was attacked with'a severe Cold, which, by neglect and- frequent exposures, became worse,' finally settling on my lungs. A terrible cough soon followed, accompanied by pains in the chest, from which I suffered intensely. After trying various remedies, without obtaining relief, I commenced taking Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and was ' Speedily Cured. I am satisfied that this remedy saved my life. —Jno. 'Wflbster, Pawtucket, B. I. I contracted a severo cold, which suddenly developed into Pneumonia, presenting dangerous and obstinate symptoms. My physician ordered the use of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. His Instructions were followed, and theresult was a rapid and permanent cure.— H. E. Stimpson, Eoger* Prairie, Tex. Two years ago I suffered from a severe Cold, which settled on my Lungs. I consulted, various physicians, anf took the medicines they prescribed, but received only temporary relief. A friend Induced me to try Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. After taking two bottles of this medicine I was cured. Since than I have given the Pec^ toral to my children, and consider it The Best Remedy for Colds,'Coughs, and all Throat and Lung .diseases, ever used in my family. — Robert Vanderpool, Meadville, Pa. Some time ago I took a slight Cold, which, being neglected, grew worse, and settled on my Lungs. I had a hacking cough, and waa very weak. Those who knew me best considered my life to be — —•""••• ii—— —-W » vf- *»*.WU^«ML VU»U M* »UV VIVO* ent time. JBnside* the -picture*,!Hjuu-Btfa WHEKLY always con taias Installments of one, occasionally of two, of the beet novels of the day, finely;Illustrated,,with Sh0rt,frtorle8, poems, sketches, and papers Wlmpcrtant current topics by tho most-.popular writom. The care that has been successfully oxerptsod in the past to make ,UABFKBS WEEKLY'S sate as well aa.a.weloome visitor to every Tiouso bold .will not be relaxed In the future. HARPER^S PBBIODICAL8. Harper's Weeklv ,,»4 »1 Harper'sMttRozine ,4 00 Harper's Bazar...v 4 oo Harper's Xoung People 200 Harper's Franklin, Square Library, one year (62numbers). 10 00 Harper's Handy Series one 7 ear (OS ' numbers) .V.: •?:>!» 00 Postage free to'all subscribers In the United States or Canada. , , The Volumes of tho Weekly bejrin with the first Kumber for January of each year. I .When no time Is mentioned, subsclptionji will boirin with the ynmbor/ourrentat time ol receipt of Bound Volumes ol UAUPBR'S " WBBldflr, for ^!^ e .^J?^ite5«t t fi9« n afe?^'^i , ng, w be sent by mail, postage paid, or byexpross. free of expense (provided the freight does not exceed one dollar per volume) tor 17 pet vol. . Cloth cases for^eaoh vOlnmerjiuitaWe for binding, will be sent by mall, postpaid, on receipt or fl each. < t,.,. Bemlttanoes chould be made Jiy.ftjfltofllce Money Order or Draft to avoid chance of loss. Newspapers are not to copy tnls advertisement without the express order ot Harper A Brothers. .-Address . > ~i™ r « HABPKB * BKOTHEB8. JTew Tork. . s valuable medicine cured me, and I leel that I owe the preservation of my ; life to its curative powers. — Mrs. Ann Lockwood, Akron, New York. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is considered. nere, the one great remedy for all diseases of the throat, and lungs, and is more in demand than any other medicine of its' class. — J. ff. Roberts, Magnolia, Ark. • lAyer's Cherry -"Pectoral, •' P«p»red by Dr. J.O. Ayef k bo., Lowell, UtiiT Bold by til Droggiiti. Pr!e« |l ; ax bottlM, f ». WM.L. KLUNK January Number, No. 1, Vol 1. NOW READY. CONTENTS. GABIBEiTA PBOCtAl'MlIira THE k EK. rKBNO > H! XBI> F * tlS ' B ' 1 P* T ^V "«*KK ' "^^JB iuii ui UIB jsirnpiro, , By E. B ex-Jflnister tolitanoe,, .With'-UJnstfatiihs from portraits and documents In Mr. Washburne's possession, and from drawings by THIJLSTBUF, MEBKKB, BBIOH, and others. SETB B'BilOTHiiB'S Wlfk-OhapUrs l.-v. HAIIOLDFBBDKKIC., ',,,„, THH^TOItTf OS 1 A NEW 5 . jtoak^IIOUSE.-I.- Hi 0. BDKKBR, iiinstratid by >A. it. FBOST. K. HorKiHsoif SMrraand Q. W. BPWARDS. SONNETS IN SHADOW. ABfcOBATBS. OUR DEPENOEL-ES8 OoiiSTS. P. V. QRBKNB »h%a?d'dWn\?l ne0r - WUU map8 ' IN A OOPV OF THE LYBIOAL POEMS OF EOBERT HERIUOK. AUSMN DOB8ON. IN MEXICO .Tiiojixs A. JANVIKR. .j..AVKa . .With illustrations town-seals in the author's. collooHon, and after Dm CLEHCQ., riNOHEs and others, Chancery flNotice- ' Ready-Made Coflans, Metallo Cases, Caskets And Burial Robee for Ladies, Gentlemen and OhUdron.. Office and Shop on State street SOCIALISM, THH MS W YBAK. MATBUnr FLBMINO. OBLIGATO. A Story 88.00 a Year. 85 ot*. Bemtttanoes should be made by check or money order. CHARLES SCRTBNElt'S SONS, Publishers, 748 and 748 BroadWM, Xwll York. ari unty of Madison, 1 it^rt ot Madison county, Maroh term 'o, West, surviving partner of Henry O. Hwootsor, dooaased, late partner* under the name o« Sweeilaer'and PHest, vs! David B. SDarks. Anna u. Sparks, bis wife. Wet- jeyJJWt, tb?Aitpn ift«onftl Bank, ihe ,D. ?Ad 8 £vll£ M 'v, l , n * °o»P»ny. -Albert Vade »nd Frank n. illlnoi'. \ in ohanoery. nll?". 0 ^ 1 ? ^oreby given to the said Weslov Best that the above named complainant oomplalnt'in saw S 0 ^^"^?"""^ »Me tKwfT'an'd th« a tnmmoBs tliereupon U*ned out of snld court against the above nuned defendants returnable on the first day of t¥e termofjK Lucas Pfeiftenberger ARCHITECT, GENERAL SUtEIliNTENDENT AND HECHANJTCAL DEAUGHTSMAN, Office on Third st.,one door west of Piaaa, third floor. Vfi»m & SOl'lS, Olark. 200 BA.Q8 HIQGENS' FUREKA FINE SALT- ib?fc a :iKViw !l!l sacks, for sole by * J. AvBYEtB, •. r

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