Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 15, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1887
Page 2
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i " w^-.^^.^r. ^...t?......... •* f * ILn liiTl AUOT DAILY TELEGBAPJr BK IT. *. NORTON, Ow. Third and PiMo Streets, Alton, 111. TUESDAY EVE., FEB. 16. Illloolf Moldleri' and Sailors' Home. This Initltutlon, recently eitabliahed near the city of Qumoy, aud now so well advanced toward completion, that ootupanti may be expected within the next sixty days, li a subject of much interest to the people of the State, and especially to the old veterans, many of whom are already applying for that comfortable shelter which tho Home will afford. We hope H will have ample accommodations for all the old veterans who need its shelter and support. A hlrnlflcant exception. Referring to tho possible candidacy of Mr. Blaine, in 1888, the Chicago Newt aayt: While there have been instances in which defeated candidates have been again candidates, there is only ono In- staoe in which snoh au one has been elected, and that was before the davs •f nominatinff conventions, and when electors oast their ballots for tho strongest man In their parly without reference to the question o! candidacy. In 1792 the republican electors voted for Jefferson ana Burr, who were defeated, al- tnoujth the former was elected vice- President. The case of Gen. dackaon, in 1824, is not an exeeption to this rule, for he was defeatedjbecause the electee rial college could make no choice and the election went to the house of repro* sentatives, which chose Mr. Adams J- 8 i n aoo ? on waaa Oft ndidate again in 1828 itnd was elected. In 1824 Jackson had 99 votes ;Adams, 84; Crawford, 41 and Clay, 37; instead of Jackson 10 and Adams 8, as the 2?eu/t, states, Jackson lacking 32 votes of a majority of electoral votes. The Neva, however, seems Ignorant of a very significant exception to the rule it lays down. It is this: In 18*6 Martin Van Buren, of New York, was elected President by a majority of 99 votes over Wm. Henry Harrison, of Ohio. In 1840 Wm. Henry Harrison, of Ohio, was elected President by a majority of 174 votes.'ovor Martin Van Buren of New York. In 1888 Qrover Cleveland, of New York, will be as emphatically repudiated for re-election as was Martin Van Buren, of New York, in 1840. A female speculator who is Interested m Colorado mines was Interviewed re- centiy by a reporter for tho St. Louis Olobe-Democrat. On boing requested to tell something of the women who have gone out west and made money, she said: ' "I have been asked about ladles' prospecting. I have a lady friend who. while on a summer trip on the mountains, found an outcropping of ore on the surface and located a claim which sold for «o,000. Mining f or gold lg ft fine art, for n a whole ton of earth you will probably got no raoro than an ounce of gold, aud that in such mlnuto particles that ono would need a microscope to lind them. I have another lady friend who is a lino judge of ores and lives in a beautiful little cottago, with her husband, noar some lareo mines that he owns. There is also a lady in Gunnlson county who owns and works a Inrgo mine and gives it her personal supervision. She has her own home, where she boards the minors and tends them in sickness. My last year has been very prodtablo In a financial way, and 1 could have done nothing half so lucrative in nny other business Of course, I have bought my experi- onoo dearly, but I have spent a proat deal of time in studying ilm matter up. 1 owu mines in Eagle, Summit, and Boulder counties, and to peoole who understand mining districts they aro throe of tho best counties Iu Colorado for both silver and gold. Then 1 own one-fourth of a claim of a group of twonty mines culled tho Table Group, eleven of which' nro doveloped. The deed stands in my name and the mines aro in the hands of London and Now York linns. In these days when nil the professions are studied by ladies, hotel und manufactories run by thorn, and even a steamboat license obtained by one of pur sox, it BOGUIH to me that mining is one of tho easiest of all these. Iho wealthiest woman iu Colorado, Mrs. Bishop Hiff Warren, made her owu money, and is now worth $10,000,000. Sho made her money on cattle. Ladies are too apathetic, and aro bound dowu by conventionalities, and wo aro too oflen kopt back by advice from the men of our familioji, who aro always egotistical enough to think thoy can make enough. The womon of Chicago and Now York deal in stocks, in wheat, oil, aud consols, and whv not iu mining 1'' * ^i^y^fitff a IM/' ^-**-> '' f-,- \f "15.-1 , ... j. j t . \U, Hie Modem Chick'* SotUoqny. Backward, turn backward, oh, lime in y6ur fllghti Mak« m* an egg again, smooth, clonn and whtw*. I'm homesick and lonely, nod lif«'« but, a dream. I m » poor chicken born In a hatching machine. Compelled la this cold world to roam- ./ No mother to shelter, no place to call home, ' No mother to teach me to scratch or to cluck I can hardly itII whether I'm chicken or Otielt. Facti Fitriners Want to Know. A New England experimenter finds that reeding apples to milch cows invariably lessens the flow of milk. In planting a new orchard some growers plant pench trees between the apple trees. The poach grows and bears quickly, yielding largely before the npplo trees need tho space. Meat for the use of a small family can be smoked by .suspending the hums from bars laid across a largo barrel open nt both ends and set above n, smoldering fire Corn coba make a good smoke, and bay leaves and juniper berries give nn nro matlc flavor. Cover 'the barrel while smoking. So Bays Tho Iowa Register. The Louisiana orange crop proves to be less than one-tenth of nn average crop. Mr. Louis, of Wisconsin, a noted Poland China breeder, says It, pays to feed cooked food. Ho believes In breeding from matured parents, ns thoy bring strong and healthy pigs. He used to keep hogs until 18 months old for making pork, but found that a mlstade—10 months Is as long as is profitable. If you have a few dollars to spare, buy a small Hock of sheop and make them a pen and a yard, and procure a good thoroughbred ram two years old to run with the owes. Keep an account of the cost and if everything goes right the money will be doubled within n twelvemonth So says The Rural New Yorker. *^*^^mnmmm*fa**mml*M*i**m-u~+Jl—u lau^ ,., L ...... I - . MAj*^&mUii^j|P .. M -~. j g ,~. '.'_.'„, . . TTT^^^^T^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^**'* 1 *^ iflo re ttvi £*ft X "MM •*•» MM tn Lu tr ill 1 ' m STATE or ittu ;4iIMI™ llfc TLJ: l . • l*L*v stoiairooutu tmfv pp »vflttK»&ftv> *• ^8 Of the Septembe ^g£P!l$igra£%fe. ^^ qialrOoun»yoii ^^y/tfSSi'Kx^Zfc JolmN. Olilltonv ^"nr Bi •rim Trr^i . ohiiton, James Is.'ftm . XHE BEST TIttNQ KNOWN von stocks? This is tho only place outside of San'Francisco and New York where they have a mining-exchange, and it does not amount to much, but it ou^ht to bo made good." ° A. Mountain Bully. HTK1UKX HOIKS." Mexico has been so thoroughly written up during tho past year that one has no excuse for ignorance concerning the history, condition and prospects of our neighbor ro- public. Ono of the most sensible, practical and Informing of recent works is Mr. S. B Griffin's "Mexico of To day" (Harper & Bros) Tho author briefly sketches the history of tho country, gives a clear and concise view of Mexican politics, (not very well understood by tho 'average' American), speaks hopefully of the agricultural and commercial out look depicts vividly tho social llfo of tho people describes a bull flgut, tolls of the remarkable religious revolution, and sets forth tho phys- leal features ot 'this sunny land, "that is so prodigal in its coloring, so extravagant iu riotous vogetatlon.and so unapproachable In tt» mountain scenery," as to morlt the title given it, of "tho Italy of America." An in- toreitlng chapter 1. devoted to Ohapultepoo and Its memories, which include tho story of the ill-fated Maximilian and Oarlotta The volume closes with a careful and discriminating consideration of "our share in Mexico's future." ( A . o. McOlurg &Co., Chicago.) ln"Ctistlfi Nowhere",(Harper's) we havonlne of U1 89 Woolion's marine]stories "Lake Country Sketches," she calls them. In most of those her pen-pictures j of the oxter- ual surroundings ovlnco a much more intimate acquaintance with uaturo than with tlio mysteries of the human heart. Heading her description of tho lake ro«lon, ono can easily Imagine it a lovely and most desirable abiding place. But her men oan scarcely bo called heroes. If her Intention was to depict men most deplorably weak, their solo object In life, love, and that of the flimsiest and most cowardly sort, which benefit* neither over nor beloved, she has boon quite successful. She .ends to hor lake islandi men educated, rollned. wealthy, who aro weary of society and wish to bo rid of|lt all, women 1. particular. Having landed In tho wilderness they immediately nnd a half-brood, or • poor house ioundliug (whose adopting fathei 1» an unpunished criminal,) or a native, wonderfully lovcly-by whose surpassing beauty those "pets of fortune" are at onoo transfixed, shorn of their manly strength and will, and compelled to rormiln in tho wilderness, neither ennobled by their lovo themselves, nor doing aught for tho beloved save •toying with her. Nor Is the situation bettered whon this all-oonsuminglllamo burns in tho heart of tho maiden. None of the stories aro without strong touches, or pathos, and tb«i roador cannot help sympathizing with Wllhemlua, as lor throo years she treasures her affection for Qu*tav,-but tho fooling is changed to disgust, whon, .after losing him she allows lutrsolf to bo comforted, and wlth- in » month marries 'the bakor.' Perhaps tho boat of tho lot Is "Tho Lady of Little Fishing." yot In this there Is. found little more encouragement to de the right, and follow tho true, than lu"\Vaitlng8amuol's" peculiar preaching and oxamplo. As ono closes tho book there remains inlho heart an unsatls- fled feeling as If the scorning food had boon nothing but ohall. (A. 0. McOlurg A Co ) A few years ago there died in a mountain county in east Tennessee a mau who was a noted bully. He was a splendid specimen of physical manhood, and was in overy respect a fighting bully He would tight at tho drop of a hat, aud could knock out u half-dozen ordinary men in one round. He would light for the fun of it, and ho who would dare cross his path wns indeed a reckless mau. In tho old days of State militia and "muster" ho was a prominent niau in his neighborhood and colonel of a militia regiment On muster days, when tho drill was ovw, ho would proceed to clean up the regiment. V\ hon ho shod his coat, twisted his huge fist around a few times, and yelled at tho top of his voice: "Hide out, little'uns, I'm a comin'!" there would bo a general stampede. This was how • ho camo to bo called "Old Hide Out" iu after years. When the lato war o.-iine on he joined one of the confederate rogimonts, and made a brave, fearless soldier. During a slight skirmish his company had with the federals down in Georgia, he took his gun by the muzzle, and, with his pld-tirao watch-word, "Hido out, little uns, I'm a coming'!" rushed Into the midst of the federal soldiers, putting thorn to night, not, however, without receiving a serious wound in the head which put him into the hospital for months, and permanently injured hia mind. When he returned to his native county ho was not tho fearless bully of old but a much-broken, stoop-shouldered, and crazy old man. He would stroll through the neighborhood aimlessly, and seemingly unconscious of his A Great Victory A Terrible Case^of Scrofula Cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla ' In tho wlnter'of 1879 I was attacked with scrofula In one oj tho most aggravating forms. At one time I habjno less than thirteen largo abscewes over andfaroundmyneckand throat continually exuding an offensive mass of bloody matter disgusting to behold, and almost Intolerable to endure. It is Impossible to fnlly describe my sufferings, as the cose was complicated with Chronic Catarrh. After three years of misery, having been treated by three physicians, I was worse than ever. Finally, on the recommendation of W. J Huntley, druggist, of tochport, I was induced to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. And now, after having taken twelve bottles, within tho last ^Mr^A^'A* 118 5 cr ofulous eruptions have f, ely ceased, and the abscesses have all appeared, except the unsightly seers which n Of»ybecomtoK'smaller g by y d e CTccnnd e anna f ft, do ., not know what It may ron Washingastd Bleaching In Hard err Soft, Hot or Cold Water. SAVES 1ADOK, TIljIK anil SOAP AIttAZ« IN<U,Y. and Rives universal nnUnfUctlou. St family, rich or poor, should bo without It. HoM by Ml nronom. JJEWAIU! of Imllatloni froll (taBIpnud to ln'fl*'"^ ""^HfUNK Iu thu ONLY HAFIC ,ftbu.--..,u, B uoin'ijound, anil aL WftJB liearn tho -boTO symbol, nnrt tmino ol .1»M*..J I'VLIC, MKW VO«K- n»l lowin KASKINE (THE NEW QUININis.) No bad effect No headache No nausea,. NO ringing ears, C ure " quickly |Pleasant,]e nre A POWERFUL, TONIC. that tho most delicate stomach will bear. A SPECIFIC FOR MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NERVOUS PROSTRATION, and nil Germ Diseases, cess""!.™ ° SP ' tftI> Nl Yl! "U^orsally sue St. Francis HOB. N. T. ?. r - L .:.?- White, U.' r'». Thomas Chilton, Qeorto Ubllton, James Gllderoy. Eobort w. Diok• cnson, fclinbeth Ann'ivuilams, Dorothy Burn, Thomas Burn, James Burn, Barbara Ferguiion, Sarah Jane Burn, William Burn John Thomas Burn, Dorothy Ann Bum,' Isabella Burn, James Burn, and Henry B. puullenor, executor ot the last will iand testament of John Ohilton, aecoased. Bill lor sale ol Heal Kstate. Under and by virtue of decree ot s»ld court, made In the above entitled onuie, at • aid term, 1, the undortlgnod, will, ou BATUKDAY, MABOH 19,, 18»7, n!.?*" 1 P. n '.hp promises liorolnaf ter described. 1 best bidder, thi fol- —I, situated in the conn- . State of Illinois, to-wltt' ..*. D «i\/uifcuuA the ooutheait;quarter of ,?.°Jl. i w ?» at ( 3 un F t ? r '. containing leu (10) is: und tho half of the southweit Riz"iR?n<?i", ln 800tlon ".""y < 80 >.' n township six (6) north of range nine (») weit. . Appraised value, ^,480.79. Salo U> commence at oue'o'olook n. in THUMB OF BALE.-Twontyporo&.of the purchase monoy to bo paid cash down, and tlio utuiinoo ou a credit of six find twclvo H^ nfc n hB ^ 800ured by note and approved eocu- ruy, ana A tnortgtiKo on tlio promises 8old,on iS^^r^^SSHS JSUSi^'.^.^ald decree lam dlrootod, oon- '- —' -'-' tho THE Will contain 1887, to the best ai Tlio Second Son, By MRS. M, O. \V. OUPUANT Paul Patoff, .„.„„ ' B?F. MAKlOK OBAWFOHD, Author 01 "A Boman Bluger/' "Mr. Isaaoi, etc. Papon on American History, By JOHN FISKB M.W. , iodtolne made.' 1 800 East 121st St., Now essre send these fact unsolclted EXECUTORS' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Sohwcppo, deceased. Tho undersigned, hewing been appointed Executors ofj the last will and testament of John W. Sohwoppo, lato °f Tni 0 . coua 'y °t Madison anViState of llllaols, deceased, hereby give notice that they will appear before tho County Oourt of Madison county, at the court house In the March term.on the fourth Monday in March uoxt, at whloll time all per- 80 J?n . "f olttlms against sola estate aro notluoU and requested to attend for the pur- SP, 8 ?P l1h ' lvln jf the same adjusted. All persons ndebtod to said estate are requested to rnaue Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 2nd day of February, A.D, 1887. BUZA F. SOHWilPPB, WILLIAM E. SOHWEPPE, HENHY M. BOHwSppi, ' Executors. " ally popular. ' French and English, continuation of the admirable papers ooui. ^"•^w^aisrf^ 1 * Essays and Poems, By OLIVEB WJBNDELL HOLMBH. Occasional Papers, By JAilES WU88BU,." ^" ^Ttior^homaS^Ztw^h^g' 1 int.lAa1t.wli~.. \V arnflt . ( B( 0( - « B-'tovui vniiuiun uuuioy Warner* B, O. Btoil sSf^SsSfe^^s^ George I ' Rro °™- Oella TtB, JohnWr- roughs, James Frooman Olarke. Dillzabetli ns Ponnoll, Bradford ToEoy and many TERMS: •\ i , u P°rD o-«Uo Hawthorne, Emerson. LonSel low.Bryant. WhUtior,'lx)well, or Ho ?»J each additional portrait, |1. EAGLJB PACKET COMPANY, N Yi'»lo'»' 9 0 . 10 °mhe. M.D., M East2Bth St., "i&.li to < Profl ln . N> y ' Med> College) writes Kasklno Is superior to quinine In Its specific ft°TO°tn tt j? d . nevor Produces the slightest In- Jury to the hearing or constitution. tin^ 1 u 1 L ;. llallT LOhaplaln Albany Penlten- «fJ5 \ '^ 8 tllat KB8kl "e has cured his wife, after twenty years suffering from malarln tlnula?s7° y8PepBl11 ' Wl '"° Mmfor Pa" Thousands upon thousands write that Kas- Mn« a V a8 i C ? r ?. d , them nfter <*1 other medt- montals. Write for book ol testu ,.,i C ?, 8kl ,° e ., on , u be takon without any special medical advice. $1.00 per bottle. SoldV SPRING ARRANGEMENT. The Steamer T3 -^SP«»» a3 .-^2 £ m _ ' Eb7B°LOOKrdi«rii«. iSjle^w.u'^n^teF^; 11 ' tte S P reaa CD J B. BOSS POWBLI, This statement Is conflrmcd by W. J. Huntley .druggist, otLockport, N.Y., who calls the cure a great victory for Hood's Sarsaparilla. send for book giving statements of many cures. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. 81 i six for 35. Made only by 0.1. HOOD Ss CO., Lowell, Mass. IQO*Doses One Dollar. . " P" woolpt of price. NK 00., M Warren St., Now York. 10 dwlm THE DIBKOT ANDJFAST UNE TO Cincinnati, Louisville, Washington, Baltimore, NEW YORK and the EAST. 4 SOLID DAILY TRINS to T ;T -r™ Cincinnati WHIPPLB & SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, & LOAN AGENTS, KKKBESENTINH THE FOLLOWING First-Class Ins. Co.'s: Ins. Co. of North America; Hartford, Phoenix, Franklin, of PhiladelyJiia: German American; North British and Mercantile, London; r ., Com - Union, London Lancashire, Manchester, Eng.' Continental; Girard; ' Glens Palls, Amercan Central; Firemen's Fond, Western Assurance Co FOR ST. LOUIS at 7 o'clock a. m., and St. Lonls on return Pn£ at 8 P T' m - aally ' Ana leaving Alton for Portage, Jersey Landing, Qrafton? and wai points every evening at 6:80 o'clock. *B,The Whlltle will be Roaaded flftenn minutes before starting for St. LolSs., To ST. Lorns, '- . . ' B0 KomroTBip ... - 75 TWBMTI KLDKS" . - - 5 oo 6 W. HILL. Agent. Postal notes and money aro at tho risk or ' {I' 8 senior, and therefore romlttanoes ihou d letter* toj y m ° Uey ° raer ' draft> or ' r »«'» t «roS Houghtou, Mifflin & Company,"' 4 Park itreet, Boston, Hoi*. The Century Forl88O-87. TUB OENTOiiy is an Illustrated monthly magazine, having a regular circulation of about two hundred thousand copies, oiten reaching and sometlmeB exceeding two hundred and twenty flvo thousand. Chief amona Its many attractions for the coming'you? li?a serial which has been In active prepuratioS lor Blsteen years. It is a history of our owS country in its most critical time, as set forth THE LIFE OF LINCOLN, 1 By his Confidential Secretaries, John G. Nicolay and Col. John Hay. This great work, begun with the sanction ?h/n' e f, ?Rt L1 ??9 ln ' and continued under the authority of his son, the Hon. Bobert T Lincoln, IB tho only full and authoritotlvn record ol the life o! Abraham Lincolni to S™=i?.^? wer *, f fienda of Lincoln before his prosiaoucy; they wore nlost intlmatalv M soolated with film as pi??ate ^Sretarut«" throghout his term of offloo, and to them were translorred upon Llncolu'a death all SS private papers. Here will bo told thn !,,,,(,!., Fast Freight & Passenger Line THE SI. LOUIS AND CENTRAL ILLINOIS R.H. GO'S PAI.AOE STEAM KB TWO DAILY TRAINS To Washington in 28 hours,. lilf* *Un 14.1>_ _..^ . f\f\ • -- ••- -.«u out, little I rn a comin'." Little boys and girls would make sport of him, aud "Old Hide, as they called him, paid no heed to their mockery, lie had become per fcotly harmless. At last tho old mau became mortally ill. Ho was alone in a little cabin provided for his uso by an old comrade in the army. A few friomls who had known him m h.s better days gathered around his humble couch expoctin<r tho end. It .was now lato in the aftoriToon, and tho old follow had not spokou for days, lie was rapidly sinking, and somooiio remarked that ho wcTuld eo down with tho sun, which was thfn pouring its last rays through the chinks uud crevices of tho cabin wall. Just thou his face seemed to lighten up, his eyes twinkled, and ho oponod his lips"Hide out, little'uns, I'm a com -" Hut he never completed the sentence. Ho had gone— Louisville Courter-Jour- nul. Tlie Cost ol Ignoring. Absence of knowledge of tho fact that physical and mental weakness, indigestion, Impure blood, and sick headaoho oati bo averted by Dr. Hatter's Iron ionic, costs millions of money nnnuallv lor uncertain and unreliable deoootloas. _____ wit . , £ I bad (only known that in time." Known what! "Known that a simple cold In the head may develop Into chronic Catarrh." Well, it Isn't too lato, for Ely's Cream Balm will cure catarrh oven after tho sufferer's life has become a burden to him, and he a nuisance to bis friends. It is tho only radical anil thoroughly scientific catarrh euro known. Not a snuff. Not a liquid. Trice 60 cent*. 10w2t "What do I think of 'Frisco society P" said a prominent gentleman recently arrived from Australia. -Well. 1 must say it Is about the droariost and dullest I over saw." "You surprise me," said the interviewer. "It surprised nio," retorted tho stranger In our midst "Why. I was Invited to a stag dinner tho other oveninjr. ihero wore a lot of noted men in the company, but hardly one of them opon- od his mouth. They sat like mummies all tho evening—Uio most wretched dreary, doprossud-lookiug sot of sober- sides 1 over saw. Wlionl triod to liven oiu up with a, story or two they looked at mo with pity and amazement." "Singular." "Singular! it was astonishing. The company was positively rude, toa Whv there was ono cuoHt, a Mr. Skidmore.' suS ^^K^S^n^Sntlro train con- S7ro 0 4?t^u, l B 0 ^V a a^in% eWleepIn! ' Palace Buffet Sleeping Cars ore run by this lino on night ei- nm - __ Press from ST. LOUIS TO NEW YORK, -DAIIA'- Without change in 87 hours. Best Route to Jacksonville AND WXNTEB BKSOBTS IN THE SOUTH- The Double Daily LInes'of Parlor Oars and Palace Sleeping Ooaohos by this St. Louis to Cin'ti & Louisville making direct connections at both point e WltU mornltlv nnd nvnntnn !*«...,» H~ Ml... _\ ForTlokets Rates, or any particular in | - mnH "" "•UonTipWAgou& of coSneot S'. 1 I? 1 ?Sy r ?? t ..S?fl; So «thwe«t A « ont CASH OAI'ITAI $20,000,000. \VK ALSO EKPIIE8ENT THE Mutual Benefit Lile, of Newark, «. <J., and Traveler's Liifo and Accident Ins. Co.,Hartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State sts. Soyon lota JTor Sale, good brick dwelling and " > " rn "" 1 ' 'n Upper Alton. . „ KorKeiit. N^W'S lf/lS e .g w t»i5?S id8 ffi^ DAIRY FARM. North Alton;Jersey Dairy. Having rented James Mullen's Dalrv farm and cattle, tho undernlgnod will furnish milk of the very best quality to tlio cltlzenn n\ ^^tSA^& ?flS «ffl|Js H«e»onTof7ny y » to"2u^ T^^&'x^.™^*^™- boi kept ' sorupu ou.« y cl«n "otho? or puBtomera may roooivo the milk In tlm ?2! t ..°A.^?r-.. A share ofV™lo pStron and B '' Alton, "SldUmoro! Was Skldmoro thoreP" oxo a mud tho nuldont. "Why that SJi )ln i n ? lhowh ? 18 thln »- N" wonSSr the affair was gloomy. Skldmore la one .?"c Ulol i who °»«lM» oheitnul !"— San Francisco AI'BKnT VOI J>EU.. .l 1 ".!.*.'?,'!."^^ 00 . 'wo" Kop dale or neat. y A M?s al s a jfu'urro? ° nt ° n Bluff Btroot ' ownod ' ASMILRY. .The lato rosldonoos of J. J. and W H Mitchell, on Mill st., twoomli bOHt pioooso J.I. ELLISON, Oorainandor. Et>. ANSHUTZ, ),., , TJIDB DODQE, j '•"Oi'kB. AHon a d U a'lly rt0r Tllur8da y- F ^' »«>. will leave For St. touls at 7 a. in. Returning, will leave St. Louis (foot of Vino St.; at 2:40 p. Ul.! Leaving Alton at 5.-SO p. in. for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Grafton at 7:45 p. m., CutorvSrtho CWU Var'a-nTo? 'pre fdTn? Llncpfn s administration -important details of whi ou have hitherto remained unrevealed oy might flrst appear In this authentic worjW' By reason of the publication of this THE WAR SERIES, which has been followed with unflagglnir interest by a great interest by a «reat* aud* enco, will occupy loss space during the com. £g year. Gettysburg will be described to Gen. Hunt (Ohlof of tho Union ArWllcrvl Gen.Longstroet, Gon. E. M.Law. andothoTs Ohioainanga, by Gen. D. H. Hill; 8herman ? s March to tlio Hea. by Generals Howard and Slooum. Generals O. A. Olllmoro Wm p Smith John Glbbon^oracoPo^r/andJolm ?n«iH b . y w o» d , osorl . De special battles and Incidents. Stories of naval onKBKomonts prison life, etc.' etc. will appear. •' NOVELS AND STOKIES. R. Stockton, author of "Tho Ladv nr fii« b r y 8 George e ^Va U blo 0vfll " 1> «- T W no'vSfettS? Footo, "Unoie Hemus," Julian Bawthonie, Edward Hgglostou. and other prominent A »orlcan authors will be printed during tne ' SPECIAI, FEATURES. (with illustrations) Include a series of articles on affairs In Kussla and Siberia, by Goo. ho^fn'S'JSS 10 * 2H" Tent Ufe in Siberia;-who ^ dn,»JiS "S a " om a m ° 8t; eventful visit rS, n l«.?~ i^F 1 "?" 3 ' Papors on tuo Food Question, with reference to Its bearing on the Labor Problem; English Cathedra*-- ~- KffKlOBlOIl'S RolllHrniu T.lfo In *1,~ i. -• -* „—.«»..« M.. points north and FARE. TOST. Louis, MiiRle trip", . . . BOP. " round trip, . . . . 7fia „ ", twenty rlae ticket, . , SB.OO „ . HENHY O.TATU&t, Gen.'Agt. Alton. H. A. FISHER, fion'l Manager. folldtf J. HOFFMAN & SON, DEALEE8 IN Stoves jnd Hardware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! And other first class boating stoves for wood or coal. '. J. M. Buckley, D.D.'. editor 01 mo unmtian Advocate: astronomical papers; artlolea throwing light on Bible history. 'PRICES. A FREE COPY. Subscription price. $4.00 a year, 8S cents a n " n ? b £ r - Dealers. poatmastorB, and publish? i, tak ,*i 8U"scriptlons. Bond for our beautl- iilliJ'oi i st « a tt™ w pa B« oatalogue (fi-ce), S^W 58 ^^^^--^ »"K^1»?W!WWjf5 SJS??h?."S!!JSf' WU1 be sent o° rl^nest Men' Oan you SubacHptlons received at this office. IppAND WRITING. Also Hani Stoves, the 1 M °" ItOr ° 0ok Outside Worn a specialty: Root 1nir - Guttering, etc. • I Undertaker's Supplies tlnn .- It aiaat ;>, and acB . tr °y8 all had effects, aris- * 11 Toboceo. This propara- PP*«»«. oloVa tho w ora °ry. « 1« PUC s,whlcfi aro p'oai. > One box ls sufflolont to cure yot flomfl require two boxes. Over a great bargain WtlU'PLE A SMILE Y. ouie. for Snle, per SMILKY. oornor WUII'PLK & SMILKV OuHlrnble Koaldoucos for Hule. k ---'o story brick clwolllng on Stato street v " WHH'T'LK & tfor Hale. in , . . . for Ilaut, Lato reildnnoo ol M. J. VVUIl'l'LB * SM1LKY. d out JUlllUl , between Cherry and Vine ALWAYS ON HAND. CPU. SECOND AND AI.UY STS ^aw^waasfj^s.-Rg- ORGANS AND PIANOS! FLOSS, ^& BABE. mohazdweui ^^H OuOfOOO AORH8 OHOIfiB ^^H '•ARDM/OOD FARMINO LAND WILSON WASHBOARDS. Tln»« WmUbootdi dte made with » Dent-Wood rim. TlieBtrong. ett boardi and belt wulitn In tb« woria. For lain by »U dculou, T«ke no other. BAUIN4W M'F'O CO., fl»(IU«W. «»i.i.._I. ThU paper !• kbpt on file at tbe oQloo'ot' iYER^oSt)N OVERUSING _ AGENTS TIMES BUILDINQ jftRgfg PHILADELPHIA.

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