Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 15, 1887 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1887
Page 1
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VOlitJMB 26. TEBfUJARY 15. QYSPEPS ..-,',. '• • CiuU* Garden, . • '•• _ How. did the araigknt station tiuitle diml'en derive Ita iiaraef and wlmt was It formerly uwa for» •„. ..„.;.. A. G. It wna originally, built In:i807 tor afoki- flcatkm... Later It was qohvortod Into a'place of nnitisomerit, Jenny Llnd^Sontag, Mario and Grid aikl otlior notables in'tho musical lyorld sang there. Its circular form and its location now—what was formerly the park of New York--tlie Buttery, gnvo ft the homo'of Castle Gordon. , It W.B originally built out in tho water. Some thirty yenr« ago the Intervening space was filled and It is now on the mainland. NUMBEK 221. llio Great Knitorn. Con you tell us what lifts beconio ol! the mam. moth Bteamnblii the Great East*™, which wag so much talked about more than twenty years .,. Tho'Grant Enstorn Boon after being built and TiMd in laying the Allontiu.eable wtuM-un fora whilo between England and Australia, bbe la now employed as a refrigerator ship for the transportation of meats from South Ajnericn Ui Kugland. Victoria'* Coronation. Can you (leclcl s n 'question' as to tho coronation of Queen Victor'*, 1'hnvo see,, it stated that sho I™JKJT ' IW ' alS ° that ." I " !Was c "°»™* Victoria became queen on the death of her uncle, King William IV, June 20, 1687 She """• "' -,t Westminster ' HAY-FEVER . .,.; ..ULTS CREAM BALM R.nota Uquid, 'snuff or powder. Applied tntojiostriliii quickly absorbed. It cleanse* tM Mad., Allays inflammation, ffeals the «>ra. JtMloree the senses of taste and smell tC-antaatDrufffftot,; ty matt, regtotertd, CO centt. ELY BROTHERS. »rugglsts,Owego J NY. rtta V ? nb S?Jr? d i' )]rl M by °. ltlte n» of. ovary town and ^^^I'/l^f^^j^"^ Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies, A, marvel ol purity.' strength wholOBomoness. More eoo- pomloal; than the ordinary hinds, and cannot pel sold in competition. with the multitude ol low test, short weleht, alnm phoaphate i pow- JonSdwly • • .i,,miAtiNO powrn of • Hamlin's Wizard Oil. Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Earache, Catarrh, :Croup, Sore Throat, Latne^Back, -Stiff "Joints, Contracted Cords, e RHEUMATISM, Sprains, Bruises, Burns. Fever Sores. ...Wounds, Old Sores, Chilblains, Frost Biles, Sore Nipples, Caked Breasts; and All Aches and Pains, ft ™<liilckly relieved by this mnnlcnl remedy. Try It ' d fo w " » Ter tia iot It. Kor salo by TO ADVERTISERS For a oheok for $20 we will print a ten-lino adTerttaeinent In One Million issues of lead- 8 ? llpRperB - . nli ts at tho rato » of aoent n llno.for 1,000 otrou . yortlsoinent will too placed On« Million DIBTKIIBNT , newspaper purohaser»:-orFivnMH,uoN READERS. Ten H»M wUlaooommodato about 7« words. Ad*^ 8 !! ™o copy of ' adv. and olieok. or send SO SrVV^ b ? n °£ of "JpaBOfi. GK6. JMIOW- O., 10 Spruoe st., S. Y. JalSdlm JOHN BAUER, DKALEK IN AND MANUFACTURER! FURNITURE. SECOND STREET, Opp. City Hall, AJLTON, ILL,, All kinds of fine and oommom furniture constantly on hand. Also undertaker™^ — ; apasdwlw T. L. FO.ULD8 & CO., 8UOOES80R8 TO A. B. MOKTONKT A CO., W. Jb\ ENSINGEK, Plain and Decorative Paper Mm All WOUK PW)MPTLY ATTKNDKD TO AT , OBK1CB AND SHOP ON SECOND ST., NEAR PIASA ALTON. . . Highest Market Price Paid for Corn and Pickles. STDUL SLOP FOB SALE. sep7dwOni Patents. Jo ny persona wishing to obtain letter patent on now Inventions" Improvements o Seslgns.I wlU execute drawlngaTandl speoifl cations and -make applications for Patents all consultation, In person or by l«tte , free LUCAS PFEIFFENBERGEH, Alton, m. JAUKBTT'S LIVERY STABLE 1 FEONT 8TBHBT, BBTWHKN ALBY AND HAflTON, A. J. HOWELL, -^DEALER IN- FURNITURE! A Full and Complete nxntoi ravldlv EMPIRE MILLS, SKOOJfD BTKHBT (Kern Plium), ALTON, ILL . fFOK SALU: Ground Oats, Ground Corn, Hay, Oats, Corn, Corn Meal, Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour,eto PEOMPTLY DBUVKHED TO ANT PABT OF TUB OITV. Stock N HAND. UPHOLSTERING CONSTANTLY ON HAND. ALL OBBBI/ Neatly and promptly executed. Belle St., bet. Third and Fourth. M. WILKINSON. PNDERTAKEKS HKSIDKNOK COB. STATE A SEVENTH 8T8 m, m ^ . Jf ° r SlUe ' The Woodroof property, t j story fran,., Uouso of 8 rooms, onTlftb and Alton itreetB. u ™' i » UUUQU ui o ruuiuif, uu nita ana AHOu Jy7 M » * roo» 'nun* nou»e onFHth. strnot. Daniel Manning, Secretary of tho treasury, bus formally resigned. Capt. Wm. Turtle, a once famous detective, died yesterday at Chicago. .Helena, Ark.,, reports 48 hours' constant rain and very high water as a sequel, . , , Among the bills introduced in Congress yesterday TOB one, providing for a reciprocity treaty with Canada. Germany has a;,'',now -eipipsive which army officers tiaye been'testing on models of French :frdnticr forita. Tourists returning from the Montreal carnival are loud in their complaints of general bad treatm«nt. Commander Eairchild has :called on G. A. R, posts for. expressions of opinion on the President's pension veto message. ............ It is, reported from Paris,, that the Czar.has refused,to say,,whether he would remain, neutral or not in case of war between Germany and France. The House committee on invalid pensions at Washington have unanimously agreed ,to report in favor of the pension bill over the President's veto. . , . . , ; . ..,.,.. ,,-,.. ,Tlie Secretary, of State, .of Indiana refuses to certify ,to,: Judge^Turpie's election to the; United States Senate until he can,get an opinion;'from the Attorney General on the subject. The;majority of the Republican members of the Pennsylvania,,legislature favor James G. Blame for .the Presidency, while the Democrats prefer Governor Hill, of New York. Two yacht owners in New, ; .York are arranging f or .a- race across the Atlantic,,for, 810,000. a, side. ..-The prospective event is attracting much attention in yachting circles on the seaboard. A circular has been issued calling for a conference of Illinois Prohibition leaders, to be held at Spring- Held, beginning Thursday, February 17, and to continue two or three days. A large attendance is expected. The National House of Representatives on Saturday amended and then passed the Senate bill for the retirement and recoinage of the trade dollar. The bill now goes back to the Senate for concurrence in the amendment. The Alabama senate has passed by a vote of 26 to 1, a joint resolution providing for submitting to the people at the next; general election, a constitutional amendment prohibiting the liquor traffic. A petition is being circulated and extensively signed by saloon keepers atTDecatur and all. connected with their business, and such others as they can affect, asking for the total abolition of the grand jury system. The Hotel Continental at Berlin was burned last Saturday night, and it was reported that several persons had perished. It was constructed in 1885 at a cost of $1,000,000, and was largely patronized by Americans. The rumors of loss of life are not confirmed by to-day's dispatches. Railroad managers are showing a disposition to regard public opinion, as manifested through the press, on the subject of heating railway cars. It is announced that the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul has fitted up a train with steam-heating apparatus similar to that now-in use on several eastern roads, while the Northern Pacific is experimenting in the direction of supplying trains with heat, light and pure water by means of an iron car, especially constructed for that purpose, immediately following the engine. Mr. Coles' bill, iiitroducad last Friday in the Legislature, makes it unlawful for two or more persons, or the ofHcers, or any executive commit- too of any society or organization, to issue any [circulars or edicts of instruction to its members for the purpose to establishing a'boycott with intent to Jnjnro tho person, business or character of another, or to obtain money or property by false pretenses or to do any illegal thing injurious to tho public health, morals, the, police.or administrators of public justice, or to prevent competition, in letting State or municipal contracts. Violations i are punished by imprisonment for not more than five years or ti flue not cxcoedinir $2,000. b , No otlior modiaiuo is so -reliable na Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, for tho euro of ooujtua, coldn, and all darapgaraonts of the respiratory organs. It relieves the asthrnatio and consumptive, ovon in advanced Btogps of disease. dwlw "Lung Troubles arc speedily relieved md ' cured by" tho u»e of ''Pomerov's Petrollne PlMtew." 6 AMOHO .CONGRESSMEN . , WASHINGTON,; Feb. ,14—."It nhas made a good many of the war Democrats turn white in the face," said Congressman Hitt, in commenting upon the veto of the; dependent pension bill, "and some of them who have a good many soldiers in their districts, don't know which way to turn. Of course the veto will be sustained, any veto would probably be sustained in the House, but it is an embarrassing thing for many of them. They don't like the passage where the President says that the old soldiers in substance will help swear each .-other through. It IB noticeable how hard it is for the President to make.eyeo a pretense of having.di- rect sympathy with the general success of pensions.He has no fr«sh thoughts to communicate on that subjects HefSiiiply refers to some of his 1 old messages where he had more time to think about it." Congress. "W.A,bHjNGTON, Feb. 14—Senate— Citizens Of Washington cbunty Jjeti- tipaed that testimony in { the, election outrage r/cases charged : against' .that county^beutaken^at (Brenhain,'iTex. The petition was referrod to the committee ;ori privilege.? anjd elections. TJbe, naval establishment bill was taken up, but consideration not' concluded. ; Insinuations were-madefy Senator Dolph, in calling ior'reasons why,the. House Conference pommit- tee considering Senate; bill ••restoring to the..United States ^certain'; lands granted to the Northern Paoiflc -railway had not reported..;.to', the, Senate conferees, (that the "committee was influenced in its,: delay by the Yrail- rpad company,: who were cpnstrUct- irig:anew:' road and ^earning--more landB^while the delay,contintied. The Eads-Tehuanteped ship railway bill was debated till the Senate went.into executive session on the-motion'of Senator Riddleberger, 'who desired action on some Virginia appointments. , House—The Mrs. Logan pension bill was productive of a lon£ and spirited debate over a proposed change of rules,- which terminated temporarily by the speaker taking under consideration till'to-morrow n point of order raised—Mr. Springer made an effort to have the tariff bill made the special order for Thursday next, but a point of order too hard for the Speaker to decide was sprung and the matter, hangs; fire—Mr. Lawler, of Illinois, introduced a resolution instructing the Secretary of State to learn if Great Britain has not violated the .treatyof Ghent, pf 1814, by building the Welland canal and menacing the United States with a war; ship waterway to. lake cities and harbors of the United States- Mi-. Little introduced a resolution providing for a, constitutional amendment making United States Senators, elective 'by a, popular vote of the, people-rrThe afternoon and evening sessions .were devoted to considering District of Columbia matters. . .,.;.- Y.; ',v.-:.v:. ,:,••, •• •:.- I am going to consohdate my two establishments, and have to make room for new good B ,and offer my entire stock? from now until March 1st, at Prices BELOW Everything must go to save cost of moving and storing. Table-ware, Cutlery, Stoves, Hardware, Tinware! Granite-ware, Locks, Springs, and eve- jything kept in ;any hardware store. A 11 these and were bought before the recent advance in prices. To those contemplating building this spring, I offer 1,000 KEGS OF STEEL MILS! at factory Prices. Eememeber the places: 119-121 SECOND STREET, AND 115 THIRD STREET. This is no catch-penny humbug sale of old and worn-out stock, but a bona fide reduction solely to save expense of moving or storing, Call at Once and Secure Bargains ! w SIE J, SUITER i SON, ns, ( . ,\ . •. ; , "" PINB AND coaratoK . FURNITURE. A Fall and Complete Stock Always OB Hand. DO NOT FAIL TO GIVE US A CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. v)UK FURNITUUH BOOMS ABB Of( State Street, opp. Third, Hardware and Farm Winery, HKADQUAUTEBS FOB THE Best Buggy in the World. ALTON, ILL, apSdwlv New and Beautiful DCS Igfns just arrived and arriving for tho Spring Trade. in the city, at hard times prices, sold on weekly and monthly payments. Agents for the Three-Cone Perfection Burners and Stand Lamps, ^ FINE HANGING LAMPS, f $1.75, $2, $2.50, $4, $6.50, $7.50 to $10, Headquarters for EUPION and CARMINE BURNING OILS. SIGNAL OIL, ENGINE and n, „ TO „ CYLINDER OILS. Cistern, Well and Stock Pumps. Prepared Paints, ready for use. See our $10 Buggy Harness. Call and get our prices and you will save money. Cor. Second and State Sts., ALTON, ILJU A Speolftty, from Small to Largest bizes. forGlldlnf, la nloo piokngoi (or Uclloi' ulu. At the old reliable HOU8K.PAIHT1KG and DIOOllATIXU •itnblUliluant ol NEFF & OBERMUELLER' Fourth, east of Belle at. > . foblldim THE BEST ON EARTH! '5 BOSS FILLED WATCHES, From $18 to $50. Warranted 20 Years. BREECH-LOADING GUNS, From $16 to $30. J H BOOTH THE BEADING 4j.ri.owy in, JEWELER i'-,'W^!'U&<ls >* i' (

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