Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 14, 1887 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1887
Page 3
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te £ga T* M ^5 QC S?.'-»r t»» Bl £2 ee ™ JTflT TTsTWQ Seooiiu ,.u-« 0 "!7aear TO ni/JjJJJEiJN O, comer of Henry -FOR- FINE ? STATIONERY, taoh M Crane's Floral. WhlMnn-B Standard gapers. Hurlbut'y Freno'i Linens, Kollp»e Harfgod Ed«e, Elite Ragged Edge, Balmoral S lm) £ 1 ,. ( ? nffl 4 ? Linen, Turkey Laid Linen. P-woh Blow. Mikado, Charred Edge. Cream Lajil, Mourning Note, and a large assortment of Illuminated and Decorated Htntlonory. Denndon's Wax and Seals. School Tablotn and Stationery. deoSdwly PIANOS, ORGANS and SEWING MACHINES! CHEAP FOE OAHH ON TIMK PAYMENTS £<inM and Organs tnn*d and repaired 8t w t»K Machine* repaired Supnllen lor nil Ma- WATCH • OB THE BARGtINR If JOB'S XKW OOB. BUILDING, HBNBY bT., AT KB». O. HKITKAMF'S, AU kind* of Fancy, Rand made, Knit andOro- oa t goods. Hoods.Tobaggansand Ults. Men's Scans and Fascinator* at very low prices. Also Dressmaking. Plain and Family Sewing; and Bumping D me. Come and rive us a 'Cull. Don't forget the place, dec6rtwly a m ] J IN GOODS C.M.CRANDALL will offer his AT ABOUT COST for thirty days. Third street, nearly opposite Belle. Fob. ST. 10D1S 1MUIWE ' |St. Louis want* another bridge, and would be gUd to have two new ones. But there u a material difference between scouring a charter and fulfilling it* condition*.— St. Loui* Railway Serjuler. The TBLKOBAPH baa heretofore predicted that the proposed Merchant*' bridge at St. Louts would never be built. The Regtiltr is evidently of the earns opinion. The building of the now bridge at Alton will obviate the neooi- •ity of another at St. Louu. It will be cheaper for the anti-Gould roadi, running into East St. Louie, to extend hulr line* to Alton Initead of chipping in to build a new bridge at St. Louu. ••or the yew 1*7 w» (ball chart* tb« tol. lowing r*tef lor tM&ttMit notice* in our local columns: BATES or ADTSBTtUKd: imi—rjtTf cents per Inch first in- settlon, t and TWBXTI.rira cent* per inch lor eaob tubs* quent insertion, B per inch first month, 11.80 per fakolTeaeh month thereafter * LEGAL ADVERTISING): H per Inch tor the first luaertlon.'and M cent* per inch lor each subsequent Insertion. «r Above rates will be sti letly adhered to. TI1E DA1LT TELBOBAPH is delivered by carriers to all putts ol the city of Alton and Upper A Iton, lor ten cents per week. Hailed to any address at the rate ol C3.U per year. TUB TELEGRAPH has the largest circulation of any paper In Alton, and In the best medium for advertisers. OOBNBS THIBJ) A1W PUSA STM»T». TBIB- . _. -_-annual Turnver sqnerade r _._ f , tnrntr Ball Satnrday'mning with an attendance that crowded the room. There was the-usnal display of elegant, f«nta*tlo and unique oostames, worn by the belle* and beaux who in moving through the maty measures of the danoe made>elrd plotnree. The mnslo by Prof. Gowren's orchestra, wai of the most excellent quality. The snpper, furnished by the ootety, was a feast of luxurious viands, such as they always giro. If you need hard coal get it from IVNconan. 102 Third street, over Star Shoe store. (jSt PBOF. Foster'^ great itorm which he predicted for the 13th Inst. arrived a few hours late and now holds the fort. Money to loan on improved real fl«U»te. Apply to Rudershausen & Sonntag. Third street. dtf JERSETVILLB ha* passed an"~oTdi- nance appropriating 91,800 for the purchase of a hand power fire engine. WASTED.— A girl competent for housework. German preferred. Apply at this office. u THIS is St. Valentine's Day.but it doei- not seem to excite the usual interesi among the young folks. The bad weather put* a damper on the usual gatherings at the poatoffice. We have just opened 40 rolls of new carpet, very choice and new patterns. Now Is the beat time to select your carpet fors Spring, as we will store them for you. Call soon at A. Neerman's. 113 THE Senate Committee on Claims has reported adversely the Senate bill allowing David Ryan, of Alton, III., pay for certain work performed on the National Cemetery road near Spring- Held, Mo. A universal remurk by every smoker of cigars: Neminger's Fig and Magnolia are the best cigars in the market. FORT DONKLSON—Tomorrow is the 35th anniversary of the battle of Fort Donelson, fought Feb. 16th and 16th, 1862. In commemoration of the event we publish on the second and fonrtb pages of this paper a full historical account of the great event. BOBRKTBOK'I bright play entitled "School" so popular in New York when given at Wallaok's, wili be given by St. Agnes Guild, at the City Hall, on Friday evening, Feb. 18th, and a matinee on Saturday afternoon. Popular prices; admission 16 cents, reserved seats 25 cents. Tickets at Chamberlain's. U DfATH OF AtlCX. MBTOHMOBM—The venerable Alexander Mutchmore, of Moro, whose Illness we recorded last week, died at six o'clock this morning at his residence In Moro, aged 93 years. He was a native of Pennsylvania, and removed to Moro, from Ohio, some 26 vears ago. He was the father of Rev. Dr. Mutchmore, an eminent Presby* terlan divine, of Philadelphia, and of Mr, T. A. Mutchmore, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Deuny, of Moro. Mr. Robt. Sims, of this city, was a relative of bis family by marriage. AND now it is rumored that the C. & A. may conclude to cross the river at Alton on the projected Central Missouri bridge; then throw a bridge across thi Missouri and run directly south to St. Louis, thus dodging both the Gould bridge and the Wiggins Ferry Co. Whiteness, L'ebtneps and Sweetness are all necessary for good bread, and to secure this result you should uae only La Belle flour. 29d eod 2w wVt THE competitive examination for the West Point cadetship took place at East St. Louis Saturday. The successful contestant was Mr. Chas. Ogden, of Greenville. The competitors from Alton wore Mr. E. W. Sparks, who stood second; Louis Yager, Ed. Thornton and Fred. Browning. FOB REMT—Stow room under Hottl Madison, formerly occupied by Singer Mtg. Co.—Goo. R. Hewitt, Seo'y. 143 SEBVIOEI AT ST. PAUL'S.—The services at Si Paul's Episcopal church last evening were of an unnaally interesting character, proving both attractive, entertaining and instructive to the largr congregation present. The choir of 12 boys in white surplices, who marched in procession, wns a feature tnat attract, ed universal admiration. They joined m the choruses with the choir thus making the musio unusually effective. After the service of Even Song, the Rector, Archdeacon F. M. S. Taylor, read for about SO minutes from Gen. Lew Wallace's great work: "Ben Hur; a tale of.tbe Christ," with fine effect. Mils Pearl Hewitt rendered an offertory solo, "Heavenward," in a most impressive manner. The full choir, tnc most of whom were present, consists of Mrs. U. F. Growc, Mrs. O, B. Stelle, Misses Jennie Siem, Luoie Coville, Alice and Ida Carnaban, Marie Buck master, Lucy Husklnson, Grace Stelle. Pearl Hewitt; Messrs. J.W. Floyd, F. II. Habe, W. W. Arnold, George and Chas. liusklnson, Alon»o Topping. Mr. W. J. Gratlnu, organist, aUo trains the oholr. THE organ of the city administration again makes a weak attempt to defend the hasty and ill-considered action of the Council in granting a Springfield electric light and steam heating company a valuable franchise wlthou due investigation. The trouble with the Democrat'! explanation is that it does not explain; it docs not show that any "emergency" existed, or that there was any necessity for railroading a matter <»f such importance through the Council without allowing it to lie over one meeting, at least, after allowing the propositions of other companies to lie over two meetings. Perhaps the reason the admmistra. tion organ defends the haste of the Council was that the proposition ot the Thompson-Houston Co. contained this guarantee: "We further herein most faithfully promise should this privilege be granted to us- Thomson-Houston Electric Co or assigns—that we will not bargain nor sell such privilege to the Alton Gas* light and Coke Co. (or Works.)" The proposition of the Springfield company contained only this guarantee; "That we propose to erect and maintain the plant ourselves. That we do not auk this right fur the purpose of speculating on the same." Perhaps the Council did not want to discriminate against tke Gas Co. The corporators of the Springfield company are Messrs. Black, Jones and Lawrence. Who are the stockholders? Coal. Buy jour Hard and Soft Coal of H. L. Winter and get the best. Office at Uook's Pharmacy, Thirl street, and in lob's new block, corner Second and Henry sts. Telephones No's. 21 and 64. aug!4 d7m A complete line of Winter Goods for Gent's Wear, lately received, by H. C. (r. Morltn, Third street, 26tf RIYJSK NEWS. with hi* family h*r«. Mr. Ed. liaok, railway bndjp builder, (pent Sunday here with his family, , Mr. Tho'*. Pcnler'i family are visiting relatives at Jerseyvlllt. Mrs. M. M. Hyatt, of St. Lonls, spent Sunday here with her daughter, Mrii Wm. £111* Smith. Mr. O. S. Stowell i* enjoying a visit from hi* father, Mr. L. O. Stowell, of Baxter Springs, Kan. HI* brother, Mr. Edward Stowell, of St. Loni*, spent yesterday with him. TUB GREATEST 80 DAT CAHH BOOT AMU SHOE MWEEf Ef Kit MADE IK ALTON. WHIOBT A PETERS' LADIES'FINE SHOES A* FOLLOW*! Pebble Goat 18, button 92-60. Strait Goat |4, button 93.46. Strait Goat hand sewed 94.60, button $8.66. French Kid 06, button 94.60. AMD OTUER MAKES IN Our Ladies' 93 Kid Button down to 92.60. Oar Ladies' 92.60 Goat] and Kid go at 92.16. Onr Matohtess Line Ladies' 92 shoe* at 91 66. 260 pairs Misses' shoes worth 92 at 91. 960 pain Children's shoes, worth 91.60 and 92, down to 91.26. Nettleton's Men's fine 96 shoe, 94.26. A broken lot Lilly, Bracket & Co. 96 shoes for 94. Men's Hand Sewed Shoes value $6,at $4.76. Boys' 91 86 button andbals., knocked out at 91.60. No Monkey Business, not Old Stock, uverv thing good and at cut (/rices for cash.—Star Shoe store, Big 102. W. N. CAUHAUT, 4dwJw Manager. UWEB AITOI. WE DEVOTE ATTENTION TO E m b r o i deries, AND White Goods, The palace steamer Hudson arrived at St. Louis from the Ohio at 4 o'clock vesterdav morning loaded flat and witb •igood passenger list. She will unload to day and be put in shape to commence her daily trips to Grafton on Wednesday. There will be lively times on the river between here and Grafton by the last of the week. The river is still rising and running full of loo from bank to bank for the past 36 hours. The Ice is unusually heavy and, owing to this state of affairs, the Spread Eagle will not attempt to return from St. Louis until tomorrow evening. Money to loan on improved fwm property. For particulars, apply to WHIPPLBA SMILEY. OAS'T SEK IT. President Uurke, of the Bee Line, is reported as saying that tho CVnirul Missouri will be completed during the present year. The new road will oonB- Mule a Kansas City extension to the Vnndorbilt properties, and u looked upon as a vuluiblu addition to the sys- (um. What benuut th. Central Missouri m to confer upon St. Louts doe* not olpai'ly appear.— 8t. L. Saihwy Stouter. One benetil will be this: When St. Louis merchants want to go to Kaiuns City to purchase guods they can take a plug train from St. Louis to Alton: ohunge cars here to the main line and be landed in Kansas City In advance of any competing route. This will bo a great thing for St. Louis and we regret that the Reqitter does not appreciate iw prospective commercial privileges. Adrlco to Mother*. Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is the presorption of one of the best fumalo nuraes and phy- dicliins in tbo United Slates, and has been used for forty yean with never- failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During the proooos of toothing iu value is Incalculable. It relieves the child from pain, cures dysentery and diarrhooa, griping In the bowels, and wiml-oollo. By giving health to tho child it rents the mother Fnoe 860 a bottle. la 16 m w s wk . William Qreen, having purchased a lot on Walnut street, from W. 0. Thompson, has begun the excavation for a dwelling house thereon. S. A. Wightman has bought the lot adjoining Mr. Green'*, but will not build at present. Mr. H. E. Mills will make some improvements upon his residence this spring. KELIQIOUS—The ordinance of baptism was administered by the pastor at the Baptist church, Sunday evening, upon nine candidates, seven young ladles and two young gentlemen. The special meetings will be contmned every evening this week, and each afternoon except Monday and Saturday. At the Presbyterian churoh it was expected that Rev. Dr. Armstrong would conduct special services durintf the coming week, but no positive announcement can yet be made. Several conversions at this church yesterday are reported and the interest appears to be increasing. Some specif! Interest is also reported at the M. E ohnroh. PEBSOKAL. -Mrs. K. K. Boyle hu recovered from her recent illness. Miss Ida Stookey, of Fairbury, Is visiting friends in town. Mrs. H. E. Mills gave an informal reception Saturday evening In honor of her nieee, Miss Mildred 'Morris, of St. Louis. YOUR ATT1 CALLED TO SPONGES, for carriage and bath. CHAMOIS SKINS, large and small. SILK SPONGE TOWELS. Marsh's Drug Store. There are a few families in and about Alton that do not use La Belle Hour. They should try a sack of it at once. 29 d eod 2w w2t A "Solid Month." Of all the comments made in Wash* ington upon the President's veto of the Dependent Pension bill, the most striking is a one line interview published in the Washington Foil with a distinguished ex-Confederate, as follows: "It makes the South solid again for a eertamty, 1 ' said Representative Uates, of Alabama. No other medicine Is so reliable as Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, for the cure of oougbs, colds, and all derangements of the respiratory organs. It relieves the mthmatia and consumptive, even in advanced stages of disease. dwlw /The Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Hard and Soft Coal and Wood Cook and HeatlngJStoves EVER BROUGHT TO ALTON. The Celebrated Buck's Brilliant Cooking Stove and Hard Coal Base Burner. They have no equal. AUo HOOFING and GCTTERING and JOBBIXO dona MrauoMkle rate*. Call and examine iny •too* betor* purohmln^ elMwhera. 532 Bast Second st,, west of Henry Pants, Pants, Pants, —..«.. Yesterday morning, at S o'clock, LIHIe. infant daughter ol John P. and Llzxle Luioh, aged Ii menths, The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon, at» o'clock from the Oerraaa u. E. church. rrlouctn and acquaintance!) are lnvlt«d to attond. DAIRY FARM. North Alton Jercer Dairy. UuvlriK renter* James Uullon's Dairy (aim aud cuttle, the ui.demlKued will furnlih milk of the very best quality to the citizens of Alton. Tho oattla are mnstly high vrude Jprsuvs and for irlvlnir rich milk they nave unequal; they are all young and healthy; will leeii no klnpn of any kind to our cattle. Parties that r ifi favor us wli h tiuOr- P»Jron- jige may depend on netting mlik of the very bust quality. A sample wnlbegiYun fieo of charge to nil that apply for It, Tlin inllklBK and everything connected with the dairy will be kept soi upuloustly clean totbat our customers may receive the milk In the bent of order. A ghare of public patron , »tjOi Is respectful y r^uusted Leave ordur* with iiesirs. Klrsob .A Bohloss, and with Ui'tirt: Boiboid A Uvterdtair, or addrew us atHortb Alton, ALBERT VOLPKIL IWdCVT WEUJ4BLUB. Have for servloe, two~r»glstered sires, Jersey Mnd UolrWIn, service foe for either, IS W, Tneliulttelnlsfioui that famous bull, Con- stuiitlnp.owneil by Mr Sterctu.of Mew Vork; took KM premium at St. Luul. fait tail. Uar'e {••ftaai'ass!!?.' ow «* •* «»•«• "jj»f j«» For Fat Men, Slim Men, Bojs, and Children. S, S, D i!llJ, " H, M. Sch-weppe Third Street Clothier. Branch, Second and Ridge.streets. L. J. HARTMANN, Manager,

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