Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 14, 1887 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 14, 1887
Page 2
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.'„•",('*,,*% *f ,*u ** "T'if''™™K£Sps FORT DONELSON. • (Continued from Page Four.) JSJf %%±'& k V«!* «"> »W»» wr ' W ° nt bnck nnd « h 01 " 9 ftnd made coffee, they had no food, not a bite. POT the Confederates in tho fort It was not wut more comfortable. They lay upon all night In tho trenches. And ---:•-•' on either side was disheartened. Confederate soldier, wore full of light •ntbuslasm. At noon the Federal Gon. tied' JS 1 "*' BB 'l, hta Thirrt divUion ot «<°B»ea veterans and raw recruits arrived into 2Sft» .** ""^ Wlth checr " «" d »o°8» mma pugieg sounding. Gen. Wallace rode on cracken and coffee. Tho irly as badly off as his men. «^lt1ST ^ ^ y """ Ule interchange of courtesies between the fleet and tho fort took M»anUm« there was not much fighting on IMA Reinforcement, were arriving for Grant, and were being posted. Granrt troops were distributed over a line S-^a^f^.-^ two miles from Dover, at the bead of B m»npr~j. It was a little to the left of JFUT« , poured a stead* are j n to wo§ iUTaadng, too, with his - -J, with Forrwrt caralry flitting about th» Tbo three Federal batteries had exhausted their ammunition. Taylor 1 , alone bad Ored that morning 1,700 rounds, Buckner had ordered an advance of three regiments before noon. They had been met with a blinding nro from Col W. H. ^ Wallace', brigade Snow flying In the air confused them so that they could not see their way besides, and they fell back to their entrenchment*ITn dls- order, But presently Buckner jrattwrod his forces and came gallantly on again. aid him. In the absence of positive orders from headquarters Wallace declined to move! T t « p , grow bottor W" 1 Cotter. Col. John A. Logan was wounded. McClernand npUn sent word to Wallace, and this to* , s«; um o urried up to tho right to watch Wana»<s men weeute their command At noon It looked at If victory was perched ontbe Confederate ThVfty^S , which ha j i^,, ^ lwl J™« for tbo Confed e ro other doing serio ,„„ wiimjuiUltf Iw* !^'LJf u !!l 1K<r , 1 ' uu a «*>nipIW>«i trtit be Gta£triSM? da TljotimeJurtbeforS unnt ordered the renewed attack !u the of ternoon had been the KOlden moment for e- caps. Uwwlo-jt. Bockner bad halted, wait- ng for bto arUllery and resertes to follow him out of tho intrenchmcnts. Pillow had telegraphed A. 8. Johnston: *Ou the honor of a •okller, the day Is ours." All at once Gen. Pillow sent Buckner word to come back and take up his position within S^r^nu, ne ^'d «'IT obey. As ho fell , back with his men he mot Gen. Floyd. Floyd was surprised, and aefed what ho wag about He ordered Buokner to stay whore ho was till bo, Floyd, could see Pillow. Thusthoro was more waiting. Finally Buckner, tho fighting general, was ordered to cross to the extreme Confederate right and rtop Gen. Bmitb, who was storming tho works. ?""'*'• """y •» Dondson western wen, tunny of them n^t'l , I ". t ! !ann - P BO ""wtthS 'i fl S llttat he|'umborof men who afterwan became distinguished Hint took ' n "*d» of men ofterward w """ 7 ' a " d b « twoen th « d D WnUao » ^d 0«n. C. F. Smith 0^,» .1? "'""K 8 ' 1 otters to suit him, ?"f * J "»» dow " in the midst of his blue cros: c«nt of «,ldler, to starve out Fort DoneSot **rrt. generab In- ttWBreof tt^PWtt nhe^ A, t^}^*^ -W*P second message had been that L_ _ _ was end an- WHIPPLE& SMILEY, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATES LOAN AGENTS, First-Class Ins. Co.'s: In*. Co. of North America) I Hartford, Phoenix. ' Franklin, of Philadelphia; Uermnn American; North BrltlMh and mercantile, London; Com. Union, London: ~ •"••"> ourica on the tho contestants thnt rlnv i, n ». '»•'-•> out the ..^. luiguvu wrnnc. when I-y"",'"S" commiUKler wns buried, a year THE QAAND SORTIE. *£ S* Confederate council the night of the * dtermioed «^t the foTco to tho mpt to cnt its way out on the he v 0n sion back, it was to be made ~n^ « Ver , Upon w «>tac* division inlhe center, thus leaving tho Wynn's Fcrrv clear. By that road the OwS Telln - , shouted to pieces." £"*'££?£*• n"?*, 'offtairots were behin3 jMssr aS saasMaas 1 % ^'Te^r; ^JrtK-^.SBK -,-,",•;—""» rcffiment and Wood's light artillery received the ' ' WHERE WAS GRANTf It may havo occurred to the render that the name of the general commanding, the "bo.? so to spuak, of them all, has not been mentioned. In the naval fight on to Gen - a - ran CTneral mi ^V* """"^ "Bunded, the general might perhaps come and sen him, and 91 onb « riu ot ,»«B«hip8t Lo mo^ln A«' «^ rt! " g ^""^ on Saturday moruing After this consultation Foote staited bock to Cairo for mortar boats -;.-. W. Hanson, of the Second Con- Kentucky, led tho advance. But -_jey reached the right it was too late. The Federal forces were already in possession. Hanson was a brave and accomplished Con- Derate officer. It is Interesting to know deemed the surrender'of Fort DoSlso^ n d necessity after that Hanson says in his ro- port* "I will take tho liberty to add that up to the time when we were ordered back to the trenches our racoon was complete and our wcape secure. "It is also my opinion that the exhaustion or toe men from • labor And loss of fltaen t/i- getber with the demoralization caused bv'the loss of our trenches on the right, rendered the surrender unavoidable. 1 ' ™«aerea When night closed in Wallace too had done 7" r ork -»»eal'i«l tho lost ground a™ cleared tho hill. Just when that was donl and ho was within a few hundred feet of the Confederate iutrenchments, ho received <m order from Grant to halt and fall back. Wailace dUobeyed the order. He felt sure the mcc^fu 1 /' 1 " Ot ^^ hiS movemont tadbeOT and bivouacked on the fleldjast whe'ro 1^ was, close to the Confederates, ready In the morning to be up and at thorn. But when morning came the sun's first ray* shono upon a bugler, carrying a white flag from Buckner to Urant Bnckner's message proposed the f. ta »r from oml-lnl .loomm/iTts ., KSk'^v ln , hl8 ,, BOVer ' imeut 'fom imok. '!• mm Henry to Corinth" Wiir In America ow upon flUCKNKR, O. B, ' "Pftf to "roll ^ onomy -- division) in full retreat over Buckner, when, by " ' w, they could cut uj completely to rout" attack was sudden and furious. « Just sounding In r ~ --- the troops were not _, toe onset was made. There the seriousness of the situation The oomnmnder Immediately rodo from one flrrt th^ M ^°^. er lns P eotill 8 matters. His first thought, when he saw bla battered bat ^m,T ^° fal1 bttck on *• de f«^v^ and wait till Foot* came back with a fleet andre- enforcements. At 8 o'clock in noon he colled M'ClenmmHn!] men, gun In hand, the fierce onset and shock reception by the Federal ' ' " Z^S UP t ^ cartrld S» bo and dyin an He was then colonel of tho Thirty-tlrst im nols and bis name wi- '«i- « •• - ~ CX5MJIANDEK JfOOTK. Bcther for counsel. It was bold with all thr«, SKTa,V" h °T hlcfc Grnnt SSSd^ Uted and as 1M? arly nervous us Grant could bl ditional and uumediato surrender; I propose to move immediately upon your works " Buckner wrote back: "Tho distribution of tne lorccs under my command, incident to an unexpected change of commanders, and Ox> overwhehning force under your command, compel me, notwithstanding tho bril- Uant success of the Confederate arms ycstor- day, to accept the ungenerous and unchival- rous terms which you proDoso." So on that Sunday morning, Fob. 10. 1863. the Confederate forces surrendered to Grant and the story of Fort Donelson was told. Buckner had good reason to be in an unpleasant frame of mind that moraine At midnight the night before a council of war was held between himself and Pillow and Floyd. Buckner told thorn hlsmon^d not •tand more than half an hour's fluting Hunger, cold and exhaustion had donfthefr work at last. Besides, there was no more ammunition. If his men tried to es^™ wiroe-quarters of them must hn i^cf #•« »«« »K« «.*.! . —v"* UIUOK uu jusc CQ save tbo^ber quarter. Surrender wo, tho only Koydand Pillow said they would not surrender, they would die first. Then Floyd anaea over the supreme command of thA fort to PUlow, who in turn transferred it to Buckuer, who surrondered tho fort PUlow with somo of hi,. Immediate pereonal com! "' «">-, PUlow thought that, IOO Doses OM Dcllar. Hood's Bawapartlla is the only medicine of which this can be truly sold \and It Is an unanswerable argument as to' tho strength and posltlvo economy of this great madlclne. Hood's Sa/saparllla It made of roots, herbs, barks, etc long and favorably Known for their power u purifying the blood ; and In combination, proportion, and process. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is peculiar to iuelf. 'for economy and comfort we use Hood's Sarsaparllla." MBS. C. BBBWWEB. Buffalo. "Hood's Sarsaparilla takes le» time and quantity to show Its effect than any other preparation I ever heard of. I would not be without It in the house." MRS CAM. HOTSBABD, North Chill. N. Y. 100 Doiei One Dollar Hood'« Sarsnparilla cures scrofula, salt witSf'/ 11 humor9 ' tolls, pimples, general de«,.*'!. yS E epsIa> blllousnesi ». sick headache, catarrh, rheumatism, kidney and liver complaints, and all affections caused by impure blood or low condition of tho system. Try It I was severely afflicted with scrofula and for over a year had two running sores on my neck. I took live bottles of Hood's Sarsapa. rllla, and consider myself entirely cured " C. E. IOVEJOT, Lowell, Mass am^nt* 1 ', 8 Sar ? aparilla dld »n° an Immense amount of good. My whole system has bsen m?™,* P "T 8t ™ n S thene d. my digestion Improved, and my head relieved of tho bad feeling. I consider It the best medicine I have ever used, and should not know how to do without if MAHY L. PEBLE, Salem, Mass. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. «l j six for $5. Made only by C. L HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass JOO Doses One Dollar. iri > Olrardi Glens Falls, Amerean Central; Firemen's Fund, Western Assurance Co. 4NDLOTHBR8: A CASH OAPITAT $20,000,000. HO ALSO REPREB10WT THB Olntual Benefit Llfe ; of Newark, IB. Co..Uartford. Office: Over Alton Nat. Bank, Cor. Third and State eta. |=S-?^^S^ Merrill property, W" ••»"•«• r ".rR'JT™ I ton, or C. >?. Oollet, KXECUTOK8' NOTICE. Estate of John W. Sohweppe, deceased. The undersigned, bavin* tuu». pointed Kxeeutors ol the"a.t^8l .*& ' WILLIAM JB. «••"•-•*— 6d4w faecutors. __ BAdiot PACKET COMPAHY: SPUING izn ^eStenmer for £MU* The late realdencea of J. A. and vtr n — WtaPPUiABMILBY. ' TOR ST, LOUIS Deilrable Keildeucei f»r Sale. WHlfPLK tt P blllLKY . TOST. Lew*. -- 1*^* , BODlIDtott ' . . . M "*— EIDB«» . • • ™ ft W.HILLrAeent. for Kent acres K A S KIN E WHH'Pl,K a a'8MlLEY 1 (THE NEW No bad effect No headache No nausea, MO ringing ears. C" reg quickly (Pleasant, I" 1 ™ ""*""•'* H *«ff^:SiEsS^»l»^F' A POWJiBiyuij TONIC. A^o'n^ ?°*' delloate "tomaoh will bear. A SPECIFIC FOB MALARIA, RHEUMATISM, NEltVOOS PROSTRATION, For Sale or Bent. WHlPfijSaHMlLBr. DODOE, . dA?*" Tllur8da y.Fob. 17th, wmiear. For St. tonls at 7 a. m. For Bale. ttnd ont ouThli 0 d S~« IT* 1 ""' ttn "n ou xnud street, b«tween Cherry and Vine •' _ WHIPPI.K 4 SU BY. AltfliiBollerllfcCo PRICE LIST: Leavinsr Alton at 5:»O p. m . for Portage and Jersey, arriving at Grafton at 7:45 p. m., FARK. A . A. feildtf sue«. Francis Hos.N. T . | Dr L n wv,i.« i/ LaBelle, - Fairy, • • . Diamond Light, Fancy, ---« "u-^rsonai influence he proveJotedn panlo and a rout early In the day a MoClornaud's division, wUn Tw]af , J ™ er X "n* 1 McAllister's batteries ofulhl 80 tlie commander became stronjr '«-oi«.a K ,uu, osusunL l M ta,,,.iJ %,£, h «''™' mlnt " ' ««" ' ° y the UB8t pftssod tuu iiuziHi m out fliM« or shcltw. (Jen."McArtir,',M^ Tl" 1 '. mustotry tn>a i, infantry , CoL Tllttlu " <1UI w *"» load with I town roKirac-ut. Tbo advancing a inomont uufler U«j Jiro that m * tb**u Hteadiixl and •"— *•' — ' •" BROWNS IRON BITTERS WILL CURB HEADACHE INDIGESTION BILIOUSNESS DYSPEPSIA XT T? Tt V T J*"V » V r* m. N V(la w o n0 N n v M V-?-vi s « 1Kft9t2 »h st.. Itov jJii i iiuii" Tu uunl "»ution. ^^S^T-raSff 1 ^ Sr -'Sswwa- f iss«? I'KU Bill, $4,75 4,50 - 4.00 3,50 J. HOFFMAN & SON, DBAJLEBS W Stoves jnd Hardware. HARD & SOFT COAL BASE BURNERS! , WILSON WASHBOARDS. DTlieuWaihtxnrds an mmte with B a Bent.TVood rim. Tb«6tronff- D eit boordi and be.t wwuen In tC* H win-Id. For (ftl* br all dcalert. SJNOLK ll • t ' ak * no c *h«'' »° H BAQINAtT M'F'O CO., IXHJULE, * •••»*'»—— *»•_».*__. Outside Wora a specialty: «"- Guttering, etc. Undertaker's SuppUes •i i m <M •••nia fronted thjpm; and boxo& '*•-*--'•• -__^^ m . ,., MM) uiwii. "rorwarui" Th*\n over with tho Coufe.lorute right 5HS»™«D ^WRITING. ALWAYS ON HAND. COB. BKO..yp AND A ,j,y , iW«as^i«s«i"® GENERAL DEBILITY PAIN m THE BAG" IMPURE BLOOr CONSTIPATION T7T?|VT A T |7 TlVTr"— • *-*m*\L*C4 1 IN* NEURALGIA New aud Beautiful Designs Just arrived and arriving for the Spring Trade. WINDOW GLASS A Sp«claty, from Small to Lurgest sizes. GOLD PAINT! uu to talto. Ono LOX Is suillolout •• ORGANS AND PIANOS! for sale TAKE NO OTH*R, "«TrT A k.mi/n i 11 ' r" 1 ' bTA.« NEFF & 03ERMUELLER, Fourth, ea»t of Belle et. UbllOto .. outfit vua*. j i<i Domon. FLOSS & BABE. mouMdwfun For Sale Otoap7" lie Brici Made Wilb all the Anplinnwg to Run It. Everything in Good Order. A, U. HASTINGS, W* wlt Dppcr Alton. iii^liife ^'w

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