The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1944
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 19<M Belkas, Malone Win Tag Match r^Down Buck Lawson ; ( And Roy Allen In ; Rough Exhibition 'Strgt; Chris Bclkas and his rough partner, ''Irish" Eddie Malone proved just a [rifle Ida violent and sglle as tliey defeated Roy (Egghead) Allen and Duck Lnwson in the lag match feature of Promoter , Mike Meroney's fine weekly wrestling show last night. •Displaying perfect teamwork Bel- ka-vand Malone polished off ' their foes In the third and clodding Ml, thereby breaking a single-fall dead, lock -that-bore indications of extending through the 90-iniinilc time limit ; 1 Aclion is Plentiful . Iti'was a typical roughhousc show, teeming with wholesale . action, plus an unusual amount of scientific grappling While there was the us- ualycertain amount of roughness and'fisticuffs, Ihe quartet of giants pleased the (nerflow crowd which jammed the sma 1 ! arena to almost every available space. 'Allen, although on the losing end of'-'the main attraction, went one up'on his ri\al Bclkas.ln fhclr individual duel. Roy powdered the local^soldier into defeat in [he sing- je-Tall preliminary, then gained an- btlierjfall during (he tog affair. However, it was curley-hcadcri Chris who started the ball rolling towards vlctorj' in (lint battle for Hie important fall As Allen came out slowlv to begin proceedings he wns a itrifle too careless. Taking advantage of the opening Chris suddenly lashed out with his feet There was a double resounding smack—Bdkas' feel against. Roy;s profile and the subsequent fall to the mat Before Allen" could recov- eKChris was aboard and hnil hin pinned good and light. Only 3. seconds were used. . t f Buck Wages ,Fi?hf > Faced with the brilliant ])alr Byck made a desperate eilort 1 tc oiercome the obstacle. Although h ditj a great job and won Ihe nrt mlr,a(lon of the customers, the ex gob made one big mistake. He play ed;Malone'for a sucker and had I backfire on htm He 'caught Edtll in,the throes of a figure four, jus as, he tossed him earlier in th match, and had Ihe big boy in precarious position. But Irish wa ready, for this one. He bided n ' time, picked his moment and Unn cd the hold into a jack knife tha npf only caught Buck by surpris bit beat him It was a nifty pice ofTwork. > rBelkas -and Malone got off to fine'start by taking ilie first fa of the tag match: with some sci saltonal wresthn» that may hn\ surprised their most ardent slip- porters, especially the Irishman's. Concentrating on, slower Lawson, 'they 1 methodically cut him 'down. Bellas.,made the fall wllh a body " slam and & body pin in 15 min- ™ nln B U^M gels prelly "> Alien Turns Tables Allen had the' tables turned on him by alert, quick thinking Madone in the second half of the x fall Roy started a series of pile .driver assaults, turned the job ov- r er to Buck who did the same, then eame back for another dose. On the seconj downward plunge Ma- DOPE BUCKET •VI. P. FBUND ItAISES A! Since the "Dope Bucket" turned '«• its facilities to the boys iii the, ivice more than ft year ago in hicli they can feel free to air out icir differences, give us 'the low- own on themselves, or their lends, or send us whatever infor- atton they care to, We have a n led amount of Interesting and iformalivc letters. We have been itormcd about the Army, Navy, :arlnes, with their various branches ich ns Gunnery, Anti Aircraft, Ictc. A letter came today from Earl . Walker,, ft seamim first class, ho is stationed at. the Naval Valuing Station nt San Diego, Calif., \. T. 13. Coronndo, SLCU No. 48), vlng us a few pertinent facts bout the Amphibious Forces, who re playing no small part In the real conquests of the Pacific and .Slant!'', M-Mtcrraneaii nnd Chanel alike. There are a number of Blyth'e- lllc boys engaged in such type f work. Ens. Bill Godwin Is -one own at Fort Pierce, Fla. 1'fc. May-' leld (Sonny) Lloyd Is attached to he Fifth Amphibious Marine Forc- which may be quite different rom that of Ihe Navy. Lets tune in on Seaman Walker, on of Earl Walker of Blyt'iicvlllc, nnd get an earful of his deserved plug for the Amphibious Forces: 1'l.AYS BIG I'ART Oct. 20, 1944. Dear J. P.: ; J don't know if nnyonc has ever written you of the Amphibious Forces, but If not 1 would like to give yon my version of it. I won't sny it is a swell: deal because it Is not, but'I will say :hnt iis playing a big part In the War. > There are several different kinds of landing Craft Boats but the only one that I have had tiny dealings with is the L.C.M. -(Landing Craft Mechanized). These boat's are for. carrying Innks, 'jeeps, trucks, etc- They arc about 50 feet long, about 10-fcct wide nnd weigh about 25 tons. They have two 2000 H. P. Gray Marine, Diesel rcversable en-', glncs. These engines. work separate from each other. It sounds pretty complicated but it is simple enough to learn to operate. We 'huve Ship-lo-Shprc c\nsscs nbout every other week.' Tills consists of semaphore, beach markers, seamanship, and recognition. The crew on these boats consist of coxswain, n signalman, nn engineer, and three deckhands. I am ft deckhand but hope to be made a coxswain. i For the first week here we train- in the bay, but now we are on the surf. The surf rough at times. We iave had several waves to break over us, come up In the boatacou- )le of feet deeii. DRILL ON HKACII We went down on the beach, took "alcstheiilcs and went swimming in he ocean last Monday. The sand in.'the beach'Is deep and is the lardcst. place I ever saw lo take ealesthenlcs. The walcr is the coldest I. ever' heard of/ to'i's'ay nothing of fclt.vl nearly .froze before I :ould get : .oyt. I was* transferred 'Into SLCU (Standard Landing Craft Unit) his.week.---Wo are supposed to be •ransfcrred to a base about 35 miles up the coast soon, to train Marines ana Soldiers. Papooses To face Experienced Keiser Squad Tomorrow Night "Pop" Moslcy nnd his niylhcvllle Junior High School Papooses Imve a double Incentive for their coining grid battle with the strong Keiser High School eleven tomorrow night. They seek to snap n three-game high. And usually most of It Is titloji, the full eleven will be used BKalnst Ihe ..Papooses. . .•/>.,,•. p p< ''The Paponscs'likely will'come'lip agaiiLst a. foe far superior. In weight and experience, as In every contest tills year. Keiser is sajd to boast a big bunch of boys who woruoul ami unfit, for use or the Slave seen considerable service under of Billy Wayne McFarland, the fouthpaw h all back who has been 6ut"'<jf- action sUice the Jonesboro game. His shoulder Is pronounced all okay and ready lor action after the rest. His return gives "Pop" some extra offensive Joslng streak and get back on the mewed until there Is nothing left victory highway. Then, too, their o work on. Most of them arc not and fit. iwwer to go with seniors would have kept it | flrc - wllat difference the addition that supplied by brilliant young The biggest problem right now of tllc otllcl ' f!ve m <™om to the Dickie Oreenwell. This carrot-top Is Hint of shoes. The kids are regular six will have'in team work has been a standout all year and remains to be seen. McFarland Returns Regardless of these reports, the wearing shoes Hint have patched and repatched, sewed tig concern Ls to fatten their coffers to buy some badly needed equipment. As a re.sull of this urgent financial need an extensive ticket sell- lilt' campaign lins been launched In on effort to not only get the money, but have the people In the stands to watch the future young Chicks in action for the second time here tills season. The ducats have , been lowered lo only n quarter, which school officials believe Is small enough in view of the anticipated fine Since I have been In San Diego battle featuring the colorful "Paps." have seen several fellows from Blytheville. l snw Charlie Partlow last' week-end. I also have seen Charles Stafford, Ray Gill nnd Billy Cross, all from (he oP home town. This is about all I can think of to tell you, so will close, rtcmcm- ber me lo nil nt home.. • Yours truly, Earl M. Walker S 1-c Urges Some Equipment Coach Mosley is the spearhead in this campaign. No one knows better than the grizzled veteran the great need and value for good equipment, and the local situation hns reached n new low. "Pop" pointed out that In the past there has been no definite athletic program. No junior high funds have Cage Schedule For 'Bombers' Is Announced The BAAF Bomters, post enlisted men's team, will play half of their Army Air Forces Mid-South Basketball League (jamcs at home, Lieut. Bill A'dams, post athletic officer, revealed today. -, Their schedule'Is as follows: ''Deci 1, Courtland, Ala., at Blythe- .ville.', Dec. 1, Blylhovllle nt Columbus, Miss:. : ••. ."••', - • j Deo. 13,. 4lh Ferry Command of Memplils, Tenn., at Blytheville. i pec, 21, Blytheville, nt .Greenwood, Miss. • : Dec. 27, Greonville, Miss,, at Blytheville. • . '••' • Jan. 4, Blytheville nt Stuttgart, Ark. ; ''.'".•' ''inn.'11, Blytheville at Dycrsburg, Tenn. - - • Jan.. 17, Dyersburg, Tenn., at Blylheville. . Jan. 25, Blythlvlllc at Courtland, Ala.;. • •• •.-... •' • -. Jaii. 31, Columbus, Miss., nt Bly- hcvlltb'.": """ '"-" •-••••:.•Feb. 8, Blytheville at 4th Ferry Command, Memphis; Tenn: Feb. , 14, Greenwood, Miss., at Blytheville. -•'-','.-. Feb. 22, Blytheville at Gr'ceu- llle,' Miss. • vii Feb.. 28, .Stuttgart, Ark., at Blytheville.. ...'-. been set aside to be used exclusively for the youngsters, many who are just starting their foot- all careers. What equipment they he exact she and fit. Wearing shoes which have been broken In —and down—by someone else is ml good for growing young feet, he mentor reminded. He wants to BCt them started off right and can think of nothing better than with good equipment to protect I heir • tones. CJets Team Iteady Willie Miss Warren Foster and her corps of workers are going ihead with the matter of selling the tickets nnd stirring up increased 'Interest in the game, Coach Mosley is centering his attention on getting his charges ready for the Kciscr Invasion, The Pap" chieftain expects the hardest fight of the season from the invading team and is leaving no .stone unturned to have his outfit ready for most any kind of struggle. The exact strength of Reiser is unknown. For the last several years they have proven a powcr- ?iou>;c In the Northeast Arkansas Six-Mnn League and reportedly have one of their strongest teams lave been given Is merely a hand- | in recent seasons. While they only lown from the varsity, or senior, use six players in regular compe- tabbed as ft future great. McFarr land also will add overhead strength as he passes pretty well. Papooses expect to be rciidy. Their He also sticks a mean toe into stock went soaring with the return the oval, which likely will help no Complete Auto Repair Service JIM NKKLY is now In ROBERT WATSON is In charge of our mechanical charge of the body and repair department upholstery department. \VI3 GUARANTEE SATISFACTION Shop Located In Rear of Martin's Cafe 114 W. Main—Phone 565 little, altliough the have received some pretty goort kicking. A long scrimmage wound up the lough work. Only light limbering and play rehearsing ts on the menu for today, COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS See Us Before You Buy! J. L. TERRELL Office 111S. Bdy. Phone 2631 Open 7:60 Show Starts 7:15 Tuesday PAL NITE Doomed To Die with Boris KarloiT and Marjorie Reynolds Selected Shorts " DON'T VOTE YOUR RIGHTS AWAY lone suddenly flipped his would-be «lenqueror with a devastating and •dangerous back, tody drop. Allen -was completely knocked out. 1 Coming back after the intermis- |Sion Larson and Alien changed ;Rielr tactics and had their efforts 'My'arded. Instead of working on the ''defensive thej took the bull by Hie horns and started a drive of their own Buek gained sweet revenge for the terrific iactng handed out §y_Maione In their prelim by chopping j him doun and pinning his shoulders with the rolling scissor ln v seven minutes. •' The lighter Belkas lasted onlj j Jive more minutes, finally s cumblng lo pile drivers by Allen. Dclkas Is Beaten Allen and Chris staged a beau- li.ful battle in their opening preliminary which Hoy took after 20 thrilling minutes of fine action There are about 300 Islands, comprising more than 20,000 square miles, built entirely of coral, in the South Seas. • •' There was some fisticuffs to enliven the. spirited scrap. The finish came via pile drivers. Malone and Lnwson staged the expected slugfest as they collided in the next curtain raiser. The: took turns rapping each other unti finally Malone got completely on of hand. He did everything In the book, mid out, too, to hiirt the former navy chief and became so violent nnd unruly.that;tic was disqualified. Eye gouging was the pffi- c.ial charge. That was only part of it. The fans didn't like some of his actions and let go with a'.volley of boos, a novelty for the popular Irish son. The Un-American Amendment 35 would dep'riye thousands and thousands of our Fighting Men of their Right to return to their jobs under existing contractual agreements. Don't let the passage of this dangerous Amendment Betray this trust? * * DEFEAT the "Out-of-State" Sponsors of Amendment 35, Who Would "Outlaw" Progress In Arkansas * * DON'T VOTE AWAY ARKANSAS' FUTURE DEVELOPMENT Simple reasoning will convince you that passage of Amendment 35 will result in lowered wage levels and that working conditions will decline far below the American standard; that skilled labor will not migrate to Arkansas if collective bargaining is "outlawed." - THAT THE PARALYZING EFFECT OF LOWER WAGES, LOWER FARM INCOME AND LOWER PURCHASING POWER WILL DOOM THE FUTURE GROWTH OF ARKANSAS. DON'T VOTE AWAY THE FARMER'S INCOME NEXT me i'ti\ TAKl CARS OF //A S.*&nt-M Old you know that 6700 cats are. wearing out each day? .You may be in for plenty of trouble this Winter i f you don't give your car the kind of care that saves wear. in cold weather. Help protect its' motor, chassis, battery, tires, v gears and other vittl parts by Sioctair-izing for Winter now.' Get tha special seryke at your SinclairG«K>yoe_Dealer'i Sinclair't Pott-War Program: Better Products, Batter Service The passage of Amendment 35 would cancel the resolute effort of far-sighted men who have been working and planning to increase the income of our farmers. .Obviously, our farmers must have ready markets for their produce. The ^worker, who is the foundation of consumption, must have good wages and good working condi- tions if he is to provide a good market for Hie farmer. The better the wages and working conditions THE BIGGER THE FARMER'S MARKET. Don't let dangerous Amendment 35 lower the income of Arkansas' farm families by-impoverishing the farmer's best customer, the worker. DON'T VOTE AWAY YOUR ECONOMIC SECURITY The adoption of dangerous Amendment 35 would throw Arkansas back more than fifty years—into the bottom of the economic pit of business failure. It would drive industry, constructive effort and skilled workers out of Ar- kansas. It would strangle markets and impoverish workers and farmers. It would derange Arkansas with hate and disunity. Arkansas would be ridiculed and condemned by her sister states. Why Is Amendment 35 Being Operated by "Out-of-State" Men Who Represent Monopolistic Pressure Groups that Want .to Sneak in on Arkansas . . . at a Time War . . . and Put Over a Pretty-Sounding Law that Would Ruin Arkansas? Is LEE O'DANIEL,, "Out-of-Stater" No. 1, the SPONSOR? Is VANCE MUSE, "Out-of-Stater" No 2, the MASTERMIND? Is VAL SHER-, MAN, "Out-of-Stater" No. 3, the MANIPULATOR? We challenge them to answer these questions! VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT 35 " MARK YOUR BALLOT THIS WAY _ —FOR AMENDMENT 35— AGAINST AMENDMENT 35 SINCLAIR-/ZE FOR WINTER NOW! ARKANSAS PEOPLES 1 COMMITTEE Wednesday & Thursday 'No Time For Love 1 with CJauilclte Colbert & Fred MacMurray News of the Day Short New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M, Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Tuesday 'DANGER, WOMEN AT l| WORK" , with Patsy Kelly Serial & Short Wednesday & Thursday 'ADDRESS UNKNOWN' with Paul Lutoas Fox News & Short CHICKASAW West Main Ne»r 21rt St. ^ Bat (torts 12:45; Sun. gUrt* 1:« Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 ConttnDnns shows Bat. and Son. Tuesday Only RUDDY NITE Z Tickets For the Price of 1 THE SEVENTH VICTIM' with Tom Conway Ftfgar Kennedy Comedy ' - Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "IT'S A GREAT LIFE" wilh Illnnrfic A- Ihe Tltimsteuds "REDHEAD FROM MANHATTAN" with I.upc Vclez R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-PAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 1:15—Show Starts at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opeiu 1 Show Start* 1:15 , Last Time Today , "THE STORY OF DR. WASSELL" (In Technicolor) Gary Cooper RKO News & Comedy Wednesday 'NEARLY EIGHTEEN" with Gale Storm KKO News Comedy

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